Teat torture is pure joy

Teat torture is pure joy
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Forming the plan as I went along I placed one of two pills with a note to little Amelia that simply read "trust me sis this will make you feel good ;)" in her room on top of her diary in her cupboard, I have noticed her these last few months after all; the second one I set on the coffee table while "my dad" was in the bathroom, his Friday night ritual put him on the couch watching Netflix.

I go back into my room and power everything down but leave all my toys out; I strip down to my bare body, soft and 16; I take 3 ambien from the nightstand and take them, I get in bed but get on my knees and push the pillows under my stomach, laying my face down.

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I didn't know exactly where this night was heading but I knew if anyone walked in it would be a good night for them. As I feel Lilly slip off into the deepest sleep of her life I pull out of her body and shrug off the exhaustion of fighting the sleep of the ambien myself, while keeping her willing to sleep in the dark waiting for the next day with only a fragment of the memory of what's coming to this family, that much I'm sure of.

I cruise through the wall of her bedroom and make my way through the house until I was following mark out of the bathroom; he had recently showered and I wonder what he would smell like to me if I could only smell through my nose that exists in between the planes with the rest of my intangible body. I bury the thought as he had entered the living room and was about to grab his empty cup to refill when he noticed a little capsule full of a fine white powder sitting in the center of the table in front of his chair and just stopped staring intently at it, I could look into his thoughts now but I would only interrupt the memory of this even further so I consider possibilities of how this foreign pill got there and who placed it, but more importantly why?

Thinking that was most likely what he had thought as he picks the pill up and takes it with his cup into the kitchen where he could systematically make a stiff drink as his girls were feeling sick and asleep, also to take a real look at this mysterious pill and solve this thing or at least gain a lead should I decide to play drunken columbo if Netflix led me there.


I follow him into the kitchen and observe him set his glass on the table and before he can do anything more i slide into his meat suit and grab the wheel turning him into the fridge and staring intently at the contents, I slide back into autopilot letting him have himself back slightly confused but now wondering about a drink; when you take control of the living for a side of life while waiting for a fast ride into the great beyond you learn to read face and body gestures, once I feel like he's had the time to contemplate how much alcohol to add to his "relaxation" drink, I grip the controls and grab an orange juice concentrate shot of mine/Lilly's and the orange juice, turning towards and setting them onto the counter I ease off and let him back in; the process continues until he's successfully poured Molly's cocktail of choice baffled at why this drink is A.

Fruity and B. non alcoholic, when for some reason he puts the pill into his mouth and grabs his virgin orange energy drink and washes it down with several great swigs and walking casually into the garage.

Easing back off of mark he calmly looks around for the hammer or something to fix the thing back in the.oh what was I doing?

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"Oh yes I was placing.some black lights in the living room? Huh well oh I guess I'll just watch my Netflix now and think about what I impulsively just did." That's what I think he went with as he turned on the television sitting in his massive leather recliner he coveted so much, time to check on Amelia and see if her mind has taken her to take the white pill lilly left for her to follow her rabbit hole into what ever a sexy little 12 year old could have or forgotten it and needed some guidance.

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Once in her room I scanned the room, saw her in her pjs and watching tv, she seemed a little giddy; not enough to mean something in particular but enough for me to suspect she went with the ladder of her two options, seeing a glass of orange juice on the night stand next to the note her "sister" left for her led me to believe she was ready mentally to have her world rocked, hopefully in a good way.

If not it's not my family and I'm dead so meh.

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I take a look around her room fully taking in who she really is as a person, I have never learned who a person was before making their life a living tradition or a flaming wreck that takes things by storm; I'm losing myself in the madness of living countless lives in succession in ever changing body's, I have seen the face of madness, and it weighs your soul wanting only if you haven't truly been on this planet. I keep an eye on Amelia as she itches and scratches then itches deeper until she is damn near clawing up her cozy sleeping onesy, I know what you need little one, I promise I'll give you the choice to just simply go to sleep, granted you might be deep in a place you have never known existed and not be ready for a game of wits and simply say no, so ya there's that but she has the option.

I have never eased into a young girl who is rolling and curious as to what the sins of the body can taste like before but it reminds me of Christmas morning when I was five, exhausted, anxious, and tingly like soft snow.

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I kiss myself projected on top of her stripping her clothes and rubbing my hands up and down her young form as I hold kain to my smaller body he had torn apart and sensually touched my little gash.

I slip out of her completely and let her think about what she is feeling right now, how is mark I wonder. In the living room I see mark under his old black lights watching a young girl of about 4 crying as a strange man casually rapes his daughters daycare friend streaming across his tv while a form of electronica plays with the "documentary." Shifting through the wall into Amelia's room I find her right where I left her, rubbing her budding pussy lips and little rose bud of an asshole, back into her I search her mind and realize she drank her orange drink some time ago and was very thirsty, I get up and slip on a loose nightie then grab my empty glass and head out into the living room, once out my door I let her see what's going on, she's easy to read, wondering mostly what her dad is listening to then watching the documentary of the man force a girl half her age to suck his cock into her throat isn't as off for him, that and I can sense his need to rub the pillows and his self, my cup needs more orange juice or it will dehydrate and die, my best guess.

She sits on the couch next to her dad and not confused and willing when he starts kissing her lips and staring into her eyes, she grabs him and pulls his face into hers as she gives into her place, willingly completely. I see my cue and slide back into her mind and body, she won't remember all of this, only the good parts; she is going to learn what drugs are for. I feel him kissing my lips and running his fingers over my hot and swollen newly acquired pussy and he keeps asking me seriously if its ok, his wife would be furious with him for cheating on her with his own daughter; I see the dark fantasy burning behind his eyes in his mind as he gets clearance to not wear a rubber or finish in her loosened up back pussy.

I take control of her talk to tell him she is his to be taken as he deems fit, his other daughter is setting everything up in a tangled web of strings. I grab his control and tear his clothes off and then slowly kiss Amelia; "did you take a strange pill?


If you did I promise it's ok, where do you think your sister got the powder?" I don't give her the time to respond as I force my lubed up cock up and down her slit, "I own your body Amelia, anything i want to do to you I will without hesitation." Jumping vessels just as he forces his rather large man hood in to my tight unused body.

"Oh good Christ, ho ho what are you doing uhh to me?" "Just playing a game with you, honey.


Remember you can't tell anyone." He moans into her ear. "Anyone I tell can wear me like a toy daddy, that's it fuck me, please oh god you're hurting me; mark flips me over onto my knees and forces the top of my body to lay on the couch shoulder, swapping again I explain in detail as I ease my finger into her pink rose bud making her squeal urging me on to explore her every crevice, I ease my finger out and splash a squirt of marks "special" lube onto Amelia's hole then seamlessly switch as he rams that large rod into my little ass.

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I gasp in horror as my bowels are ripped open, he bottoms out in my lower intestine for Christs sake, he gives no inch of mercy as he plows into unknown territory and discovers how his daughters colon is doing, I cry profusely as the burning pain in me makes me scream for him to pump his pathetic cock like he really means it, then slip out of her completely and watch a father break in his preteen child like a sex horse, she stops crying and urges him harder on.

Into her mind I slip just laying there breathing hard and moaning I feel his hands Wrap around my throat and choke me so hard i can't breathe, his cock is pulsing his sperm into my stomach, i can't think as my world goes black remembering christmas' past.

I'm sorry Amelia, I only had a hand with what was in your hole, not where it wound up, I'm sure you will be missed.

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I watch the lights switch off in her relaxed eyes and feel her disappear to some other place to crawl out into, her essence doesn't manifest next to her like it would have if she would have been unable to ease into the next phase of the cycle, damn I could have worn her and made her take her dads body and fuck her corpse screaming and crying and biting hard. I leave his dead daughter in her mess and walk into Lilly's room flipping the light on and admiring her pose, easing out of him I take a seat and watch him vent his anger about killing his Amelia on Lilly's more accustomed body, and Lilly snore in dream land, I wonder if she's thinking about cats.

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