Black Tranny bekommt ihr Schwanz gelutscht

Black Tranny bekommt ihr Schwanz gelutscht
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This was one of my other ideas for this CAW, that I didn't use. If it had been a CAW entry, it would have been different, more prom, less drama, no interstitials and without the first ending. Also I'd have disguised the characters. This is a sequel to my previous CAW entry "The Essay." With the same main characters. The interstitial scene is one which could have been in my "Time Fuck" story.

It gives a much happier ending. — My senior prom is memorable in lots of ways, most memorable to me is the blowjob. I'd rented a limo and got a room at the Hilton for our after party. I had some money for this as I'd been doing a little work for local businesses. Installing accounting and office systems, things like that. Though the thing which paid best was the tech support once I'd installed the system. So I could afford to turn up to Jasmine's in a stretch limo. Her dad opened the door, "Good evening Mr Humphries, I'm here for Jasmine." "Hi Tony, she's just getting ready." Then he whispered conspiratorially, "We might be a while, so why don't we have a seat." Then he handed the limo driver a bag, "Here's her bag." It was bigger than I imagined needing for an overnight.

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The driver took the bag, and Mr Humphries showed me into the living room and we sat down. Mr Humphries thought I was a good kid, I had been his star pupil in junior high.

He'd been my physics teacher and now I was going to be majoring in Physics at Stanford, I was one of his successes. He approved of me, but he was still a dad, Jasmine's dad, and I knew he had something on his mind. Jasmine had told me that he had not been happy when she'd said we were staying at the Hilton for the night. The words "Dad, I'm eighteen." had been used. We were pretty sure Jasmine's folks knew we had sex, though we didn't make it (too) obvious, and nothing was said.

It was like her Mom helped us by arranging for them to be elsewhere at times. I guess if we were going to do it, she'd prefer it be somewhere safe like at home. But Dads are still Dads. I'm pretty sure they didn't know that Jasmine was still a virgin, but I intended to remedy that later that night.

We'd only ever done oral, or other not fucking types of sex. Of what we'd gotten up to, I liked the oral sex best. Jasmine was saving fucking for marriage, that was a point of contention in our religious "discussions". I was pretty sure, with the right atmosphere, I could could persuade her. I'd also been wondering about that marriage idea, it had been sounding like a good idea recently. I was considering maybe proposing, so with the right atmosphere, I might be persuaded.

Sex was what was on her Dad's mind. He tried to bring up the subject. "Now, I'm sure you're going to treat Jasmine right." He lowered his voice again conspiratorially, "You do take precautions? Don't you?" I mentally checked the Trojans in my pocket, but I chose not to answer directly, "I can assure you Mr Humphries, that Jasmine is perfectly safe with me." I put a little more emphasis on my next sentence, "We know what we're doing." I don't know if that answer really helped him as that was when we were interrupted by Jasmine coming down the stairs.

Wow, she was beautiful. She was always beautiful, but her dress showed her off to perfection. I managed to not stare at her boobs, which looked amazing in the cantilevered front of the dress.

The dress was strapless, the peach color was a perfect subtle contrast with her pale skin. She got down the stairs and held out her hand, I took it and made to kiss her, but she backed off.

"You'll mess up the makeup." Bummer. She was made up well though, she usually didn't bother and was pretty, but this made her even prettier. "You look lovely, and you'll be even prettier with this." I fastened the corsage of white lilies around her wrist. "It's beautiful." She had a white rose in her other hand, she threaded through my buttonhole. I held out my elbow, "Shall we, your chariot awaits." I'd got that line from some corny TV show I'd watched.

"We shall." We walked toward the front door. "You two have fun now." Her Mom called after us, she'd come down the stairs behind Jasmine. Fun was exactly what I wanted, my version of fun. "Thank you Mrs Humphries." I called back to her.

"I'll bring her back safely tomorrow." That last was partly for her Dad's benefit. I escorted Jasmine to the limo, her folks waved from the door.

We got in the limo, there was space for about ten of us in there, but there were only the two of us. I picked up the phone to talk to the driver, "We can go now, thanks." Jasmine looked around the limo impressed. The seats were more like sofas than car seats, we sat on the long seat on the side. There was a small fridge, well stocked with drinks. I wasn't too sure if we were supposed to get at those, but I'd brought my own supply anyway.

Officially, the prom was dry, in reality, no one got caught. I had a hip flask of vodka and orange. There were a couple of switches on one side. Jasmine found them, "What do these do?" "I dunno." I hadn't noticed when the limo picked me up at my place. Jasmine pushed one, and an opaque partition rose up between us and the driver covering the glass which was already there.

That was a surprise, but now it was private back there.

It was a bummer I couldn't do anything about it, Jasmine didn't want me to mess up her makeup, or her hair. Her hair was more styled than usual, it's black, usually it was straight, down to her shoulders. Now it was put up all fancy. However, Jasmine looked thoughtful and said, "I have an idea, I think you'll like it." That sounded promising. She knelt down at my feet and reached for my fly. This was really promising, though after her not wanting to be kissed because of the makeup, I wasn't sure how this was going to work.

She'd thought of this already, "Now, you've got to keep still, or you'll mess up the makeup. And no grabbing my head, you'll mess up my hair." I had sometimes encouraged her by holding her head, or maybe thrusting into her mouth a bit. So none of that. She leant forward and took me into her mouth. I'd been rapidly hardening since she reached for my fly. Now I was totally hard. She was good a this, but she was more hesitant than usual, must be worrying about the makeup.

This wasn't going to get me off in a hurry. It felt good though, duh! it's a blowjob, or course it felt good. I sighed gently and relaxed. I sighed some more and she kept at it. Yes, this was feeling really good, she kept at it. And she still kept at it. Over time, it's difficult to say how much time, I moaned, I squirmed, I tensed up. The pressure down in my dick was getting unbearable. This was great, but I wasn't going to come like this, I needed to come.

I managed to keep still, I'm not sure how, I wanted to grab hold of her head and "encourage" her along some. I'd have begged to come, but I didn't have the brain left to beg. I just twitched, I'd have thrashed around if I weren't keeping still, I did moan. Then she got serious, the sucking got more urgent and her hand came into play, jacking me off at the same time. This was going to get me somewhere, and in a hurry. She stopped what she was doing and I groaned. She said to me, "You know, I'm not wearing any panties, and I'm totally soaked down there." That did it, that pushed me over the edge.

As she took up where she left off, I came in her mouth. I came harder than I had ever before. Next I knew, she was sitting beside me, holding my hand. "You'd best zip up, we're here." We were just passing the Universal City sign.

The prom was at the Hilton across from the Universal Studios theme park, half the class was going to be at the park for the afternoon. There were some tales told about that later, but we'd decided just to go to the Prom. I zipped myself up. I thought that it took 15-20 minutes to get to here from Jasmine's so that's how long the blowjob must have took.

I never know how long one takes, it's not something I can think of at the time. I looked lovingly over at Jasmine, a small drop of cum had escaped from the corner of her mouth, she'd also gotten some in her hair. I mimed wiping the my mouth, "You got some on you, and in you hair." She just said, "I know, it glows under black light, that way everyone will know I'm yours." God, that was hot, her saying that.

She did wipe her mouth though. I still thought of Jasmine as innocent, despite everything we'd done together, but sometimes she just surprised me. Like with the black light comment and the panties. I tried to be gallant, chicks like that. "I'd do something for you if I had time." I'd have gone down on her and helped with her wet pussy if we weren't here already.

Going down on Jasmine was my second favorite thing to do, second only to getting a blowjob from Jasmine. They usually went together, so I was happy. "That's alright, I'll be looking forward to our after party. I'm all yours tonight, whatever you want." She was going to get me hard again like that.

The limo stopped short and then the phone buzzed, so I picked it up. It was the driver asking if we wanted to be dropped off, or should he go around the block again.

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I told him we were fine, the limo rolled under the canopy and stopped again. The driver opened the door for us. I slipped him a twenty as I got out, that was just the tip, I'd paid for the ride in advance. He was polite and said thank you.

I don't know how much he knew of what we got up to back there, I made eye contact and smiled at him. Jasmine wasn't meeting his gaze, she looked totally guilty. The driver opened the trunk and the bellhop took our bags. We checked in and went up to the room, I really wanted to skip the prom and get on with things in the room, but Jasmine insisted we go, again protesting about not messing up the makeup. It didn't help when she said, "You'll have me on that soon enough." Pointing to the bed, "I want you tongue, or something else up me." That did get me hard, I'd have done something about that if she hadn't walked out the door at that point.

"We danced all night." It's a cliche, but in this case it fit us. I did my best, despite the hard on I had permanently.

Jasmine was not helping out by reminding me periodically of the state of her pussy (wet), or what she wanted me to do to it later. The evening was helped along by nips from the hip flask. Near the end of the evening the slow dances started, this time I was allowed to kiss her. She'd stopped worrying about the makeup. Eventually we couldn't stand it any longer, we slipped out to go to the room.

In the room, I turned round to lock the door and when I looked back, Jasmine was standing by the bed, smiling, grinning just about covers it. She shimmied slightly and her gown slipped down her body, she reached back and undid her strapless bra, so her boobs came into view. The the dress slipped down further revealing her box, it ended up as a cascade of peach chiffon around her ankles. She was even more stunning out of the dress than in it.

I was stunned speechless, motionless. She crooked her finger at me, beckoning me closer. I stepped forward and she reached for my tie, I was glad to get rid if it. She tugged at the jacket and I slipped it off while she unbuttoned my shirt. She slipped onto the bed as I took off the shirt, she spread herself shamelessly on the bed and again she crooked her finger beckoningly.

This time as I approached, she put her hands on top of my head, and said "You know what I want." While pushing me down towards her box.

She'd made it very obvious what she wanted, but had left other options open. Options I wanted to explore. She was primed and ready, I could have made her pop anytime I wanted. I wanted to prolong this for now, I just teased her lips. She moaned, she liked that. I brought a finger into play, it slipped into her, she moaned more and squirmed. More tongue, another finger, more tongue, a third finger.

I was pumping the fingers in and out of her now. The moans ramped up, it was time to make my move. I stopped licking, and propped myself up enough to say, "I could use my dick instead." "Yes, yes." She moaned.

I hadn't expected it to be that easy, but I wasn't going to argue. "I'll get a condom." I started to reach for my jacket. "Don't worry, I'm safe." I didn't question that, if I'd been rational I would have. I undid my trousers and slid them and my shorts down and off. We were now both naked. Both as turned on as we'd ever be, and we were going to do it.

I'd been wanting this for months, but I wasn't thinking of that then. Nothing else mattered to me, I was going to get to fuck Jasmine.

Her arms were spread wide, her knees were spread wide, she was ready for me. I took position between her legs, then I froze. Now what? I'd only fucked once before, and it was more through luck that I got inside the lady then. I didn't want to hurt Jasmine, I'd never want to do that. I held myself and ran the tip of my dick up her slit.

Lubrication was a good idea. She moaned loudly, she was liking this. "Yes, yes. Like that." She gasped.


It was like licking her with my dick, I ran my dick around her clit hood like I would my tongue. The next moan was more like a scream, she was on the verge of coming.

I couldn't leave her like that, so I pressed my dick against her clit. That did it, moans, screams and wild bucking. She was coming, stronger than I'd ever seen her before.

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Then she was still. I hugged her, waiting for her senses to return. Her eyes opened slowly and she stretched herself, her smile was 100 proof knockout, god I loved her. Then she kissed me and hugged me back. We didn't say anything. There was something very obvious though, "What about that?", she asked. I didn't think there was any question there, "When you're ready, I'll finish inside you." "Oh." That didn't sound good, "What's wrong?" "I don't think I can, I'm sorry Tony." Her fucking religion again.

"But, but, you wanted me to." This was not going well. "I did, … I do, … but I can't, I'm sorry." Damn, damn, damn, … (you get the idea). This was the second time she'd lead me on and then backed out. The last time I didn't react well. This time, I didn't react. I didn't know what to do. I just lay there silently. "Tony, Tony?" She was getting worried. "I'm sorry." She was crying. "I want to, the idea turns me on so much, I thought I could, but I can't." I hugged her some more.

I'm sure I made comforting noises, I don't remember. We lay there for some time, no one was counting. Eventually I was distracted by flashing at the window.

"What's that." I got up and made my way to the window. "There's a fire truck down there." "There can't be a fire, there's been no alarm." Was Jasmine's observation. "Yeah." That was a mystery. Hopefully we were safe. I turned round and Jasmine was kneeling on the floor.

"I love you Tony, I'll do anything for you." "Except, …" "Sorry." Yeah, the one thing I wanted was the one thing I wasn't going to get. She reached for me, I stepped forward to let her at me.

I'd deflated during the silence, but now Jasmine was doing her best to put some life back in it. It was working. I held her head, that was when I might have "encouraged" her, it was like fucking her face. (I was young and innocent, I had't come across that idea yet.) The thought just pissed me off, she'd let me fuck her like this, but not properly. I fought the impulse to ram myself down her throat, I couldn't hurt her, she didn't want me to do that.

I felt guilty for thinking of that. The blowjob was getting to me, "I'd better sit down." I did, I sat on the edge of the bed and Jasmine still kneeling on the floor and continued. Even I couldn't stay blue or angry while getting a blow job, even in those circumstances. So I lay back and enjoyed it. Still when it was over there was something not right. That feeling stayed with me, it's probably what caused us to split in the end.

Jasmine tried her best to be nice to me, and I enjoyed her. Anything I wanted, except what I really wanted. Maybe if I was going to be the tiniest bit guilty about anything sexual I'd done. It'd be for how I used her those last few months, I was slipping away from her and she was desperate to keep me. But I can't really feel guilty about any sex.

You know the end of the story, we split before going our separate ways to college, and I met Aimee at Stanford. Sometimes I look back on that day and think what might have been if I hadn't made Jasmine come at that point and I had got to fuck her.

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I'd have proposed and we'd have got married and lived happily ever after in the Valley. I don't regret it, now. I like the life that I have now, but it so easily could have been different.

I did regret it them, that's the only time I've regretted making a girl come. Usually if the girl comes, it can only good for me. Most everyone else remembers that prom for different reasons. There were the guys who managed to sneak onto the Universal backlot by pretending to be waiters, dressed up in their suits for prom. The firetruck was there because a bunch of my classmates had wondered how many people you could get in an elevator, and it got stuck between floors.

Several of my buds had more luck with their girls than I did. The most legendary thing about that night was someone snuck onto the football field at school and used something to burn "Class of 86" into the turf at the fifty yard line.

That was still visible for years after. But I remember that blowjob in the limo. That may be my most memorable ever, even after all this time. I was reminded of all this five years later when someone got shot dead after a prom at that hotel. Thank god nothing like that happened at ours. That's not how I wanted to remember my prom.

It made my disappointment pale into insignificance. — Two hundred years in the future Lou Latour, director of the Temporal Investigations Institute studied the report on the new timeline after their latest attempt to fix the "anomaly". Tony's account was part of the report. The timeline was now back on track, Aimee now had completed her doctorate.

This was an important event in the timeline. Now they could do something much more unwise, meddle in their own past. Jody, his new girlfriend, was leaning over his shoulder, "Bummer!

They had such a good life in the previous timeline." Lou was startled back to his present, the happiness of the subjects they meddled with had not been on his list of priorities here. His overwhelming feeling was relief, it looks like they might fix this anomaly yet. He glanced at the report from yesterday.


He pulled up the diffs between yesterday's Tony's account and today's Tony's account. A few sentences changed, changing the emphasis. There were a few insignificant word changes here and there, a few typos come and gone, until it got to this paragraph. The story diverged strongly at that point. Yesterday's account diverged after "she was on the verge of coming".

Most worrying for Lou though was the story didn't mention the shooting. He'd have to get someone to investigate if that was a real difference, or just not mentioned. If it was a real difference, was it significant? — It was like licking her with my dick, I ran my dick around her clit hood like I would my tongue. The next moan was more like a scream, she was on the verge of coming.


It was now or never, I nestled my dick between her lips and pushed. Jasmine screamed, I wasn't sure if that was good or not. Was that passion or pain. "Are you all right?" "Just fuck me!" Again shock at the language pure innocent Jasmine was using, never mind that my dick was in her pussy.

I wasn't going to ask twice, I thrust into her, as hard as I could. Thank god she'd blown me in the limo, or I'd be coming now.

The screams went to 11, with moans and wild bucking. She was coming, stronger than I'd ever seen her before. Then she was still. I paused, I hugged her, waiting for her senses to return.

Still hard, still in her. Her eyes opened slowly and she stretched herself, her smile was 100 proof knockout, god I loved her. I started with some slow gentle thrusts, a flicker of something passed over her face, doubt? She'd just broken one more article of her faith. She sighed and lay back on the bed, open and vulnerable. "Fuck me more." I did. Starting with slow measured strokes, she sighed and closed her eyes. When the sighs changed to moans I sped up some, then when the moans became screams we both turned it up to 11.

I pounded her as hard as I could, she loved every stroke. She was going to come soon, I was going to come soon whether she did or not. I desperately wanted to hold on until she came, I wanted this to be perfect. I didn't think I was going to make it when her next scream was turned up to 12, I'm surprised the management didn't come knocking to find out who was being murdered.

She came, she spasmed, that was it, I couldn't, I didn't need to, hold on any longer. I came. Wow, is coming inside the girl you love, as she comes, a trip. It was like the heavens opened and a shaft of light shone down on us, a choir of angels sang, while the finger of god pointed down at us and commanded us to be happy.

I was happy to obey that command. There was a tapping on my back, I came to my senses and realised I was lying with my full weight on Jasmine. I got up off her, scooped her up in my arms and hugged her while rolling over on my back.

"Sorry, I love you." Writing that like that, it sounds like I'm apologizing for loving her. The apology was for squashing her. She clung to me, that seemed like a good thing. We were silent like that for a while, but I got the feeling something was wrong.

I looked at her, she was crying. "What's the matter?" I was pretty lost here. I hoped she wasn't having second thoughts about that article of faith. "Nothing." I'm pretty sure that wasn't true.

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But then she brightened up, "I'm just real happy." I knew how she felt, minus the crying bit. I was distracted by flashing at the window. "What's that." I got up and made my way to the window.

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"There's a fire truck down there." "There can't be a fire, there's been no alarm." Was Jasmine's observation. "Yeah." That was a mystery. Hopefully we were safe. I turned round and Jasmine was lying on the bed, propped up on one elbow watching me. She was so beautiful, I loved her so much. I walked back to to the bed, I stopped short and knelt on one knee. I held her hand, "Jasmine, I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?" That sounded so natural when I said it.

Jasmine smiled her 100 proof knockout smile again. "Of course I will." I jumped back on the bed and hugged her some more. There were more tears. After that it wasn't all smooth sailing, but we made it work. The 400 miles between us at our colleges was hell, and it could all have been so different.

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We'd both had back up plans of going to Berkeley, but the deadline for accepting their offer was the week before the prom, so we were stuck at Stanford and UCLA. Jasmine did work on getting a transfer to Berkeley and she managed it for the following year's autumn quarter.

We married during the summer break before that, but we were still at Universities which were fifty miles apart. We rented a house in Union City, Jasmine could commute on BART and I could drive over the bridge.

I've come to hate that bridge now. After graduating we both got jobs down in the Valley and set up house there. We're both so happy, life couldn't be better. Some of my buds also had similar luck with their girls, though no one else got engaged that day. One other couple did marry later than year, and if you consider the date on the birth announcement for their daughter, I think he knocked her up at the prom.

Thank god it was actually safe for us, Jasmine got on the pill soon after the prom as we continued to fuck like bunnies.

Most everyone else remembers that prom for different reasons. There were the guys who managed to sneak onto the Universal backlot by pretending to be waiters, dressed up in their suits for prom.

The firetruck was there because a bunch of my classmates had wondered how many people you could get in an elevator, and it got stuck between floors. The most legendary thing about that night was someone snuck onto the football field at school and used something to burn "Class of 86" into the turf at the fifty yard line. That was still visible for years after. But what I remember is that fuck and the proposal.