Blonde chick wants to taste cock n balls

Blonde chick wants to taste cock n balls
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Cassie's New Friend By Samantha Skin Cassie followed Zoe down the litter strewn street confused. They were far away from the high school, all the way in the dangerous corner of the city. She had to fight to keep up because Zoe moved so fast. "This is where you live? WEe could have studied at the library." "No, my place is better. No one goes to the library any more." Cassie believed Zoe because she was a senior and cool as it got.

All the boys loved her, either staring at her ass or bright pink lips. She commanded a small group of senior girls that followed her around like slaves. A couple even dyed their hair red, to look like hers. Cassie was just a freshman, quiet as a mouse, when Zoe asking her to hang out at her table during lunch and then inviting Cassie to skip second period and smoke under the bleachers.

Cassie remembered the first time Zoe asked her to cut class, she almost said no. But then she remembered how boring Mrs. Robinson was and decided to go. She remembered two boys wrestling beneath the bleachers (Mike and Shane) practicing moves they'd learned in class. Cassie coughed a lot the first time but after a while she got pretty good and could smoke them down as well as Zoe.

Shane was eighteen and bought Cassie packs when she ran out.

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"We're almost there," Zoe said. When they walked in the apartment building there were men in the halls smoking weed. Cassie followed Zoe up the stairs and a pit bull jumped out of nowhere. She screamed as the dog leaned toward her gnashing its teeth. A rope kept it tied to the banister, just far enough away.

Zoe knocked on apartment 36. They went inside and someone closed the door behind them. A bald Hispanic man stood in front of the door, his arms crossed. Hardcore rap blasted from the speakers in the front room. Another Hispanic man and a Black man sat on a couch. with a mountain of white powder between them that Cassie was sure was cocaine. "Kenny, I brought you one, baby" Zoe said before walking up and kissing the black man on the lips.

"Good girl" Kenny said. He stood up and walked to Cassie. "My very own freshman. Why don't you come sit with me and Hector on the couch." He wrapped his fist around Cassie's arm and started to tug but she pulled away. "I think I should get home." She turned around but the bald Hispanic man was still blocking the door.

Zoe said, "Come sit, Cassie. I told these guys you were cool." Cassie did as she was told, following Kenny to the couch and taking a seat between him and Zoe, who kept staring at the coke on the table. "Cassie, this is my boyfriend Kenny and his friend Hector. The guy over there by the door is C-Money." "H-Hello" she replied. Kenny put his arm around her and tugged her close.

"You like sugar baby?" "No.I don't do that," Cassie said. Kenny picked up a thin razor and started to draw some of the cocaine towards the edge of the table.

He lined it up real neat and put the coke in two lines. He bent down, held one nostril, and snorted a line. "Hector, get this bitch some vodka." When Kenny gave Zoe a nod she dove on the coke line, snorting it down fast before falling back on the coach, breathing heavy in a splendor. Hector tried to hand Cassie the vodka but she wouldn't take it. Kenny took it and unscrewed the top. He pushed it at Cassie and growled.

"Take it." Cassie took the Smirnoff bottle in her hands and said. "I don't want any." Kenny and Hector looked at each other and smiled. Then, Kenny picked up the razor and the smile fell off his face.He pressed it against Cassie's soft throat. "Start drinking. Don't stop until I say so." Cassie looked to Zoe but her eyes were still stuck on the cocaine on the dining room.

Kenny pressed the blade a little harder and she tilted it back, gulping down the liquor, trying not to spit it back up. She felt nauseous right away and just when Cassie felt she couldn't drink any more Kenny told her she could stop.


He took the bottle and set it on the coffee table. "Good girl." He put the razor down and then gripped her hips, pulling Cassie into his lap.

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"See, don't you feel more relaxed?" Cassie felt sick. The room was spinning and her thoughts were muddy. She had never been drunk before and now there was vodka sloshing around in her queasy stomach. Kenny's fingers were running up and down her bare legs, moving under her skirt before moving back down her legs tracing the skin. Cassie tried to keep herself sitting upright. She felt unbalanced. She felt Kenny tugging down her panties but when she tried to stop him, her arms dragged and her fingers couldn't clutch his busy hands.

Suddenly the panties were around her ankles, a pink hammock with little yellow flower dots. "Always wanted a freshman" Kenny whispered in her ear as he unbuckled his pants and pulled out a thick, gorged cock black as coal. He pulled up Cassie's skirt a little and adjusted his hips until his black cockhead brushed against her pussy lips. "No." Cassie mumbled. "Go?" Kenny laughed.

"I think the bitch said Go." Hector pulled out his cock and started stroking it. He got it hard before sprinkling a line of cock on it. Zoe rushed over and snorted the powder off Hector's cock.

She sniffled and he sprinkled more on. Zoe s tarted sucking Hector's dick, using her mouth like a vacuum cleaner.

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Kenny pushed his cock inside Cassie and she sobbed, babbling as she worked her way up to a scream. Kenny covered her mouth and jammed himself deeper, Cassie felt her hymen break and knew from health class she wasn't a virgin anymore.

She heard Kenny grunting in her ear, his thick cock sliding deeper inside her and Cassie felt like she was being split in half. Her screams were muffled by his thick fingers wrapped around her face. "Shit this bitch is tight" Kenny said. "Pussy clamping down on me and shit." Hector stuffed his dick in Zoe's mouth, her lips stretched around the soda can thick meat.

He sprinkled cocaine on the inches right in front of her lips and Zoe would slide her lips down, desperate to reach the white powder.

The moment her lips wrapped around the coke-coated cock, Hector would sprinkle a little more and force her to go further. Zoe whimpered as his cock started to slip into her throat, raped by her own addiction.

"Good show aint it?" Kenny said as he pumped Cassie full of black cock. Cassie just sobbed, trying to keep the room from spinning as he rammed her little pussy. Kenny leaned to the side and brought them down on the couch, rolling Cassie on her stomach and pressed her face into the cushion. He grunted and moaned, raping her with black meat, stuffing it deep. Cassie couldn't see Zoe anymore but could hear her. "Hector said just a blowjob." "Shit's changed Zoe.

Hike that skirt up, girl." "No" Zoe said and then, almost pleading. "Hector you know you're too big for me." "Then no more coke.


It's that simple." The stink of sex in the room made Cassie want to vomit after a while. She just whimpered as Kenny thrusted, praying for him to get it over with and cum, not even fighting him anymore. She could hear Zoe crying in the background and Hector moaning. Occasionally Cassie heard her voice between sobs. "Hector please!" "Just go slower, please.

I can't do it unless you go slow" "No ouch! Hector no!" And throughout the whole thing, Hector didn't say a word. Just grunting.

Kenny's muscles started to tense and he burst inside her, shooting off his wet cum inside Cassie's ruined pussy. He pulled out and wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

"Damn girl." He said as he pulled his pants up from around his ankles. He pulled out his cigarettes and lit one up before putting an unlit cigarette between her lips. "Hector.


Don't break my girl." "Aint my fault Zoe got a preteen pussy." Kenny exhaled smoke and said to Cassie. "Zoe can take you home after she's done." He left Cassie on the couch and a door slammed a minute later.

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Hector kept fucking Zoe on the floor and Cassie sat up. She tried to slip off the couch but C-Money left his post at the door and sat beside her. "Don't fucking move.

Zoe'll take you home." "I want to go home" she said. C-Money smiled and unzipped his pants. He palmed the back of Cassie's head and started to push her to his lap. Cassie tried to pull away and C-Money said. "Listen little girl. It's your mouth or your asshole. Choose quick before I choose for you." Cassie whimpered as she lowered her head. She sucked him off and cried while C-Money watched Hector fucking Zoe. Her lips stretched around his fat cock. She worked him with her mouth, slurping on him trying to get him to cum quick.

She wanted it over with. Hector finally came, groaning loud. Zoe sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes but a moment later she crawled up to the table and started snorting lines.

Then C-Money came, busting in her mouth, coating her tongue with salty cum coating her tongue. Zoe walked over, high as a kite, and took Cassie's hand in hers.

"Ready to go, honey?" She pulled Cassie off the couch and walked her to the door. Cassie limped across the room. When they got outside it was dark.

Zoe lit up a cigarette as they walked down the street.

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"You're lucky. My first time the guy had a little dick and lasted like a minute." Cassie said nothing, just limped along, and Zoe went on. "Guess that makes us like sisters or something, huh?

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You fucking my boyfriend like that. Don't worry, I'm not mad at you." Cassie couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Mad at me?" "I love him so I don't care if we fuck other people" she said and then added. "I met him at school.

Did you know him and Hector are janitors at school?" Cassie felt her blood run cold and Zoe said. "But I don't think they'll remember you if you keep quiet, you know." "Okay." "Do you want a cigarette, honey?" Zoe asked, pulling a second one from the pack.

"No" Cassie said. She could still taste C-Money's cum in her mouth. "I don't smoke anymore."