Raunchy teen is down for some anal

Raunchy teen is down for some anal
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Nadia Khan had an extra hop to her step as she stepped into the elevator for the ride up to her daughter's apartment on the tenth floor!!! It had been almost a year since she had seen Seema at her college graduation, and it would be good to just sit and talk with her youngest daughter about her new job, boyfriends, and all the other things mothers and daughters gab about!!!


"Let's see," Nadia mumbled while wandering down the long corridor, "that was apartment 1008, ahhhhh, here it is, I hope she's home!!!" With her excitement building, Nadia Khan was just about to knock on the door when much to her surprise she noticed that the door was slightly ajar!!!

Nervously she opened the door and stuck her head inside to see if Seema was at home, and when she saw or heard no one, she gingerly enter the front room and called out, "Is anyone here, Seema, it's your mother, are you at home!?!" When she got no response, she relaxed a little and after setting her suitcase over in the corner, she decided to look over the apartment!!!

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After checking out the living room and kitchen she made her way down a long hall to the rear of the apartment to where the bathroom and bedroom were located!!! She was just about to step into the bathroom when she stopped up short, there was someone in the bedroom!!!

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With her heart pounding with excitement, Nadia crept over to the door, and after taking moment to collect herself, she flung it open and yelled, "Surprise, its me!!!" For a second or two no one said a word, as there were three very stunned people staring at each other, that is until the naked black man lying next to a completely naked Seema spat, "Who in the fuck are you, and how the hell did you get in here!?!" Seema was to shocked to speak, but finally her mother stammered, "W-what's going on in here, and who's this, Seema!?!" With her head partially clearing, Seema pulled a sheet over herself to cover her nakedness, and then in a wavering voice replied, "Well uh, this is my friend, Shahzad, you see we were just, uh, we were just." "I can see what you were doing," Nadia Khan retorted, "and to say that I'm ashamed is an understatement!!!" "Who the fuck is this," Shahzad asked Seema harshly!?!

"She's just my mother, Shahzad," Seema replied softly!!! "Just your mother," Nadia exploded, "young man I want you out of here this instant, now move it!!!" Shahzad looked incredulously at Seema before hopping out of bed with cat like agility, and with his still hard pecker bobbing menacingly in front of Nadia Khan, grabbed her roughly by the arm and flung her like a sack of grain onto the bed next to her daughter!!!

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"Please don't hurt," Seema begged Shahzad, "I'll make her leave, just leave her alone!!!" "Ha," Shahzad snorted viciously, "I'm gonna see if she fucks as good as her hot pussied little daughter!!!" Nadia was now sensing the gravity of the situation, and in small voice stammered, "Y-you stay away from me you pig, i-if you touch me I'll call the poilice and have you arrested!!!" "Is she serious," Shahzad asked while trying to control his laughter, "a dried up old bitch like this, fuck she oughta be payin' me!!!" "I-I'm sorry mom," Seema said softly while Shahzad deeds ripped Olivia's clothing from her body with emotionless fury!!!

Nadia began kicking and clawing like a maniac, but the young black buck was much too powerful for her, and with incredible ease he pinned her down on the bed and slid between her plump thighs while pressing the head of his monster dick against her opening!!!


"I just love white pussy," he grunted just before shoving his hips forward, driving his ten inch spike deep into the unsuspecting pussy, "they always keep coming back for more!!!" Seema held her mother's head in her arms as the brutal assault on her sex commenced, but as was always the case with her, once Shahzad had stuck his huge bone into her pussy, she became a helpless cock hound, begging the young stud to give her all he had and more!!!

"O-oh god," Nadia stammered, "he's tearing me apart, it hurts so badly, ohhhhhhhhhh god does it ever hurt!!!" Now kissing her mother's ear, Seema whispered softly, "Do you want him to take it out!?!" "Oh no," she gasped while her pussy succumbed to the invading marauder, "I-I'm gonna cum, I'm really close now, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I'm cumming so fucking hard!!!" Shahzad's ass was now acting like a battering ram as he pounded his meat in and out of Olivia's over matched pussy, and just when the old bitch stiffened as her climax rocketed through her body, his pecker spasmed hard, ejacualting a gusher of hot cum deep inside of her now shredded cunt!!!

Shahzad literally jerked his deflating meat out of Olivia's pussy, causing her whole body to spasm in an involuntary response to it's removal, and then in and even hard voice ordered, "Okay, little cunt, get over here and suck my fucking pecker!!!

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With her eyes glazed over, Nadia watched with her mouth hanging open as her pretty twenty three year old daughter slipped the monster prick into her mouth and gently began sucking!!! Minutes later, after Shahzad Deeds had filled Seema's throat with another load of hot cum, he non challantly went over to his bag and produced a hypodermic needle which he filled with a dose of colorless liquid!!! "Shahzad, what are you doing," Seema asked in a worried voice!?!

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"I'm gonna give mommy a little pick me up," he replied with and evil chuckle!!! "Y-you can't do that," she almost shrieked, "l-leave her alone!!!" "Sorry, baby," he answered in an even voice, "she's too good a fuck to let get away!!!" "What's he talking about," Nadia asked her daughter weakly!?!

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With tears welling up in her eyes, Seema whispered softly, "He's gonna get you hooked on heroin and then turn you out!!!" "Turn me out," she asked incredulously, "w-what does that mean!?!" "It means, lady," Shahzad interupted while jamming the needle into Nadia's arm, "that you're gonna be fucking for money, and of course giving it all to me, that's what it means, cunt!!!" Oivia wanted to protest, but the most incredible feeling was coursing through her, making her muscles go limp as a new fire ignited inside of her now raging pussy!!!

"Are you okay, mom," Seema asked worriedly!?! "I feel wonderful," Nadia Khan replied with with a half a smile on her lips, "but my pussy is soooooooooo hot, I need another cock in it, ohhhhhhhhhhhh please somebody, fuck me!!!" "You do it," Shahzad said to Seema while tossing her a huge strap on dildo, "and make sure she loves it!!!" With her heart breaking, Seema pulled the harness through her legs while adjusting the straps to the proper tension, and after mouthing the words, "I'm sorry, mom", she pushed the huge pecker into her mother's boiling pussy and slowly began fucking her!!!

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"Faster, faster," her mother hissed through gritted teeth, "fuck me harder, baby, let mama have a big one!!!" Shahzad slapped Seema hard on her tight little ass and ordered harshly, "Do a she says, cunt, fuck her and stop messing around!!!" With tears forming in her eyes, Seema began jamming the thick piece of latax in and out of her mother's needy vagina with piston like repetity until the poor woman lurched her pussy forward as yet another orgasm smashed into her helpless cunt, leaving her wrecked under her daughter's cute little body!!!