Tätowierte und gepiercte Punker Schlampe auf der Couch gefickt

Tätowierte und gepiercte Punker Schlampe auf der Couch gefickt
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On my way back from the shops one morning I happened to notice a sign on a lamppost advertising the race for life where women run a mile in aid of breast cancer.

Now this gave me an idea as not a lot had been happening since our move since the tramp incident and I thought that Fiona and Alice were getting away a bit lightly.

I pondered what I would do for the rest of the afternoon and evening and decided that in the morning I'd begin my little game that I had in mind. Friday morning started early as my alarm woke me up from my sleep between Fiona and Alice and I nudged them both to wake them up. I told them to do us a big breakfast as they'd likely be busy and probably not have much time to eat.

Once I'd polished off a huge full English and they'd cleaned the table and washed the pots I sat them down on the sofa to explain what I wanted them to do. "Ok today were going to play a little game, or should I say you two will being playing a little game" They both sat naked staring up at me with blank expressions on their faces. "I saw a poster advertising the race for life yesterday and it gave me an idea for a little game that I could have you both play for my entertainment" Still they looked at me only their faces were now showing signs of puzzlement.

"You two stupid whores are going to compete in a different sort of race called the race for cock" Still they didn't speak as they knew it was futile so I continued with how the race would work "Once I say go you'll both have to dress and then begin the race. It's very simple to win; the winner of the race will be the first one to have brought five different men back here been fucked in every hole and swallowed each of their loads" Shock was clearly visible on their faces but again neither questioned nor refused as they knew what the answer would be.

"Now don't let it be a problem that I'm here or if you come back to find the bedroom in use I'm sure the other room or kitchen will do" I waited a second leaving us all sat in silence as I let it sink in.

"Its nine o clock now, you both have until five o clock and I'll decide what prize the winner gets during the day whilst I'm listening to you sluts get fucked.

Now what are you waiting for times ticking away" Both jumped up and darted into the bedroom as the scramble for knickers, bras blouses and skirts began.

Both were out the flat within ten minutes in tight tops and short skirts and high heels and the door slammed loudly behind them. I sat back on the sofa and flicked on the TV then settled in to wait for the first to arrive back and the fun to begin.

10;37am The door crashed open and I spun round and smiled at the man being led into the bedroom by Alice, she hadn't wasted anytime at all in pulling a bloke who was now asking her if it was ok that I was here to which she replied "Of course he sent me out to find someone to fuck as I'm his whore" "Holy shit" was all I heard as the disappeared into the bedroom I turned the TV so that I could listen to Alice working her slutty magic on the stranger and for the next half an hour she offered up her pussy and arse before taking his second load down her throat to chalk up her first score on the board.

In his excitement he'd already filled her arse but she managed to keep him hard long enough to get the load down her throat. "Go on get dressed and fuck off I'm a busy girl" I heard Alice tell the stranger and about two minutes later he emerged from the bedroom and came in to my view at the lounge door; we stared at each other for a moment and I assumed that he was in his late twenties and wasn't particularly good looking but whoever was to win the race for cock looks shouldn't come in to the equation.

Neither of us spoke and after that brief moment he turned and left slamming the door behind him.


One nil to Alice. She came from the bedroom moments later buttoning her blouse and getting ready to leave on the prowl for her next hard cock. "That didn't take long you naughty slut that puts you in front; you best get out there and find number two" "I'm going" was all she said as the button between her pert tits popped shut and she darted out the flat as fast as she could on her heels.

12:03pm I was just on the way out of the kitchen with a sandwich for lunch when I heard voices in the corridor approaching the flat and then the key turned in the door and it flung open. Alice stomped in leading a middle aged man of forty-ish straight past me and in to the bedroom leaving me to close the door behind them.

Neither of them even acknowledged my presence as Alice was in whore mode and the bloke couldn't believe his bloody luck. As I made my way back towards the lounge I could see in to our bedroom as Alice had left the door open and the sight of her already pulling the chaps cock from his pants pleased me and made my cock twitch.

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I stood back and watched just out of the sightline of the man as she very quickly had made his seven incher stand hard and erect; it was obvious she wasn't hanging around and flung herself on the bed and spread her legs easing her sodden knickers aside showing the man her already swollen pussy.

"Pussy or arse first I don't mind you choice big boy" Alice said looking him directly in the eye. "Looks like someone's already beat me to both" he said moving towards Alice gripping his shaft at the base and aiming his helmet towards one of her available holes.

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"Don't worry you aint the first and won't be the last today, if that bothers you fuck off and don't waste my time?" "Don't be silly you tart" he said kneeling on the bed between her legs and driving his cock easily in to her moist sticky pussy.

Alice moaned loudly and tipped her head back and gripped the duvet in each hand has the older man drove deep inside her with deep slow and powerful thrusts. I carried on watching for about ten minutes by which time he'd had enough of her cunt and turned her over onto all fours where he'd found a comfortable position to slide his tool in to her tightest entrance.

"OH FUCK YOU DIRTY CUNT" Alice shouted as she buried her head in the duvet and clamped her thighs shut before screaming as her orgasm ripped through her body. He carried on pumping her until she'd relaxed and stopped screaming but he then said he was about to blow. "In my mouth let me swallow you come" She pulled of his cock with a loud squelch and spun round in front of him just as his dicked twitched and he grunted. With her mouth wide open as she lunged towards his helmet she was able to catch the first thick stream on her tongue and then his dick disappeared inside her mouth and I watched as he twitched three more times; each time making her cheeks bulge as his come filled her mouth.

Once he'd finished he pulled out and he told her to swallow. She tipped her head back and opened her mouth showing him her come covered tongue and tonsils before gulping once and opening wide for him again showing him her now empty mouth.

"Your one filthy slut" he said pulling up his pants and trousers. "See you around hopefully" he said as he turned to leave pushing past me in the hallway but never looking directly at me.

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He left slamming the door as the first man had and Alice had scored again. "Not bad Alice at this rate your stupid fucking mother will be last that's for sure, now hurry up and get number three" She pulled her knickers back in to place covering her soaking wet cunt and abused arse and was out the door before quarter to one and eager to hunt down more cock. Two nil to Alice 13:28 The key in the door followed by it slamming back against the wall disturbed me from the film I was watching and I turned in time to see Fiona walk past the lounge in to the bedroom with a well-built man in his mid-twenties probably of similar age to myself.

"You're gonna fuck with your son in the flat?" "He's not my son" was all I heard as the bedroom door slammed shut so I went and stood outside it trying to listen. From what I could hear the young man was being extremely dominant, not by being rough or hurting Fiona but all I could hear was him telling her to strip; then to peel his shorts and boxers down before giving him a really slow blowjob to make him hard.

He was telling her to rub her cunt at the same time as deep throating his dick so that she'd be nice and wet for when her fucked her silly.

Now she'd already been in there twenty minutes and she was still having her throat fucked and her efforts to speed him along by asking for him to fuck her seemed to be falling on deaf ears. "I'll fuck you when I'm good and ready you eager slut" I heard him say between Fiona's muffled grunts as I imagined him holding her head and fucking her face like a cunt.

After a few more minutes I heard him tell Fiona to get on the bed as it was time she had some meat in her and after a few seconds of re-arranging themselves I heard the ever familiar sigh and groan as Fiona's body accepted another strange penis deep inside her womb.

13:53 I turned and looked behind me as the key turned in the door and it flung open again to reveal Alice with yet another man in tow. "Shut the door behind you" she told the man behind her and he pushed it shut with a slam before the hallway fell silent and the only noises that we all could hear were Fiona's moans as she lay on the bed behind the closed door taking her first dick of the race.

"The bedrooms being used Alice so you'll have to go in here" I said pushing the door to the second bedroom open with my foot and standing aside as she led the small overweight man inside shutting the door behind her. I stayed where I was as I was able to hear the sex noises coming from each of the rooms and within five minutes it was obvious that Alice had got the gist of the race more so than Fiona, who seemed to be spending far too long on hunky men with loads of stamina.

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Alice's tactic of older men with balls ready to burst seemed to be doing the trick for her. I listened to both my whores getting their pussies and arses filled in either room whilst I stood outside slowly stroking my thick cock, the sound of them both moaning and groaning as strangers violated their holes was a massive turn on for me even more so when I could both let out ear piercing screams as they orgasmed almost simultaneously.

The sex noises both seemed to stop at around the same time and both men both emerged from their respective rooms at the same time almost bumping in to each other, they both left together out the flat the small overweight man following the hunky well-built young man.

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I pushed open both doors and saw Alice already half-dressed but looking very bedraggled after three hard sessions already.

She came out the room and went to the bathroom to splash her face and re-apply more makeup before doing her hair again. Fiona on the other hand was still naked and sprawled on the bed with her legs splayed and her swollen spunk covered cunt leaking on the bed. "I hope you got a load down your throat Fiona otherwise you've just wasted and hour?" "Of course I did" she said rolling over looking for her clothes. "Well Alice just spent twenty minutes getting what you spent an hour getting Fiona, don't you understand the concept of a race?" "Well you losing three to one you stupid bitch and Alice has already left looking for number four so I suggest you get a move on" With that she bounded up of the bed and sling her clothes back on and hurriedly left the building not bothering to sort her face or hair out.

14:33Alice leads three one I managed to finish watching the rest of my film and looked at the clock; 15:55, the whores had an hour and five minutes left. Fiona still had four men to bring back and get fucked in all her holes before swallowing a load off each and Alice was still cutting it very fine in order to bring back two men.

I began to assume that neither would achieve their goal and I'd be forced to make them start all over again tomorrow. 15:57 The door crashed open and the flat was filled with the deep tones of male voices as they all entered the hallway before slamming the door behind them.

"Right lets show this slut a good time hey lads" to which I heard at least three other voices agree with him. "Lead us to the bedroom whore" the same man shouted and I saw Fiona stagger in front of the lounge holding on to the door frame for support as the first of four men pushed her again towards the bedroom as they all excitedly followed. The last man stopped and turned to me and said "You want us to shut the door so you don't hear mummy getting fucked!!

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Hahahah?" I didn't feel it necessary to correct him that she wasn't my mother but if it turned him on he could believe what he liked. He obviously thought he was being a clever cunt as he never shut the door to the bedroom either but little did he know that's what I'd of liked anyway. All I could here was the men all barking instructions at Fiona telling her to suck this cock, or suck that cock or bend over here.

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I assumed that she was now naked as one of the men was commenting on how wet her pussy was already and that he thought she'd already had some dick today. Well he wasn't mistaken there as only just over an hour ago she'd had it filled with come. She was then thrown on the bed with a loud bump and she squealed moments later as a dick spread her pussy lips and filled her hungry hole.

Her moans were soon muffled by the cock of one of the men who told her to open her fucking mouth. From that moment on all I could hear was the changing of places as they passed around my whore putting her mouth and soaking wet pussy to good use. I had to admire Fiona's complete lack of respect for herself by the way she'd just pull four strangers and bring them all home so that she could win the race over her daughter.

Her experience knows no bounds and I absolutely loved it and my cock instantly began to rise and grow hard in my pants. I shuffled a bit closer to the door of the lounge so that I could listen in a bit more closely; and I wasn't surprised at all when I heard the sound of a mobile phone camera going off every few seconds.

Why wouldn't these four blokes want to get some footage of the mucky mature fuck pig taking their four hard cocks? I wasn't sure on how many times she'd been passed around already but from the sound of movement I'd say each man was spending a few minutes each fucking her cunt before moving aside for his mate. There was very little chat going on amongst the men so Fiona's muffled moans were easily heard and it was obvious from them that she was about to explode.

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I wasn't mistaken and about thirty seconds later she freed her mouth from the pole in her throat and let an almighty squeal…… "I'm going to fu…ccckkk…iiinnnn COOOOOMMMMMEEE!!!!!!" "Oh yeah make the fucking bitch scream Ian" "Yeah fucking scream bitch" "Fucking slag loves it look at her" I had to admit the sounds that Fiona was making definitely gave off the impression that she loved being ganged by these four strangers.

"Here Ian rub that pussy juice round her arse I bet this slut takes it up there? Is that right you whore do you take dick in the arse?" She answered the question quickly and with one word "Yes" "Pass her here Ian" she was moved around the bed and I waited for the inevitable scream as the strange cock forced it way in to her tight anus and I dint have to wait long. She was soon screaming for the stranger to fill her anus and fuck her hard and the cameras began clicking again as they got some shots of their mates' dick disappearing in to the milfs bum.

16:29 The key in the door turned and I popped my head round the lounge door to see Alice striding in with a tall six foot three man in a business suit carrying a briefcase. I pointed to the second room and as she passed me leading the man inside she stopped in her tracks and looked in at her mother surrounded on the bed by four men; one that was balls deep in her arse and one was using her mouth as a cunt.

"Oh shit what the fuck is this place?" the businessman said turning to me. "Welcome to the whorehouse" I said smiling at him before Alice pulled him into the second room and ripped at his belt buckle to get his cock out.

I didn't hold out much hope for Alice who only had thirty minutes to get herself fucked in all holes and drink two lots of come. Ian who had made Fiona have her first orgasm then came walking out of the big bedroom with his huge eight incher swinging in front of him; he pushed the door to the second room where he found Alice half naked sucking on the suited mans dick.

He then went back in to the big bedroom and filled Fiona's mouth that had just become vacant as the dick that was there a moment ago was about to slide in to her now spunk filled anus. Fiona seemed to realise that one of the men had just deposited a load in her arse and she really needed it down her throat so she pushed Ian away for a moment. "Guys take turns on my arse and come in my mouth I love to swallow spunk" "No problem bitch" said the bloke hammering her bottom like a jack hammer and Ian had to fill her mouth again as another really noisy orgasm ripped through abused body.

And it was at this point that the bloke hammering her arse pulled out and quickly straddled her body pushing Ian aside so that her mouth was free for its first load.


Like a good little whore she opened wide and accepted the huge load of seamen that was flying from his cock. Before he'd even finished emptying his sacks his mate was already buried inside her now loose arse and was giving it the full treatment so that he too was ready to explode and before long the second spent dick was between her lips and lining her throat with more hot seamen.

That was two loads down with two more cocks to empty. Alice by now was bent over on all fours taking a serious hard dicking from the big man but it was almost 16:50 and it seemed had done what was needed to win the race.


I was sure that within ten minutes she'd of bought off the last two dicks and would be crowned the winner.

Just as I was thinking that Fiona had got herself on all fours and was being double ended by Ian in the mouth and his mate, these two being the last two loads she needed so she was sucking Ian for all she was worth. But for some strange reason he pulled out and came walking into the second room where Alice was now sucking the tall man off after he'd pumped her cunt and arse to within a swollen inch of its life.

"Don't mind if I do" said Ian who knelt down behind Alice and without invitation drove his boner straight in to Alice's sore cunt making her release the tall man's cock and look back at the invading stranger.

She smiled as she knew what this meant "Hurry up and fuck all my holes as soon as this guy spunks in my mouth I want you too so I can swallow both together" This spurred Ian on and with a five minute burst of energy he tore in to her pussy and switched to her anus just in time for when the big man pulled his spent dick from her eager mouth.

Alice spun on her knees and pulled Ian's dick in to her mouth and began sucking in earnest wanting the load from the cock her mother had bought home. Fiona was unable to move from the bed as the man behind her was still hitting her arse with deep powerful thrusts and by the time he'd finished and pulled out to fill her throat I looked in on Alice as she knelt before tall man and Ian showing off her empty mouth after swallowing all their come mixed together.

Alice had stolen the victory from Fiona by five to four and she looked ecstatic as the men all began to dress gathering their bits and leaving the flat and my two come soaked whores sprawled out on the bed and bedroom floor respectively. As I went to lock the door I couldn't help but smell the extremely strong aroma of sex that flooded the flat.

There had been so much pussy juice and creamy seamen spilled today that I reckoned the flat would need a serious deep clean. I went back in to the front room and stood in the middle of the room and shouted my whores' in. both staggered in looking sweaty and tired from all the sex, sperm was around both their mouths and Fiona's thighs were coated in a shiny film that I presumed to be spunk that had leaked from her cunt.

"Kneel down here in front of me" I then proceeded to pull down my tracksuit bottoms and my hard erect dick sprang out in front of them sending the pre-come oozing from my tip over Fiona's tits.

I began slowly wanking myself off in front of their faces. "Now as you may know Alice somehow managed to steal victory from you Fiona by taking a load from a bloke you'd bought back for you own point score" I continued massaging my cock in front of them edging a little closer to their faces so that my helmet was barely and inch from their faces. "But I had to admire your clever thinking Fiona by bringing four men back at once and had Alice not returned when she did I feel you'd of been victorious, that said I was clear to me from the outset that Alice really wanted to win and she showed excellent determination in the speed that she pulled the men and drained their balls.

For me Alice deserved victory and will be duly rewarded tomorrow with a shopping trip." I was now beginning to feel the sperm in my balls boil up and I knew that within a few minutes I'd be losing my load. "As for the loser here you'll be spending the day completing a number of tasks that I set you through the day" and just as I finished talking my balls tightened and I felt the hot sperm rush up my shaft and explode from my helmet an inch from Fiona's face and a huge load hit her square between her eyes, I was just quick enough to adjust my position as the second and third stream flew and coated Alice's right cheek and nose.

Turning back to Fiona I pushed my helmet between her lips and told her to empty me and clean me up. Once I was clean I sent them both to clean up and we enjoyed the evening watching films and eating a Chinese. Tomorrow Fiona will see why losing is not an option