Gay duro cogiendo en pachuca

Gay duro cogiendo en pachuca
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I enjoy traveling by myself. I can stop and take my time to check out some interesting place when I feel like it. Some of my best vacations had no planned destination, route or schedule.


I just drove, often forgetting about the interstates and following the secondary routes through small towns and countryside. Some of my own family says you can't take a trip without planning it but I always have fun. Like today, I was going down a road and saw a pasture with a bunch of cows grazing around so I pulled over and got out. Then I let out my best imitation of a cow call and watched as every cow in that field stopped what they were doing and turned their heads, at the same time, to look at me.

I was in hysterics with laughter as I got in the car and drove away. Sometimes, when it comes to humor, I just kill me! It was getting towards evening and I started keeping my eyes open for a campground and finally saw a sign for one a couple of miles further. When I got there the place was open but looked almost empty. The man at the campground office said things tend to be slow and quiet during the week, but the campsites normally filled up on weekends.

I said I was just looking for a tent site for a couple of nights. He gave me a map of the campground and made a small x to mark my site telling me it was at the back of the property in a wooded section he called 'The Grove'. It was well shaded and stayed cool on hot days and was very private. There was something about the way he said that to me, that made me wonder if there was some ulterior meaning.

He did seem to be paying a lot of attention to me as he told me there was a creek then ran back there in which his kids had built a swimming hole, telling me how they had used a back-hoe to dig out a section of the creek and then, over the years, built up a dam of rocks and boulders. "Just look for the rock dam" he said, "And you can go for a swim." While listening to him talk, I couldn't help but notice there was a sense of strength about this guy.

He looked very strong but not muscle bound, like he had grown up working on a farm or ranch. I think he was about my Dad's age but he looked a lot healthier than my Dad. I couldn't help but think how this guy must have been quite the stud in his younger days.

I found my campsite and soon had my tent set up with my sleeping bag in there. The site was equipped with a picnic table and I got a small campfire going to make some dinner and relax. While I was sitting down to eat, I heard a friendly "HI", and turned to see a couple of guys approaching.


"We didn't know we had a neighbor till we saw your fire over here. We're camped just beyond that big cluster of trees.

I'm Dave and this is Sam." Looking them over I thought they both looked kind of cute. Maybe a couple of years younger than me but they seemed like nice guys. "Hi guys, I'm Robyn. I didn't see your tent when I came in. Have you been here very long?" They told me they'd been camped here for the last two nights and were planning on staying through the weekend.

Then Dave said, "Hey, don't let us interrupt you dinner. If you want to come over later, we've got plenty to drink if you'd a like beer or something stronger. Stop on by." I thanked them for the invitation and went back to my dinner. After eating and cleaning up my things I decided to go over to the swimming hole so I changed into my bathing suit, a nice little string bikini that ties on the sides and threw a sweat shirt on over it.

It didn't take long to find the swimming hole and looking around, I thought the old guy in the camp office was right, this place felt very private and since there was no one around to see me, I took my bikini off. The cool air felt good on my 34C tits as I waded out and then plunged into the water.

The water was not too cold, though it certainly perked up my nipples, and it felt good to rinse the sweat off as it had been a hot day. When I got out of the water, my boobs got all goose bumps and my nipples were standing up hard.

I've always been proud of my tits as they are firm for their size and have never really needed a bra to support them. As I put my bikini back on and pulled my sweatshirt on over it, I decided to take the guys up on their invitation. I could see the campfire as I walked the short distance along the wooded road dirt road and as I approached, I called out, "Hello, the camp!" Dave and Sam were both near the fire and two other guys were at the picnic table pouring some drinks.


Looking up, Dave said, "So you decided to stop by. Great! Would you care for a drink?" Looking at the picnic table I spotted a bottle of Jack Daniels. "That JD looks like just the thing to warm up after a dip in the creek". Sam introduced me to the other two guys, Charlie and Bob as Charlie poured me a double shot of the JD and we all got comfortable around the fire, we talked about stuff like where we were all from and where we were going and places to stop and see while on vacation.

Meanwhile it was getting dark and the skeeters were starting to get pretty annoying so Sam finally suggested that we take the party into the tent. The guys had a good sized tent with more than enough room for all of us to sit around in a circle and we all freshened up our drinks.

I was on my third JD and starting to feel mighty relaxed when Dave pulled out a bag of weed and some rolling papers. "Do you smoke?" he asked me. "I'm not a regular smoker, but occasionally, I've taken a hit or two." I replied. So the party continued into the night with all of us getting fairly buzzed, when without really thinking about it I said, "Dang, it's hot in here with this many bodies." And I pulled my sweatshirt off and tossed it aside which immediately met a chorus of whoops from the guys.

"All right!", "Ain't she the hot one!", "Yeah don't stop there!", "Take it all off!" "Hey! Cut that out I said. This isn't underwear… it's just my bathing suit." Actually I was enjoying their comments and the way they were all looking at me I knew what they were all thinking, and I must admit it did turn me on. Dave suddenly pulled his shirt off and said, "She's right, it is getting hot in here." And then the rest of the guys all did the same.

So now I'm sitting there with four guys who are all wearing shorts and Dave, who was sitting just to my right had on a pair of loose fitting cut off jeans and I suddenly realized that, due to the way he was sitting, the legs of the cut offs were loose enough for me to see that he was not wearing any underwear. I could also see his balls and some of his penis and I could feel my pussy reacting to this and hoped I didn't get a wet spot on my bikini bottom for all to see.

Bob, looking more at my tits than me said, "Feel free to take your top off, if you're too warm. We wouldn't mind." "I'm sure you wouldn't," I answered, "You can't fool me; I know you guys just want to see my tits!" "Well… What do you expect?

We're guys! Can you blame us?" I'm still not sure why I did it. Maybe it was the JD or just being in that tent surrounded by four good looking guys, but I suddenly blurted out, "Gee, here I am sitting, almost naked in a tent, in the woods with four guys and I always did have a gangbang fantasy&hellip." Before I could finish, Bob, on my left, yelled, "I think we can help you with that!" as he slipped his hand under my bikini top and grabbed my tit.

Dave, on my right, did the same thing as he wrapped his fingers around my right tit. "HEY&hellip. I was making a joke&hellip. I&hellip.uh, wait." But it was too late. Someone untied the string behind my back and my skimpy little top fell down, hanging loosely between my tits that were being massaged by Bob and Dave. And then I felt myself being pushed over to lay back on a folded sleeping bag.

At the same time, another guy pulled my bikini panties to one side, and I was not sure who was groping my cunt. Before I could say anything, Sam said, "Oh man is she getting wet!" And I was.

This unexpected and spontaneous assault was actually feeling pretty good and my pussy was getting rather slippery. As I am trying to take in what's happening to me I looked over and could see that Dave now had a hard on that was sticking out of the side of his cut offs and then, hearing the sound of a zipper I looked to my left where Bob was dropping his pants.

I gasped as a nice fat erection sprang free just inches from my face. Grabbing his cock with one hand and the back of my head with his other hand he fed the head of his erection into my mouth and all I could do was take it and suck on it as Dave took my right hand and placed it on his, now exposed cock.

I automatically wrapped my fingers around the shaft and began to stroke it.

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At the same time, I felt the strings of my bottoms being untied and knew I was about to be stripped of my bikini bottom. I had shaved myself leaving three little rays of shortly trimmed hair, kind a 'rising sun' above my slit and as my pussy was exposed for all to see, Sam cried, "Whoohooo!

Look at that little pussy!" Charlie got up and dropped his shorts, saying, "I'm going to enjoy this little cunt! She looks tight!" By now, in my mind, I'm thinking, what the hell, I've been kind of horny all day and I'm now getting more turned on by the minute, with one cock in my mouth, one in my hand and then I can feel Charlie's cock spreading my pussy lips.

He grabbed both of my feet and held them as he spread my legs wide and pushed his cock in until I could feel his balls against me and he began fucking my pussy hard and steady. It didn't take him long to cum and I felt his load of hot sperm fill me inside. As he pulled out, Sam took his place between my legs, inserting his hard cock and as he went deep into my vagina I suddenly felt the first spurt of cum in my mouth as Bob blew his load.

He held my head as his cock pumped a huge load that I tried to swallow but I remember thinking, "Dang, this guy must not have got laid in a while!" When Bob pulled his cock out of my mouth, Dave grabbed me and said, "Let's roll her over." Sam pulled his cock out from between my legs and I was physically rolled over onto my hands and knees as Dave now fed his raging erection into my mouth, pushing my head down until I felt his hard-on in the back of my throat and I felt Sam's cock entering my pussy from behind.

Now I was getting my pussy pounded from the rear while Dave was face fucking me from the front and the other guys were cheering them on saying, "Yeah!

Look at the way her tits are swinging! Damn, this bitch is hot!" I was enjoying the erotic combination of my first gangbang and having guys watch me getting fucked, even if it was kind of unexpected and now I could feel the beginning of an orgasm building. I started to moan, (knowing that guys like to hear stuff like that) and then Dave called out, "I think I'm about to come!" and Sam, saying he was getting close too, said, "Let's give to her from both ends!" "Oh Yeah, Here it comes!" cried Dave while behind me I could hear Sam grunting every time he rammed his cock into me and then he grabbed my hips and pushed his meat into me hard and deep as he pumped his load into me.

I could feel the cum dripping out of my pussy while at the same time Dave's cock shot a load of sperm, in my mouth, that I could hardly swallow, some of it running out of my mouth.

As they both pulled their cocks out of me, I rolled over onto my back and began masturbating my pussy. By now I just wanted to come and having four guys watching was just that much more exciting. "What's she doing?" asked Dave. "She's finishing herself off!" answered Sam. Charlie started jacking his cock and said, "Cool. I've never seen a woman do that." "Yeah, exclaimed Bob, That's hot!" In response to all that I spread my legs wide for them and continued working my clit, bringing myself right to the edge of orgasm and panting, "Oh yeah, yeah, Oh my Gawd&hellip.

Oh yeah! I'm Gonna cum!" And when I did, I arched my back off the floor of the tent and was practically gasping for breath! "Oh gawd, someone fuck me again!" In answer to my request, Dave said, "I haven't had her pussy yet!" and he got in between my legs and just shoved his cock into me and began drilling my pussy.

Meanwhile, Charlie continued stroking his hard-on and said he was about to come again, so I cried out; "I want to see it! Come on my tits!" Reaching under him I grabbed his balls and fondled him as he released a stream of cum across my tits and I could feel myself cumming again and let out a loud moan of pure pleasure when I felt the warm fullness of Dave's cock releasing another load of sperm into my cunt.

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All I could do now was lay there and say, "Wow; that was great. I feel completely used and exhausted." The four of them were looking at me as I lay there with my knees up and my legs slightly spread when Dave said, "Man… look at all the cum running out of her pussy and down over her ass." Then Bob grabbed my legs and rolled me over, so I was face down and as he climbed onto me, saying;"I haven't had her pussy but it's too full of cum!" At the same time, he rubbed his cock up and down along my slit and then moved up a little higher and I realized he was going do me in the ass.

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I'd never done this before but at this point there was no use trying to debate with the guys as they were all pretty drunk and I was too. As Bob's cock entered my ass, I just moaned, dropping down on my elbows as I raised my ass up and let Bob push his throbbing hard-on deeper into by butt.

At first, I really didn't care for this but as he pulled his cock out as far as the head and then slid the length of it back into me I started feeling sensations that were totally new to me and I cried out, "Yes! Oh Gawd, Yes!" And a moment later I received a load of hot cum where I'd never taken it before and as he pulled out of me, I heard Sam say, "Damn, I've never tried anal before!" and, resigning myself to their will, I spread my legs out a little more and just moaned again as I had a second cock pushed into my ass.

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It only took a couple of minutes till Dave cried; "Oh Yeah, Here I come!" as he unloaded his hot cum into me. After he pulled his cock out, I just lay there for a minute with my ass up and cum running down my leg. Sometimes, I even surprise myself when I asked, "Oh hell, anyone else want a turn on my ass?" To which Charlie got in behind me saying, "Why not?" I ended up letting all four of them fuck me in the ass and when they were all spent, the five of us just lay there until, thanks to the effects of the weed, the booze and the sex, we all crashed out.

The next thing I knew I was waking up to the sound of birds singing, early the next morning. I had a bit of a hangover and thought, "Dang, I need coffee". The guys were all asleep and probably would not be up for a while so I pulled on my sweatshirt and picked up my bikini.

Leaving their campsite I could see the campground bathrooms and showers so I walked over to them and was delighted to see that the showers were equipped with shower massage units so I could douche myself out and rinse all the dried cum of me and then I just stood under the shower and took the water as hot as I could stand and let the steam relax me. Getting out of the shower, I realized I did not have a towel so I just pulled on my sweatshirt.

I was going to put on my bikini bottoms but figured, the hell with it, there's no one around so I'll just go with out. The sweat shirt did not really come down far enough to cover everything, but the cool morning air felt quite stimulating on my bare bottom as I walked back to my campsite.

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I passed the boys tent and figured they probably wouldn't be waking up till noon, considering how much booze they had the night before and continued down the dirt road. As I came around a corner, I spotted the camp ground owner, at the next site along the dirt road. He was on his knees and appeared to be working on the water pipe that feeds the campsite faucet.

I tried to pull my shirt down a little more but it was useless so I just said HI as I approached him and he smiled as I passed. I'm sure he got a birds-eye view of my pussy and now I could almost feel his eyes watching my ass. Just I reached my campsite I heard someone behind me and started to turn when the campground man grabbed me around the chest, wrapping a big hand around my right tit and I felt his other hand come up between my legs, to fondle my bare ass.

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"Hey, what the fuck do you think…!" I started to say but he forcibly walked me the few feet to my campsite and bent me over onto the picnic table. My sweat shirt rode up over my ass and I knew that, not only was I exposed to the world, I also knew that from the way this man handled me there was no way I could fight him.

As he held me against the table with one arm and unbuttoned his pants with his other hand, I knew what was coming. He reached his free hand under me, feeling my ass and then fondled my pussy, massaging my slit and slipping a couple of thick fingers into me, he could feel my vagina and pussy lips quickly getting wet and juicy as he leaned in close and told me what a good little slut I was.

"Did you really think you could flash that cute little cunt in my face and just walk away? Your cunt is soaked already." He said, "You really like this, don't you.

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I know everything that goes on in my campground and if you've got enough for them four boys, then you got enough for me too." He took has hand off me, grabbed his cock and began to rub it against my cunt and then started to enter me from behind. As he did, I tightened up over my whole body and let out a loud gasp as I felt something entirely new to me. I've been around and I am no virgin, but now I felt as if my pussy was being stretched tight.

Without thinking, I instinctively raised my ass a little and spread my legs out more as the man remarked, "That's the good girl, don't fight it." I tried to look back at him and asked, "What the hell are you putting in me, a telephone pole?" He laughed as he said, "You let a bunch of boys fuck you last night, but now, you're gonna get a man's cock!" then he grabbed me by the hips with both hands as he slowly and steadily entered my vagina until I could feel his balls against my pussy.

"OH MY……!" OH&hellip. Oh Fuck!" I said as it almost took my breath away! I didn't get to see his cock but damn, I have never been fucked like this in my life.

And I realized that this guy is no little teenager. This is a country guy who has worked hard all his life, outside in all weather, year round. You could see it in the well proportioned, sun-tanned appearance of his body, and apparently, he had a cock to match! I felt like my cunt was being split at the seams and without even realizing it, I had started to match his strokes, synchronizing myself to his rhythms and pushing myself back onto his cock as he pushed it into me.

"There ya go, honey, you're starting to enjoy yourself now." He said, as he slid both hands along my sides and up under my sweatshirt until he cradled both of my tit's and began tweaking my nipples between his fingers. By now, I had my arms out and was holding on to the edges of the picnic table while getting my cunt stretched by the best fuck I'd ever felt as the man began to pump me harder and faster.

Sometimes, he literally lifted me off my feet, as his cock bottomed out inside me and if I thought his cock felt tight in me when he started I could now feel it swelling as he was getting ready to cum and it almost hurt as it seemed to become as hard as rock. All I could do was cry; "Yes&hellip.

YES&hellip. Give it to ME!" Then, with a groan and grunt that sounded like he hadn't had any relief in years, I felt his fingers tighten around my tits as the gush of hot sperm filled my pussy. When he pulled out of me, I stood up and turned around. He was standing there with his pants around ankles and his cock was still half erect. I looked at him and without a word, pulled my sweatshirt off and tossed it on the table so that I was nude and without breaking eye contact I leaned back against the edge of the table and began to finger my pussy with my right hand while cradling my tit and rubbing my nipple with my left hand.

His eyes went down to my pussy and he began stroking his cock just inches away from me, as he watched me fingering myself and working my clit with two fingers, between my swollen, and now somewhat sore, pussy lips as his sperm was draining out of my vagina and I could feel it running down my legs.

My breathing was getting heavier and faster as I brought myself to orgasm and when it hit me, my head went back and I closed my eyes as I spread my legs and braced myself against the table while I felt the waves of pleasure go through me. I opened my eyes and looked at the man as he was still jacking off in front of me when he closed his eyes and threw his head back and groaned as his cock erupted with another load of hot cum that landed on my belly and pussy.

He looked at me and still breathing heavily, said, "I think it's time we went for a dip in the creek." as he stepped out of his pants. I agreed and we both walked to the swimming hole. After a cool rinse off in the creek, he said I was welcome to stay as long as I wanted, but I told him I need to pack up my stuff and get on the road, adding that I'd be coming back through here and would be seeing him again.

He smiled and said there would be no charge for the campsite, anytime I cared to visit. I just smiled back at him and replied, "I didn't expect there would be."