A sticky amateur gay suck fest

A sticky amateur gay suck fest
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"911": "Some girl is trying to Molest me!" * The boss's naïve and spoiled daughter finds she's in a dilemma&hellip.Bella and Tim have two versions of what happened. They somehow decided to tell this interesting story… together. * __I'm Tim, and I'm a victim of this girl&hellip.'Excuse me!'&hellip. I'm Bella, and I'll be telling the 'true' story, not Tim.

He won't tell it right. He started this …this mess! And he'll slant it in his favor, but the truth is.… he started it all. My daddy owns a company. He makes lots of money. He gives me almost everything I want. I like to go to the business and watch everyone look at me. I'm sexy looking, I have long blond hair and daddy bought me some big tits.

I wear very expensive clothes. It's fun to see the guys wish they could have me and the women envy me. Now Tim will tell you some lies&hellip. Tim&hellip. She's full of shit. She's a spoiled brat and no one likes her. I work in the office and I know. She struts in and try's to tell us all what to do. We pretend to kind-of do it, then check with her cool dad, the owner, and he smiles and tells us to just 'play along' with her. Her dad likes me because I can handle her so easy. He tells me: "Tim, you handle Bella, and make sure she doesn't fuck up the company." I'm the office manager, that's one notch below a monkey in Bella's estimation.

I delight in Not .letting her make a mess of things. (the problem is she is fucking beautiful).


Bella&hellip. Tim doesn't give me the respect I deserve…sure he's cute, and I like his hair, but he has a 'resistant attitude' towards me.


This all started when I wanted something done and he was the only one in the office. I told him to get me a report and he just looked at me. He has beautiful blue eyes and he thinks he can use them to charm girls with. He said he was on his lunch hour, and at 1pm he would look for the report. He was standing and I got real close to him and I sternly said: "I need them 'now' ".

He stood closer to me and said: "I need a hug first." He made me grin when I didn't want to. The way he looked at me &hellip.all sexy like…I couldn't talk, He tricked me into not being able to talk.

He took my arms and put them around him and made me hug him. I admit, I was shocked.

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The sheer boldness of him forcing me to hug him…I became confused and didn't know what to do. He started slow dancing with me. I could only whisper for him to stop please. He did and handed me the report I wanted right off his desk. It was right on his desk the whole time. He made a fool out of me.


I tried to gather myself and speak. I finally said: "Tim, I could have you fired for what you did.

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I don't date employees, so don't get any ideas&hellip." about&hellip.then&hellip.he quick kissed me and walked away. I tried to tell him he was fired&hellip.but the words just wouldn't come out. Later I told my dad what happened and said Tim should be punished for what he did to me. Dad smiled and said: "For a hug and a kiss?…you want me to punish him?" I said yes. He said: "Go get Tim right now and bring him in here." Now…I would get some respect from Tim. I wanted dad to chew him out good for what he did.

I went and got Tim and brought him in dad's office. Dad scowled at him and said: "I understand you hugged and kissed my daughter." Tim said: "Guilty sir". Then dad shocked me and said: "Show me what you did." Tim didn't smile he just grabbed me and hugged me kissed me again, only it was a tighter hug and a long kiss." It took me by surprise but Tim was a pretty hot kisser.

Tim said: "Sir, she made me do it." "I did not!" I said. "I think it was her perfume, beautiful face, sexy dress all combined that did it." Tim said.

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I was speechless. Dad smiled and said: "Show me again so I can make a fair assessment of this event." "Dad!" I said. Tim said "Yes Sir." and did it all again, only a tighter hug and a wet, tongue kiss. Dad said: "Tim, I can't blame you for your actions. To punish you, I want you to say your sorry, and that you'll try real hard not to do it again." I was steaming mad at my dad for not chewing out Tim, and that tiny punishment.

Tim…&hellip. I got down on one knee and told Bella how truly sorry I was… and all that stuff. It was worth it to get to kiss and hug her and see her face when her dad really didn't do a damn thing about it.

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Bella just stood there and glared at me. Bella…… You see, Tim just admitted he started all this mess. Someone found out about what happened and blabbed it all over the office. I started getting women asking me if Tim and I were dating, how long have I known Tim and all sorts of questions. At first I was pissed, but then I realized a lot of these women were after Tim and they just envied me for having him for a 'supposed' boyfriend.

So…he was a 'prize hunk' around the office&hellip.I quickly began to enjoy the envy I was getting. Tim…&hellip. Here we go again. Little Miss Bella is getting attention. Now was the time to try to get her in bed with me…… ---- "TIM, COME TO MY OFFICE" Now what was she up to.

I looked up and every one in the office was staring at me. I got up and went to her office. She had me sit down and closed the door. Bella&hellip. Now, I had Tim on my turf. I liked all the rumors and gossip but I wanted him to show me some respect. I was ready to take charge. I had on a business suit, and I wasn't going to make eye contact with is sexy blue eyes. "Tim,…these rumors and gossip are disrupting the office. From now on your going to call me 'Miss Bella', not just Bella." I had more new rules for him&hellip.when he started rubbing his eye, like he got something in it.

He interrupted me and ask me to see if I could see anything in it. He stood up and came around my desk for me to look. Our faces got real close. His after shave aroma was heavenly. I looked carefully in his blue eye. He began to smile. Then I realized it was a trick on me&hellip.and damn.

it was working too. I started getting aroused without realizing it. Our lips were just inches apart, and I instantly remembered the kisses he gave me from before. I forgot every thing I was going to say.

I don't know what made me do it&hellip. I kissed him. It was a beautiful long sensuous kiss. Our tongues just somehow met and slowly felt each others. That's when it happened.

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He picked up my phone and pushed some numbers. He said: " 911", "Some girl is trying to Molest me!". I grabbed the phone and slammed it down. I said: "Tim!, that better be a fake call or I will slap your face!"&hellip. ---- The people in the office told us later that my dad had slowly opened the door.

We never even heard him. He smiled and left the door wide open. All the people in the office saw us kissing and everything…&hellip. Tim and his tricks caused all this.

Now…I have to put up with him and 'those looks' from the office people and my dad won't do a thing about it. Tim is nudging me to type something. Here comes his 'lies' so get ready&hellip.

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Tim&hellip. She is acting so innocent but SHE'S the one who kiss me, this time. She won't admit she's really is turned on by me. She wouldn't look at my 'blue' eyes, but when I tricked her into doing …she lost it and kissed me.

Now she blames Me? What a spoiled little brat&hellip. Bella&hellip. See, I told you he would turn it all around and make it my fault. ----- Well…that's how we met. We've been living together for some time now, and he takes advantage of me all the time. He insists I call his 'thingy' 'Mr. Happy'. He tricks me into giving him 'blow jobs', he calls them, then tells me to 'suck', don't blow!

He never tells me when he's going to cum in my mouth, and then says to swallow it!…I do…but… I know his lies and tricks now, and I get him back.

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I get him in bed all naked and horny and make him say how much he loves me and thinks I'm wonderful. Then&hellip.I make him lick my tits, lick my pussy, give me whole body massages&hellip. and then&hellip.I just make him fuck me all night long.

I wear the pants in this family! Tim…&hellip. Bella is so full of it,… but&hellip. I just gotta love a girl like her&hellip.good night… ---- ("…pssss Bella, come get under the covers down here, I want to show you something.") (".What Tim?…") ("…'Mr. Happy' wants a big long wet kiss goodnight.") ("Oh……&hellip.ok.")