Mature nude straight men and young straight blonde boys naked gay

Mature nude straight men and young straight blonde boys naked gay
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Twin Sister Delights (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Four: Twin Sisters' Anal Delight By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! "Come on, onee-chan," a voice called as I walked with my friend through the streets of Tokyo. "Get up." The laughter around me abruptly ended as my eyes opened.

The dream faded away. I wasn't in Tokyo but staring at my naked twin sister kneeling over me on our futon. I blinked, sleep falling away from me. My eyes felt so heavy. I let out a mewling sound, wanting to go back to sleep. I wiggled my hips. There was something in my butt. Thick. A cone. "Onee-sama?" I muttered, confused by why she was naked. Why I was naked. "What?" "Okaasan just got out of the shower," she said.

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"Come on." Why did it matter that our mother got out of the shower. What was in my.? A butt plug. Yesterday flooded back to me. Lee seducing us into lesbian incest. Losing my virginity to Clint. Our naughty double-headed dildo play on the couch beneath our mother's nose.

Then Kimiko and I retired to our bedroom and did more naughty acts until I passed out in a sticky haze of pussy juices pressed against my twin. We just had such a wild time. It was crazy. How did we get into this situation? Clint and his family. My sister's desire to have an older brother to have sex with had led her to meeting Clint's older sister Zoey on the internet. This older girl put all these ideas into my eighteen-year-old twin sister's head.

When we moved to California, through the strangest twist of fate, we moved into the same city as Clint's family and Kimiko pushed our mother into buying a house for sale on Clint's street. It was all downhill after that. My sister led and I followed. I always followed. Though we were twins, she was technically older than me. I always deferred to her and now. Now I obeyed her orders. I did what she said. I had sex with her, with Clint's sister, and with Clint himself.

I lost my cherry to the young man, our surrogate big brother. "Okay, onee-sama," I muttered in our native Japanese. I didn't fight as my sister hauled me to my feet. My small breasts jiggled before me, identical to those small mounds budding on my sister's chest.

Her dark-olive nipples were hard, puckering from her areolas, and her black bush glistened with passion between her pale-olive thighs. She gripped my hand and led me to the door. Naked. I wanted to whine, to protest that our mother could catch us, but I knew it was pointless.

My sister wouldn't care. It would only turn her on. She was all about taking risks around our mom. Because she wanted to seduce our mom. And Clint's family would help. Kimiko pushed her head out our door, doing a quick look, then she darted out into the hallway. I followed after, the butt plug shifting around in my asshole. It made me whimper, sending tingling heat rushing to my pussy. My heart beat faster. We were in the hallway. Exposed. I heard Mom moving downstairs as we rushed for the hallway, our bare feet padding on the carpet.

My sister reached the door and crashed through it, hauling me into the Western-style bathroom. I closed the door behind us, locking it. Western-style bathrooms had the toilets in the same room as the bathtub and shower. They didn't even have a shower station, a place to wash your body before you slipped into the tub to soak and relax. Instead, it was combined into one tub. It was more space efficient, but. The tub was so small.

I couldn't fit in there with my sister and have us both be comfortable. Did Americans not share baths? "Why was it so important that we get in here after mom, onee-sama?" I asked as my sister went right for the clothes hamper.

She threw it open and snagged something. She whipped around, her black hair sweeping about her shoulders as she faced me. She held a pair of cream panties in her hand, holding it between her fingers. I'd never seen it before. It wasn't mine or my twin's. "Why do you have okaasan's panties?" I asked. "Minako thinks that's weird." I always referred to myself in the third person.

It just felt so weird using the pronoun "I." Kimiko claimed I did it to sound like a cute, little sister for the big brother I secretly craved. And. she might be right. "Because these were on her all night long, onee-chan," she answered, bringing the crotch to her mouth.

She shivered, inhaling, her small breasts jiggling. "You can smell her. Her pussy. Mmm, it's delicious." My sister pulled our mother's panties from her mouth, a look of absolute joy flashing across her expression. Then she shoved them into my face. The cotton rubbed across my lips and nose. She clamped it about me like a rag. I felt like she was trying to kidnap me, smothering me with chloroform or something.

"Breathe it in, onee-chan," she groaned, a shudder to her word. "Just inhale. Mother smells delicious." I had to breathe. I couldn't stop myself and. I smelled a spicy musk. Not the same as our tangy passion, a different flavor.

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A surge of heat rushed out of my pussy as I inhaled again. A deep one. I filled my lungs, drawing in as much air as I could through my nose. "You like it, don't you?" purred Kimiko. She pressed her body against my back, her nipples hard, her bush tickling my rump.

"The smell of our mother? It turns you on, doesn't it, sister-slut?" I only moaned in answer, my body shuddering. Mother did smell so delicious. I closed my eyes, reveling in the spicy scent. My body quivered. My hand grabbed the panties, holding them to my face. My eyes fluttered. It was so wrong to do this. To smell our mother's panties.

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I felt so naughty. My sister's hands roamed my body. She cupped my small titties with both her hands, squeezing and kneading them. Her thumbs swept across my areolas and nipples. She rubbed them, pressing them into my breasts. It made me ache and throb. I whimpered into our mother's panties, heat blossoming between my thighs. "Mmm, yes, yes, that's it, my sister-slut, just rub okaasan's panties on your face," she moaned. "Is it making your cunt wet?" "Yes, onee-sama," I whimpered, my asshole clenching around the butt plug.

Cream ran down my thighs, my pussy on fire. "Minako is such a wicked slut for getting so turned on by okaasan's panties." "Yes, you are," moaned my twin. Her hands squeezed my tits then they moved. I shuddered as one slid down to my stomach, caressing me with hot fingers. "Just a filthy, little lesbian whore for getting turned on by okaasan." Her hand slid past my bellybutton, circling my little divot, and finding the silky curls of my pubic hair.

I shuddered as she danced through my curls, caressing me, making me squirm and tremble. I whimpered, my body shivering at the feel of her naughty touch. I gasped as she reached my pussy lips. She stroked up and down my slit. I rubbed our mother's panties tighter against my face, taking another whiff as her fingers danced along my juicy labia. My bowels squeezed around the butt plug as pleasure stirred through me. Her other hand swept around my hips and between our bodies.

She groped my rump, squeezing my butt-cheeks. Her fingers dipped into my crack while her other digits stroked my clit. I shuddered against her as she slid them down through my ass-crack and found the knob of the butt plug. "Onee-sama!" I gasped as she seized the knob of my butt plug and pushed the cone-shaped toy deeper into my rectum. A hot pleasure radiated out from my bowels, meeting the delight brimming in my pussy. "Mmm, you like that, sister-slut?" she purred into my ear, her nipples so hard on my back.

"You like it when I play with your cunt and asshole? Huh? While you're reveling in the smell of okaasan's panties." "Minako does, onee-sama," I whimpered. Her fingers danced on my clit while she worked the butt plug in and out of my asshole. I gasped and shuddered as the cone would pop out of my sphincter then she would shove it back in, stretching out my anal ring over and over. My toes curled against the cold tiles of the floor.

I whimpered, the sounds echoing around us. My eyes squeezed shut as I shuddered. My juices flowed as her fingers massaged my clit. She nibbled on my ear as I groaned into our mother's panties. My every inhalation full of that spicy, incestuous musk. My tongue lapped out, dragging across the cotton. I shuddered, tasting our mother now. I was indirectly licking her pussy. Doing something so wicked and nasty. I whimpered and shuddered, my pussy clenching.

Juices ran down my thighs as I whimpered out in rapture. It was incredibly nasty. It made my pussy burn and my asshole ache. My sister pumped the butt plug faster and faster in and out of my sphincter. The velvety friction sent waves of burning heat soaking into my cunt. My juices flowed around her fingers. The cream dribbled down my thighs. "Onee-sama," I moaned between licks, the spicy flavor, lingering with cotton, staining my tongue.

"Minako is going to. to." "To cum like the slut-sister she is?" my twin purred, her fingers rubbing harder and harder on my clit. "Yes!" My pussy clenched. She jammed her fingers deep into my cunt, pushing the butt plug hard into my rectum.

I gasped at the sudden intrusion. The silky plunge of her fingers into my juicy snatch had me shivering. I trembled, my heart pounding in my chest. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut, the pleasure rippling through my body. My holes squeezed down on the sex toy and her fingers. The dual frictions mixed and swirled in me.

I shivered, my mouth sucking on our mother's panties. My hungry lips worked out every drop of her spicy flavor. I squeezed my eyes shut. "Yes, yes, yes!" I whimpered. "Minako. Minako is such a slut!" "My slut!" my twin moaned, her two fingers burying deep into me.


Her words set me off. My orgasm exploded in the depths of my cunt. My pussy writhed. My body bucked. Pleasure surged through me. Wave after wave of rapture buffeted my body.

I whimpered and groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. The pleasure crashed through me. Wave after wave of bliss inundated my mind. It was incredible. Amazing. I loved it. I moaned into our mother's panties as my cunt spasmed about my twin's fingers. My asshole writhed about the butt plug. I bucked and trembled, stars flashing across my vision as the bliss inundated my mind. "Mmm, yes, yes, yes, you sound so cute when you cum, onee-chan." "Thank you, onee-sama!" I moaned as the pleasure rippled through me.

The heat drowned my mind in ecstasy. "Minako loves cumming!" "The way every slut-sister does." I whimpered and groaned, my entire body buzzing as my orgasm peaked. It dissolved into humming rapture. I trembled, leaning back into my sister. Her mouth nibbled on my neck. I loved the afterglow. I dropped our mother's panties, soaked by my saliva, into the hamper before we climbed into the shower together.

We started washing but I soon found myself on my knees, her silky pubic hair caressing my face, my tongue swabbing through her tangy pussy. I made my sister-mistress cum so hard. She drowned me in her pussy juices while the hot water rained on my back.

It made me feel so wanton. She made so many passionate noises, grinding her bush across my face and tickling me with her curls. It was so naughty. We used up all the hot water and were forced out as the water turned cold. We darted back to our bedroom naked and laughing, our mother moving through the house below. It made me feel so wicked that we were having so much naughty fun without her realizing it.

She had no idea her two daughters were a pair of kinky sluts into incest. Sluts who were setting her up to be seduced. Dressed, we headed downstairs for breakfast. Mother had it all ready. We sat around the table, chopsticks in hand, eating rice drenched in egg. I kept glancing at our mother, wondering what pair of panties she wore right now.

I would love to lick them. I wanted to feel them still warm from her pussy. It made my cunt so wet. I shuddered, my heart hammering. My cheeks felt so warm as I kept glancing at her, picturing her naked. She was such a beautiful woman, elegant and refined. She would look amazing naked. "What, Minako-chan?" she asked, giving me a look.

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"N-nothing," I said. "You keep staring at okaasan like she has something on her face," Kimiko said. "Is there something on my face?" Mother asked. She grabbed her napkin and wiped at her face. "No, no, Minako was just. was just wondering if we could find natto in America." I missed having fermented soybeans for breakfast. "Well, I am going shopping," Mother said. "There is an Asian store that imports Japanese and Korean items I'm trying out." "Minako would love to go with you," my sister purred, giving me a wicked look.

"Right, onee-chan?" There was something in her eyes, an implicit command.

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"Y-yes, Minako would, okaasan." "That's wonderful," Mother said. "I would love to have the company. And what would you be up to, Kimiko-chan, all alone?" My twin sister gave an innocent looking grin.

"Just lounging around." She was up to something. What? It wasn't my place to ask. She gave me an order. She wanted me out of the house for some reason. So I just kept eating breakfast while my thoughts whirled with what naughty ideas she had.

Did this have anything to do with this evening? "Should I make something to bring over to your new friends' house for dinner tonight?" Mother asked. "I could buy the ingredients while I'm out." "I'm not sure," Kimiko said. "I don't think so.

Zoey's mom was so excited. I think she'll have everything we need to have an amazing evening." "Are you certain? I would hate to be rude." "Just showing up should be enough," Kimiko said, giving me a sly look. She had a grin on her lips. "I think we'll find this such an eye-opening evening." "I am so glad you girls are making friends. This Zoey and Lee sound like great girls." I almost choked on my breakfast.

"Are you all right, dear?" Mom asked me. I nodded my head. Lee had seduced us into incest, giving my sister that last push she needed into acting out on her depraved fantasies. And Zoey. she was mentoring my sister over the internet for months, guiding her towards tonight. Nice wasn't the right word to describe any of Clint's sisters. Naughty was. I helped Mother with the dishes, getting used to the butt plug buried into my asshole.

It teased me as I moved through the kitchen putting away dishes. It made even something so mundane feel so naughty. Especially with my sexy mother was nearby. It was like breathing in her pussy musk off her panties had opened my eyes to just how sexy our mother was. She was a taller woman than me, her face round, her lips delicate. She had larger breasts.

They looked so round through her shirt. I wanted to squeeze them. Her jeans, while not tight, showed she had lithe legs and a butt that I wanted to play with. I soaked my poor panties as I kept drooling over her. I couldn't wait for tonight. "Well, shall we, Minako-chan?" she asked once we were done. I nodded my head, afraid of speaking and betraying the lust I felt. My cheeks were both so warm, my nipples so hard against my top. I fetched my purse, gave Kimiko a goodbye kiss, and then met our mother at the front door.

We had a car here in America. Something we never had in Japan. But it was necessary. Everyone had cars here. There wasn't the network of efficient trains and subways to get us around. Mother drove slowly, both her hands gripping the wheel as we drove on the wrong side of the road. My phone chirped when we reached the grocery store. I pulled it out and saw a text from Kimiko. I opened it up to find a picture of my sister unbuttoning her blouse, a sultry look on her face.

It was taken from her phone but. But it was clear that someone else had taken the photo. Who? Lee? Zoey? My cheeks warmed as another text appeared, this time with her topless. She didn't have a bra on, like me. She had one hand cupping her small breast, a sultry smile on her lips. Her left hand rubbed at her stomach. "Shall we?" Mother asked. I let out a squeak of shock, clutching my phone to my chest. My cheeks burned. Why was my sister sending me such naughty photos?

My phone chirped again, vibrating against my small breasts, tingling my right nipple. "What is your sister sending you that made you blush like that?" Mother asked me. "N-nothing," I said. "She's just being weird. You know how she is?" My phone buzzed again. Mother gave me a speculative look. My heart pounded.

If she saw the photos. This was too much. I wanted to melt away. I could see it in mother's eyes. She wanted to see what my sister was sending me. "Do I need to talk to her about what's proper?" Mother asked. "No, no, Minako is just over-reacting," I said. My phone chirped again. "Okay," she said slowly. Then she opened the car door.

I bolted out of the car. My body shivered. My pussy was so wet. My sister had sent me three more pictures. I wanted to look at them. But mother was right there. My pussy itched. I had to know.

I had to look at it. I had to find out what my sister texted me. I let Mother pull ahead of me on the way to the H Mart, a large store with Korean script included on its sign. I pulled my phone from my chest, unlocked the screen, and. I wanted to melt away. The pictures were so naughty. The next one was her down to her panties, her left hand rubbing at her crotch, her right pinching her nipple. She stared at the camera with such smoldering eyes.

It was like she was staring at me across the miles separating me. She wanted me to see this. To see her. The next picture had her ripping her crotch to the side. Her black bush spilled out around her soft-blue panties. Her fingers were sliding through her bush, caressing herself.

My pussy clenched, my asshole squeezing down on the butt plug. It was so hot. I wanted to eat that pussy again. The final pic she sent me was her prying apart her labia. Her pink depths glistened with her excitement. Her fingers stroked up and down her slit. She humped up into the air.

Her breasts looking like they were bouncing, her mouth open. "Minako-chan," Mother called, stop dawdling on your phone. "Sorry, okaasan!" I gasped and hurried forward. My phone chirped again.

I shivered, wanting to look. I squeezed my phone tight as I rushed after her. I darted into the store and glanced at my phone. I wanted to moan.

Kimiko was on her hands and knees now, her rump facing the camera, her fingers buried into her pussy. A second pic arrived. She was now fingering her asshole, too, her face twisted in passion as she looked over her shoulder. Who was taking these pictures of her? I trembled as we moved through the aisles.

I wanted more pictures. I wanted to see what my sister would do next. I wanted to get home and find out who was filming her. I wanted to lick her pussy and make her cum. No more came. I ached to masturbate. My poor panties were soaked as I moved through the store with mother, drifting after her in a haze of lust.

I shivered, wanting this to get over as fast as possible. I wanted to get home. I burned to be with my twin sister. "Are you okay, Minako-chan?" asked my mother. "Minako is fine," I said, my voice so throaty. "Is it those texts from your sister?" she asked. "She's just teasing me," I said. "Makes Minako want to get home." "That girl." Mother shook her head.

"Well, we still have more shopping. You'll just have to be patient." I nodded my head. Though we were only gone for an hour, it felt far, far longer. I didn't get any more texts from my sister, but I still wondered what she was doing. Did she have Zoey with her? Were they have lesbian sex while I was out shopping with mother? Did she want to get me out of the house so she could have fun without me?

It made my stomach twist. I shivered, images of her and the older Zoey kissing, licking each other's pussies. I pictured Kimiko's light-olive flesh pressed against Zoey's ivory skin. Their heads buried between the other's thighs, devouring delicious flesh. I was so glad when we got home. I carried in the bags, dropping of them off in the kitchen, then rushed upstairs to our bedroom. I had to find out. I had to know what was going on. My feet thudded on the floor.

"I don't want to hear you and your sister 'wrestling' again," Mother called. "No fighting, or I'll come up there." "No fighting!" I promised as I reached the second floor. My heart thudded in my chest. My nipples poked against my blouse.

I reached the door and wrenched it open. I didn't expect to find Clint fucking my sister up the ass. I gaped at the sight of the hunky boy, a few years older than us, nineteen or twenty. He was naked, his muscular body flexing as he rammed his cock forward, vanishing between her cute butt-cheeks.

She was on her hands and knees, her face contorted in bliss, her hands clawing at the blankets spread over our futon. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck my asshole, Clint," my sister moaned in English. "Pound me. Oh, god, yes!" I shuddered at the wanton sight. My pussy melted in a flash of heat. His balls smacked into her flesh as he pounded her.

Her butt-cheeks rippled beneath the force of his strokes. He pounded her so hard. With such passion. My asshole squeezed down on the butt plug in me.

I whimpered, wiggling my hips. I swallowed, my hands hugging myself. This was so hot to see. Clint had taken those pictures. She was stripping for him, getting ready to have sex with him. "Close the door, onee-chan!" moaned my sister still in English.

She wanted us speaking a language Clint and his family could understand around them. "You want Mom to see us?" I squeaked, spurred into action. I hopped into the room and slammed the door shut behind us. My heart beat so fast. The blood pounded through my veins.

I hugged myself, shaking back and forth. My blood screamed through my arteries. My pussy juices flooded out of my cunt. This was so hot to watch. To witness. I shivered at the sight of my "brother" fucking her so hard. He pounded her with all his might. He rammed his cock into her with such force.

He reamed her bowels. He made her gasp and shiver. "Get naked, onee-chan!" my sister hissed. "Oh, yes, get naked! You're going to watch me cum! I'm so glad you got home in time to watch me cum on our big brother's dick." I shivered at that. Though Clint was clearly Western, with his tan skin and dark hair, it still made me swoon thinking he was my big brother.

He took my virginity. He was as close to a big brother as I would ever get. My hands ripped off my top, exposing my small breasts to him. He glanced at me with those hungry eyes, his face brimming with pleasure.

Pleasure from my twin sister's asshole. I unfastened my skirt and shoved it over my hips. It fell down my lithe legs as I watched them. My heart thundered in my chest. I attacked my panties next, ripping down the soaked garment and exposing my black bush to their gaze. My petite body trembled, a mirror to Kimiko's getting reamed by Clint's dick.

He stared at me. A smile grew on his lips as he fucked my sister so hard. He used her asshole with such vigor. My own kept clenching on the butt plug. I wiggled in delight, juices trickling down my thighs as I watched. "Your sister has such a tight asshole," Clint growled, staring at me. "Is yours as tight?" "Minako doesn't know," I whimpered. "Minako has been wearing a butt plug since yesterday, Clint-san." "Zoey gave it to me!" groaned Kimiko, her supple back arching.

"Oh, yes, Clint, keep fucking me! I'm going to cum!" Her loud words made me tremble. "Mother is home, you have to be careful, onee-sama." "Ooh, she would have a heart attack," moaned my sister. "It's not time. Yet.

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Tonight. Tonight we're going to have so much fun with her." "Tonight," I whimpered, my hands roaming my body. I cupped my own breasts and thumbed my nipples. The sensitive buds shot bliss down to my pussy. I grew juicier and juicier as my sister fought against her passion.

I could tell she wanted to scream out in rapture. But didn't. She held back. She warred against that passionate need to cry out with every ounce of her passion. She bucked back into the thrusts, slamming back into Clint's hard thrusts.

She took his cock with such ease. Then her face scrunched up. She let out a low, throaty moan. Her entire body quivered. My eyes widened. She came from having anal sex. Juices flooded down her thighs as she groaned through clenched teeth. "Damn, your sister's bowels are going wild, Minako," Clint grunted, burying his cock deep into my sister's asshole.

"Are you going to cum in her?" I whimpered, punching my nipples. My little nubs drank in the feel of my digits. "Yes," he growled. He rammed forward and buried to the hilt in my sister's bowels.

"Fuck!" His back arched. His cum boiled out of his dick. He spurted over and over into my sister's asshole. I swooned, my bowels so envious. I squeezed down on the butt plug wishing it was Clint's cock filling my rectum and not the plastic toy.

"Onee-chan," my sister groaned. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! This is incredible. His cum. His cum is filling me up!" "Uh-huh," I whimpered, stumbling towards her. "I bet he is. Just filling you to the brim with all his jizz." I stumbled towards the futon as Clint rammed a final time into my sister.

His back arched. He groaned then gasped for breath. His orgasm peaked so fast through him while my sister still shuddered in bliss. "Goddamn, you have a great ass, Kimiko," he groaned, ripping his cock out of her. I gasped, seeing her asshole gaping open and swimming with pearly spunk. Clint fell back on the futon while I couldn't look away from my sister's sphincter. It closed shut after a moment, but the sight made me swoon. "Mmm, onee-chan, now you have to lick my asshole clean," purred my sister.

"Get that mouth licking my asshole. Clean me all up." It was such a depraved thing that she ordered me.

It made me shiver with the enormity of it. A wave of heat washed through me, flooding out of my pussy. I pulled on both of my nipples, letting out a whimpering groan, unable to look away from her butt-cheeks. "Yes, onee-sama," I purred, my voice so throaty. I fell to my knees behind her on our firm futon. I shifted around, my hands grabbing her butt-cheeks. I pried her apart, staring at her asshole. Her sphincter was this brown rosebud that just begged to be touched.

I breathed in, smelling her tangy pussy and her sour musk. A strange, depraved hunger washed through me. I lowered my face as my hands grabbed her butt-cheeks, prying them as far apart as I could. My tongue fluttered out, sliding up her crack to caress her asshole. She whimpered, rubbing her hips as I licked such a dirty place. "Ooh, you're such a nasty slut-sister," she moaned.

"Mmm, rim my asshole. And lick out all our big brother's cum." "Yes, onee-sama." "Such an obedient sister," Clint groaned. "Just licking your twin's asshole like that. Cleaning her up. Aren't you?" "Minako is," I moaned and then licked my sister's asshole again. My tongue savored the sour flavor and the wrinkled texture. My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clenched. This was so nasty. So wrong. The incestuous thrill rippled through me as my tongue probed against her asshole, pressing on her anal ring.

Her sphincter surrendered. My tongue slipped inside her asshole. I groaned, tasting Clint's salty spunk mixed in with the sour musk. My tongue swirled around inside my twin's bowels, stimulating her, making her groan and wiggle her hips.

"Oh, yes, onee-chan, lick my asshole. Get out every drop of Clint's cum from inside of me." "Mmm, yes," Clint groaned, moving behind me. "That gets you so hot, doesn't it, slut? Your pussy is dripping wet." "Minako is such a slut," I purred then jammed my tongue deep into my sister's rectum.

I found more and more of Clint's cum, my fingers squeezing and kneading my twin's rump. I wiggled my tongue as deep as I could, eager to scoop out more and more of the sour-infused jizz. The wicked treat melted on my tongue. I whimpered as my pussy grew hotter and hotter. My asshole clenched on the butt plug. Juices ran down my thighs, flowing out of my burning cunt.

My fingers dug so hard into my twin's asscheeks as I feasted on her asshole. "Oh, wow, onee-chan, that's so good! Ooh, your tongue is reaching so deep into me!" Clint smacked my ass.

I gasped as he said, "Just an anal whore. I love it. I bet you want to be fucked up the asshole so hard." I whimpered in delight. "Yes, yes, fuck her, Clint!" hissed my twin sister.

"Fuck my little slut-sister so hard up the asshole. Make her explode like you did for me! She'll love it!" "Minako will," I moaned into my sister's sphincter. Clint grabbed my hips. His cock nuzzled at my pussy. I shivered. This dick was in my sister's asshole. It was dirty with her bowels. I shuddered as he pressed into my slutty cunt.

My hot flesh welcomed him. Pleasure rippled through me. I moaned so loudly into my twin's asshole. My mouth locked around her sphincter.

I sucked so hard on it, drawing up more of his cum. My sister gasped, her hips wiggling. I shivered as Clint's dick buried to the hilt in my twat. He didn't fuck me, just let his dick soak in me. Why? Then my eyes widened. To lube him for my asshole. "Oh, wow, Clint, you did something to the slut," groaned my twin.

Her hips wiggled. "Ooh, yes, onee-chan, keep doing that. Keep sucking on my asshole. That's making my pussy so hot." Hearing her say that word made me shiver. I was neglecting her pussy.

I moved my right hand from her butt-cheek down to her thigh. I traced the swell of where her rump met her thigh, moving inward, following that line right to her soaked bush. I probed through her silken jungle and found her dripping wet. "Onee-chan!" she squealed as I stroked her. "Oh, yes, you are such a naughty sister." "Isn't she?" Clint asked, his hands parting my butt-cheeks.

He seized the knob of my butt plug and pulled.


I gasped at the feel of it ripping out of my bowels. My sphincter spread wide, stimulating as it clung to the cone. This amazing heat washed through me. My eyes squeezed shut. I whimpered and groaned. My hips wiggled from side to side. Such heat surged through me. This amazing, billowing rapture that had my eyes squeezed shut against the bliss of it. My asshole was so empty. For the first time since yesterday, I had nothing in it. I whimpered into my twin sister's sphincter, trembling as the heat billowed through me.

My pussy clenched down on his cock, my hips wiggling, stirring him around. New delight surged through me. Then he ripped his cock out of my pussy. I whimpered as he slid it upward, nuzzling it up my taint and between my butt-cheeks. He found my asshole. I shivered, eager to be filled again. To have his thick cock reaming my bowels. "Please, please, fuck Minako's slutty asshole," I moaned. "Yes, pound my whore's rectum!" my twin hissed. "Sodomize her, Clint!" He slammed into my asshole.

My head snapped up from my sister's sphincter. I bit back a loud scream, barely remembering our mother was in the house. I couldn't be too loud. But. it was so hard. His dick spread open my asshole even wider than the butt plug and he reached so deep into me.

His cock reamed the depths of my bowels. My fingers stroking my sister's pussy jammed into her juicy depths. I whimpered, a wave of heat washing out of my cunt. Stars rippled across my vision at the intensity of the pleasure coursing through me. "Minako." I moaned, struggling to speak. "Minako. likes this. Oh, yes, Minako likes onii-sama's cock in her butthole!" "Yes, yes, yes!" my twin moaned.

"Isn't it so hot, onee-chan?" "So hot," I whimpered as Clint drew back his cock and slammed into my depths again. His balls smacked into my taint. My pussy clenched at the hot friction burning in my bowels.

I whimpered, wanting to scream out at the top of my lungs. But I couldn't. I had to fight those impulses. I needed to hold it in. So I buried my face back between my twin sister's butt-cheeks. I tongued her sour asshole. I reveled in the dirty flavor of her bowels as Clint fucked mine hard. He slammed his cock deep into my rectum over and over.

"Ooh, fuck her so hard, Clint!" my sister moaned, her pussy squeezing down on my probing fingers. Her juices flooded out of her, trickling down my wrist. "Just sodomize the little slut!" "She loves it," Clint groaned. "Damn, she clamps down hard about my dick.

And the way she squeals into your asshole. So hot!" "I know!" my twin sister moaned. "Yes, onee-chan, keep tonguing my asshole. Keep fingering my cunt! I'm going to cum again!" I whimpered in delight, my tongue plunging as deep into her bowels as I could reach.

I wiggled around, stimulating her while my own asshole reveled in Clint's thrusting dick. I squeezed down on his cock, welcoming every thrust. The velvety friction bled from my asshole to my pussy. It wanted my cunt, building my pleasure deep in my snatch. I whimpered into my twin's asshole.

I fluttered my tongue through her bowels and jammed my fingers so hard and fast into her cunt. My excitement built and built in me. I bucked back so hard into his thrusts. His heavy balls smacked over and over into me. His dick stirred me up. I rejoiced every time he rammed into me. Waves of tingling heat washed through my body, making me moan and shudder. "Oh, onee-chan!" my twin sister squealed, her pussy clamping down on my probing fingers. "Yes!" Her pussy spasmed about my digits.

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Hot cream spurted out around my fingers. I shivered, her tangy musk filling my nose. I whimpered, her asshole writhing about my probing tongue. I made my sister cum. "Onee-chan! You are an amazing slut-sister!" That was so hot. I loved servicing her. I loved giving her such passion.

My bowels clamped down hard on Clint's thrusting dick. The friction increased. The pleasure swelled through me. A heady rush shot through my body. I joined my sister in rapture.

"Fuck!" Clint groaned as my bowels spasmed about his cock. "What a slut!" He thrust so hard into my quivering asshole. My pussy convulsed.

Juices gushed out of me while pleasure inundated my mind. Such a delicious ecstasy rushed through me. I groaned on the futon, jamming my tongue as deep into my sister's rectum as I could, reveling in her sour flavor.

"Ooh, yes, yes, she is!" groaned my twin sister. "Just so wicked! Ooh, yes, yes, yes!" I shuddered through the rapture. Clint fucked me so hard. His balls smacked into my taint as he kept me cumming. Every plunge of his dick into my bowels sent new waves of rapture coursing through my body. Then, with a loud grunt, he buried into my bowels and came. My eyes widened as I felt the hot cum squirt into my convulsing sheath.

My asshole milked his dick as he grunted and groaned. I made them both cum. My body satiated them both. "Yes, yes, yes, Minako loves servicing you both!" I groaned, trying not to scream out at the top of my lungs. It was so hard. It felt so amazing. His cum filled my bowels. I could feel his jizz swimming in me. He grunted and groaned, his hands squeezing me as his orgasm surged through him. My own pleasure intensified. Waves of heat washed through my body and inundated my mind.

"Damn, you are a good anal slut, Minako," Clint grunted. I beamed in delight. My entire body buzzed. Then I gasped as he ripped his dick out of my asshole and shoved the butt plug back in me. I shuddered, his jizz trapped in me.

It felt so kinky. My bowels, aching from his hard strokes, gripped the rubbery cone. "You are an amazing fuck, slut," Clint said and gave my ass a light smack.

"Thank you, Clint-san," I moaned, my entire body shivering. "Mmm, she is," my sister purred. "The way she licked your cum out of my asshole. Ooh, that was kinky." "She fits right in with my sex slaves," Clint said. "Damn, dinner tonight is going to be amazing. We're going to show your mother such delights." I shivered, nodding my head, saying, "Minako is looking forward to it." The three of us got dressed, pulling on our clothing.

I shivered then gasped, "How are we getting Clint out of the house without okaasan seeing him?" "We'll have to make a distraction," my sister said, biting her lip. "Our mother will kill us if she found we snuck a boy into the house." "Sneaking is never the right way," Clint said. "We just have to be bold. I came over to talk about the dinner. If we act like nothing happened, your mother won't be suspicious." I glanced at my sister.

Her face twisted. She wanted to object, and yet. And yet she wanted to submit to our big brother. Just like I wanted to submit to her.

She nodded her head, surrendering to him. Clint grinned as he pulled on his light-gray t-shirt, the cotton material stretching over his muscular frame. He had such a dashing look in his dark eyes. He marched to the door and opened it. My twin and I scurried after, my asshole squeezing down on the butt plug. We marched down the stairs, Clint in the lead. Our mother heard us and stuck her head out of the kitchen.

Her eyes widened at the sight of Clint. A shiver ran through me as Clint reached the bottom of the stairs. "Well, you must be Mrs. Mihara," Clint said, giving her a smile. "My family is really looking forward to having you and the girls over for dinner tonight." "Family?" she said, giving a glance at my sister.

"Clint is Zoey's younger brother," Kimiko said. "My mom is buzzing with delight. She loves having guests over." Clint smiled. "She sent me by to ask if ham is okay for dinner. She has an amazing recipe." "Oh, well, yes," Mother said.

"But. Were you up in my daughters' room?" "Just talking," Clint said. He took our mother's hand in his. "Though I understand why you'd be worried with two pretty flowers blossoming in your house." His grin grew. "With three such pretty flowers growing here, well, I might have to find excuses to come by more often." "Oh, Clint, that's." Mother said, her eyes flashing down. Clint rubbed his thumb across the back of her hand.

"Well, until tonight, Mrs. Mihara," he said, his voice full of promise. "Enjoy your day." "Y-yes, you, too," she said. She clutched her hands to her breast as Clint pulled away and marched to our front door. As he closed the door, his eyes flicked back at us. He had such a hungry, wolfish grin on his face that sent a wave of heat through me. Our mother shivered. Her breasts rose and fell as the door closed.

She swallowed, shaking her head. "Can't wait for dinner, right, okaasan?" Kimiko asked in Japanese. Our mother just let out a squeak, like she was a young schoolgirl. Then she scurried off into the kitchen.

My twin sister turned and grinned at me. I grinned back. Tonight would be awesome. To be continued.