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Black Man Fingers White Cunt
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Futanari Pokemorph Adventure. Part one: The Adventure Begins. -Vanville Town- World renowned Rhyhorn rider Grace and her teenage daughter Leona had spent much of the last few days moving into their new home in the Kalos region. It was exhausting work but that didn't mean that Grace could let Leona sleep in till noon.

"Would you go wake that lazy child of mine up Fletchling?" Grace asked a bird Pokemorph. Sitting on top of Grace's dinning table was a creature that looked like a harpy.

It's body was that like a human female child but instead of arms she had long wings with light blue feathers.

Her legs were human like until you got to her shins when they became bird like with black talons for feet. Instead of hair her human cute face was framed with short bright orange feathers. The Pokemorph wore a black backless dress as her only clothing. As a custom captured and trained Pokemorphs wore at lest one piece of clothing while wild Pokemorphs were all but naked. Fletchling took one last dink from a glass of water she held in her left talon.

Her flexible leg easy managed to bring the glass to her lips. She then put her glass down and wiped her mouth with her feathered wing.

"Right a way." Trained Pokemorphs also leaned to speak the human language while their wild cousins could still only communicate by saying their names. Fletchling then hopped of the table and bounded up the stairs to Leona's room. Three thousand years ago a catastrophe happened and the fates of Humans and Pokemon changed forever. A great king wanted to be closer to his beloved Pokemon so a ritual was preformed that would allow this Pokemon to become human.

However this ritual, now lost to time, didn't just effect the King's Pokemon but all of them across the world changed into anthropomorphic Human Pokemon hybrids. The Pokemon who were once pure in their simply existence struggled with their semi-humanness and went mad. The world entered a new dark age until new training methods and techniques could be used to keep the newly created Pokemorphs in check.

One of the side effects of this change was that all Pokemorphs suffered from one particular human psychological affectation. Nymphomania. To keep Pokemorphs tame they required regular sexual contact from their trainer or from another tamed Pokemorph. Across millennia this lead to cross breeding and also insured that their was not a single human left in the world who didn't have some Pokemorph DNA in their ancestry.

Usually human and Pokemorph breeding produced a Pokemorph egg from the female but there were exceptions. Fletchling saw sixteen year old Leona laying in bed looking like tomboy princess. Leona was also very different from her mother. Grace's skin was tanned from a life of ridding Rydones but Leona's skin was dark like chocolate from birth.

Leona's hair was black and cut short with bangs. However it was once you got to her face that you saw the resemblance to her mother. Leona's eyes while now closed were a lovely shad of green. The sixteen year old Leona also had large firm D cup breast that in time would put her mother's big tits to shame. In this oversexed world puberty didn't so much change a boy or girl into an adult as it more or less bashed them over their heads.

Fletchling smiled as she loved playing with Leona in the mornings. A few quick flaps of her wings took her several feet off the floor and then she landed right on top of Leona's sexy sleeping form.

" Time to get up! Up! Up!" Fletchling cried her voice as clear and sharp as a bird's call. She also bounced up and down on Leona every time she said up. Leona woke up with a start at the sudden impact of the little Pokemorph and groaned. "Fletchling, go away." Fletchling straddled Leona's waist and bounced her tight round little ass up and down top of the girl.

"You missed breakfast and if you don't get up soon you'll miss lunch." "I'll eat later but right now I just want to rest!" Leona said with a huff.

"But as a growing human you need to eat well and build up your strength." Fletchling said as she kept bounce up and down on Leona. Through the sheets and Leona's pajamas Fletchling felt something start to stiffen. "Seems like I'm wakening up at lest a part of you." Leona blushed while trying to ignore both the Pokemorph and her own growing hardness. "That stupid thing gets like that every morning so don't think you have anything to do with it." Leona lied while Fletchling's ass bouncing against her was making her blood rush.

Fletchling then grabbed Leona's bed sheets in her talons and then flew into the air to pull them off the sleeping girl. Leona looked so lovely in her pastel pajamas hugging her large round tits and clinging to her shapely hips and ass as the outline of her long thick futanari cock ran down her thigh.

There were no male Pokemorphs only female and futanari genders existed. With futanari having the bodies like a woman but with male genitalia. In those rare cases of a human child being born between a human and Pokemorph coupling their was another slim chance the human child would be born as a futanari.

Leona was such a child born by her mother Grace but sired by Grace's futanari Rhyhorn. Seeing that she had no choice but to get up Leona thought she might as well have some fun. She stretched out on top of her mattress and then waved Fletchling over. "Now that I'm awake I'm feeling a little hungry. I could really go for a little taste of Fletchling right now." Fletchling chipped happily as she jumped back into Leona's bed. The teenage human pulled the child like Pokemorph into a sensual hug and lip lock.

Then with quick fingers Leona undid the straps of Fletchling's dress and peeled it off. The Pokemorph wore no undergarments over her prepubescent body. Most species of Pokemorphs tend to get more womanly as they evolved. The earliest stages of a Pokemorph's evolution tended to be child like. Leona just loved Fletchling's nipples and her tiny A cup sized tits. Her hands roved down Fletchling's back before giving her ass a playful squeeze. Fletchling broke away from the kiss and pouted as her access to Leona's body was still hindered by pajamas.

Rolling her eyes at the Fletchling's display Leona none the less reached down and pulled her pajama top off over her head giving Fletchling access to chocolate breasts and dark brown nipples.

Leona gasped suddenly as Fletchling ran her feather wings over her skin. "I know you love that." Fletchling said with smile as her feathers caressed Leona's bare breasts. "Come on, I'm getting hungry for a taste of your tight little pussy." Leona said while letting the naked Pokemorph go. Leona made herself comfortable laying down on her back while Fletchling straddled her head. The little bird Pokemorph then lowed herself on top of Leona's face so she could eat her pussy.

The two of them had done this countless times and Leon's tongue knew the valley of Fletchling's cunt well. The Pokemorph's tight slit was already dipping wet as Leona put her hands on Fletchling's hips and pulled her treat closer. Fletchling cried out with a bird song like chirp as Leona's tongue made contacted with her sex. However she wasn't going to the human have it all her way.

She started brushing her feathered wings over Leona's stomach and breasts knowing very well the spots were sensitive and ticklish. Fletchling's real prize however was still tenting Leona's pajama bottoms and threatening to snap the waistband. Fletchling leaned forward while still keeping her pussy lips lock over Leona's mouth. Using her wings she pushed the futanari's massive cock free from her pajamas. The fourteen inch futanari dick was as thick as a soda can and smacked Fletchling right in the face.

She loved it when Leona would smack that stupidly huge cock over her face before throat fucking her. Fletchling nuzzled her face, lips and short orange feathers cress against Leona's hot hard length. Leona could feel the little Pokeslut worshiping her cock and slapped Fletchling's ass roughly. "You don't get your reword until I've had mine." "Your so mean!" Fletchling protested as she started grinding herself over Leona's face.

She wanted to cum so bad so Leona would then fuck her. Fletchling didn't have to want long as she soon climaxed all over Leona's nimble tongue. Her pussy gushed like a fountain over Leona's lips and the human's tongue hungrily lapped up the flow. The chirping birdsong cries she made while cumming was music to Leona's ears. The spent Pokemorph rolled off her human lover and tried to catch her breath. Leona simply sat up and wiped her face clean with her discarded pajama top.

"Are we sure your not a water type?" Fletchling smiled mirthless. "I doubt my gushing pussy would make for much of an attack in a Pokemorph battle." "I don't know it seems to have a revitalizing effect." Leona said as she got up and step out of her pajama bottoms.

Leona shuddered as she wrapped both of her hands around her cock. Her hairless balls the size of peaches were already filling with cum. Leona then looked down at Fletchling who was spreed out on top of her bed. "Now how should I feed my little bird her well earned treat?" Leona grabbed Fletchling by her talon feet spread the Pokemorph's legs farther apart.

"Why it looks like your slutty pussy is absolutely drooling for a snack." "Yes! Please feed my pussy your big black futanari cock!" Leona lunged forward and impaled Fletchling on her dick. It seemed impossible that Fletchling's small pussy could even take Leona's huge cock but inch after inch was rammed into her wet hole.

Fletchling's stomach bugled as Leona's cock pushed deeper into her. Whatever powers made Pokemon living embodiment of nature's power had been twisted to make Pokemorphs and humans into slaves to their insatiable lust.

One night Leona had watched a human female Pokemorph breeder take a futanari Rapidash's horse cock the size of woman's arm arm up her pussy. Then after a hour and taking several full loads of cum the woman only begged that the next futanari stud take it's turn breeding with her. After a few minutes of pushing Leona manged to jam every last inch of her massive girl cock into Fletchlings tight snatch. Leona then started to pull in and out of Fletchling's sex. There was no sweet bird like songs from Fletchling this time.

Her breathing was rough and ragged as Leona used her like fuck toy. The only other sounds made were Leona's granting, the rhythmic slapping of her balls against Fletchling and the squeaking protest from the bed frame. It always amazed Leona that no matter how many times she had stretched Fletchling out like this the Pokemorph was still as tight as the first time.

However years of cock taming this her allowed Leona to be very good at fucking. If she wanted Leona could draw this out for hours until even Fletchling's nymphomaniac Pokemorph body couldn't take anymore. Still odds where that Mom needed something from Leona so it would be better to wrap this up sooner then later. Leona picked up the speed and threw all the power in her back, hips and legs into wildly fucking Fletchling.

Leona didn't even try to hold out as she felt her nuts start to tighten. "Fuck! Here it comes you little Pokewhore!" With one last hard thrust Leona buried herself hilt deep into Fletchling's pussy while the little bird Pokemorph arched her back so could take every last bit of that wonderful cock.

Fletchling cried out in the throws of her own orgasm as her stretched out pussy twitched around Leona's massive shaft. Then came the familiar feeling of Leona's cum filling her. It usually took humans with a rare genetic trait for their coupling with Pokemorph to end with reproduction.

Those men and women became Pokemorph Breeders and despite the image it was a respectable profession. Leona lacked that trait so she could fuck a Pokemorph's pussy raw all she wanted. For several long minutes Leona empty her balls into Fletchling.

The bulge in Fletchling's tummy caused by Leona's cock swelled up ever more as cum filled her. Once she was spent Leona pulled out and collapsed on top of Fletchling.

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Having just done quite a workout Leona's brown skin had acquired a sweaty sheen. Fletchling wrapped her feathered wings around Leona as the futanari's jizz poured out of her abused pussy. While a naked feathery post fucking cuddled with Fletchling was something Leona enjoyed she knew she had to get up. "No time for that." Fletchling sighed but let Leona pull away from her. The little bird Pokemorph was still sore but it was in a pleasant almost euphoric way. "Can I at least dry you off, you are all sweaty." "I can air dry my skin but this." Leona held her half hard cum covered cock.

". could use a good cleaning." Fletchling moved to sit at the end of the bed where Leona rubbed her nasty post fuck cock over Fletchling's face. Fletchling started by licking Leona's big hairless orbs clean with her nimble tongue all while savoring the taste. Once she had cleaned Leona's slick sweaty balls she warped her lips around Leona's thick cockhead.

The first few inches of Leona's cock completely filled Fletchling's mouth. Leona let Fletchling get comfortable for a moment before she grabbed the Pokemorph by her feathered head and shoved her cock down the girl's throat. Just like when she fuck Fletchling pussy the Pokemorph's throat stretched to accommodate the massive cock.

Leona's balls were soon slapping against Fletchling's chin as she face fucked the Pokemorph. It felt so good that Leona almost wanted to keep going until she cum again and fill Fletchling's throat and stomach with loads of her cum. The way her hot wet throat and gag reflex was working Leona's cock it took some willpower to pull out.

Leona pulled her spit covered cock out of her Fletchling's warm wet mouth pussy.

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Fletchling gasped for air now that her gullet wasn't stuffed with futanari cock. Leona reached down a patted her head for all the good work she did. "You've been taking tips from Mom haven't you. I'll have to take my time with you the next chance I get and fuck your throat raw." "Please continue to use me however you wish." Fletchling begged feeling nothing put oneness with Leona when they fuck no matter how rough it got.

Leona picked up Fletchling's discarded black dress and used it as a rag to wipe the Pokemorph's saliva off her cock.

Leona then tossed the rumbled dress on top of Fletchling who was now resting on Leona's bed. Then not caring one bit that she was naked Leona walked down stairs to see what her Mother wanted. -Leona's House First Floor- Grace did not look one bit like a home maker as she cleaned the kitchen.

Her brunette hair was cut shortish in a no nonsense way that still managed to be cute. She was dressed in her gray overalls with the top undue and the sleeves wrapped around her waist. She had on a dark blue undershirt that did nothing to hide the shape of her large bust. Years as a Pokemorph racer had also made Grace buff as she strong arms only hinted at the muscular abs and legs hidden under her clothing.

Grace could hear Leona bounding down the stairs and looked up to see her naked futanari daughter come into view. "Good morning Mom." "It's almost noon you know." Grace said sternly. "Good afternoon Mom." Leona replied and then vaulted over back of the living room sofa to sit down in front the TV. Grace sighed. "With all the boundless energy you'd think you get up before noon." "Come on Mom.

We finally get all unpacked from our big move to Kalos never even mind how many time zones we crossed. I just want to relax for a while after all that." "So fucking poor little Fletchling is your way of relaxing?" "I found it very relaxing." Grace rolled her eyes and then handed her daughter the letter that arrived for her in the mail. "This is for you." "We haven't been in Kalos a week and I'm already getting junk mail." Leona said then tossing the letter aside.

"That letter is from Professor Sycamore the Kalos region's Pokemorph specialist." "Yeah I could have guessed that from the name. All those Pokemorph Professors have trees for last names. It's got to be intentional right? All those people with last names that mean 'wood' like it's the world's biggest dick joke." "Could you stop trying to be cute for one moment." Grace asked getting a little cross with her daughter's attitude.

"But I'm just so fucking adorable." Leona said with a smile and she was right. That little futanari girl was just too cute. "God your so much like Rhy." Grace said exasperatedly referring to the futanari Rhyhorn that was Leona's father as she walked in front of Leona. "I got her huge cock right and your fat tits and ass right?" Grace suddenly reached down and grabbed both of Leoan's balls and tried to make a tight fist.

Her daughter's big nuts didn't allowed Grace to closer her fist around them but she still got the result she wanted. "You two are alike in that only way I can either of you to pay attention when your being suborn is to grab you by the balls." Leona tried to squirm away but Grace just pulled harder on her captured balls.

This abuse only made the teenage futanari hard again and that gave Grace even more leverage. With her free hand Grace roughly squeezed Leona's cock from base to head. Leona was helpless and could only buck her hips into her mother's hands made hard by years of riding. "Give it up kiddo. I've perfected my hand job technique on your futanari mother long before you were born." Grace said and then started to twist the fist she had wrapped around Leona's shaft.

"Now be a good girl and read the letter that the nice Professor sent." Leona opened Professor Sycamore's letter with shake hands as her mother continued to torment her cock. "The Professor want's me to be a Pokemorph trainer for him and travel around Kalos." Grace let go of her daughter's huge hard cock and balls.

"That's wonderful news. Nothing like a Pokemorph adventure to make friends and memories." "I'm not going." Leona said between panting breaths. Grace replied by giver Leona's massive futanari cock a fast hard backhand slap that made the teenage yelp.

"Do be so disagreeable." "Everyone thinks I'm a freak!" Leona yelled. Life in their old home of Unova hadn't been kind to Leona and she was bullied for being a futanari. Grace too had faced harassment for keeping her Rhyhone Pokemorph not as a pet or lover but as a wife.

"Sweetheart we moved to Kalos so we could have a fresh start and you can't waste this chance hiding away from the world. You can't live your life alone." "I'm not alone I have both my moms." Leona said getting up on the sofa and hugged her birth mother. "You need more then just us in your life baby." Grace said returning her naked daughter's embrace. Leona's hand drifted to the hem of Grace's undershirt and then started to pull. "You are incorrigible at times." Grace said as she kiss her daughter lovingly on the lips.

"To be fair your the one was encouraging me a few moments ago." Leona said as she rubbed her hard cock against her mother's clothed hips. "Sit." Grace commanded after giving Leona's soft sweet ass a smack. When she got into trainer mode not ever her rebellious futanari child could defy her. Leona sat back down on the sofa her big hard cock proudly jutting up from her lap. Grace pulled her undershirt off and then unfastened her bra.

Grace's big fat tits and hard muscular stomach were all tanned golden brown. Her life riding out in the open elements usually left her with an irregular farmer's tan. However she made trips to a nude beach to keep a more even all tan. Grace held her large round breasts as best she could as there was too much of soft flesh for her to hold.

"I just love mommy's big tits." Leona said her voice now becoming child like as she played with her cock. Grace dropped to all fours in front of Leona with her arms on either side of her daughter. "You've spent your whole life being raised by these tits of mine.

I thought you'd be bored of them by now." Grace lowered herself down to her elbows while so she could sandwich Leona's cock between her breasts. She then used her hands and arms to press her big tits together and begin to milk her daughter's cock.

Leona bucked her hips so her cock would slide up and down between the soft valley of her mother's boobs. "Mommy's titties are the best!" Like the hand job earlier Grace's titty fucking technique was honed over years of use on her Rhyhorn lover. Grace opened her mouth and started to suck her Leona's fat cock head while kneading her tits around her daughter's thick cock shift.

Grace loved it when Leona begged like spoiled child and called her 'Mommy' when they fucked. She loved milking her daughter's big black cock and drinking the cum from those heavy balls dry. She loved it when their fucking sessions went all night and her beautiful child would curl up in her motherly embrace while their nude bodies were covered in, sweat, cum and piss.

Grace let Leona's cock head pop out of her mouth and looked up at her daughter lovingly. "Your a goddess Leona and you derisive to share that body of yours with others." Leona's reply was to cum all over her mother's face and tits. Thick long ropes of white salty cum splashed all over Grace's face and breasts.

The full cum facial didn't even make Grace break rhythm as her she milked every drop of cum out with her tits. Grace's hair, face and chest were showered with her futanari daughter's thick jizz. Leona looked down at her mother's cum covered face. "Mommy always looks best covered in cum." "You got that right." The deep female voice of Rhy said coming from her and Grace's bedroom.

She then walked into the living room and saw her wife covered in their daughter's cum. At almost 7 feet tall the futanari Rhyhorn Pokemorph was almost too big for the house. She had a human body ripped with muscles with skin was dark gray in color with lighter gray stone plates on her back, shoulders, knees and elbows. Long black hair spilled out from around a horned helmet like stone plate on the top of her head.

Her face was beautiful with as an impish grin playing on her lips. Her breast were as big as Grace's but they seemed smaller on that massive frame. Between her legs hung a huge set of black balls with massive pink equine like cock sliding out of it's sheath. For lack of a better word that futanari Pokemorph was Leona's father. The only clothing that Rhy ever wore to intact that she was a tamed Pokemorph was the collar around her neck. Proud of her body and shameless in rearguard to human sensibilities she had never worn clothing once.

That may have confused Leona as Grace had to fight with her child to get her to ware anything growing up. Leona no longer ran around outside naked but she was still more then content to lie around home in the nude.

Rhy pulled Grace up by her big tits as the rough hands of the Ground and Rock type Pokemorph mauled her soft human skin. Rhy then peeled Grace out of her overalls with one strong pull leaving her naked in front of both her child and lover. "Of course I knew you looked best drenched in cum after the first time we fucked." Grace moaned as she felt her Rhyhorn's hard animal cock rub against her bare butt cheeks. Rhy thought it was only fair that with Grace riding her to victory in races that she get to ride Grace's sexy ass every once and a while.

It was an arrangement that Grace was all to happy with as she loved taking Rhy's hard Pokemorph cock up the ass. Grace bent over and spread she ass cheeks wide open for Rhy. Needing no father invitation the Rhyhorn stared pounding her big futanari horse cock into the human woman's ass.

Grace's feet left the floor as Rhy's cock plowed into her. The weight of the human woman was nothing to the Pokemorph and she held Grace in the air while pounding her fat ass. Rhy did need to grab onto some part of Grace to hold while she fucked her up the ass. She could easy have held the human by the waist but where's the fun in that.

Instead the Rhyhorn held Grace by her cum covered tits as she rammed more of herself into her lover. Leona was getting hard again watching her two mothers fuck. Rhy looked at her human futanari daughter nodded. "Grace is right however that you should go on a Pokemorph journey." Grace gasping and begging as Rhy fucked like a rag doll was the only thing she could add to the conversion at this point. "Not you too." "Don't play cute and pout with me child.

It's high time you got out into the world." "The world hates me." Leona said remembering the bulling she dealt with as a futanari in a binary gendered human world. "You would be a great Pokemorph trainer maybe even a Champion.

Your mother and I meet only because she was a Pokemorph trainer. If Grace wasn't a trainer she'd wouldn't have caught me, the she wouldn't have fallen in love with me, become a world class Pokemorph racer or given birth to you." Leona thought about it but Grace's moaning was distracting as was the sound of her futanari mother's balls slapping her birth mother's ass cheeks.

The whole beastly length of Rhy's futanari horse cock was now up her mother's ass hole.

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Grace just hung their in midair supported by Rhy's mauling her tits and the powerful cook plowed hilt deep into her. Even thought she had just cum not long ago the sight made Leona's own futanari cock painfully hard. Leona moved to rest her ass on the sofa's back while bracing herself by planting her spreed feet on the sofa seats.

Her own huge futanari cock jutted out before her proudly as she reached out and grabbed Grace's cum soaked head. "Mommy you need to be quite while Futa Mommy and I are talking." Leona told her mother as she aimed her cock toward Grace's open panting mouth.

Rhy saw this and lunged forward suddenly and Leona's cock suddenly completely jammed down Grace's throat. She also knocked the sofa back a few inches but the effect was worth it. Leona threw her head back in moaned all while holding Grace still by her cum wet hair. Grace had lots of practice at sucking off her Rhyhorn's huge futanari cock. Taking her own hung human daughter down her guilt was easy. Grace reached around and wrapped her arms around Leona's waist as her futanari lover and her futanari child spit roasted her.

Grace felt like she was floating in mid air as two massive cocks fucked her face and ass. The two big heavy sets of balls slapping her in the chin and butt made a rhythm like a newton's cradle. There was nothing in the world Grace loved more then to get double teamed by the big futanari cocks of her wife and child. Those two big dicks stretching her open in every way possible before almost drowning her in a flood of cum.

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Grace felt herself climax making her pussy twitching as she came again and again. Those multiple orgasms were enough to push Rhy and Leona to the edge and as they fuck Grace harder and faster. With one last push and thrust the futanari Pokemorph and futanari human came as one. Grace gagged and chocked at think cum flooded her bowls and stomach as together her wife and daughter emptied gallons of jizz into her.

Leona pulled her thick softening cock out of her mother's throat with a wet pop. Grace's eyes had rolled back into her skull with a vacant but satisfied look on her face as cum poured out past her lips.

Rhyhorn held Grace up against her body with her cock still plugging her lover's ass. The human woman's belly had swollen to took almost 8 mouths pregnant. A sloshing sound could be heard as she was just so full of cum.

Rhy ran a hand over Grace's belly and looked at Leona who had sat back down on the sofa. "You know for all the countless times me and Grace have fucked you are the only child we had. Yet I can still clearly remember the night I fathered you. Grace and I had just won a big regional race and as a reward she let me fuck her pussy.

Grace was younger then you are now and I was worried as that little human girl pushed herself all the way down my shaft. We didn't think about protection because it should have been impossible for her and me to have a child together." "Why are you telling me this?" Leona asked from her place on the sofa her body all sweaty after cumming again. The Rhyhorn Pokemorph lifted Grace up so she could pull her cock out of her wife.

Now without the huge cock up Grace's ass cum came spilling out of her gaping asshole. A puddle of cum quickly formed on the hardwood floor of the living room. Rhy then gently set Grace on the floor. Grace started to reach and then spew cum out from her mouth to join the puddle of cum from her ass. It would take some time for Grace to deflate after being pumped full of so much jizz. Rhy went to sit next to Leona on the sofa.

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"I was born at an awful Pokemorph breeding ranch where I never got be raised by my parents. Any siblings I had were sold off so I had no family. I was lucky to escape and even luckier that one to capture me was Grace. Your mother said we'd raise and love our child together as a family once we found out she was pregnant with you." The naked futanari Pokemorph put an arm around her naked futanari human daughter.

"As a Pokemorph the wold sees me as Grace's property. Many humans do treat their Pokemorphs terribly but I know you wouldn't do that. You have everything a great Pokemorph Trainer needs." Knowing what Leona's smart ass reply would be Rhy cut her off before should could speak.

"And no it would not be 'These' things." Rhy said foundling Leona's big tits before moving to stork her daughter's cock. "or 'This' that would make you a great trainer." Rhy then placed a finger on Leona's forehead.

"It is your sharp mind." she then moved her finger over Leona's left breast. ".and your kind heart that would make you a champion." Leona stopped to think about it. The possibility of being a Pokemorph Trainer. Rhy leaned over and kissed Leona while the girl was distracted by her thoughts.

"However you could do without that smart mouth." "Hey!" Leona protested before throw one of her legs around Rhy and sliding into her futa mother's lap while facing her.

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"I'll have you know Grace says I get my smart mouth from you." Rhy put her hands on around Leona's hips and held her there so their spent futanari dicks could rub together. Their slimy balls and semi-hard cum slicked cocks were pressed up against each other. "I think we all know what you got from me." The Rhyhorn Pokemorph said looking her dusky sexy futanari child over as both their cocks started to stiffen.

Leona started to rub her hardening cock up and down against her futa mother's cock.


The Pokemorph's horse cock was a full inch thicker and several inches longer then Leona's girl dick. Now both fully erect again the futanari daughter wrapped as much of her hands around both their cocks as she could and started rubbing them. Rhy still had her child's sweet ass in her hands and pushed the human teen up and down so their cocks could fully feel each other. It made for an obscene imagine of a two futanaris who where mother and child playing together with their big dicks.

Leona's hands had become slick from all the leftover cum on her and her mother's cocks. That only lubed up her hands so that the white knuckled grip she had on their cocks could pump up and down faster. Her futa mother's cock felt so good and hard against her own. "Mommy! I'm getting close!" Leona warned as she felt herself closer to yet another ball busting orgasm.

"Hold out a little longer baby! I want to shoot my load with my little girl at the same time! I want us both to shower in our love!" Rhy said picking up the pace. Leona bit her lip and struggled to fight the rising tide of cum coming up from her balls. She focused on anything she could, her mother's strong Pokemorph hands kneading her ass or the feeling of her own big firm tits bouncing free as the air ran across her hard nipples.

The Rhyhorn looked at her human child fighting not to cum and felt her heart fill with love and her balls about to burst with jizz. "I love you my little Miracle!" Daughter and Mother then cried out in unison as their cocks erupted. The first massive blast of cum had hit the ceiling before raining down on the pair. Rhy felt the second releases splash against her tits and stomach while the third took Leona right in the face. Rhy and Leona pulled each other into a close hug so to sandwich their gushing cocks between their bodies.

After a few minutes both of them were glazed in a sticky mess of cum. Leona let go of her mother and sat up to and looked at the mess they had made. Her Pokemorph mother's dark gray skin was slick with cum as was her own rich brown skin. "Your really are our little 'Miracle' Leona and you should share your gifts with others." Rhy told her human daughter. "I knew you would be a great Pokemorph Trainer the moment your rescued Flechling from those humans abusing it.

My little defender telling off grown men to leave the poor little Flechling alone. Believe as me a Pokemorph myself I know what separates the good trainers from the great ones and that something is heart. You can't teach heart it's something your born with or not. And you have heart to spare." Leona felt arms warp around her from behind and large cum soaked breast push into her back.

"You could make this world kneel before you if you just saw the potential that we see you." Grace said before giving her daughter's big cum drenched tits a squeeze. "Then once you've made them all kneel you can make them suck your cock." Rhy said playfully as she joined her wife and founding their spent cum soaked daughter.

Leona was now trapped between her two loving mothers with both of them being all hands with her. Still she could see the point they were making. It was time for her to set out and replaces those bad memories from her childhood with new ones. "I'll do it. I promise you both that I will become a Pokemorph Champion." Leona's two mother threw their arms around her and hugged her tightly.

The feeling of Rhy's cum soaked daughter and wife in her arms was making her cock stiffen again. For futanari like herself and Leona the could cum several times producing whole buckets of cum before being totally spent. "When are you set to leave?" Rhy asked. "Professor Sycamore's letter said there would be a meet up tomorrow in Aquacorde Town for all the new trainers.

So I have all the rest of the day to get ready." Rhy smiled and kissed her daughter passionately. "Then me and Grace have time give you a send you off you'll remember." Grace let go of Leona knowing full well what her Rhyhorn Pokemorph lover had in mind for their child.

"You wouldn't call all this memorable?" Leona said and gestured to her nude cum drenched self. Yet both Leona's and Rhy's big thick futanari cocks where coming back to life for more fun. Rhy shook her head no. "That was all just foreplay and now it's time for the real fun." The Rhyhorn lifted Leona up into the air and turned her around so they were both facing the same way. She then moved her hands to her daughter's thighs to spread Leona's legs apart.

"What are you. OH!?" Leona's question died on her lips as she felt the thick flat cock head of her futa mother press against her ass. "I've taught you all the joys of being a futanari since you were a little girl. I've shown how to give pleasure to others as you fill them with your huge futanari cock.

I've shown you how to cock tame and break Pokemorphs till they beg to be fucked by you. Now before you set out on your Pokemorph adventure I have one last thing to teach you." "What's that mommy?" Leona asked licking her lips in anticipation as her asshole puckered around the head of her mother's horse cock.

"I'm going to show you how it feels to be broken by a futanari cock!" Rhy then shoved the first three inches of her sixteen inch cock into Leona causing the human to scream. "YES! FUCK YES! THAT'S IT MOMMY! BREAK MY ASS WITH YOUR HUGE COCK!" Grace watched on fingering herself as her Pokemorph lover fucked her daughter's ass. The sight brought back memories of her pregnancy when Rhy had to use Grace's ass exclusively.

The joy she felt from that huge horse cock thrust deep into her and spiting her open was one she had became addicted too. Now it seemed that her child was feeling that same joy as Grace could see Leona's own big dick stiffen while getting fucked.

Rhy grunted as she held Leona by the thighs and pulled more of her child onto her cock. She knew the Leona had played with her asshole but never with something as long or with such girth as her dick.

Even with all the cum coating her cock as lubricant it was slow going penetrating her daughter's ass. Rhy also couldn't go to fast as she felt like she could cum already and Leona's tight ass had only taken half her length. Leona played with her tits as the Rhyhorn's big futanari dick stretched her open. Her eyes rolled back and her mouth hung open with her tongue handing out as she was getting fucked silly. Inch after wonderful inch the Pokemorph rammed more of her big dick up Leona's asshole.

Then finally Leona felt her big low hanging balls smack against her mother's own balls as she took her mother's full cock into herself. Leona's hands moved from her big tits to rub the bulge on her stretched out tummy. "Your so big mommy!" "And your so tight baby! I've wanted to fuck your little ass for so long but now I'm really doing it! I'm fucking my little futanari girl's ass and it feels so good!" Grace pretended to hurt by her lover's praise of their child's ass.

"So I guess that means you've lost interest in my 30 year old body." Rhy smiled over the top of Leona's head which was now resting in between the Pokemorph's big tits.

"I will never get tired of fucking you. However our baby girl is about to head out on a Pokemorph adventure filled with all sorts of debauchery. She's going to fuck and get fucked so much and that's why I need train her asshole for all the big thick futanari Pokemorphs out there. Our little girl is going to be able to milk a herd of Rapidash dry with everything we've taught her." The Pokemorph then started to pump her big thick cock in out of Leona's ass.

Slowly at first but then faster till the balls of both futanari mother and child were smacking against each other.

Grace couldn't take being only spectator any longer and pushed Leona down onto Rhyhorn's cock and held her there. Grace quickly climbed up on top her child so her girl's hard futanari cock pressed against the aching wetness of her pussy. "I want to give my baby girl a going away gift to. After all these years I'm going to let you use Mommy's human pussy. Would you like that baby?" Leona could only nod her head and moan as her human mother's sexy body pushed her against her Pokemorph mother's futanari body.

The feeling of being sandwich between her mothers was driving her wild. That was even before Grace slid Leona's dick into her dipping wet snatch. Grace bucked her hips as the last bit of her child's cock filed her pussy and stretched her womb.

Rhy moved her hands from Leon's thighs to Grace's hips as she pushed back. The Pokemorph racer and her Rhyhorn had a fallen into rhythm and began to move as one.

Leona kissed Grace before turning her head to the side so Rhy could kiss her. The two mothers took turns making out with their child.

Leona felt Grace's big tits press against her own while Rhy's cushioned the back of her head. It sometimes felt like she was being smothered between both her mothers' huge tits. Grace started to tear up as she rode her child's cock.


"How dose your first human pussy feel?!" "So good!" Leona said before bury her face in her mother's big bouncing breasts. "That's it baby! Suck on mommy's titties while she rides your big fat dick! Oh, Fuck! I remember how it felt giving birth you. My labor pains melting away as Rhy fucking my ass raw while I struggled to push you into this world! Rhy blowing the thickest load I'd ever seen all over me and you once I'd given birth to you!

You tasted her futanari cum before you got to even drink my breasts milk and now your coming home! Your going to cum in the womb of the woman who bore you!" Leona screamed as she came longer and harder then she had ever before. She felt her cum rush up her mother's pussy and fill her womb with thick jizz. Grace cried out while holding onto her child for dear life. Rhy roared as she nutted in Leona's tight ass and felt her human girl getting filled up with her Pokemorph cum.

The three of them climax together for several heart pounding incestuous minutes. When at last they were all spent the family of three just laid out on the living room floor. Leona and Grace cuddled on either side of Rhy and all of them contently dozing off. Leona sighed contently before falling asleep.

-The Next Day- Leona looked herself over in her bedroom mirror and debated something. She wore a white sports bar to hold back her breasts but she had yet to put on any panties. Even if she wasn't aroused right now her futanari cock and balls hung heavy and proud. Back in the Unova region she had been bullied by her peers for being a futanari. This move to Kalos was a fresh start for her and she could only make a first impression once. After biting her lip for a while and fretting Leona made a choice.

Leona activated the O-Power 'minimize' and her huge cock started to shrink. O-Powers were skills that humans could activate to help bridge the gap between themselves and the not totally human bodies of Pokemorphs. The only way Grace could take Rhyhorn's big thick horse cock was by using the O-Powers herself. In a matter of moments Leona's cock had gone from huge to tiny. She pulled on a pair of white cotton panties and examined herself in the mirror.

The cloth did the job of hiding her futanari appendage so now Leona just looked like sixteen year old girl. All be it a busty, athletic and tomboyish sixteen year old girl but still she did not look like a futanari.

Leona finished getting dressed in a green baby-doll T-shirt, light blue jeans, a pair of black high tops and a yellow official Pokemorph League baseball cap. Liking what she saw Leona gave her reflection a playful wink and then picked up her backpack off the floor. While she did have some trendy handbags this was going to be a long journey. So she had a black and gray heavy backpack. It could hold all the Poke' balls, healing items, equipment and gear a journey like this required.

Shouldering her backpack Leona checked the time on her sport wristwatch and headed downstairs. Professor Sycamore's letter had said there were two other trainers from Vanville Town who would come get Leona.

Grace gave Leona a tender goodbye hug and longing kiss. "You got your Holo Caster?" "Don't worry Mom. I promise that I'll keep in touch." Grace nodded and Leona opened the front door to take her first step on an her own Pokemorph adventure. Two new trainers greeted Leona just as she steeped outside. One was a very handsome boy about Leona's age. He was white with shoulder length black hair under a red baseball cap. He had on dark blue jeans and a blue track jacket with messenger bag was slung of his shoulders.

His smile was kind and easy going. "Hello neighbor. My name is Calem and it's It's great to finally meet you." His voice had a Kalos accent that made him sound sophisticated and poetic. Next to Calem was a girl who looked to be about thirteen. Her skin was brown but several shades lighter the Leona's own. Her long brown hair was pulled into two twin tails that looped once into buns on either side of her head.

She wore a trendy little pink short sleeved shirt with blue jean shorts that were cut really low. This girl had very petite breast so it seems she went out of her way to show of her shapely mocha legs and cute ass.

Pink sport saddles covered her feet and she cared a pink and black girl's travel bag with cute accessories hang off the straps. "I'm Shauna." the girl said with the brightest smile Leona had ever seen. So some of the other trainers going on their own journeys will be the sunny Shauna and the calm Calem. "I'm Leona. I just moved here from Unova," "We know! Your the daughter of the famous Rhyhorn racer Grace." Shauna said that bright smile never leaving her face for a moment.

Leona smiled feeling like Shauna's own was infectious and breaking down some of the nerviness she had. Calem held out a hand to Leona. "My parents are renowned Pokemorph trainers. I've been training for this moment for years. So when Professor Sycamore said their be someone new joining me and Shauna I was curious to see who it would be." Leona reached to shake Calem's hand but he instead of shaking it he held her hand in his.

Then he leaned forward and low while taking off his hat in one graceful moment. Calem then kissed the top of Leona's hand. "I'm not disappointed to see that you'll be joining us this year." Shauna's smile fluttered for a moment as she saw her childhood crush flirted with the new girl in town. Leona blushed but a cruel thought crossed the back of her mind. 'Would you still like me if you knew I was a futanari?' Even among Pokemorphs only about 8 percent where futanari.

Back in Unova it wasn't uncommon for trainers to refuse to catch or train futanari Pokemorphs. In the worst cases they would have them castrated. Leona wondered if Calem's parents were those kind of trainers. The kind who so Pokemorph's as nothing but tools. Sure he seemed kind now but boys usually were kind to Leona when they thought she was a busty girl and not a hung futanari.

"I hope we can learn much from each other." Leona said after Calem kissed her hand. Leona then turned to face Shauna. "Being so new to Kalos I'll be counting on you as well Shauna." Shauna's smile returned to full radiance.

"Come on guys Trevor and Tierno are waiting for us in Aquacorde Town. Still I can not wait to show you Lumiose City, Leona. The sights and all the shops and cafes. You'll love it." Shauna took off to the Vanville gates ahead of Leona and Calem like the bundle of energy she was. Leona did notice the flash of hot pink from Shauna's peekaboo thong riding out of her shorts as she ran. Calem ran a few steeps behind her. Leona paused and turned to the sleeping Rhyhorn in the front yard.

After their all day and into the night fucking the Pokemorph needed her rest. Laying out on her stomach in the nude so the sun could warm the slate gray stones plates on her back was how she relaxed. Leona knelt down next to her futanari mother and kissed her once on top of her head. "I'm going mother." Rhy looked up at her child not being as asleep as Leona thought. "That girl Shauna has a super cut ass." "I have notice that." "You should bring her and that handsome boy Calem over sometime.

Me and Grace would love to get to know your new friends better." Leona turned and hurried after Calem an Shauna trying to think about them too much. Oh but she would bet money that Calem was already toying with the idea of him having both her and Shauna at the same time.

However reality would disappoint him as it would not be him with two girls but him with a girl and a futanari. That scenario however sounded great to Leona. -Aquacorde Town- The town of Aquacorde was twice the size of little Vanville but it was still far from a big city. While not huge the town was scenic nestled next to a river with a stone bridge, brick work streets, a fountain square and sunlit cafes. "Leona! Over here!" the ever chipper voice of Shauna called out.

Leona saw Shauna and Calem sitting at an outdoor table with two other boys. Leona took an open seat and Shauna made the introductions. The big guy was Tierno and despite his big body he got up and busted a dance move on the spot as an introduction. He tried to give Leona a nickname right away even after just meeting her. Shauna thought that was too forward and asked Trevor what he thought Leona's nickname should be.

Trevor was a short preppy looking boy with a mop of bright copper colored hair. He seemed like the quite and studious type but was also cute in a bookish sort of way.

Leona settled on Lady Leona for a nickname and then Tierno held out a case that held three Poke Balls. Each one holding a starter Pokemorph to get her, Calem and Shauna started on their journey. Being the first evaluation stage all three of of the Pokemorph's looked about thirteen and were not any taller then Shauna.

Fennekin had large fox ears and a fox tail with light blond fur covering much of her body. Bright orange fur tuffs came out of her ears and the same color orange tipped her tail. She had nimble legs and fox like feet that looked like they were made for running while a quite intelligence shone in her bright orange eyes. Fennekin was dressed in a simple white dress. Chespin was more chipmunk like with brown fur on her arms and framed the sides of her face while tan skin covered her face, chest and legs.

short green grass like fur ran like a hood around her head and down her back to a short rodent like tail. There were several prominent green sprouts like budding leafs around her head. Her powerful legs ended with two large clawed toes and she had a scrappy tomboy like build of a body.

Her energetic brown eyes sparkled with mischief. Chespin wore green shorts and a matching tube top. Froakie was an amphibian Pokemorph with light blue colored skin that was always kept wet. A dark blue strip ran from her nose up to her forehead. Her hair was white and cut short only to about ear length. She had small white suction cups on her webbed feet and human finger tips.

Her legs were long and strong like a swimmer's would be. To complete that look she wore a dark blue one piece swimsuit that also help keep her skin moist. Weary black eyes looked around as if on the lookout for danger. Leona went first and picked Fennekin. Calem chose Froakie and Shauna took Chespin. "She's so cute!" Shauna said meeting her Pokemorph after letting Chespin out from her ball.

Chespin jumped around and returned Shauna's smile. "Yeah, my trainer also super cute!" The three starters had been raised in a Pokemorph lab and had been groomed for this. Full mastery of the human language was just one more thing that made it easier for new trainers. Leona let her Fennekin out of her Poke Ball.

The fire type fox pokemorph looked her new trainer over. "You made a very wise choice in picking me." Leona kept Fennekin out while putting the Poke Ball in the first spot of her six spot battle rotation. "I'm counting on you Fennekin." "Your leaving her out of her Poke Ball?" Calem asked. "It's not that uncommon to leave the first Pokemorph in your battle line out of their ball.

Besides this is a journey and I want to share my adventure with my new Pokemorph friend." Fennekin seemed shocked by this. Obedience was drilled into her and the other's at the lab were they grew up. No matter what her trainer was like she would obey them but here was Leona treating her like a friend. "Thank you mistress." "Call me Leona." Fennekin blushed. "Thank you Leona." Chespin smirked at Fennekin's behavior. "Wow, I've never seen the know it all fox so speechless.

You know your not so annoying when you shut the hell up." Fennekin's fur bristled and her big ears twitched. "You want to go again rodent!? My brains and type advantage will see me come out on top!" Chespin threw several quick sharp punches in the air and then started bouncing side to side.

"Anytime and anywhere fox face!" Leona put a hand on Fennekin's shoulder to calm her down. "But not here." "And not now." Shauna said to Chespin. Calem's first meeting with his Froakie was off to a rough start. The blue Pokemorph was siting on her hunches with her head bowed and hands clasped in front of her.

She would not meet her trainer's gaze. Calem brushed some of Froakie's white hair aside gently. "What's wrong partner?" "I don't want Master to regret choosing me." Froakie said softly. "Why would I regret choosing you?" Froakie slowly stood up and the bulge in her swimsuit of her futanari cock was obvious. "I'm sure master would prefer a real female Pokemorph as a partner and not one like me." Fennekin sighed and shook her head.

"All it took was one look at your handsome trainer and already your popping a boner." Leona gave Fennekin's ass a smack for that smart remark. The fox yelled at the sudden impact on her bottom. "Don't tease others. You should be above that kind of behavior." It was too late however and Froakie's sky blue cheeks colored with embarrassment at Fennekin's words. Calem remained calm and ordered Froakie to look him in the eyes.

When she did she saw her trainer's eyes light up with determination. "You and me partner are going all the way to the Kalos League Championship." Froakie nodded and clenched her fist feeling her handsome master's determination. "To the Kalos league championship." the Pokemorph echoed softly. "No, we're not asking permission here but making a declaration. All the way to the Kalos League Championship!" Calem proclaimed loudly to the sky and any pedestrians within earshot.

Froakie took a deep breath and joined Calem in yelling to the sky. "All the way to the Kalos League Championship!" Calem smiled and ruffled Froakie's hair. "I think Leona has the right idea. As my partner I can't leave you trapped in a Poke Ball this whole journey. Be proud of who you are and walk beside me with your head high." Trevor looked puzzled for a moment.

"So it doesn't bother you that she's a futanari. At some point your going to have to, well you know, have sex with her." "You should know Trevor that only about 8 percent of Pokemorphs are futanari. I take the fact that my starter is that less then one and ten shot as a sign of good luck. As for sex it doesn't bother me on bit if my Pokemorph has girl parts or boy parts between their legs." Leona gasped slightly at Calem's words and everyone turned to stare at her.

"Sorry I was just surprised. Most male trainers in Unova don't have that out look when it comes to futanari." Calem nodded as he knew what Leona meant. "There are still plenty in Kalos who hold the attitude you speak of but I'm not bigoted like that." Trevor had to look away even if he wasn't getting called out by name. Shauna felt the mood start to sour and quickly changed the topic.

"Okay! The Santalune Forest awaits and beyond that is Santalune City and the first Gym." The five new Pokemorph trainers nodded and then split up to begin their journeys. Each of them had a different goal in mind and a different reason for making this journey. There paths would cross again and again.

At times as friends and allies. And other times as rivals. Leona's Pokemorph Adventure has begun. -end- Okay that's part one please tell me what worked and what didn't. I am always thankful for any review or criticism given to me.