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Sunny leone xxx ull sex stories
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This is just all of my chapters I've written plus another one, please give feedback and in-boxing me is ok from other authors wishing to give me tips. Sincerely, OuttLaw. I woke up of a sweat, dreaming of last night were I was caught up in a shooting outside of town involving a '6er' gang member.

He has tried to rape a young women when I turned the corner. I pulled out my Glock 22 and told him to get up, instead he reached for his gun so I shot.

I had shot him in the head, then ran off not worrying about the girl or anything else. Let me describe my self, I'm Corbin "Duece" James, my nickname is Duece due to my choice of pistol, a Glock 22. I'm 6' 3", Athletic build, Black hair blue eyes. A pissed off look on my face all the time due to my life. I had up intell this point grew up in a abusive house hold were my step-dad had constantly beat my mom. He had beaten me to up till the point I had cracked his jaw a few days earlier.

I grabbed my bags and put them in my car, a black older style ford I had bought with stolen money from rims, iPods, ext. Finally realizing what had happened I finished getting up, 'shit' I told myself.

I decided I needed a shower so I rented a motel and washed my self off.

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Went back to my car and left, I went down the street and stopped at a red light. I saw the towns local Motorcycle Club ride by. When the light turned green I decided to follow them, I have nothing better to do anyways.

I finally caught up to them at the next red light. When the light turned green they turned right towards their club house. I pulled into their clubhouse when one of the member got off their bikes at the gate and confronted me. He was a white man about 6' 1" with a shaved head an tattoos all over his arms.

His 'Cut' or what you might call a vest, had several patch's all rectangle, about an inch wide and four inches long. One said ? ?Their club name "Reapers MC" Above ?the patch that stated "Sgt. At Arms" ?on the left Hand side of the upper part of the chest. On the right one bigger than the others about two inches wide and four inches wide said "RFFR" with another one with the logo of the grim Reaper saying "Fear The Reaper" on it.

He said "What the fuck do you think your doing following us?" "I don't know, just nothing to do I guess." I responded. "Well get out of here or make your self useful." "Useful?" I said. "Did you just not hear me say that stupid ass? Go into garage and help move parts before I kick your ass." the Sgt. At Arms said. "Fine." I walked over to the garage were another man about 6' 0" was facing away, this was the first time I ever got a up close look at their 'Colors' if you will.

Their colors were Black And Red The Top rocker stated REAPERS while the center patch had a picture of the grim reaper holding a m 16 with the end of a scythe on the end of it.

(if you have no idea what I'm talking about look up sons of anarchy tv show, it's alot like their patch) the off set patch smaller then the rest "MC" and the bottom rocker "CALIFORNIA" I tapped him on his shoulder, he looked back and pointed to a box of motorcycle ?exhaust. I walked over and picked it up, it weighed about 100 lbs. He said "Over there" and pointed to the other side of the garage. He had a deep voice, gray hair, gray almost black eyes. He had all the same patches off the man before him but instead of Sgt.

At Arms he had President. When I had just gotten done when I heard "What your name, kid?" the President. "Corbin, but everyone calls me Duece." I responded. "Why is that?" he asked. I slowly reached toward my crotch were my pistol was, and brought it out.

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"Oh, I see.what do you think about coming to dinner at my house tonight? Just a family kind of thing and it looks like you could use some food." he said "sure I'll be there, what time?" "8 and don't be late." "Ok sure thing." I answered. I was told to move some more parts around then go take a shower. They let me use the one in their clubhouse. As I was looking around the bar area I couldnt resist but look at all the women around. Short, tall, skinny, hourglass shaped, they had it all.

But I couldn't take my eyes off of one, she was about 5' 11" had blonde hair, blue eyes. Firm C-cup sized tits, an ass to die for and a face you could look in forever, not that I could though. I'm a horny teenager after all. I felt a push from behind and it was another member about 5' 11" bald with tattoos on the sides of his head. "You better get going before Eagle catches you looking." I looked back to her and she just laughed and looked away with a smile.

I continued to take a shower and put on a fresh set of clothes from my car. I stepped out of the shower and continued my way to the bar area, walked up to the bar-tender and asked for a dr. Pepper he looked at me, smiled then handed me one. I walked out side were the president was sitting with the blonde from earlier. He waved me over. "I'm Eagle, and this is my daughter, Natalie." I shook hands with both and said "Well I'm Duece Nice to meet you." smiled then went on.

I walked up to the Sgt. At Arms and said "I'm Duece." "I'm Knuckle" he showed me his knuckle which was not on his knuckle but farther back on his hand, "And this is Convict." he pointed towards the smaller man by him from earlier, he had some of the same patches just missing the one were Knuckle's Sgt. At Arms patch rested. Later I met Smiley, who was a tanner white man with smile faces tattooed on his arms, but he was not willing to share.

I also met Junior who was the original presidents son, he had longer blond hair about 6' 0" with an athletic build. The rest of the chapter was out of town on business. I showed up to eagles place were I met Mandy, his wife. The rest of the members there had no girls worth introducing so they came alone. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, soda, ice cream brownies, turkey and ham. A American meal of I don't say so myself, we made small talk regarding my life and my current living situation.

They told me to stay in school and they had a room open at the clubhouse, ?I told them politely thanks an I appreciate it. After dinner eagle pulled me off to the side "You own a bike?" "Not yet ive been riding most my life though." I retorted "Ok follow me." he pulled me onto his garage were he had a Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob with ape hangers and loud pipes, painted flat black.

"Its yours payed for and all, only thing I ask for is you prospect for us." "Prospect?" "Yea prospect, you spend a year minimum proving to us that your a good enough brother to let in the club, and if we decide you have earned it you become a patch holder, or a full member." "Sure thing, I like you guys." "Better not like my Daughter though." "Umm no sir I'll stay away from her." ?He looked at me hard with a look only a killer could have, and said "Ok come with me." He pulled me towards some boxes were he had prospect cuts with the bottom rocket on and on the front were his presidents patch would be it said Prospect.

"This cut is your life, you will die before you lose this. If we think you've earned it we will give you the top rocker." I slid it on and I became overwhelmed with this knew feeling, like I was apart of a family, something bigger, I felt like a giant and everyone knew who I was, I felt pride. I walked put with Eagle, back into the house, where I was met with hugs from patch holders and ol' lady's, all but Natalie.

"Prospect get me a fucking soda!" yelled Knuckle, I ran over and handed him one. "Good and one more thing we party hard, but we don't drink or do drugs, that bar is just a way of income." "Ok" I responded. I was told to retire to my room and be up early tomorrow for school and the I was to ride Natalie to school.

I went to bed with a feeling of nervousness and anticipation. Chapter 2. I woke up early, and took a shower. After that u threw on a pair of semi-baggy black denim jeans, a black tee and sweatshirt. I walked over to the closet were my Cut hung, I stared at it for about five minutes thinking of what some of the stuff I might have to do then slipped it on and zipped it up.

I then got up and exited my room. I saw Junior lying on the pool table, with a girl no older than 20. I continued outside silently were I saw Eagle, I walked up to him.

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"Hey you got the keys to your garage? My bike is in there." I said, "Ohh yea, right." he replied. He tossed me the set of keys and I made my way over to the garage. I slipped the key into the lock and swing open the door. I reached to my right and found the light switch, I flipped it on. There I saw my bike, with a Black shoulder holster for my pistol on it.

I un-zipped my cut, took it off and set it on the seat of my bike. I grabbed the holster and slipped it over my shoulders, I found two extra full magazines on the right hand side were they had buttoned pockets. On the left I put my gun into the holster, making it easily accessible for my right hand.

I slipped on my cut and pushed my bike out. "Hey you got any gas my bike needs a tank." I said, "Yea go look in that corner over there, there is a gas can." replied Convict. I walked over, picked it up and started filling up my bike. When my bike topped off I put the gas can back, and slipped back on the gas cap. I started it to let it warm up. I walked back into the clubhouse in search of food, I found some cereal, milk, spoons, and milk. I poured me a bowl and sat down and ate at the bar.

Natalie entered and walked over to me, I poured her a bowl and we sat eating. "So your giving me a ride to school huh?" she said, "Yea I guess so, it's all right if you don't want me to take you I understand." I replied. "What do you mean?" She said, "I mean, I do have a reputation for getting in trouble and all, hell I don't know how I missed it but I didn't even know we went to the same school." I said, "We'll, were in the same grade as you to, just no classes together." Natalie said, Trying hard to stifle a laugh.

"Oh, huh, now I'm feeling all stupid like." I said feeling a little bit guilty I didn't notice her before this. "Yea, lets go before were late!" she said with a a bit of a yell as she looked at the clock. "Yea ok." I said miserably. I exited the clubhouse behind Natalie, and mounted my bike. She hopped on the bike and put her arms around my waist and leaned forward putting her weight on me.

I pulled out to the road feeling her boobs vibrating on my back. She was close enough I could even feel her crotch vibrating against me. I started to get hard just thinking about it, I haven't ever had sex before, I don't know why.

I've had every opportunity in the book, but I have had a Blow Job or two. I looked to my right, then my left and pulled out. I road out to the onramp and hit the power band lurching my bike forward, doing this I was greeted by her helmet smacking into the bike of mine. But she grabbed a hold tighter as I accelerated. When I saw the off ramp I slowly decelerated hearing the loud popping of the engine slowing down.

I exited the freeway and took a right. I continued for about a mile then pulled into the school parking lot. We recived quite an amount of stares as we pulled in I stopped the bike by at the entrance of the school to let Natalie off before going to look for a parking space.

She wave bye then walked off to go join her friends. I finally came to an empty parking spot towards the back and parked my bike there. I took the keys and slipped off my helmet before continuing into the school. I was met by the campus security guard who took me to his office, and called down one of the deputy's.

The deputy that came down had came to put me into the gang database as an associate of the Reapers Motorcycle Club. After he got done I was relived and was sent back to class. I went to my locker and got my back-pack. I continued to math.

When I walked in the teacher Stared at me for about a minute examining me before saying "Mr.James please take a seat. I found my usual spot next to a girl named Megan, she looked at me curiously before returning her gaze back to the teacher.

Megan was a brunette with D-Cups firm, and okay ass and a pretty face, she had green eyes. I leaned over to her desk and whispered in her ear, "Like what you see?" She blushed 3 shades of red before responding, "Yea, meet me by the bathrooms at lunch." I returned to the teacher and found sleep overwhelming me.

I found my self to waking up at the bell and continued to lunch. I walked over to the bathrooms were Megan stood, she looked at me with a mischievous smile and entered the bathroom. I followed her, she motioned for me to lean up against the sink. I was rock hard by then, she pulled my pants down and exclaimed "OMG your huge!" I didn't think I was that big at all, I was 8 inches long and 2 thick.

She wrapped her lips around my head and swished some spit around my head. Then she took her tongue and started in circulating motions. It felt amazing, or at least intell she started gradually bringing me more of me into her warm, moist mouth. Pretty soon I was fully sheathed in her mouth, she started going back and forth playing with her nipples as she did. I finally had enough and busted in her mouth, I swear it had to be the biggest nut I've shot in my whole life, with 5 bigs spurts.

She quickly licked it up and swallowed it, and before I could even pull my pants up she left. I couldn't believe what had just happened, I just got the best BJ in my life, From the most popular girl at school!

The rest of the day seemed to fly by as I though back to what had happened that after noon. As the final bell had rung I went to my locker, put my back pack in it and took out my helmet. I walked out to my ?bike and started it up and rode to the entrance. I waited for about 5 minutes intell I started worrying about Natalie. I un-mounted my bike and went inside the school there she was pressed against the locker by one of the jock high school football players.

I walked over "What the fuck do you think your doing?" I said, "Get out of her bitch, before something worse happens to you." he responded. At this point I had enough. I hit him in the ribs cracking a few, then hit him with a right-hook right to his temple, knocking him out cold. Not even ?conscious of what I was doing I walked over put my boot against his ribs grabbed his arm, and pulled.

I must've torn everything in his shoulder because I heard it rip. I grabbed Natalie and walked out to my bike. Continuing my routine of what I did this morning and rode back to the clubhouse. As soon as I got there I line my bike up with the others and went to my room, and passed out, what a day it had been. Chapter 3. Waking up on Saturday, I got up. But a bit to quick as I was light head almost falling over. I walked over to the computer provided in my room an checked the school website.

It turned out I had a week off next week for mid-winter break. As if it was winter, never snows over here anyways. I hopped in the shower standing there for about five minutes before washing. Before leaving I finished my daily hygiene, then slipped on my usual type apparel then exited the bathroom. I walked into the main room of the clubhouse, were I found some cake. I ate some then walked outside, were it was deserted all except the usual mechanics. I found a seat outside and sat there, turning on my iPhone and started listening to music.

I heard the door open an saw that the Chapter was walking out. "Get a bag together were heading up to Washington." Eagle told me. "Ok gimme a minute." I responded. I walked over to m car and grabbed a bag I hadn't yet unpacked. I walked over to my bike and bungie corded the bag to my big. I started my bike, grabbed my helmet and sat down in my bike.

Eagle and the rest of the chapter talked for a little bit, then started their bikes and pulled up to the exit.

I followed in behind them and stopped. We stopped at a gas station down the road topping off and grabbing some snacks for the road before heading off. I hopped off my bike an entered the gas station, grabbed some gum and beef jerky. Paid for it, then exited. After I got out of the store the local Police decided to pay a visit. He harassed us for a minute about were we were going, then left.

I got on my bike again and waited for the rest of the chapter to do the same. As we were riding down I-5 north towards Washington a few more Patch-Holders pulled in, when they did I slowed down letting them get in front of me. We pulled off somewhere in southern Oregon to rest for the night.

At the 4 way intersection, when we stopped at the red light, I noticed another group of bikes going across the stopped at a red light getting ready to turn onto to I-5.

Some of the other must've seen it because the had their pistols drawn. I proceeded to do the same. The other group saw us to because they were looking and pointing at us. After the light turned green we turned to the right were our hotel was.

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The other group of bike made a U-Turn to follow. Once we reached our hotel there were several other bikes waiting outside, with member of the Oregon chapter waiting for us, guns drawn. We pulled in and pulled our guns out to waiting for the other group of bikes to come in. They pulled in slowly and stopped, we proceeded forward cautiously.

They withdrew their side arms aiming at us while we returned the favor.

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"This isn't your town, Eagle." ?said the one that looked like the president. "No but we can make it that way if you would like." Replied Eagle. The other club whispered something then hopped on their bikes and speed out of their. When they turned their backs their patch read Originals MC in orange and black. The patch holders went inside leaving me and two prospects from Oregon.

"I'm Duece." I said, "I'm Goblin, and this is Gas." one of the replied. "Why gas?" I asked. "Well you see, I have a bad case of it." replied the other one ripping ass so to say.

"I see." I said chuckling lightly. The patch-holders relived us to go to sleep. I jumped on the opportunity and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. When I woke up it was about 8 AM. ?I walked to the lobby, got some coffee and pancakes then went outside.

There were about 10 more bikes outside. There were about 4 more guys from California, ?probably another chapter in the state. The other 6 were from Oregon. We started our bikes after Eagle told us the road plan, and waited for the patch holders to get in front of us. Then we rolled out. We pulled over about 100 miles later at a rest stop over by eastern Oregon. There were a couple more patch holders and prospects from Idaho. I walked up to one of them and asked, "You know why were doing this?" "No idea they don't tell me nothing." replied the prospect from Idaho.

We proceeded to Seattle stopping for nothing but gas and lunch. When we arrived it was at the clubhouse downtown. We parked our bikes in a line apart from the Patch holders, with the rest of the prospects. When I walked in I noticed people crying, and people looking like shit. After about 5 minutes everyone was kicked out but Patch holders for a meeting.

I walked up to a cute blonde, "What happened?" she looked at me with tear-filled eyes. "A Washington Patch holder was shot to death, we think it's the Hell Riders." she replied. "Ok if you need anything I'm here." and I slipped her my number. The patch holders came about after about 20 minutes. They rounded up us prospects and had us do a grocery run, one of the guys from Washington was put in charge of the list and getting us there.

I mounted my bike and formed up on him, with Gas and Goblin behind me. We pulled out and Started riding towards the wal-mart. When we arrived we slip up looking for certain items. I was responsible for coffee. As I was walking towards the isle a good looking brunette grabbed ahold of me and pulled me towards the bathroom.


She unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, did the same for ?herself. She jumped up on me forcing me against the wall. She slid down my hardened shaft, slowly making sure she could accommodate my member, by the time she was all the way down she was soaking wet, warm and tight. She forced herself up and down and my cock, flexing her pussy muscles at the same time.

As she was doing this I was making out with her, then abruptly broke it off. I latched on to her nipple sucking and licking on it like a starving baby. My balls tightened, I felt the urge, and I release my seed into her. I almost collapsed my legs were shaking so bad. She got off and grabbed some paper towels cleaning her off, then she sucked me off. "I'm Britney." she said with a smile, then grabbed my phone and put her number into my contacts.

She pulled up her pants and pulled down her shirt. Then left, I followed her and went back to the coffee isle. I grabbed a armful of cans then ?hurriedly walked towards the Washington prospect. Put the cans in the cart, then went through the line normally. I put the cans in one of the prospects bigger bikes saddle bags, then started up and followed the rest back to the club house.

When we got back there was a hearse in the parking lot. All the bikes were started. We ran the supply's inside then got back outside and got on our bikes and continued to the funeral. When the funeral was done the other prospects and I proceeded to a hotel. ?When I arrived I was being called by a unknown number. "Hello?" I spoke into the phone. "Hey this is Kate, i was wondering if I could come talk to you, in person." she replied.

"Sure, umm I'm at the Red lion outside of Seattle, room 44B." I said. "Ok I'll be over In a bit." then she hung up. After about 15 minutes she finally showed up, wearing skinny jeans and a tank-top, her hair a mess and make-up running down her cheeks. She ran and gave me a hug, knocking me on the bed. ?She cried in my arms for about 5 minutes before whispering, "Thank you." I moaned a kind-off welcome while being aware of this growing urge in my pants.

She must've felt it to cause she maneuvered her hand down towards my crotch. She slowly un-buttoned my pants. Before I know it she had me sheathed within her. She started aggressively humping my dick, screaming while she did. I was groaning knowing I was probably gonna last longer than I did earlier.

She slide smoothly up an down my pole. Finally I felt my time approaching. I had just started to cum when she did. She was screaming while I was moaning in approval. I feel asleep with my dick in her.

Chapter 4 I woke up to Mettalica blasting from my alarm clock. The song was Don't Tread On Me. I took care of my hygiene and got dressed. I peeked out of the window of my room and saw the cops. I grabbed my Glock and put it in a vent near my dresser. I walked out into the hall and proceeding into the main room. I saw Eagle, "Cop car outside." I spoke yawning at the same time. "Ok I'll tell the others." he replied. I followed Eagle into the lot, he went over to the other members that were there and told them.

I went over to the mechanics who were working on ford truck. "Who's this?" I asked, "Knuckles." Said the grizzly looking mechanic. I walked over to the group of Patch-Holders "You guys need anything?" I asked. Before they had anytime to answer a SWAT truck rammed through the compounds gate followed by several police SUVs.

They jumped out of the back of their truck and were aiming sub-machine guns at us. "Get down! Get down! Hands behind your backs!" they were yelling, at the same time another team broke down the door of the club house and continued to throw people out of the club house into the arms of the police. They began question us.

A female officer with black hair a tan face and size 36B boobs came over. "Ok Mr.James, I'm am going to ask you questions, take into consideration that what you say may be used against any involved." she said with her light toned voice. "Good because I am not going to say nothing." I responded in a deep voice for obvious reasons of being pissed. She continued to ask me questions about our recent trip up to Washington. I just sat and looked into her tits, I guess she finally got the message and walked off.

Her hips swaying side to side as she did. They let me out of the handcuffs and left. We walked into the clubhouse surprised to see everything intact. "Church, Brothers." Eagle announced, the Patch-Holders got up and walked into the room set aside for church. I walked over to the bar and grabbed a Dr.Pepper. "Grab me one to." Natalie said walking over to me smiling. We made small talk mostly about school and our trips up to Washington.

I told her everything, but the sex. "Come on take me down to Larry's I want to get some lunch." she said in a sexy tone. I walked into my room and grabbed my Glock before leaving. She grabbed her helmet and I grabbed mine. I head out to my bike and started it.


I mounted my bike and she did the following hopping on the back. I pulled out of the lot onto the street. Larry's was only a block and a half away so I went slowly and took my time liking the feeling of her tits vibrating up against my back. When we reached the restaurant I parked my bike in front of the store. We went inside and ordered our food. I heard a rumbling and looked out the window to find a group of bikes riding down the street. I got up from my seat at the bar and looked out the window.

Hell Riders I thought to myself. I called up Eagle to let him know. "Eagle, it's Duece, the Hell Riders are in town." I spoke into the phone. I heard the phone click off to know he hung up on me. We finished our food and went back to the club house. I went inside and to the bar area for another soda. Natalie took me by my arm and led me into my room. "We got 20 minutes so let's make it quick." she said. I quickly got un-dressed and so did she.

I took a look at her quarter sized nipples. They were a light shade of pink and erect sticking about 1/4 of an inch out. I quickly latched onto one suckling on it while every once in awhile flickering it with my tongue. She positioned her self over my dick and in one swift movement engulfing the whole thing.

She screamed silently i felt a trickle of blood leak onto my stomach. Oh shit I thought to myself I just took her virginity. She hung on though rocking her hips back n forth slowly experimenting with her pussy muscles. It wasn't long till I came, and there had to be at least 7 or 8 ropes of it before I was done. My orgasms seemed to set hers off because I felt her stiffen up then totally relax falling on my body.

I flipped over so shes on the bottom then slowly extracting my member out of her shaven pussy I walked to the bathroom, wetting a wash cloth then cleaning us both. We got dressed and went into the deserted club house. I walked outside to find the members all talking to several other new faces. "Prospect get over here!" yelled Junior. I walked over to where they were standing "Hi I'm Duece" I shook both of their hands.

"Renegade." a tall bald man with a goatee and sleeves of tattoos told me. " Jumper" said a smaller Mexican guy with a bald head and DILLIGAF tattooed across his knuckles. We visited for a few minutes talking about their trip to Texas then I was told to get to bed it was going to be a long day tomorrow.

I complied and went to bed thinking about Natalie. Thankful for feedback. OuttLaw