Jewels Jade Big Tits Brunette Want It Hard And Got A Facial Cum

Jewels Jade Big Tits Brunette Want It Hard And Got A Facial Cum
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Sometimes when events in your life begin moving rapidly out of your control, you may agree to getting help; yet this may lead to unexpected events, especially when one such favor is asked for by a magician of utmost power and of a fearsome reputation. HUH! Here I am jumping ahead of the full story, wanting to start in the middle than the beginning where I should. So, let us start with two of the main figures, central to this spectacular series of sensuous events… These first two are my mother, and her friend Linda, who is a worker at the town's great library, just like mother.

Each is a contrast in their appearances. Just by looking at them, it's dead obvious… Mom maintains a healthy, lush brown tan that sets off her fully set breasts; full cheeks, buttocks many would die for, plus the luck with her two purest of hazel-brown eyes. Just the slight swaying of her hips, the confidence carried about in her stride, and sheer clothing more skin revealing than covering screams of her sexuality. More than one male of all humanoid species have lost their sight from staring at her; they become so enraptured by the sights and promised delights that thieves make short work of them.

Mother is known in the community to be a vivacious, hard drinking, hard living, risk taker who likes to live life out to the maximum possible. She makes small fortunes on trades and speculations in the towns exotic goods markets; items of arcane power made by Master mage Lu-Bu.

Linda though, looks more like a librarian should, she just is. Sadly no other words or phrasing can describe her in the appearances. She simply exists. She is slim, ghostly pale, small in breasts (almost non-existent from all appearances with the clothing she wears). Her hair is dirt-brown, an extremely bland face, arms, and legs. Even the glasses she wears are bland, idiosyncrasy of a style gone centuries ago.

Her clothing is straight neutral gray, no variations about it in any way known. It is so plain, she simply needs to stand still, and people move past her, or will stand next to her, without a clue.

Her steps are like that of a ghost, no one has claimed to hear them before. To anyone whom even bothers to acknowledge the fact of her existence, she is a mystery, enigma, and a riddle all set in one package.

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To say the least, some people find her to be unnerving, like she is a ghost, or some type of undead. Many believe the stories of her having a parent whom was of an "otherness" existence; not from this world of ours, or not even of our own reality.

Needless to say, this has caused her no end of troubles. Now, her and mother have hit it off fairly well; she may be the only one to see Linda's little apartment, needless to say it is full of books, books, and more books. Very little in the way of furniture exists, and she has a pet too. Imagine the surprise mom had at the sight of an albino ocelot!!!

Mom's home, (and mine as well), is a well built, six-room, two floored structure. Within its fair ivy covered walls, is be found all manner of goods; purchased from across the known worlds and alternate realities.

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(One of mine own favorites are a fountain with six nude dryads dancing about it; just something about the way each one is being touched by, or looked at by the others gives me a giddy delight.) Sadly, Linda draws many a joke and bad attention from the many town gossips.

These people spread the most bigoted, cruelest, meanest, and malicious of tales; taking only what may be a bit of truth, and weave it into lies and not so bits of innuendos.

One thing they always focus on, is that, almost uniquely in this town, is the fact of her having no known mate of either gender, or anyone having bedded her at any time.

Also, it is the fact to them she seems not interested in anyone at all, let alone with sexual or sensual interests!!! (One old person, a high priced courtesan, actually stated a major indignation Linda had brushed her off, despite all efforts on the courtesans' efforts to bed her. "Here I go and offer the best pussy lay in town, and the girl has the sheer gall to just ignore and snub my advances!!!" is what she said afterwards.) Most folks believe, or will lay a massive bet on, the fact that she is what is called in this town a "neutral." One whom is a "neutral" has no, or only partial sets of sex organs.

They are all looked down on with huge amounts of scorn; believed cursed in many ways, and to be perverted, bringers of bad luck, and so many other normal stereotypes. One time, this scorn led to extreme troubles; the town was under a severe dry spell, no rains for months, and was on the hunt for any scapegoats. Linda just happened to be one of them in sight… * * * * * * Linda fought with what little strength she had left against the cords about her neck. The grip held like purest wrought iron; unyielding, unbending, and just as uncaring.

Parts of her blouse, vest, undershirt and skirt lay about her on the ground, torn asunder by the hands of these cruel men bent upon her extermination. The crowd about them, watching the scene unfold, was in a frenzy of purest madness. Whipped up into bloodlust, the scent in the air was palatable, that of pure murder, hatreds, and violence seeking to be unbound.

There was the tingle among the air, such as of a promised orgy of purest fury and violence to come about. One of the men was even then in the process of pulling off of her undies; to see what really is down there, if anything is to be found. A second had both of his hands moving, squeezing the life out of the two little petite breasts; revealed by her lack of coverage. Grinning, his eyes shined with a pure, savage glee at all of the pain inflicted.

He tightened the twisting of her nipples, pulling hard for all he could; getting joy from the pain that showed upon her face. The tips of his fingernails, each one embedded with razor-sharp slivers of steel, dug into her skin, the venom on them causing enhancement to each bit of cut made. "Ah yes little girl, scream for me now. Scream all you can, and maybe I might consider letting them go.

OH, yes that is right, you cannot scream just now; a pity that, guess I just need to take some trophies home…" He beheld the final terror in Linda's eyes as his knife came out into view; the twin serrated edges gleaming along each curve and fold of its length. Knowing she was about to expire, the man cackled with a laughter known only among those whom have fought, and won the savagest of battles in the wild.

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He looked deep into her eyes, wanting to know that all she will see in her final moments of terror is his image. "Hey Davis, get a gander at what we have here…" Distracted for a moment, Davis turned his gaze downward to see what his buddy beheld. "Wonder of wonders, girl, it is indeed such a sight as…" No one knows exactly what his next words were to be, for a small complication came abruptly about. * * * * * * From a series of floating mirrors that mysterious being known only as The Viewer, watched.

Magic linked minds and bodies unto the Viewers own physical, psychic, and mental sensations. Deciding that this opportunity for some real vicarious fun and experience could not be passed up, the Viewer cast a series of lust-charm magics over the people… "OH WONDREROUS RAPTURES OF BLISS!!!" So sang the Viewer, eyes of the palest mother-of-pearl set into contentment as all was absorbed. * * * * * * Within the crowd, influenced by the scents, sounds, sights and magic of the Viewer, began to become aroused in lust and desperation level intensities of heightened desires.

(Yes that Viewer is indeed fiendish!!!) Several coupling started to form up, complete strangers to each other, mates going to other folks instead of their own partners. All sought to know the pleasures set about them, drives not known, or hinted at save in the deepest recesses of mind, body, and imaginations of the forbidden… Three men were bodily carried over the shoulders of three strong, savage women.

Each of these ladies wore, at this time, swimsuits of nearly transparent black silks; each side slit open, and held with blood-red ties waiting to tear away at the right instant.

"Hey ladies, isn't it suppose to be the other way around? I mean, the men are supposed to carry off the lady this way in all the stories I have heard." Each one of the ladies grinned with a knowing wicked smile at the others, for in each free hand a large series of feathers is held.

These smiles are each of pure white teeth, promising such as unknown save to one prey of a wolf, just before the ending. They went into the alley, and from there soon came a rain of clothing, giggles, laughter, and moans of delight caused by caresses and touches done just so… Exactly as to the full extent of these delights, use your own imagination with this fact added at one point steam came out of the alleys deepest darkness; soon followed by one of the largest explosions of electrifying ecstatic releases of pleasure to be found.

One coupling in the crowd sees a young lady on top of an shipping crate, skirts and undies long gone; legs pulled up to the sides of her head, a man pumps with all due force, speed, and ability he can put into it. Her cries, howls, and screams carry far on the winds to other parts of town. Twisting his cock about in circles, pumping hard at times, and pulling out teasing her with its tip along all areas of her vagina before ramming it home again; he ignores the pleas she gives.

Bodily he lifts her butt skyward, angling deeper into her pussy, seeking that moment of release to which he longs. "Almost there, almost there, just a little bit more now." "Stop this, please stop this," she screamed, pieces of wood digging into her neck and lower back. Hands locked into a death grip upon the sides of the crate. Tears flow down the sides of her cheeks, and mix with the sheer pleasure upon her face…cheeks flushed deepest of reds and pinks, breathe going in and out in shallow, rapidly repeating gasps and spurts.

Sweat clings to her forehead and hair while breasts hidden under her tunic and vest dance, gyrating in mystic rhythms only a woman getting fucked understands. The scent of sexual activity surmounted all sensations for the two. He kept going harder and harder, intent upon the release of his seed deep into her body. "YES!!!" he cried at the moment of climatic jubilation.

Crying drew his attention down to the lady before him, as his dick got harder and erect once again. He knew that she was going to be his again, compelled by the Viewers spell upon them all.

"Please stop this!" she pleaded, even as her hands sought out her breasts, wanting nothing more than to suck on the nipples in her own mouth. To feel that lustful, cosmic type of sensations bound within, and know what it may hold in newest of experiences. Once again he mounted into her, pressing bodily down on her chest and hips. Once again, he knew he would continue until he again was able to climax in his own sisters body.

* * * * * * The cords suddenly tore asunder, undone in a flicker of the universes time. They fell to the ground just ahead of Linda, who choked and gasped liked a bellows for the life giving air she so desperately needed in her lungs. Curled up, she shied away from some other, greater terror and tortures to be inflicted upon her.


Davis and his buddies whirled about, seeking the source of this small complication. The sight of a cowelled Mater Lu-Bu standing there brought such a chill to their bodies, their blood, and their brains, one of them died in sheer screams of terror in an instant.

Mom rushed over to aid Linda, hoping against hope she is not to late to save one of her best friends. She took off the tunic she wore, and the furred mantle that was shimmering in pure cavern darkness despite the daylight, and clad them about Linda. (Mother later recounted in her diary yes I sneaked a bit of a peak the touch of her hand on Linda's skin sent such a sensation of ecstasy over her skin, especially to her toes and fingertips, she shuddered.

It was like having soft lips move in the alphabet about each digit, all at the same time and from A unto Z, in that instant.) Another one, realizing from the look upon Lu-Bu's face his existence is at hand, reached down his pants. He set his face stern, determined to meet doom with one final time of jerking himself off. Moaning and groaning came still from about the crowds, as the lust-charm continued its effects; yet a palatable set of silence came as well.

Power, raw, unrefined, unbridled, and yet firm, final, and absolute flowed about Lu-Bu, as all sensed in some ethylic experience. Doom has come hunting this night; and the prey has been found, cornered, and trapped. Lu-Bu pointed at Davis, the dark metallic bracer upon his forearm shining in the light; and bespoke a single word of such power all staggered back several steps involuntarily.

* * * * * * The Viewer cackled in the most delectable of glee, hands slapping against anatomical portions with such force that great echoes of thunder sounded; the Viewers home shook with such force, the outer walls of the palace cracked and groaned. People in the surrounding homes and streets shuttered, in the knowledge change has once again come to the town. Inside one of the mirror images, the Viewer beheld a most interesting event.

Focus shifted momentarily upon what is beheld; extended senses linked deeply into the folks whom are continuing with lust-charm induced desires… * * * * * * The young man looked at his twin sister, both having just come to their majority.

"It's going to be okay sis." He watched as she stood by same kitchen wall he did, his fingers intertwined with hers.


The lady crouched on her knees before sis has pulled off her cut-off shorts, and was even now lowering her undies down pass her knees. In his case, Julian sensed his own penis growing with excitement mixed with trepidation.

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For with him, it was a man down there, getting ready for a bit of excitement and bliss for his newest triumph in life. The man has already wetted his fingertips with a bit of spittle, and started toying with Julian's penis. He moved a fingertip along the head, in slow, systematic circles that he continued along the top-edges, and just along the back of its head. Small, light and tingling breaths of air were blown upon it, bringing a smile to the man's face as it swelled up and out in a hue of rosy and pink colorations.

These sensations of tickles, prickles, and pleasure mixed to confuse Justin. Sensations of pleasure and revulsion, passion and purity, desire and horror warred in many parts of his brain; seeing him screwing up his face in many mixed ways. Yet still he felt bound to continue, a debt of honor in aiding his sister through this time of strangeness… (The Viewer's voice cackles across the maze of rooms and halls in the manor.

Pleasure and pain, horror and honor, all such emotions, and thousands more conveyed in an instant from hundreds of minds, bodies, and psyches. Each one is examined in luxurious detail, and cataloged away, after it is sampled, into the recesses of the Viewer's mind.) (Comment here by me No I do not want to, nor care to contemplate the working of the Viewer's mind.

I doubt it would be possible, let alone survivable for any being who may make the attempt.

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There is strange, and then levels of STRANGE!!!) The man switched one hand to playing with Julian's balls, making them dance about playfully; then crushing them in a tight, twisting grip of sheer cruelty while his teeth went home on his cock, pulling so hard as to elongate it by the force applied by itself. He tried not to scream or give any hint of discomfort, now seeing the sheer sadist of this person, who's other hand is squeezing upon each butt cheek with ferocity born from a primal era of emotion and lust burning beyond control.

Sis squeezed his hand tightly, and he knew she was now in the process of having her pussy eaten out; sounds of slurps and lip smacks were audible.

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She softly pleaded for her to stop this, while crying with fear, and moaning in the desire of heightened pleasures first discovered… Somehow, a budding psychic link came between sister and brother at this moment.

Each joining in one vision from two sets of eyes, one mind unified in one harmony while yet in two beings… His eyes settling down upon a sharp knife just in reach up on the sisters side; her understanding coming in a instant of clarity… Each being of one harmony… Each being of one mind… Each being of one plan… Each grinning wickedly at their tormentors last moments of existence… * * * * * * Linda and mother stood gasping at the sight before them; a gigantic terror from the nether regions finishing off those who had attacked Linda.

Seven arms on each side, six sets of eyes, fangs of sixteen inches length protruded down and up from a mouth at least six times in width. Malevolent, vile and sheer EVIL was flowing from this horror; waves of shadow and darkness rippled about the streets and the crowds like living snakes, serpents, and flying horrors.

"So, Master Lu-Bu," it stated in a voice mixed with purest hatred, and the torment of a million souls of the damned. "Silence!" At his command, the creature quieted, knowing this ones own power; having been defeated before so long ago. "Return to your master in the nether world, and pass this message along all debts of honor are eventually repaid, and this one will soon come due of her." A snap of the fingers, and the creature vanished.

The crowds have dissipated, for the Viewers insidious type of magic has expired; it's purpose having been fulfilled. A look from Lu-Bu sent the others away at best speed and in sheer terror mixed with uttermost awe. Both Linda and mother came over to Lu-Bu, who checked on each for any lasting harm. Linda looked downcast, for once again, others nearly came to harm because of her. "Master Lu-Bu, to you and to Thallie (my mother), I am in your debt; my life is yours to do with as each sees fit." "Thallie, you too owe me such a debt, and I require service of both of you ladies." They each flinched, wondering with trepidation at this service and the personal costs involved as well.

"You Linda, Thallie's daughter, and a new student of mine are to carry out a long-standing debt that now is due to be balanced out. Understand both of you, this will free you of any other debts to me; and it will come at a personal cost for those involved, yet it has to be done." "For in this madness of today; a greater evil is spawning, and needs to be eliminated.


Let me explain exactly what is needed to be done…" As he did, both ladies knew indeed their world has once again changed. And the costs to me, Linda, and Lu-Bu's student Rh'aan will be genuine. * * * * * * Nearby, in a near silent bedroom, clothing piled loosely on the floor is still smeared crimson with blood; the coppery tang mixing with the sweet smells of passion, harmonies the universe sings with…two bodies, dancing in perfect union, in perfect rhythm, in perfect timing, while joined as one mind.

Two figures upon the bed, one male, one female, both of a concentration focused upon the moment; that ecstatic set of time when all exists only in the here, now, and forever of climax. Brother aids sister in cumming; sister lets brother cum in her body. Tomorrow, they begin their revenge… Tomorrow, the hunt commences… Tonight, is all that matters for the moment… Fin.