Alone and horny twinkie loves jacking off until he cums hard

Alone and horny twinkie loves jacking off until he cums hard
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It happened when I was 13, me and my 25 year old friend Jose, were walking down to his trailer in the middle of the afternoon. My name is Mike, at the time I was a heavyset white boy with short brunette hair and dark brown eyes. Jose was 5'11", dark brown skin, brunette hair cut in a fade, brown eyes, and a little chubby himself. As we were walking he yelled out with quite an outburst, "fuck, I'm horny." We walked into his trailer and started to play video games in his room for about ten minutes before I said, "I could suck your dick." He looked over at me with a startled look for a moment and I looked at him and said, "I want to suck your dick." He asked, "are you serious?" "I really want to suck your dick." We were sitting at the edge of his bed and he scooted back to the other end of the bed with his back against the wall.

After he was all the way back he opened his legs, I turned around, and started to crawl up between his legs. I approached his crotch I remember him telling me one time that he didn't wear underwear. He was wearing elastic shorts and I knew that that was the only thing he was wearing so as I approached his crotch, I reached for his crotch through his shorts. As I grabbed a hold through his shorts I could feel his dick was already semi-hard. Through his shorts I grabbed hold of his cock at the base and started to jerk him off.

I could feel him getting harder in my hand and I loved the feeling of his 8" long 1 ½ thick cock.

With my hand wrapped around the base of his dick I still had the rest of his dick in his shorts to play with. At that moment, I took the rest of his dick in my mouth and started to suck him through his short. I had met Jose when I was 10, when he was my brother's friend and from that time on I knew I wanted to suck his dick.

From the time that I had met him I had practiced sucking on many things except another man's dick just to learn how to suck on his dick.


The only dick I had ever wanted to suck was his. Now that I had the opportunity, I was having fun, but I still knew that I had to be careful; if I ever wanted to do this again I would have to do real good now. So with his cock still in his shorts, with my hands wrapped around his hard base, with the rest of his dick in my mouth; I was sucking his dick as hard as I could through his shorts and as I did so he sucked in air between his teeth taken aback at my actions.

I only did this for a minute or so; then I sat up, reached for the sides of the elastic, hooked my thumbs and slowly started to pull down.

As I started to pull down he lifted his ass off the bed so that I could pull his shorts down the rest of the way. I pulled his shorts down to his ankles and then off and after that I started to crawl back up his spread legs again.

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The closer to his nutsack I got the lower I got as I approached his nuts. Once my face was right in front of his nuts, I stuck my tongue out and started licking his hairy nuts; licking the sweat that had formed on his nuts from earlier when we had working. I had licked all over his nuts; back, front, left, right, and all around. Once I had soaked his nuts in my saliva, I started to suck on his nuts; first the left one, then the right one; the whole time I was sucking I was licking some more too.

After I had sucked his nuts individually, I wrapped my lips around both nuts and sucked gently as I licked both in my mouth. Once I was done, I let go, then I licked from the back of his nutsack to the front; licking up the middle.

I licked from the front to the base of his monster and licked up the belly of his beast till I reached his uncut head. Once I was at the top I licked the head and reached for the shaft of his dick and pulled the skin back. Once I had the skin back, I licked around the ring at the bottom of his head, then I wrapped my tongue around the ring and licked that way for a little while.

Then I moved up from the ring of the head and started to lick all around his head; the whole time he was enjoying this.

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Then I wrapped my soft lips around his head and started to suck on that for a little while, the whole time still making circles with my tongue around his head. I wrapped my hand around the rest of his dick and started jerking his soft dick skin to my lips. I started to bob my head up and down his head as I started to suck, and I started to go down further; the whole time jerking the rest of his dick up to my lips.

I kept doing this until I had his whole dick buried in my mouth, then I pushed it in further until my face was buried into his hairy nuts.

While his dick was buried in my mouth and my face buried into his nuts, I took a deep breath through my nose to inhale he musky scent of his nuts. Here I was, I had waited three years of my life to suck this man's dick in which I was so obsessed and now I had his dick buried deep into my mouth; I was going to enjoy every moment of this. I started bobbing my head up and down his dick. His dick coming out until there was nothing left in my mouth but his head and then all the way down till my lips were pressed against his nuts.

After a few strokes of my mouth I started to let myself gag on his dick each time I went down and it went into my throat. Then I felt it, as my face went into his nutsack, with his dick in my throat. I felt his nuts tighten, and his dick get harder in my throat. Then he did it, just what I was wishing he would do, he did; he put his hands behind my head, holds my head in place, and starts fucking my mouth the way a crazed man would fuck a pussy.

He started wildly lifting his ass off the bed for his nuts to meet my face and shove his dick further down my throat then it had ever been, I felt like he was trying to shove his nuts into my mouth too.

He started to fuck my mouth ferociously, with wild abandon, ruthlessly, and didn't care one bit about my wellbeing; and I loved it.

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I opened my mouth to give him full access to my throat and with every upward thrust into my throat I gulped his dick to give that loud gulping sound. Then he did it, he shoved his dick forcefully and painfully down my throat; shoving my whole face into his crotch, suffocating me.

He kept me there for a good minute, shooting long streams of cum down my throat. Then he let go and as I sucked in air through my nose; I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked hard as I came up off of his dick. I came up slowly so he could empty his nuts into my mouth.

After he squirt his last nut, I sucked his dick as I came up with his dick coming out of my mouth I held his cum in my mouth. Once his soft dick was out of my mouth; I sat up, looked at him, opened my mouth to show him his cum in my mouth, closed my mouth back, swallowed, and opened my mouth again to show him I had swallowed his cum.

I looked right into his eyes and said, "I will suck your dick whenever you want me to." After that we fell asleep, me laying my head on his naked crotch. After about two hours he was horny again.

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He gently lifted my head off of his crotch and he slid out from underneath me, he stood up and gently pulled my shorts down to my knees. He went to his drawer and pulled out some lube from his drawer. I was sleeping on my stomach so this made what he wanted so much easier. He gently spread my ass cheeks and started to spread the lube onto my asshole. He squirted some into his hand again and started to rub his dick with it. He aimed his dick at my asshole and started to push the head of his dick into my asshole.

At about this time I started to wake up to the feeling of this huge pain in my asshole, and started to scream, "ow, ow, ow, ow!" He bent over me and started to whisper, "sh, sh, sh, sh." Then I realized what was going on, Jose was pushing his dick into my asshole, so I obediently got quiet even with tears rolling down my eyes.

Even with my assholes natural resistance he just proceeded to push his dick deeper and deeper into my asshole. Even with the tears rolling down my eyes and me sobbing he proceeded to push his dick down my anal canal.

When he finally had his dick completely up my ass he started to move it around a little enjoying the tight asshole that he has just concord. Then he started to slowly pump my ass with his dick softly at first. Though he wasn't doing it for my pleasure or comfort, or enjoyment; he was doing it to enjoy the feeling of my constricting asshole wrapped around his dick.


Then he started to speed up, then he started to go faster and harder up my ass. He started viciously and abusively ramming his dick into my ass, so hard that you could hear the loud clapping noise of his balls hitting my asshole.

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The clapping noise became louder and he started to fuck my ass harder with me still whimpering and my asshole still trying to push him out. Now I know that some might think that I'm being raped right now, but the truth is I never asked him to stop and I never said no except when he asked me, "Do you want me to stop?" All I could do was shake my head no. The truth is, I wanted him to do whatever he wanted to me, I just wanted him, no matter how I just wanted him.

But as he started banging me harder and faster, and with such ferocity; I actually started to enjoy it. My asshole had instinctively relaxed and I started to enjoy the feeling of his large dick opening me up so much, and the feeling of his dick massaging my asshole muscles. I started to moan, "oh, oh, oh, oh fuck Jose, fuck me, fuck my asshole, fuck I love your dick so much Jose!

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Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh shit fuck me!" He started gasping back, "Yeah, you like that shit don't you, huh? you like my dick up your ass, huh? You're my fucking bitch aren't you slut? "Yes Jose, fuck yes I'm your bitch and your slut. Fuck I would love to be your bitch." "Who's bitch are you?" "Your's Jose." "Do you like being my bitch?" "Fuck yes Jose." Then I felt it again, his dick got harder in me, but this time he pulled it out and barked, "Turn around bitch." So I turned around and he said, "Now jack me and aim for your little boy tits." So I took his dick in hand and aimed him at my chubby titties.

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I Jacked him hard and fast and with in minutes he was bursting huge loads of cum on to my little boy tits. When he was done he started whipping his dick on to my tits; cleaning off his cum, my ass juice and blood right on to my titties. When he was done he said, "Now clean your fucking self up with your tongue." So proceeded to lick his cum, my ass juice, and my blood from my titties until they were clean.

As we laid there with my head laying on his soft dick, he asked, "Did you mean that? About being my bitch?" I giggled, "Jose you just fucked me in the middle of my sleep and I loved it, of course I'm your bitch." "Hm, we'll see."