My Step Sister is Always Ready to Get Fucked

My Step Sister is Always Ready to Get Fucked
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I was living the simple life of living on campus, having a part-time job, full time student, a girlfriend that made all my friends jealous, and just feeling like one of the luckiest persons alive.

However, my girlfriend and I were on the on again off again cycle as we usual did when breaks in school were coming. She was insecure since she lived 4 states away and I lived in the same state as we went to school.


Leaving me unsupervised was always a problem. But in my eyes if I haven't cheated yet what's the big deal. Probably since we haven't had sex in 3 months would be just one of the bigger issues we had.

Having to jerk off wasn't cutting it anymore and she knew it. But as usual I stuck to jerking off because it was something about her that I couldn't let go. But moving on to some interesting pieces of the story; In my part time job (internship) I am transferred every six months to a different department of the organization so that I am well rounded in my knowledge as part of my work study program.

A couple weeks before Christmas I was transferred to the basement offices were most of the accounting took place. I was warned that the guy in charge is not too fond of people of color and my age so just roll with the punches and if anything major happens call him directly.

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In my mind it was no big deal, I dealt with racism before. I worked nights and it was HOT in the basement even though it was winter outside, I always had to dress for 2 different seasons going to my new job in the basement.

The only good thing about this job was I can wear what I wanted at nights, so thin dress pants with a polo shirt or button up it was for the most part. And did I mention I always FREEBALLED. This made my job even more fun; I loved watching my co-workers face staring at my bulge.

With my soft cock I was about five inches and wearing thin pants that left little to the imagination was all it took to take this job from boring to the best job ever. It was the week before Christmas and as usual I was working late to tie up some loose ends before I left for winter break.

And it was just me and my boss, the so called racist bastard that everyone knew and loved but actually he turned out to be a nice guy. As usual we would sit during break and while we ate he tried to convince me to love sports.

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I always had no interest in sports seeing that I never found the amusement in watching people run up and down open space very interesting. But that night he didn't say anything at all which was odd considering he ALWAYS had something to say.

So being my charming self I said "did you watch that football game last night they made all type of home runs the crowd was cheering for them to make a basket".

Amazingly he didn't even crack a smile! He just sat there looking at the food his wife made him. I was curious and kept at him at what was wrong but nothing happened until we both was sitting there quiet. He said "my feelings are hurt that I can never have what I want but always seeing it makes me want it even more".

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Confused by his words I just sat there trying to understand what in the hell was he talking about. Then he told me something that made me cough and drop all the food out my mouth and drink all the water that was in my bottle in one swift move. He said " you're going to judge me after I tell you this, but I'm bisexual and my wife knows it and I've been wanting some dick for the longest time". If you can only image how hard my mouth hit the floor and I was stunned that he just said that like it was normal conversation, I didn't even know what to say.

But after I took a sip of his water very loudly (which he always hated when I did that) I said "well if that's what makes your happy, I think that you and your wife should go on some sex websites and find someone to satisfy your needs". Scared that what I said would offend him I looked away and he turned red as can be. Then he walked away like I stuck a knife in his heart. After a few seconds I walked behind him to his office and he told me not to apologize and go back to the break room.

My heart was pounding, my legs were weak, and I couldn't even feel my legs moving after awhile.

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Once I made it back to the lunch room he had came up to the table where I was sitting and said "I just don't want any dick, I want yours and it's not like your cheating on your girlfriend since you two broke up and all it is just a blow job". I was so confused all I could do was sit there and think WHAT THE FUCK just happened. And to my amazement he said "this is why the other employees think that I'm racist because I approached them with this and they turned me down and the only way to shut them up was to give them a raise or for me to act mean to them because they called me a closet faggot and they just so happen to be black".

If you ever tried to hear something under water that's how I felt because all I was trying to do was wrap my head around the situation. Then the most shocking thing ever was he placed his hand on my DICK! I looked at him and with all the intentions in the world to tell him to stay away from me and to stop touching me. But no, I opened my mouth and said "suck my cock then". (And by the way did I mention my boss is a 6'1" tall ex model turned accountant) Confused and seemingly unaware if I was going to regret it or if this was a prank he pulled my hardening cock out and fell to his knees.

Still with the confused look I leaned back in my chair and he wasted no time taking all 9 inches of me in his mouth at once. I instantly went from confused to FUCK, don't stop please DON'T STOP. Everything inside of me tensed in pleasure like I was a virgin again. I sat there in amazement that this blow job was one of the best things that ever happened to me. He slurped and licked my cock like he was never going to have any again. Going up and down without stopping making sure he covered every piece of me with his salvia.

Then on top of that he gripped my balls and stopped to say "we can't neglect these beautiful things". He put them in his mouth one by one and all I could think was if this is what heaven felt like, I needed to be there all the time.

Not even 5 minutes into it I stopped him because I felt myself about to cum.

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He almost had a throat full of it but he didn't care because he said "why are you stopping me, you were about to cum in my mouth and that's what I want". Without saying anything else he moved my hand and continued. He went directly back to shoving all my cock into his mouth like he was born to do this. My cock stiffened to the point of no returned. With a little more up and down motion I said "I'm.

about to. wait. stop. hey. don't stop. Oh shit. here it comes. suck faster", saying that made him go even faster and my toes curled and fingers grabbing everything but nothing at all as I came in my boss's mouth.

Squirt after squirt and he didn't stop sucking, his head never stop bobbing. At least 8 squirts later I settle down and had the most satisfying orgasm came over me and all I could do was fall back in the chair and stare at him. He still had my cock in his mouth and slowly released it from between his lips. I fell deeper into satisfaction as if I hit cloud 35 in the break room at work.

Not a drop fell from mouth and all he can say was "sorry". Not really aware of what he actually said but I said "what for" in my dazed satisfied state of mind. He said "well I came all over your pants leg".

I looked down to see his dick was almost as big as mine. His cock was around 9 inches but thinner than my mine. I just shrugged when I seen the mountain of cum on my leg, he smiled and said 'there is a washing machine & dryer in the closet if you want to throw them in before you leave".

I was still in this trans of confusion and so satisfied with what just happened I couldn't even say anything. So he removed everything from my pockets and sled my shoes and pants off and said "allow me" in a sarcastic funny kind of way. Then I notice that he just took my pants and I'm sitting in the employee break room half naked seeing that I didn't have on any underwear.

I looked around and he said "relax there is no one else here but us its 10 o'clock at night" I don't know why I still wasn't able to say anything else.

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The only thing I could do was watch him because he still had his cock out and turned to me to say "are you ready for round 2" from across the room.

Without words I guess he knew I wanted him to because he came back over to where I was and sat down in front of me. He confused me by putting my legs over his shoulders which instantly made me hard and he wasted no time and kissing & licking my shaft before putting my balls in his mouth. I slightly moaned and he did something I will NEVER forget. As he was sucking my balls he took his tongue and licked the part between my balls and my hole roughly.

I trembled in pleasure and couldn't do anything about it. He looked at me with his green eyes and said "shall I continue".


I shook my head and grabbed his short dark hair as he continued down towards my hole. My whole body shook in pleasure and in fear that he was going to do something I didn't like. But his tongue felt like the finest of anything as if I reached all new heights of pleasure. And without any notice about ten minutes later I came all over his head. Squirting my hot cum up in the air and watching it fall down on his head. I was in ecstasy. He stopped and looked at my face and smiled as if he gotten me right where he wanted me.

Then he cleaned me up by licking my cock clean saying "we can't waste the good stuff" as I was still sunk in the chair and he went to the sink to wash his hair.

About 20 minutes passed and my pants were done he was getting me dressed as if I were child. As he put my wallet back in my front left pocket he said "will this be our little secret". I still wasn't able to speak because I had NEVER came like that before so all I was thinking about was what he did with his tongue.

So he slammed a book on the floor and I popped back into reality. He asked me again " this is our little secret isn't". It looked like his heart was pounding and as I finally said yes. However, I got up, put on my shoes and thought I was going to go back to my cubical however I grabbed him and kissed him. When our lips finally let go I said " you're welcome it was my pleasure". I went back to the dorm and just sat on the side of my bed thinking how glad I was for it to be Friday and I didn't have to see him tomorrow.