Curvy stepmom and teen babe threesome

Curvy stepmom and teen babe threesome
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Fbailey story number 183 The Snowball I was on my way home when I smelled radiator fluid inside my car. I knew right then that I had a leak in the heater coil, so I rolled my window down to let the strong odor escape. That's when I got hit in the side of my face with a snowball.

As I looked around I saw a young girl in a pink coat with white fur run into a house. I parked my car and walked up to the door. A very pleasant woman opened the door. Samantha was thirty years old and my age. She was way to young to have a fourteen-year-old child like Angie. As I explained what had happened Samantha called out to Angie to come downstairs.

Angie was a cute little shit but she was dressed quite strangely. Apparently she was trying to imitate her favorite singer or something but it wasn't working for her as far as I was concerned. Her mother told me that Angie had gone up to her room to change.

She also said that Angie does that every time that she gets into trouble and that she thinks her cute sexy act will get her out of it. I had to admit that seeing Angie in a skin tight red cotton skirt up to her crotch and several inches below her belly button was having its affect on me.

Her torn top was so close to showing me her nipples that I could taste them.

That's when Samantha told me that Angie was out of control and had been since her divorce. She even asked me to punish Angie instead of letting her off the hook. She said that Angie was acting just like she had at that age and that she wished that it would stop. After some more conversation I found out that Samantha had been a wild child, gotten knocked up at fifteen, and had Angie at sixteen years old.

Although Angie told her mother that she was still a virgin Samantha didn't believe it. Samantha insisted that I spank Angie to prove to her that she couldn't get away with things like she had in the past. Angie and I were dickering back and forth between ten and twenty-five spankings when her mother Samantha said, "One hundred bare bottom spanking and that's it young lady.

Now strip." Strip?

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Just so that I could spank her bare ass! I figured that I would just lift her skirt. So I sat in a kitchen chair and watched as Angie removed her clothes, what little she was wearing that is.

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Other than that torn top and that very tiny skirt she only had on a pair of thong panties. Angie started to cry right away but she walked over to me and lay down across my lap with her ass on my right side. I am right handed so that worked out perfectly for me. Just before she lay down I got to look at her nice young tits with her hard little nipples and her sparse downy covered pussy.

Then as I looked down I saw just how sweet her young ass was too. Angie was a spectacular young woman. She had the potential to become even better looking than her mother, when she grew up. I placed my left hand on her lower back to hold onto her. I could feel the warmth of her bare skin and the baby smoothness.

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Before I administered my first blow I ran my hand over her smooth bottom. I really wanted to lean down and kiss it but Samantha was standing guard so I didn't.

I raised my hand up in the air, took a deep breath, and let it come down much harder than I had anticipated that it would. The sound that it made hitting her flesh was like a sound you might hear at a boxing exhibition. Then moments later it was followed by Angie screaming out in pain and Samantha cheering me on. I hated to do harm to this sweet little naked girl on my lap but I really wanted to please Samantha.

Actually I wanted Samantha naked and on my lap but facing me with my cock up her pussy as we fucked. Anyway I followed that first spank with another and another until Angie's ass was a nice shade of red. However I had only gotten to twenty-five and had a whole lot more to go. Angie settled down to just sobbing, sniffling, and bouncing with every stroke.

She got very limp and her body relaxed as she could no longer kept her muscles tight. Her arms were hanging to the floor, her bare breasts were to the outside of my left leg, and her legs had started to open up so that I could see the back of her pussy. I let my hand slide down her ass a little bit with each hit so that I could just rub her pussy lips with my little finger.

I was hoping that Samantha wouldn't notice what I was doing. I was also trying to drill a hole in her daughter's belly with my cock but I knew that she couldn't see that, not yet anyway. Once I got to ninety stokes Angie was numb to the pain that I was inflecting so I started hitting her even harder making my hand sore.


Samantha shouted out "one hundred" as I applied the last stroke. I was sure glad when it was over because I didn't know if I had one more hit in me or not. I helped Angie up to her feet. Her ass was beet red, her titties were jiggling constantly as she sniffled, and there was a steady stream of tears flowing down her face. Angie just stood there facing me without any attempt to cover her nakedness. Samantha saw the tent that had formed in my pants and told Angie to take care of it for me.

What! That's right she had caused it so she had to fix it. That was the rules that Samantha had grown up with and so should Angie. So I watched as Angie undid my pants, fished my hard cock out, and slipped her moist little mouth over the head of it. While Angie sucked on my cock Samantha told me that when she was Angie's age that her father would give her a hundred spanks while she was completely naked right in front of her mother and her three brothers too.

She said that it happed every Friday evening after dinner because her father had remembered something that she had done that week that she needed to be punished for.


Of course he would get a hard-on and she would be required to fix it with a blowjob. Her three brothers watched her suck their father's cock often enough where they wanted her to suck theirs too. Soon sucking their cocks wasn't good enough anymore so they started fucking her, making her suck their friend's cocks, and then letting their friends fuck her too. Samantha's childhood was one of total sexual abuse with both of her parent's blessings. I suggested that if her childhood was so bad that she shouldn't treat Angie the same way then.

Just then I cum in Angie's mouth and she sucked and swallowed like it hadn't been her first time to do so. Samantha said that she didn't know any other way to bring up her child. Then Samantha started to cry. She knelt down on the floor next to her daughter and started to suck on my limp cock. I just reached down and cupped one of her breasts in my hand as she sucked my cock. I reached inside her blouse to cup her bare tittie flesh and to thumb her nipple.

Angie sat back on her legs and just watched as her mother sucked my cock back to full erection. I was just staring at Angie's sweet little naked body and letting my cock grow in her mother's mouth.

Soon I was fucking Samantha's lips but that wasn't what I wanted to fuck at all so I gentle pushed Samantha back onto the floor. I reached in between her legs up, under her skirt and pulled her panties to one side. I slipped my cock into her moist hole and settled in for the fuck of my life. Samantha's head was right in front of her daughter's knees so I was staring right at Angie's youthful pussy as I fucked her mother. Then Angie started parting her knees for me and my view became better and better.

As I was thrusting into Samantha she was cooing softly. Apparently it had been a while since she was last fucked. It had been a while for me too but Angie's blowjob took the edge off for me.

I hadn't participated in a fully dressed fuck since I was a teenager in the back seat of my father's car. As I started to build up my tempo Angie slipped a finger down into her moist slit and started to masturbate right in front of me. I was in a dream world where anything could happen. Just a few minutes ago I had been hit in the face with a snowball, spanked a lovely naked fourteen-year-old girl, received a blowjob, and was now fucking her mother as I watched her masturbate.

Wow! The three of us built up our pace, our excitement, and climaxed together in unison. I grunted as I thrust into Samantha vigorously.

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She was panting as her orgasm was building and then exploded. Angie was wiggling that finger on her clit like there was no tomorrow as she moaned out her pleasure. I didn't want to remove my cock so I just stayed right there until we had all calmed down. Samantha's panties were holding my shriveling cock prisoner in her pussy and I liked it, however her panties had also rubbed a sore spot on my cock too that I would feel for a few days afterwards.

With my cock still in her I asked Samantha if she had a boyfriend and she said no. I asked her if she would like to go out on a date with me and she said yes. Since I was on a roll I decided to ask her if I could take a shower with her and make love to her again but in a bed this time, again she said yes. Angie asked if she could join us. Before her mother could answer I said that I would like that very much.

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Samantha kissed me and said that I hadn't needed to speak up so quickly and that she was going to say yes to her daughter's request anyway. What would be the difference, she was sitting there completely naked and had watched us make love already anyway.

There was no doubt that Angie had seen her mother naked either. Plus she had already sucked on my cock. Obviously all that was required was for me to fuck Angie. Now there was a pleasant thought. So carefully I removed my cock from the leg opening of Samantha's panties and helped her to her feet. I didn't bother to tuck my cock back in for the walk to the bathroom. As Samantha stood up I kissed her and thanked her for the sex. Angie grabbed my cock and looked at it then she told her mother that it was raw on one side.

Samantha looked at it and the two of them realized that her panties had done a real number on it. Angie slipped her mouth back over it and asked me if it felt better. Of course it felt better. Any time I could slip my cock into a nice warm wet mouth it was always a good feeling.

The two girls walked me up to the bathroom where I watched Samantha undress. She had sucked my cock, let me hold her breast and even fuck her, but I hadn't seen her naked yet. It was a real treat to see Samantha naked that's for sure. Her body was by far the best that I had ever seen on a woman. Her B-cup breasts were firm and had hardly any sign of droop, her tummy was flat and taunt, and her ass was absolutely perfect.

Even her pussy looked spectacular. It was mostly covered with pubic hair except that it was cut short and the edges had been shaved. Her nipples were dark and hard and they poked out nicely from her dark areolas. Her belly button was pierced too. Then it was my turn to undress as both naked girls watched me. It was fine because all I had to offer was my cock, which they had both seen already, and my ass, which wasn't so bad either.

Then the three of us stood in the bathtub, pulled the shower curtain closed, and then adjusted the water temperature. Angie had already decided that she and her mother were going to wash me and that I was going to wash the both of them. I liked that idea a lot. So I stood there as Angie started washing my tender cock. She did it so tenderly and lovingly that it didn't hurt at all. Samantha soaped up be ass and rubbed it with her hand. As she did she made sure to smile at me just before she poked a slender finger into my asshole.

When she saw the look of surprise on my face she said that I could do it to them if I wanted too. Them! Okay! Angie washed my balls and cock very well then had me turn around.

As she washed my ass Samantha washed my cock and balls again. When I felt Angie's small finger go up into my asshole I just smiled knowing that my fingers were a lot bigger and that I was unquestionably going to get even with them. When they were done washing me it was my turn so I started washing their tits then their bellies and worked my way to their pussies.

I enjoyed having a pussy in each hand. They were soapy and slick as I probed them and tickled their clits. I got two fingers up into Angie and almost three into her mother. I had them turn around so that I could wash their backs and their asses. I teased their anal opening and watched as they tensed up. Then I slipped a soapy middle finger from each hand up into their rectums.

I waited for them to adjust to the intrusion and then one at a time I inserted my other fingers and finally my thumbs. Both girls seemed to enjoy my anal probing as much as they had my vaginal probing. I slipped my middle fingers back into their pussies and touched it to the thumb in their ass to make a 'six-pack.' Soon I was totally hard again and decided that it was time to take them to bed.

We dried off quickly and went into Samantha's bedroom.

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She only had a double bed so it was going to be a little cramped with the three of us in it but that was okay with me. I expected Angie to take a position where she could observe me fucking her mother but instead she assumed the same position as Samantha did, on her back, with her knees up, and her legs opened up for me as Samantha had done down in the living room. I got between Samantha's legs and slipped my cock ever so gently into her moist pussy. It felt so good that I just wanted to soak it in there until it healed.

When Angie asked me when it would be her turn. Samantha kissed me and said that it was all right. So I slipped my cock out of Samantha and into her daughter. Angie was considerably tighter and my cock was not quite as comfortable but I had never in my life had it inside a fourteen-year-old girl before, not even when I was fourteen. Samantha had felt very good downstairs with her panties holding me tightly but with Angie her pussy was doing the job all by itself and her legs were fully parted too.

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There was no slop in this girl. That's right, there was no slop. Could Angie be a virgin? Her mother hadn't thought so but I sure did. So I asked her and sure enough Angie confirmed that she had been a virgin. I had two virgins before in my life but each time we were both too young to understand and enjoy it. This time was different though and I fully realized just how precious her virginity was and that she had just given it to me.

It was a gift that I would forever cherish. I told Samantha that I just had to cum in her daughter after such a gift and she understood. Besides I had cum in her already downstairs, so why not. I settled into a nice steady pace and just watched Angie's face and eyes. She smiled up at me, she closed her eyes, and she started to pant nicely.

Then all of a sudden her eyes flew open, her mouth flew open, and a silent scream started to emerge from her throat as the most amazing orgasm came over her. I watched as her whole body vibrated and her fingernails dug into my shoulders. I listened as the air rushed out of her and then finally Angie took in a big gulp of air and shouted out, "Oh God that was simply incredible.

Do it again, please." So I kept stroking this little nymph until once again she was most of the way through her second orgasm then I joined her. I thrust into her with a new desire. I wanted to cum too.

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So as Angie was vibrating and digging her fingernails into me again I was pumping her full of cum. When it was all over Angie said, "Oh God he is good. Can we keep him? Please mom." Samantha replied, "Well he's not a puppy. Maybe he has some other place that he wants to be." Angie said, "I'll bathe him and keep him sexually satisfied. Can I keep him mom, can I?

Please!" I was not too awfully pleased to be talked about as if I weren't even there and especially as if I was a dog but I liked these two girls.

I liked them a lot and I did not have any other place that wished to be. So I said, "Okay I'll stay if you promise to bathe me, keep me sexually satisfied, and you also have to feed and water me too." Angie hugged me and kissed me and then said, "Oh thank you." Samantha hugged me and kissed and said, "Oh thank you." I just patted both of their pussies and said, "Oh no, thank you." The End The Snowball 183