Mom sleeping son friends big boobs xxx story

Mom sleeping son friends big boobs xxx story
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Writers Block&hellip. So here's my dilemma I like to write and write until I finish the idea I just get fumbled when it comes to details in the story I came up with the plot, middle and ending just getting from the beginning to the end with the story gets to me. I'm trying to include better grammar, punctuations and character descriptions but I also like to avoid this option if I can.

So you may see stories without descriptions but if you've seen the cartoon, movie or picture clip I'm sure you all have an imagination and can cope without it. If you're not into reading stories that have not been edited for your viewing pleasure I'd advise you to press the back button asap you will not see anything off the wall but you will read stories that are interesting and new I'm into capturing your attention from the beginning I try to perfect my writing style each time by any means necessary format, language and usability.

You have been warned… I welcome any comments if you have a better idea for the story or where it should go I'll consider it. If you put your name by it I'll give you the props for the idea. So read on… and please comment which story you'd like to read about more&hellip. *on purpose I left out a lot* 1. Naurto's new jutsu!

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Naurto, Kakashi, Neji, Konohamaru, Choji, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Sakura, Tsunade, Shizune, Hyuga Clan, Ten, Ten. Learning a new Jutsu can lead to trouble. Naurto is older coming back to the Leaf village he meets up with his young pupil Konohamaru looking at a hole in the wall. Naurto gets mad at him by accident Naurto is implicated in the action and The Hyuga Clan teaches Naurto a new Jutsu.

Shikamaru and Rock Lee come to Sakura's recue. Tsunade cares for Naurto.


Neji and Naurto get into a fight for the Honor of his Clan. (still developing the story ) 2.


Stranger Danger… Naurto, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Asuma, Hinata, Shizune, Ten, Ten, Lady Tsunade. Kakashi was walking through the village reading his book when he caught a glimpse in the window above since Kakashi was part of the famous Anbu black ops using his skills to sneak up to Naurto's bedroom window he saw Hinata being taken advantage by force before intervening he watched the show.

Kakashi snuck into the bedroom later to fiddle with Hinata as she slept.

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Naurto leaves for training Kakashi happens to stop over one thing leads to another and Kakashi cannot help himself. Asuma comes over for a quick bite when Naurto comes home. 3. Video Phone Intrusion… George, Judy, Jane George tired to call his wife instead got in contact with his daughter while she was in the shower.

From a voyeurs point of view a fathers mind is tormented with thoughts of his daughter in this way.

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An accident leads to forced entry with suspenseful interactions. 4. Corrupt Cops… Detectives: Jordan, P Jack, Thomas, aka (Big T) Justin Officer: Grace Kelly (Female intake Officer) Jordan had responded to a call on the scene during his investigation he ran across a woman named Tammi he grabbed her info as to being a potential witness in the crime ( a robbery ) during the investigation Detective Jordan found out Tammi was (describe) Jordan confided in his partner that he was interested in Tammi but knew it would back lash on the station as soon as it was finished.

Thomas laughed it off not really being too worried Detective Jordan the next day went out to collect more information from Tammi she was under the impression she was just a witness Officer Kelly walked her into the room still handcuffed leaned her against the wall and explained for her safety she will have to search her Tammi turned her head to look behind her and the Officer forcibly turned her head back to the wall to face front.


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Do you see what I see? Jen, Karen and Erin, Jake Karen was caught by her brother Jake when he came home from school. Jake does not understand why he has to watch every time as he grows an interest for the show he grows a new type of connection with his older sister. Why did he fake being asleep that night and why is he turned on by his sister maybe it had to do with peoples fetishes. Either way Jake could not believe how his life has changed so drastically in one year.

6. Revenge is a 2-way street I caught my papi one night when I came home from school he seemed enthralled to keep his full attention on the screen instead of caring that I was behind his shoulder reading a pretty if-Y story. I asked him what was he reading? As soon as he felt me standing behind him he got really nervous all of sudden like I found him doing things in secret and I discovered the secret.

He's forty two, a grown man didn't think it was a big deal but he sure did. My papi's a proud kind of guy he's like a Good Fella.


Someone you can count on but instead of growing up in the old country he grew up on the north side of Chicago it can be ruthless here too but my papi can handle himself on the streets.

Ever since he was young he has been getting into fights and running with the homies from around the block. As you can tell were not the prim and proper family like leave it to beaver instead were a true family and we don't rely on 5-0 to handle our dirty laundry, which brings me to my point of this story. Papi clicked the red close box on the screen closing the screen. My papi started acting strange when he knew I was watching the screen I've never really wrote one these stories just read them from time to time but my rooka did me wrong this one night and my way of life is don't shed a tear roll with the punches well my girl took me for a spin around the Mary-go-around of life when she did me wrong this one night.

7. ARKHAM JOKER CITY Batman and Joker get into a fight in the end the Batman is pinned down as the joker is about to kill Batman Rash Al goul's daughter Telia tries to save Batman's life in exchange for immortality for the Joker. Later the joker follows Rash's daughter but being the Joker he caught her off guard too take her sexually Batman tries to come to the rescue when The Joker holds a dagger to her throat the Batman must stand their watching The Joker sexually defile his true love.

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8. I raped my neighbor I moved into the apartment complex when I saw her she made me want to get to know her better unfortunately for me she was married and with child but that wasn't going to stop me as I had to get in her pants and the only way I could think of doing that was to find something to change her mind. It may take me a few months but I'm sure it will be worth it… care to find out how I raped her? 9. And bring your wife&hellip. They keep her in the room drinking having a good time until she wants to leave to the benefit party she was invited too.

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Husband tries to get her out of the room… friend's intimate husband to stay longer as they get her to drink more. They talk to her and start sitting next to her on the bed she giggles as one guy places his hand on her knee but she looks at her husband who tries to say something when another guy catches his attention.

Getting her to play a little she starts to feel the effect of the drink taking over the boss moves one of his friends away and sits next to her opening her right leg he digs his big hand underneath her dress touching her pussy.

She starts to object and the other guy on her left pulls her head in his direction and kisses her quiet as the boss humps his fingers in her pussy as she tries to pull his hand out… Another guy walks up to her above her and pulls her breast out of her dress to pinch it… later the boss sucks on it… she watches her husband being pushed out of the room as she's getting fucked … 10.

Detective Bart on the case… Bart watches the internet as he's looking at a few video clips he sees something in the background with his neighborhood Springfield playing through a window. Trying to recognize who it is posting the video's Bart has to investigate the video further… Okay so these are just previews so as soon as I get your response in the comments section I'll start working on your favorite one please tell me why you like this story.

Thank you…