BFF fuck at spring break

BFF fuck at spring break
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Monday morning soon came around and Fiona was again off to work and too face her tormenter Steve, or should that now be her tormenters as Neal was now involved.

Anyway off she went to work with her files and handbag containing her secret sex journal off all the incidents that is forced upon her by Steve and now Neal. She returned home at seven pm and handed me the journal as she stripped.

I smiled as again she'd been sent home minus the sexy underwear that she'd left in; she was going to have to use some of that monster salary to by new underwear sets if Steve carried on confiscating them.


I settled down to read her next instalment as she went off to make my dinner; naked of course. 'I was caught totally off guard as soon as I entered my office as I found Gerald and Trevor waiting for me. I was instantly worried and nervous as I remembered how Friday had ended.' "Yes guys what can I do for you this early on a Monday morning.

I've got a lot to get on with you know so we'll have to be quick" "Well we just wanted to make sure you were ok really Fiona. You've been doing some very strange things just lately and we just wondered if you were ok?" "Yes.yes I'm fine thanks Gerald just a little stressed with the job you know.

Now is that all?" "Actually no Fiona there is one more thing. Stay away from Lomax he's a bully and a bastard" "Ok.thanks for the advice" "We saw on camera what he made you do in the car park Fiona, now it won't go any further but we advise you to steer clear of Lomax ok" "Oh that, it was a bet a very silly one at that and I deeply regret it. Please don't say anything guys and I'll be sure to heed your advice regarding Steve Lomax for the future" 'They left leaving me feeling terrible.

They knew something was going on and not only that they'd saw me on camera removing my blouse for him. I had to mention this to Steve and try to get him to stop with the silly games he liked to play. I wasn't sure he'd listen though but I called him anyway to voice my concerns and tell him that Gerald and Trevor were onto him' "I'm fucking busy all day whore so be at my office for five fifteen and we'll have a chat" She'd wrote in her journal that she worked all day long and got loads of work done and even held a couple of meetings with the directors who seemed to of forgotten about her slightly embarrassing moments a few weeks ago.

She got to Steve's office at five fifteen as requested and found Steve alone. From reading the next paragraph I got the gist that the meeting or discussion was very one sided and wasn't what Fiona had hoped for. 'Steve was scowling at me from behind the desk and I felt uneasy and began to wonder whether ringing him had been a good idea' "Now you listen to me Fiona; whilst I have hundreds of images of you acting like a fucking whore you will continue to do as your fucking told do you understand" ' I replied yes as I always did to him know, from pissing him off I'd already been shown that he meant business by telling Neal about the situation I was in.

Again I thought ringing him wasn't such a good idea' "So if you think grassing me up to them two old bastards in the security will get you out of your little problem then think again, all grassing me up does is piss me off Fiona and for that your situation will worsen again" 'I tried to explain that I wasn't grassing him up but he was having none of it and cut me off dead' "Take your fucking clothes off now.Every piece except your shoes" 'I was naked except for my high heels that I'd chosen to wear with my just below the knee skirt.

I was then told to bend over the desk towards Steve my arse pointing towards the door. I couldn't help the excited feeling I was getting again as my pussy began to tingle; maybe today would be the day I got his big cock up me, and the thought of it almost made me forget his threat of my situation worsening. That was until he picked up the phone and dialled a number, he'd rang Neal and told him to come up to his office and then put the phone down; this wasn't as bad as I'd thought considering Neal had already seen me naked.

I realised what he meant by situation worsening when he picked up the phone and dialled Shaun O'Hanlon, the third manager and told him to attend his office'. My cock stirred again as I read her entry knowing that Steve was about to bring another member of the workforce on board.

I pulled Fiona's head down to my cock as I continued reading and the wetness of her mouth felt amazing around my cock I humped my groin into her face. 'Neal was first to arrive in the office as I heard his response to finding my bent over the desk naked except for my heels, I felt him come up behind me and rub his hands over my bum cheeks before sitting down on the chair to my left.

He had a brief conversation with Steve in which Steve told him that I was trying to grass him up to security and they were going to have teach me a lesson. It was also mentioned that Gerald and Trevor would have to be spoken to and I could only imagine that that would mean even more people knowing about me and the situation I was in with Steve Lomax'. 'Steve and Neal both stopped talking and looked at the door.

Shaun O'Hanlon had arrived; Steve hadn't lied, my situation had worsened as the third member of the workforce was allowed into Steve's blackmail quest.

There was a brief discussion between Steve and Shaun which pretty much involved Steve telling Shaun that he had obtained footage of me and was now blackmailing me for sexual means. He also told Shaun that for every time I missed a pre-arranged meeting or disobeyed him I would be punished.

Steve told Shaun that he now had these same privileges and powers of control over me just as Neal had been granted. Shaun hadn't said a word really and this unnerved me a little, he'd listened intently to Steve until he'd finished before he spoke' "Can I look at the merchandise properly Steve?

I've got to see if she's worth getting involved for" "Stand up you whore and face Shaun" 'Obviously I did as he asked and turned to face a grinning Shaun O'Hanlon' "Neal dig me the brown envelope out that filling cabinet there with Shaun's name on it, cheers" "Well well, well.

This is the last thing I expected of you Fiona; it was only fifteen or so weeks ago when you arrived looking so elegant and prim but I have to say you look much better naked. Look at these fucking great tits" 'He said this as he moved forward towards me reaching out with both hands until his huge palms found my bare breasts and he began to squeeze roughly.

He needed both my breasts for a few seconds before his thumb and forefinger of each hand found my big hard nipples' "Nice big hard nipples too I see" 'Shaun roughly rolled and pulled them hurting me a little as he made them grow and point even more than they already were' "Like that don't you Fiona?" 'I didn't answer' "You're being spoken to Fiona" 'Yes I do, I answered after Steve's prompting or warning; I wasn't sure anymore.


Shaun then ran his hand down from my breast and across my stomach and over my neatly shaven pubic area. He turned his hand so that his palm was top and his fingers snaked between my legs rubbing across my moist folds. He pulled his hands out and sniffed them before smiling at me.

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He then pushed me back across the desk in the position he found me in; facing Steve with my arse pointing to the door. I felt his big hands land on either buttock and pressure was instantly applied pushing them apart stretching my anus and pussy flaps open.

He held me open like this for a few seconds and I presumed he was inspecting the merchandise as he put it; my cheeks snapped back shut and he moved away from me over to a chair in the corner that I heard him pull up' "She'll do for me Steve thanks for having me on board, looks like working here got a whole lot better!" 'The three of the bastards started laughing, and I could see that Steve loved his new found popularity amongst fellow managers.' The way in which Fiona had written in her journal was amazing and my cock was fit to burst so I had her stop sucking my cock in favour of a very slow wank as I continued to read, hoping that the events would get even more interesting.

I wasn't disappointed.

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'Steve had thrown Shaun his batch of photos in a brown envelope and I could hear him behind as he leafed through them, he was making noises of approval after each one and presumed these were ones Steve had taken. My presumptions proved true because soon enough he began commenting about how I must like cock and lots of it so he must now have been looking at the pictures of me with the football team.

The same photos that had gotten me into this awful mess in the first place. The trouble was I was still very turned on, I now had three men who were potentially going to stick their cocks into me, or I secretly hoped they would' I loved reading Fiona's own admission to being turned on by three men she wanted to use her. Three and a half years ago my mother-in-law hadn't had a cock for years, now she was desperate for it and fantasising about.

'I was knocked from my day dream when Steve slid his chair back and told the other two to take out their cocks. Shit I thought and looked round at Neal and Shaun pushing their work trousers and boxers round their ankles as far as their steel toecap boots would allow.

They then sat back down before I could get a good look at each of their cocks; or should I call it my merchandise! Steve told me to kneel in front of him in the middle of his office which I did' "Get my cock out" 'I reached up and undid the button on his jeans and lowered his zipper, I then hooked my fingers over the sides of his jeans making sure I grabbed the elastic of his boxer shorts before pulling down.

Steve big cock sprung up almost slapping me in the face but I managed to move in time; I now surveyed my merchandise up close and personal less than four inches from my face. His cock was huge.

His helmet was a s big as I'd remembered and his shaft looked solid and strong. My pussy voluntarily began to pulse and dampen beyond my control' "What the fuck are you waiting for whore?" This is what I'd been waiting for in her journal, some proper action and I pulled her mouth back onto my cock for some expert sucking as I continued to read.

'I didn't need telling twice and gripped his cock stuffing it into my mouth and down my throat. He leaned back and exhaled deeply as his big eight incher slid down my throat. By the time I'd come back up to the tip of his dick his hands were behind my head and holding me tight.

Steve then fucked my face for over a minute until I gagged and he pushed me away onto my hands and knees saliva streaming from my mouth as I panted.

He walked up behind me and lifted me by my hair until I was standing up on my high heels; he then led me over in front of Neal and pushed my head towards his groin.

I didn't really get to see how big and thick his shaft was as it rushed towards my mouth. As it entered my mouth I could tell it was thinner than Steve's but about as long, with my hands on Neal's thighs I supported myself and sucked his cock.

Steve moved in behind me and kicked my legs open a little' 'ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. Shit the bastard had just rammed his cock deep into my pussy without warning. Yes I knew he was behind me but I expected to feel him rub his head around my hole but no Steve slammed deep into me hard.


The force of his thrust had sent me crashing into Neal's lap screaming as I went; he lifted me back up enough to send his meat down my throat again. I must admit Steve's cock felt glorious in me as he hammered at a hard rhythm stretching my pussy wide with every thrust but getting really deep at the same time, I couldn't help but come within three minutes of his expert pounding and nosily expressed myself' "Your right about Fiona loving cock Shaun listen to her coming already" 'Steve was so pleased with himself that I'd come on his cock already and began to slap my arse as he pumped his cock into me again and again.

With each thrust and slap he began talking almost as if slap and thrust represented a word.' "" 'I came again harder and stronger than the last time only this time my screams were muffled by Neal's cock that was being forced down my throat.

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My knees buckled and my legs gave way, Steve's cock slopped out of my used hole and Neal's length fell from my mouth. I was only on the floor for a few seconds before Steve again used my hair to yank me up and guide me towards Shaun who had been waiting patiently for the use of my mouth.

I managed to get a look at Shaun's cock as I was ushered across the room and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw before it was pushed into my mouth and rammed down my throat; it made me gag and was equally as big and hard as Steve's glorious length. Steve again stood in behind me and lined up at my leaking entrance aiming his huge dick at me and again he took my breath away as he slid his cock deep until I could feel his rough pubes on my smooth skin.' ' I was used in the pussy and mouth for a good ten minutes before I was pulled off and guided back over to Neal's cock where again his cock was fed into my mouth whilst Steve expertly rammed at my pussy from behind.

He really knew how to fuck and he made me come again and again. It was during these five minutes that Neal said he wanted to come and he was instructed to come in my mouth by Steve; I could feel the tell tell sign of Neal's nuts tighten and the speed in which he moved my head up and down his shaft gradually slowed down, almost to a stop as he slid my head down once more sending his helmet to the back of my throat before he unloaded a torrent of hot, salty sperm' "Swallow it whore" 'I heard Steve command me to swallow and I did as much as I could, when Neal lifted my head some dribbled out but I couldn't help it as there was so much of the stuff.' "You got some cream for the pussy Shaun?" "Sure have Steve, bring the whore over here and have her suck it out" 'Again I was ushered over to Shaun and made to suck his cock, at his pace of course as he worked my head up and down his solid slimy shaft.

My cunt was still being worked on by Steve but at a slower pace now as he gave me slow but deep thrusts hitting me deep inside. It took nearly ten minutes I guessed before Shaun announced his cream was ready for collection; but before he could let loose Steve told him to spunk on my face. He lifted my head up so that my face was an inch from his engorged purple helmet, he told me to finish him off with my hand which was awkward considering the position I was in with my head held down but I gave it my best shot.' "Here I come bitch, here comes the cream" "Keep your eyes open Fiona" Steve instructed.

'A bit of come oozed from Shaun's cock hole and I knew his load was imminent, I tried to turn my head a little as I didn't fancy a massive load in my open eyes but Shaun made sure I couldn't by hold my tightly.


A few seconds later a huge powerful blast of come shot from his cock hitting me square on my nose and cheek, he lifted my head ever so slightly as the second and third load quickly left his dick covering my mouth and chin. I was covered but still he pulled my head close so that he could wipe the remainder on my face. I was the pulled away but still bent over in the middle of the room with Steve behind me, he continued pounding out me sending me off balance as I had nothing to hold onto anymore.' "Hold your fucking ankles you stupid slut, I've got some cream for my whores pussy" 'I did as I was told and held my ankles with my feet together, this made my cunt really tight and Steve's big cock was filling my hole to the brim.

His strokes were slow and hard and I knew my cunt would be awash with his seed shortly; I had to wait about two minutes and then he rammed into me and held himself against my bum. Hot come flooded my wet abused hole and seeped out as Steve withdrew his spent dick; he'd even saved a blast of cream to fire over the outside of my pussy lips leaving it covered in stringy come. He then turned me round to Neal and then Shaun.' "Get a good look lads because we're all going to be seeing a lot more of Fiona like this, and now that I've had first dibs you guys are welcome to do the same anytime you like.

Not tonight though lads because we're going pub and Fiona needs to receive the rest of her punishment for trying to grass me up" 'I was taken aback by this as I thought I'd been punished by Steve telling Shaun about my situation, I had no idea what Steve now had in mind but I soon found out.

Steve led me back over to his desk where I'd started the night and pushed me forwards over it into the exact same position with my arse towards the door.

Only this time I had a pussy that was freshly fucked and covered in sperm, not to mention my face that was slowly drying with Shaun's come plastered on it.' "Can you two just give me a hand a minute, come round her and grab an arm each" 'Shaun and Neal each grabbed an arm and pulled them to the corners of the desk pulling my across it and squashing my boobs.

My feet were lifted off the floor and I was just able to reach the floor on my tip toes. Then to my horror Steve tied my right arm to the leg with cable ties joined together.

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I told him no but he didn't listen and repeated the action with the left arm' "Please Steve, don't do this. I wasn't grassing you up" "We'll find that out later down the pub wont we you stupid bitch" 'I didn't understand what he meant by this and struggled against the ties.

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It was a futile attempt as they hurt my wrists the more I moved. I then felt my right leg being pulled across and off the floor; this was also tied to the leg of the table with again what felt like cable ties. Again I pleaded with Steve but I was totally ignored this time and then my left leg was lifted up and tied.' "See ya whore, we'll soon see if your lying about grassing me wont we" 'The door opened and slammed and the three of them left me naked tied to the desk and covered in spunk.

I really was in shit creek but didn't know how. Fifteen minutes I found out" The blackmail continues as more cock joins the party.