Schmutzige Schlampe leckt seinen Arsch sauber

Schmutzige Schlampe leckt seinen Arsch sauber
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Lori Jorgenson, a 23-year-old RN, was the third in a line of nurses who had disappeared from their jobs in the last few days. She, like the other two before her, had been very pretty with long, gorgeous legs, slim waistlines, ample bosoms, and beautiful blonde hair with blue eyes. The method of their disappearance had been different in each case, but the clues in helping the authorities to solve the cases were almost non-existent. Anna Johansen was an extremely attractive 22-year-old girl who was abducted from her Toyota Corolla while leaving her last shift of the night on Sunday.

Greta Peterson, age 21, was taken as she left her home for work on Monday morning. Lori, third to disappear, was shopping for a new apartment, when she dropped out of sight Monday afternoon. All 3 girls regained consciousness in a palatial mansion, completely nude, with restraints on wrists and ankles.

They all came to know that video cameras had been secreted in their rooms giving a 24-hour record of their movements. None of them realized where they were, nor could they understand the motive of the one who chloroformed them, forced them into a black van, and obviously brought them to this beautiful house. Each case also lacked witnesses as well as the aforementioned motive.

The girls only started to learn why they were taken and what might happen to them if they refused to cooperate with their captors. The first things each of the captives noticed were the furnishings of her room. Every precaution had been made to prevent the captive from escaping, as well as hurting herself or one of the captors.

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As they were to discover, the house was one which had remained in the estate of a wealthy client who had left its disposal on the market to any of his three friends, all of whom were wealthy, single, handsome, well-educated, and wanted a woman who would joyfully do anything required of her. Of the 42 rooms in the house, including an 8-car coach house, each captor was restrained in a way that limited her access to her bedroom and bathroom during the day; gourmet meals were served 3 times a day with a choice of snacks after each meal.

Exercise equipment was placed into each room. Every night the girls were given the most recent, and the most expensive, eveningwear in which to join their captors at the evening meal. All three wore belts through which could be remotely passed several volts of electrical shock to prevent their escape from the situation in which they found themselves.

None had attempted to escape yet, and they had no idea what to expect from the duration of their confinement. Since nudity was their dress during the day, they had somewhat expected sexual advances and even perversions from their captors.

The first day of their confinement began with a luxurious bubble bath, followed by a breakfast of fresh baked croissants, and a selection of berries—raspberries, blackberries, and strawberries, along with fresh-squeezed orange juice, and fresh coffee with cream and sugar on the side. For protein, the meal included a soft-boiled egg. Morning exercise consisted of a stretching flexibility regimen along with many other exercises for flexibility and fitness.

All their exercises were done naked with every part of the body exposed to video recording. Oddly enough, each woman gradually developed a sense of wanting to present her natural beauty in the best possible way. They all received daily medications given both orally and by way of injection. The oral medications were always dissolved in their food so that they would receive them unknowingly, but they were powerless to prevent the daily injections and had no idea what was in the serum they were receiving.

Nothing of a sexual nature had taken place with any of the women, but each woman was acquiring a more active sex drive as the days passed. All the girls were able to carry on conversations with each other at dinner time each day, and they quickly discovered that although working in the United States, they all had a Swedish heritage.

Their conversation, though always monitored by their 3 captors, was candid and open. The captors appeared extremely cordial and willing to acquiesce to most of the captives' wishes—the wish for freedom was not one of them. And as time went by, the medications and injections began to have their effect on the girls.

Chapter 2 The captive nurses came from various hospitals within a small area of highly populated cities.

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The captors—let us call them Michael, Charles, and William—had searched online profiles from Facebook, My Space, and dating websites. They had also used old-fashioned physical surveillance to secure their prey. Once chosen and taken into captivity, the nurses were removed by limousine to the above-mentioned mansion, which was placed in a remote area of northern California. Anna had become comfortable with her current state of existence, and having been paired off with Michael, enjoyed his company every night at dinner.

She grew to wish she had more contact with him, and it was soon to come. On the anniversary of her second week in captivity, Michael unexpectedly appeared to share breakfast with her. On that occasion he released her wrists and ankles from their restraints and removed her belt. She did not know how to receive this sudden freedom except for an expression of gratitude which demonstrated itself with a hug and kiss for her captor. He relished her emotional expression and returned it with his own.

Despite the last 2 weeks of imprisonment, Anna felt that Michael now owned her heart—as well as the rest of her—to do with as he wished. Since Anna was already nude, it was a short trip for him to join her in that condition. Michael then picked up the naked nurse and walked her from the breakfast table to the bed.

Lying next to her on the bed, Michael began to whisper endearments into Anna's ear, and followed with light kisses on her ear and neck. He also began to gently stroke Anna's generous bosom as she immediately began moaning in response.


As she lay on her back to his left, he moved his left arm under her to begin tenderly squeezing her left breast as his mouth kissed and sucked the nipple of her right breast. Her right hand reached for his already swollen cock, while his right hand found the wet folds of her slick pussy. She pumped his large penis as he stroked from her soaking vagina to her aroused and enlarged clitoris.

They remained in this attitude of foreplay for several minutes with nothing but moans and sighs escaping their lips. At some point in the sexual encounter, things quickly moved to the next level. Anna cried out, "Michael, please fuck me darling!

I want your large cock inside my wet pussy!" Michael responded quickly, moving between Anna's long, beautiful thighs and penetrating her vagina with one quick thrust. This sudden sexual invasion brought a loud cry from Anna, "Oh yes, my darling! Fuck me, please, fuck me. I don't want you to ever stop fucking me!" Michael's muscular chest pressed against Anna's large breasts with each stroke, and his mouth began smothering hers with kisses as their tongues entwined. Their first sexual encounter ended quickly as Anna came to a sudden orgasm which lasted several minutes and triggered a similar climax from Michael as he ejaculated a large amount of hot sperm inside her womb.

After this first coupling, Michael stayed in bed with Anna and they both lapsed into a peaceful sleep, both naked (and exposed to all the hidden video cameras). After a few hours of blissful sleep, Anna awakened to find Michael's erect penis pushing against her thigh. She leaned down to take his member into her wet mouth and began sucking it until it was extremely hard. By this point Michael had also roused from sleep and found that Anna had prepared him for intercourse.

As he pushed his morning erection into her moist, ready vagina, Michael whispered, "You're soakin' wet, babe." Anna wrapped her long legs around Michael's waist and he gripped the sides of her pelvis as he rammed his large penis into her over and over again. When he felt his penis was thoroughly ready, he gathered some of Anna's sticky lubrication and rubbed it generously on her rosebud ass. He then pulled out of her vagina and drove his hardened penis into her anus.

This was her first ever violation of that part of her body, but she soon realized the sensual emotions which were bringing her to the heights of another orgasm. As she felt Michael's member repeatedly slide into her ass, she cried, "Oh, Michael, oh my darling, oh precious, it feels so good." Michael continued his anal assault as her moans grew in both frequency and volume.

Michael had held his missionary position with Anna which made it easy for him to stroke her clitoris as he pounded her ass.

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"You like that baby?" "Yes, sweetie, just like that!" she said between moans. "Keep stroking my clit, darling, it's wonderful." In a few minutes she was in the throes of her second orgasm of the day. Just minutes later, Michael filled her ass with another load of hot sperm.

He then reattached her restraints and left her on the bed as he showered. He then left the room. In Greta's room, a similar scene was about to take place as Charles brought a late breakfast of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup, thin slices of smoked ham, and a citrus bowl on the side with a pot of steaming hot coffee, cream, and sugar.

Greta was accustomed to an earlier breakfast, and the sight of these offerings made her mouth water. But first things first.she rolled over on her bed so that her ass was in a receptive mode for her daily injection. These shots never really hurt, either while they were being given or afterwards, but Greta wondered what was in them.

She had absolutely no memory of her vicious objections to the shots at the beginning of her captivity. After 2 weeks, she had no clue that the injections were of a serum that contained designer drugs—drugs that heightened sexual drive and quickly hastened the effects of Stockholm syndrome.

Oh well, she also wondered why there seemed to be such a large breakfast this morning, but then she saw that Charles was staying to eat with her. In similar fashion as the other couple, Charles removed Greta's restraints, and bade her join him at the breakfast table. While only a year or two younger than the other girls, Greta maintained a little girl's excitement with novel things—an attitude which Charles understood and was going to exploit. "Today, Greta, I would like for you to call me 'Daddy.' Is that quite all right?

" "Yes, I think that would be fun." "Would you like for me to serve your plate and pour your coffee, Greta?" "Yes, Daddy, thank you for this nice breakfast. I love blueberry pancakes!" "We must eat quickly, Greta, for I have a game for us after breakfast." "Oh, Daddy, could you tell me now?

I'm so excited to be able to play with you." "Let's hurry and eat, and then I'll explain the game completely." "Okay, Daddy. Oh, my goodness, the pancakes are is the ham, and the coffee." Greta and Charles quickly finished their meal, and then Charles sat Greta on her bed as he began to explain the game. Chapter 4 "Greta, you enjoy parties don't you?" "Yes, daddy. I like them very much!" "Well, this party we'll be fun for you, me, and a few of daddy's friends." "What will we do at this party, daddy?" "The first thing we will do is work off some of the calories which were contained in our big that okay with you?" "Sure, Daddy." "Greta, I want you to pretend that I'm your daddy who has just returned from war.

You're very happy to see me, and you want to meet all my sexual needs like a wife, since my wife has died and you are my only daughter. Do you understand?" "Oh, daddy, that sounds so very romantic! I'd love to do it!" Charles told Greta just to follow his lead in everything, and not to worry if she messed up since this was just a pretend play. At this point he walked out the door, stayed for a few seconds, and then walked in.

Greta was still naked, and she acted as if she were about to take a shower when her daddy's return took her by surprise.

She ran to his open arms, threw her arms around his neck, and smothered him with "welcome home" kisses on the mouth. Charles picked her up and swung her around the room, finally dropping her on the bed. He quickly undressed and then dove between her legs, licking her delicious cunt and sucking her aroused clitoris. Greta spoke almost breathlessly, "Daddy, I've missed you so much!

Please don't be upset with me, but I just must taste your big penis and make it hard. I want you inside me, too. Is that okay, daddy?" The shot had taken effect, and she struggled to find his growing penis. Sensing her need, however, he held her off and brought her to a quick orgasm, pushing one finger up her ass as he licked, sucked, and gently chewed her clitoris.

When her thrashing about had settled down, she reached for his penis and held it along with his balls in gentle hands as she licked and sucked the big knob and then slid his manhood completely into her mouth. She sucked it in and out as she licked the large vein on the underside of his penis. In a few minutes he was spraying several globs of white-hot sperm into her mouth, and she was swallowing it all.

When the ejaculations had ended, Greta licked her daddy clean of all his sperm. "That was delicious, daddy! I want to do it some more!" she said, and she continued sucking him into a new erection.

After a few minutes, Charles pulled his penis from Greta's mouth and used his new found hardness to penetrate his "daughter's" wet pussy and fuck her to another mind-bending orgasm before he once more filled her hot depths with his spunk. Lying in their afterglow, Charles said, "Honey, you've done very well in this game so far, and you're very close to winning.

Would you like to continue?" "Oh, yes, daddy! I love this game! Let's play it all day long!" Chapter 5 Charles and his two kidnapping friends had hired 3 illegal Mexican immigrants, all with large genital packages, had given them $100.00 each for the day, and had transported them from the place of hiring to the remote captivity location.

The immigrants were kept in the back of a closed van and could not view the route taken from one site to the other. Now they found themselves in a wonderful house with fabulous furnishings, and were immediately treated to a sumptuous feast before they began their "work" for the day. "Greta, dear, I know you'll love the second part of this game!" "Daddy has brought one of his best army buddies home, and I'd like for you to be especially nice to him just as you were to your daddy.

Do you promise me that you'll do your best to make my friend happy?" "Of course, daddy," Greta laughingly said, taking great delight in this new game. "You know I'd do anything to please you." Greta couldn't believe how easily she had acquiesced to the demands that Charles had required of her.

In two short weeks she had become a slave, and she never sensed the transformation. William had briefed the three temporary employees as to their roles in the little game which Charles was playing with Greta. When the first of the three entered Greta's room, however, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.

The most beautiful woman he had ever encountered, naked, and waiting to give him the fucking of a lifetime. "Greta, honey, I would like for you to meet one of my best army buddies. You should call him Uncle Pedro." "Uncle Pedro! My daddy speaks very highly of you, and he'd like for me to entertain you while you're here." "Greta, you've become a beautiful young lady since the last time I saw you." "And you're more handsome than ever, Uncle," said the playful Greta.

"Greta, I have some work to do, so I'll leave you with Uncle Pedro for awhile. I'll be back before too long, okay?" "Okay, daddy." And with those parting words, Charles left the room. "Wow, sweetie!" said Pedro. When Charles and I were dodging bullets in Iraq, he talked about you all the time.

But nothing could prepare me for how beautiful you've become!" "That is so sweet, Uncle Pedro. Are you tired? If you are, we can lie down for awhile." "I'd like that very much, Greta. Do you mind if I give you a kiss?" "Of course not. Where are my manners?" Greta stepped toward Pedro and found herself lifted by her naked bottom from the floor as Pedro enveloped her tight young body and carried her to the bed.

In just a moment, he was kissing, licking, and sucking her delicious young pussy. Chapter 4 Pedro's hands were squeezing Greta's large breasts as his tongue worked its magic on her clitoris. With the cry of a woman reaching a huge climax, Greta came within a few minutes. Pedro licked her abundant pussy juices like a man who has wandered upon an oasis in the desert. Having divested himself of his clothing, and without giving the poor girl a rest, he rolled her over and entered her young vagina from behind.

"Yes, Uncle, please fuck my young pussy. I've always wanted to have you inside me. Ugh! Ugh! This feels great!" He pounded her with his large penis until she had experienced another orgasm, then he ejaculated his sperm into her young fertile womb.

"Oh, Uncle Pedro, I've never been given so much pleasure, and I've never seen a penis as large as yours." Having gotten his own needs met, and being completely spent, Pedro excused himself with just a few words. "Honey, I gotta' leave now. I've got an important meeting with your daddy." "Okay, Uncle Pedro. I wish you could stay longer but I understand. Please come back and see me again." Pedro, still not quite believing his amazing good fortune, dressed quickly and left Greta lying naked on the bed.

After about half an hour Charles re-entered Greta's room. He had given her plenty of time to take a shower, dry herself, and put on the scrumptious scent that she always wore. "Greta, did you enjoy having Uncle Pedro here?" "Oh, yes daddy.very much. He was wonderful!" "Well, sweetie, the game is about over, and you're doing very well. I believe you're going to win!" "Let me introduce you to Uncle Jaime, and Uncle Juan.

They're here for a short visit, and I need for you to entertain them the way you did Uncle Pedro." "Wow! I'll be happy to! Uncle Jaime and Uncle Juan, would you like to come to bed with me?" Jaime and Juan immediately removed their clothing and climbed into Greta's bed. She reached out for their deflated penises and started to give one of them a blowjob as she gave the other a hand job. The two uncles began to suck Greta's large breasts as one of them finger-fucked her wet pussy.

Jaime was the first to roll over on his back and pull Greta on to his hard cock. "Oh, Uncle Jaime, your cock is stretching my little pussy. It feels great!" "Si, sobrinita (yes, little niece)," and your pussy is so smooth around my cock! I love it!" Juan waited for a while as Jaime drove his penis into Greta's pussy. When Greta's juices began to flow from her soaking wet cunt, Juan gathered them and applied them generously to her asshole.

He also spit on her anus and his cock and then pushed his manhood into her ass. Greta gave several grunts as she felt the pain of this double penetration, but she did not deny either uncle of their chosen fuck holes. "Uncle Juan, I can't believe how painful your cock was to begin with, but how great it feels now!" "Yes, sweetheart, and I love your tight ass, too!" After several minutes of hard fucking, both uncles emptied their balls into Greta.

They both kept their manhood inside Greta's holes until their cocks became deflated. At that point, Greta licked their penises clean and lay down between them. Each man then rolled toward Greta and continued sucking her fabulous breasts. Both men dressed and left Greta's room and Charles re-entered. "I suppose you're too tired to fuck your daddy." "Absolutely not, daddy! How would you like it, pussy or ass?" "Down girl!

You and I'll have plenty of time together.

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Now is time for your nap before we meet for dinner, okay." "Daddy! You know I would do anything you ask of me. You own me now. I'm at your complete disposal. I just wondered if I had won the game and what my reward would be." "I'll let you know that at dinner, so that you can share your happiness with Anna and Lori." "Okay, daddy!" She said as she drifted quickly off to sleep.

Chapter 5 Due to the arrangements of the girls' rooms, and the HVAC ducts which supplied heating and air conditioning to the rooms, Lori new that something special was going to happen today. So when William entered her room, she had already assumed the position for her daily injection. Once the injection was given, she seemed almost immediately in a positive, talkative mood. "Is this party day for us today, master?" Oddly enough, Lori had begun using this means of addressing William on her own, and he liked it.

"Don't you think every day is a party day, Lori?" "Of course, but with all the hustling and bustling, I just thought today was going to be even more fun than it usually is." "Do you think it's fun being held captive by 3 men at least 20 years your senior?" "Being able to walk around naked is fun, being able to display ourselves to the hidden cameras is fun, being able to dress up in a new nightgown every night is fun.

And having sex with you is always fun, master. Am I going to enjoy that tonight?" William knew that the drugs he had given the girls were all identical dosages, but they had worked more quickly on Lori from the beginning, and now she seemed to be utterly committed to him. "Check your closet, Lori.

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And don't forget to examine the box on the shelf above. You have exactly two hours from right now to put on your pre-selected dress, along with all its accessories, fix your hair exactly the way you want it.and do your makeup so that it matches the entire ensemble.

Tonight you and I will be joining the others in the main ballroom for drinks, dancing, and a special dinner." "Oh, master, Oh, master".Lori was left somewhat speechless by William's description of everything.

She ran and hugged him with her large breasts pushing against his chest as she put both arms around his neck in an erotic hug that she was not soon to relinquish. At this point, William had to forcefully remove her loving arms from his neck, and said, "Okay, I guess I have time to fuck you once, but then no more fooling need to be ready by 7pm." "Oh, thank you, master.

I'll do my best to please you!" The fact that Lori was already naked made getting ready for sex a good bit easier than it might have been. William quickly removed his clothes and climbed into bed with his beautiful blonde slave, moving his mouth to service her nipples as he moved his fingers to gently service her clit.

After a while in that position, she climbed over him to take his penis into her mouth and he was presented with her vagina to kiss, lick, suck, and nibble gently on her labia and clitoris.

He was rewarded with muffled moaning as she continued her fellatio. He also inserted a finger into her pussy and immediately found her g-spot, which he attended with the proper amount of attention to bring her to an extremely quick orgasm. After her joyful cries and trembling had ended, he rolled her over on her back and watched as her natural breasts rolled off to either side of her chest.

He mounted her and penetrated her womanhood in one sudden movement, and then he began a slow, in-and-out repetitive motion that had produced the muffled moans earlier. These moans, however, were not muffled.they began with a barely audible sound, and they gradually increased in volume, as did the words she began to utter. "Oh my God, sweet master, please fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Oh, I love to feel your big cock in my tight little cunt! Yes, master, right there! Yes, yes, yes, Oh God, I'm going to come!" She screamed in a body-wracking climax just as William erupted in a huge ejaculation which filled the young girl's womb.

He rolled over to her side, and she immediately placed her blonde head on his shoulder and her large breasts up against his arm. Several minutes went by as they both enjoyed their afterglow. To Lori it was as if they were a newly married couple on their honeymoon, but she and the other girls were soon to find out that this blissful existence was not to have the least resemblance to a honeymoon.

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Chapter 6 William had left her room, and Lori was exploring her closet to find just the right dress for what she thought was going to be a wonderful fun-filled night of dinner and dancing. She was completely awestruck at the diamond, ruby, and sapphire jewelry that she found in the box on the shelf above the dresses.

At the same time, Anna and Gena were also joyfully getting ready for the same festivities. What none of them found in their closets were either bras or panties. They all contented themselves, however, with beautiful matching shoes. Each girl took special pains with her make-up so that she got the best natural look possible. Meanwhile a selected group of individuals, each of whom had cheerfully paid their usual $50,000 entry fee for the night, had gathered in the ballroom.

These men and women all belonged to an elite club of very wealthy people who had particular sexual appetites. Those appetites included fulfilling sexual fetishes with tall, blonde, big-breasted, Swedish girls. The girls had been anticipating a special dinner for the night, but little did they know that they were the special dinner.

The list of attendees at this gathering included Philip, an internet billionaire; Donald, owner of a fleet of cargo ships; Elizabeth, heiress to a pharmaceutical fortune; Terrence, real estate mogul; Faisal, an international banker; Kristina, member of a royal family; Xavier, leader of a large drug cartel; Chloe, owner of a large Australian diamond mine; and Naoki, a Japanese industrialist.

Each girl was now completely dressed, ready, and waiting with eagerness in her room when her respective captor entered, holding a hypodermic needle and a glass of water. Each was told to swallow a single pill and then assume her position for her second injection of the day.

None of the girls questioned her master's purpose in these extra preparations; all of them trusted their masters implicitly—and in just 2 weeks.

The girls were then assembled in a much larger bedroom and were given these instructions: "Tonight you will meet a very special group of people. They all will make certain demands of you, and you will meet those demands cheerfully and without any hesitation or questioning.

Do you understand?" And each of the girls responded, "Yes, sir," except for Lori, who answered, "Yes, master." All of the girls, however, were wearing radiant smiles on their beautiful faces. Moments later the girls entered the main ballroom and were introduced to the guests by their captors. The names of the guests, however, were not given to the girls.

One of the guests, Donald, raised his arm in a gesture toward the girls as he spoke to the women in his group. "Ladies first!" Elizabeth, Kristina, and Chloe were unlike the girls as well as unlike each other; but they all shared a common attribute—large bosoms. All three of the guests enjoyed the same fetishes with women. They liked to suckle breasts at the same time theirs were being suckled.

They also enjoyed mutual cunnilingus and French kissing. And they shared the desire to be choked as they climaxed. All these instructions were given to the girls and they quickly warmed to their tasks. The men in the group sat in a large circle and sipped their drinks as they prepared to view the female entertainment.

Anna moved to Elizabeth as Gena paired off with Kristina and Lori with Chloe.


The girls began to remove their guests' clothing and immediately discovered that the women wore no more than they did. The ladies responded by stripping the girls of their dresses. The nude women then began to explore each other's naked bodies.

Lori found Chloe's breasts to have dark, wide aureoles and thick nipples. Anna saw that Elizabeth's pussy was shaved bare the same as her own. Gena squeezed Kristina's large breasts as she engaged her mouth with a deep kiss and sucked on Kristina's delicious tongue. The girls and their bosomy guests rushed into sexual concert as if they might never have another chance. The men who sat observing found it hard to believe that these beautiful young women had become such willing sex slaves in only a 2-week time period.

All three couples engaged heartily in the various fetishes of each lady guest, and the room was filled with the sounds of moaning and loud orgasms. After each of the guests had sampled the sexual offerings of each girl, the young slaves were given a short rest period before tending to their male counterparts. When the rest time had expired, Lori was quickly teamed up with Donald and Naoki, both of whom had already divested themselves of their clothing and had been waiting for their turn with the girls.

Greta was entertaining a naked Philip and an equally naked Terrence, whereas Anna was servicing Xavier and Faisal. At this point in the proceedings, all three girls were covered with aromatic oil as their erogenous zones became lubricated for the festivities to follow.

The men of each threesome seemed to enjoy sucking their captive's nipples, biting them and twisting and pulling them as the girls all cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. From the breasts, the men moved seamlessly to a fellatio-coitus combination in which each girl received an explosion of sperm in her mouth and pussy. The men changed positions and each girl then bore the responsibility of sucking the male pair of her new threesome to a renewed erection.

Then each girl was treated to a double penetration, which brought each member of each threesome to orgasm. At that point the girls found their pussies again filled with more sperm while their asses got their first filling. Finally, the last change of threesome members took place, and the fisting began.

If each of the girls had found it difficult to accept a large penis in her pussy at the same time another one was pumping her ass, this last test would be the acid test for the night's final event—the auction.

Greta and Anna, having had more experience sexually, were each able to accept one fist in the pussy and another in the ass. Lori cried out in such terrible pain from the exercise of this particular fetish that she was unable to continue. She wept inconsolably, however, not because of the extreme pain in her genitals; she was disappointed that she had failed her master.

Lori moved to William as quickly as her damaged body would allow and threw her arms around him in a desperate hug that begged forgiveness for her inability to please his guests.

"I'm so sorry sorry.please master.please forgive me. Please let me have another chance to win the game.

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I'm so very, very sorry." Her utterances were racked with violent sobs that made understanding them extremely difficult. William lifted Lori into his arms as if she were a feather. "Lori dear, don't worry. You haven't failed me. You actually won the game!" Now it's time to see how much money you actually brought me. Lori's tears quickly dried up and a big smile came over her angelic face.

"Do you really mean it, master? Did I really win?" "Yes, sweetie. Our guests all desired to have the girl with the tightest vagina and anus. That just happened to be you.


And now you three will be auctioned off to the highest bidder." The girls were all circulated to the guests for some final fucking, sucking, and whatever the guests had in mind to do to their beautiful booty. The hosts were extremely excited with the fine reception the nurses had gotten from their prospective buyers.

The girls at this time did not know that they would soon become the exclusive property of one of the guests, and that they would most likely be divided so that they would not only miss seeing any loved ones back home, but would miss the company of the other nurses.

And so the auction began. Faisal had fancied Greta from the very beginning. He was determined to add her to his harem and so he took possession of Greta for the mere sum of $775,000 after only 5 bids. Anna had been the source of Chloe's multi-orgasms that night, something Chloe had never experienced in her life.

Chloe actually felt that Anna might become her life partner. And so as the auction continued Anna went to Chloe for $940,000 on the 8th bid. But the bidding lasted several minutes for Lori, who had impressed every man in the group. The bidding actually started at $1 million by Donald and was quickly raised half a million by Terrence.

Xavier placed a bid of $2 million and was outbid immediately by Phillip at $2.5 million. At this point Naoki made an offer of $3 million, and the auction began to slow down.

One host would increase the amount a few thousand dollars and another would counter with a few thousand more. Several minutes was spent with bids being increased in small amounts until Lori was finally auctioned to Naoki for $4.25 million.

His bid was several hundred thousands of dollars higher than the previous bid, and with his bid all bidding came to an end. As soon as the auction had ceased, the new masters took possession of their slaves, saw that they were dressed in the most beautiful attire suitable to the region in which they would be living, and removed them to their various modes of transportation—mostly personal custom jets. The slaves had performed to the perfect delight of their former masters.

The night had gone far beyond the expectations of the captors. The final pill each had taken along with their final injection had finished the transformation from nurse to sexual slave.

The three girls would find their new identity with their buyers as the best possible thing that could have ever happened to them. Now the captors bore the new responsibility of securing another trio of beautiful girls for their next adventure in human trafficking.