Sinbin pulsating as i come

Sinbin pulsating as i come
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(I am keeping this story together even as I write new parts. So many read only the current thing in 'New Stories' then make comments about it being confusing and unclear.

There are some added and reworked pieces in the first part anyway. Read and rate, pro or con.) It was almost too easy. Grabbing her as she walks past the dark doorway. Sticking the syringe in the back of her thigh. Now with her nicely drugged and out cold in the back of my van I can get on with daydreaming of what will happen over the next day or so.

Hmmmm. I hope that animal sedation drug does not kill her but oh well. My mouth almost waters at the thoughts. Driving carefully through the city toward the country and the vacant house I have checked out for use in this sweet adventure. Remembering how I noticed her just last week.

A lesbian. A pretty one but definitely on the butch side. Not too tall, not too strong looking. Nice and feminine but the way she talked to the girl she was with, her manner, said she was in charge and would take no shit from anyone. God! I hope she hates men! I hope she tries to fight me tooth and nail! I wonder how painful I will have to make it to get her to suck my dick? Smiling at the thought. Both the making her willing and getting sucked. She has a delicious looking mouth. I hope she fights, curses me.

Looking over my should at her half lite body. Face turned away but the nice shoulders, sweet round ass are there to see. Just you wait cunt. Just you wait and see. An hour and then pulling around to the back of the old house.

Lights off, opening the back, dragging the dead weight of the woman back far enough to get her over my shoulder. Smelling her pants. Perfume and tobacco smoke but nice. Smaller than I first thought too. Good. Hope she is tight. Smiling.

Her ass will be even if her cunt is loose and sloppy from big dildos and strap-ons.


Through the back, down the hallway. The small iron postered bed. Tossing her down on her back. Good! Still breathing. Pretty limp but alive. Changing his mind. Better to have her on her stomach and chest. At least at first. Less kicking that way.


Closing and locking the bedroom door. Shoving the padding under the wood to make this room almost sound proof. Yep. Window covered with a mattress to make it sound proof too. Now! Using soft silk ties to bind each arm to a steel bar of the headboard. Wondering, should I do her feet yet? No. Let her kick while I work on her. How long before she comes too? No matter. I do want her completely awake before I fuck her though. Checking his toys. Licking his lips in anticipation. Lube. Good KY.

Ropes to tie up legs and feet. Good. Razor sharp knife for her clothing. Sharp point to encourage her to suck my cock.

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Kill her if I have to. Could I? Hard to say right now. If I get a good fuck and do not feel like I will get caught then likely not. If she breaks free or someone comes too close? Well, too bad. Daydreaming. It is going to be so hot to fuck this man hating bitch till she is sore. By the time I am finished with her she will think my cock is a permanent part of her cunt, ass or mouth.

Hungry now. Getting a sandwich and bottle of beer out of one the ice chests. Kicking back in the old dusty kitchen chair he placed behind the steel headboard to wait. Watching her sleep, deciding to try and wake her up soon. His dick is so hard he will get some even if she is unconscious. Smiling at that thought. The lesbian bitch waking up while he is riding her hole from behind makes him so fucking ready. Wonder if she has ever had a load spewed out on her face?

Sandwich finished, beer drained. Time to get to it. Poking her in the side. A groan but nothing else. Shit!. Spreading her legs, rubbing her crotch through her jeans. Nothing. Reaching under, up under her top, under her bra. Nice! Not giants but nice. Kneading her nipples.

No reaction. Pinching them. Quicker breathing. Harder. 'Awwwooooo'! Speaking aloud. 'Good'! 'Now I am getting somewhere'.

Straddling her back, both hands working on those tits. More moans, pain sounds as he pinches her nipples hard, squeezes her tits digging his fingernails in hard. A big gasp of air and she screams! Almost instantly realizing she is in big, big trouble. Yelling for help at the top of her lungs and thrashing like a wildcat. Sitting on her back, his fingers take their pleasure with her tits while she yells and yells.

Tries to see who is on her. Smiling, waiting for her to run out of steam, tire and calm down just a little. God dam my cock is hard! This is going to be so fucking good! Wishing I had remembered to set up the mirror behind the bed frame so she could see me. Ah. Calmer now. Gasping for breath but still trying to get his hands away from her tits.

Mmmm. Time to get this started now. Getting off her, letting her kick a little but she is too winded for much of that. Walking around so she can finally see him. She snarls, 'You motherfucking bastard'! 'Let me up'! Grinning at her. Loving how she fights the ties on her hands. 'Those are pretty strong'. 'Why don't you just relax and let me tell you how this is going to be'? 'Fuck you cocksucker'! Fighting and thrashing again.

Yelling for help too. When she is out of breath again, 'Having fun cunt'? 'That's exactly what you are, you know'?

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She spits at him, more Mother fuckers, bastards and such screamed at him. 'Are you a mother'? 'If you are then I am certainly going to be a mother fucker'. Going and getting the mirror from the top of the old dresser and putting it against the wall facing her. Just the right height to give her a decent view of what he is about to do. 'I hope you can see my face'.

'Let me know if you can't and I will adjust this'. More raging, yelling, cursing and thrashing.

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'This is getting boring'. 'Time to get those clothes off of you'. Going for his nice razor sharp knife while she continues to yell and curse. Shuts her yap when he flashes the blade in front of her eyes though. 'Don't worry'. 'This is just to get you ready for breeding'. 'At least for now anyway'. 'Now, lets start with these nice jeans'. Hoping on, straddling her legs and sitting on her calves to keep them fairly still.

Taking the waist of her jeans in his left hand. Good grip and then slicing them down almost to her crotch. Telling her over her curses that her white throng is nice. In fact so nice he put his hand under it and forces his finger halfway into her ass hole.

Thrilled by her gasp and renewed fighting as he turns my finger this way and that in that tight anus. Enjoying her. Savoring his first penetration of this mean tongued bitch. 'Like that cunt'? 'Yeah'! 'Squeeze harder'! 'Maybe you will get my finger out of your asshole'. 'I am just testing how tight it will be when I shove all of my cock into it and ride it hard'.

It must hurt as she stops yelling and gasps. Looking at her face in the mirror maybe he can see a tear or two in her brown eyes. 'Well, time to get back to work with this knife'.

'I would stop trying to kick if I were you'. 'This thing could cause a really bad cut'. Popping his finger out of her ass. Forcing his other hand down and feeling up her slit. She goes very stiff. It's kind of sticky. She was likely dancing and flirting in that club and got it kind of wet and sweaty. Mmmmm. Back to work. Now, across and down her right leg about half way. When he starts the slicing down the left leg those curses turn into screams for help.

Taking a few moments to enjoy her firm thighs and buttocks. Laughing. 'Want me to pinch this blackhead'? Squeezing it out anyway. More curses. Laughing at her again. 'Damn woman this is fun and I have not even had my cock in you'! 'Would you like for me to help you yell for help'?

Yelling as loud as he can, 'Help, help'! 'I'm going to fuck this bitch's brains out'! Laying down his knife. Slapping her butt cheeks hard, alternating hands. Slapping them till she starts to freak and beg him to stop. 'Oh, does that hurt'? 'Your ass just looked like it need a nice spanking'.

Leaning around to see part of her face, 'Do you spank your women's ass when you fuck them with a strap-on'? She looks away from him. Says nothing. Sitting up straight not really caring if she answers that. Using her silence to swing around to sitting on her legs reversed. Picking up his knife, finishing the job of slitting her jeans down to the cuff. 'You have nice legs'. 'They are going to feel good around me when I am fucking you nice and slow'.

Laughing at the new string of curse words out of her mouth. Getting up and going to her thrashing feet and legs, grabbing the jeans material laying under her right leg, then from under her left leg, pulling it hard. Pulling her split jeans down her legs and off. 'Yes, you do have very nice legs'. 'Pretty feet too'. Silence. He can tell her body is very tense now. Back to sitting on the back of her legs. Cutting her blouse from the bottom to the back of her neck. Across to each shoulder to make it easy to rip out from under her.

Nice back and shoulders. Mmmmm. I have me a very good looking cunt to fuck in this one. A beautiful woman in other words. Hmmm? 'Should I cut this strapless bra off or just undo it'? 'Your call on this'?

Nothing so he just undoes it and pulls it free. Reaching around to cup those tits again. Laying his weight down her body. Kissing and sucking on the back of her neck. Smelling her hair.

She gasps a little then stays stiff as he kisss his way across her left shoulder enjoying her skin. Rubbing her ass with his cock through his jeans.

Hoping she can feel it. Whispering into her ear, 'You smell so good, taste so good'. 'Want to tell me your name'? 'Mine is Master to you'. 'As long as I want you, desire you, I own you'. 'In case you don't accept it yet, I can do anything I want to you and I will'. Feeling her tremble, almost shiver.

Getting up. Picking up her large hand bag. 'Lets just see what we can find out from this'? Dumping it out on the floor. Picking up her wallet first. 'Not much cash baby'. 'Are you a mooch when you are out in the bars or did you blow most of your money trying to score some pussy'?

No answer, just her hateful glare. 'Ah, here's your driver's license'. 'Kate Playground'. 'Pretty name for a pretty woman'. Dropping that, 'Hmmmmm, no condoms'. 'When was the last time you had some cock'? Grinning, 'no matter'. 'You are going to start getting plenty soon'. 'Wanna see it'? Standing where she can see him.

The cunt seems not to want to look at him though. Fuck her. Well. Since you insist I will do just that. Striping off his shirt. Rubbing his hairy chest. He knows she peeks. Watching her eyes. Kicking his shoes off.

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Taking his socks off too. Head turned away. Betting himself she takes a peek at his cock though. Zipping his fly down slowly. Letting the bulge in his jockey shorts come into view.

His stomach just as hairy as his chest. Dull red, curly and thick. Letting his jeans just fall down his legs to be kicked off and pushed to the side. 'Ready to see your cock baby'? Her eyes jerk as she peeks. Pushing his shorts down and letting his cock come free to stick out straight at her. She looks, sneers. 'You call that a cock'? 'I've seen bigger dicks on poodles'. Laughing. 'Maybe you have Kate but this one is my favorite dick in all the world and before this little session is over it will be the cock you know best in all the world too'.

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'It is going to fuck every hole you have over and over'. 'Get sucked and licked by that hot, pretty mouth of yours'. 'Fuck you deep in your throat and spurt cum in your cunt, your ass and your mouth'. 'Fuck you asshole'!

'Stick that in my mouth and I will bite it off'! 'Now I am glad to know that, you stupid cunt'. Picking up his handy, dandy icepick. 'When this poodle dick gets anywhere near you mouth this will be ready to stick through your fucking throat right where you don't have an Adam's apple'. She glares up at him. Eyes locked with his. 'In fact this is a good spot to make a very important point'. Grabbing her left hand in his larger left hand he slowly punctures the meaty part of her palm about half an inch with that icepick while she screams in pain.

Gripping her tight he rotates the point in her flesh slowly making her scream even louder before removing the point.

She is sobbing, gasping, her eyes full of tears. He holds her hand watching the blood flowing from the hole letting it drip onto the mattress.

'I think you will have a nice little dent like scar when this heals'. Laughing, 'Kind of a memento of me'. Still holding her hand tight he picks up a roll of gauze and a tube of neosporin. 'Now let me wrap this and stop the bleeding'. 'Be still for a minute'. Sobbing still she lets him wrap the gauze around and around her hand then tape it in place. Finished he kneels down near her face smiling again. 'The point I hope you now know is that I will hurt you really, really bad'.

'I like it when you fight and say things but only to a point'. 'The point of that icepick'. 'Understand'?

Teary eyes, no words. Looking around the drab room. Nothing to even look at from the way he has her tied to the bed. 'Well'. 'This is such fun but I have a few more things to do to get your ready for breeding'. 'I'll be right back'. Stopping, smiling. 'Don't go away now'. He goes and fetches the armrest he cut off the old dusty couch in the front room. It is hard to tell what color it was originally but it is mostly round and about a foot thick.

Wide enough to stick out both sides of her body once it is in place under her stomach too. Some of the nails stick out but once she knows where those are she can avoid laying on them. Well, maybe. Back in the bedroom, sitting down the armrest behind her out of her sight.

Picking up the two wires with the battery snap clamps on the ends. Sitting down beside her left side. Watching her face turned toward him as he kneads her left ass cheek. 'You have one fine ass in case I have not said till now'. Slapping it hard making her jump. 'You need to keep an eye on it though'. 'It will go to fat really quick otherwise'. Slipping his left hand under her while his right is in the middle of her back holding her down. Getting the large alligator clamp on her left nipple then letting her go while he attaches the end of the wire to the bed frame pulling her nipple taunt.

She does some jerking and cursing but once the wire is a bit tight she stops moving. Walking around the bed, sitting down and getting the other tit clipped. Squirming really stopping now though her eyes follow him full of hate.

Standing in front of her again. Her eyes looking up at him. 'Pretty good job even I say so'. 'I have one of those old crank telephones, but we'll get to that later if you still have some problems letting me fuck you anyway I like'. She just stares at him. 'Now don't worry if these tear your nipples'. 'I have anti-coagulate and a neat little sewing kit'. 'It would be best though if you don't tear one of them off completely'.

'I might not get it back on right'. A sob. 'Mmmmm, you look really pretty when you look up at me like this'. 'It would really be nice if you had m cock in your mouth'. She spits at him. Picking up the armrest, letting her see it. 'I'm going to put this under you to get your ass and pussy at a good height and angle'.

'I'll help you move forward on your knees a bit to keep the clamps from hurting too much if you like but if you don't want to move I will just lift you and force it under'. He can see the tension in her body. Thinking it is delicious. 'Gonna help me or not'? 'Fuck you, you bastard cocksucker'! 'Goody'! Swinging his body over her, ramming his powerful right arm down and around her waist and lifting her torso.

The wires go taunt and she whimpers from the pain as the clamps bite into her nipples. Gasps between crying and moans as he works the armrest under her and centers it. Finished he gets up and looks her over. 'Yes baby'. 'You are just the right height now and you do have a pretty slit and asshole'. 'I hope I am the first male to fuck that tight asshole'. Moving to look at her breasts. Good. No bleeding from her tits but the nipples are red.

'OK sweets'. 'Since you don't think this cock is that big maybe you will not feel a thing'. Pinning her legs as he straddles them again. Quickly jamming his knees down hard on the back of her thighs and knees.

First his right then his left. Using his knees, his full weight, to hurt her, force her legs apart. His weight forward. Hands gripping, nails short but digging into the cheeks of her ass. 'Ahhh'. 'Now baby'. Moving his cock to stroke between her raised cheeks. Back and forth across her tight asshole. She is very tense but open now. Loving how her little button flower looks all puckered, tense and tight. Confused sounds, curses from her.

'Is your cunt going to be as tight as your ass baby'? 'Time to find out'. He presses his cock against her pussy. Squirming, she struggles but the pain from the nipple clamps stop that. 'God no'! 'Oh no you bastard'! 'No, no, don't'! She clinches herself, trying to keep his cock out. Loud gasps, breathing frantic. Trying to kick him with her heels but that makes the clamps jerk. On his knees, cock held to her slit he pushes one more time. No entry so he slaps her right cheek as hard as he can making her cry out and relax her entrance enough to get a tiny bit in.

Watching the whelp fade from her skin. 'I like that'. Slapping her ass hard with both hands. Right, left, right, left. Making the nipple clamps hurt her. Barely hearing her cries for him to stop over the loud sound of his hands hitting her ass. Stopping suddenly. 'So you want me to stop spanking eh'? 'Let me in that nasty snatch of yours'! Cracking her ass open so he can see. Moaning. The tip is in. Pushing his cock, he slaps her left cheek hard, more cock in.

She is not wet but feels greasy. Good but kind of like cheesy goo inside her. 'I'm getting there baby'. 'Bet you can't tell though'. 'My cocks too little right'? A sob now. Looking at her again. Knob in, part of his shaft. Hot, tight labia around his cock. Pushing, little bitty hunching to keep what he has in but move it. Watching it work its way into her. Her lips naturally folding and unfolding on his knob and about an inch of his shaft. Taking his left hand from his cock he slaps her as hard as he can again.

First the right side then the left. Like before very loud. She whimpers and sobs. She takes him almost all the way in with a scream. 'Oh you bastard'! 'I will kill you for this'!

'Now your talking baby'. 'Breathing will help it in and ease your pain some'. Looking down at them. 'You are so fucking delicious baby'. 'Your cunt was made for real dick'! Starting his short hunching again. Making her spread, stretch to take his cock.

Loving her tight lips around it. Sliding up and down just a little as he thrusts. 'Oh fuck'! 'Baby this is good'! Hunching her harder. Hands on her ass, prying her open. Keeping it in, force fucking it into her cunt to his balls. 'Shit'! 'Oh fuck yes'! 'Its gonna cum fast baby'! Sobbing now. His back is arched. He holds her hips keeping it in as deep as he can. His breath rasping, grunting as his orgasm hits. Glancing down at her. Sweet little back hole partly open.

He can just barely see her pussy's lips around his shaft, his pubic hair, hers. Jamming his thumbs into her ass as he humps. Looking at her pink insides as he stretches her ass with his fingers. She feels a little dry but still good.

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A little more greasy than at the start. Still really good. 'Oh fucking shit'! Sorry that he looked at her pussy and his cock cause his cum is roaring up.

So good. Almost hurting it is so good. Grinding rather than thrusting, he pumps his cum deep into her cunt. Spurting and spurting from the thrill, how good she is, how wild this is. Back arched, hands gripping her cheeks hard, he rides her hole. Uses it. Really good now that she is full of fresh cum. Fucking his cum into every part of her womb. Breeding her. 'Oh you fucking cunt'! 'Fuck my cock pig'! 'Take it'! 'Take it all'!

Grunting and grinding as he pumps it to her. She crying in pain from the nipple clamps and he hopes, from his hard knob slamming into her cervix. Only oozing now. Ebbing and trembling himself. 'One more time bitch'! Gasping, he pulls almost all the way out then slams his cock back in deep. Pushing as hard as he can, grinding his pelvis on her ass. She kind of grunts but stays still.

Spent he lets his torso fall on top of her back. Not even hearing her cry out when that stretches her nipples in the clamps. He kisses and nibbles her neck then eases his hands under her to cup her breasts around the clamps. Gentle with them, loving them. She squirms and squeezes his cock out but says nothing turning her face away from his as best she can. Smelling her hair. Another kiss on her shoulder, a long lick up the side of her neck, and he raises up slowly putting his hands in the middle of her back making the clamps pull so she cries out in pain.

'Wow'! 'That was good'. 'Your cunt sucked a nice big load out of me'. 'You have been bred like a moon-eyed heifer now bitch'. 'Your cunt is so full of cum, sperm, you will drip the mattress wet under you'. 'But don't worry'. 'After one or two more times I will move you and turn you over onto your back'. 'We will make another wet spot then'. 'Oh'!

'That is a cool idea'. 'Let me watch you squeeze the juice out of your pussy'? 'Do you think it is possible to fuck a person to death'? 'In your case I am certainly going to try'. Leaning to see part of her face. 'No'? 'Gonna keep a bunch of cum inside'?

'You are on the pill right'? She grits her teeth, says nothing. He moves his wet cock up and hunches her between her ass cheeks with it till it is soft. Rubbing as much cum on her asshole as possible.

She has lain still, stiff the whole time he rides her. Looking down at her.

'Damn girl you look good with cum all slimy on your labia'. 'For a little dick you sure have a nice open hole now too'. Getting up, going to the ice chest for a beer. Popping the tab and coming around to face her. She lays there sullen. Saying nothing, eyes wet. Watching his face as he fixes the kitchen chair to sit on. 'Bet you did not feel a thing right'?

'I was temped to ask if you could feel it but I kind of got more interested in how good it felt to blow my wade inside you'. 'That was pretty good but I just know you can fuck better than that'. 'You'll never know you bastard'. Her voice cracking, breaking.

He grins, 'Maybe not but maybe yes'. 'Are you thirsty'? 'Getting hungry'? She refuses to answer. Taking a long swig. Watching her face. 'Do you hate kissing someone with beer breath'? 'If you took a swig you would not taste it so much when we kiss'. Mad. 'Bastard'! 'Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you'. 'When you are thirsty there is water and other drinks'. 'You just have to buy them as you might guess'. 'Say for a drink of water you smile at me a little'.

'Or better yet, stick out your tongue as far as you can and hold it there while I tap my cock on it and give you a taste of cum'. 'Man would it be nice to watch that pretty mouth you have clean this cock'. 'You do like the taste of cum I hope'? 'I've been eating a lot of fruit lately'. 'It's suppose to make cum taste better or so I have read'. 'Fuck you'! 'OK, OK'! 'Just telling you'. Holding her down with his hand in the middle of her back he un-clips each nipple clamp. Pinching, feeling of each nipple to see if it is bleeding.

'Are they sore baby'? 'Are you looking forward to me hooking them up again'? 'Still no talking eh'. 'You will talk'. 'I promise you that you will'. 'Now I am going to relax before I start working up another good hard on'. 'Your pussy will be a lot easier to get into now and then there is the anal thing to be done isn't there'? Sitting down in the chair, leaning back smiling at her. Picking up his cock in his hand. Pulling the soft knob with his fingers.

'It is kind of small now'. 'I like to think of it as a little like dehydrated milk'. 'Pour pussy on it then get out of its way'! Laughing. 'I think that is pretty witty even if you don't'. Holding his cock up. 'I do think I have nice balls'. 'Should I shave them'? 'Shave all my pubes so my cock will look bigger'? 'Would you like to shave me'? Laughing. 'Hey'! 'This can go a lot easier on you if you entertain me'. 'With your looks I am sure I am not the first guy that ever fucked you'.

'Why don't you tell me about the other cocks you have had'?

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'Throw in some of your lesbian slave cunt stories too'. 'It kind of makes me sad that you get more pussy than I do'. 'Guess this is a form of catch up isn't it'? She starts to answer him but her voice cracks from her mouth being so dry, hoarse from crying and screaming.

The sound that comes out is more like a croak so she decides to say nothing. 'Whoa, look at this'. 'It's starting to get hard again'. 'Just the image in my mind of you actually fucking for fun is doing it'. 'You do take it up the ass right'? 'I bet your ass is tight'. 'Tighter than your snatch'? 'Too many big dildo have reamed it out I suspect'.

'As we play I will teach you some internal exercises to tighten your pussy up'. Leering at her, pumping his still flaccid cock with his right hand. 'When was the last time you took a shit'? 'I would hate it if I caused you to shit on your mattress'. 'Be sure and warn me so I can get out of the way'.


'Do you need to pee'? 'I can find something to put under you and then dry you off if you like'? She says nothing. Finishing his bottle of beer. 'Back to work now'. 'Am I going to have to force your legs open this time'? (I really like and appreciate comments about the content.

I have no interest in your grammar skills or critiques. Enjoy it or not, at least vote. Well. If you feel like it.)