German girl self nude story

German girl self nude story
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This is my first posting. Any comments would be appreaciated and can be sent to [email protected] Lucky Me Part 1 Chapter 1 I met her at a video rental place. She looked younger, but I didn't realize how young.

Me, I'm 45, a bit overweight as guys my age tend to be. I still have all my hair, but I keep it close cropped so I don't have to waste time getting ready for work in the morning. It was Friday evening, after work and as a divorced man in my middle ages, all my friends married, I didn't have much to do.

I have a girlfriend I see every other week or so, depending on her mood. Her name is Ellyn. Nice woman, a bit pudgy, some nice curves, nice rack, blonde hair. Divorced mom of 3 kids. She's 40 and lives a couple towns over and is always busy with her kids.

Our relationship is one of convenience for her. Good sex, but pretty vanilla. I decided to go to my local video store and pick up a couple movies to watch this weekend. Upon entering I was greeted by some staff members and I nodded a cursory hello. As I walked to the back of the store to see what new releases were out, I noticed her putting videos back on the shelf.

She was about 5 feet tall, tiny little thing. She had long blonde hair, about halfway down her back which she kept in a braided pony tail.

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Her tan pants and blue shirt weren't all that flattering but she was an attractive young lady. At least to me she was. I know young, good looking guys probably passed her up in pursuit of the "hot chick" from the local bar. But to me, a middle aged man with few prospects, I found her attractive. "Got anything worth watching" I inquired. Slightly startled she turned and looked at me and smiled. "Hi, I have a few new movies here. What kind of movies do you like?" She asked. I saw her name tag and it stated her name as "Emma".

"Well Emma, I like to laugh a lot considering the way of the world these days" I replied. She smiled and held out a comedy she was about to put back on the shelf. "Give this one a try.

I laughed my ass off" she giggled. Looking at her backside, I said "Doesn't look like you've lost it all" She laughed at my little joke and went back to putting videos on the shelf as I wandered down along the wall to look at other movies.

"Maybe an action movie" I thought to myself. I continued towards the end of the wall and I ran into Emma again. "Oh, so now you want some action?" she smiled knowingly. I chuckled at her joke and said "I'm always up for some action" She held out her small hands with the last movie she was going to put on the shelf. "Bruce Willis is always good" she smiled. "I'm sure he gets LOTS of action!" "Oh, I'm sure that he does with his rugged good looks and HUGE bank account" I laughed. "I actually have been wanting to watch this one, but I haven't seen it yet" Emma stated.

"Well too bad for you I'm taking the last copy huh?" I teased. Emma did a fake sad face and said "I guess I'll just have to wait a WHOLE week to watch it after you return action for me until then.unless.".


She trailed off on that last part and I took that as a signal. "Well, what time do you get off work?" I asked. "I get off at that too late?" "Do I need to pick you up?" I queried.

She replied that she does drive, "duh?" I wrote down my address for her and said I'd be at home. I was excited. I had this pretty young lady who at the very least would come over and watch some movies with me.

At home, I did the quick clean up of the house, including the "kid's room". The kid is my 14 year old stepdaughter whom my ex wife had from her first marriage.

I practically raised Kelly from the age of 3 until we were divorced when Kelly was 10. We still have a relationship and her mom is ok with her visiting on alternating weekends. Emma arrived around 11:30 and showed her into my great room which had a cathedral ceiling with an overlooking loft (the upstairs bedrooms and hallway), fireplace and completed with a 60" Plasma and surround sound. Fortunately I made enough money to live comfortably and still keep my ex and step daughter in the comfort they were accustomed to.

A fired burned in the fire place warming the room as we sat on the low leather sofa and started the movie. It was the action movie I had rented. Bruce was typical form, chasing bad guys and shooting and blowing things up. After about 20 minutes of small talk, me telling her about my ex and stepdaughter etc, Emma asked if she could use the restroom and I told her there is one by the entry way and one upstairs and use which ever one she wanted. She quickly hopped off the couch and bounded upstairs and overlooking the great room, she smiled and said "I'll be down in a few minutes!" I thought how lucky I was to have this pretty young girl who by all appearances was at least 20 years old, here on a Friday night watching a good movie.

She had said to continue the movie without her so I kind of forgot about her for a moment as I got into the movie. Twenty minutes had passed when I heard her yell out, "aren't you worried about me yet?" I paused the movie and yelled back, "Are you ok?!" "Come up here a minute!" she yelled back.

I climbed the stairs wondering what she was doing and as I reached the top of the stairs she yelled "In here!" Her voice came from my stepdaughter's room.

As I walked into her room, I saw Emma lying on the bed, wearing nothing but a pair of those "boy shorts" the girls like to wear these days. They were pink and had lacy edges to them. Instant boner! She lay on her back, her hair let down, her "A" cup breasts standing pert, even when she was on her back. I stood in the doorway and said "cute underpants". "Thanks, they're your daughters" she replied. I hope she doesn't mind. I didn't have any and these looked nice.

"Now fuck my throat Daddy!" Her mouth glistened a bit. I walked over to her and kissed her hard on her mouth, my saliva mixing with hers. She kinda pushed my face away and she spit out some more saliva and let it land on her face. She took her hand and rubbed all over her face. Meanwhile I dropped my pants and underwear in one swift movement.

She pinched her nipples making them stand erect and then spit some more again letting it land on her face. Her face was slick. "C'mon Daddy, aren't you going to fuck my mouth?" she pleaded.

"Come and fuck your little girl's mouth Daddy". I was hard already and hearing her talk like that spurred me on. I placed the head of my cock at her upside down lips and she opened up wide and reached up grabbing my balls and pulled me into her mouth. "Oh god.that feels great" I exclaimed as my cock slid halfway into her mouth. I'm not huge, but 7 inches is fine for me and besides, the women claim my girth is what they like best. Emma took more of my cock into her spit slickened mouth until I was in balls deep.

I felt her tongue on my balls and all I could think was "wow! This girl has talent!" I started to pump her mouth as she gobbled my cock.

She moaned around my cock and I thought I was hurting her so I pulled out. She let go of my cock with a slight pop and an intake of breath. "No Daddy! Give me your cock!" Emma pleaded again. She said that with a little girl voice and that drove me nuts! Too many times my stepdaughter walked around here in her underware and it drove me crazy and now Emma was apparently roleplaying the part of "daughter" for me.

Well I grabbed hold of Emma's small tits and pumped her mouth and throat full of my cock. I saw her throat bulge as I slid home, all the way in up to my balls. She mumbled something around my cock so I pulled out again to see what she said.

"What? Am I hurting you?" I asked worriedly. "Fuck my titties Daddy! Fuck my little titties!" She more or less commanded me.

I moved forward so that my cock rode over her chest and my ass was above her face now. I pushed her small peach sized titties together as best I could and with the help of all the saliva, especially now that my cock had been down her throat, I started to fuck her titties per her request.

I felt her tongue on my balls as I slowly slid my cock over chest and between those small firm titties. I felt her reaching behind me as she lay on her back still and grab my ass cheeks. She pulled and smacked them as her tongue worked magic on my balls and my hard cock slid around her almost flat chest. Rubbing my cock head on her hard nipple, first one, then the other nipple.

She pulled my ass cheeks apart and then I felt her tongue on my ass. I groaned in appreciation. I've only had one other woman do this for me and it felt awesome! Emma swirled her tongue around my butthole, teasing it, pushing on it with her strong tongue. I lowered my ass more, covering her face, riding her tongue as it delved inside of my ass now, poking my hole.

"Ohhhh.Daddy! You like having your asshole licked by your little girl don't you?" Emma taunted. "I want to Daddy, can I?" I was wondering what she meant by "want to" and as I was used to giving my lovers what they want, I replied "Sure babydoll, whatever Daddy's little girl wants" Emma pushed her tongue back into my ass again this time with more force and more direct stimulation. I leaned back, closed my eyes and grabbed my cock stroking it while she tongue fucked my asshole.

"Oh baby, you sure know how to make Daddy feel good" "Daddy, don't cum yet! I'm not done! I want to eat your cum." Emma replaced her tongue with a finger in my ass. In it went, slick as it was from her saliva.where does she get all this saliva? She sawed her finger in and out of my ass while I tweaked her nipples. She suddenly slid a second finger into my ass, it was tight but she worked it in, wiggling it around in a circle getting my anus relaxed to accomodate her two fingers. I stopped stroking my cock because I was going to cum if I didn't.

Who was I to deny this beautiful young lady a load of my cum? She pulled and stretched my anus with her two fingers and continued to talk dirty to me. "Mmmm Daddy likes his asshole stretched by his little girl doesn't he?" Emma cooed. "I want to Daddy, can I?" Second time she asked and still I did not know. "Want to what baby? What is it that you want to do Emma?" She pushed me off of her, patted the bed next to her. I sat down and she quickly told me to get on my hands and knees on my stepdaughter's bed.

I faced towards the foot of the bed, looking at the mirror over the dresser to my right, I saw Emma get behind me and lean over until her breasts were on my ass. She rubbed her small boobs against my ass, taking one in her hand and pushed it into the crack of my ass and rubbed her nipple on my asshole.

It felt great. She was so imaginative and dirty too! "Is that what you want baby? You want to rub your nipple on my ass?" I smiled. I was ok with her doing it. It felt great, especially when she reached under with her hand and started stroking my cock. I looked in the mirror at her and saw her smile an evil little smile. She got up and walked over to my stepdaughter's dresser and reached down to the bottom drawer. I admired her slim hips and round ass as she bent over and fished around in my stepdaughter's drawer.

She stood up holding a large dildo, about 8" long and an inch and a half thick, in the shape of a cock, with a big bulbous head and thick veins molded on the side. I was surprised. "Did you know your daughter had this?" Emma asked as she climbed onto the bed in front of me and lay down facing me with her legs spread. She took the dildo and started to lick it, then slid it all over her already slick face, stuck it into her mouth and deepthroated it, bringing it back out with a string of saliva attached between her lips and the head of the big dildo.

I started to sit up when she said "I didn't say for you to get up did I?" Who was I to argue? "Did you know she has this?" "No. I didn't" was all I could manage to say, mesmerized by her dildo play. She ran the dildo over her small tits, first one, then the other as she slowly slid it down to her pussy which of course was shaven bare. I didn't know if her pussy hair was the same color as her blonde locks.

She rubbed the rubber cock head between her glistening pussy lips gasping slightly as she pushed it in an inch into her mound. I watched intently.

"Mmmm Daddy.just think. Your daughter has had this big rubber cock in her little 14 year old pussy. How hot is that Daddy?" Emma seemed to really like the Father/Daughter roleplay and it sure was hot to me! She moaned as she pushed the cock into her cunt deeper, slowly, then back out again slowly, obviously enjoying the feeling it gave her.

"Taste my pussy Daddy!" She pushed the rubber cock into my lips.hard.forcing me to open my mouth for the glistening rubber cock. I almsot gagged as she pushed it in hard. "Suck it Daddy.suck the rubber cock for me. Taste my pussy Daddy!" she commanded. Well I had no other choice really, so I sucked her juices off the rubber cock and pulled my head back.

She took the dildo and plunged it into her cunt again, pumped a few times then pulled it out. "Eat my pussy Daddy, NOW!" Emma commanded again. I, still on all fours leaned down to lick her pussy while she rubbed the cockhead on her clit. She moaned and wiggled her thin legs and hips while I ate her. Suddenly she pulled her legs wide apart and back and put them behind her head! Amazing! She was so limber!

This totally exposed her pussy and ass. "Lick it Daddy! Lick my asshole for me!" Emma cried. I plunged my tongue into her gash again before slipping my way down that wet valley to her little brown starfish winking at me. She was so young and fresh and I went right in with gusto. I tongue fucked Emma's brown eye, in and out, wiggling around inside then back out. She reached down with her hands and pulled her ass open for me.

"Look Daddy! Look at my hole. Is it open? I want it open for you. Open my ass Daddy! Kiss my butthole!" She was just getting warmed up. Her ass loosened a bit more as I put my tongue back in and she through her head back and moaned in extasy. "Ohhhhhhh Daddddddddddy! Suck on my ass!" I did as she asked and locked my lips around her slackening anus.

I sucked it and released it and sucked it and released it, playing with her loosening ass lips. "Mmmm my baby doll likes to have her ass about fucked?" I grinned up at her, looking at her eyes in her dreamlike state. She replied by taking a finger from each hand and shoving them into her hole, pulling it wide. "How about now Daddy? Is it gaping?" she said with a rasp. "I like a big, gaping, gooey fuck hole, don't you Daddy?" This girl was so fucking dirty!

"Put the toy in my ass Daddy, please!" she begged. I took the rubber cock from her, still glistening with her cunt juice and pushed it against her puckered hole. It went halfway in without much resistance. "Wow, you are nice and relaxed baby huh?" I commented. "Thats the hole my real Daddy used to fuck me in all the time, new Daddy" she smiled coyly.

Hearing that had me torn. It was so wrong but so hot to think of a man fucking his hot daughter. "Wow Emma.thats um.interesting. How old were you when he did that?" I queried as I pumped the rubber cock in and out of her ass, pulling it out with a pop and then back into her gaping hole. Once again her head was back, her legs still behind her head and her finger now on her clit as I fucked her ass with the rubber cock.

She grabbed the rubber cock out of my grasp and pumped it fast and furious in her ass as she came with a moan and a little fluid squirted out of her pussy.

"Mmmmm Daddy, that felt so good!" she said, ignoring my question. "Taste my asshole Daddy" she commanded. As I leaned in to lick her ass again, she pulled the rubber cock out and shoved it to my lips. "Do it this way Daddy, suck the cock. Now its been in my pussy and in my ass and in your daughter's pussy too!

Taste it!" As I bent to her will and allowed the rubber cock in my mouth I thought of this big rubber cock sliding in and out of my 14 year old stepdaughter's delectable pussy.

As I sucked the rubber cock, I looked up at Emma's beautiful face, a knowing smile on her face. "How's my ass taste Daddy?


To answer your question, I was 12 the first time. That was 5 years ago." I almost chocked on the rubber cock and quickly let it fall from my mouth.

"You're only 17?!" I asked in shock. I swear she looked 20.maybe even 22. "Oh don't act so shocked Daddy, you knew I was underage." Emma replied evenly. I stammered that I didn't know and that I could get in serious trouble but she hushed me by pulling me by my ears into her crotch again. "Eat me Daddy, just shut the fuck up and lick my little butthole!" My cock lurched as she said this. I was stuck. There was no turning back for me.

She had me hook, line and sinker. Her dirty talk, her dirty actions, her waifish figure. It all had me in a trance. I was a slave to this little slut and honestly, at this point, even if the police came into my house at that very moment I wouldn't have stopped until they cuffed me. "What the hell Daddy!??" I looked up to a different voice.

It was my stepdaughter Kelly. What the hell was she doing here at this hour? What was she doing here at all? She's not supposed to be here this weekend. I froze. Ok, the cops putting the cuffs on and my stepdaughter walking in. Two things that would make me stop. I sat up and grabbed one of her pillows to hide my raging hard on. "Oh, so this is Kelly huh Daddy?" Emma said with a smile and smacked her pussy with her hand.

"Daddy? Why is she calling you 'Daddy'?" Kelly asked sounding hurt. "And why are you guys in my room!?" Emma was bright. She saw an opportunity and grabbed the 8" dildo from the bed and waved it almost as if flagging down a taxi. "Is this something you recognize Kelly?" "Hey thats my." and then Kelly shut her mouth and turned beet red. "Kelly, its ok. I love cock too and by the way, thanks for letting me borrow your panties" Emma replied softly.

Kelly's eyes opened wide and her nostrils flared at the recognition of her panties hanging on one of Emma's legs. Kelly took a deep breath and put her head down in shame. She was embarrased on many levels. Finding her stepdad engaged in sex and with one of her dildos and also this girl she didn't know wearing her panties for her dad. AND she called him Daddy! "Kelly, clearly you are a bit embarrased by all this. Don't be. Come over here" Emma requested as she brought her legs back to normal and sat cross legged on Kelly's bed.

Kelly walked over sheepishly and sat on the bed between Emma and I. I was still in shock and had sat back against her headboard with all three of the bed's pillows covering me. "Hmm.someone has been drinking" Emma stated. Apparently Kelly had been into her mom's booze cabinet, her mom found out and kicked her out, not because she was drinking, but because she stole her mom's booze and with nowhere else to go she came over here and found us in "compromising positions" so to speak.

Luckily I didn't live too far from the ex and Kelly only had a 20 minute walk to get here. "I can't believe thish is happening!" Kelly said with a slur. The booze had taken its effect on her and with that she started to cry.

Emma did what any other woman would have done and put her arm around my stepdaughter to console her. She stroked her hair as tears poured from Kelly's eyes. Her slight frame shook, her long jet black hair covering her face as she cried in Emma's arms. My stepdaughter was one of those "emo" girls who wore the dark clothes, dark eyeliner etc. She was a beautiful young girl and had started to fill out when she was 13. Her mom, my ex, is a natural D cup and her daughter probably was going to be the same, but at 14 years old, she maybe had a good size B cup breast which she now hid in baggy clothing.

She did have a great big round ass that seemed like it belonged on a 1940's movie starlet. It stuck way out, round as a wheel and at 14, hard as it could be due to her hard work in gymnastics.

Perhaps part of the reason she had the big bottom was her dad was hispanic and you know those latin gals and their nice apple bottoms. As Emma continued to console her I decided it would be best if I left the room and let those two talk and myself I walked to my bedroom and put a robe on. I could hear them talking, but not what was being said and after a few minutes I heard them both giggling like young girls should be.

I smiled to myself and went to the third bedroom in my house which I had converted to an office. I have a small refridgerator in there where I keep some coke and a nice chilled bottle of Captain. I poured myself a drink, a strong one at that due to the circumstances.

What a way to kill a boner! At least Emma got to cum I thought to myself as a downed the first drink and was on my second one. Thirty or so minutes had passed and I could still hear them talking and giggling in Kelly's room.

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I knocked on the door even though it was open a crack and poked my head in. "Everything ok ladies?" I asked. They both looked at me and smiled and then smiled at each other. In unison they answered."Everythings fine Daddy!" and they giggled some more. "Well now what?" I asked. Emma put a hand up to cut me off and said "We've decided that I'm going to stay the night. I've already called my mom and said I'm staying at a friends house because she had a bad emotional night and needs consoling.

Mom bought it and besides.its true" Kelly nodded her head in agreement. "So I guess I'll leave you two alone and go to bed. Typical Friday night for me!" I said good naturedly. I guess it really was an emotional night for all involved with the possible exception of Emma.

She seemed to have a handle on it all. Very mature for a girl of 17 I thought to myself.

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With that I went and made another cocktail and headed to my room for some sleep and I would take what comes in the morning. I lay down on my King sized bed, turned on my 48" Plasma and tuned into something on the history channel.

Finishing my drink, I took my robe off and slid under my soft sheets and felt the booze do its magic. Chapter 2 I could smell the sweet perfume. Some beautiful smelling fragrance. Smelled good. Smelled feminine and sexy. I felt I was aroused. How long had I slept? 10 Hours? I felt movement on the bed. Then I smelled that other smell. The smell of sex. It permeated the air. My eyes still shut I thought I must be dreaming.

Still felt the effects of the booze. Giggling of two girls. Then I started to remember last night. Emma. Sweet waifish Emma, that dirty slut. And my sweet but apparently not so innocent stepdaughter Kelly.

My head was facing the side of the bed on the wall with the night stand and there was my cocktail glass from last night. The clock said 4 am. I guess its still last night. Theres also another cocktail glass with about a shot worth of booze in it still.

Clarity came to me in the booze fog. The giggling must be Emma. She must have come in here after Kelly fell asleep. I closed my eyes as I felt her body next to mine. I turned onto my side facing the wall and closed my eyes again.

Emma spooned me. I could feel the warmth of her body next to mine. She ran her hands over my back and sides and down to my ass, rubbing gently, exploring my body, then reaching around my nude body and grabbing my semi hard cock. I heard her gasp as her hand gripped my cock and say in a hushed voice "it's so big. Nice and warm too" There she was again in that little girl voice teasing me. I smiled in my semi concious state, feeling myself get hard in her hand.

Blindly I turned to kiss her, feeling her long hair against my skin was nice.

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My lips sought her lips and found them. I pulled her in close with my eyes closed and slipped my tongue inside her mouth. We kissed passionately for about 30 seconds before I realized that the breasts mashed against my chest were much bigger than Emma's breasts. I opened my eyes to find that my tongue was inside my 14 year old stepdaughter's mouth!

I suddenly broke the kiss and pushed back a little. "Kelly!?? What are you doing!?" I asked in shock. "Daddy, relax. It's all alright. Emma explained it all to me." "Emma explained what Kelly?

Please tell me what she said" "Why don't I just show you what I told her", Emma said from the side of the bed. "What on earth is going on here Emma?" I asked again, this time a little annoyed. As I started to sit up, Emma jumped on the bed, on the other side of me so that I was sandwiched between the two girls. Emma pushed me on my back and covered her mouth with mine, shoving her tongue into my mouth, forcing the kiss.

I melted with this nubile young woman assaulting my mouth. Kelly, watched in fascination as Emma kissed me deeply. "That's right Daddy, we're going to show you what you like" Emma said naughtily. Both girls were already naked and since I sleep nude, I was also. Emma used her knees to push my legs apart and then she got on one leg and motioned Kelly onto my other leg.

Then both girls started rubbing the pussies against my legs, humping my legs. I could feel the heat from both of the girls, their juices flowing and making my legs wet.

I was horrified and also incredibly aroused at the same time. They moaned as they humped my leg, their hands running up and down my chest and then their hands met at my cock which was rock hard. "Kelly, look at Daddy's cock! It's all hard! You should suck it" Emma giggled. Kelly wasn't giggling.

She was filled with trepidation, knowing she was really crossing that line now. Yet, she lowered her head, still slowly gyrating her cunt against my leg, sliding down my leg in fact until her face was even with my hard on. She licked the head of my cock and it jumped and she giggled breaking the quietness of the moment. We all laughed. "Kelly, there is no coming back from this you know" I cautioned her.

"I know Daddy. I want to do this. I wanted this for the longest time. Emma has helped me realize that." With that, Kelly lowered her mouth over my cock, taking about a third of it into her mouth before stopping and coming up quickly.

"You're my first Daddy. My first blow job" Kelly explained. She went back down quickly as if I would have stopped her after her saying that. I didn't. I didn't want her to stop. It felt good. It felt very wrong and it also felt very dirty. I suppose that's part of the reason it felt so good. "The Naughty Factor" I call it.

My girl had it. I should have known that the first time Emma pulled that 8" dildo out of Kelly's dresser.

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Up and down she went on my cock, coating it with her saliva, going down a bit deeper each time. Emma coached her, told her to relax her throat, allow me to go deeper. She worked at it Kelly did. She worked hard at sucking my dick. I couldn't hold back and I erupted into her mouth. She gagged a bit and let it spill out of her mouth all over my cock and then coming off of it she inhaled sharply as if she had been underwater for three minutes.

I groaned in appreciation and she smiled still stroking my cock as my cum slowly streamed out of the head of my cock. I looked up at her beautiful face. Her black eye liner was running and she had my cum and her spit all over her face.

A beautiful mess her face was. Emma seized the moment and took my stepdaughter's face in her hands and licked her face, licking my cum off of it. Then they kissed a long deep passionate kiss and then turned to me and each one kissed me, leaving me some of my cum in my mouth to share the moment.

"Wow! Fuck me! That was so hot!" I exclaimed. Both girls giggled. "That's right Daddy, FUCK YOU!" Emma said and they both giggled again. Both girls pushed me to the side of the bed and they took the middle, obviously their turn. Emma pushed Kelly onto her back, spread her legs and then started licking Kelly's pussy.

This was the first time I'd seen her pussy. What hair there was, which was very little was as fine as silk and dark black, just like the hair on her head. There was just a little tuft of it over her mons venus. Kelly moaned and writhed on the bed as Emma performed magic with her tongue.

This was obviously not her first rodeo. "I see you are well versed in the oral arts Emma" I stated. "Oh Daddy, she's so good! Licking my pussy so good. I've never felt this good before Daddy!" Kelly cooed. Emma took Kelly's athletic legs and pushed them back. Back behind her head like Emma had done for me earlier, totally exposing Kelly's pussy and ass.

"Guess what else your daughter likes Daddy?" Emma smiled coyly. "When you tasted that rubber cock, not only did you taste Kelly's pussy but you also tasted her ass! That's so fucking hot! Your dad sucked your ass Kelly!" Emma exclaimed. Both girls giggled again and as they did I noticed Kelly's little asshole kind of wink at me. I continued to watch their scene unfold, Emma went back at Kelly's slick cunt with her tongue and now her fingers too, working two into the folds of her pussy.

Kelly moaned deeply, totally engrossed in her feelings when Emma went into over drive and drove her tongue into Kelly's little butthole. "OH MY GOD YES EMMA!" Kelly cried. Emma worked Kelly's anus with her tongue and I knew how good it felt to her. Emma put a hand on each of Kelly's ass cheeks and pulled them apart. "Look Daddy, she's starting to gape just like I do" Emma explained. I watched intently as Emma dilated my 14 year old stepdaughter's butt hole by relaxing it with her tongue and now two fingers from her cunt.

The fingers slid in easy as Emma tongued around Kelly's nether regions. "Daddy, you lick it now. Lick your daughter's butthole" Emma commanded. My cock was beyond stirring and was hard again as Emma guided my head down between my stepdaughter's half moons and pushed my face into Kelly's ass.

"Oh fuck this is dirty! Lick her dirty hole Daddy! Lick your dirty girl's dirty little asshole" Emma once again commanded. I delved in deep into the already slightly open asshole of my 14 year old step daughter.

I lapped at her hole, giving her the same anal sucking that Emma got earlier tonight. Locking my lips around her anus and sucking gently on her anal ring, as my tongue slipped up inside of her ever loosening ass. I tongue fucked my daughter's ass. It was hot. Her anus clenched on my tongue as it fucked her.

I could feel her spasms as her muscles tightened up and went slack again. Like her anus was trying to draw my tongue up inside of her.


Emma had gotten behind me as I was in a semi-kneeling position and started to lick my ass and rub my cock from behind. I wasn't expecting that so when her tongue touched my ass I was a bit startled and jumped a little causing my face to mash into my stepdaughter's ass hard.

She moaned when that happened. "Daddy! Do it! Tongue my little brown fuck hole! Now I want you to fuck it!" Kelly exclaimed. Pressure from behind me as Emma heard Kelly's pleas and was guiding my cock into my daughter's slick ass. With one hand she positioned the head at her anus and with her other hand she spread Kelly's big round ass as wide as one can with one hand.

I swiveled my hips slightly and the head of my cock popped up inside of my stepdaughter's 14 year old ass. Oh god did that feel hot and tight! So good it felt. I had to stop while her anus expanded around the girth of my cock. "Daddy! Easy! Fuck. Slow, go slow please Daddy!" Kelly cried. Emma didn't like the sound of that. She wanted action and she wanted it now! She shoved hard down on my ass forcing my cock all the way into my stepdaughter's ass, causing Kelly to cry out in pain.

"Fuck it Daddy! Fuck Kelly's ass! Pound that little slut's hole!" Emma commanded. She helped me as best as she could lifting my hips and pushing back, encouraging me to pound the hell out of my stepdaughter's tight little asshole. My cock lurched in and out of Kelly's bottom, my hands grabbing my stepdaughter's ankles as they were still locked behind her head, I ravaged her hole.

There was no stopping this freight train now! She was like a rag doll on the end of my cock, but now her ass was relaxed and she was moaning in pleasure, fingering her tight little cunt as my cock plowed her backdoor. Emma, still behind me reached under and where my cock entered my daughter's ass, her fingers played. Stroking my cock as it pistoned in and out of Kelly's ass, dipping inside along with my cock as I fucked that hot little slut's butthole.

"Fuck Kelly, so fucking hot inside your ass baby doll! If I knew this is what you wanted I would have helped you out a long time ago" "Mmm Daddy! Fuck your little girl's ass! I want your cum in my hole. I want to feel that hot fucking cum shooting into my ass Daddy!" Kelly cried. She rocked her hips back and forth wiggling around on my cock like it was a pogo stick.

She and I got into a rhythm as Emma toyed around my ass with her fingers. Suddenly I pulled out of Kelly's ass and flipped her over so she was on all fours. "Get that big fucking ass up in the air Kelly, stick it right up for Daddy's cock" I commanded.

Kelly complied and put her head down and her ass up. It was beautiful and round and shaped like a heart. A heart I was going to fuck the hell out of. "Emma, get underneath and lick her clit and my balls" Emma complied and dutifully slid under us and proceeded to tongue the hell out of my stepdaughter's clit and lick my balls.

She decided to add a third dimension to our fucking by slipping two fingers into my ass. I groaned low and long as her fingers wiggled up inside of my rectum, feeling around for my prostate. She found it. I pumped hard into Kelly's ass, deep. I sank it all the way in as I emptied the content of my balls into my 14 year old step daughter's brown starfish. It spasmed around my cock as my cum shot spurt after spurt into that hot hole.

Kelly happened to reach her orgasm at about the same time. Lucky me! I had two hot girls who were there to please me! I moaned as I slowly pulled my still stiff cock out of my daughter's ravaged anus, a string of cum pulling at the end of my cock and then eventually dripping down onto Emma's sweet face. "Fuck that was hot and you're a whore Emma! A damned hot one!" I smiled at her. She pushed me out of the way, my daughter's ass still upturned. "Don't move an inch Kelly" Emma commanded.

She kneeled beside my daughter's ass, then slowly started to lick it, starting at the top of her butt crack and then down over her anus. "Pull your ass open slut" Emma told Kelly. Kelly did as she was commanded and reached back with both hands and pulled her ass open for Emma.

Emma lapped at Kelly's gaping hole a couple times then looked at me. "Your turn Daddy. Clean your daughter's dirty fuck hole. NOW!" Emma commanded She grabbed me by my neck and pushed my face into Kelly's apple bottom and then told me "Lick it Daddy, lick her gaping hole.

Lick her gape. Stick that tongue in there and get your cum out of your slutty little daughter." I hesitated and she pushed me into it, tongue first as it were, swirling around in Kelly's open butthole, tasting my cum in there. "Tongue fuck it Daddy. I want to see cum on your tongue" Emma said intensely. I tongue fucked Kelly's hot gooey asshole, plenty of cum on my tongue now and Emma pulled me by my ear to my daughter's side. "Kiss her with that cummy mouth you sick fuck" I felt dirty, ashamed and excited all at once.

I kissed my stepdaughter passionately sharing our love juice. Emma separated us and she kissed me deeply and passionately. "That was by far the hottest sex I've ever been a part of or heard" Emma told us both. Little did I know this was just the beginning.