Chad screwing Lauren Phillips sweet tight anal so hard

Chad screwing Lauren Phillips sweet tight anal so hard
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Chapter One: Best Friends Sarah sighed as she shut the door of her black Dodge Ram. Finally. The weekend. No college classes, no work this weekend. And better yet, she was taking a vacation soon. She leaned back in the charcoal grey seats and shut her eyes, relaxing for a moment.

Suddenly, someone flicked her nipple through her thin fishnet-covered black tank-top. "Hey!" she exclaimed and opened her eyes. Her best friend, Bella, was leaning in the open window, a big grin on her face. "Don't fall asleep, love. You've got to drive me home, remember?" "Oh, that's right," Sarah said, closing her eyes again.

"Sorry, Bella, I forgot." Bella circled around the front and climbed in the passenger side. She tossed her grey-and-pink plaid backpack in the back seat.


"You alright?" she asked. "Just tired and thankful that it's the weekend." Sarah smiled at her friend as she shoved the keys in the ignition. Sarah was the shy Gothic girl at Julliard. She and Bella had been friends for years and had both come to Julliard for the same thing: music.

They were both amazing singers, despite Sarah's shyness. Sarah and Bella seemed completely different. Sarah had ink black hair and big blue eyes, usually thickly lined in black eyeliner and mascara.

Bella had golden blond hair and shimmery summer green eyes and was always smiling and joking. However, despite their differences, they were the best of friends.

Sarah often found herself feeling very jealous of Bella. She was an absolute babe, with her 36D breasts, tiny waist, big butt, and endless legs. Bella was much taller than her, about five foot nine, while Sarah was only five foot two. Her breasts were only 34Bs but for her small stature, it wasn't unusual. Bella wished that Sarah didn't find herself so unattractive.

She wished she would look around and see just how many guys stared and ogled her as she passed them on her way to her truck. She herself often found Sarah very attractive. "What're you staring at?" Sarah asked, blushing.

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Bella shook her head, unaware of her staring. "Nothing. You just look very pretty today." She smiled shyly and turned her eyes back to the road, her pale cheeks tinted a rosy color. "Thanks.hey, do you want to stay at my apartment tonight? We can get drunk, have some fun?" Sarah said, grinning. That was the one thing about her that was similar with Bella. They both loved to get drunk, but only in the comfort of their own homes. Sarah hated to party. "Sure, let me just text Amy and tell her I'm not coming home tonight." Amy was Bella's older sister.

They were living together while Bella's apartment building was fumigated. "You still have my bag at your house, right?" "Yup." "You didn't look in it, did you?" Bella asked. She had some "personal" items in there.

"Of course not." She did. Sarah had been using her friend's small purple vibrator since the last time she stayed over. She didn't really like penetration, so this little toy was perfect for her.

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She loved clitoral stimulation and this thing buzzed and vibrated like train tracks on her thick clit. Sometimes she even left it on all night, pressed tight against the large nub by her tightest pair of panties.

When she woke up in the morning, it was usually to a huge orgasm and her panties and bed were soaked with her juices. The thought of that little toy made her breaths a little heavy and Sarah parted her lips for breath. "You okay, Sarah?" Bella asked. "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. We're here," she said hurriedly, pulling into her parking space at her apartment building.

Her face was on fire as she opened the car door. Bella saw her friend's little nipples poking out of her shirt as they got out of the truck. Her lightly-tanned cheeks pinkened slightly and she chuckled to herself. She grabbed her backpack and followed Sarah into the apartment. Chapter Two: Frustration "Hey, Bells, I'm going to go take a shower, okay?" Sarah grabbed her sexy pajamas that she wore whenever Bella came over.


It wasn't that she wanted to attract her. She just loved to dress up and impress when she was here. Deep down inside herself, she knew it was because she wanted to show off what she DID have. "Alright. See you soon," Bella said, not taking her eyes off the TV, where she was scrolling through the channels in the guide. As soon as the shower turned on in the bathroom, Bella picked the porn channel.

She loved watching porn and soon her fingers were lightly and gently twisting her nipples through her silky pale blue tank-top pajamas.

She wore only that and a white lace thong. In the shower, Sarah was rubbing her clit ferociously. Ever since the car ride home, she'd been restless and horny as hell. Even now, at eight o' clock, nearly three hours since the ride home, her clit was still engorged and deep pink, suffused with blood.

Sarah shoved the handle of her hairbrush in her mouth to muffle her moans. She'd never had sex before, so her masturbating was always very intense. She kept rapidly rubbing her clit, trying desperately to come but she just couldn't. Sarah sobbed hopelessly and pulled out the hairbrush. It wouldn't happen. She gave up and quickly washed her hair and soaped up her extra-sensitive body. The silky water and fluffy bubbles caressed her body, making her feel feverish and restless when she finally emerged from the shower.

Sarah toweled herself dry and put on her Chinese silk corset nightgown. It came with a garter belt that tied to her sleep stockings. She didn't want to wear panties under it, but her juices were leaking so heavily that she felt she had to. Unfortunately, the only pair that was clean were her tightest panties, the ones that pressed delightfully against her nerve-filled clit.

She groaned as she pulled them on, the little rubber nubs on the inside caressing her clit. She had no other choice but to bear with it. Maybe with the rubber nubs on it, later she could grind against her mattress while Bella slept. Bella heard the showers shut off and hurriedly changed the channel to a random movie. Of course, Hostel, where boobs paraded about everywhere. There was a very small dark spot on her lace panties and her nipples pointed straight out of her pale blue tank, but she was very calm when Sarah came out.

"Nice, Sarah!

Is that new?" she asked, referring to the nightgown. "Y-yeah," Sarah gasped. Every step she took, the inner toy rubbed and stroked her over-sensitive clit. She hurriedly sat down where unfortunately, Bella started to tickle her. "No! Bella, d-don't, oh god!" she laughed and moaned at the same time.

Her thrashing and wiggling caused the nubs to almost vibrate, stimulating her, teasing her. Bella laughed at Sarah's strange giggling. Her body was soft and warm and Bella suddenly found herself staring down at her, wishing she could kiss her.

She could tell that she was horny and she was annoyed that Sarah was parading her hot little body around the apartment, teasing poor aroused Bella. So she kissed her. Chapter Three: Little Toys Sarah's lips were soft under hers and she parted them gently, prodding her tongue inside, stroking hers. Bella ran her hands up and down her body, feeling the Chinese silk and hot skin under her hands.

At first, Sarah went stiff with shock but when the hands began stroking her, she moaned and arched, her nerves crying out to be touched. But when there was a slight pause in the stroking, she gasped and broke away. "God, Bella, what are you doing?" she exclaimed, scrambling to one end of the couch.

Crimson flowers bloomed on her cheeks, staining their ice-white perfection. "What do you think I'm doing, you teasing little whore?" Bella giggled. She wanted to see if Sarah got as turned on by her with dirty talk and judging by her increased breathing, hard nipples, and bright red cheeks, she did.

"B-but I'm not a." "Shut up," Bella said. She grabbed a handful of wet black hair and yanked Sarah's head back.

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Her teeth and lips attacked hers, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth, biting gently and then harder when Sarah moaned. "No, please, Bella, STOP," Sarah gasped hoarsely. She didn't want this, she didn't want this, she didn't want this.

But oh, god, it felt so good. "Shut the fuck up, you little slut," growled Bella. She pulled back and, towing Sarah by her hair, hauled her into the bedroom. Sarah bounced as she hit the bed, but she didn't have much time before Bella was on her again. She straddled the smaller girl's body and smiled down at her.

"You like this, don't you, slut?" "No, Bella, what the fu-" "Don't lie to me!" Bella slapped her across the face, but reasonably gently. Just enough to show her who was in charge here. "Ow! Bella, will you, ahh." Sarah trailed off as Bella ground her hips against hers. The rubber toy stroked her shivering nub and she moaned, her head kicking back into the pillows.

"That's better, baby. Just let it all go," crooned Bella. She pulled off her tank top, revealing her flawless lightly tanned breasts with their hard pink nipples. Uncaring about the shirt, she ripped off the two straps and tied Sarah's hands to the headboard. She kept grinding so that she was held immobile by the pleasure. "There we go!" Bella climbed off of Sarah, who instantly began to struggle. "Bella, what the fuck are you doing?" she yelled.

"Just giving you what we both need," Bella said sweetly. She untied the strings attaching the garter belt to the stockings and then ripped off the nightgown, the zipper on the side whizzing down fast. Now Sarah's body was completely exposed, save the black fetish panties still covering her pussy.

Her small perky breasts were swollen and tight with desire and the nipples elongated and quivering, wanting to be touched and sucked and.pinched. "Now you wait here." Bella went into the living room and grabbed her overnight bag. She brought it back into the bedroom where Sarah was trying to untie herself, in vain, of course. "Now let's see. What do I want?

Oh, yes." Bella whipped out something small and shoved it into Sarah's panties, pressing it to her clit. It buzzed and churned on her pussy and Sarah screamed at the stimulation. "I believe you've been using my little purple toy for the past few weeks, haven't you, my filthy slut?" Bella watched Sarah's hips buck and writhe on the bed, struggled to get away from the tingling toy.

Her deep blue eyes pleaded with Bella. "P-please.don't." "Oh, no," Bella snickered, "you're not done. Not nearly done yet." Chapter Four: Silver Tongues Bella clipped some silver nipples clamps onto Sarah's nipples as she thrashed and moaned, her body bending with what looked like excruciating pleasure. "That's enough of that, don't you think?" Bella said and she pulled out the vibrator.

Sarah sagged on the bed, gasping for breath. There were pussy juices all over the small ball. "Mmm." Bella moaned as she licked it slightly. She dug around in her bag until she came up with two black leather straps that she attached to either side of the vibrator.

She then shoved the pussy-juice-drenched ball into Sarah's open, panting mouth and strapped it against her head. "Mmph!" shouted Sarah. The taste in her mouth wasn't unpleasant in the slightest but this was not the reason for her protest. It was the incredibly embarrassing and humiliating sensation of knowing that she was tasting her own pussy juices, feeling the silky flavor creep across her tongue and slide down her throat.

Bella flicked the nipple clamps and Sarah jerked. She laughed. "How cute. You like that? You like pain, you little fucking whore?" Sarah screamed against the gag as Bella grabbed the clamps and pulled on them, stretching out her nipples, pulling. It felt so good.her pussy spasmed hard. "That's my good slut. Now let's see that wet cunt of yours." She ripped off Sarah's panties and saw the drenched swollen pussy lips of her best friend.

"So you shave? Good girl. So do I! That'll be good fun for later. But for now." Bella put a clamp on Sarah's nose. In a few moments she started to panic, unable to breathe. Bella pulled the gag out a little and she sucked in a noisy breath. "No air for you.

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You don't need to breathe." Sarah gasped in one more before Bella snapped the gag back into place, blocking the air. "Now watch me, slut.

Watch me eat your cunt out." She turned on the vibrator ball in Sarah's mouth, shaking her teeth but drawing her attention. Bella lowered her head and began to slowly lick Sarah's scrumptious pussy. It was butter-soft and soaking in tasty juices. She had a large clit and Bella sucked that into her mouth, nibbling on it. Sarah screamed, her voice muffled and strangled from lack of air. The sound turned on Bella more than ever and she attacked her pussy, biting, gnawing, sucking and licking every last inch of it.

Sarah felt lightheaded from both air deprivation and the sensation of Bella attacking her dripping cunt. The more she couldn't breathe, the better this felt. She exploded in an intense orgasm and hardly noticed when Bella removed her gag, still continuing to eat at her snatch. Sarah's screams echoed in the apartment as Bella fucked her pussy with her silver tongue, sliding it in and out of her tight pussy.

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Her tongue rings, three of them in the very center of her tongue, stimulated more than Sarah could believe. She was shocked when Bella slid further down, her tongue lightly rimming her asshole.

When she started thrusting her tongue in and out of the tight wet hole, she came again, her juices covering Bella's face.

"Please! Please, Bella, stop!" "Shut up, you little cunt! You slutty whore!" Bella screamed. She smacked her ass repeatedly as she fucked it with her tongue. She didn't stop until Sarah had come twice more. Chapter Five: Tribbing Besties Sarah lay in a little heap on the bed, exhausted from the amount of times she had cum.

Bella untied her hands and rubbed her sore wrists, kissing her best friend gently. "I just want one last thing from you, okay, baby?" she said softly.

Bella stripped off her now-soaked panties and threw one leg over Sarah's hips. "You ready?" Sarah nodded, her eyes clearing and looking into Bella's beautiful green ones. Bella pressed her pussy against Sarah's, feeling their sensitive large clits clashing and rubbing one another, slick with pussy juices and saliva. A jolt went through her and she moaned. "Oh, yes," Bella hissed. Their cunts made soft smacking wet noises as they ground against each other, the lips kissing passionately.

Bella leaned back, grinding her pussy harder into hers, feeling that soft silky-smooth pussy caressing her own, their juices mingling. She moaned, thrusting her hips against Sarah's faster. Sarah had never felt anything like it. Bella's slick and soft pussy was massaging her clit, their two nubs bumping and rubbing against each other, stimulating like no vibrator had ever done. "Wait," Bella said suddenly. She stopped and Sarah moaned in despair.

She got off the bed and and grabbed out of her bag two thick black anal plugs. She slicked them up with spit and hurriedly inserted one into her twitching anal cavity.

She had used these a lot of times before and was used to them, but it took a little extra effort squeezing it into Sarah's ass. Finally, both plugs were inside, rubbing against their inner walls. Chapter Six: Final Orgasms "Not yet," Bella teased as Sarah reached for her. Sarah was insatiable, moaning, pleading.

The butt plug was stretching her ass, making her unbearably horny. Bella was digging in her back against and she came back with a small but thick disc and a double-sided pink dildo. "B-Bella, I don't like penetration," Sarah protested as she began to insert it inside her cunt. "Too bad. You'll like this." Bella pushed the dildo inside herself first and, clenching her pussy muscles around it, shoved it into Sarah's pussy forcefully.

Sarah cried out but Bella smacked her ass, silencing her. "Don't scream. And say 'Yes Mistress.'" "Yes, M-Mistress," Sarah meekly whispered.

Finally, Bella pressed the small disk in between their touching clits. "Are you ready?" Bella asked. "Yes, Mistress," said Sarah. Bella reached beneath her and flicked a switch. The butt plugs, dildo, and disk all began to buzz and vibrate wildly and both girls hurtled over the edge in an incredibly orgasm, screaming to the ceiling. The disk fell away as they began fucking each other wildly, the handles of the anal plugs clashing, the dildo stroking in all the right places.

Bella reached down and twisted Sarah's still-clamped nipples and she screamed, cumming repeatedly. "I love you, Bella!" "I love you, too, Sarah!" The two best and closest friends came one final time and collapsed on each other, the buzzing dildos lulling them to sleep.

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