Three anal lesbian sluts toying

Three anal lesbian sluts toying
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You walk into the shop, checking out if we who work here really do our part.


You see me in my uniform, the yellow t-shirt and the pants that automatically draw your eyes to my bottom. You cant see any outlines of underwear, but You can see that i have a bra on under my shirt.

You direct me to a shelf where you tell me that there is some dust and You want to see me dust it. as i reach up You grab both my wrists-and pull them behind me, with Your other hand You grab me by the hair and pull me away from the shelve. You take cuffs from the shelve and cuff me, spin me around and force me to my knees the whole time my eyes are closed.


You tell me to look at You and i comply, You see the mixture of fear, confusion and ultimately lust in my eyes, and that gives you all the fuel You need to carry on with this, i have been flirting with You for such a long time and You are going to show me what all the teasing is going to get me. You take Your phone out of your pocket and dial my husbands number. As he answers You tell him that he doesn't need to come to pick me up from work, and that when You and i are done with the meeting you will drop me off at home.

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Then You grab the scissors and cut the shirt i am wearing open down the middle and at the shoulders, You undo the straps of my bra and take it off, roughly pinching my nipples until You see tears well up in my eyes. You let my nipples be for the moment and open your pants, take out Your cock and tell me to open up. You tell me to worship Your cock and i do i kiss it as if my life depend on it, enjoying it almost as much as You do.

suddenly you grip my hair and push hard against my throat when i don't open my throat for You you slap my face and tell me that if i knew what is good for me i shall swallow the drink You have for me. i realize that i am not allowed to miss a drop, and try to open my throat gagging slightly, You tell me to take a deep breath and i can feel You entering my throat you keep it there pumping slightly in and out until my eyes start to roll back in my head when you pull out and let me take another breath, You again put Your cock down my throat, and cum with a violent shudder, i try to keep up with all the warm seed You are feeding me, but try as i might i do spill and that angers You.

You roughly pull me to my feet and into the viewing booth You sit on the couch and take off my pants and my panties and pull me face down over Your lap, and start spanking my bottom. eventually you realize that i am very aroused and that my juices are running down onto You.

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You dip Your fingers into me and pull them out an taste the honey on your fingers you then scoop out more and have me lick your fingers clean. slowly You start fucking me with Your fingers stopping every now and then for my excitement to subside, until my orgasm causes my pussy to contract around Your fingers and i cry out in ecstasy.

You throw me on the floor and order me to get into position, the next thing i know is the thwack thwack of your belt over my bottom and back.," did I tell you to cum slut?" i hear you say, "From now on the only time you are allowed release are when I allow, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" for the first time since i started working for You and all the flirty looks exchanged between us in these past 8 months, i wonder what makes You tick, wondering if there are more surprises in store for me trying not to think of the bruises forming on my backside slipping into subspace without realizing it.

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You tell me to stand, and when i do You lift my chin and tenderly kiss my tear streaked face, and then hold me tight. after un-cuffing me You get the t-shirt from your car and tell me to get dressed, and as i do You take the bra i was wearing and put it in Your pocket. we lock the shop up and you open the door to your black 4x4 for me, helping me in and closing it firmly when i am in.


just before turning the key you phone my husband again telling him that i am not going to make it for a few more hours. he asks to speak to me and asks if everything is ok. i tell him that i'm fine, he just laughs and says that i must enjoy myself.

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we say good bye and i hang up. we drive for some time and i am not taking in any of the scenery, next thing i know is You pinching my nipple, " I'M SPEAKING TO YOU!", embarrassed i look at you and apologize, you say" I ASKED IF YOU ARE UNDERSTANDING THE SITUATION" not sure how to answer i simply say "You are in charge Sir, You make the rules and i just follow them" "FINALLY" is all You say and get out the car.

You come around the car open the door and help me get out.i blink quite hard at the light and realize that we are at a posh hotel.

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Take me by the hand and lead me inside where You tell the desk clerk the name under which You have made the reservation, he asks a card and gives U/us the key card for the suite and a bellhop shows U/us to O/our suite.

as we get there You let me enter first and then tip the bellhop and lock the door behind you. to be continued.