Tiny Is How He Liked Them

Tiny Is How He Liked Them
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His Mother's Final Rejection *This is a sequel follow up series to my story 'Mommy's Love Denied'. It is highly influenced by the erotic imagery of the doujin artist "Akatsuki Souken/Giken". Please enjoy my new second series. Part 1 It was sublime. That was the only reason these three individuals did what they did. Realism caught up with them all and the trio realised that turning a fantasy into a reality can be a dangerous mistake that can tear the very social fabric of family values and unconditional love.

But the damage was done. Like a scar, it wouldn't completely fade. Even after five-years of separation; Scott longed to see his classmate Ryan and his mother together again. He knew they wished the same.

But little did Scott know; for that same sublime electric feeling to be achieved for Ryan and Penny; they would need to feel it at the expense of another person, they would need to feed off the same pain and sorrow that would make Scott erect.

Through this Scott could feel sublime too. 28-year old Scott was sitting on his computer chair in the same room he had lived in his entire life.

He was naked from the waist down; grinding his arse against the rough bristles of the chair. His eyes were wide and his breathing was laboured as he worked his hands into a pattern around the sensitive nerve endings of his sexual flesh. Rubbing up and down, round and round, edging. On this occasion he was just starring at different photo's of Ryan Davies face from all those years ago.

Just face pictures, that's all. Sometimes it was all Scott needed to get off. Those laughing eyes. Those taunting eyes. The eyes of a boy he now considered to be a god. Through Ryan absence, Scott had deified him by paying tribute to a digital shrine. Meanwhile in another room in the same house; his 45-year-old mother Penny was in bed doing very similar things.

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So much had happened between those years Ryan had left and married a girl named Sarah from his collage. At the time it seemed like it was for the best. It was the reasonable and 'normal' thing to do. In retrospect however, the terrible opposite happened to be true. Penny missed the taboo feeling of having sex with her son's classmate behind her sons back. The feeling of Ryan's young hard penis wedging itself into her motherly vagina in lustful invasion to Scott's manhood.

It was a fantasy, but Penny truly felt like she had transformed into Ryan's 'Mommy'. The very idol of his lustful intensions. All the while she longed for the cheeky lustful gaze and touch of a delinquent like Ryan. However, times and feelings changed.

After five years of misadventures and break-ups. The three of them moved on; but to their absolute discontent. Ryan eventually left Penny and Scott when he was 22-years-old and longed to have a normal life away from all that lust and taboo deceit. Ryan eventually got married to the busty blonde, Sarah Applegate; now known as Sarah Davies. Ryan loved her, but their was something missing in their relationship that Ryan had tapped into those five years ago with a couple of special people he would never forget.

He was jerking his big hairy cock to that memory the same time Penny and Scott were masturbating over a similar scenario. While the three of them masturbated; they reminisced. Penny and Ryan had been in a relationship for five intense, lust-filled years. Not long after the beginning of this time, they didn't even bother hiding it from Scott anymore, although they remained teasingly discreet. They didn't openly having sex in front of him, but that didn't stop them from fondling and kissing one another in the same room he was in.

Penny remembered being in the darkness of the loungeroom and having her tongue sucked by Ryan's tender small lips as her son creepily watched from the couch on the opposite side; darkness blurred the space between them. Scott would pathetically make a meek complaint of what he 'thought he saw' and ask permission to "masturbate on the toilet" to purge the feelings of his 'delusion'.

"For fuck sakes Scott!" Ryan said after he dis-latched his lips from Penny's wet sweet tongue, "For the last time, me and your mother are not having sex! What the fuck is wrong with you?" All the while Scott could see the silhouette of his just turned 18-year-old classmate hands fondling the inside of his mothers spandex pants, right in the crotch area.

"I'm so sorry, maybe I need to up my medication!" 19-year-old Scott said in a panic, confused whether or not what he was seeing was true. "We wouldn't do that to you bro," Skinny Ryan said in mocking reassurance, while sticking out his tongue towards Scott's mothers beautiful face.

Penny then scoffed in annoyance to her sons attitude, Any excuse to wank off and exceed his masturbation limit prescribed by the school psychologist, she thought. She was just about tired of her ugly son asking that revolting question. "Fine, go pull your penis on the toilet if you think Ryan and I are doing such mean things to you" Scott adjusted his pants before getting up from the couch and slowly walked to the hallway towards the toilet.

"Anything not to witness his perverted, pig-eyed gaze," Penny said with a scoff before hopping off the couch herself and getting her head between Ryan's skinny legs, facing his crotch. Ryan grinned down at her with a look of surprise, "Ouch, that's mean, 'Mummy'.

Penny pulled out the teenagers penis from the top of his pants and placed her lips ever so gently on his penis-helmet. She then began to suck and sliver the tip with her tongue. Ryan always seemed to really like this. He wasn't into the old school face fucking head-jobs; but a nice sensual edging of the tip with his best friends mothers warm stimulating tongue. She could feel the member throb against her tongue as she glared down at it ever so close, hypnotised by its girth and youth.

Ryan Davies was just a regular short high-school teen with dark black hair and mischievous narrow eyes before this began. Then his life changed into a strange paradise. A paradise of big juicy cougar arse and motherly love that he stole from his best friend.

He discovered that he REALLY liked the female back-side a few years back.

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He adored the view of a large female bottom more than anything else whether they be in swimming gear, spandex or just plain bare nude. When Ryan was only a few years younger he thought 'bottoms' were funny, like an obscene kind of joke. He was always guilty of showing off to his friends by vibrating his tongue between his lips in a mocking fashion whenever he saw a 'lard arse' passer by; whether they male or female.

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His buddies would laugh. Good simple times before all this 'itchy dick' business. Society and popular culture had a strange mixture of fart jokes from funny movies and woman twerking their wonderfully thick behinds to sexy thumping music with heavy base from music videos; therefore conditioning their brain into conflicting thoughts about the magical wonders of the buttocks.

Ryan's relationship with his best friend's mother changed all this into wonderful clarity and made him a destined 'Pygophile'; a guy obsessed with the buttocks. He learned to be the master and controller of the fantastic games he played with Penny and her weird son.

As Penny continued to stimulate Ryan's Penis, he remembered their first sexual encounter like it was yesterday. It took place half a year before. It was April 14th, 2007, within The Snow Plains resort room. He was naked, scrunching his toes into the carpet and harshly stroking his penis at the glorious view before him, preparing himself. He was cold, the indoor heating of the resort room wasn't enough to entirely block the snowy coldness from outside. But that was ok. Ryan knew he was going to be warm soon.


He was going to be stinking hot. He had dreamed of this moment for over a month. So finally now, after a bit of effort, he had finally reached his goal.

Justin, Josh and Andrew would never believe me, he laughed at the tragic irony in his mind. Ryan slowly lifted his gaze up slowly seeing piece by piece of this beautiful specimen.

Perfect sols and twinkling toes hung by the edge of the resort bed. He lifted his hazy shuddery gaze further, revealing the erotic image of silky thick smooth legs from behind, sweaty from anticipation and lifted up high in a doggie-style position. Ryan then lifted his head up even higher, fully erect now and overwhelmed by the meaty beauty before him. A large firm thirty-five-year-old onion booty posed for him.

Her glorious arse's cheeks were puffed out and ready. Her hairless crack was spread and revealed her two naughty bits, her motherly pussy and her tight wanting anus. A few months before he would never of dreamed of experiencing anything like this. The mischievous skinny teenager grinned and sneered at the current situation.

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Scott was only behind the wall in the adjacent resort room. Probably pulling his dick about it, Ryan thought a cruel joke, grinning and embarrassed for her son who was his age, giving an expression of a boy being caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He was pretty sure Scott didn't know anything at this stage though. Ryan making up an excuse about his technology and the electrical sockets to sleep in the same room as his beautiful mother and exclude Scott seemed fool proof enough.

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Scott seemed non the wiser. There shouldn't be anything to worry about. The idiot doesn't know I'm about to French-Kiss his mother's fat juicy arsehole. Who would guess?

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He pulled that guilty 'hand in the cookie jar' expression again, an expression like he was eating a very enjoyable sweet but sour plumb. Just when Penny said behind the view of her gigantic presenting arse, "Mummy is ready to receive you my baby boy," Ryan's humorous expression was gone and morphed into one of intensity, heat and electricity. Ryan thought about his childhood and how he never had a mother. He was told his mother died giving birth to him in one of those rare freak medical accidents.

For years and years he wondered what it was like to have a mum. She called herself, my 'mummy'. She called me her 'baby boy'. "Mummy!!" Ryan jumped and dove his skinny bony naked body forward into the wonderful abyss of this wonderful woman's buttocks. In mid air he parched out his lips in a kissing expression and prepared to land right on target. Penny lifted her head and squealed as she felt the tongue jab inside her anal hole and his lips latch on in a twisting romantic motion.

Oh my god this teenager loves my arse! Oh my, he's kissing it!

He's in-love with my anus! Ryan snapped out of the past, and returned six months later to the loungeroom in front of the television set. Scott had gone off for a wank. Penny was pulling lustful comical faces as she stuck out her lips like a fish and or lizard and poked out her tongue like a spear as it glided all over the red dickhead of her son's friend.

Giving the cocky little smart-arse small ticklish sensations that were making him cock his leg like a dog, twirl his bare heels and wiggle his toes. "You think what I said about Scott was mean baby?" The Milf said with an sneering gurgle against the base of Ryan's dick, "Well to think what a underwhelming time he is forced to have on the toilet right now when it was only a few hours ago I was giving you a 'Blumpkin-Blowjob!" "Ooooohh yeah Mummy!" Ryan called out in excitement, remembering being on the toilet a three hours before and getting sucked off while he sat on the toilet.

It was her surprise. but it was so hot! Ryan stuck out his tongue at the corner of his mouth and began thrusting his cock upwards beyond Penny's nose. Dramatically and none verbally expressing his desperate need to climax. Penny followed through by sucking harder and using her tongue in a more frantic motion. "Tickle-tickle-tickle" Ryan squealed out, "My dicks gonna prickle!" Skinny Ryan was thrusting his small hips upwards in glorious glee.

Letting out shameless high pitched clown like squeals. He didn't care how 'un-manly' it sounded. He was just happy to express his joyous surrender to her warm engulfing womanhood that his subconscious desperately wanted to impregnate.

"Tickle-tickle-tickle," Penny said between licks and slurps and starring up into the teenagers eyes with a lustful haze, "Mummy gonna make your penis prickle!" Then suddenly; like a lightning bolt.

The feeling overtook him. Piercing outward from his penis and into her mouth. "AWWWW!!! MUM! Mummy!" Ryan squealed out, shamelessly boyish in it's surrender; knowing it sounded so right. Not caring if Scott so obviously heard Ryan's bellow of joyful relief.

Because at this period of time Ryan was content with role-playing the 'mother-son' relationship between Penny and himself. At this point in the relationship; Ryan had convinced himself that he was the 'real son' and Scott was a pre-existing intruder who overstayed his welcome. It was sublime. That was the only reason Scott, Ryan and Penny longed for the experience. Realism caught up with them all and the trio realised that turning a fantasy into a reality can be a dangerous mistake that can tear the very social fabric of family values and unconditional love.

But the damage was done. Like a scar, it wouldn't completely fade. While these three individuals masturbated at the same time in three different locations, they realised their was no escape. 27-year-old Ryan Davies dis-latched his hand from his hairy cock when he heard his phone ring.

He swiped away at the answer button and put his ear to the receiver.


"I miss you Ryan," Penny said on the other end of the phone, "I want you back." Ryan hesitated, thinking about his wife who was late for her period. ".I miss you too. I miss doing naughty things with you behind Scott's back." "Well the loser is still living here," He heard her whisper is a sinister excited sneer, "Probably wanking over this idea right now." 27-year-old Ryan giggled, feeling like the proud but ratty young delinquent he was all those years ago; corrupting a family by accident.

"Well?" Penny said over the phone, "Want to meet up again?" "Ill be right over," Ryan said and hung up the phone. To be continued.