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Hot gay scene Sexy youthful twink model Bentley is brand fresh to the
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The Futa Fairy Taboo Futa Wish Chapter Three: Deidre's Naughty Spanking By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 My dick softened as my mom stared at me in absolute fury, spunk dripping from her face.

It was my girl-spunk, fired from my new futa-cock. I trembled on the couch, my little sister half-lying on the ground and half-hanging by the wrist from our mom's grip.

Only moments ago, I had been fucking Keily's asshole beneath our mom's very noses as we watched a movie, hidden by a blanket. It was Friday night. Movie night. And I had turned it into something else. Something taboo and lusty. My futa-cock had sprouted the moment the sun set. And I just couldn't help fucking Keily.

Not when I was cuddled up to my eighteen-year-old sister. Not after we spent all last night making love when my cock sprouted the first time after my naughty dream with the futa-fairy. I knew it was a risk. Our mom was sitting just feet away, but I couldn't help it. I thought we were getting away with it. I started being more and more bold, throwing caution to the wind as I felt her virgin asshole wrapped about my dick.

It had backfired. "Well?" my mother demanded, staring at the cock thrusting up from the folds of my pussy. "What is going on? Why were you fucking your sister with.?" Her words trailed off. She licked her lips, tasting my futa-cum. Her eyes widened. It was like her brain had only now realized what had sprouted from my crotch. Her blue eyes locked onto my cock. Her jaw dropped.

"That's a cock." "Yes, Mom," I said, swallowing. While my dick wasn't hard, it hadn't shrunk back into my clit like it had when the sun rose this morning. "How do you have a cock, Deidre?" "Well." I swallowed. "There was this fairy and. Then the sun set and. I." Her jaw worked. "Fairy? Sun setting?" I nodded my head.

"And you were.screwing your sister with it?" I nodded my head again. "In the middle of the living room?" I nodded again. "Is this why she still shares a bed with you?" Mom demanded, shaking Keily's wrist.

My little sister whimpered. "Huh?" "No, Mom," I said. "It only happened last night. I had this dream. And the fairy came, and she told me I would get my greatest wish, and then I woke up with a cock and I was.screwing Keily. And.and." "Your greatest desire? To have a cock?" Her eyes widened. "Are you.? Do you think you're a boy?" "I'm a girl," I huffed, so embarrassed and scared and guilty all at the same time. "And, no, it wasn't to have a cock.

Not really." The thought had crossed my mind, but it had been a passing fancy. "Well, what was your.?" Her eyes trailed off. She stared down at Keily. "You wanted to screw your sister?" I nodded my head, tears beading my eyes.

"Deidre Michelle Reddings, that is disgusting! She's your sister!" I flinched beneath her words. "Oh, my god.

You're gay, and you want to have sex with your sister. You've had sex with your sister." Her eyes were wide now. "Oh, my god. Keily, did she force you?" "No, Mom, "Keily said, her voice quivering. "I.I like having sex with her. It's." She bit her lip. "What?" The words snarled from Mom's mouth. "Fun?

Exciting? Did you like cumming like a slut on your sister's cock?" Keily flinched from each words, tears falling harder. She nodded her head.

"Oh, my god. What did I do wrong?" She stumbled backward. "I thought I was a good mother. And then. Both of them. With each other." Mom stumbled out of the living room. I heard her slippers whisk on the linoleum in the kitchen.

The sliding glass door screeched open and then closed. I flinched. She always went out there to calm down when we did something wrong, to smoke a cigarette and try to relax before she punished us. "We're in a lot of trouble," Keily whispered. "I'm sorry," I squeaked, the tears falling faster. I shoved my nightgown over my cock. "You tried to warn me." Keily shook her head.

She climbed up onto the couch, sitting beside me. She put her hand on mine. "I.I wanted you to do it. It With Mom right there. Risking getting caught. You don't have to feel like you forced me." "I'm your older sister. I'm supposed to keep you out of trouble." "You're only a year older." "And three months," I added.

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She gave me such a smile, her tear-stained face framed by her loose, auburn hair. It was so glossy in the living room lights, the highlights almost burning with fire as bright as my own red hair. Her hand squeezed mine. I felt a little better. But not much. We trembled on the couch, my stomach twisting and writhing and finding new ways to contort itself into pretzel like shapes.

I shivered, bile trickling my throat. What would Mom do to us? How would she punish us? Would she turn us into the police? Incest was illegal.

Would she kick me out of the house? The movie ended. The credits played, showing outtakes, the cast laughing. I hit pause on the remote, trembling, trying not to freak out.

But I didn't know what would happen. I glanced at the kitchen, the light pouring into the dark living room.

How long would she be out there? Finally, the glass door screeched. Keily broke away from me, sliding to the other end of the couch, her nightgown shoved down to cover her pussy. The kitchen sink whooshed on, water splashing. Then it turned off. I trembled as Mom's shadow darkened the doorway before she walked in, her face wet, the cum mostly cleaned off. One white globe stained her tank top. "So you have a cock given to you by a fairy, and you used that cock to fuck your little sister." It wasn't a question.

She always liked to sum up the stupid things Keily or I did before punishing us. I nodded my head beneath her words. She sound at once calm and also brittle, like she was barely suppressing her emotions. "This cock only appears when the sun has set." I nodded again. "And when it set, while you were cuddled with your sister, you thought it would be a good idea to fuck her in the living room. With me sitting only feet away. Why?" "I was.horny." I bit my lip. "And you two didn't think to make an excuse to go to bed early?

To at least try and hide your disgusting behavior from me?" I shook my head. "It was.exciting. Doing it under your nose." "Exciting." Her voice warbled. "And now I have to deal with that." She pointed at my crotch.

"And with.what you two are doing. You know it's illegal." I nodded my head. "And you don't care?" I hesitated, then I shook my head. "I have to punish you." She clenched her hand.

"I haven't done this since you were kids. I thought you had grown up, Deidre. That you were responsible. But now. We'll start with spankings." My butt clenched as I winced. Mom disappeared into the kitchen. I glanced at my sister, frowning. I heard scraping of wood. Mom returned with one of the dining room chairs. She placed it in the middle of the living room. Then she sat down on it. "Across my lap," she ordered. "Now, Deidre." "Yes, Mom," I said, standing up, trembling.

I moved to her, my cock swaying beneath my nightgown, bushing the silky material. That sent a wild shudder through me. I bit my lip, my heart beating faster and faster as I approached her.


My heart raced. "What are you doing?" Mom asked as I reached her, about to crawl over her lap. I blinked. "What you told me to do?" "Since when did I spank you through your nightgown. Take it off." "I'm not wearing panties." "You wanted to be a filthy slut," she hissed. "Take it off. It'll be bare bottom because you couldn't be bothered to wear panties. I bet you and your sister were fingering each other before your cock sprouted." I blushed.

"That's what I thought." She gave me a hard look. "Off! Now!" "Yes, Mom." I peeled my nightgown up my body.

I trembled as I unveiled my body. My round breasts jiggled, my new cock swaying. I threw the nightgown on the floor, took a deep breath, and then stretched my naked body across her lap.

My cock pressed into her right thigh, the bottoms of my boobs resting on her left. Her left hand stroked my back as I waited. I bit my lip, my butt tensing, expecting the first blow to fall. I felt like such a little girl. I hadn't been spanked since I was a kid.

Or younger. I tried to control my breath and— Crack! Mom's hand fell right on my ass. I gasped as the stinging pain shot through my butt-cheeks and went right to my pussy.

My eyes widened as the strange tingling throbbed down my cock. It twitched, growing hard as I squirmed and moaned my pain. Why did that happen? Why did the pain make me— Crack! "Mom!" I gasped, the pain burning hot. I squirmed, the tip of my dick rubbing on her flannel pajama bottoms, the fibers caressing the crown. The pleasure shot through my body. It made me squirm and shiver. My dick grew harder and harder. My pussy clenched. I couldn't believe that it excited me. I took a deep breath, trying to control the racing of my heart.

That had hurt so badly and yet. My pussy was growing hot as my mom's hand lingered for just a moment on my ass. I breathed in. She didn't smell like cigarettes, I realized as her hand lifted up. I thought she was outside smoking. Crack! "Owe!" I yelped, the pain shooting hot through me. My pussy clenched, the heat settling into my depths, my dick throbbing harder. The tip ached so much as I squirmed. I was fully hard now, my girth pressed into her thigh. Juices trickled out of my pussy.

Why was this turning me on? Was I that much of a degenerate now? Not only did I lust after my sister, something I knew was wrong, I was growing excited by being spanked like a little girl by my mother. "You've been so bad," she said, her hand squeezing my burning ass. "Haven't you, Deidre?" "So bad," I moaned.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I tried to fight my desires for Kylie. I did. But every day.seeing her. Sharing a room with her. A bed. Every night, I fought against touching her even when I wanted to." "Because she's so pretty?" she asked. "Yes!" I howled as her hand cracked down on my ass again. "Because you're a slut who wants to fuck her little sister?" Crack!

"Yes, yes, yes!" I bucked, grinding my cock hard against her thighs. My pussy clenched. My nipples ached. My entire body trembled as the pain and excitement swirled together in me. The more my ass hurt the wetter my pussy grew.

"And now you're getting so hard," she hissed. Crack! "I'm sorry, Mom," I gasped, tears beading my eyes. "I don't mean to be hard. It's just." "You're growing excited?" She squeezed my butt-cheek again. "Your mom spanking you is turning you on?" Crack! "Yes!" My ass clenched as it burned. "I don't know why. I can't control it. The girl-cock has a mind of its own." "Liar! You want to fuck me, too. Just like your sister!" Crack!

"Mom?" "Don't Mom me. I noticed you staring at my breasts. I thought it was just healthy curiosity, comparing yourself to your mother, wondering if your boobs would grow as big as mine. But you wanted to do more than just compare sizes. You wanted to play with them. You wanted to squeeze them and feel how big they were.

Then you wanted to suck on my nipples! Didn't you?" Crack! "Yes!" I sobbed, half in pain and half in rapture. "Really?" Keily asked, watching me, trembling, her hands clutching her thighs through her nightgown. I nodded my head. "I'm such a horrible person, Mom. I'm sorry. I can't help it. You and Keily are both so pretty. And.and. Your boobs are so big, Mom. I like them as much as Keily's small titties." "Such a vile daughter," Mom moaned, her hand stroking my ass. She moved lower.

"I bet your dripping wet. Your pussy's as turned on as your cock." I gasped as my mom's fingers descended down between my thighs. She brushed the fiery curls adorning my vulva and then found my wet pussy lips. My eyes widened as pleasure surged through my body. She was touching my pussy. My mom was touching my pussy. "Yes!" she snarled. "Oh, you have such a hot cunt. You are so turned on by your mother. I bet you want your mother to finger your nasty pussy.

Don't you?" Crack! Her left hand spanked me while the fingers of her right stroked my pussy. "!" I squeezed my eyes shut in shame.

Tears squeezed out. "I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry for being such a disgu—" Her fingers penetrated my pussy. Two of her fingers slid into my warm, wet depths. I groaned, my pussy clenching down as shock rippled through my body. Followed by the tingling rush of pleasure. It shot down to the tip of my dick throbbing against her thighs as she pumped through my flesh. I craned my head to look over my shoulder, staring at her face. It was transformed not with pleasure but with something else.

Something wild and passionate. Her nostril flared as she exhaled, her cheeks rosy. "Mom?" I panted, her fingers probing so deep into my pussy. "Oh, yes, you want this, you naughty girl," she groaned.

"No, you're not a girl. Girl's don't have big, thick cocks that get so hard for their mothers and sisters. What are you?" "Futa," I groaned. "That's what the fairy said she was. That I was." "A futa." Mom groaned.

"I have a horny futa for a daughter. She just wants to fuck us all." Her fingers plunged faster. Her left hand squeezed my burning ass. My pussy clenched on her fingers. I squirmed, the pleasure shooting through me as my dick ached and throbbed. I whimpered, savoring how wrong it was for my mom to finger me. How hot. "Yes, yes, you love it when I finger your pussy," Mom hissed. "Mom?" Keily asked, her voice strained. "Hush, baby. Mom is dealing with this little perverted futa." She shoved a third finger into my pussy, stretching out my hole.

"Mommy has to discipline her. She's so nasty.


Do you hear her, Keily? She wants me to finger her." "You are fingering her, Mom." "Yes," I groaned, squirming, the pleasure building in the depths of my pussy.

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Cum built in me, boiling in my ovaries. It wanted to escape. It wanted to erupt out of me. To spurt in a mighty eruption. My cum would gush everywhere. There would be so much of it. Every plunge of her fingers built the pressure. My eyes rolled in my head as I squirmed on her lap. It was so hot, even with her left hand squeezing my ass. The sharp pain mixed with the burning friction churning in my pussy. Combining. Transforming. My toes curled.

My groans grew throatier and throatier. I stared at my sister, her hands sliding up the hem of her nightgown, her face flushed, eyes glossy with lust. She revealed her pussy covered by her fine, red pubic hair.

Her curls were wet with excitement. My younger sister touched herself. I came. "Yes!" I moaned as Mom fingered me to an orgasm. My dick throbbed as the cum spurted out the tip. I spasmed with each blast, my pussy convulsing on Mom's thrusting fingers.

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Rapture flooded through my body, reaching my mind. I felt so good. I floated in a wonderful daze. My entire body buzzed with joy. It was amazing. Stupendous. I loved it. I never wanted it to end. "You filthy futa!" Mom hissed and her left hand spanked me hard. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned. "I'm so filthy. Oh, yes. Oh, wow, that's amazing, Mom. That's the best. Oh, my god, I'm cumming so hard! Mom.yes!" "You're squirting all your nasty cum on your mother's thighs.

Your pussy is convulsing on your mother's fingers." Mom shuddered, spanking my ass again. "Oh, you are such a slut. A futa-slut!" "I am, Mom!" "I bet you want your mother to suck your girl-cock!" "I do!" I howled, my back arching, the ecstasy boiling through my mind. "I bet you want to fuck your mother! To fuck the pussy that gave you birth! Don't you!" "So badly, Mom!" I groaned.

"Yes, yes, yes!" Keily gasped, shuddering, frigging herself so hard. "I bet you want to fuck your sister and make your mother lick your cum out of her barely legal pussy!" "Yes!" I moaned with Keily. She had her legs spread wide, her fingers frigging hard and fast at her pussy.

"Get off my lap," Mom moaned, wrenching her fingers out of my pussy. I did, sliding off her lap. Her eyes were still wild with passion.

They stared at my hard cock, jizz dripping from the tip, with such hunger. She brought her fingers to her lips, sucking my spicy juices from her digits. Then she fell to her knees and engulfed my cock with a hungry moan. I gasped as my mother sucked on it. Her cheeks hollowed. Her blue eyes stared up at me as she bobbed her mouth on my dick. The tip was so sensitive from my orgasm. I groaned, shuddering, as realization struck me.

"You didn't smoke out there," I gasped. "You were doing something else. Licking my cum off your fingers. Maybe fingering your pussy. Oh, it makes you so hot that your daughter has a big, thick cock!

Doesn't it?" She moaned, her tongue swirling about the tip. I saw the truth in her eyes. She had tried to fight her desires, like I had for Kylie, but they had overwhelmed her so fast. She surrendered to them, sucking furiously on my dick. Everything had just changed in our house forever. "Mom," Keily moaned, her fingers plunging into her pussy, her legs spread so wide. "Oh, wow, Mom, you're sucking her cock." "She is," I moaned, my dick throbbing in Mom's hungry mouth.

It was so different from Keily's sucking. There was no hesitancy. No inexperience. Mom knew how to pleasure a cock, and she gave me her all. "Oh, yes, Mom, suck your daughter's girl-cock! Ooh, you're such a naughty, horny Mommy!" "She is," Keily moaned, her green eyes bright behind her glasses. She bit her lip, her nipples so hard against her nightgown. Her fingers plunged faster and faster. She had one from each hand working in and out at different rhythms, sliding past each other as she squirmed and groaned on the couch.

This was so hot. My big crush was on Keily, but I had noticed how sexy our widowed mother was. Her big boobs, her shapely ass, her gorgeous face. Even her glasses were sexy. I stared down at them, her blue eyes peering back up at me, glossy with lusts a she bobbed her mouth on my girl-cock, her tongue swirling about the shaft. And the way she sucked.

Oh, it was awesome. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Juices dribbled down my thighs as I savored her hungry mouth. She took as much as my cock as she could, the tip brushing the back of her throat.

Her right hand fisted the base of my cock as she slid her lips up and down, sucking the entire time. "Oh, yes, such a naughty Mommy," I purred, my right hand seizing her brown hair, holding it in a tight fist. "Mmm, you want to taste more of my futa-cum? You were out on the back porch licking my cum off your face, weren't you?" She moaned, eyes fluttering, answering my question. "Yes," I gasped, my left hand sliding up my torso and cupping my round breast.

I gave it a squeeze, my nipple aching at the pinnacle. I shuddered when I brushed it. "Oh, you'll get more. I have so much cum in my ovaries for you." "And I have it my butthole," moaned Keily. She slouched forward on the couch, lifting her legs and flashing her naked ass. She parted her butt-cheeks, showing off her glistening asshole.

My pearly cum stained the wrinkled opening. A gob of cum dribbled out as she groaned. "She fired two big loads in me before you pulled me away." I shivered.

"That's right. You're tasting Keily's sour ass right now on my dick. I bet you love it. No wonder you're sucking so hard." Mom moaned again, her hand stroking my cock faster. Her eyes were glossy. Her tongue swirled about my shaft, cleaning my little sister's ass off my futa-dick. I loved it.

Mom was such a freak. It made me shiver. I squeezed my breast harder.

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"Oh, yes, Mom, I love it. You are such a nasty slut. Mmm, yes. Come on, suck my cock. Make me explode into your hungry mouth.

I know you want it. I can feel it. You're so horny for my dick. You want it spurting into your hungry mouth. "Don't you?" She moaned so loudly, her passion humming around my dick. "You're going to get it," I groaned. "You're going to get so much cum fired into you. I'm going to flood you. I'll fire so much jizz into your mouth.

It's going to drown you." "Yes, yes, yes, drown her," Keily moaned, smearing the cum leaking out of her tight ass up to her pussy. She worked it into dripping flesh, eyes rolling back into her head. My little sister bucked and moan. "Drown her! Cum in Mommy's hungry mouth! She's such a naughty Mommy!" "So naughty," I groaned, my burning ass clenching, my ovaries tightening.

Keily squealed, cumming on the couch, her legs flying, her auburn hair tossing about her head as she writhed in bliss. Her moans echoed through the living room. It was so hot watching her cute face ripple with delight. My dick ached and throbbed in Mom's sucking mouth. My eyes rolled back into my head. I groaned, the pressure building and building in my balls. They were about to explode out of me.

To spurt down her throat. "Mom!" I gasped, my pussy clenching. My cock erupted into my mother's mouth. Hot jizz pumped into her. She shivered, gulping it down. Pleasure shot through my body. My left hand clenched my breast hard. Juices flooded down my thighs as I spurted over and over into Mom's hungry mouth.

My body quivered. And she swallowed. It was so sexy hearing my mom gulp down my cum. To see the lust in her eyes as she drank every drop.

My rapture boiled through my mind as I groaned and squirmed. I couldn't believe this was happening. It was surreal. Wonderful. "Thank you Leanan Sidhe!" I moaned to the naughty futa-fairy who made this all possible. My dick spurted the final time. Mommy popped her mouth off my dick. Her lips were still open. My girl-cum pooled on her tongue. She swirled it around, still staring up at me, then she deliberately swallowed it. "Jesus, Mom," I panted. "That was something straight out of porn. You are such a filthy Mom." She shivered, breathing hard.

"I can't believe I did that." She still held my futa-cock with her right hand. She stroked up it, squeezing out another dollop. She leaned in, letting it fall on her tongue.

She groaned, savoring the taste. "You've infected me. This cock, Deidre. Oh, god, I can't control myself." "It's amazing," Keily moaned in agreement. "I came so hard on it every time." "I haven't had a cock in so long," Mom whined.

"And then this. My own daughter. Oh, god, this is so wrong." "Because you want me to fuck you?" I asked, both of my hands squeezing my breasts, nipples aching. I pinched them, tingles racing to my futa-dick held in Mom's grip. "You want me to slide my cock into the very pussy that birthed me?" She bit her lip, fighting her lusts. "Yes!" "Such a bad Mommy," I moaned, savoring the power I had over her now.

"What are you going to do for me?" "I'm letting you fuck my pussy," she panted, shivering. "Don't make me beg, Deidre. I'm your mother. Do what I say. Fuck my pussy!" "Lick my cum out of Keily's asshole." Mom's head snapped over to my little sister. Her eyes widened. She noticed the glistening asshole, that pearly sheen of cum staining the puckered sphincter. Then, like a crack addict, she moaned and crawled across the floor, her pajama bottoms hugging her curvy ass, her panties visible through the thin fabric.

"Yay!" Keily cheered, ripping off her nightgown and exposing her budding breasts. They were little mounds topped by pink nipples. Pleasure crossed her freckled face as she cupped them. "Lick my ass, Mommy! Eat out all of Deidre's naughty cum. I know you want it, Mommy. You are hungry for it." "Yes," Mom moaned as she reached my little sister. Mom's hands seized Keily's butt-cheeks, keeping them spread wide, and leaned in.

She tongued through my little sister's butt-crack. Keily's green eyes widened as Mom rimmed her asshole. I couldn't see her tongue sweeping across the puckered sphincter, but I knew it was happening.

It was so dirty. So nasty. My dick throbbed so hard. I moved behind Mom as she tongued and nuzzled at Keily's asshole. My dick bobbed before me. I fell to my knees behind Mom, licking my lips.

I trembled and seized the waistband of her pajama bottoms and pulled them down to her knees. Her panties were plain, boring, but comfortable. White with blue stripes. Something perfect for sleeping in. I leaned in, nuzzling at the crotch of her panties. Her juices stained it dark. I breathed in, savoring her sweet musk. My nose pushed her panties into her pussy as I inhaled.

I savored the warmth bleeding through while my hands squeezed her ass through the cotton underwear. "God, you smell good, Mom," I moaned. "She loves panties," my little sister giggles. "She sniffs ours while doing the laundry. And licks them." "Only yours," I groaned. "I.I hadn't started on Mom's. Yet." "You naughty futa," Mom moaned between licks, her hips wiggling.

"I should spank you again." "Yes," chortled Keily. "Mmm, Mom, keep licking. There's more cum in my asshole." Mom did, sucking and slurping, wiggling her ass as I lapped at her panties.

I loved that flavor of cotton panties mixed with pussy juices. And these juices were so fresh, weeping right out of my mom's pussy and soaking into the gusset. I shivered, my dick and tits swaying beneath me as I reveled in this taboo delight. The tip of my dick ached so badly to bury into my mother, but I wanted to have fun first. I wanted to enjoy the pussy that had birthed me. To revel in taboo pleasure. I licked harder and harder at her panties, pushing the cloth into her pussy's folds, her juices soaking through.

But I had to taste her directly. To feel her heat on my tongue, to taste her juices without cotton seasoning the flavor. Pussy juices ran down my futa-cock and dripped from the sensitive tip. I was so horny. So hungry. And Keily's moans sounded so passionate. "Yes, yes, yes, lick my butthole, Mommy," she moaned as I drew down our mother's panties. "Lick out all of Deidre's cum!

Oh, yes! That's it! Wiggle that tongue in deep." My asshole tingled as I unveiled my mother's pussy. She had a dark-brown bush, trimmed neatly, adorning her vulva. Her pussy lips were thick, protruding into the forest. Pink lurked between them, wet and juicy. I parted her pussy lips, groaning at the incestuous sight before me.

I licked my lips. And feasted. Mom moaned into Keily's asshole, her hips wiggling, as I dragged my tongue through her pussy. Her sweet musk coated my tongue and lips. My hands gripped her ass as I licked through her folds, savoring her flavor. "Oh, god," moaned Mom. "Oh, my baby girl is licking my pussy.

This is so wrong!" "So wonderfully wrong," I moaned and took another lick. I dragged my tongue through my mother's folds, savoring them. I took my time, lapping, licking, nuzzling, exploring. I sucked on her fat, wrinkled labia. I nibbled on her clit. I thrust my tongue deep into her hole, swirling it around. My lips and chin grew sticky with her juices. My mother's juices. My cock and pussy both ached and throbbed.

Wicked thrills ran through me as I tongued her. I pleasured my mother, my face pressed into her pussy, her pubic hairs tickling my nose and cheeks and chin. My excitement grew. I clenched both her butt-cheeks, my cock throbbing. "Mommy!" Keily squealed. I could see my sister over my Mom's ass, her face red with pleasure. She bucked, her small titties jiggling as our mother devoured her asshole. Her legs kicked high into the air. Her small toes curled as she quivered, cumming.

"You made her cum, Mommy," I moaned. My right hand smacked down on her butt, a stinging slap echoing. "Such a bad Mommy." "So bad," Mom moaned, her hips wiggling. "Oh, yes, Mom, lick my pussy! Oh, yes, yes! Keep me cumming!" Keily bucked and squirmed, her legs falling down onto Mom's back. "Oh, wow. Oh, Deidre, Mommy's thrusting her tongue so deep into my pussy." "She taste so good," moaned Mom.

"So do you," I purred, licking through her pussy folds. I stared at her clit, flicking the bud before climbing through her folds. I hit her taint and just kept licking, my hands pulling apart her butt-cheeks. And then I was at her sphincter. I swirled around her asshole.

She tasted so sour. It was so nasty. I moved down to her pussy again, licking through her sweet folds, reaching her sour asshole again. I savored the combination of ass and cunt. I reveled in it. I licked faster and faster, dragging my tongue as fast as I could from pussy to ass, letting the flavors mix.

"Oh, yes," Mom moaned. "Oh, Keily, your older sister is licking my pussy and asshole. Oh, she's making me feel amazing." "Cum on her face, Mom," moaned Keily, bucking with excitement. "Flood her. Oh, wow, Mom, and suck on my clit, too. Oh, yes. Make me cum again!" "Yes," I hissed between licks, my fingers clenching into her ass. "Make my little sister cum, Mom. It's so hot when you do it." "It is," Mom moaned, hips wiggling. "Oh, Keily, you naughty futa. I'm going to cum so hard.

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Keep licking my pussy. I haven't been this excited" "Forever?" "Yes!" I shivered. It was so hot. We were giving our mother an experience she had never had before, rewarding her for all she did for us. I tongued her harder, flicking her clit, swirling around her asshole, eager to make her cum. My tongue thrust into her butthole and probed into her pussy. I went back and forth between the two holes, loving the different textures.

And my girl-dick throbbed so hard the entire time. It ached to penetrate her. To feel her pussy wrap silk about my girth. To plunge over and over into the pussy that had birthed me. My fingers dug so deep into her butt-cheeks. "Deidre," Mom groaned, her words muffled by my little sister's pussy. "Oh, yes, yes! Keep doing that. I'm. Deidre!" Mom screamed my name as she came. I made my mother cum.

Juices gushed out of her pussy with force. They splashed across my face. They drenched my cheeks and chin. I reveled in the hot splash.

She bucked and writhed, pleasure bursting through her. I lapped at her pussy, my cock twitching, eager to bury into her taboo hole. I wanted her so badly. I wanted to fuck her. To cum in her. I was such a naughty girl. A wicked futa. I wanted to fuck my mother. I rose. "Mom!" I panted, the tip of my girl-dick prodding at her cunt.

"I need to be in you again!" "Yes, yes, yes," moaned Mom, her face buried between Keily's thighs, her head trapped by my little sister's legs. "Fuck her!" moaned Keily, squirming, her fingers dug into Mom's brown hair. Her little titties jiggled as she humped against Mom's licking mouth, another orgasm building on my little sister's face. "Just like you fucked me! She'll love your cock as much as I do." "Yes," I moaned. "I will. I'll fuck her so hard." "Good," she panted, licking her lips.

I pressed forward. I groaned, the tip of my dick sliding into her pussy. Pleasure shivered through me. Her hot pussy lips wrapped about my cock. I groaned, my eyes fluttering in my head as I pressed forward deeper and deeper into her snatch. Such liquid warmth embraced me. Such hot passion engulfed my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head as I savored the joy of being in my mother's pussy. She wiggled her hips, stirring my cock around her hot hole.

The very hole that birthed me. "Oh, my god, Mom," I moaned. "Oh, my god, this is so hot." I didn't fuck her. I just savored the taboo thrill of my mom's pussy wrapped about my cock.

I groaned through grit teeth. I gripped her hips, staring into my little sister's eyes. They were glossy with pleasure as we shared our mother. And then I drew back my cock. I slid it through Mom's folds. She clenched on my dick. Hot friction burned down my shaft. My cunt clenched, too. Juices dribbled down my thighs, so hot and sticky. I pulled out more and more of my shaft, glistening with her juices. And then slammed into her depths. "Deidre," Mom moaned, her back arching. "Oh, yes, Deidre!

Fuck your naughty mother! She needs your big girl-cock reaming her depths! Oh, fuck, my daughter's a futa! A futa with a huge dick!" "Yes, yes, yes," Keily moaned, squirming, gasping. Her eyes fluttered. "Fuck her!" I savored the whimpering squeals my little sister made as she came on Mom's licking lips again. My hips pumped, picking up speed. My breasts bounced as I savored the tight, hot embrace of my mother's cunt.

I drove my dick over and over into her depths. Her hot, wet flesh engulfed me. Incest was the best. I loved the taboo delight of her pussy wrapped about my cock. My mother's pussy. It was so hot. It was so exciting. I shivered, my hips bucking so hard.

I pounded her. I reamed my cock so deep into her. I reveled in how forbidden this hole was. "Mom," I gasped. "Oh, your pussy feels amazing on my dick." "Fuck her!" my sister squealed, lost to her orgasm.

She kept cumming on Mom's licking tongue. "Cum in her!" "Yes," Mom groaned, her pussy clenching so hard on my dick. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Cum in me!" My dick throbbed in her depth as I reamed her. My pussy clenched. My tits bounced. I fucked her so hard. My groin smacked into her ass. Pleasure raced through my body. My ovaries boiled, readying a load of cum for my mother's pussy. I would flood her. I would fire so much jizz into her. She would be swimming with it.

I slammed into her depths hard. The friction sent pleasure racing up my shaft. I groaned, my pussy clenching. Such hot delight burned through me. "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped, my cum spurting. Blast after blast of jizz basted my mother's pussy. It splashed into her depths. My hands clutched at her hips.

My face screwed with pleasure as rapture shot through my body. The taboo thrill of spurting my girl-jizz into my mother's pussy carried me so high. So far. "Mom!" I gasped. "Yes!" she hissed. She bucked back into my thrusts. Her pussy rippled about my dick.


I savored the feel of her flesh milking the cum out of my dick. Her juices squirted around my shaft, splashing on my pussy and thighs. I made my mom cum hard. I was such a sexy futa. I pumped my hips one last time through her cumming depths, savoring her pussy convulsing about my cock, as I stared at my little sister writhing, my mom's face buried into her snatch.

I grinned, catching Keily's eyes. "Your turn to lick Mom's pussy." She ran her tongue across her lips. "Yum!" Our taboo, incestuous passion lasted the night.

Keily and I devoured my cum out of Mom's holes. We fucked each other, finding new ways to use my dick. I slid it through Mom's pillowy tits, cumming all over her face. Then Keily and I licked her clean. I buggered my sister again, and this time I licked the cum out of her asshole while Mom sucked my cock clean again.

On and on we fucked until the first golden light of dawn peeked over the horizon. I felt it the moment the sun's energy washed across the world. My dick, held in both Mom's and Keily's hands, shank back to a little clit. But I knew it would return this evening. Sunset would fall, and then I would play with my mom and sister. Plus, it was still fun having my pussy licked and fingered when I didn't have my cock. Mom had quite the taste for cunt.

I was so happy the futa-fairy granted my wish. Having a futa-cock, even if it was only at night, was awesome. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leanan Sidhe moaned. Her wings buzzed as her cock erupted. Jizz flew from the petite fairy's thick girl-dick, splattering across the surface of the koi pond.

Effervescent bliss rippled through the Esquire of Summer's body. "Oh, I am so happy that you found my gift awesome, my sweet Ms. Deidre," purred the futa-fairy, her toes curling as she hovered a few inches off the wooden footbridge over the pond. She landed on the bridge, breathing deeply, and smiled. She could feel another woman's wish. It was time for her to write another letter. Leanan Sidhe knew Deidre and her family would be happy with the gift bestowed upon the girl.

And one day, the futa-fairy would ask for a favor in return. But until then, she had letters to write and wishes to grant. Already her cock throbbed in anticipation. The END of Deidre's Tale