Taiwanese girl strips off to show her hot naked body

Taiwanese girl strips off to show her hot naked body
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Author's Note: This is a prequel of sorts. It covers Bob's history and background. After the first few chapters, time starts whizzing by, as decades were covered. I recommend reading the first three Challenge stories as there are Easter Eggs, character cameos, and call backs to them in this story. The characters of Tiffanie and Diane will each have two stories -- they'll be under the Former Playboy Playmates series on my story listings page. Editing thanks go to Todger65.

The Challenge 4: Origins and Revelations Chapter 1 He was going to take her. After weeks of watching her, studying her, memorizing her daily routine, Robby was going to hunt her down and take her. He didn't want to do it, deep down, but his animal urges of being stranded with her, had become too much to resist.

He hated the island, he hated how long they've been stuck there, he hated himself for even entertaining the idea of doing what he was about to do. Robby watched her undress from his vantage point behind a cluster of palm trees.

It was a full moon. The pale light was bouncing off her sweaty skin. She placed what was left of her clothing in a small pile. They were all but tattered rags now, her panties full of holes, her top shredded by a knife to use scraps of it as strings and ties. Robby watched her slowly enter the small pool of water at the base of a small waterfall.

He chastised himself for being turned on; he hated himself when he'd watch her work on the beach during the day, her tanned skin accentuating her musculature that was now visible due to massive weight loss. He would stare at the underside of her breasts and bare tummy while she carried coconuts. He would watch her hips sway when she surfaced from the ocean water with a fresh haul of clams, her light-brown hair slicked back, remnants of her shirt sticking to her skin.

After weeks, Robby watched her, each day bringing him closer to taking her. Masturbation only worked for so long. Robby would sneak off away from camp at night, jerking his cock behind a tree, or in the same pool area he just now watched her wade into.

He felt more shame for cumming to thoughts of her. Over time, that shame faded, the desire for a real pussy milking his shaft instead of hand coming to the forefront of his mind. Robby's desires multiplied tenfold when he caught her pleasuring herself one night. She had wandered off from camp and was gone for quite awhile.

There were no animals on the island that could hunt, kill, and eat a human but Robby thought there might be snakes or, in his most paranoid thoughts, a rat could bite her and infection could follow. He didn't know for sure. He was concerned and told Cori he'd be back in a little bit. Robby stopped dead in his tracks when he saw her, naked, in the pool, the small waterfall behind her, furiously rubbing her clit, moaning into the night.

She was beautiful. Robby nearly came in his own tattered shorts, when he watched her turn around, thrust her hips forward, allowing the surging water to crash down on her pussy. It was natures own high-powered shower nozzle.

He watched her shake and buck her hips, while holding on to vines on each side of the waterfall as the flowing water lapped at her pussy, causing her to scream out in orgasmic bliss, becoming one with nature.

The instant his hand grabbed his throbbing bulge, he ejaculated. After seeing that beautiful display, he started watching, planning and deciding when to take her. Robby considered the risks, thinking that maybe she'd understand given their situation on the island. Watching her bathe, running the water through her hair, over her medium-sized breasts, and over her hips, he began getting aroused.

Robby watched her turn to the waterfall, her lover, and smile, extending her hand to it, considering on making love to it once more. So many nights on their three months on the island, the flowing water of that little waterfall, unknowingly brought her so many orgasms.

Tonight though, she decided not to treat it to her body; becoming one with the water once again. Slinking out of the water, as clean as a soap-free bath could get a person, he made his move.

It was his 18th birthday and this would be his present to himself. **** Robby looked back toward camp and then around him to make sure Cori wasn't near.

He pulled off his tattered shirt and shorts and rushed to her, grabbing her tightly from behind, and as gently as possible guided her to the sandy ground. She cried out, startled by him, "Robby!" The side of her face in the sand, she tried pushing herself up and him off her, but he was too strong. He flipped her over on her back, "Robby! What are you doing?!?" Her were arms flailing, attempting to push him away, his face wrought with hunger and desperation. As soon as she figured out what he was doing, feeling a hard cock against her tummy, as he struggled to move downward to enter her, she relaxed slightly.

"Robby, no. No. Don't do this," she pleaded in a stern manner, her legs attempting to push him off at his hips. "Robby, no!" She said again sternly. Robby managed to push her legs apart and slam himself down.

"Robby, you don't need to do this," she said, almost calmly. His head was resting on her shoulder, his hips thrusting away, trying to find a way in to her, "Robby please." She was struggling, moving from side to side, her legs unable to push his weight off now. Robby found his way in; finally, he pushed in all the way, listening to her groan. "No!" she cried out. Robby pinned her hands down, and was thrusting away manically with no order or pattern.

He peered into her eyes, his own eyes apologizing for doing this, for taking her. She looked his eyes, her face wincing from discomfort, her eyes not showing anger but sadness and empathy. When it was done, Robby filled her with semen, collapsing on top of her.

They began crying. He was crying because they were still stuck on the island with no idea of when, or if, rescue would arrive. He was also crying because of the overwhelming guilt that now flooded him. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," He pleaded in between sobs. She sniffed, her body relaxing, her hands running through his blonde hair. "Shhh, it's ok," she sighed. She let him do this; she could've resisted more, but chose to allow it to happen. Robby sobbed uncontrollably at his actions, he did not suspect the guilt would be this bad, "Please forgive me." "Robby, just stop, it's ok.

Alright, just relax," She comforted him, her hands trailing down his back. Robby sniffed a few more times, propping himself up on his elbows, looking down into her loving eyes, "It just came over me, and we've been here so long, and I -- " "Robby, enough, it's fine," She said, caressing his face.

"It's over and done with." "I'm sorry mom," Robby said, calming down, his breathing returning to normal. Chapter 2 Robby's Aunt Cori greeted them when they returned to camp, "Where'd you two go?" "Went for a walk," Robby's mother, Karen, answered before Robby could say anything. "Ok, well there's some of that fish left if you two want to split it," Cori nodded in the direction of the large fish they had captured.

It was rare, but a beautiful thing. In the three months they've been there, they've managed to catch maybe five good sized fish to cook up. Coconuts, clams, oysters, and an occasional trapped lizard usually consisted of their meals. Karen sat next to Robby on the log by the fire, her arms entwined in his. He took a couple bites and offered it to her.

Opening her mouth, he slid a piece in, her lips tracing his finger. Sitting by the fire, stoking it, putting more wood on it, Robby calmed down.

He shook his head at their situation. "Mom, I'm -- " he whispered before being interrupted. Cori had fallen asleep. "Robby, I said forget it. It happened, it's done. Alright?" Karen whispered back, leaning her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry if I hurt you," Robby sighed. "It was a little uncomfortable," Karen said, patting his forearm. "Don't worry about it." Robby's risk paid off, his mother wasn't too angry, she understood, knowing his teenage hormones pushed him over the edge.

A couple hours later, Robby began getting sleepy, his eyes heavy. He felt his mother slip out from under his arm. He lowered his head to his knee, resting it on his forearm. He a few moments later, just before sleep began to take him, he heard his mother clear her throat from somewhere behind him. Robby turned to the direction of the sound behind to see his mother nude, the light from the fire illuminating her skin. "Robby, let's go back to the pool." They became one with the water, one with each other, mother and son giving everything to each other.

Robby stood in the shallow pool, his mother's legs wrapped around his waist, the waterfall behind them. He pumped upward, slamming into her, grunting as he worked. Karen moaned, her mouth hanging open, her hands clasped behind Robby's neck.

Peering into each other's eyes, they began climaxing together this time. Karen slowly turned to her former lover, the waterfall; as if to tell it she had a new lover, a human this time.

Her orgasm built up, surging through her spine, her arms wrapping around Robby, pulling herself against him. Night after night, they met after Cori went to sleep. Night after night, in the pool, making love, the jealous pussy-licking waterfall, watching on silently. After a week, their love making sessions included a morning bath, another week, and they Robby mounted her from behind while she held on tightly to a coconut tree, both shaded from the burning noon sun.

It was only a matter of time on that little deserted island that Aunt Cori would discover them. **** Cori and Karen slammed Robby against the waterfall, attacking him with kisses, licks, and sucks. It had been three days since Cori found her sister and nephew in the throes of passion. Getting back to camp before they did, she waited.

When they finally arrived, Cori stood, removed her ragged clothing and presented herself to them, silently asking them to be part of their new relationship.

Karen and Robby stood, not saying a word, and removed their own clothes. The three of them had been naked ever since.

Robby was exhausted, pleasuring both women every chance he got. Gathering wood, coconuts, and clams took longer due to having to stop to tend to one of the women's needs. He loved it. A few weeks passed, Robbie sat at the camp one night, watching his mother and aunt. They stood facing each other, holding hands, their bodies nearly silhouettes due to the fire behind them. Robbie watched them become one that night.

He moaned as their first kiss ended, their tongues recoiling slowly back into their mouths, leaving a string of sparkling, fire lit saliva between them. The two sisters went at it for hours, exploring each other's bodies, grinding their pussies together, ending their session by swallowing Robby's seed after a lengthy blow job. Robby smiled, looking to the starry sky, while his mother and aunt, kissed once more, sharing his semen. Robby was the king of that island, his mother and aunt, his queens.

He hoped they would never get rescued. Chapter 3 Six months since the pilot in one of Robby's father's private planes had a heart attack during flight, his arm banging the control wheel, changing its course during his death throes, inadvertently guiding them into a south Pacific storm.

Robbie, recalling flight lessons his wealthy father purchased for him was able to crash the plane on a nearby island, without causing any injuries or death. The three lone survivors walked along the beach, watching the sun set in the distance. They were naked as usual, holding hands, and chatting about old times before the crash. The feeling of euphoria Robbie was feeling by holding his mother's hand to his right, and his aunt's to his left, was brought to a deep low when his mother spoke next after a pause in the conversation.

"You know Robby," She sighed, turning to face him, "If we ever leave this place, we can't continue what we've been doing." "What?" Robby asked. "I think you know what I'm talking about. The three of us, here, alone, this relationship we've had. It can't continue if we are found. I'm married. Your father, he could never know about this." "I thought we liked it," Robby said, turning to his aunt, "right?" Cori smiled and nodded politely.

"We do like it. But it's wrong, it's not natural. We're just scratching an itch by doing this," his mother explained. "Well can't we keep it a secret? We don't have to stop, let's just keep it a secret you know?" Robby pleaded, his voice trembling. "No, Robby," his mother sternly said. Cori slowly nodded in agreement.

"But -- " "Don't make this difficult. I know you know it's wrong.

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We all do. It's fun for here, but it can't continue back home," Karen said. "Robby, we may not ever get off this island, so who knows. It could be years. You might be sick of us by then," Cori laughed, Karen's younger sister attempting to dispel the tension. "Yeah, I guess," Robby sighed once more. His mother took his hand, his aunt never letting the other go, and they continued their walk.

**** A week later, Robby's worst nightmare came to fruition. He had been ferociously feasting upon their pussies, when, after their climaxes, they pushed him down on the beach, mutually jacking off his cock, while their tongues entered his mouth.

Karen heard the plane first. She ended her kiss, her saliva hanging off her chin into Robby's mouth, Cori sucking it off her sister's chin.

"What is it?" Robby asked, sitting up, his aunt kissing her way down his body. Karen said nothing, immediately standing, sprinting back to camp, searching through the salvaged survivor kit. "What is it?" Robby yelled. Cori was moaning, slobbering all over his cock, Robby watching his mother sprint back to him, handing him a flare. "Get off him!" She yelled at Cori, pushing her away, her drool covered chin dripping saliva onto her breasts.

Karen pointing to the distance, "Go!" Robby hesitated, knowing what was happening, but not wanting to follow their plans. He wanted it to fail. Shaking his head he listened to his mother and sprinted off to the other direction, 50 yards away at the end of their section of beach.

Karen sprinted back to camp and shot off her flare, waiting for Robby to do this same for his. "Do it!" She yelled, waving her arms at her son. "Now!" Cori was with Karen now. She didn't want their time to end either. Robby looked to the flare, shaking his head, he wanted to stay the king forever. He couldn't do it. "Robby! Now!" Karen screamed at him from the camp. Cori looked on, tears filling her eyes. The plane got closer, Robby wasn't sure it saw the original flare; hence their back up plan to shoot them off in two different locations not far from each other, in hopes it would cover more visual ground.

He thought about his 35 year old island queen, his mother, his time with her ending. He looked at his 30 year old, younger queen, his aunt.

She was on her knees, crying, not wanting this to end either, but knew it had too. "Do it!" Karen screamed, starting to sprint toward him. Robby looked to the sky, the plan much closer now, and decided to the right thing. **** Cori rested her head on her nephew's shoulder, sitting across from Karen. They were in their tattered clothes once more.

Karen and Robby stared at each other from across the loud plane, angry at each other, but each for different reasons; Robby, because their erotic lifestyle was over, and his mother because Robby nearly failed to follow through with their flare plan. In Karen's eagerness, she fired her flare too early; Robbie fired his just in time. If he had hesitated the plane might've flown by, leaving them both as failures.

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In the decades that followed, he knew that if he did fail to act and they were stranded longer, their sexual escapades might've ended due to resentment on his mother's part. On the plane ride back home, young Robby, accepted his fate, but it didn't mean he wouldn't try to take her again. Chapter 4 She slapped him hard.

Robby was shocked. It was two weeks upon their return, Robby tried to hug her from behind, placing his hands on her stomach, over her dress. "Mom, I -- " "Don't touch me!" she sneered.

"I was just going -- " "I'm pregnant," Karen started tearing up. "You piece of shit," She pushed by him, disgusted at herself and by him. She was very angry; perhaps assuming her age and malnutrition on the island would prevent her from becoming pregnant.

Those few fish they ate must have provided enough protein to sustain her monthly cycles. Later that night Robby heard his mother and father making love. Shaking his head, he realized it was so she could trick his father into thinking the child was his. Due to some bribery by his father, Robby was able to go to college on time. He excelled at Harvard Business School, several hundred miles away.


When he came home for Christmas Break, he found a very pregnant mother. He avoided his parents as best he could, his heart hurting from desire, obsessing over his mother's pregnant belly.

They hardly spoke. The night before Robby was to return to school, he stood at the side of his parent's bed, watching his mother sleep. Thinking about their time together on the island, wishing he could feel her, caress her, make love to her once more. He slowly slid her bed sheet down her body.

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Her pajama top was too small and her large belly was revealed. Robby gritted his teeth in anger, knowing that was his child in there, not his father's. He reached into his pants, fished out his cock, and slowly began pumping it, angrily slamming his fist to the base of shaft.

He thought about how good she felt, how sweet she was to let him have her on the island, but at the same time, how cold she's been since their return. Decades later he realized she felt guilt and pushing Robby away was how she dealt with it. "Ahhh," Robby moaned in his parent's bedroom, spraying her pregnant tummy with semen.

He shook his head, buttoned his pants, and went to bed. Karen sat up, her fingers touching Robby's cum on her belly. She took her fingers to her mouth, licking them clean. She cried herself to sleep that night. **** During his spring break of his freshman year, the 19 year old Robby arrived to another cold reception at home.

His father didn't notice or care. Robby tried to be pleasant around his mother, hoping that maybe she would snap out of this funk she was in. The begging and pleading began a couple days before class was starting back up. "Robby, I said no," Karen was trying to be nice, having felt guilt for her harsh words shortly after their return from the island.

"Please? Dad won't be home till later," Robby pleaded. "No!" Karen firmly said, pushing Robby off her and waddling away. Before she waddled to her bedroom, Robby grabbed her, spinning her around and slamming her against the wall. He kissed her hard, taking her by surprise.

"No Robby," She pushed him away, he grabbed her face, staring into her eyes. "Please, I need you," He begged. "No! Get away!" Karen was able to push him and waddle a few steps, her huge belly slowing her down. Robby lunged at her, picking her up, and slamming her on the bed, not caring that it could disturb her huge pregnant mass.

Karen slapped him again, angrily looking into his face. Robby, pulled her dress up, pinning her down as best he could with one arm. She remained still, slapping him once more, when he slid off her panties and began to guide himself in.

"You want to do it? Do it!" She yelled at him. Robby began thrusting into her, "Why couldn't we continue?" "Just shut up and get it over with!" his mother glared at him.

"You will never know this child, I will keep this baby from you, it will never know you are the father," She slapped him once more. Robby got angrier, releasing her arm, he pulled her skirt up and leaned down to hungrily kiss and lick her pregnant belly before sliding in once more. She felt amazing; her tight pussy, clamping down on his shaft while he worked. "Ah!" his mother moaned.

"Do it!" Robby kept going, slamming into her until he reached his climax. He felt her legs wrapping around his waist, trapping him there. His mother was moaning as her own climax approached. "Yes! Yes!" she screamed, as Robby arched his back and groaned, filling her with his seed.

He looked on as her body shook and fluid erupted from her vagina, spray on his clothing, drenching his pubic hair. "Ah, uhn, yes. My water broke," she moaned. He lowered himself, kissing her neck and working his way to her stomach.

He stood up, letting his oozing cock slide out and come to a rest on her pregnant mass. He chuckled when he felt the baby move around inside Karen, kicking against his cock, as if to thank its father for freeing it.

They said nothing to each other on the way to the hospital or in the hospital room while waiting for Robby's father. Once he did arrive, Karen wanted Robby to leave. "Get out!" Karen angrily glared at her son. "You don't belong here," she sneered. "Hey, it's ok, relax Karen. Robby, go a wait outside, I'll take over," His father said, giving Karen a stern look for her harshness. Robby's first child was a daughter named Diane.

Karen did everything in her power to keep Robby away from her, often making excuses to not be around when Robby was home, manipulating Robby's father to send Robby to summer school programs or to study abroad.

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The only real information he learned of her was from his Aunt Cori. She visited him several times at school, lying to her husband about her whereabouts so she could spend a long weekend in bed with her nephew. Through Cori, he learned that his mother had an affair; he learned the Diane looked a lot like him as she grew older, and he learned that Cori did not want their incestuous relationship from the island to end either. They made love, a few times a year, for the next ten years.

Finally, shortly after Diane's eleventh birthday, Karen left Robby's father, divorcing him. Karen took the two other children she had by Robby's father, Robby's siblings, with her to start a new life in Charleston, South Carolina. Chapter 5 It was inevitable that Robby would impregnate his Aunt Cori.

Shortly after Karen left his father, 29 year old Robby sought comfort from his Aunt, spending a night her in a hotel room, making love until the sun rose, impregnating the now 40 year old. The baby girl was named Julie. Aunt Cori must have dealt with similar feelings as Robby's mother.

Guilt, embarrassment, and secrecy, she cut ties with Robby, gently caressing his face, apologizing, kissing him one last time, and moving on. She headed to Charleston to raise her child away from Robby, with her oblivious husband. They had a house near Karen's, Cori's husband being one of the founding members of the business empire Robby would soon take over. A year later, Robby showed up in Charleston, knocking on his mother's door while Diane and Karen's other children were at school.

She shook her head and let him in. "What do you want, Robby?" Karen rolled her eyes, letting him follow her into the living room. "I just wanted to say hello. You look great," Robby said. "Really? You just wanted to say hello?" Karen asked. "Why can't you just stay away?" "I can't.

I need you, I love you too much," Robby replied. Karen rolled her eyes again, standing to head to the kitchen. "Please mom, let's talk." "I don't have anything to say to you! Please, just go, Robby. Just go," Karen pleaded. Robby looked to the floor and nodded. His mother was at the kitchen sink doing dishes. He slowly approached her from behind, placing his hands gently on her waist.

Karen sighed, "Robby, please go." Robby began kissing at her neck, eliciting a moan, "Robby, no." He kept going, guiding his hands to cup her breasts. "Please. I love you so much," Robby whispered in her ear. Karen moaned, reaching behind him to grip his hair with one hand, while the other began to unzip her bell-bottom pants. Robby, still kissing her neck and groping a breast, began unbuttoning his pants as well.

"You're so perfect," he whispered, relishing her moans. Karen released her grip on his hair and began to slide her pants down to her knees, followed by her panties.

Robby did the same with his own pants. "Do it," Karen whispered, turning her head to kiss at Robby's face. "I love you," Robby said when he buried himself all the way from behind. "I love you too," Karen said, thrusting back into him, meeting his forward thrusts. Robby looked into her eyes when he came, her face contorted with pleasure, like so many nights on the island together; Karen's hot breath bathing his face while she climaxed. His cock spurted semen, deep inside her, during their mutual climax that day at the kitchen sink.

Robby impregnated his mother a second time. After they collapsed on the bed later that afternoon, kissing each other, loving each other after hours of making love, Robby asked her once more if they could continue in secret. "I don't know. You live far away; I have children, a husband.

I just don't know," his mother replied. Robby left it at that not wanting to press things further and push her away like she had done to him.

He left before the children got home from school, agreeing to just let it go. Months later Robby, received a call from his mother's new husband. He was in tears, struggling to speak, Robby immediately thought the worse. His stepfather couldn't even get the words out. Robby heard, "she was 47 years old," "complications with delivery," and "doctors couldn't do anything," and knew exactly what the man was trying to tell him. He heard him utter a name. It was the name of his third daughter: Tiffanie.

Robby took out a Smith & Wesson from his bed side table in his New York City condo. Looking down the barrel after the phone call from his stepfather, he wanted to pull the trigger. His Aunt cut him out of her life, his mother cut him out of her life, and now, his mother was deceased, dying in labor with his child.

He had three children with them and would never know them. What happened on the island 12 years prior changed them for the worst. He kept saying his daughter's names: Diane, Julie, Tiffanie. He repeated them over and over, tears streaming down his face. After several minutes Robby pulled himself together, put the gun back in the drawer and paced around his condo.

Saying their names over and over, making a mental list: Diane, Julie, Tiffanie. He would find them one day, he would do something special for them, and he would make sure their lives were set. He couldn't do this now; it would have to be in decades. Robby worked and worked and worked.

Building an empire, buying and selling businesses and land, investing money in the company his grandfather and father started. He became a workaholic. In the mid-70s a man from Austria named Arnold was growing in popularity in the body building world. Robby and a few of his friends felt inspired by the European and started working out in his spare time, finding it helped him focus on growing his companies.

It also helped him attract women. Robby married and divorced. His ex-leaving him, taking his two young daughters after the second one as born, the older child was three. They argued about him working constantly. He was never around, he was building his future, a future for who he considered his true daughters: Diane, Julie, Tiffanie.

Robby kept going, kept persevering, and kept working. Chapter 6 Twenty-five years passed. Sam sat at his desk in his office with a huge grin on his face. He was a 56 year old African-American former police detective turned private investigator based in Atlanta.

He was grinning at 25 year old blonde lovingly sucking his cock. She was a secretary whose last day was in a week.

She gladly served her two weeks' notice on her knees, and sometimes, on her back. "Mmm, good girl, good girl," Sam ran his fingers through her long locks. "Your husband is black too, right?" "Mmhmm," she moaned, weaving her head back and forth.

"Does he have a son, Devin?" Sam asked. Devin popped his cockhead out of her mouth, "He does." "You going to fuck him when he gets older?" "He's 15, and he's old enough," Devin winked at Sam, before resuming her cock servicing session.


Devin finished up; swallowing her soon-to-be former employer's seed down her throat, letting him know his 2 o'clock meeting would be there soon. Sam straightened up his desk, adjusted his tie, ran his fingers over his graying mustache and waited. A few minutes later, a man in very good shape wearing a business suit, carrying a briefcase and looking around the same age as Sam entered.

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"Hi sir! You must be -- " "Bob. Call me Bob," Bob extended his hand to shake Sam's and sat across from him at his desk. "Good to meet you, Bob. Let's talk about what I can do to help you," Sam smiled, sitting down now. "Yes likewise.

I'm hoping you can find someone for me, three people actually, but for now just one. I can give you her name, any and all information I have on her, and where I think she may be living." "That sounds great.

Sounds like you know what I would need to get started," Sam said. "Yes," Bob opened his brief case, pulling out various papers and information collected, including a few very old photos that were no doubt obsolete now.

"Her name is Diane. She was in Charleston the last time I," Bob paused, thinking of the second time he impregnated his mother. "She may still be there, but I don't truly know." They looked over her photos and identity information Bob had managed to obtain. The parted ways 45 minutes later, Sam assuring Bob he'd keep him posted of any updates he has for him. A week later, Bob got a package in the mail.

Walking down his long driveway in his mansion in an upscale area of Atlanta, he smiled pulling the contents out of the envelope. It was from Sam. He had mailed Bob a copy of a ten year old Playboy magazine. Diane was on the cover. They spoke on the phone a few minutes later; Sam telling Bob that Diane and her family moved to Tampa Bay, Florida when she was 13 -- shortly after her mother died in childbirth with Diane's youngest sibling, Tiffanie.

A pang of hurt stabbed at Bob's heart, but he continued listening. Sam informed Bob that Sam's son Tony is the same age as her and still lives Tampa.

Sam wasn't around much for Tony's younger years, constantly working, a divorce, and so on, but he told Bob he'll reach out to Tony to see if he might've known her. They figured it was worth a shot. **** "Ahh! Yes! Harder!" 37 year old Diane screamed out, her fingers gripping Sam's sweaty back.

"Come on! Come on!" Sam was gritting his teeth, slamming into her bringing her to another climax, causing the bed to bang against the wall behind it. Sam was done and exhausted, Diane moaning in approval. He got off her, wiped his forehead clean, and stepped out into the living room.

Sam nodded at his son Tony who was sitting on the couch waiting. "I told you she was a good lay, dad," Tony told his father when he sat on the couch. "She is. You've been hitting that since you two were teens?" Sam asked. "I have. I figured it would be nice to come with you on this trip, to get another fuck out of her," Tony said. "Well get in there and get to it. I have to make a phone call," Sam, catching his breath, gestured for Tony to head to Diane's bedroom. Sam picked up the phone that was sitting on the coffee table and dialed Bob.

"I found her," Sam said as soon as Bob answered. "You did? That's excellent. Where is she?" Bob asked. "She's back in Charleston. She recently moved here. After she posed for Playboy she stayed in Tampa Bay for awhile, built up her family," Sam stood, walking around her living room nude, looking at photos of Diane's children, photos of her husband. "Yeah, she got married, has some kids," Sam said. Bob nearly choked up, he was a grandfather. "I'm not too sure if she's happy though," Sam added, Diane moaning in the background as Tony pounded her senselessly.

"She's not? What's wrong?" Bob was concerned; hoping that Sam hadn't picked up on the fact Diane was his daughter. "Well, her profession isn't something a happily married woman would typically do," Sam smiled, thinking about the amazing weekend he and Tony had there in Charleston.

Chapter 7 Bob stood in the parking lot of a strip club in Charleston one week later. He checked his map and the scribbled down address he got from Sam one last time before sighing and heading in.

She wouldn't know him and he was ok with that. He had to see her, he had to meet her, and he had to talk to her. Bob sat at the bar, glancing around the room, watching the various ladies chat with the patrons. Several women danced on the stage causing Bob to wonder if Sam got the nights wrong. Sam told him she worked during weekends. Then he saw her. Bob's mouth hung open as he watched her. She was tall, leggy, had long dirty blonde hair the same color as Bob's in his younger years, and had a magnificent set of breasts.

He had seen them many times in the Playboy magazine he repeatedly looked over, but seeing them in person was something totally different. They were huge, tear drop shaped, orbs that she slid the pole in between when she squatted up and down during her dance routine.

The rest of her body was amazing too, but Bob kept going back to those tits of hers -- he thought they were so big and juicy. He was blown away by her. After several tries, due to several men beating Bob to her, Bob finally got a private lap dance from her. Her eyes were the same color as his, looking into his while straddling him in the back private room, the music blaring. "How are you hon?" She spoke into his ear, loud enough for him to hear her.

Her voice deeper, not nasally or high pitched; it reminded Bob of his mother's voice. "I'm great. What's your name?" Bob asked. "Dee," she smiled, sliding her top over her shoulders, rubbing her massive tits in Bob's face. He was in heaven. "That you real name?" Bob asked, after a nipple trailed his lips.

She shook her head and turned around, slowly grinding her butt into his crotch. "What is it?" She chuckled, laying herself back against him, "It's Diane, but keep it a secret ok?" "Alright, Diane.

Will you reach into my left pocket please?" "Mmmm, I'm not sure I can do that at this club, but I'll be quick," Diane slid to her knees, her huge tits trailing over Bob's crotch, pretending she was dancing for him, flipping her long blonde hair around, she quickly reached into his pocket and withdrew a rolled up wad of cash.

Straddling him once more, she looked at it confused, "They only charge $10 for a song here." "That's a thousand times more than $10 rolled up in there and I'm not buying a song," Bob winked at Diane. "What are you buying?" She asked him skeptically. "You, for the night, and maybe some of the day tomorrow," Bob smiled at her. Diane smiled back, slowly nodding her head. **** Bob guided her to the bed, their mouths entwined, moaning as they kissed.

He rolled over on this back, taking Diane with him, bringing a huge tit to his mouth. She moaned and offered him the other. Diane began squatting up and down on Bob's cock. "You feel so good," he said.

"So do you," she said breathlessly as she worked, her tits bouncing with her. Gripping her breasts tightly, Bob nursed her hungrily when she stopped bouncing. Diane began grinding into him, working toward her orgasm, "Cum for me, Diane!" "Ah yes! Yes!" Diane shook, as her orgasms rippled through her, her nipples numb from Bob's mouth.

He watched her climax, feeling her body tense up, smiling as her pussy clamped around his shaft. It would go all night, rolling around onto the floor, up against the wall. He surprised Diane with his stamina, but he didn't want it to end. Finally, the next morning, after a shower together, it did. Diane sat in the passenger side seat of Bob's rental car. She happily showed him around town. She showed him various restaurants, places she remembers from her childhood, and the elementary school she went to before moving to Tampa Bay.

They stopped for lunch after their sight-seeing tour, Bob asking her to pick some place nice. Sitting across from he couldn't believe how gorgeous was. "So, your husband; you and him aren't -- " "I've never been faithful, if you were wondering," Diane blurted out, after taking a sip of tea.

"It's just one of those things," she shrugged. Bob decided not to press the subject further, deep down not really caring. "How many children do you have? I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be too personal," Bob said. "No, no, it's fine. You just paid me $10,000 to spend the night and day with me.

You can ask me anything you want. I have three kids. I got pregnant at age 17, 19, and finally at 22. That was my first husband. We married after high school. It didn't last long. I remarried shortly after. We stayed in Tampa Bay up until last year." Bob listened for the next hour as Diane talked about her three children, Bob's grandkids.

The oldest, Sandee, moved out to Los Angeles when she turned 18 and dances at a few clubs there. The other two are still in Charleston with Diane and their stepfather. Bob asked about their interests, schooling, and general appearance. He treaded dangerously close to the line between a wealthy stranger paying for a night of sex and a relative wanting to know about his kin. So he backed off, talking more about the area, avoiding questions about her personal life and family.

Bob learned she did stripping on the side, lying to her husband about it, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Diane informed him that some clubs she worked at in the past allowed patrons to pay extra for sex, it was all illegal of course, but it excited Diane. Bob never asked about Playboy, thinking that maybe she may find it an odd coincident that he brought it up.

Seeing where she grew up brought about more sadness in his heart. The house was a decent size, but nothing compared to what he could provide now.

He imagined living there, raising her and her siblings, making love to their mother, his mother, Karen. Bob imagined Aunt Cori stopping by to say hello and to make love. He was shaken from his daydream with Diane pointed out the undeveloped land near the beach. She informed him several land developers were bidding for it, wanting to turn it into a neighborhood. Bob nodded, an idea forming in his head. On the way back to Diane's house, she sucked his cock while he drove. Sitting in her driveway, he thanked her for a lovely night and day, asking her if it'd be ok to check in on her and say hello every once in awhile.

Diane caressed his face and nodded, before giving him a soft kiss on the lips. After dropping her off, Bob rushed to find out more about the property. His heart was racing, wanting to buy it, wanting to build a compound or a neighborhood for his children, and perhaps other families too. He drove back the beach area. It was marshland, with the occasional clump of palm trees. He envisioned streets filled with massive homes, in each one, families living together, caring for each other, making love, living the life he never got to with his mother and aunt.

He thanked Diane, in his head, for showing him this land. He decided he was going to bid on that land and win it. The next several months consisted of Bob ensuring that land was his.

He outbid everyone. He had won. Returning to Charleston to sign papers and go through legal information, he set foot on his land for the first time. Nothing was there, no houses, no streets, but in time he would build a neighborhood; a community. Bob slid his arm around Diane's waist. She was standing next to him, looking on with him.

He turned, smiling at her, thinking about their previous night in which they reconnected. They were rolling around in bed, on top, on bottom, moaning and shaking with pleasure in each other's arms, moonlight bouncing off her breasts. Bob crossed her name off his mental list. Julie and Tiffanie remained. Chapter 8 Sam had a difficult time finding Julie.

However, Tiffanie was easy. Three years later, when Bob approached him again, Sam got to work, calling his son, Tony to ask him if he might know where Diane's younger sister was.

Tony knew exactly where she was in Tampa Bay. They had been sleeping together for a few years. **** "Ahh! Yes! Harder!" 28 year old Tiffanie screamed out, her fingers gripping Tony's sweaty back.

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"Come on! Come on!" Tony was gritting his teeth, slamming into her bringing her to another climax, causing the bed to bang against the wall behind it. The door to the bedroom opened; a shocked, hysterical husband stood yelling at what he saw before him.

Tony pulled out, stroked his cock a few times, spraying semen onto Tiffanie's stomach. Nodding politely as he walked past her irate husband, Tony headed to the kitchen to use the phone. "Hi, Bob? Yeah it's me Tony, Sam's son. Just wanted to let you know Tiffanie is in Tampa. That's all I know so far, but I'll do a little digging and see what I can find," he explained.

"Yeah my dad is ok, getting a little older, so I figured I'd help him out some, since I knew the family a little better than him." A few weeks later Bob nearly collapsed with laughter in his long driveway after opening a package from Sam. Tony had obtained information for his father. Bob pulled out yet another Playboy magazine with his daughter Tiffanie on the cover this time.

"Fantastic!" Bob exclaimed flipping through the pages of her spread. She had gorgeous breasts just like her older sister. A few months passed, a few more phone calls from Tony or Sam. Bob learned Tiffanie was getting a divorce because her husband caught her sleeping with another man.

They two men were able to determine she was moving to Atlanta, where Bob lived, and was looking for a job in marketing, based on her conversations she had with Tony in between sex sessions. Bob started brainstorming. **** Krista, a young, brunette sexpot, slept her way to the top in Bob's company. She was a manager in his marketing department. She worked primarily in Jacksonville, FL, but occasionally headed to Atlanta for meetings and sex with Bob.

She was so very good and so very gorgeous, just like her mother, Robin, who Bob joked about meeting one day. "Whew, that was good," Bob said, out of breath, rolling off Krista, slapping her ass when she got up. They were in bed most of the weekend during her trip to Atlanta. "Yes it was, now can we please talk about these applicants?" She asked, walking to the table in his bedroom, cum dripping out of her pussy, to retrieve a stack of resumes.

"Sure, sure, I almost forgot, sorry," Bob said, hoping his attempts at fishing for Tiffanie via job postings, and suggestions from Tony, who she still met and slept with the last several months, would work out. Krista crawled back into bed with him, Bob putting his arm around her, flipping through a few dozen applicants.

Bob was barely paying attention to the naked beauty in his arm while she went over each resume and applicants skills.

Bob was looking for a name. Frowning with disappointment his eyes brightened with excitement when Krista got to the very last resume in the stack. It was Tiffanie's. Bob impatiently listened to Krista drone on about her experience, her lack of skills, and lack of outstanding references.

Bob didn't care. "Hire her," he said getting off the bed, pouring more wine. "Wait. But there are others that are better qualified," Krista pleaded. "Just do it. We can train her and mold her to how we want her. Plus, we don't have to pay her as much due to her lack of experience," Bob explained. Krista sighed and shook her head, "Alright, fine." **** Bob watch from afar, never crossing a line, and hardly seeing her in person.

He kept tabs on Tiffanie by having phone calls and meetings with her manager, Krista. He learned Tiffanie was an outstanding employee. She was learning the job very fast, her marketing ideas were great, her attitude was even better, and she was quick -- not taking her sweet time to do things. Three years into Tiffanie's tenure with Bob's company, Bob had met her a few times, noticing they had the same eye color. Her thicker, fuller lips looked more like his Aunt Cori's than his and her mother's.

He always remained courteous and polite to her, observing she felt nervous around the big CEO. He would crack jokes on himself and on Krista in an attempt to show Tiffanie she had no reason to be nervous around him. The company had purchased a publishing company and all its assets. One of those including a magazine marketed toward African-American males between the ages of 18-35 call Elite Magazine.

Tiffanie had an idea that her manager Krista loved, which was throwing an annual "Elite Mag" party in Atlanta. All of the staff would be invited including: models, photographers, writers, ad execs and of course Bob. Krista and Tiffanie worked very close on ensuring its success.

Bob watched from the sidelines, ideas forming in his head, the brunette Krista and blonde Tiffanie were gorgeous. Chapter 9 "You're going to let me come to this event without a date?" Bob jokingly asked Tiffanie and Krista, who appeared to be together, their arms entwined with each other. "Sorry!" Krista shrugged. "You could have at least brought Robin and let her be my date," Bob joked, referring to Krista's mother. "You can share us tonight.

We can take turns dancing," Tiffanie suggested, to the smiling, retirement age Bob. The two women introduced Bob to a younger model named Rodney. He was tall, black, and just started posing in the magazine. He shook Bob's hand, thanking him for building the magazine up to a more successful publication. Bob laughed blaming its success on Krista and Tiffanie. After a few hours of mingling with each woman, Bob looked around for Krista, not finding her. Eventually he saw Krista on the arm of Rodney while he escorted her out of the large hotel banquet hall.

About 15 minutes later, she returned, a devilish grin her face. Thirty minutes later whilst he danced with Krista he watched Tiffanie do the same; leaving the building on Rodney's arm. "Excuse me for a moment," He told Krista, rushing to follow after Tiffanie and Rodney.

He hung back a bit, watching them go into an alley next to the hotel. When Bob snuck behind a nearby dumpster, the two of them were already going at it. Tiffanie pulled her tight, cocktail dress up, exposing her bare ass, and Rodney was hurriedly pumping into her from behind. Bob smiled watching her moan, arching her back, Rodney grabbing her hair with one hand, her waist with the other.

"You two were having sex with him in the alley," Bob said, returning to Krista inside a few minutes later, careful not to get caught spying. "Mmhmm, and after this event, her and I will have sex with you," Krista explained. "Is that right?" Bob asked, pulling her in close to him. "Well I'm turning in my two week notice tonight, so a wonderful threeway to get you accustomed to my replacement seemed appropriate," Krista grinned.

"Tiffanie is your replacement?" "Yes," Krista leaned in closer to whisper in Bob's ear, "and she's wanted to sleep with you for awhile now." **** Bob sipped his wine watching Krista and Tiffanie tenderly kiss at the foot of his bed as a fire blazed on behind them in his master bedroom.

He smiled when he watched Tiffanie glance at him while Krista slid Tiffanie's dress straps over each shoulder. Tiffanie closed her eyes while Krista moved in slowly kissing and licking one of Tiffanie's nipples. Her breasts were huge, just like Diane's.

Krista held them up as if testing their weight, moving to each nipple, gingerly sucking them. Krista stood and slid her dress down, stepping out of it, tossing it to the side. Tiffanie did the same, kissing Krista once more before the two woman turned to smile at Bob.

They crawled onto the bed, making their way to Bob, taking his wine glass and began kissing the older man. He lay there motionless, a perpetual smile on his face as the two women removed this clothing for him, kissed over his stomach, and began licking up and down his shaft, occasionally smiling up at him. Tiffanie went first. Guided by Krista, she mounted Bob, sliding his cock in and slowly rocking her hips back and forth on him.

Bob ran his fingers through her blonde hair, smiling up at her, his other hand gently squeezing her breast. He watched her cum - amazed at her beauty, her smell, and her insides. She felt amazing. When she was done shaking and moaning, he kissed her, savoring her full lips. Krista went next, Tiffanie taking her position behind Krista, rubbing her back, kissing her shoulder while she rode Bob -- just like Tiffanie had done minutes before.

They took several turns that's night, enjoying each other, climaxing for each other. Bob was in the shower a little later, thinking about his wonderful evening, while Krista and Tiffanie slept in his bed naked, holding each other. He was startled when Tiffanie entered the shower.

"Hi," she said, running her hands over his shoulders. "Hi," He said back, kissing her softly. "I guess this was a good way for Krista to resign, right?" Tiffanie joked. "It sure was. I'm going to miss her great work, but her goodbye was even better!" "Indeed it was," Tiffanie said, kissing Bob once more. "I'm sure you'll do great in her role at my company.

I have no doubts," Bob said. They kissed in the shower for several more minutes, before Bob entered her from behind. He wanted to tell her so badly that he was her father. He wanted to let her know that he would take care of her long after he was gone. He wanted to see if she'd move to Charleston, but he chickened out.

He wondered if it would damage their working relationship -- or relationship period -- if she knew her employer, the man she's sleeping with, was her father. He kept quiet, enjoying her over and over. Tiffanie worked for and slept with Bob for three years before turning in her notice, resigning and moving on, claiming she needed to focus on her son and settle her wild ways down.

Bob completely understood, making love to her one last time, before she left. Bob crossed Tiffanie off his mental list, leaving one left -- Julie. Chapter 10 Another five years past, Bob, nearing 70 years old, found himself at his Aunt Cori's funeral.

He sat in the back, not being seen by Diane, Tiffanie, and the other relatives -- most of them blonde women. He almost forgotten about Julie, attempting to figure out which one was her among the hugging women near the casket.

After the funeral in Charleston he went to his property, still untouched, still not developed. He thought about his 81 year old deceased Aunt, picturing her old and frail, but surrounded by her children, grandchildren, and lovers all together in one imaginary home. "I'm going to build a haven for families," Bob said out loud, before heading home. Over the next several months, massive amounts of money and resources were put into building houses, building a community, building the special haven he envisioned.

Bob needed to test things. He wanted to test people, seeing if they would ever move into this neighborhood, filling it with incestuous love. He started thinking and formulating more plans. He wondered if other people existed that had special relationships with their family members like he briefly did. He wondered if his new fiancée Robin, would ever cross that line, perhaps with a sister, or child, or grandchild.

He wondered if she would cross that line with her daughter Krista. Thankful that Krista introduced Robin to Bob, he dismissed that thought, and kept thinking of his mental list and the final name on it -- Julie -- appeared in his thoughts. He almost forgot about finding her, blaming it on continuously working and old age. He would find her and somehow issue her a challenge to see if she was anything like her father, him.

On the way back to Atlanta he thought about finding more test subjects, more people that he could, perhaps, bring out incestuous desires via massive amounts of money in the form of challenges. The next few months were busy for Bob. A large scale surveillance system in several of his office buildings were installed in secret. Video cameras were hidden in bathrooms, offices, and so on. Bob was looking, searching for potential test subjects.

He was also working with a man named Fat Rob to build a new strip club. Tiffanie's replacement, a 6 foot tall, Puerto Rican beauty named Fernanda was hungrily sucking Bob's cock, updating him on the construction of the shopping center and the club that would be within it. "Yes, almost done," Fernanda said, popping Bob's cock out of her mouth. "Elite Mag models will be there." "Do you think Fat Rob would charge extra for, well, sex with the strippers?" Bob asked. "Ooh great idea, I can ask him!" Fernanda said, resuming her slurping of Bob's dick.

"No, no, I'll do it," Bob said, reaching down to tweak a dark brown nipple from one of Fernanda's large breasts. **** Fat Rob was managing this club along with several others he owned. He agreed to charge extra for sex, loving the idea Bob gained from Diane nearly 15 years earlier.

It was the opening night and strippers all over Atlanta and the south were there. Everything was going great and got even better when Bob saw her. Bob invited Diane to the event. She looked incredible. Her hair was shorter, she had more wrinkles, but at 52, she was a knockout. He looked forward to having sex with her later that night. Tony was invited too, sadly his father, Sam had passed away recently. Tony introduced Bob to his son, TJ, informing Bob that TJ was a police officer in the Atlanta area.

"Is that right? Well that's great, TJ," Bob said, shaking the 30-something's hand. "This may sound weird, but do you think if I gave you a name, you could find someone?" "Sure, absolutely. I have software I can use to lookup individuals," TJ said. "He'll be glad to do it, won't you," Tony shot his son a look, as if to remind him Bob paid his father and grandfather handsomely for some past private investigation work.

"Heh, yes, it's not a problem," TJ smiled. Later that evening, Bob was behind Diane in the shower, thrusting slowly in and out of her. "Diane, listen," Bob said, after his cock slinked out of her cum-dripping pussy. "I want you to move out of your house in Charleston. I'm building a neighborhood there and I'd like you to move into it at some point. It's not finished yet." Bob sighed, looking over her large breasts, "Diane, I -- " "Shhh," Diane hushed him. "I know you're my father.

I look like a female version of you!" she laughed. Diane caressed his face, and then pulled him close for a hug. "I'm going to take care of you when I pass away," Bob said.

Diane nodded, wiping away tears, the steam from the shower enveloping then. He took a risk in telling her, regretting that he didn't tell Tiffanie, but in due time, he knew she would find out. Bob and Diane made love until the sun came up. They would meet again at the annual Elite Mag annual event the following month.

Bob invited her as his date. **** Spring had arrived. Construction was going well at Bob's Charleston haven. He sat at his desk, watching the high school student mowing his yard. Vernon had been doing yard work for Bob three years now. He was a great kid. His mother, Nicole, posed in Elite Magazine several times. Bob momentarily thought about how good she'd be in bed and wondered if her son ever masturbated to her. Bob got up, leaving his office, heading to a large room, beyond his bedroom.

It was his secret room. He's the only one that had the key. Upon entering and looking to the many monitors plastered on the wall, he looked for several minutes for the footage he was hoping to find. It was of the model, Nicole, whose kid was mowing his yard. She was getting fucked from behind in a bathroom stall.

Bob nodded, thinking, "Perhaps one day I'll see if her son out there would be a willing test subject." Just then Bob's cell phone rang. **** "Ahh! Yes! Harder!" the 40 year old Julie screamed out, her fingers gripping TJ's sweaty back.

"Come on! Come on!" TJ was gritting his teeth, slamming into her bringing her to another climax, causing the bed to bang against the wall behind it. After he filled her pussy with semen, he kissed her lips slowly, "Thank you." "Mmm, anytime," Julie smiled up at him. TJ had forgotten about his promise to Bob, having met Julie and had been sleeping with her for a couple months. His father, Tony reminded him to follow up on that promise.

He went to the kitchen and made a phone call. "Hi, Bob? Yeah it's me TJ, Tony's son." "Hey TJ, how you found Julie yet?" "I have. She's a nurse at a hospital not far from you actually. She seems to be doing well," TJ said, glancing back toward Julie's bedroom.

"Good, this is great! Which hospital?" "The one near Buckhead, Piedmont I think," TJ answered. Chapter 11 Spring turned to Summer, Summer turned to Autumn. Bob had no idea how to find and talk to her.

He had her address, but was too scared to simply show up. He knew where she worked, but couldn't just show up at a hospital wanting to talk to a nurse there. Fortunately, and at the same time, unfortunately in October Bob started having chest pains and needed it checked out.

He gambled, taking a risk, and told his driver to take him to the hospital in Buckhead. The doctor said it he wanted to keep him there for a few days for observation and to run some tests.

Bob shrugged, looking around and down at the IV unit. Then he saw her. The room's aroma improved with her perfume when she entered.

She had dark blonde hair, bangs, and a toothy smile -- nothing freakish, but enough to be considered sexy. Her name tag had Julie on it. Bob started shaking when she approached him. She had the same eyes as her mother, Bob's Aunt Cori, the same slightly darker skin complexion, the same hair type, same nose, and a similar mouth as Tiffanie -- her half sister.

**** Nine months later, Bob moaned, Julie smiling down at him. He brought a nipple to his mouth, sucking lightly at it. She ran her hands through his white hair, his cock still spurting cum inside her. She was moving to Charleston in a couple weeks, taking the $40 million Bob had given her and her son, Ray, to one of the completed homes in the haven Bob created.

She was the first successful test subject. A little money awakened the incestuous desire, causing Julie and her son to become one.

"How much did that home cost?" Bob asked her, releasing a nipple. "Two million." "That's way too much; I need to talk to a realtor. I want these homes to be far more affordable for the various families that move in there." Julie smiled, kissing his forehead, "Thank you again, not just for the money, but for bringing me and Ray together." "No, thank you Julie." "Is there anything else I can do?" "Yes, check on some families for me.

There's a young man who mowed my lawn, his mother Nicole. Check on them and see if they are together now. They should be. Convince them to move to Charleston," Bob asked. "I will. Anything else?" Julie asked, moaning as Bob ran his hands up her back, kissing on her neck while she straddled him. "There's one family I never heard back from after I issued a challenge to the daughter. Her name is Elle and the mother is Marcia.

I'll give you all the info I have. I know Elle will be attending college near Charleston. She won a scholarship I sponsored. Perhaps you could find them and them see if they are there or would be willing to move there." Bob shrugged, "You may find that are not lovers at all." "Well not everyone will agree to do these challenges you issue," Julie said. They dressed and ate dinner together in Bob's large dining room.

When Julie was getting ready to leave, Bob grabbed her hand, kissing the top of it, "I really loved your mother." "You knew her?" Julie asked. "I did, yes." "I love you too," Bob added. "Bob, that's sweet, but I'm not looking -- " "No, I don't mean like that, Julie," Bob said, caressing her hand, smiling softly. "I mean, I love you." Julie blinked rapidly several times, possibly putting two and two together; looking at Bob look upon her like the man she thought was her father did.

"Are you my -- " Bob interrupted her. "You have some half sisters from my first marriage. I don't know where they or what they are doing, but I can get you all the information I have on them and mail it to you at your new home. Who knows perhaps they are unique like us." Julie, paused a moment, her eyes tearing up. She cleared her throat, "Will you visit?" Bob shrugged, "Perhaps, but I want to stay out of the way. There's no need for me to interfere.

They'll be others arriving at the haven I'm sure, and you will work with your neighbors and build a wonderful community." Julie nodded and gave her father one final hug before leaving. Bob smiled, watching her car pull out of his long driveway.

He crossed her name off his mental list. The End. ***End note: Feel free to read "The Long Absence: Allen's Story" to learn what became of Krista several years after working for Bob in this story.***