Cute Teen Eden Sinclair Sucking Dick and Anal Fucked

Cute Teen Eden Sinclair Sucking Dick and Anal Fucked
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It's been a few days since mine and Em's… evening.

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Since then we've been talking non-stop, but, unfortunately, it's now Monday. School starts again, so the daily check occurs, hair: sorted. Tie: perfect. Uni-BZZ. I guess I should add this to my daily checks now, every morning since the day with Em she's messaged me with a quick "Morning Handsome". Every time it puts a smile on my face.

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I try my best to make her as happy as she makes me, with just one text, but… I struggle. Shit.

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Bus is here early. Grab my bags, and once again, running for the bus. I look forward to seeing Em again, and hope it's a good day. I jump on the bus, the second my foot gets on I scan the bus.

No sign of Em. I grab my ticket and run to the higher floor of the bus. Scan again, no sign of her. I lower my gaze, and the bus moves forward without me taking a seat. I smack my head&hellip. Again. This seems to becoming a habit. I take my seat, rubbing my forehead and instantly grabbing my phone. "Em, where are you?

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I'm lonely on the bus!" "Sorry Hun, I missed it, should be at school in time for maths" "Okay, see you soon" A couple of hours pass, it's now second period. Maths. No sign of Em yet. There's 20 minutes left, when a girl comes bursting through the door. Hair everywhere, shirt untucked, looking like a mess… or just someone in a rush. Em! She's here!

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"Sorry miss, my mum's car broke down…" she says between breaths. She spies me and smiles, and I smile back, unfortunately she sits on the opposite side of the class, so I can do nothing but stare.


Her beautiful eyes pop in the light, my heart just sinks with her soft lips. "So gorgeous&hellip.

So beautiful…" is all I can think whenever I look at her. Don't even get me started on her hair. The bright orange glows in the sunlight, and lightens up my eyes. What I didn't realise was that the teacher has asked me a question.


"Smithy?" "Huh? What?" I spurt out. "What are you staring at?" "Oh… erh… nothing" I glance at Em.

She glances back, blushes and smiles. God I love it when she does that. "Okay, well concentrate more please." "Yes, miss" The day goes slow. I don't see Em much, but she never leaves my mind. We have science next; I've been looking forward to it all day, the only lesson where Em sits next to me. I walk in, take my seat, and wait. Em walks and takes a seat next to me.

"Hey you." She whispers.

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"Hey" I smile back. It's a boring lesson, we whisper about silly things, but lesson wise it drags. About half way through the lesson, the teacher puts on a video, and proceeds to read a book.

Em lowers her hand, onto my thigh. Blood instantly rushes to my prick; the warmth of her hand fills me.

I look at her, then her hand, then back at her. Before I can say anything she kisses me. I'm slightly taken back but I kiss her as well. We don't kiss for long, we don't want to get in trouble by the teacher, but luckily the desk hides her hand, which is slowly rising up my leg.

The higher she gets the harder I become. I look around to see if anyone is looking, luckily we're at the back so it's harder for people to see us.

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By now her hand is just below my dick, and I catch my breath when she grabs my dick. I try not to make noise, don't want to attract attention, but it feels so damn good!

She rubs and squeezes me, my dick is fully hard now, and she rubs it more. I look at her, she's looking at my hard dick, and her hand slowly rubbing up and down it, as she gently bites her lip. Em slowly undoes my zipper, and puts her hand in.

She just wraps her hand over my length, and holds it there. I glance at her and she's undone her blazer and now with her spare hand attempting to undo a couple more buttons.

I give her a hand, while I still glance around to make sure no one is looking. Once there's a big enough gap to get my hand through, I squeeze her amazing small boobs through her bra, and she gasps at the soft, cold touch of my fingers. After a while she starts again with rubbing my dick.

Slow, then fast, and then slow again. It feels amazing, but it's not enough to get me to cum. She grabs the hand I use to play with her tits, and brings it down between her legs. I'm not close to her wet pussy, yet I instantly feel the heat.

I rub her thigh and she begins to rock her ass back and forth on the chair. I slowly use my finger to drag down between her wet pussy lips. I can see her panties after having to pull up her skirt to tease her pussy, and all this time Em is still rubbing my dick through my boxers, and pre cum is leaking through my boxers.

I continue to tease her pussy, until I move her panties to one side. Due to all her rocking on the chair her skirt has gone up so her juices are flowing down onto the chair, leaving a little puddle, which just made me even harder. Eventually she took my dick out, and was stroking it up and down.

Her hand was now covered in my pre cum, but it just made her stroke quicker. My fingers were deep in her pussy, and were going in and out as quick as I could possibly get.

Both of us had to bite our tongues to stop us making so much noise. She grabbed my hand, took my fingers out her pussy, took them up to her mouth and slowly sucked her juices off of my fingers. That drove me over the edge, and I cummed all over Em's fingers. She giggled and sucked off my cum. I let out a breath. I can't believe we just done that in class.

Em had another surprise though, as she saw my dick was still covered in cum. She picked up a pen and threw it at my feet. "Oops" she smiles, then goes down to pick up her pen, but as she does it, she takes my full 7 inches in her mouth, and sucks off the cum.

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My eyes almost pop out my head at how surprised, and how good it feels. After I catch my breath I realise we're still in class, and take a look around. Luckily no one saw us, until I see Lauren. Looking straight at me and Em. "Oh shit" I whisper. I expect her to run straight to the teacher, instead she just giggles, and give me a wink. "What the fuck…" I whisper again.

Part 3 coming soon!