Sexy blond perfect milf having her way with a rookie

Sexy blond perfect milf having her way with a rookie
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Ben, walked home glumly, his head down and thinking about what had happened at school today. What had happened was everyone at school was now making fun of him for what had happened last weekend. He was at a party and lots of people were hooking up, he started chatting with this girl and after a while and some heavy kissing she asked him to follow her.

She lead him to a bedroom and she pushed him on the bed, climbed on-top of him and took off her top showing her large boobs, bouncing freely, these were the first pair of tits Ben had seen and he got so excited that he…… Came in his pants. Now everyone at school knew and they wouldn't soon forget it. He was just thinking about how much his life was going to suck now, when he opened the door to his house to find his mum sitting on the couch in her workout clothes, which consisted of yoga pants, which clung to her round ass and a tank top.

"Hi sweetie, how was school?" Ben dropped his bags on the floor "Uh, it was okay, I guess." Ben mumbled sadly. "Is something wrong?" "No." Ben replied, trying his best not to stare too hard at his mum's tight body, already feeling a strain in his pants. She stood up, her hands on her hips. "Are you sure, you can tell me." Ben sighed. "Okay, something happened and I've been getting made fun of, but it's really embarrassing." "Do you want to talk about it?" "No, it's not something you talk about with your mum." He mumbled.

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"Is it something about sex? Because you know I can help you with that." Ben sighed. "Fine, okay? I was at a party, I was with this girl, we were doing things and I uh, finished in my pants before anything happened." Julie went to Ben and hugged him, her big firm boobs pressed into his chest, Ben felt himself get harder and his erection pressing on her leg, but she didn't seem to notice.

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"I'm sorry baby." She said softly. "It's okay, I guess." Ben said, still hugging her.

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"you know." Julie said. "I could help you out with that, if you wanted." Ben broke away from the hug.

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"What do you mean?" "Well, if you wanted, I could, train you, I guess you'd say to be better at that stuff." Ben's mouth went dry. "You mean sex?" She smiled sexily and ran her hands up her thighs and torso until she was cupping her breasts.

"Why? Do you want to?" Ben was speechless for a moment. "I. Uh. Yes?" Julie smiled and took Ben's hand and started leading him upstairs. A million thoughts were rushing through Ben's head as his mum lead him towards her bedroom, but the main one was, he was about to have sex with his mum, a fantasy he had had since he had started masturbating.


They got to the door to his mum's bedroom and she opened the door. "Want to come in?" Ben nodded and she took him inside and locked the door. "now, the first thing we should do is take our clothes off." She grabbed the bottom of her tank top and slowly lifted it up, showing her purple bra underneath. Next she slowly pulled down her yoga pants, shaking her hips as she did so to get it around her ass.

She stood there in matching purple panties and bra. All Ben could do was stare. "Do you want to see mummy naked?" Ben nodded and she grinned as she reached behind her back, unclasped her bra and let it fall to the floor. At last her boobs were exposed for Ben, the 38D cups, bouncing slightly and her nipples were very hard, and sticking out like bullets. "Do you like them?" she asked, cupping one and lifting it up so she could lick it. Ben stared, wanting more.

"they're amazing mum." "Glad you think so." She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled them down, showing her wet pussy with a few tufts of brown pubic hair on the top. Julie walked over to her son and straddled his lap, feeling the bulge in his pants on her ass, she took his hands and put them on her massive tits before leaning in and kissing him deeply. Ben hardly knew what was happening, his naked mother was kissing him and he was holding his tits, he responded by kissing back passionately and squeezing and massaging the globes of flesh between his fingers.

Julie moaned as her son felt her up, this was the most turned on she had ever been. She grabbed her son's shirt and lifted it up off his head, feeling their first skin on skin contact as she pressed her boobs into his chest. She climbed off him and got on her knees between his legs. She unbuckled his jeans and pulled them down in one go with his boxers down to his ankles.

His six-inch erection was pointing at the ceiling. "Ohh Ben, I didn't know you were so big." She took it into her hand and Ben moaned. She stroked it a few times and then licked the tip causing Ben to shudder. "Baby, I'm going to give you a blow-job, it will help you last more later." She took the first few inches of his dick into her mouth and bobbed her head slightly and sucked it with her lips.

"Uhh, mum, that's so good" Ben managed to say. She looked up at him and took more of him into her mouth, the tip was just touching her throat. Ben was just on the brink of orgasm when his mum took his entire cock into her mouth, her lips touching his balls. "Mum, I'm gonna cum." Julie just winked at him and sucked harder and harder, loving the taste of her son's cock. "mhhh shit." Ben moaned as he came, and shot four long strands of jizz down his mum's throat. Julie moaned to herself as she swallowed and tasted her son's cum, when he was done, she stood up, naked before him.

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"That was really good sweetie, but do you want to try something more?" She climbed on the bed and lay on her back next to Ben. "I want you to come here and make love to me." Ben, more excited than ever now, got on his knees and crawled over to his mum and got between her legs. "how do I?" He asked.

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"Just angle your cock towards me and push it in baby." His mother cooed. Ben put his hands on his mum's wide, soft waist and positioned the tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He slowly pressed his hips forward and at the same time she lifted her ass up and their hips met. Ben couldn't believe the feeling of being inside his mum. It was so warm and tight and seemed to fit around his cock perfectly. His mum moaned "Oh you feel so good in there, baby, now start out slow and then you can really give it to me." Ben nodded and in a daze of lust and pleasure started to thrust in and out of his mum.

He loved the way her pussy squeezed his cock as he slid in and out of her.

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"yes, that's it." His mum said. "Just like that." He looked down at her huge boobs, bouncing slightly from her breathing and movements, he leaned down and took one of her big, sweet nipples into his mouth and sucked on it. "mmmmm." Julie put her hand on the back of his head, mushing him further into her mounds. "suck on me Ben, you're so good." She brought his head up and pulled his face towards hers and she kissed him passionately, sliding her tongue deeply into his mouth.

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Ben picked up the pace now, fucking his mum a little faster. She started moaning louder, making humming sounds into his mouth as they fucked and made out. She wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to pull him deeper inside her. She broke away from the kiss for a second.


"Alright Ben, really give it to me now baby." She lifted her ass up high so Ben would hit a different angle of her pussy, as he increased speed she started moaning and screaming from the pleasure her son was giving her. "Yes Ben, fuck mum's pussy." Ben put his hands under her ass to hold her up as he hammered down into her, going way deeper than before, he lifted her up even more that he started hitting her G-spot.

"Uh-Uh-Uh, yeees, fuck me, fuck me." "Mum, I'm gonna cum." Ben shouted as he picked up speed, his balls making slapping sounds on his mum's big, round ass. "Good, cum inside me." She moaned, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him down for more kissing, her tits mushed into his chest.

After a few more thrusts, Ben felt her vagina tighten and she lifted her hips up as she came, a giant wave of pleasure she had never experienced crashed over her. A second later her son came inside her, feeling globs of his hot white cum shooting up in her made her cum again. Ben was still inside his mum and his cock was still twitching.

'Mum, that was amazing." He managed to say. "I know; you were amazing baby." She kissed his neck. "you're sleeping in my bed from now on." The End