Cuckolding gf enjoys sucking fat cock

Cuckolding gf enjoys sucking fat cock
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For the rest of the afternoon, Stacy couldn't get what she had witnessed out of her head. She also wrestled with telling her husband or not. She finally decided it would be best if James didn't know about it, and she just kept her secret. After sleeping for a couple hours, Steven woke up, looking at the alarm clock.

He saw it was almost 4:00, and knew his parents would be home any minute. He shook David, trying to wake him up. "Hey, get up, my parents will be home soon," he said. David groggily stirred, opening his eyes to look at Steven. "What?" He asked, looking at Steven in confusion. Steven sat up on the bed, looking for his clothes. "My parents will be home any minute, we need to get dressed before they catch us like this," he said, quickly putting his clothes on. David slowly sat up, feeling his dried cum on his belly, and the dried cum on the sheet under him.

"Man we made a mess," he said with a laugh. Steven nodded, throwing David's clothes at him. "Yeah we did, but it was worth it," he replied quickly. David nodded in agreement, quickly getting dressed. He looked at Steven, "well I better get home, I have to get some stuff done." Steven nodded, leading the way out of his room.

"Wanna come back tomorrow or something?" He asked, heading towards the stairs. David shook his head. "No I have some stuff to do tomorrow also, I'll stop by in a few days," he replied quickly. They headed downstairs and walked towards the front door. "Ok sounds." Steven started, but trailed off when he saw his step mom sitting in the living room, looking at them. Stacy sat on the couch, looking over her shoulder at the two boys, smiling. She didn't want them to know she had watched them, so she decided to play it cool.

"Oh hey guys, I didn't know you were here, I thought you had gone out," she lied, smiling more. Steven uneasily laughed. "When did you get home?" He asked quickly.

"Well that's real nice, not even a hello or how was your day," Stacy said playfully. Steven laughed again. "Sorry mom, how was your day?" He asked. Stacy's mind was racing again with watching them having gay sex earlier, but she still remained calm. "Hectic like usual, and I got home about 15 minutes ago," she lied again. Steven nodded in acknowledgment, relieved that she had just barely got home. "Well David and I were up in my room, and we got bored and fell asleep, and he was just getting ready to head home," he lied a little.

Stacy knew why they had fallen asleep, but didn't bring it up. "I see, well is he coming back tomorrow?" She asked, hoping he was, and she could get off early again, and catch them in the act again.

Steven quickly shook his head. "No, he's not coming back for a few days," he said, wondering why his step mom was inquiring about it. "Awe, well ok, see ya later David," Stacy replied, waving at him. "See ya Mrs. Meyer," David said excitedly, waving at her and heading out the door. Stacy smiled at Steven. "He's such a respectful kid," she said turning back to the TV. Steven shrugged his shoulders, not dwelling on how his step mom was acting. He went back up to his room, deciding to play more video games.

Steven got along with his step mom, but often thought she acted a little weird. Stacy had married James when Steven was 12. and he had quickly taken to calling her mom, since his real mom had left them when Steven was 2. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Two days later Stacy was off of work, and was cleaning the kitchen.

She was wearing a tight tank top, that hugged her body, and some jean shorts that hugged her firm ass. She had a strapless bra on underneath that held her voluptuous tits up. She was proud of her body, working out every day to keep it that way, so she liked to show it off. Steven had gone to the mall to hang out with some friends. He had told Stacy that he would be home in a few hours, unless they decided to go to a movie.

As Stacy worked in the kitchen, she heard the doorbell ring. "Who could that be?" She wondered, as she went to answer it. When she opened the door and saw David standing there, she was a little shocked, thinking he was the one that Steven went to the mall with. She pushed the screen door open, the image of what she had seen Steven and him doing flashing through her mind again. "Da. David, what are you doing here?" She asked in surprise.

David looked at Stacy, admiring her firm body. He had seen her many times before, and found her to be good looking for an older woman, but never fantasized about her, or talked to Steven about her. "I came to hang out with Steven, is he home?" David asked. Stacy shook her head, her mind racing once again. "No, I thought you would be with him," she replied with a light laugh, images of his young, flaccid dick running through her mind now.

David looked at her in confusion. "What do you mean?" He asked. "Well he went to the mall to hang out for a while, but you're more than welcome to come in and wait for him, he should be home soon," Stacy said, lying a little. She wanted to see if she could change his mind about being gay, and see his young, virile dick up close.

David shrugged his shoulders. "He didn't call me to let me know. I guess I can wait for him," he said, walking into the house.

Stacy's smile widened, watching him walk in. She knew she was probably going to have to seduce him, and knew she couldn't just come out and jump his bones,or he might think she's just a slut. She knew she wasn't one, but just wanted to feel a rock hard dick again.

Yes James and her have a good sex life, but his dick isn't as hard as it used to be. David walked into the front room, looking at the blank TV screen.

"Can I watch TV?" He asked, looking at Stacy, as she walked up next to him. Stacy nodded quickly. "Yeah that's fine, I'll just be in the kitchen finishing up cleaning. Do you want anything to drink?" She asked, smiling at him innocently. David looked at her and returned the smile. "Yeah thank you Mrs.

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Meyer, that'd be great," he said softly. Stacy turned around to head for the kitchen. "Lemonade fine?" She asked as she left. "That's fine," David answered, sitting down on the couch and turning the TV on.

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Stacy went into the kitchen, her mind going over how she was going to seduce him. She also hoped that Steven stayed at the mall all day, so they didn't get caught.


She knew James wouldn't be home until six, so that wasn't going to be an issue. Stacy quickly finished the scrubbing in the kitchen, figuring out how she was going to seduce David. She poured two glasses of lemonade, and headed to the front room. "Sorry about that David, I was finishing up in there," Stacy said, walking in front of the couch. David looked up at her.

"Oh that's ok, thank you for the hospitality Mrs. Meyer," he said, smiling at her. Stacy handed him one of the glasses, and sat down next to him.

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"Oh it's my pleasure, and please call me Stacy," she responded, her eyes looking at the crotch of his gym shorts. "Sor. sorry Stacy," David responded, clearing his throat nervously, feeling her smooth leg against his, and his dick beginning to tingle.

"Are you ok David?" Stacy asked, noticing his nervousness and setting her glass on the end table. She could feel his leg hair tickling her leg, sending a shiver up her body. David nodded without looking at her, wondering why his dick was responding just from her leg contact. He could feel his dick beginning to harden along his leg, and his nervousness grew, hoping the older woman didn't notice it.

"Are you sure you're ok there David?" Stacy asked again, laying her hand on his thigh. She knew she was already having an effect on him, realizing it was going to easier than she thought, and he may not be as gay as she thought. David looked down at her hand on his thigh, sweat beginning to form on his forehead from nervousness.

"May. maybe I should go," he stammered out, wondering what she was doing. "But you just got here," Stacy said with a smile. She glanced down at his crotch, noticing his dick running down his shorts, and feeling her pussy beginning to moisten. She looked back up at his face, seeing him staring at her hand. "So how have you been doing lately?" She asked, hoping to relax him. David slowly lifted his head to look at her. He cleared his throat nervously, his dick throbbing against his shorts now.

"Wh. what are you doing Stacy?" He asked. Stacy felt his dick move his shorts under her hand, making her pussy tingle even more. She looked at him, trying to looked surprised my his question. "What do you mean? I'm sitting here to keep you company," she said, trying to sound innocent.

"B. but your hand is on my leg, and your leg is touching mine," David said, shifting uneasily on the couch. "Is it making you uncomfortable David?" She asked sincerely. David shrugged his shoulders.

It wasn't really making him uncomfortable, it was just that he was getting excited, and didn't want her to know that she was reason.


"N. not really, it. it's just that." he trailed off, not sure how to tell her. Stacy lightly laughed, and opened her mouth to speak, but remained quiet, not wanting to let him know she watched Steven and him yet. "What's that?" She finally asked, smiling at him. "It. it's ju. just that you're m. my friend's mom, and you've n. never done that before," he stammered out. He was still at a loss for words, but was looking for a way to get out of this situation without her finding out he was hard, and hoped that would work.

Stacy giggled at his stammering, knowing that he was extremely nervous. "Well I've never really had a chance to sit and talk with you like this," she said, trying to sound innocent again.

She slowly moved her hand higher up his thigh, knowing his erection was below, running down his leg, but wanting to move it along a little faster. David felt her hand move up his thigh, looking back down at it, and his dick throbbing again, almost touching her hand.

He looked at it horror, worried she would feel it now. He tried to slowly move himself back, hoping she would move her hand away, but instead her hand fell between his legs, resting right on his erection. He let out a loud gasp, knowing she knew that he was hard now.

Stacy had felt him trying to move, and made her hand go between his legs and rest on his dick. She let out a soft moan, squeezing it softly. She tried to act surprised again, exclaiming, "Oh my God, you're hard," moving her hand back up to his thigh. David turned bright red in embarrassment, ashamed of himself for letting her find out he was hard.

"I. I'm sorry Mrs. Meyer, it. it's that with you." he tried to say, but was cut off by Stacy. "Do you find me attractive?" She asked playfully. David slowly looked at her, blushing still, and slowly nodded at her.

But he knew that wasn't the whole reason he was hard, it was mainly because of the contact with her. Stacy smiled at him. "It's ok David, you're just a young man, and your hormones are probably raging right now," she said, knowing that her contact with him had a lot to do with it.

David again slowly nodded at her, but still not saying anything. He really didn't know what to say at this point, especially after his best friend's mom found out his dick was hard.

"But I must say, it feels really nice and big," Stacy said, not wanting to end this. David looked at her in shock, surprised by a comment like that coming from her. He never would have thought Stacy would ever say anything like that, since she always seemed so nice, and loved her husband. Stacy chuckled at his look, playfully and lightly rubbing her fingers up and down his upper thigh. "So tell me David, are you a virgin?" She asked, already knowing the answer, but not wanting to let him in on her intentions yet.

David's mouth dropped open wide in shock at her question. He slowly shook his head, still in deep shock by how she was acting. "Mmm, I see, so how many girls have you slept with mister speechless?" Stacy asked, moving her fingers closer to his dick again.

David again cleared his throat nervously, wondering why she was asking him all of these questions. "Umm, like 5," he answered nervously. "Mmm, did you like it?" She asked, running her forefinger along the side of his dick, and still thinking about what she watched Steven and him doing 2 days ago.

David's eyes drifted down to his crotch again, looking at her finger rubbing his dick. He shifted uneasily on the couch, but didn't try to move away or move her hand, starting to enjoy the attention now.

Stacy looked at David sincerely, finding it hard to hold back much longer, and finally decided to just go for it. "Mmm, does that feel good David?" She asked, rubbing his shaft a little harder. David slowly nodded, his breathing beginning to hasten a little.

He stopped moving around on the couch, slowly spreading his legs a little, not wanting her to stop touching him now. Stacy moved her whole hand over his covered dick, continuing to rub his throbbing member. She then slowly moved off of the couch, looking at him with lust.

"I have to get a first hand look at your rock hard dick," she said with a moan. David watched the older woman move off of the couch, not really believing this was happening. He groaned when he heard what she said, his dick throbbing hard against his shorts. Stacy reached up with both hands, grabbing the sides of his shorts and tugging on them. Her pussy was beginning to leak into her panties, becoming more and more excited. David lifted himself up to allow her to pull his shorts down, looking at her with lust.

He let out a long groan when his dick was freed, springing up and slapping against his stomach. Stacy gasped lightly when she watched his dick spring up, realizing it was also a little bigger than her husband's. "Mmm, such a beautiful cock," she said playfully, grabbing it with her hand and looking up at him. It was about just a tad thicker than James', and also longer. David looked down at his best friend's mom, slowly nodding, and not really paying attention to what she was saying.

He only had one thing on his mind now, and that was his dick was getting attention, and wanting to cum. Stacy giggled playfully, as she moved her face towards his dick, sticking out her tongue and flicking it against his dick, just below the head on the back of his shaft.

She squeezed his dick and brought her hand to the base, continuing to flick her tongue against his dick, just below the head. David threw his head back in pleasure, all kinds of new feelings shooting through his body. He had never had anyone flick their tongue in that spot before, and he was finding out that it was very sensitive and exciting him more.

Stacy looked up at David, seeing him with his head back. She giggled to herself, knowing she was probably driving him crazy. She then opened her mouth and moved it over the head of his dick, sucking hard on his glans. David let out a loud groan of pleasure, his body shivering from her sucking on his sensitive head.

"Oh my fucking god," he gasped out, running his hands through her long brown hair. Stacy slowly moved her mouth down his dick, feeling it throb hard in her mouth. She moved down until she had fully engulfed his member, taking it into her throat. She then moaned into his dick, moving her hands down to cup his cum-filled balls. David was in a world of his own, feeling his dick enter her throat. He lifted his head to look down at her, amazed at the feelings she was giving him.

He saw her head was in his lap, and his dick fully in her mouth. Stacy slowly pulled her mouth off of his dick, and moved her other hand up to grab it. She slowly stroked it, looking up at the teenager with pure lust. "Did you like that?" She asked lustfully. David had a look of pleasure on his face, slowly nodding at her. He made his dick throb in her hand, still trying to figure out why she was doing this.

Stacy giggled lightly, opening her mouth and moving it over his dick again. She moved down on his dick, taking it in fully again. "Oh god," David gasped, not sure how much he could take of this before he blew his load. Stacy moved her mouth off of his dick, and started stroking it again.

"Well since I've seen yours, I guess it's only fair I show you mine," she said playfully. David looked at her, not really sure what she meant. All he knew was that he wanted cum, and cum bad. He watched her slowly stand up and begin unbuttoning her shorts, realizing she was going to show him her pussy.

He watched her intently, as she slowly pushed her shorts and panties down, revealing her neatly trimmed snatch to him.

He groaned softly at the sight, and watched her start lifting up her tank top to reveal her firm stomach and covered tits. Stacy smiled at his wide-eyed stare, reaching behind her back and unsnapped her strapless bra. She let it fall to floor, standing in front of him completely naked. "Do you like what you see?" She asked with a laugh. David slowly licked his lips and nodded. He did like what he was seeing, thinking she looked even better naked. His eyes looked over tits, noticing they sagged a little, but were still fairly firm.

He slowly looked down her body, back to her slit. His dick was beginning to leak precum now, throbbing even harder as he stared. Stacy chuckled, slowly moving towards him. "So what do want to do with me?" She asked, standing between his spread legs. He knew what he wanted to do to her, throw her on the couch and sink his dick into her slit, but he didn't know if that's what she meant. He looked up at her, slowly shrugging his shoulders.


Stacy smiled at him devilishly. "Mmm so you have a naked woman in front of you and don't know what you would do with her," she said. David's eyes went back to her pussy, seeing the moisture on her short pubic hair.

He slowly moved his hand towards it, thinking that's what she meant. When his hand brushed up against her slit, he could feel the heat permeating from it, showing him that she was excited.

He pushed a finger into her slit, feeling the nub of her inflamed clit at the top of it. Stacy moaned softly when she felt his finger push against her clit. She moved her hips forward, wanting him to keep going and slide his finger into her.

"Mmm yeah, see how wet I am," she moaned lustfully. David nodded, slowly moving his finger up and down her slit, feeling her juices beginning to cover his finger.

He could feel her tremble every time his finger ran over her clit, and watching her gyrate her hips in time with his slow movements. Stacy could feel the pressure building inside of her quickly, wishing he would sink his finger into her.

She reluctantly moved back a little, looking down at David. "Let's switch positions, and you can keep playing with me," she moaned softly, hoping that would help him relax a little and do more. David quietly got off of the couch, still unsure of why this was happening, and how far she was willing to go. He knew what he wanted to do to her, but he didn't think she wanted him to just fuck her.

Yes she had already suck his dick a little, but he thought that it was just going to bring each other to orgasm without penetration. David watched Stacy sit down on the couch and open her legs in front of him. He slowly moved to his knees, between her long legs, not taking his off of hers. He slowly moved closer to her, his erection begging to get in her wet pussy. He looked down and grabbed his dick, ready to guide it into her, and see if that's what she wanted.

Stacy saw what he was doing, and quickly put her hand on his stomach. "Whoa there big boy, you have to warm a woman up before you just go sticking it in," she said, pushing him back.

David looked at her dejectedly, just wanting to sink his dick into her. He slowly sat back on his heels, reaching out with his hand again, covering her pussy, and slowly rubbing it up and down. While he was no virgin, he had never done much for foreplay, except rubbing a girl's pussy, sticking his finger in, and sucking on their tits. Stacy moaned lightly, moving her hips up and down, and into his hand. "That's it, get me all nice and wet for your rock hard cock," she moaned. David slowly leaned over her, focusing on her succulent tits.

He opened his mouth and slowly covered her nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Stacy's back arched, a gasp of pleasure escaping her. "Oh god yes David, that's it," she gasped loudly. David flicked his tongue against her erect nipple, while pushing a finger between her pussy lips and seeking out her entrance. He moaned into her tit as his finger entered her wet hole, feeling the heat coming from her even more. Stacy grabbed the back of his head, pulling him hard into her tit, and pushing her hips into his hand, feeling his finger sink into her.

Stacy clenched her pussy muscles, wanting to show him how tight she could make it feel. She felt his thumb on her clit, causing her to gyrate her hips, wanting him to rub it as well. David slowly moved his finger in and out of her, surprised by how it sucked at his finger.

He kissed his way across her tits, sucking and kissing between them, until he reached her other nipple. He sucked it into his mouth, starting to get into it more, sliding his finger in and out of her faster. Stacy laid her head back again, feeling an orgasm building inside of her.

"Ohh David, that's it make me cum, mmm," she moaned. David moaned into her tit, when he heard her say that, hoping that meant he would be able to cum after her. He felt her push down on the top of his head, wanting to know why. He pulled away from her nipple, looking up at her in confusion.

Stacy lifted her head when pulled away from her nipple, looking down at him. "Suck on my pussy, make me cum," she said, almost like a plead. While David had never done that before, he had seen it done in porn, and was willing to do anything, just so he got to cum.

He backed himself up, lowering his head towards her pussy. He slowly stuck his tongue out, looking at her eyes the whole time, and ran the tip of his tongue up her slit. Stacy cooed, realizing that was something new to him. She laid her hand on top of his head, feeling his tongue run across her outer regions. "That's it, suck my pussy until I cum," urging him on. David pushed the tip of his tongue into her slit, tasting pussy for the first time, and enjoying the taste.

He pushed his tongue harder into her slit, feeling it enter her entrance. Stacy pulled him into her pussy hard, feeling his tongue wiggle around inside of her. "Oh yes," she gasped through gritted teeth, feeling his nose bump against her engorged clit.

David moved his tongue in and out of her, feeling her pussy getting even wetter. He moved his face around her pussy, just like he had seen in porn, feeling her body jump and shiver under him.

"Oh, don't stop, I'm gonna cum, yes make me cum," Stacy gasped, feeling her orgasm nearing. David pulled his tongue out of her and sucked on the top of her slit, sucking her clit into his mouth. He sucked and bit at it, feeling her whole body begin to tremble. When he sucked her clit into his mouth, it put her over the edge. Stacy's back arched, her whole body trembling, as her orgasm shot from her clit, throughout her body like a rocket. She moaned loudly, her body almost jumping off of the couch as she came.

David struggled to keep his mouth on her clit, as her body bucked under him. He knew she was cumming, so he was trying to keep her going, as he continued to suck hard on her clit. Slowly, Stacy's orgasm began to wane, her body falling limply onto the couch, but continuing to twitch with the teenager still sucking on her clit.

She put her hand on his forehead, pushing him away. "Ok, that's enough, you made me cum, so now it's really sensitive," she said, still out of breath. David knelt up, looking at the older woman, and moving back between her legs.

He grabbed his dick, and readied to enter her now, continuing to look at her. "Do you have a condom?" She asked. She wasn't worried about getting pregnant, because she was already fixed. She just didn't want him to cum in her.

David shook his head, giving her a disappointed look. He thought that would bar him from being able to sink his dick into her. "Ok, well then you have to pull out before you cum," she said.

She noticed his look, and knew that he wanted to be in her as much as she wanted to feel him in her. David nodded quickly, his look turning to elation, kneeling back up and guiding his leaking dick towards her pussy. He looked down at it when his head pushed against her slit.

He groaned as he steadily pushed forward, watching her lips open around the head of his dick, and let him in.

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Stacy laid her head back again, letting out a loud moan when she felt his rock hard member penetrate her. She closed her eyes, feeling his dick open her up as he sank into her. David let out a long groan of pleasure when his hips pushed against her legs. He felt her pussy constrict and relax around his dick, as he stayed there, enjoying the feeling of having his dick buried in her warm recess.

"Oh my god you're so hard, mmm," she gasped aloud, not even realizing she had said it, but enjoying the feeling of rock hard member in her. David then slowly began to withdraw his dick, looking down at it as it exited. He saw her pussy lips almost clinging to his dick, and his shaft glistening with her juices.

When the top third of his dick was still in her, he stopped there for a bit, looking up at her. He saw her head back and eyes closed, realizing she was enjoying this too. That was when his urge to cum took over. He grabbed her thighs and drove his dick back into her, hard and fast. This time he didn't stop there, quickly pulling back, then slamming into her hard again, pumping her hard and fast. Stacy lifted her head to look at him. She knew that he was young and a little experienced, so he was only focused on his release now.

She wanted to make him go slower, but didn't say anything, letting him go. She started moving her hips into his thrusts, moving her hand down to her clit, hoping she could cum again. David moved in and out of her like a madman, feeling his balls beginning to churn and pull up towards his body.

He was grunting and groaning loudly, not paying any attention to anything but his impending orgasm. Stacy was furiously rubbing her clit, trying to cum. She heard his groans getting louder, and felt his dick beginning to grow inside of her. She moved her hand away from her clit, realizing she wasn't going to be able to cum again.

"That's it cum for me, show me that hot load," she moaned, urging him on. David didn't need any encouragement, feeling his cum start rushing up his dick. He quickly pulled out, just as his dick throbbed and his cum shot out, splattering onto Stacy's swollen pussy lips. He threw his head back, groaning loudly in relief, while stroking his dick as it continued to spurt out cum.

"Oh yeah, that's it, mmm," Stacy cooed, watching his dick spurting out his hot load onto her stomach and pussy. David sat back on his heels when his orgasm subsided, looking down at her cum covered slit, and smiling to himself. He looked up at Stacy with a wide smile. "That was amazing," he said, still trying to catch his breath. Stacy returned the smile. "Glad I could help," she responded, running her hand over her pussy.

"Mmm you really came a lot huh," she said, scooping some up and bringing it to her mouth. David watched in amazement, as she licked his cum off of her fingers.

He had seen that done in porn before, but never in person, because the girls always says that's nasty. Stacy loved the taste of cum, and was always eager to swallow it. She never did like it when a guy shoots inside of her, hating the feeling of it dripping back out of her.

So James never cums in her either. "Can I ask you a question?" David asked, still trying to figure out why this happened. Stacy raised her eyebrows in interest. "What's that David?" She asked. "W. why did this happen?" He asked, watching her scoop up more of his cum, and swallow it. Stacy looked at him in surprise, figuring now was the time to tell him.

"Ok, well first off you have to promise not to tell anyone about this, or anything else I'm about to tell you, that includes Steven.

And if you do keep it a secret, I'll let you have sex with me again," she said, looking at him sternly. David slowly nodded, looking at her with interest. "O. ok, I promise," he said plainly. "It only started 2 days ago. When you guys saw me downstairs, I told you I had only been home for 15 minutes," she said, sitting up now. David nodded, listening to her intently. He sat back, with his legs in front of him. "Well that was a lie. I had been home for 2 hours. When I got home and hollered, and got no response, I figured Steven was out.

So I sat down to watch TV, I heard you groaning up there," she said, watching his look turn to shock. "So I went up to investigate, thinking it was Steven having sex with a girl. When I saw it was you and him, I was shocked, thinking you both are gay," she said, almost laughing at his look. "So I watched Steven swallow your cum, then have sex with you, while I masturbated to it. But when I saw your dick and Steven's dick, I knew I had to get one of your guy's hard dick's in me.

Yes I have still have sex with James, but it's not as hard as it used to be," she said, smiling at him. "S. so you watched Steven and I," David stammered out, still in shock. Stacy nodded. "Yep, but don't worry your secret is safe with me, as long as you don't tell anyone about us.

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Now we had better get dressed before Steven gets home," she said, standing up and retrieving her clothes. David grabbed his shorts, and put them on. He was still a little confused, but knew that he wasn't going to tell anyone about Stacy and him having sex. I will continue if I get good reviews. Constructive criticism only please.