Comendo Gostoso a Namorada Novinha

Comendo Gostoso a Namorada Novinha
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"Through her erotic haze, she experienced a vague sense of self-awareness. She'd never masturbated in front of a man before, and yet she hadn't even thought about what she was doing. The first time I saw her, she is perched on a bar stool on the smallest little ass I have seen. She looks eighteen or nineteen, but I found out later that she is a business owner, and thirty four.

My body guard spotted her first, John! See that one at the bar?" " Yes?" " Spinner!" I chuckled immediately as I took another sip of my scotch.


Although I had never heard that expression before, I knew exactly what he meant. He means that she is so tiny that in a cowgirl position and tucking in her knees, you could just spin her around impaled on your cock. a spinner! Crude remark perhaps, but just stuff between guys and not meant to be shared in any other company or context.

The problem is that she looks sweet, and as far as I can tell she is alone, nursing a vodka tonic that appears to be her first and only. I'm thinking that she just stopped in for a quick drink to relax.

Her short dress. black one. defines a perfect little ass. Nice legs in high heels completes the vision. I am guessing that she tops out at somewhere just under five feet and about a hundred. mmm, maybe ninety-five pounds! She has perfectly shaped black hair down just past shoulder-length.

A pink ribbon pulls her hair away from her face . I actually kinda like that look . school-girlish! From what I can see of her face from my angle, she is attractive!

No, make that very attractive! I need to know her! I slide off my stool and away from our table; sidle up next to her stool and say, " Buy you another, doll?" She looks me up and down with a very obvious appraisal, smiles and says, " Mmm, no thanks. You're a little to old for me, but I just stopped in for a quick one." " Well, how about something else? A burger? A car? A house?" She giggles and asks, " Are you hitting on me?" Always being straightforward I answer with a confident smile, " Um, yes!" I smile, " Thing is, I think you are very attractive and quite frankly, would just be interested in getting to know you." " That's very flattering, but not today.

I appreciate the effort though!" I hear Gil chuckling. She notices too, and says, " Friend of yours?" " Yes, that is my body guard, Gil. I'm John, by the way." " Well John, it was very nice to meet you, but I have to get going. Bye!" I decide to take matters into my own hands. In the time it takes her to get her purse out and pay her tab, and get to the front door, I am already waiting for her outside.

The sidewalk is busy, but as soon as she appears outside the place I have my car door open, with my arm outstretched. " May I give you a ride home?" She covers her mouth with a hand; to stifle a giggle and her surprise, Smiling, she says, " Okay, okay! Um, I do have some time. In the car, " Taylor! I like it. She laughs and says, " I want to call you John! Is that alright?" " Fine by me!" We end up spending an hour at the coffeehouse, just talking and laughing.


She is a delightful person, with a terrific sense of humor and a quick wit. She is the owner of a small business. I tease her about wearing high heels so she will at least be taller than her desk.

She slugs me in the arm with her tiny fist for teasing her and giggles a little. " That's very funny John, but I have actually heard that one before. about a dozen times actually!" " I doubt that!" I challenge her. " Well, okay, that's an exaggeration, but I have heard it before." She admits.

" I was so hoping to come up with an original insult for a woman I just met!" I tease her. I find out that she is four-foot ten, and ninety-two pounds. She is about six months away from her thirty fifth birthday, but she looks so much younger.

I decide not to tell her about the 'spinner' comment from Gil, since she might misconstrue my interest in her. I lose track of what she is saying at one point in the conversation, just staring into her dark eyes, and searching her pretty face with mine. I get caught when she asked a question that I missed, " John! Did you hear what I asked?

I asked about your job!" I tell her exactly why my attention wandered . looking at her, admiring her pretty face .

and she smiles sweetly, idly running her fingertips through the hair on my forearm says, " Oh, John. That's so sweet!" She looks at my watch and says, " I have to get going but you can take me home! It's just a couple more blocks." We had a club sandwich with our drinks, and I left a nice tip for the waitress, and we walked out.

On the way to her apartment, I asked her out for Friday night. By way of answering me, she fishes a pen out of her purse takes my hand, and turning it over writes her number on my palm. " Call me sometime, John!" She kisses the tip of her finger, and presses it to my lips as a goodbye kiss. She smiles, knowing that I am hoping to taste her lips and says, " Good Bye." Adrenaline coursed through me. Stepping back towards the window I watched her rubbing some liquid into her pale supple skin. The throbbing in my pants returned, and I ached to let it free.

Her hands continued to rub. Her hands stuck me in a way I had never experienced. They are small. Soft, long fingers with crimson, perfectly painted nails. I watch intently, longing for her to be touching me. To watch those hands on my thick 9 inch cock. I craved it, to watch them milk me of everything I had, and see myself erupt all over them. Suddenly the light flicked off, startling me from my erotic daydream.

Quietly I move towards the back door, I tip toed to her door way and lean on the casing. I remember her telling me how she didn't like complete darkness at night and smiled fondly as she lay in the wake of her TV set.

Taylor is sprawled out on her stomach, she had wrestled around for a while, finally uncovering her naked body and laying there for me to enjoy.

The curves of her ass illuminated by the electric glow, her long black hair cascading down her shoulders. I watched her for several minutes, her back gently rising and falling. My arousal is overwhelming, looking at her laying there on display. I reach into my pants and freed my cock. I then begin counting between her breaths, waiting for them to slow, alerting me that she is in a deep sleep.

Inhale.1.2.3.exhale. " That's it." I whispered nearly inaudibly. Knowing it is time, I removed my clothing. I stood naked, my monster cock erect is almost announcing itself.

Silently inching my way to her side of the king size bed, my hands trembling as I steadied myself on the edge of the mattress. Her face is barely visible under her hair. I gently push her hair back over her shoulder, leaning close to her, my lips so close to her cheek that the warmth of her body radiated to them. I kissed her as softly as possible, taking in her scent. I knelt by her face, grabbing myself, I stroked over her.

My eyes scanned her small petite body, the soft curves of her hips and ass, her beautiful legs. I move my cock closer wanting to touch her with it, just ever so slightly brush the head on her cheek, smearing it with pre cum. Suddenly she shifted, throwing me off balance. I caught myself on the nearby wall and froze. She had rolled back onto her left side.

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Motionless, she slept. I calmed and moved back in. Her face turned up towards me now, long black eye lashes resting on her full cheeks. Her mouth, pouty and just barely held open, tempted me. I knelt, closer this time. My cock aching, I hesitated and just went for it. I placed the head of my cock on her lips.

The pre cum dripping out onto her mouth, my heart started racing as I took in the warmth of her lips and breath on me. Suddenly she licked her lips, her tongue flicking over me; reflexively I let out a groan.

Her eyes shot open as well as her mouth. I looked down to see the shock and fear in her eyes as my cock fell into her now open mouth. It was a fantastic vision.

Taylor flailed, trying to push herself from me as I hovered over her. She turns her head and winces as she feels her hair being pulled. I'm kneeling on it. She cries out in pain.

My hands grab her shoulder rolling her back to her stomach and pushing with all my weight as I heaved myself onto her. My huge body, at 6'4, at 230 lbs. My body pushing down on hers making it hard to breathe. Laying on her stomach, Taylor writhed under me, shaking the bed and our bodies hard trying to free herself. But it is hopeless. The harder she fought the harder I got.

I release her face, falling into the pillow she gasps for air. Shaking her head back and forth into the pillow begging " Noooo, nono, no, please. Why are you doing this? Please, no!" With my now free hand I push myself up, I press my weight into her and grab for my cock.

Pulling it up to her and rub the pre cum soaked head on her fuzzy entry. Up and down I stroked myself on the back of her cunt. Taylor starts bucking, trying to throw me off.

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So I rub harder timing my strokes, she bucked beneath me, bucking at the unaccustomed feeling, and in doing so only succeeded in forcing me inside her. Taking her bucking to be signs of pain, I pushed further into her, tearing her hymen only a little at first, and then ripping it with the next stroke, causing her more pain, I froze, holding her tight, my cock deep in her now.

Feeling the soft walls of her very tight pussy gripping me and releasing as she struggles. I buried my face in her neck and bit down. Taylor let out a scream into the pillow, feeling a hand come around her neck. My heart pounding so hard I couldn't think. I had her, she can't move, I finally had her.

Her struggling beneath me drove me insane.I can almost cum just from holding her down and feeling her thighs rub against me.

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I slide my hand up to her soft chin and pull her head up so that her ear is at my mouth. " You're so beautiful Taylor. Even better you were a virgin.ripe for picking." Another scream, this time the pillow isn't there to stop the sound from piercing the night. She knew who I was, and remembered I gave her a ride home. A darker fear came into her now, knowing I was going to cum in her.I was going to " make her mine".

She screamed again. " Shhhhh baby, I am not going to hurt you, shhhh. You will love this I promise." I spoke softly directly into her ear. My words almost felt wet. Taylor feels me rip into her and screams one last " noooo" which faded into whimpering. I froze for a moment until she stopped fighting under me. Sharp hard thrusts, deep into her. I slammed into her like an animal, my mouth on her ear still, panting, making her feel and hear everything.

It is a matter of minutes and she feels me building up. My thrusts slowed but are harder, slamming into her core. She whimpers and begs me to stop. The words no more than escaped her lips and she feels me start to shake. A warm explosion deep in her belly sent her over and involuntarily she came.

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Her cunt contracting, milking every drop out of me. She lay under my sweaty body shamefully grunting and gasping for air as I start moving again. Grunting in her ear, I filled her the rest of the way. Her tightening forcing my just drained cock to convulse again and another orgasm ripped through me. We lay still, a mass of cum and sweat. Taylor feels so ashamed, she can't move, can't speak. Just nothing. Eventually I shifted.

My cock slipping out of her, I kissed her shoulder, down her back. My hands gentle on her skin. Straddling her legs, I told her to turn over. When she didn't respond I grabbed her hair, smiling as she instantly moved. Taylor's eyes avoided my face as she lay on her back before me. I didn't mind, I knew she was uncomfortable, but I wasn't done with her yet.

I kissed her, soft, licking her lips, kissing down her jaw, her neck, to her tits. I worked on them a bit, feeling her shift under my touch.

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my hand moved between her legs which are clamped tightly. I gave her a slap on the thigh.nothing. Quickly I grabbed her face hard and told her to " Open!". In a stern voice. She made eye contact with me for the first time, the fear in her eyes causing me to soften a bit.

Her legs relaxed. I smiled and kissed her softly again as I pushed my hand between them. The wetness is amazing. Our cum tinged with blood, mixed together in her sweet cunt. I pushed two fingers in her, massaging slowly. My thumb on her clit, I gripped her and worked my hand. Reluctantly, Taylor started to enjoy it. She did not make a sound outside of the short gasps of pleasure that she can't control. I feel her tightening, my cock hanging between them, hard as a rock.

She is close. " Mmmm yes baby, just like that. Let it go" I whispered. " Please not again, please! P-Please!" Her voice resounded through the room in terror as I held her down with one hand and ran the other greedily over the lush contours of her resisting young body, kneading her ripe succulent breasts cruelly beneath hands I no longer controlled. Tight fists of flesh protruded painfully in white bloodless ridges between my straining fingers.

My head dropped to the young budding nipples as I chewed hungrily at their tips until I feel the soft resilient flesh give way and the sweet taste of blood seeping onto my lashing tongue. " No. N-Nooo.please, not this way, not this way!" She pleaded, but the words had rolled unheeded from her tortured lips. I still had, in my madness held her wildly straining body tight to the bed. She is imprisoned there by my heavy tensed chest that weighed upon her like a giant stone.

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Her long dark hair has begun thrashing helpless from side to side on the bed, her face contorted with terror. I still remember bitterly, her dark eyes flashing wide in disbelief that this was happening to her. She pleaded more until the sounds became nothing but incoherent mumbles of jumbled words. It was then I had fucked her eariler. Ignoring the low moaning pleas, I rolled on top her, catching her body as her long slim legs had scissored out in one last desperate effort to escape a second brutal assault.

My hips have fallen heavily between the full wide-splayed thighs, pinning her jerking buttocks tight to the bed. The soft down of her pubic hair brushing teasingly against my throbbing cock, inciting me to incoherent mumblings of crazed uncontrollable lust. The slow motion pictures of Taylor's ravishment eariler tonight, flickered through my tortured mind as the express tunneled on ceaselessly through the night.My knees are holding hers wide apart now and I'm grinding my pelvis hard into her squirming defenseless crotch.

The spasmodic jerking of the hollows of her soft inner thighs drove my hand between them; I'm searching to place myself, striving to reach that goal again. Then suddenly, without warning.I had brutally found it. I jammed the blood-filled head between the fleshy moist lips and with a groan, shoved it all the way forward into her quivering cunt.

She squealed like a stuck pig and kicked her legs out wildly in the air in a futile attempt to escape the cruel impalement. It had only worsened her position and I still hear the guttural screech of further pain that had come tumbling piteously from deep in her throat as my rock-hard cock battered deeper and deeper into her warm yielding flesh.

At last, my pelvis is smacking hard into hers, signaling the end. My hard fleshy column lay sunk all the way down inside of her quivering belly, the warm wet walls of her cunt wrapped tightly around it.

I didn't stop. I didn't give her a chance to adjust to my sudden presence deep in her womb. I just begin to fuck, ramming in and out of her like a dog gone mad. I have only thought of one thing and that is to spew that hot sticky load of cum deep inside of her where it belonged. I vented my lust against her groaning body time after time, flooding her belly again and again with the hot white liquid.until-finally. it is all gone. How long or how many times I fucked her during the night, I can't remember.

I had been an unconscious being in another world of animal lust. But, I did remember, after the first gush from my sperm inflated cock had emptied into her, a feeling of satisfaction flooded over me. She lain motionless beneath me, her eyes open wide, staring coldly at the ceiling above as she felt something other than pain and disgust.

I pull out of her and got up off of her. I returned two hours later, Taylor watched as I walked around behind her, she jammed her thighs tight together and bit her lip.I mounted her again, my heavy weight pushed her down flat onto the bed, as my massive cock slammed up against her tight shut pussy lips.

She feels my big hairy body pushing down on her back, I jabbed at Taylor's ass crack, the head of my cock slamming against her pussy lips several times as I attempted to enter her.I push upward, my hands now grabbing her shoulders, holding her so firm that as she arched her back my finger tips grab her breasts. She reaches up with one hand and tries to pull my fingers off her breasts, failing. I start ramming my cock harder against her, my pre-cum making her pubic area wet and slippery.Taylor screams out in agony as she feels my cock slam up between her pussy and ass-hole, then slide on the pre-cum and penetrate her ass.

Not caring which hole I was in, I ram my cock in her, four, five, six inches buried into Taylor's asshole. Taylor screams, my huge cock stretches her ass.

I'm slamming into her ass. " No." She cried as the pain of anal penetration knocking all the fight out of her. Tears rolling down her face as she sobbed, her head laying on the pillow, her pushed against the mattress as I hammered into her. After what seemed an eternity of agonizing anal fucking, Taylor feels me shooting hot cum into her ass, she cries out as I push deeper.

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My huge cock stretching her ass more than ever. This was disgusting to her. Exhausted, Taylor lay flat on her stomach exhausted, her thighs parted slightly.Just enough for me to remain mounted on her, slipping my huge cock into her again. Taylor is now to weak to fight, she just let the me fuck her.

She rested forward on her elbows as I bucked and fucked in her pussy, my hot wet cock sliding in and out of her cunt as she cried into the pillow. It didn't take long for me to shoot my cum deep into her again, she feels it splashing all over her pussy walls, all hot and disgusting. I pull out of her cunt and grabbed her panties, still hanging around one of her ankles, and pull them away. With me having finished with her, Taylor collapsed on her side and curled into a ball, her knees against her chest, not crying anymore - she is cried out.