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Tara Holiday and Chastity Lynn Fucks BBC
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"Speech" 'Thought <SECTION ONE> "Sorry Hinata, but if you can't pay your rent soon you're gonna be evicted." This was turning out to be a very bad day. First she woke up to find that the power was off because she hadn't paid her bill, then she found out that her water was turned off because she hadn't paid that either, and finally her landlord came to her door to give her an eviction notice.

"Oh c'mon, couldn't you give me some more time to come up with something? I'll do anything… anything you want." She leaned forward to show off her rather generous assets to her landlord. "Sorry, but that won't work on me twice. You have two weeks to pay your dues or you're out." He turned his back and set off down the steps in front of her house. It wasn't the best house in the world, but it was a place she liked. A one floor house with an attic and basement, one livingroom, one bathroom, one bedroom and another room for pretty much anything.

She had left the Hyuga compound about three months ago after refusing to let her father run her life. Now she could fuck whenever she wanted and whoever she wanted. But now all that was threatened by the fact that she had no money to support her lifestyle. She had no money to pay her bills, rent, groceries or anything else and she had been fired two weeks prior from her already low-pay job.

"This whole thing sucks! I can't go crawling back to father!" She slammed the door and went to her bedroom and laid down on the bed. She reached for her iPod and slipped her headphones on.

She flipped through her playlist until she got to Lit Up by Buckcherry and then reached into her nightstand drawer to pull out a ziplock bag of marijuana and some rolling papers. Before her 15th birthday she never would've considered doing drugs or fucking anyone except for Naruto. But shortly after her birthday she got the guts to stick it to her father and leave to find her own place.

It all began with Shikamaru. [ FLASHBACK ] After she got her stuff moved into the place, she had a few of her friends over for a housewarming party. Shikamaru had pulled her away from the party and took her around back to his car. He got inside and motioned for her to join him.

He looked in the side mirror and then the rear view before popping the trunk and stepping out. He stepped nonchalantly to the back and brought out a large black trash bag. Once he had it he looked around and got back in. He locked the doors and checked all the mirrors again. "Hinata, we've been friends for a long time and yet I've never really given you anything.

I just thought I'd give you a little housewarming present." He reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a baggy and some papers and then opened up the trash bag and pulled out a pinch of pot. He put it into the paper and rolled up a joint and handed it to Hinata.

"Shika I always knew you were a pothead, but now you're trying to get me hooked! Huh-uh, that aint for me." "Hey, don't be such a drag.

Just try it one time and if you don't like it you don't have to ever do it again. Please, for me?" He raised an eyebrow. 'Damn! He's too sexy to refuse! I guess that's a deal that fits me.' "Fine, light me up." Shikamaru pulled out a lighter and flicked it, holding the flame to the end of the doubie and lighting it for her.

She took a deep puff, holding the smoke in for a few seconds before exhaling and coughing a bit. She took another puff and looked over at Shikamaru, who was in the process of rolling one for himself. Ten minutes later they were in the back. There was no seat there, only the floor.

They sat side by side still smoking their joints. "You know, Shika? I wasn't expecting this to be so enjoyable. How much do you charge for this stuff?" "For you, free for life." Hinata's jaw fell open, causing her joint to nearly drop out of her mouth.

A lifetime of pot for free, this was indeed a good deal. A little too good. "This can't come without any strings attached. What's the catch? What do you want in return?" Shikamaru leaned back folding his arms behind his head, smiling and clenching his joint in his teeth.

"Alright, you got me. There is one thing I want." "And what would that be Shika?" He raised an eyebrow seductively. "I've always wanted to fuck you." Hinata gasped and put her index fingers together, lowering her head so all that could be seen was her hair and the smoke still issuing from her joint.

"Hey, you don't have to do this if you don't want. But if you want this good a deal, I'm afraid it's the only way." He shrugged and watched Hinata intently.


After what seemed like an hour to Hinata, she came to a decision. "S-should we do this here or at your place?" Shikamaru smiled and patted her on the shoulder and got back into the front seat, leaving Hinata in the back to finish her joint. Shikamaru started the car and began to drive. Not long after Hinata finished smoking, they were parked in front of Shikamaru's apartment complex.

They exited the car and stepped up the stairs to apartment 3B. Like a gentleman, Shikamaru opened the door for Hinata and they went inside. Shikamaru looked out the window and pulled the curtains closed before stepping over and locking the multiple locks he had on his front door. Normally Hinata would be thinking about how paranoid Shikamaru was, but now all she had on her mind was what she was about to do with him.

'It's not that much of a revolting idea. I mean he is sexually appealing to me. And it is taking a while for Naruto to notice me. In fact, the way he and Sakura were hanging around so closely at the party makes me think they finally got together. And I guess that if I really love Naruto, I should let him be happy with Sakura.' "Hinata… are you sure you want to do this? I know you wanted Naruto to be your first." Hinata thought it was sweet that Shikamaru asked her if she really wanted this.

But her mind had not changed a bit since she came to her decision a few minutes ago. She nodded and pulled her jacket off and threw it across the room.

Shikamaru came closer to her as she pulled her black shirt over her head and as soon as it passed over her lips she was met by a warm set of lips which pressed firmly over hers.

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Hinata stood there with her eyes wide and savored the feeling of his lips gently touching hers. Shikamaru ran his tongue over her bottom lip, silently asking permission to enter. Hinata moaned out in pleasure and allowed Shikamaru's tongue entrance into her mouth.

It immediately got itself entangled with hers, where they fought for dominance. Shikamaru cursed his need for air and pulled away leaving a string of saliva connecting the two. Shikamaru removed his overshirt and tossed it to join Hinata's jacket. Hinata, who was beginning to fall victim to hormones and her instincts she gained from reading her father's Icha Icha Paradise novels, came and helped him pull his undershirt off.

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When it was safely with the rapidly growing pile of clothes in the corner, Hinata ran her fingers across his well toned abs before moving up to rub his erect nipples drawing a moan from the lazy boy's mouth. She kissed his check and then began to lick along his jaws and lips. Now he'd had all he could take. He pushed her back a little and reached down, unzipping his pants and throwing them into the pile.

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He then reached to remove his boxers but Hinata beat him to them. She kneeled down and hooked her fingers inside the elastic waistband and pulled them down his cock slapping her in the chin as it escaped.

Hinata's eyes got wide again when she saw his size. She had seen a large tent in his boxers but it was nothing compared to the size it was now. She ran her index finger along the large vein on the underside of his penis before rubbing her thumb over it's weeping head. Shikamaru's head was spinning at the slightest touch mainly because she was unconsciously concentrating chakra into her fingertips. But as much as he was reeling from that it was nothing compared to the feeling he got when she stuck out her tongue to swirl around the tip to sample the pre-cum that was leaking from the slit.

He moaned and pushed forwards trying to get into her mouth and Hinata, being a kind person, allowed him to. Shikamaru groaned and thrust forward before stepping back to seat himself on his couch. "Hinata, are you sure you haven't done this before?" "Hey, I never said I hadn't sucked cock before. In my clan it's a requirement. All Hyuga girls must be taught to give blowjobs once they hit the age of eight to insure they know how to please their future lovers.

And since we are also taught that all forms of sex, including bestiality and incest are sacred to our clan, I had to suck my father's cock And Akamaru's cock and swallow their cum. I guess that's where I became addicted to the taste of sperm. I love semen. I even thought of getting a tattoo on my ass that says that." 'God. I should be turned off and disturbed by that, but really my cock feels harder than it's ever been in my fuckin' life.' He looked down to see those beautiful lavender eyes staring back at him.

The whole scene was beautiful to him, and this time that wasn't the pot talking. Her ebony locks fell perfectly framing her face, those eyes staring at him as she sucked him off, and those black cherry colored lips wrapped ever so tightly around his 6 inch cock. Her right hand came up to grip the part she couldn't fit in her mouth while her left came to cup his balls, rolling them around in her palm to help him cum faster.

"God, how do you do this so good?" She took her mouth off his cock to answer, but she didn't dare remove her hand which she continuously stroked him off with. "I just focus on what I want most." "Oh, and what would that be?" Shikamaru brought one hand down to rub the soft skin of her left cheek and lips before moving it to pet the back of her head, reveling in how her hair seemed to be smooth as satin and soft as lace.

"Your cum in my mouth and running down my throat." 'Damn! I must've tapped into Hinata's slutty side. It's about time it was unlocked.' Hinata leaned in closer to lick his shaft again. She moved the hand that had been cupping his balls up to grip him now with both hands as she sucked the head back into her mouth with a 'pop'. Shikamaru's left hand entangled itself in her hair while his right hand attempted to undo her bra. Seeing what he was trying to do she pulled back for a second leaving her tongue to please him as she used her hands to undo her frontclasp bra.

"So that's why I couldn't undo it." She giggled before going back to work on his cock, swirling her tongue around his length as she gripped him with both hands once again. It seemed that she was enjoying this as much as he was. She was sucking so hard her eyes began to roll into her head. She removed her hands and tried to take him into her throat. She almost immediately gagged and pulled off coughing. Shikamaru sat up and patted her on the back in an attempt to help her recover but with a few tears in her eyes she waved her hand in an 'I'll be fine' manner.

After she recovered she was ready to try again. She pushed forwards until she felt him at the point he was when she had choked and shut her eyes tightly while she let her throat adjust to his size. After a few seconds without motion she moved forwards again and took him fully into her throat.

Shikamaru's eyes rolled back as his dick was encased in the warm fleshy chamber of her throat. He thrusted forwards and nearly made her choke again but her system quickly adjusted to it. He continued to push into that hot, moist cavern and he soon found himself close to the end. "H-Hinata, oh god, I- I'm cumming!" Hinata pulled back so only the head was in her mouth and waited for the flood.


He pushed up one more time and spilled his load into her willing mouth. Her tongue hovered around the slit so she could feel it shoot his semen into her mouth and spray out onto her tongue. After about three more shots her mouth became full and she pulled back to catch the last five shots on her face.

She opened her mouth to show Shika all the cum she had collected and then swallowed it all down loving the sensation she hadn't felt in weeks. She caught her breath and came up to sit on his lap.

"Shika, when are you going to fuck me? I need it now, I wanna feel something I've never felt before." "Alright, just let me prep you a little first." He picked her up bridal style and carried her to his bedroom where he laid her down gently on the bed. He started to pull her pants down and she raised her legs up to help him.

He laid himself down between her creamy legs and faced her purple lace panties. He reached up and ran her fingers over her slit through the panties, gaining a moan from the young Hyuga and registering how wet she was.

He moved in closer and licked her pussy through the thin fabric to sample her sweet taste. He'd gone as long as he could go without seeing her cunt. He took a bit of lace in his teeth and pulled them away from her sweet, dripping hole. His eyes were sent to heaven as soon as they fell upon. Her pussy was swollen and begging to be fucked.

He spread the lips to see the prettiest shade of pink he'd ever seen. He kissed it, making her moan and tasted something sweeter than sugar. He traced his tongue along the slit before he pushed it between. Hinata arched her back and her hands gripped his ponytail trying to get him closer. He pushed his tongue in some more and began to pull it in and out of her. "S-Shika! Lick me! Make me cum!" Not that he needed any encouragement, he redoubled his efforts. Then he got a devilish idea.

"Hey Hinata, get up for a sec." She was reluctant to allow him to stop licking her but she followed his instructions and got to her feet. Once she was up Shikamaru laid down where she had been. "C'mere and sit your pussy on my face." She smiled and did as she was told and positioned her cunt in front of his mouth before sitting down on his face.

But shortly after he resumed his lapping at her pussy, she felt something warm, slick and wet trace around the pink pucker of her asshole.

She gasped and looked back to see a second Shikamaru licking her ass. Normally Shikamaru wouldn't even think about doing this nasty act, but once he saw how perfectly clean she kept herself he decided what the hell. Hinata was thrusting back and forth between the expert tongues working over her ass and pussy.

She had never been licked before in her life, so it made it harder to control herself. She screamed out and tensed up as she released her juices into Shikamaru's mouth. He drank them up as fast as he could until the flow faded to a few lingering drops. "Okay Hinata, I think your ready now. Lie down." He changed places with Hinata, but the clone beat her to the spot. She looked at Shikamaru, who motioned to lay down on top of the clone.

She did what she was told and laid down on it, feeling it's cock poke at her asshole and it's arms wrap around her to fondle her luscious tits. Shikamaru then got on top of her and lined his dick up with her slit and gently pushed in. Hinata groaned and made some kind of squealing sound as he pushed until he hit her hymen. He leaned in and smashed his mouth down onto hers as he thrusted in and took her virginity.

Hinata screamed into his mouth and released a few tears but Shikamaru and his clone held her until she became adjusted to his cock being inside of her. Soon she began arching up into him as a sign that she was ready. He pulled out slightly and then pushed back in. Her snatch was so tight and hot he couldn't go one more second without thrusting into her.

He thrust in as fast as he could making Hinata moan and sigh at the feeling of his cock being shoved inside of her. Her pleasure was doubled when the clone she was lying on top of pushed his cock into her anal cavity. Hinata screamed out again and bucked her hips even more. "Oh, Shika, FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!" Not wanting to disappoint her he began thrusting in as hard and as fast as he could.

The clone also obeyed and pushed upwards forcing more of his cock deeper into her ass. The room was a symphony of moans as they all neared their orgasms. Hinata was the first to cum, clenching her pussy and ass's walls around Shikamaru and his clone.

Next was the clone, who pushed up one final time and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them as he pumped torrents of cum into her ass. Finally, Shikamaru reached his peak, as he hugged her tightly to keep himself sturdy while he emptied his seed deep inside her womb. The clone poofed away, leaving Hinata and Shikamaru to catch their breath. They pulled close to eachother and kissed passionately. "Shika, fuck the pot deal, this was better than pot." Shikamaru laughed. "I refuse to accept that you let me fuck you for free.

Take what I offered." "Fine, just keep the pot here and I'll come to refill when I'm out." "That sounds good to me. I need to set that up as a business. It has a nice ring to it, Shika's Pot Bank." Hinata laughed and kissed him again before snuggling up to him and nuzzling his neck as she fell asleep in his arms.

[ END FLASHBACK ] But now she had other things to concentrate on. She smoked her joint and flipped through her playlist. Unable to find an answer she turned of her iPod and thought hard. 'I need a job. But what to do. It has to be something I actually like to do, so it doesn't seem like work at all.' And then it hit her. Her perfect job. "I know just what to do." <SECTION TWO> "Excuse me?" "Please you're the only one I would trust to protect me if the need came for it.

You're my ideal pimp. Please will you do this for me?" He stood there arms crossed and head down, pondering on whether or not he should do this. "We've been friends for years Hinata and I really like you. But are you sure you want ME to do this for you? Wouldn't you feel more comfortable with someone who actually grew up with you? I mean we didn't even meet until after the Chunin Exams." Hinata put a hand on his shoulder. "I've weighed all other possible choices in my head and no one is better qualified than you.

I've already made my choice, Gaara." Gaara sat in his armchair. "I suppose that if you have your mind set on me as your pimp, then there's no point in arguing it any farther. Fine, I accept. But I refuse to take any more than 10% of your earnings and I will not treat you like some other pimps treat their hos." Hinata charged at him and hopped on his lap throwing her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly and thanking him several times in a fast speed high pitched tone.

"So Gaara, naturally your first order of business is to find me my first john. Have any ideas?" Gaara thought hard. 'There is that one that I met during the Chunin Exam period. The one that I always see hanging around Naruto.

That would be perfect. And knowing his family, he probably has more than enough money to pay our price. And his girlfriend recently left him. Kind of a surprise really, I thought they would always be together, considering how much she always wanted him. Yes, he'll do just fine.' "As a matter of fact I do. Where should I tell him to meet you?" "Hmm, how bout my place. There's not really any other place I could go." "Alright then I'll have him meet you there." [ 2 HOURS LATER ] 'Alright I think that's all taken care of.' Hinata looked at herself in the mirror, making sure she had her lipstick on perfectly.

They were now a hue of cherry red seduction, kissable in every way. She kissed herself in the mirror. Suddenly came a knock on the door. She looked out the peephole, nobody there.

"Damn pranksters" She walked back to the mirror, but was stopped in her tracks by another knock at the door. She walked back and checked the peephole again. Once again, no one was there. She was getting freaked out now. She started back to the mirror but was once again stopped by the knocking. She grabbed a baseball bat and went to the door an, holding her breath; she closed her eyes and opened it, preparing herself to knock the shit out of this creep. Someone screamed, it was a familiar scream so she stopped herself in mid-swing.

She opened her eyes and looked down to see Konohamaru cowering at her feet. "Konohamaru? I'm so sorry!" "That's okay, I guess I was asking for it, I should have said something." Hinata threw the bat into a corner and knelt down to Konohamaru's height.

"Is there something you wanted? I've been expecting somebody." Konohamaru looked at her smiling face and spoke. "I know, I'm here." Hinata looked at him. "So you're my client?" He nodded his head. Hinata looked both ways across the hall, before leading him in and closing the door, locking it behind her.

"So… you know what this is all about Konohamaru?" Konohamaru smiled so hard his eyes almost completely closed. "Yeah… I'm here to get laid." Hinata was surprised a bit. They must've been teaching sex ed earlier and earlier at the academy.

Konohamaru was only 8 or 9 and here he was talking about getting laid. Hinata only smiled. She couldn't deny that he was cute, and by the look of the bulge in his shorts, he was maturing quite a bit down there. She led him into the bedroom and shut that door as well before lying on the bed, slowly removing her clothes for Konohamaru who quickly followed her example. Just as she thought Konohamaru was maturing nicely.

The average size of a penis for his age group was 3 inches, but from what she could see, he was 4 or five inches. "So do you know what to do?" Konohamaru crawled onto the bed and laid himself between her legs to admire her sweet, pink pussy. He spread it with his fingers a bit causing Hinata to gasp.

"I… I think so." He pulled himself up so he could face her. She could feel his dick poke at her belly button due to his lack of a growth spurt.

"Um… could I kiss you?" "I would like that." He closed the gap and smashed his lips down on hers. She threw her arms around him and opened her mouth to allow him to stick his tongue in. He was a good kisser. His mouth tasted like ramen and sugar, a taste she had never tasted at the same time before, but a flavor she quickly became addicted to. She let her tongue join his. They rubbed against one another before he uttered a curse and Hinata felt something warm and wet on her chest.

They broke the kiss and Hinata looked down to see that Konohamaru had already came. Hinata giggled. 'Just like a virgin.' She reached down and ran her fingers threw the sticky mess Konohamaru had made and brought them to her mouth to suck them clean before repeating her actions until she was clean.

Konohamaru's head was now rubbing between her breasts. She smiled. "Hey Konohamaru, would you like to lick me?" He looked up and nodded furiously before moving back down between her legs.

He spread them open again and lapped at it a bit. He was inexperienced but good. She moaned happily as he licked her tender pussy.

He licked along her opening before slipping a finger into her and pushing it in and out. She arched her back a bit trying to get more. He didn't really know what he was doing but he must've been doing it right. Hinata was now grinding herself against his finger. He put another in and began to twirl it around.

Hinata was now freely rocking back and forth onto those talented fingers. He came in closer again and removed his fingers, tasting the clear liquid which had gathered on his fingers. She had a sweet taste, like some candy that he had not yet tasted. Finding himself wanting more he pushed his tongue into her cunt and dragged it around tasting the new flavor with great interest.

Hinata ,let out a long moan and twisted her fingers in his spiky black hair. He was now pushing it in and out, tongue fucking her. She couldn't take this any longer. She held his head in place and squirted her juices into his mouth and on his face, which he drank, loving every drop he could get from her.

After panting a bit to catch her breath, she sat up and pushed Konohamaru into a laying position. "Thanks Kono-kun, I enjoyed that. Now lets make you feel good." She gripped his hardened cock and kissed him on the lips, drinking up the moan she had drawn from him. She began to pump her hand along his length. She broke the kiss and moved along to his ear, licking every part of his skin she could get to until she reached his ear.

"Are you enjoying this Kono-kun?" "Y-yes Hinata-chan. It feels so good." "I'm gonna put it in my mouth now. Would you like that?" "Yes, please, Hinata-chan, put it in your mouth!" "Since you asked so nicely, okay" Hinata lowered her head, licking the muscles on his chest as she went.


She made her way lower to the sweetest muscle Konohamaru had on his body. She traced her tongue along the large tool and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock. He moaned out at the feeling of that wet, hot, pink muscle licking at his pride. She giggled and pushed herself downward taking him into her mouth. She stopped to adjust a bit before taking the rest inside until her nose was pushed into the area where there would normally be a bush of pubic hair. He pushed upwards a little to get a bit of friction.

She took his signal and began bobbing her head. She loved the taste of his cock, but it was the thought of her prize that kept her going. She swirled her tongue around his head again and teased the slit a bit. Konohamaru was near screaming now and Hinata knew that since he was a virgin he wouldn't last much longer. That was confirmed when he held her head in place and started humping her mouth at an extreme pace. Hinata smiled around his cock and closed her eyes peacefully, awaiting her favorite part.

He pushed in once more and released a rather large load into her mouth, definitely more than she was expecting. She caught four shots without removing his rod, but her mouth soon became full. She pulled her head off, opening her mouth. Some of the sperm in her mouth seeped out of her open mouth, but was replaced by the few remaining jets she caught on her face and mouth. The flow died away and she decided she couldn't wait much longer for her snack so she swallowed the semen she had accumulated.

She then used her hands to clean her face and licked it off, before licking her lips to get the few strings that had escaped her mouth. "So did you like that?" "Oh yeah. So what are we doing next Hinata-chan?" "I guess we should start the main course. Do you know what to ahh…?" She was cut off by Konohamaru, who pushed her onto the bed and was now rubbing his dick against her little snatch.

She squealed out when she felt it poke its way inside of her. Konohamaru pushed downwards and sheathed himself inside her fully. His eyes rolled back in his head. She was so tight and so hot. He pumped himself into her repeatedly, pounding her mercilessly.

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Hinata was amazed, such a young age and he was already a sexual masterpiece. Moegi really missed out on something. She raised one of her breasts to Konohamaru's mouth, offering them to him. Because he was shorter than her, it put him at the perfect level to suck and nibble on her erect nipples. He accepted them graciously. He took a nipple in his mouth and rubbed her breast with one of his hands like a kitten would.

He, as well Hinata knew that he couldn't hold on. "Do it Kono-kun, pour it in, give it all to me, feed my hungry little pussy your cum!" Konohamaru happily obliged and planted himself firmly and released himself inside her, filling her with his essence.

Hinata could feel the sensation of his boiling hot cum being emptied into her and wrapped her legs around his waist to keep him from pulling out. Once he was done he pulled himself out and Hinata grabbed it and led him up to her face. She licked the cum and her own juices that were lingering on the head and then let it out with a pop.

"That was great Kono-kun! You up for one more round?" Konohamaru looked at her panting and smiling as Hinata continued to suck the fluids off of his rod. "As much as I would love to, I don't think I can give you another drop.

I'm completely spent. Oh and speaking of spent, here." He got up and walked over to his shorts and pulled out the froggy money purse that Naruto had given to him on his birthday. He opened it and reached inside to pull out a roll of money. "Here." He counted out some money and handed it to her. "That should cover it shouldn't it?" Hinata counted the money.

"100 ryo! Thanks Kono-kun!" "Oh and here, a tip for you… and a tip for Gaara." "50 ryo each! Awesome! Next time's on me." She winked and Konohamaru blushed. Soon after, Konohamaru left with a bit more bounce in his step. Hinata counted the payout and divided it between the two of them. 60 ryo for Gaara and 140 for her. She giggled to herself. "Not bad for a night's work."

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