Home Made Video In Hotel or Possibly House With Nervous Girl

Home Made Video In Hotel or Possibly House With Nervous Girl
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This is my first erotic story, enjoy. My sister caught me! {Layla} I started to get excited as my mom walked out the front door, "Bye honey" she chirps, and I wave back. "Your sister will be home in an hour." She says, before getting into the car and driving off.

Tingling sensations sparked at my pussy, my mother was a nurse and worked late into the night, usually not coming back until seven in the morning, she left in the afternoons, and my sister was often at her boyfriends house. I quickly walk up to my room, rubbing at my pussy every now and then as I plug the USB into the laptop, I close the curtains -wouldn't want the neighbours seeing- and position the laptop on my bed, I relax against the head board as the porno starts.

I spread my legs and massage at my pussy through my shorts, the naked girl on the screen begins covering herself in oil. I loved lesbian pornos, I was bi, and loved a good scissor session.

I had only ever masturbated with my fingers, I've never actually had anything sexual done to me. Another girl walks in, a blond and begins massaging the other girl, a brunette. I easily get bored of this oiling eachother stuff and skip to when they make their way over to the bed. The girls were already naked as the blond lies down, and the brunette starts burying her head into her pussy, the blond moans in pleasure and I quickly rip off my shorts and panties, I begin massaging my clit.

"Ooh." I moan, arching my pussy into the air as I keep rubbing, "What are you doing?" A female voice rings through the room, I rip my fingers away from my pussy and my head snaps to my door way, where my sister stands. She's my twin, we both have chocolate brown hair and blue eyes, with perfectly tanned skin, she's always been the more popular one.

"Lexi!" I gasp, and she smirks as I hurriedly cover myself with my shorts, and slam the top of the laptop down.

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"What were you doing, Layla?" She asks mischievously, and I know that there's no use in lying. "Masturbating." I mumble, "Please don't tell mom!" I beg, and Lexi rolls her eyes as she sits down on my bed. "Why do you think I'd tell her? I masturbate too, when Josh isn't there to satisfy me. If I told mom, she'd never leave us alone." Lexi says, and my jaw drops open.

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I knew that her boyfriend, Josh was always having sex with her, but I never knew Lexi masturbated! "It feels nice, huh?" She asks, and I nod slowly, my breath hitches in my throat when I see that she's wearing a tank top, with now bra, her nipples look hard as they poke through the material. "Have you ever fingered yourself?" Lexi asks, and I shake my head, "No.


I've watched videos though." I reply sheepishly, and Lexi grins. "It feels amazing, not as good as a dick though." Lexi shrugs, and I feel my juices leak out of my pussy. Lexi then stands and walks out, "I'm ordering pizza for dinner!" She yells on her way down.

My head swirls with different emotions and thoughts, I quickly get up and close my door, well, there goes masturbating. {Lexi} I slowly walk downstairs, god that was so fucking hot! Watching my twin masturbating! Mmm, I could feel my pussy juices leaking. I quickly order some pizza and set the phone on the kitchen bench, I could hear Layla shuffling around downstairs, and sparks ignited in my push. God, it was so hot watching her!

I wish I could go upstairs and shove my tongue into her pussy now. I find myself subconsciously rubbing against the handle of one of the kitchen drawers and I quickly slip my hand down my skirt and into my panties, my finger trails down my pussy lips as my juices coat my pussy. "Mmm." I moan quietly as my finger begins massaging my clit, I imagine Layla doing this, and I begin rubbing a little more faster, I feel like I'm in pure ecstasy as I furiously massage my clit.

My whole body shakes as I orgasm and I pant heavily as I extract my fingers, to see them coated in juices. I quickly run into the bathroom and clean up, then I hear the door bell and I quickly go to get it, my pussy was still wet, and I was feeling horny.

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Again! I open the door to see the pizza guy standing there with a cardboard pizza box in hand,"Thanks," I say, the guys face was covered in acne, and he was skinny.


"Uh, y-your welcome." He stutters, and I smirk, I have this affect on people. I slowly take the box away from him and set it inside before turning back to him. God, I needed a dick inside me. Now!


Josh was too far away, so this guy would have to do. "How much?" I ask seductively, "F-fifteen dollars." He stutters, and I step closer, pouting "I didn't get paid at work today," I lie, "Maybe I could pay you some other way?" I ask, and the guys eyes widen as I slowly stroke the material over his crotch, I feel it harden immediately. "How?" He squeaks, and I smirk. "I want you," I whisper, I didn't care want he looked like, I just needed a dick!

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I slowly lean down, and unzip his pants, it was already night time, and this was a pretty quiet street, we lived in a pretty big mansion, and the driveway was long, no one would see us over the hedges.

"I want you to fuck me," I say, looking up at him, and he gulps. "S-Sure." He stutters as I pull his dick out of his under wear. He was decently sized, there was precum dripping out of his cock, and I swirl my tongue over the head. I then stand up and push myself sit on the porch swing, I slip off my skirt and panties and the guy gulps.

"What's your name?" I ask, stroking a finger of my throbbing pussy. "B-Ben." He stutters, his eyes locking on my pussy.

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"Mmm, would you like to fuck me, Ben?" I moan, and he nods eagerly, a feeling of excitement washes over me. "Come on then." I whisper huskily and Ben drops to his knees in front of me, his dick perfectly level with my pussy.

Slowly, his cock enters my not so tight cunt and he moans at the feeling, "That feels great!" He grunts, and I smirk. "Come on thefuck me." I moan as I feel my pussy fill with good hard cock. He starts pushing in and out, I feel like I'm in pure ecstasy as I curl my fingers in his ginger hair. "Ooh uh" Ben moans, I speed my legs wider, "Mmmm fuck me!" I gasp as he starts pumping inside of me faster.

"This feels so good!" Ben grunts angrily, "come on Ben!" I gasp, pleasure over taking my pussy.

"Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I whisper harshly.

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{Layla} Slowly, I open my window quietly as I see the ginger headed guy, pounding into my sister, my pussy perks up at the feeling.

"Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Fuck me!" I hear my sister say, I quickly shove a finger into my pussy and begin massaging my clit furiously. This was so hot! I gasp and moan in pleasure as I watch my sister get pounded. I hear her scream with ecstasy and I do moan at the same time as an orgasm shudders through me. One thought went through my mind; I wanted my sister.