Amy Lay Gives Herself a Spanking

Amy Lay Gives Herself a Spanking
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My parents divorced when I was 16. I had to deal with a lot of drama and crisis every day as my mother worked on getting her career back on track. She was stressed out a lot with the divorce and work.

She drank a lot of wine. There was never enough money. It was very stressful. After I got my driving license I was working two jobs so I was able to help pay for lots of stuff. Both of us had certain routines all through the summer. All we both did was work and work. One night I got home from working, took a shower, and went to bed early. I was exhausted. My mother came into my room wearing her bathrobe.

She kisses me on the forehead says goodnight and then says she's going to take a bath. I did not think much of it. I started to doze off but woke after an hour to realize I had not eaten dinner. All of sudden was I was ravenously hungry. So I got up and started to head downstairs.

The door to my mother's room was open. It was very quiet so I wanted in to see if she was alright. I peeked around the bathroom door and could see her in the tub.

She was completely naked laid back. Her breasts were right there in front of me. My mom had some really nice tits. I instantly had a huge erection.

And without even thinking I started rubbing myself making my cock even harder.

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After a while I got scared she might have noticed me so I crept out of her room. I went downstairs to get something to eat. After 30 minutes my mother came down wearing her bathroom.

Her hair was slightly wet and she was combing it as she said, "I thought you went to sleep?" I told her I forgot to eat dinner. She said, "You've been working crazy hours lately. I really do appreciate how hard you are working and the money you are contributing to the household." I smiled back and said, "You are not alone." My comment seemed to make her really happy.

While we were talking she was combing her hair. Her bathrobe wasn't tied too tightly. There was a lot of skin showing between her two boobs. I could see the sides of her boobs jiggling as she combed her hair. I could not help but stare at her boobs while she was combing her hair. I think she noticed what I was doing. She turned around slightly and her bathrobe pulled back just enough to give me even a better view.

One of her boobs was now showing on full display. It was very exciting. I had not seen real boobs this close in person before. Sure I've seen thousands of boobs on the internet but it's not the same as seeing the real thing live. I got up and told her I was heading back to bed. She said, "I'll be right up to say goodnight." I make it back to my bed and I wanted to masturbate so badly.

I could not get my mother's tits out of my mind. I had a pretty good erection at this point. It was pretty hot out in July and all I had for blanket was a top sheet. My mother comes in my room. There is no doubt in my mind my mother was able to see my erection outlined by my top sheet. I didn't care. The idea of her looking at my erection made me even harder.

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She was still wearing her bathrobe very loosely. She bends over to kiss me on the head again. Her bathrobe opened as she leaned forward and I could see both her tits in plain sight just inches away from my face as she kissed the top of my head. It practically gave me chills when I saw them so close. She then started tucking in my sheet.

As she did this she reached across my body brushed her hand over my erection. She moved it one way and then brushed it again on the way back. There's no doubt in my mind she meant to do this.

Her touching and moving my erect penis made me incredibly aroused. It felt so good for someone to touch me even if it was only for a brief second.

She got up and left leaving my door slightly open. All I could see was the dark hallway through the slightly open door. I just could not take it anymore at this point. I had to get the demon out of my balls. So I pulled the sheets back and pulled down my underwear. My raging hard on was on full display. I spit some saliva on my palm and started stroking my erect penis. I had tons of pre-cum and it felt so good to have the palm of my hand roll around over the top of my rock hard cock.

I felt so good stroking my cock thinking of my mother's tits. I was very close to blowing my load when I swear I heard something from the hallway. I think my mother was watching me! But at this point I had no choice but to finish what I was doing.

Seconds later I shot a streak of hot com into the air. It landed on my stomach, my throat, and even some on my face. I got some tissues and cleaned myself off.

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I turned off my light and went to sleep. I knew I had to work a ton of hours the next day. I fell asleep instantly. The next day I get home late from work. So I go to take a shower in the hallway bathroom. I decided to just leave the door open like my mother was doing. I think I saw her walk by a few times which made me slightly aroused.

But I was pretty tired and my mind could not concentrate. I turn the water off and stepped out. I start drying myself off completely naked facing the door. Sure enough my mother walked by. She hesitated and looked in for a second or two and then headed off carrying cloths or something.

I got dressed and went down stairs to watch TV. Nothing eventful happened after that but she did see me completely naked which gave me crazy dreams that night. Friday rolled around and I got off work early. When I get home my mother says the air conditioning was not working and she arranged for it to be repaired the next day.

So inside the house it was like million degrees. She already had fans going all around the house. She was working in the kitchen and I could see from her face she was sweating. She wasn't wearing a bra and she had a ½ cut flimsy t-shirt on. Her t-shirt was wet with sweat and sticking to every contour of her breasts.

The fan blowing on her made her nipples gigantic. She also had short skirt on. My heart was racing just looking at her tits. So I get to my room and I figure if she is going to put on a show so would I. I found some old soft cotton sweat-pant shorts which were probably two sizes too small. When I put them on you could clearly see my cock bulging in the soft fabric.

I was clearly visible with these shorts. I decided not to wear a T-shirt but just go naked from the waste up. Before I went downstairs I rubbed myself thinking about her t-shirt so I was sporting a really big erection.

I was ready to go downstairs. My mother was still working in the kitchen. She was standing on chair and she asked me to hand her some dishes to put on the higher cabinet shelf. As I handed her a dish I could see the bottom of breasts each time she swung around to place the dish. Her nipples were still hugely erect from the fan blowing on her. I was so close to them they were like inches away from my face.

I kept very aroused and I was beginning to worry if my raging cock would start popping up through the top of my shorts. She climbs down and says, "Okay your turn." She motions me to get on the chair and she starts handing me dishes for the next cabinet. I noticed my erect penis was popping through the top of my shorts. I thought about it for a second and then thought what the heck and climbed onto the chair on full display for her at eye level.

Every time she handed me a dish she leaned forward pressing her hand on my leg with her face was just inches away from my throbbing cock peeping through my shorts.


She would hand me the dish looking up at me just inches away from the head of my cock on display. Looking at her looking at me made me even more erect. On the next dish I swear she tugged my shorts down a bit so now more of my cock was showing.

We did not say a word to each other and we just kept working on putting the dishes away. Looking at her looking at me was making me so freaking horny I just wanted to run back to my room and squeeze out my load. I finished my cabinet and pulled my shorts up as I got off the chair. She climbed onto the chair and then one foot on the counter. She turned and asked me to hand her a dish from the other side of the counter. She then he leaned forward to put the dish on the shelf and I could see right up her skirt from behind!

She was not wearing any underwear! I could see her pussy lips just inches away from my face as she put each dish on the shelf! I could smell her vagina I was so close. At one point she must have pulled her skirt up higher because when she turned around to put the dish away I have practically a perfect view of her entire ass from behind as she was bending over to place the dish on the shelf.

My cock was literally throbbing in my shorts. It was iota close to being more than I could bear. I started thinking about grabbing her from behind and jamming my cock inside her. At that moment she climbed down and all the dishes were put away. We talked about getting dinner which again thinking about food made me crazy hungry. It was too hot to cook so we ended up getting a pizza. We finished dinner and started watching TV. The night rolled on and it was so freaking hot. My mother said she would be right back and that she was going to get her pj's on.

She came back down wearing the most amazing see through clothing. She was wearing very light see-through blouse and shorts. She might as well have been completely naked. I could see her tits through the fabric almost plain as day as she walked over to where she was sitting on the sofa. I had another instant rock-hard boner. She sat down and we started watching TV. We had an U-shaped sofa so she sat to my right.

The way she was sitting on the pillow I had a clear view of her tits just hanging out lightly veiled a few feet away. I was getting so aroused looking at them.

Her nipples were huge and pointing out of the blouse from the fan blowing on her. Every outline and contour of her breast and nipples were wrapped by see through fabric. The breeze from the fan was pressing the fabric to her boobs the whole time which was really fun to look at.

I got up and went to the kitchen. I ask my mother if she wanted bottled water. She said that would be great. So I bring back two bottles of water. She's still sitting in the same way on the sofa. I go over to her and hand her the water. I turn my head to watch the TV. I'm standing right in front of her with the front of my shorts about foot away from her face.

She could see my raging hard-on through my shorts practically in clear view. I stood there for minutes so she could enjoy a nice long look at what she was doing to me. I went back to my side of the sofa and we kept watching TV. It was so freaking hot. My whole body was slightly sweating. After about 10 minutes my mother asked me to come over and rub her feet. I went over and sat on the floor facing her and started rubbing her feet with my back to the TV.

She moved her legs so I practically had a clear view of her pussy lips. As I rubbed her feet she would throw her head back a bit and was moaning and ahhing with pleasure. I just kept staring at her pussy right in front of me which was making me so hot as she was moaning. My erection could not get any harder. I wasn't sure I would be able to stand up without adjusting it in my pants. After while she said, "Do my legs too". I did as I was told to do. I started working my way up her silky soft legs.

I did her lower legs for a while. I then started working my way up to her thighs. I was becoming a little more adventurous with my fingers. As I would work around towards her inner thigh getting closer to her pussy lips. She would squirm and moan a little louder. I continued to work around her legs. She wiggled a bit, pulled her pj shirt up and tucked it under breasts which were clothed but on still showing nicely.

She ask me to caress her stomach. I worked my way around lightly dragging my finger tips. I started doing giant circles around her stomach working my way lower and lower to her pussy area. She said, "That's nice keep doing that." I could not help but occasionally run the side of my hand along the bottom of her breasts at the top of my circle and then lightly run my fingers over her pussy hairs on the other side.

Touching her breast practically made me come in my pants! When my fingers were come around near her pussy she would tense up a bit and raise his hips slightly. She would moan and roll her head back every time. I was sweating for many reasons. I finally got up enough courage and dragged my fingers right over her pussy. She moaned with pleasure each time. After the third or fourth time just crossing over her pussy lips as I made my circles with my fingers, I just kept my hand over her pussy area.

I was lightly caressing her on the outside of pj pants.

She started moving her hips up and down a bit. I ran my fingers from the bottom to the top of her pussy lightly touching at first. But each time I pressed a little harder. She definitely liked what I was doing. I was eventually raking my finger tips over pussy lips and hair. She just kept moaning with pleasure. It suddenly felt a little weird to be doing this so I then started rubbing above her breasts and around her shoulders.

My mother just threw her head back and smiled. Again my fingers would occasionally venture downward. I was able to rub my fingers over the top area near her breasts. It was extremely exciting to be rubbing near her tits and staring down the whole time. Her boobs would move a little as I rubbed my hands around. I kept adventuring closer and closer to her nipples every time my mother would moan with satisfaction as I got closer.

Her skin was amazingly soft and fun to touch. After a good 20 minutes of massage I stood up quickly and went back to my side of the sofa because another minute or two and I would have gooed in my pants. After a few more minutes watching TV she announced it was her turn to rub my feet. So she stood up. It was definitely like a wet t-shirt contest with all her sweating.

She looked naked to me at this point. When she stood up looking at her breasts gave me a thrill bump! She came over to my side and was kneeling on her knees. Her very nice shapely boobs were just hanging out practically at attention. It was impossible to watch TV the way she was kneeling so I just gave up pretending and stared at her tits the whole time.

She started rubbing my feet which just felt amazingly good. After standing on your feet at work for days and days it just felt amazing to get a foot rub. Occasionally I could not help myself but slightly moan in pleasure which was almost embarrassing if it did not feel so good. It was all relaxing until she started working her way up my legs. That's when it became the entire focus of all my attention. I looked down and my cock which was just way too big for this situation.

I could see the tip of the cock was beginning to peek above the top of my shorts dripping with pre-cum. At this point I just did not care because it was throbbing so much. And feeling my mother work her hands around my legs and inner thigh area felt so crazy good. She turned to me and said, "It's just way too hot." She then pulled off her pj shirt and both her tits were now on full naked display. I could not say anything but just stare at them. She returned to rubber my legs. She rubbed all around my inner thighs occasionally I would feel her fingers brush against the side of my balls moving them as she worked her hands around.

There was no doubt she was staring right at my cock popping out of my pants but I was so beyond caring at this point. It felt so good I had no control to say no. She repositioned herself so she was closer to me. She began rubbing her hands on my stomach. She was working her hands around and brushing her hand up against my cock. She would move her hand under my cock and lift it with her hand as she passed.

This would cause me to involuntarily pump my cock muscle so it would raise up a bit each time she brushed it with her hand. She then pulled my shorts all the way off and my cock was now on full display. She leaned forward over me so her tits were practically touching my face and whispered, "Like what you see?" I let out a barely audible, "yes". She then started lightly caressing my cock with her finger tips. Ever time her finger tips touched my aching cock it was like heavenly bliss.

She continued this for a time. My cock was raging so hard my balls ached for release. She then started caressing my balls with the same lightly touching finger tips and working her finger tips up my shaft. It was too much for me to take and I started instinctively raising and lowering my hips.

It just felt so amazing my head was back and my eyes were closed most of the time. I opened my eyes to see her kneeling next to me caressing my cock with one hand and fingering her own pussy with her other hand. It appeared to me she knew exactly how to rub herself for maximum pleasure. She must have found the right spot because she got a little tense, leaned up a little higher, and then relaxed.


She then leaned forward and without a word I felt her warm lips wrap around the tip of the squeaking hard cock. It's hard to describe the pleasure one feels the first time a woman wraps her warm lips around your raging rock hard cock.

Words do not represent this experience. Her head and hands were expertly working my cock.

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She was sucking on my cock so hard I thought she would give me a hickey. Starting at the base of my cock she rotated her grasping hand up my shaft while sucking on my cock the whole time. I was thinking at the time my mother has really strong hands. It did not take me very long to blow the biggest load of cum in my life.

It seemed like gobs and gobs of cum flowed through my cock like a flowing river. I intimately felt my cock in my mother's mouth as she swallowed every drop. It was like my cock had melted into her mouth flesh. Each time a load of cum would shoot out I would feel it flowed down her warm throat. Her lips and her grip never lessened. She kept stroking my cock long after I came. She just kept sucking and stroking until my cock was complete limp and lifeless. Her sucking my limp penis still dripping with cum felt so amazingly good.

It was the most amazing thing I ever felt in my whole life. And so began probably the best summer of my entire life.

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Every single day for the rest of the summer when I got home from work my mother would give me a blowjob. And every time she would swallow every drop and keep sucking my cock until it was completely limp. It was great not to be pent up at all. Work still sucked but it was the best summer I ever had! It ended around Labor Day when for some strange reason I was no longer able to cum.

I think I was completely spent. After several times of not being able to cum we stopped trying. I was actually concerned if I would ever be able to cum again. But once I got into college, the college girls I dated found ways to make me cum again!