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Cuck witness his wife Anna Bell Peaks banging a BBC
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Tyler suddenly woke from bed as his alarm sounded off suddenly beside him. He quickly tried to turn off his alarm before it awakened his roommate too. Tyler sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. It was his first week of school so he made sure to wake up early and not miss his classes. In high school, Tyler had always shown up late, but this year he was going to change that. Quietly, Tyler crept out of bed and put on a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He grabbed his backpack beside his desk and made his way to the door.

Before leaving, Tyler quickly stopped to comb his hair at the mirror. He took a moment to look at himself. He stood just below six feet tall and had a slender build. Straight brown hair came down from his head, and rested slightly above his blue eyes. Tyler took a deep breath. He couldn't help to feel nervous as he started his first day of college.

People always seemed to love him, but that was high school. This is a whole new world. As he walked down his hallway, Tyler fished his schedule out of his pocket. "Into to astronomy and calculus," muttered to himself. Two classes couldn't be that hard especially on the first day.

With that in mind, he made his way to his first class of the day. The sun was just rising above the science building when Tyler arrived. As he entered under the shade of the building, Tyler stopped to checked his watch. "8:57," Tyler thought, "I was hoping to get here with more than three minutes to spare." He quickened his pace as he entered the building. Tyler glanced back and forth between each door trying to find his class.

"110, 111, 112. Alright, 113 that's the one," Tyler muttered to himself as he reached for the silver door knob. There was a grid of desks set up in the room, all filled with students. At a quick glance, Tyler counted about twenty students, most of them freshmen like Tyler. He quickly sat down in a seat near the front.

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An older man stood at the front of the room. He had a shaved white head that reflected the lights and a smile across his face as he looked out among his students. He was dressed in a blue button up shirt with dark pants. The professor glanced at the clock on the wall, and began to speak, "Hello everyone, as you probably already know my name is Professor Wentling and this is Intro to astronomy. I'm going to hand you all a syllabus that I expect you all to read over later.

This class is made up of mostly group work, so I'm going to give you some time to introduce yourselves to your classmates." As the stack of syllabuses reached Tyler, he took a moment to introduce himself to his classmates.

He turned behind him to hand back the papers to cute blonde girl and said, "Hey I'm Tyler." "Oh, hey!" she said with a smile, "My name is Christy." Christy had long blonde hair that cascaded down her shoulders.

She was dressed in a loose t-shirt that barely covered her white bra which concealed her perky breasts. Beneath that she had on a pair of black yoga pants, which stretched along her thighs and down her legs.

She was a beautiful girl.

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"How are you liking it here so far?" "Umm. it's great." Tyler stuttered. He couldn't believe he was talking to such an amazing girl. "I haven't really done much. I only arrived yesterday." "Really?" Christy said, "There had an orientation here, so I have already been here for a couple of days!

Maybe I could be your tour guide." "That would be great," Tyler said, "I have calculus right after this one and I have no idea where it is." "Oh that's easy. Calculus would be with all the other math classes in the Grover building. I'm on my way to that side of the campus anyway, so I can show you," Christy said. "Okay well I'll see you after class," Tyler said. Tyler then turned to face the front of the room.

All the other students were locked in conversation. Even Professor Wentling was talking to one of his students. After a while, he felt a tap on my shoulder. "Hey," Christy said, "Do you want to just leave now? We have ten minutes left, and I don't think we will be doing much else." Tyler glanced around the room one more time. "Yeah, I guess you are right. Let's go." Tyler said as he stood from his desk. Christy rose with him as they made their way out of the room.

When they exited the building Christy quickly took the lead. "Alright follow me. Grover is pretty far, but luckily for you, I know a shortcut," Christy said with enthusiasm. As she skipped ahead, Tyler couldn't help but notice how her ass bounced as she moved. "Are you coming?" she said.

"Yeah, I just got distracted." Tyler said quickly. Trying not to mention how he was just staring at her. "I can imagine," Christy said with a wink. As they made their way down the sidewalk they began to start turning.

Left, right, right, left. Tyler was hopelessly lost at this point, but Christy continued to walk with confidence. "It's not that much longer," she said. Tyler sighed and continued to follow the long, blonde hair in front of him.


"Here is the shortcut," Christy said, pointing to a looming thicket of bushes that ran parallel to the path they were on. Trees stuck out behind the wall of bushes, but behind the trees Tyler could almost make out the Grover building.

"If we cut through here, we won't have to walk all the way around the small forest." "Well how do we get passed the bushes? They are too thick to walk though," Tyler asked. "They are the thinnest at the bottom, so they are pretty easy to crawl though." Christy said. "You lead the way this time." Christy pulled apart the bushes to try to make a passage.

Tyler approached the thicket and got down on his hands and knees.


He slowly pushed his way through, as the plants reached out and tried to stop him. After crawling for a few feet, Tyler found his way on the other side of the wall.

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As he stood up to stretch out, he heard Christy struggling to make it through behind him. "Shit," she said as she emerged from the thicket.

On here yoga pants there was a large scratch down the side along her thigh. Her skin was visible and blood began to run from her leg. "Are you okay?" Tyler said. He quickly took off his shirt to put it on the wound. "Yeah, I'm fine," she grimaced. Tyler kneeled beside her and put the shirt on her thigh trying to soak up the blood.

The cut didn't seem that deep, but it looks like it hurt. "Thank you," she said as she placed her hand on top of his. Tyler's face quickly turned red, as he finished cleaning her up. "Dammit" Christy mumbled. "I even got blood on my shirt." She stood up and then started to take off her shirt, exposing her white bra underneath.

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Her large breasts bounced as she struggled to get her shirt over her head. "It was a new shirt too," she said with a frown. Tyler began to feel his pants getting tighter as his penis grew erect. A bulge protruded from his jeans. As he got up from the ground Christy seemed to notice it too.

She grinned at him as Tyler's face became a shade of crimson. Christy then walked over to Tyler. "I think I need to repay you for what you did," Christy said as she put her hands on Tyler's chest. "I saw the way you were looking at me earlier.


I know what you want," she whispered seductively into his ear. She took his hand and placed it firmly on her ass. "Do you like that?" she murmured. Tyler couldn't believe what was happening. Her butt felt great in his hand as he gained the courage to start rubbing it. Tyler could feel himself throbbing in his pants. His penis stood at a solid six inches with hard.

He had been with a few girls before and did not receive any complaints. As Christy grinded against Tyler, she felt his erection press against her. "Oh, someone's excited," she said with a grin. She reached down and unzipped Tyler's pants, letting them fall to the ground.

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Christy stuck her hand in Tyler's boxers and felt his shaft. "It's so thick," Christy purred. As one hand fondled her ass, Tyler used his other to remove Christy's bra. With a subtle click, her bra began to slide down her shoulders revealing her rounded breasts.

Tyler ran his hands up her waist and gently caressed her breasts. "Ohh…" Christy moaned, as her nipples grew erected.

Tyler took this opportunity to press his lips against hers. He snaked his tongue into her mouth as she moaned. Christy accepted the intruder and begun to twirl her tongue around his, as if there was a graceful dance in her mouth. Tyler soon released himself from her mouth and gently, but firmly started pushing Christy to her knees.

Christy sank to her knees with a large smile on her face. She could clearly see the outline of Tyler's cock as it pressed against his boxers. She reached forward and removed the throbbing from its hiding spot. As the cock came into the light, Christy's face lit up. "It's so big," she said with a smile. Christy quickly went to work, tenderly stroking Tyler's penis.

Her fingers began at his head and worked their way down to the base. Tyler could feel her warm breath, as she brought her face close to his penis. Christy pressed her lips together, and began to kiss head of his erection as she stroked.

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Her red lips pressed gently against the head. Christy skillfully used her tongue and licked from the base all the way to the head. "Mmm…" she murmured unconsciously. After a few more licks, she started to engulf the throbbing cock, making it slick with her saliva.

The cock pushed into her mouth and then came out slowly with a distinct pop! Christy reached down and tentatively began to play with her slit through her pants. Tyler moaned as Christy began to swallow his dick once again. This time it went deeper. Tyler could feel the pressure around his cock tighten as his penis began to enter her throat.

Christy's pace quickened as she started to consume even more of Tyler's shaft. Tyler started to buck his hips trying to fucking her mouth. Her tongue swirled around Tyler's head as the throbbing dick was shoved deeper into her mouth. Christy removed the dick from her mouth, and continued to stroke it. His dick was dripping with her saliva. Christy looked up with pleading eyes.

"I think it's time you placed your cock somewhere else," Christy said with a devilish grin. Tyler could see an obvious moist spot as Christy stood to removed her leggings.

As her pants slid down, the rest of her body finally came into view. Christy's pussy was already soaked. Tyler reached in to kiss her as he felt her moist slit. As their tongues danced, Christy took control as she guided Tyler to lay down. Grass tickled Tyler as he assumed his position on his back. Christy crouched over Tyler's penis trying to guide it into her hole.

As his head touched her lips he felt his dick throb. Even though it was tempting, Travis knew he couldn't cum now. Christy managed to line up his penis, and slowly began to sink down onto his cock. His penis slowly disappeared from view, as it was swallowed by her tight entrance.

The walls of her snatch were warm and welcoming for Tyler's member. "Ohh…," Christy moaned when the cock was fully in her body. She wiggled around trying to adjust to the penis inside her. She reached down and put her hands on Travis's chest to try to steady herself.

After a few moments Christy started to rise up Tyler's rod. Once she reached the point where only the head was inside her, she began to lower herself back down. She took her hands off Tyler and slowly began to build up tempo.

One of her hands reached down to play with her clit, while the other latched on to her breast. "You are so sexy," Tyler let out as pleasure rushed through him.

As she picked up her speed, Christy's face became contorted with pleasure. The smacking of their hips set the rhythm, as Christy kept bouncing on his cock. "Fuck me harder!" Christy shouted wanting to take more of his dick. Christy was drunk on lust and cock. Tyler reached towards her, and grabbed her slim waist trying to pull her deeper onto his penis.

Christy's breasts bounced as she rode and her soft moans grew louder as she started approaching the edge. As Christy's tight hole milked Tyler's dick, Tyler knew he about to cum as well. Christy's hand was still rubbing her clit as she continued to slam down on Tyler's rod. Christy felt light-headed from all the sensation.

Suddenly, Christy's pace began to quicken as her breathing grew frantic. Her rhythmic riding was replaced by animalistic pounding. Finally, she slammed hard on Tyler's cock as waves of pleasure enveloped her.

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She tensed up as electric shot through her body. As soon as Christy came, Tyler made it over the edge. Pleasure erupted from him, as his seed fired into Christy's hole. Christy collapsed, while their combined juices seeped out of her slit onto Tyler's cock.

They both panted as they rode out their orgasms. "That was amazing," Christy said, breathless. She slowly rose off Tyler and his penis slid out with a plop.

With two fingers, Christy reached down and swiped up some of his cum from her slit. She took her fingers and began to lick the liquids on them. "Mmm…" she cooed. Christy looked down at Tyler's cock, and began to greedily slurp up the remaining cum on his rod.

When Christy was satisfied, she rose and walked to her clothes. Tyler stood and followed behind her, his penis gradually becoming flaccid. With red faces covered with sweat, they put their clothes on.

"I'm a pretty bad tour guide," Christy said as she clasped her bra, "you are late to class." "I would take a tour with you any day," Tyler said leaning in to place a kiss on her head. As they left and made their way back through the hedges, Tyler realized what college was all about.