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American teen gay porn s It is indeed stiff to take your eyes off
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It was almost more of a shock to Sammi that Joseph walked out of the room then if he had just forced her to the bed and raped her. It took her a few minutes to rationalize her thoughts. As she did the realization of her learned expectations overwhelmed her with emotion and she started to cry.

She took for granted that any man that would embrace and kiss her would also intend to fuck her. As she thought about the kiss she realized he puckered and placed his lips gently against hers. In full anticipation of a hit or punch like Roger would have done it was her who actually escalated the kiss by opening her mouth. But Joseph didn't aggressively shove his tongue deep into her mouth or even push his mouth hard to hers.

He softly held and kissed her. And yet like a frightened animal she shivered uncontrollably. Being alone in the hotel room, the fear mostly passed that she was about ho be raped. Sammi realized that she had freaked out projecting onto Joseph the things Roger had done. She felt sick and it made her throw up. Even though she had been away from Roger for multiple days she realized he was constantly in her thoughts and that realization was horrifying and depressing.

She coached herself to pull it together. She needed to get dressed and brush her teeth and get out of the motel room with her stuff and get to the cafe. Hopefully Joseph was still there if he hadn't just up and left her behind.

He certainly had no reason to wait for a hitchhiker. She tried to hurry but even now life seemed to be moving slow. Joseph sat in the cafe sipping on his second cup of coffee. When Sammi hadn't made it when he had finished the first Joseph cursed himself for making the decision to kiss her, "Stupid old man.

Why would you ever believe such an attractive young woman would want a kiss from an old road warrior like you" he muttered to himself. As he was getting to the bottom of his second cup of coffee he decided he should go ahead and order his breakfast. It was time to face the fact that attempting to take advantage of the moment to kiss a young woman only wearing a towel very well may have sent her away from him as fast as she could get.

He considered the possibility that he very well might not ever see her again. Only a few minutes after the waitress brought out his food he was relieved to see Sammi come into the cafe. She quickly looked around until she spotted him.

The moment she did she quickly walked over to the booth where he was seated and sat down across from him. She was wearing dark blue denim shorts and a light blue top with spaghetti straps that showed the skin on her shoulders, collarbone and arms and the shorts were short and allowed him to see her legs.

"I'm sorry for taking so long to get ready" she said apologizing still seeming a bit nervous. Joseph felt like a rejected teen boy and quickly apologized himself, "I'm sorry, for the.uh.kissing you.

I shouldn't have been so presumptuous." She interrupted him by placing her hand on his. "It wasn't your fault, it was." She started to say but stopped and instead pointed to a dark bruise on her upper arm visible with just the spaghetti straps. She looked down ashamed of how she responded to the kiss unable to make eye contact with him. It took Joseph a minute to pick up on what she had started to say and the fact that she pointed to a bruise.

This time he took a minute to take in what she was saying and he thought back to the motel room and her trembling when he embraced and kissed her. Finally he put it all together looking at the bruises on her arms, neck, and upper chest and thinking about her trembling with the kiss, he asked, more of a statement then a question, "Someone really did a number on you, didn't they?" Sammi continued to look down, shame filling her emotions but she managed to nod.

"I'm sorry" he said. Sammi shrugged but their conversation was interrupted by the cafe waitress, "What'll you have young lady?" "One egg, and toast, please and an orange juice" Sammi replied. Once the waitress stepped away Sammi took a deep breath and very softly said, "The kiss.

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It was.the nicest kiss I've ever had." She kept her eyes down at her hands wringing them nervously on the table. Joseph let out a sigh and really took a moment to think about what Sammi said. He took a minute to really look over the girl who he picked up hitchhiking.

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As he examined her exposed flesh visible above the table and not covered by her shirt he slowly became more aware of the number of bruises on her arms, shoulders, chest and neck. Then his eyes started to show a softness as he thought about the words she said, "The kiss.

It was the.nicest kiss I've ever had." He couldn't help question what that might have meant. Had she ever been in love and had a boyfriend? Did he abuse her? Who put those bruises on her?

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The waitress brought Sammi's food and placed it in front of her then stepped away again. He decided to put himself out there a little, "I haven't kissed anyone like that in quite a while." He paused quite a while then continued, ".since my wife, who I lost a few years back" he said with sadness in his eyes.

"I'm sorry for your loss" she replied! "I probably didn't deserve her anyway. I was gone all the time while she raised our two boys. She did an amazing job and always was there at home waiting for me. But when she needed me most, when she got cancer, I couldn't face it and kept taking loads across country." He paused and looked down at his hands, "I couldn't stand watching her suffer in pain. She faced most of it without me." Sammi realized he was exposing his grief and regrets and she put her hands on his.

She replied softly, "I'm sure you did the best you could. And the bills couldn't have been cheap." "They weren't" he replied. Joseph then shared a bit more about his sons and how well they were doing as he and Sammi both ate their breakfast.

Suddenly out of nowhere a booming male voice said loudly and approached the booth where they were sitting from behind Sammi, "Joseph Johnson, how the hell have you been?" "Ben, Ben Jones, how long has it been" Joseph replied getting up from his seat and the two men first shook hands and then shared a masculine embrace.

"It's been a long time, since Chicago, I think it was" Ben said as once again Joseph took his seat. Then Ben took a long look at Sammi, looking her up and down and then quickly sat on the same side of the booth with her, sliding right next to her and putting his arm around her back, placing his hand on her bare shoulder and pulling her tight against him and then asked, "Where'd you pick up this sexy little lady?" Sammi's face was reflecting the discomfort and anxiety she was feeling as Ben rubbed his hand up and down her shoulder.

It took Joseph a minute to think of how he wanted to answer the question and to get Ben to back off, "She's my niece. So ya'd better show her some respect or you'll have to answer to me " Joseph added. While looking at Sammi, not keeping eye contact with Joseph, Ben slid his hand partly down Sammi's arm, then onto her back until it was below the table where Joseph couldn't see it.

He slid his hand around her waist feeling her there and then brought his hand out from around her to Joseph's relief and the manner in which Joseph was looking at him softened. "She's quite a lovely young lady, Joseph" Ben said and then suddenly Sammi felt his hand touch her left knee the side to which he was sitting on.

Once his hand was on her knee he slid it up and down her thigh feeling the smoothness of her leg very slowly.

Prior to Roger moving into the apartment with Sammi and her mom, if a guy had made an unwelcome advance towards her she would have pushed his hand away and told him to stop. But for the last several weeks, Sammi had been conditioned to not react or respond negatively to a physical advance because if she did, Roger would have quickly hit or punished her. So as Ben carefully moved his hand up and down her thigh, Sammi sat there frozen, not doing or saying anything to resist.

Ben took Sammi's lack of resistance as an acknowledgment that his hand rubbing and feeling her thigh was okay. When she didn't resist or even move much at all he continued to rub farther up her left thigh and then very carefully slid his fingers on the inside of her thigh all while making random chatter with Joseph about one truck stop or another. As the two men talked about old times Ben worked his hand up and down Sammi's thigh while slowly shifting his fingers more towards the inside of her thigh.

As he got higher up her thighs they were pressed together but Ben didn't take that as discouragement instead he worked his hand down towards her knees until he could get almost his full hand on the inside of her leg.

Then slowly yet firmly he started working his hand higher. As his had met the resistance of her thighs being pressed together he would flex his fingers over and over. He even began to change his hand from flat to curved working to get her legs to separate.

For several minutes Joseph did not notice Sammi's eyes shift down to the booth seat beside him and almost look glazed over.

Ben's first attempts to work her thighs open met resistance but as he used more strength bending and flexing his fingers, to his delight at the pressure of his knuckles into her right thigh, she opened her knees just a bit wider.

The moment she did Ben worked his hand higher between her legs finding them touching again. Once again he bent and flexed his fingers and while the first time him pushing his knuckles into her right thigh was by chance, the second time he pressed his knuckles into her thigh and felt that trigger her to widen his knees, he struggled to hide his delight.

He now more aggressively worked the technique while trying to participate in the conversation with Joseph. Once he discovered the right technique his old friends, "niece" shifted her knees wider and wider. To Sammi's horror, without hesitation, once Ben managed to get her thighs to open several inches at the knee, he slid his open hand all the way up between her legs till the side of his hand brushed against, first the inside hem on the denim shorts and then, with only a bit more pressure, the side of his hand made contact between her legs at the crotch of her denim shorts.

When he got his hand there, for a few minutes he stopped moving his hand, just letting it sit and feel the warmth between her legs. Ben took a few minutes to ask Joseph questions that would get him to reminisce about old times and get him to work to search his memory. Once he pulled Joseph into the conversation he firmly but slowly moved his hand just a little up and down against Sammi's crotch.

He couldn't resist being a bit more bold and first pushed out on her right thigh and then pulled on her left. He felt invigorated that while her legs didn't remain as wide as he had pushed and pulled, they did remain wider then they had been before his action. Her legs were wide enough that this time rather then using the side of his hand, Ben was able to force his fingers down from her pubic bone between her legs still over the denim fabric.

Once again he rubbed slow and firm as Sammi sat there frozen, staring at the opposite seat of the booth. Ben worked his hand further down between her legs to the point his fingertips were working to push under her against the seat of the booth. Ben had to regain control of his emotions when Joseph looked at his watch and said, "We need to get going we are running far behind schedule." Ben quickly encouraged, "Joseph we haven't seen one another in quite a while, I'm sure your lovely niece is enjoying these stories of old times.

Can't you stay just a bit longer?" As he asked this he pressed and moved his fingers over where he thought her sex was covered by the denim. Joseph stood up and said, "No, I'm sorry we really need to hit the road" and then picked up both checks and headed to the register. Ben took the chance to rub between her legs as effectively as he could and then asked, "Are you sure you don't want to come with me?

We could have a great time together. I uh.have plenty of cash. I just dropped a load. I can spoil you much more then old Joseph." He turned his head to watch Joseph at the register while rubbing his hand firmly between her legs up and down as quickly as he hoped would feel good and convince her. Sammi was relived when Joseph finished paying the checks and started heading back to the booth.

Ben kept his hand there and stayed seated until Joseph was almost at the table and asked Sammi, "Ready to go?" Ben tried to answer for her by saying, "Sammi wants to travel with me to Dallas." For a moment Joseph had a look of surprise in his eyes but Sammi quickly replied, "I'm ready to go, I.uh.promised to walk, feed and pet Ol'Jack.

Excuse me" she said standing up as much as she could being inside the booth bench from Ben. Not to risk trouble Ben stepped out of the way but asked, "Are you sure little lady?" And deliberately put his hand on her ass as she walked by him.

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"I'm positive. I made a promise" she replied confidently and the minute she was clear of Ben she headed straight to and out of the door of the cafe. Joseph was a bit taken a back first by Ben's statement that Sammi wanted to go with him to Dallas, then for a moment relief that Sammi wanted to keep going with him but also surprise how she all but stormed out of the cafe. Joseph quickly told Ben goodbye and then hurriedly followed behind Sammi. She was almost at the truck when he caught up to her.

The minute he caught up he carefully put his hand on her shoulder to stop her, "Are you okay" he asked? She stuttered and replied, "Yeah I.uh need to walk.Ol'Jack before we hit the highway." He looked at her and could see her face was full of emotion if not even on the verge of tears. Joseph looked at her face but her hand twice tugged on the locked door of the truck.

He thought about trying to ask what was wrong or to console her but he too had before had an emotional time where the best medicine was walking Ol'Jack. So he held his questions and unlocked the truck and lifted the dog down grabbing his leash, "Don't be too long we really do need to hit the road" he said.

"Ok" she quickly agreed and hurried off to the nearest patch of grass letting Ol'Jack do his business. Joseph got in the truck and started it up turning on the A/C to cool the cab some. She wasn't gone long before she was back. Joseph got out and helped Ol'Jack into the truck and then Sammi.

He did notice she had very nice smooth legs as she got into the truck but also took a moment to notice the number of bruises on her legs. He readied everything, like a pilot would do in an airplane cockpit, like he liked it and she buckled her seatbelt but when he put his hand on the gearshift to start the truck rolling he heard the click of her seatbelt and she quickly pushed her body towards him, put her hand on his hand on the gearshift and pushed her face to his. Her eyes closed and her face tilted to the right and her lips met his.

It took Joseph a moment to realize she was intending on kissing him but the moment he realized what she was doing he gently slid his arms around her and leaned further back in his seat gently guiding her to follow him. The first kiss was actually several short quick closed lips kisses. But as he wrapped his arms around her and started kissing back the kisses changed from short quick pecks to longer deeper kisses until once again she opened her lips letting him kiss her even more passionately.

He was careful to gently pull her at least partly onto his lap. He was quite surprised by the kiss but after the motel room he couldn't deny he was relived and happy with it.

To the most part the kiss was gentle and loving not hot or steamy. It lasted several minutes and he let Sammi make the decision when to end the kiss. When she did he gently put his hands on both sides of her head and gave her a playful kiss on the forehead, nose and chin.

"You made an old man blush" he said smiling then asked, "Ready to hit the road now?" She nodded her head, then got off his lap and back on the passenger seat. Even before she could get her seatbelt buckled Ol'Jack came up to her quickly and licked her face.

That started Joseph in one of his belly laughs and he joked, "I guess he didn't want to be left out" although he struggled to think being caught completely off guard by the kiss. Sammi sat back in her seat, happy to have the old dog half pushed onto her lap. He mind too was spinning.

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She felt guilty for how she reacted to Joseph's kiss in the motel room and needed to make that right. But at the same time she was overwhelmed by what had just happened with Ben. What had she done that would encourage him to be so emboldened to do what he did? But an even bigger horror in her mind besides not knowing what she did that made him take the action he did was the intense shame she felt for doing nothing to stop him. Not only had she not done anything to stop him she let her legs widen for him.

She let him touch higher and higher on her thighs and did nothing when he pushed his hand onto her sex. She stared out of the huge windshield first at the exit of the truck stop parking lot and then at the highway as Joseph skillfully navigated the huge truck once again on the interstate.

But no matter how much she tried to focus on the road, or more importantly to try to think about the nerve it took for her to work up the courage to kiss Joseph, even as she pet his faithful companion, Ol'Jack, there was something no matter how hard she tried she couldn't push out of her mind, the all consuming physical sensation between her legs. So many degrading, humiliating words Roger said about her seemed to be substantiated by her bodies response to what Ben had done.

"Dirty, filthy, turned on, slut and maybe even pain slut?" Ben wasn't gentle, that was for sure. He shoved his hand directly on her sex as firmly as he could with Joseph there. She felt tears well up in her eyes as once again she couldn't push more memories out of her mind of her time with Roger.

_____________________ It was the first weekend day after Roger had raped her for the third time. A Saturday morning when Holly stayed in bed late not wanting to be around Roger or even really her mom.

She could hear them talking and then heard the phone ring. Just less then an hour after that phone call her mom came to her door, knocked and then opened her door.

"Holly, I have to head to work, they're short, so I have to go in" her mom said. Holly felt sad and nervous both but reluctantly told her mother to have a good day at work. To her surprise for a while Roger didn't bother her. She even took her shower without incident and was able to catch up on some homework. About midday she heard the doorbell ring. She heard Roger's and another male voice talking. Then she heard the volume on the TV pretty loud and they were obviously watching a game. Just as she was thinking things were going to be okay Roger came to her room and asked, "Aren't you going to be civil and come out and meet my friend Dale?" When for a moment she made a face of frustration and hesitated to get up from her homework Roger grabbed hold of her hair pulled her head back and said, "What I want, when I want, remember?" He then pushed his mouth to hers kissing her very hard.

There was nothing tender loving or kind about the kiss but with his hand still tightly holding and pulling her hair, Holly didn't hesitate to open her mouth their teeth bumping as his tongue thrusted deep in her mouth. It wasn't about passion but a reminder of his power and control. Holly was clear it was more then a request so she followed Roger back out to the den and he introduced her to Dale. Dale was watching the game so he only seemed to give her a moment of his attention.

For a second Holly had the hope that she might be able to just go back to her room. But just as she was about to do so Roger asked her if she would help him in the kitchen, but to communicate that she had no choice he grabbed her by the elbow and walked her in the kitchen. He guided her to the kitchen and asked her to help him get lunch ready.


She did as she was asked and helped him with a variety of foods including sliders, chips and cheese dip as well as vegetables and dip. He also prepared margaritas in the blender and then had Holly help him carry the food to the den. Once everything was placed on the coffee table, Roger told her to take a seat. He got three glasses out and poured margaritas into all three glasses.

He then had her serve a glass to Dale, himself and herself. The two men watched the TV and ate their sliders, dipped chips into the cheese dip as well as vegetables into the dip. Holly tried to be cautious with her drink but Roger now and then would catch her eyes and tell her to drink. As her glass grew lower he would pour more margarita into her glass.

Not being used to drinking alcohol Holly was felling pretty relaxed after a glass and a half. As she was close to finishing her second margarita, Roger started talking about how good her tits looked.

He dominated the conversation with that topic despite a good game on the TV. Before long he insisted that Dale should feel her tits.

Normally she would have resisted as much as she could but under the influence of two margaritas and with the three of them all a little intoxicated it didn't take Roger very long to convince Dale to feel the firmness of her tits through her shirt and bra.

And shortly thereafter Roger insisted she sit in Dale's lap and let him touch, explore and play with her tits. The most humiliating part for Holly was that it didn't take long before all the attention to her breasts and nipples caused her nipples to harden and became visible to Dale.

What she didn't expect was for Dale to not only pay attention to her breasts but before long he got more daring and moved his hand down between her legs and began rubbing between her there through her spandex leggings and panties.

Dale used the fact that he had Holly sitting on his lap to get one of her legs on one side of his leg and her other leg outside his other. With the thin spandex and nylon panties it didn't take much contact for Dale to create friction and stimulation on her sex.

That combined with his attention to her breasts and hardening nipples soon left Dale finding dampness on the fabric between her legs.

Despite feeling very buzzed on now her third margarita Holly felt very ashamed when Dale told Roger, "The little slut is soaking wet down here. She loves being touched." Even through the shame and humiliation of the stranger touching her there, noticing and drawing attention to the fact she was wet Holly felt very relaxed from the third margarita, and was unaware that Roger had added a few ounces of Everclear 190 proof alcohol to her third drink and showed no resistance as Dale pushed her legs wider and wider.

Roger just laughed and loved how red Holly's face turned at Dale's attention. With the alcohol in her system she felt powerless to resist the stimulation to her body. With her legs wider apart Dale managed to really focus on her labia and clitoris through the thin fabric. Dale suddenly laid Holly on her back with one of her legs on each side of him. Roger decided to join them on the sofa and sat by Holly's head. He grabbed hold of her arms and pulled them over her head to keep her from trying to push Dale's hands away.

Roger then decided to be clever and grabbed hold of her shirt pulling it up from her waist as he got the shirt to her chest he grabbed hold of her bra as well, pulling it up without unfastening it first. He pulled her shirt and bra over and behind her head then used them to hold her arms over her head. He then moved his legs on top of her shirt and arms trapping them where they were all but immobile. Her breasts were now fully exposed to both of them.

Dale couldn't resist feeling the soft flesh of the young woman on the sofa rubbing his hands on her tummy and then getting more bold and rubbed her bare tits. Her nipples responded to the attention getting hard. His next question surprised her and even caught Roger a bit off guard, "She's got a lot of bruises on her, what did she do, have a bad fall?" Roger took a moment to think about an answer but what he said scared her even more, "She likes to self injure herself.

He mother says she's been doing it for years and she likes the endorphin rush from the pain. Roger then said to Holly, "Don't ya baby?" But before he even finished his question to her he slapped her cheek pretty hard and gave her a stern look.

That look communicated enough to her even intoxicated and she simply nodded her head in agreement. Dale for a few more minutes took his time feeling and rubbing her exposed flesh and even bent down over her and first kissed then sucked on each of her nipples. Even as he did that his left hand was between her legs his thumb rubbing mostly on her clit.

Her nipples and areolas responded to the warm wet attention puffing and hardening fully. Holly felt terror and shame. Here she was on the sofa, not only with her mother's boyfriend Roger who had already raped her three times but also now he had invited a friend over, had gotten them all intoxicated with margaritas and was now on the sofa with her shirt pulled over her head with her arms trapped under her head by her shirt and his legs.

Her upper body, namely her breasts were exposed for both men to see and do with what they wanted. Having just sucked her nipples Dale wasn't sure where the line was for Roger so when he sat up he hooked his fingers into the hem of her spandex leggings and while keeping eye contact with Roger tugged the leggings down her hips an inch and then smiled at him.

When Roger didn't object he pulled a little farther.

Again with no objection he tugged again this time going three inches lower. He then took that opportunity to rub the freshly exposed bare flesh lower on her tummy. He was delighted and excited by the softness of the flesh and dying to know if eventually he would find hair.

Holly was in full panic mode now. Even in her intoxicated state she knew this grown man, the friend of her mother's boyfriend who she had just met today, should not be seeing or touching her bare skin, anywhere, not rubbing her shoulders, not touching, rubbing, kissing or sucking her bare breasts nor should he be tugging her pants down exposing more and more of her lower tummy all the way down to her pubic bone.

But what could she do? The man who had already raped her three times had her arms wrapped in the shirt he pulled up and behind her head and had his legs on her arms and the fabric of her shirt.

All while his friend was pulling down her pants and panties. He was sitting between her legs with one of her legs on his right the other on his left. Should she try to lift her legs and try to kick him away. She thought about the physical and violent way and Roger had raped her. So far she had only had her hair pulled and her face slapped. But if she started to resist might Roger escalate the violence.

But the alternative meant she did nothing but lie there and let the two grown men do whatever they wanted to her body. If she did nothing, didn't resist, didn't say stop or no, didn't that mean she consented to what they were doing. For now she chose to do nothing to resist.

Once again Dale looked into Rogers eyes, when again there was no objection from Roger he hooked his fingers again in the waistband of the leggings and this time pulled the most he had pulled up till that moment.

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The front of the leggings pulled down enough to even expose the top of her sex. Dale rubbed his fingers over the pubic bone in search to feel for stubble since his eyes saw no hair. He was pretty sure he could feel the shortest bit of stubble but he didn't stop there. With the top of her sex exposed he rubbed his thumb there on the clithood and it took only the slightest bit of movement of the flesh to get the little pink nub to show.

"You like this very much baby don't your? You've been waiting for me to rub here haven't you? He asked looking in her eyes while she couldn't help but move her hips and her breathing grew heavy.

Unlike Roger who had been cruel and brutal with her Dale seemed to know how and where to touch her in a way that all but drove her crazy. He made her feel sensations she never felt before. But this wasn't with a boy she met at school, in her grade and liked. This wasn't two teens experimenting together. This was a man who knew where and how to touch a woman all while her mother's boyfriend used his body and her shirt to trap her arms over her head. She had never met this man before, she had not agreed to him touching her body.

His was sitting between her legs at mid thigh blocking her from closing her legs. Ever so slowly he used his fingers to inch the hemline of her leggings and panties lower.

Then for the first time he gently added a bit of pressure on his finger forcing it to push between the lips he spoke in just above a whisper, "So nice and wet." Roger was having an internal debate trying to decide if he wanted to offer Holly to his friend.


He watched as his friend again and again inched the leggings and panties down exposing more of her pussy. The more he exposed the more he rubbed. Suddenly in a soft tone Roger suggested, "Why don't you pull then down to her ankles?" It took Dale a moment to realize what Roger meant but when he did he smiled and then said to Holly, "Sweetheart lets get these things out of our way.

Dale with confidence put his hands under her knees, pulling her legs out from each side of his body. He pushed her knees up in front of him, once there he quickly grabbed hold of the hemline of her leggings and tugged them down her thighs to her knees. But Roger quickly took advantage and grabbed the leggings at her knees and pulled her legs towards her upper body.

Quickly Holly cried out, "No, no no!" But Dale was quick to react to her protest and his fingers went again to her sex and he tried to calm her saying, "It's okay honey just relax, let me make it feel nice again. Roger was surprised how much this was exciting him. He was careful how he pulled on the spandex not wanting to pull it off but he did work it closer to her ankles to allow knees to open some and more important to allow him to pull her ankles higher towards her face.

"Be a good girl" he said slapping his open hand on one of her thighs more to sting then anything but as a reminder that he'd hurt her. As Roger continued to pull her ankles higher towards her face Dale kept rubbing her clit and vaginal lips and spreading the wetness her body was making. Holly was in a horror of panic, things had gone from bad to worse now she only had her shirt and bra on her arms behind her head and her leggings and panties around her lower calves and ankles, most of her body exposed to her mother's boyfriend's friend a man she had just met that day, making her feel sensations she hardly understood.

While it felt very strangely good, it also felt dirty and filthy and she felt overwhelming shame. She felt such shame even with the intoxication because what his fingers did between her legs felt so powerfully good. Her mind was so caught up in her emotions, shame and humiliation and with her legs pulled up towards her face she didn't see or anticipate what was happening but suddenly she felt an intense pain between her legs as a Dale pushed his cock inside her.

Her crying intensified as the realization she didn't give him permission to pull her onto his lap, feel her boobs, rub between her sex, touch her bare tits or vagina and she definitely didn't want him inside her. But none of that mattered because at that moment in time his cock was working deeper and deeper inside her body on every stroke as her mother's most recent live in boyfriend sat on her arms trapped under her bra and shirt and held her legs up by the spandex leggings and panties she had been wearing that were now bunched around her ankles.

Regardless of the fact she didn't want this, there was nothing she could do. She was helpless to do anything to stop them. She felt his cock move in and out of her over and over. She mistakenly looked at Roger's face and saw an evil sadistic smile on his face. Holly couldn't help sobbing and tears poured from her eyes but she struggled most to push thoughts out of her mind because unlike with Roger every time he raped her and caused her intense pain all the stimulation Dale had given her body, her breasts, nipples, pussy lips and clitoris had done something odd inside her body and his quick deep strokes inside her felt more intense yet different then anything she had ever felt.

She desperately willed for it to stop and to be over because with every second it continued on every out stroke her body fiercely craved for him to push back inside her. While Roger's passion was inflicting control and pain on his partner, Dale's passion was on foreplay and giving pleasure to woman. But Dale was not a handsome man so he didn't have the opportunity too often especially since his divorce to have sex.

While he normally wouldn't have considered hooking up with a woman he had just met, he couldn't remember ever being with a woman as young or attractive as he was fucking now. He allowed himself to not question the odd control his friend had on this much younger woman and chose to ignore the multiple bruises on her body because she was the hottest female he had ever fucked.

Holly for a moment felt anger at Dale when she felt his hands grip hard on her hips and lift her butt and lower back off the sofa and even more anger when she felt Roger pull her ankles closer to her shoulders, but when the next few strokes managed to allow Dale's cock to push even deeper inside her she felt a strange need to clench deep inside her sex and a strange powerful release came with each stroke.

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Dale had only managed to ever get one girlfriend prior to his wife to achieve orgasm during intercourse and his wife never did but he was 90% sure that he felt a familiar spasm and much more wetness inside of the cunt his cock was now inside.

He only lasted two more strokes before he had his own orgasm and exploded inside the young woman he had just met that day. He managed four additional strokes before his cock softened and he then collapsed onto the tiny girl in front of him. Roger let go of her ankles and strangely stroked her hair and whispered, "Such a dirty filthy slut you are who can't get enough sex. You loved this." Dale was drained and didn't want to move for a couple minutes but his natural instinct was to be kind to his sex partner so he stroked her shoulder and arm and the side of his face.

He wasn't the type of man, nor handsome enough to find women to have a one night stand. When Dale finally got up off Holly and pulled his pants back up, he stepped away to the bathroom. The moment Roger heard the door close he slapped her ass hard three times saying softly, "Dirty, filthy slut. I know you wish he fucked you harder, I know how turned on you get when it hurts.

But don't worry, we'll do it again soon. ______________________ Sammi's mind was startled back to the present by Ol'Jack pushing his head into her lap.

She hadn't pet him in a while. She gave him the attention he wanted scratching him behind his ears and looked up out the windshield her mind thinking about the event earlier that day that reminded her of Dale, Ben putting his hand between her legs in the cafe.

She couldn't help think how much shame she felt because what Ben did in a way felt good and reminded her of the sex with her mother's boyfriend's, friend Dale who she just met that day.