Gavin Waters in hot bathroom fucking gay porn

Gavin Waters in hot bathroom fucking gay porn
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. As if entranced by his older lover, Jamal eased between my legs but did not touch me. Melinda gripped his cock about half way up his length allowing the head to touch my swollen clit. With practice beyond belief, she vibrated his head flicking my clit in sorted rapid directions that immediately sent me in a wrenching orgasm.

For the first I moaned so loudly she placed her fingers to my mouth as if telling a child to hush.

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Sliding her fingers up to my forehead, she rubbed it lightly and beckoned me to relax. Melinda placed her forearm completely across his chest to insure her pupil would comply with commands, and she eased his head midway into me.

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I felt pain in my pussy that seemed to run up the sides of my abdomen. But something strange happened to the pain during its journey. Somewhere at the end of its plight, it turned into multiple buzzes of pleasure that seem to grow in my spirit.

I felt my pussy contract, confused at the varying sensations. This sudden spasm made Jamal exhale as I glanced down to see his head try to form to my semi defiant pussy.

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Once again working her magic, Melinda guided his head into semi circles which relaxed young womanhood. With a slight gesture she eased his head into me, and once again I moaned loudly gripping the soft couch.

With a couple of inches inside me, she squeezed his cock and I arched my back as a reaction to its expansion.


Pain and pleasure were mixing throughout my body, and like the first taste of cum in my mouth, my head spun with exhilaration. Moans bellowed from somewhere inside of me as I felt a man for the fist time, and just like my teacher I raised my ass to feel more of this erotic intoxication.


Melinda began gingerly easing her hand up and down Jamal’s cock and slightly released her lock with her forearm. I could feel the pulses of his heartbeat as he allowed his cock to slowly accept the blood flow now that he had been given some slight control.


She guided him in another inch and I could feel the fiber of my pussy almost rip and with it my last bit of control, innocence, and grip on reality. I was no longer in control. The pain increased as did the pleasure, all the while I gripped the couched and arched my back inviting inch by inch.

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By now, Jamal was ¾ hard and already I felt as though I may split wide open, yet somehow I managed to look down at his magnificent cock force its way into me. With ever slight push, it would actually bow a bit, only to be greeted by my pussy who would somehow give in.

My moans became louder and all the more intense. Melinda once again placed her hand to my mouth, but one finger could not quell my erotic agony.

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I simply bit down on her hand and came. CONTINUED.