Sex partners enjoys blow job foreplays previous to wild sex

Sex partners enjoys blow job foreplays previous to wild sex
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Bobby decided to sleep in late today. It was hot and muggy outside his tent and only slightly less hot inside. By the time Bobby got up and headed for a cool drink at the grease pit, he noticed almost everyone was gone. The midway was like a ghost town. Most of the ride boys and the concessionaires had errands of some sort and had left for the day.

Wednesdays were usually the quietest day of the week; even the nights were slow. Most working people got paid on Thursdays or Fridays and the crowds in the midway tended to prove that. It looked like it was going to be a hot, sticky and boring day. Slogging back to his tent with an ice-cold Pepsi, Bobby looked up and noticed a familiar face at the edge of the fairgrounds. Long fine blonde hair gently moving in the almost nothing of a breeze, Debbie's friend Sammie began strolling toward Bobby.

Sammie had coy smile as she approached Bobby. "Hi, Bobby!" she shouted. "Hello Sammie. If you are looking for Andy, I haven't seen him today. Most of the ride boys are gone for the day; off doing what ever." "Actually, I came to see you." "Where's your friend, Debbie?" She couldn't get over here today because she had some stuff to do, but she didn't mind if I came over here. We talked about our fun here yesterday with you and Andy and I told her was going back for more." "Well, I sorry you walked in this heat for nothing.

I don't know when Andy will be back." "Bobby, I didn't mention to Debbie that I was coming here to see Andy; she only assumed that.

It looks like you did too!" Being still quite naïve, Bobby was slow to catch on what Sammie was implying. Innocently, Sammie suggested that they both get out of the hazy burning sunlight. Being the shy and polite boy that he was, Bobby offered his accommodations in the back of his tent. Sammie tried to act like it might not be right to do this, but she easily gave in to her own hidden agenda and followed Bobby around to the back of his concession stand tent; his boudoir and living quarters.

They sat and talked for a short time on Bobby's cot and without any urging on Bobby's part, Sammie leaned into him and gave him light kiss on his cheek and then as Bobby turned, she planted another on his almost virgin lips.

Thin women were something new for Bobby. Most of the girls or should I say women that Bobby had been associated with were more average or even slightly on the heavier side. None were huge or obese although the thought of it was a curiosity to Bobby. But thin women, in Bobby's mind seemed that they may not be physically developed and able to handle his manhood without him hurting them.

Sammie turned and moved closer, pressing her lithe body against Bobby as he awakened and started to return her kiss. Her firm little titties were pressing against his side causing a stirring in his groin. "It seems to be getting warmer in here," Bobby said as he began taking off his shirt. Sammie, being much older than Bobby, immediately took that as a cue and in one fluid movement pulled her tank top over her head, her long light hair falling across her face.

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As she shook her head and brushed the silken strands from her face. Bobby's eyes focused on her B size round white globes with their tender pink pencil eraser sized nipples staring back at him. Without even asking, he reached out and began caressing her petite firm breasts. Sammie let out a soft mewl as Bobby fondled her nipples. She kissed him again and he lowered his mouth to her chest.

He kissed her all over ending up sucking first one erect nipple and then the other. Bobby noticed that Sammie was already breathing heavier.

Her hands were roaming over Bobby's naked back sending cool shivers up and down his spine.

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Bobby continued to suckle upon her hard nipples as he savored this new sensation of Sammie's fingernails softly raking his back. He looked up; Sammie's head was back and her eyes closed. She was smiling and Bobby planted his lips once more over her lips. Bobby stood up to kick-off his shoes and detected the increased heat inside his tent. "Sam, it sure is getting warm in the upper atmosphere of this tent," as he started undoing his shorts and let them drop to the ground. He stepped out of them and stood for a few seconds with just his skivvies.

Sammie reached for him and told him, "Come on back down here.

It's a little cooler." Bobby looked down at her with her nipples still staring him in the face. He felt his soft dick beginning to grow. Sammie put her cool hand on his warm thigh and slid it up and down coming within an inch of his boyish manhood. Bobby felt his dick was filling fast with a fresh blood supply. Almost instantly a tent sprang to life in front of Sammie's face.

For some unknown reason, Bobby started to feel his face redden. Bobby's raging cock gave a twitch as Sammie's hand brushed across his growing boner. She wanted more. She gripped his underwear and slowly pulled them down and watched from inches away as his cock sprang to life, slapping across her nose and lips. With his pants still around his ankles, Bobby gave in and allowed Sammie to do whatever. It didn't take long for Bobby to find out.

After laughing from his throbbing member whack across the face, Sammie inched her face toward him and kissed the tip of his tool.

A few kisses around the end of his dick and Sammie's mouth opened to engulf him. Sammie grasped the base of his swollen cock and gave it a soft squeeze and several short jerking strokes.

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Her tongue came out to lick the fresh drops of pre-cum that appeared. With one hand still holding him Sammie brought her hot mouth closer. Bobby looked down and watched as Sam took the rest of his throbbing tool in her mouth. The suction was almost too much; then the jerking with her hand was causing Bobby's knees to buckle.


All Bobby could say was, "Sammie, oh God Sammie that feels so good. Don't stop. I'm ready to come." She sucked harder and jerked him faster. Sammie emitted a muffled Uh and then an Umm as Bobby exploded his sticky cum against the back of her throat. She almost gagged and had to pull her mouth off for a second. She returned to sucking squeezing and sucking more until Bobby's tool was shiny clean.

Bobby was totally amazed; he never expected Sammie to be doing this. And to make every thing even better, she sucked and swallowed every drop.


He had never met any one yet who enjoyed eating cum like she did. Bobby couldn't let this treat go unrewarded. He had to do the same for her. After he recuperated from his violent spillage of cum, he began undoing her shorts. Sammie offered no resistance and even helped to get herself out of her pants. Sammie was a true blonde "Let me put this blanket down. It's more comfortable than grass and dirt." Sammie helped and lay down on her back. Bobby gave her a pillow to put under her head.

Bobby stared at her for a few seconds deciding where to start. She looked so frail and fragile. Her small frame lying before him was a new experience for Bobby. He knelt at her feet and thought her slim legs looked even longer. He ran his hands up both legs from her toes to her fuzzy covered crotch. He saw that she liked it so he continued for several minutes. Each time his hands stroked the full length of her legs, Bobby noticed that Sammie had parted them ever so slightly.

It was time for Bobby to get down to business. Bobby softly grasped her ankles and spread her legs wider. She offered no resistance. Now, when he continued massaging her legs he concentrated more on the inside of her soft smooth flesh; right up her inner thigh until he nudged the sides of her fuzzy tight cunt lips. A few more nudges and the lips began to glisten from her internal wetness. Her lips were firm and tight; Bobby was still unsure if she could handle all of him.

He ran his finger tips just inside her soft slippery lips. Sammie cooed. Bobby knew what he had to do as he spread her limbs wider and crawled between them. His face lowered to her as he kissed up and down her soft inner thighs; each time bringing his lips and mouth closer to her blonde hill.

Sammie was already moving her hips in anticipation. Bobby spread her moist pussy lips and applied his own to generate more pleasure for her. Softly and slowly he kissed her pussy. He gave her long licks up and down the whole length of her slit. She moved her hands to her groin and gently pressed on her tummy as Bobby licked her. Sammie could feel herself becoming more sensitive to Bobby's tongue as he ravaged her excited pussy.

She could feel herself being engorged with a fresh blood supply She felt a cool wetness on her clitoris as Bobby's tongue briefly licked up to the top of her now swollen lips.

Her clit was swollen and exposed for each and every flicker of his tongue as it passed over it. Bobby ceased his licking and now planted his mouth over the semi-hooded little throbbing button.

Sammie felt his full lips as they surrounded her swollen nub. "That feels really good. I hope he doesn't stop too soon?" she thought.

And then she felt it; a firm push from his tongue and then heaven surrounded her mind and body as Bobby began sucking. Sammie never had anyone suck her clit. She'd had it lick a few times, but no one ever sucked on it.

"Damn, it felt wonderful," she thought. Bobby sucked and licked like it was a small penis. Almost ten minutes had passed and Sammie began pressing harder into her abdomen; deep into the imbedded roots of her clit. She was beginning to shudder and shake.

Her hips were bucking and slamming into the mouth attached to her womanhood. Her mind and body was racing toward the largest climax of her young life. Bobby was oblivious as to what he was doing to her splayed pussy; he was just enjoying himself devouring another sweet pussy. Sammie squirmed deliriously beneath the tortuous pleasure inflicted upon her cunt.

Her juices were soaking the blanket beneath her butt. Her breathing was deep and irregular as she tensed for the big one. Bobby was buried in her wetness as he relentlessly fed on a college educated pussy.

Sammie was moaning and convulsing. Bobby had again become aroused and was now brandishing another hard on. Sammie was ready to blow and Bobby sensed it as he drove two of his fingers into her tight lubricated love hole. Sammie never felt the digital intrusion. She was tight at first as Bobby wedged his fingers into her pussy, but as he prodded deeper her realized she could take his cock.

There was more room on the inside than he thought possible from someone this small. Bobby pulled his fingers partially back out as he probed for her G spot. He located it right away and began manipulating it to increase the intensity of her pending orgasm.

"If I was a guy I would tell Bobby that my clit feels like it's going to shoot a load into his mouth. Oh, God this is the best oral suck job I ever had!" Sammie almost thought out loud. The pressure was building; she didn't know if she was going to cum or pee herself. Whatever Bobby was doing was causing her to lose her consciousness and fall into a semi-conscious state of ultimate bliss.

Shuddering and shaking, tensing and releasing her whole body, Sammie tried to muffle her screams of pleasure as wave after wave of sexual bliss filled her body. Her ass came up off the blanket still shaking and convulsing.

Seeing, tasting and smelling the orgasm of Sammie caused Bobby's cock to swell to monstrous proportions. He pulled his lips from the hot slippery gaping pussy before him.

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His swollen cock head was throbbing above Sammie's love mound ready to plunge into her. Sammie opened her eyes to see this mammoth tool drooling streams of slippery fluid from its tip.

Bobby was about to enter her body. She wasn't sure herself if she could take something this huge. But right now she could care less. After what Bobby just did to her, he could do whatever he wanted. She was totally for him. "Go slow and easy, Bobby. From this angle you appear much bigger than what I saw yesterday." Bobby thought he heard her say something but didn't really listen to what she might have been saying.

His mind was set on one thing right now, "Can I fit this swollen hunk of meat into that tight little hole?" He rubbed his slippery head up and down her slit adding her wetness to his throbbing tool. The heat from her still pulsing pussy was breathing on his cock. Her pink lips were darker and swollen adding more of a soft cushion for Bobby to mash his drooling cock head against. Bobby held his stiff member down at the right angle as he lowered himself above her awaiting hole.

Slowly he felt the head of his cock sinking into the hot depths of Sammie's cunt. It was tight and slippery at the same time. His pulsing shaft felt every ripple of her seething tight pussy.

Slowly he pushed past the tight opening and entered the wider depths of Sammie's still twitching cunt. He could feel the thick shaft of his rock solid weapon ironing every ripple of her hot slippery flesh as he went deeper into her cavity. Bobby watched as much as he could as his tool stretch her pussy to accommodate his thick throbbing bone.

He held himself up; the only part of him touching the blonde babe beneath him was his cock. Sammie was totally stretched and accepted the fact that she could handle this. She watched as Bobby pumped his tool slowly in and out of her.

She was becoming aroused all over again. Bobby leaned a bit forward and his smooth hard shat began sliding up and down her slick gash. New sensations filled her body as this piece of meat massaged her sensitive clit with each stroke. Bobby lowered himself so he could suck Sammie's tits as he pounded her innards. Sammie was tensing again. Her breathing ragged. Bobby felt the first spasm as her cunt contracted around his hard shaft.

She reached up and pulled him down to her. She needed to feel his warm skin against her. She held him tightly as he continued his onslaught to her horny trough. Sammie dug her fingernails into Bobby's back as she tensed and bucked her hips as Bobby droved himself deeper and harder into her.

Bobby could feel his dick spearing her cervix as he pushed his tool as deep as he could.

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He maintained a steady rhythm while Sammie held him firmly until her pussy stopped contracting around his love pole. "Oh my God, Bobby; that was so fucking good!" Bobby withdrew his slick tool from her; staring down at her all he said was, "Turn over and get up on your knees." He didn't know how Sammie would react to his command.

Bobby was surprised at how easily she obeyed him. She quickly turned over onto her knees, legs spread with her head sideways on the pillow and her ass up high waiting for Bobby to make his next move.

Right know Sammie would do whatever he said. She was his sex slave. She looked over her shoulder to watch as Bobby took his cock in one hand and approached her pussy slowly. He teased her slit as he slid his thick cock up and down. He was massive and it stretched her wide. Now he was about to do it once again; this time from behind.

Doing it doggie style, Sammie knew he would drive even deeper into her dark over stretched depths of her body. Bobby looked down on Sammie as she knelt before him with her legs spread and her ass and pussy anticipating his next move. She tensed as he stroked her slit with his swollen cock head. Bobby pulled back to give her another treat; he then leaned down and started to lick her again; this time his tongue tasted her tight little butt hole as well.

Sammie acknowledged that Bobby was giving her more pleasure than she was used to. She begged him to put it back between her sticky cunt lips. She loved how it felt when he slid it up and down the length of her lips. Bobby added some additional saliva to his cock to re-lube and make his initial penetration easier. Grabbing her tight little butt cheeks, he spread them and poised his dick to enter her pussy once more. Just like the first time, slow and easy. Sammie relaxed as soon as the thickest part of his shaft had passed the tight opening of the first inch of her pussy.

After several strokes Bobby began driving his member all the way pounding her cervix with each thrust. Sammie was groaning at first and soon the groaning turned to moaning; moans of pleasure. Bobby increased his pace as he felt his ball churning and getting ready to expel another load.

Sammie was also getting ready as she rocked her ass to meet Bobby's pistoning thrusts. Sammie was in for the ride of her life as Bobby slipped a finger toward her puckered anus. Circling at first and then inching it into her as they both pumped each other.

That was the final stroke for Sammie. A dozen strokes in her butt and her pussy began convulsing and contracting in a thunderous orgasm. Bobby couldn't take any more himself and exploded deep inside Sammie's spasming vagina. One deep thrust and Bobby just collapsed over her back while he let Sammie's cunt milk the rest of his load from his softening dick. Bobby was spent and Sammie was equally exhausted.

Bobby's shrinking dick was still inside her as they now lay side by side. Sammie's pussy was continuing to have milder spasms as her orgasm was ending. Each one would tweak another drop from Bobby.

Sammie needed to tell Bobby the truth. "Bobby, I want you to know that I wasn't completely honest with you earlier. Debbie did not know I was coming over here to see you. Yesterday when I was with Andy, it wasn't very good for me. It was like a slam bam thank you ma'am fuck. Andy got off, got up, and left me there in the tent next door. I could hear you and Debbie over here and it sounded like she was having a much better time.

I couldn't help myself and I soon caught myself peeking in through the gaping seems of your tent. You were licking and sucking her pussy, her face was contorted in what could only have been a strong orgasm. I unconsciously reached into my panties and fingered myself to orgasm. I couldn't take my eyes off the two of you. When you produced that gorgeous hunk of meat and impaled her pussy with it, I rubbed myself into another powerful orgasm. I have never seen a cock like yours never mind sucked or fucked one.

Oh, and your friend, Andy, has a small dick. I fingered myself again last night just thinking about you and Debbie in here yesterday. After watching you two, I needed a taste of that as well and that's why I'm here today." Bobby was at a loss for words and could only say, "I am so glad you came over and I wish you and Debbie would both come over again.

But if we are being totally honest, I was also thinking about you last night. I wondered what it would be like to fuck a blonde angel. And I have to tell you; it was like being in Heaven." Sammie actually thanked Bobby for a wonderful afternoon and promised to return.

Bobby strolled across the midway for another cold drink and prepared to open for the evening show.


Not all Wednesdays on Cape Cod were boring and uneventful.