Attractive ts Kananda fucks two hunks

Attractive ts Kananda fucks two hunks
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I have been fucking Julie for about three months she is the sister of a friend. I found them fucking one afternoon when I went to play with him.

Their parents both work and it was school holidays. Getting caught didn't bother them they kept doing it until he came and let me watch. They were both nude and while Barry was doing her he said do you want to do her she is a good fuck. After he came and pulled it out of her I saw he had a condom on. Evidently her cousin had fucked her a few days before I found them, and got her brother Barry to do it with her as well. They both used condoms.

I said if she would let me I would. She said she didnt mind so I got onto her while she was still lying there. When she pulled legs up for me to get my cock in I saw her cunt for the first time. It looked interesting and I was fascinated by it and would ask her later to look at it.

While I fucked her I asked when she did it first. She told me she had caught both her brother and cousin masturbating together the day before and her cousin had talked her into doing it. It was her first time she told me and she liked it.

Barry was there and watched them and afterwards he did it with her even though she was his sister. When he asked his cousin if it was ok to fuck his sister he said it was incest but with a condom it was OK because she couldn't get pregnant. I was enjoying fucking her it was my first time and and I asked her a lot about fucking and how much she liked it.

She told me how good my cock was feeling as I pushed it up and down inside her. I said does it matter that Barry had fucked her just before me and she said no it still felt the same and it still felt good. I told her how good my cock felt being inside her and how it was better than wanking myself. I didn't have a condom on like Barry and asked her what happens if I cum in her. She said I had to take it out before I came inside her.

When Barry had cum he went to the toilet and sang out he was going outside and when I was finished fucking her to come out with him. I had never enjoyed anything like when I was fucking Julie and it felt fantastic.

She told me her cousin did it to her another way and said did I want to try that too. She showed me what I now know to be doggy and we had a lot of fum just getting my cock in and doing it like that. She looked funny with her bum in the air and her bum hole and cunt all showing. I could not believe having my first fuck could be so good.

I had never imagined it would be like this I had kissed a couple of girls and wondered what it would be like to fuck them as my cock was hard each time we kissed. Now I was fucking and I hadn't had to kiss her or try and talk her into it. A couple of boys I knew said it takes a lot of talking before a girl will do it particularly the first time. I didn't even have to ask I was so glad I found them doing it other wise I would never have known she did it.

I don't think Barry would have told me because its wrong to fuck your sister. The two of us had so much fun fucking and she loved playing around with me inside her. We both really loved doing it with each other she said it was better with me than Barry.

I felt really good.

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A couple of times I felt like I was going to cum and I took my cock out and after a minute the feeling went away so we did it some more. She said we were doing it longer than she had before and I asked her if it was hurting her and she said no she was really enjoying it.

One time when I took it out I asked her if I could take all my clothes off as I had only taken my pants off. She said it would be good she did the same and we both started to fuck again in the nude. She said it felt even batter. I liked it too as I could see her nipples which were hard, She had very little tits because she hadn't started to grow them yet but just looking at her in the nude was great.

After about 20 minutes I got another feeling I was going to cum and I stayed in her a bit longer than before because it was feeling fantastic. As I pulled my cock out at the last second I came and I spurted cum all over her cunt and tummy. I spurted it everywhere. She giggled because I made estrange faces and noises as I came. I didn't even touch my cock and it blew cum all over the place her cunt had done everything to make it cum. She sat up and looked down at herself with my cum all over her from her belly button down to her legs.

I was kneeling between her legs with cum dripping from my cock onto the bed. She said it was the most amazing thing she had seen or done. She said I want to do that again with you afterwards.

She said it was good she didn't have any clothes on as it would have gone on them. We both went to the bathroom to wash the cum off and clean my cock. I washed her cunt and she washed my cock and got down really close to look at it. She said I have never seen one this close before Barry would never let me look at his it looks great. I said any time she wants to ask me I would be happy to show her. She said tomorrow at your place I don't want Barry to know I want to do it again I like it with you better.

The next day she came down to my place and we went to my bedroom and undressed ready to fuck. She said would I kiss her and we did that for a while and my cock was hard and rubbing between us as we kissed. She didnt know about French Kissing so I showed her how and we both got really sexed up and I couldn't wait to fuck her. We fucked three times that day and I pulled my cock out each time and came on her like I did the day before.

She loved it and so did I but I almost came inside her once. The day after we did the same thing. Before we fucked she said she really wanted to look at my cock and play with it and masturbate me.

She said I could look at her cunt if I wanted to and I did want to. I said ok and let her play with my cock and hold it and masturbate me. While she was masturbating she suddenly stopped and put her mouth over my cock and sucked me.

I nearly came right then it felt awesome. I said what happens when I cum - she said tell me when its coming and let me taste it. Then she said am I doing it right. I said I have no idea this is the first time anybody sucked it. I said I like what is happening just do what you like and if I want you to do something I will tell you.

After that she sucked and she said Its making my cheeks sore I said don't suck so hard, just do the bobbing up and down like your mouth is your cunt. Do you want me to fuck your mouth or do want to bob up and down. She said I want to bob just don't cum without telling me.

We had been doing it for about ten minutes before I was ready to cum She sucked and bobbed on my cock and said you are taking a long time. I said it must take longer to make more cum because I had fucked her and cum before.

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As soon as I felt the sign of me cumming I said I am going to cum, its cumming and she looked up at me and smiled and when our eyes looked at each other I blew my load right into her mouth. My knees nearly gave away and I felt all weak, it was great feeling as my cum spurted out of my cock into her mouth. I could hear her making glugging sounds like she was gagging on my cum or she was having trouble swallowing it.

I certainly felt I was making a lot. After I stopped spurting I took my cock out and some just dribbled out of her mouth.

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She had opened her mouth to showed me she still had some in there. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed it all. There was a bit on her chin that had leaked out, and some on her tits that had dripped down. I said what does it taste like. She said pretty aweful but I have seen girls doing it on the net and they seem to like it so you must get used to it. I said I hope so that was amazing. After that we just lay on the bed and we played with each other- she played with my cock and I fingered her.

It felt really good just laying there relaxing after I had cum. Without thinking I rolled over and kissed her and when I did I could taste my cum on her tongue and I pulled back and said yuck, I just got a taster of cum.

She giggled and laughed and said well I swallowed a lot of that now you know what I am talking about. I then hugged and kissed her again. After a minute or two I said if its good enough for you then it has to be good enough for me as well.

We will both get used to it I expect. After about 5 minutes I was getting hard again and as I kissed her. I kissed her on the neck and her ears then I moved down and kissed her nipples than I sucked on them as well and she liked it and said how good it felt. She said keep going it feels great. I then kissed her down to her belly button and I noticed she opened her legs for me to kiss her further down.

I got to her cunt and began to kiss the insides of her legs and as I did she opened them wider and I could see her cunt all pink and wet - I looked up at her and she was looking down at me and smiled then she pulled her legs back and opened them wider and I poked my tongue out and she just nodded and before I realised it I was licking the lips of her cunt and tasting her cunt juice.

It had a strong taste just like mine but it was different. I knew I had to keep going, she was obviously wanting me to. I slipped my tonge between her lips and licked all her juice from her. The more I licked the more she made and I soon got used to the taste which I think wasn't as bad as my cum tasted. Then I put two fingers into her cunt and fingered her for a minute or two. She really loved that feeling and then she said put your mouth on me again this time on my clit. I wasn't sure where it was but when I opened her lips with my fingers to see if I could see it it immediately became obvious where it was at the top of her slit and I put my mouth over this little fleshy covered little thing and sucked it.

Then I and used my lips to squeeze it and she moaned aloud. I knew I had the right bit. I sucked and licked her clit for a few minutes and then she said keep going like that and put your fingers back in. As I did that I could see her clit had popped out of this little sheath thing, a bit like an uncircumcised boy. I sucked and rubbed my fingers in her for about five minutes and then she sang out go harder I am going to cum.

I rubbed and sucked on her cunt and clit for another minute and she sort of exploded, she bucked and bounced her hips up and forced her cunt right onto my mouth.

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I put my arms around her legs and pulled her toward me and forced my face onto her cunt hard. I kept going on her sucking and licking her juice she made. She was really having a wild time she moaned and groaned and bucked for about a minute or two then she collapsed and I could see her heart beating and she was gasping for breath I had never seen a girl cum before and it was just like I had felt when she sucked me off.

I stopped and she just lay there she was obviously exhausted and she just put her arms up and I went to her and she embraced me and held me to her and I could feel her whole body heaving and her heart beating like mad. I would have kissed her but she was still getting air into her lungs.

I bit her on the neck and gave her a love bite instead. This settled her down a bit and then I kissed her on the mouth and we French Kissed hard for another couple of minutes. While I was kissing her I realised I would have had her cunt juice in my mouth and she would taste it.

After we had kissed for a while we stopped and I said now you know what you taste like too. She laughed and said I already know when I masturbate I often suck or lick my fingers when they are covered in my juice. I have been doing that for a year or more, and now you know what we both taste like. That was amazing I think it was a bit like you I have never had it done to me before and cumming like that was amazing. I am going to want you to do that more often it may even be better than fucking I have never cum when I have been fucked yet so you will have to do that to me too.

I said there is no time like the present and I got on top of her and she just opened her legs, pulled them up and I went back into her again with my cock. She said I never want this to end you can fuck me for ever this is amazing. I said is it better than Barry and your cousin.

She said much much better I am beginning to know now what to do to make it feel better. Before this I just lay there and let them fuck me until they came. I think that from now on I will try and make myself cum using your cock. Would you mind if I told you where I want you to rub me with it.

I said I would do anything to make it good for you just tell me and I will do whatever I have to, to make you cum. Between the two of us we worked and talked and gradually I knew what I had to do to make it feel good for her. This fuck was real learning experience as it just wasn't a fuck it was talking and doing things that we both liked and made the feeling of my cock in her cunt feel right and we both got pleasure from fucking. After we had fucked for about twenty minutes I said I don't know if I can go much longer I am getting tired and she said I am getting a bit sore too, so do it hard and fast for a couple more minutes and see if we can cum.

I worked hard on her an really pumped my cock into her and after about a minute or so I knew I was going to cum and said I am going to cum now and she said do it inside me I am going to cum too. I said are you sure and she she said YES YES do it YES and I knew she was cumming and I came as well and all my cum went into her cunt. Neither of cared about her getting pregnant we just fucked and pumped all my cum into her until my cock went soft about a minute or two after I had cum, and it slipped out of her.

She said that was amazing my first cum being fucked and I loved it. Now I know what it feels like to have a boy cum in me. I said I just hope you don't get pregnant. She said not half as much as me but I wanted it inside me I wanted to know what it felt like. As we lay there some of my cum began to flow back out of he and we both looked down at her cunt and watched it seeping out onto the bed. I got a clean handkerchief and put it under her and let it drip onto it.

I said I would keep that for ever A memory of the best time in my life with a girl I will love forever. She said you are sweet maybe it would be better if I am pregnant then we could be together forever. I kissed her and thought not at our age but it was a wonderful feeling knowing I had fucked her and put my cum inside her and it could make a baby.

Fortunately a week later she had her period and we knew she wasn't pregnant but I hadn't cum inside her after that we still fucked nearly every day doing it a few times each time but I always pulled out before I came. We just loved fucking. She and I continued to fuck most days and pretty soon Barry knew we were fucking each other as often as we did. He didn't mind and said I was lucky she let me do it as often as we did.

Jan his girlfriend would only do it occasionally and he was wanking himself a lot. We had been fucking and sucking each other for over two months I managed to get some condoms so occasionally I would cum inside her and not have to worry. It was great. Once school went back we would meet at my place or hers and fuck after school almost every day. She had told a few girls she and I were fucking and I could have fucked every one of them because they all told her if I wanted to they would do it with me.

I never did and I don't think she would have wanted me to either. A few asked me but I always said no. One afternoon we were fucking at her place and I was sucking her cunt. We came home from school together and as we did often went straight to her place and we just fucked or sucked or both. I was really giving her a good time and she was now being a bit vocal as I sucked her because she loved it.

She would moan or groan occasionally when I really hit her spot. I didn't stay on her clit all the time because she said it hurt after a while if I did, so I just got onto it when she told me to or she was ready to cum. I was right in the middle of it and her mother walked in on us we hadn't realised she was home.

She caught me with my face right on her cunt. We were also nude too as we always like to fuck in the nude. The both of us nearly shit ourselves seeing her standing there and she said well, well what a little tart you are. How long has this been going on. I jumped up and tried to cover my hard cock. Julie rolled over to cover herself. Her mother said get dressed and come to the lounge room we have to do some talking.

Julie started to cry and I didn't know what to do. While we were getting dressed Julie said we have to tell her everything I want her to know what we do. If we do she might let us continue to see each other but if I lie she will find out and that will be the end of us and I love you too much now I wish I had got pregnant and we would have to be together. We both went down to her mother who had made coffee for us.

I was surprised how calm she was. She didn't seem angry and said there is nothing I can do to reverse what has happened. From what I saw I gather this has been happening for some time so lets get it all out in the open. How long have you been having sex and what have you done to protect your selves.

Julie said I will tell you everything but I love him so don't be nasty to him. Then she told her the whole story, when we started and what we have done. Never did she ever mention the fact she had been fucked by her brother or cousin. She said we have used condoms a few times but he doesn't do it inside me he takes it out first.

Then her mother said and I can guess where he puts it down your throat. We both looked at each other and said nothing more often than not she was right. She knew straight away Julie swallowed my cum. Then she said and you return the favour from what I saw -looking straight at me. Her mother asked us how long we had been masturbating. I said for a year or so and Julie said about the same. Her mother seemed convinced it was just me who had fucked Julie but she said to Julie has there been anybody else.

Julie said nobody. I can imagine what would have happened if she said Barry and her cousin had done it to her too.

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Then she asked me how many other girls I had sex with before Julie. I said honestly - none, it was my first time like Julie. She said when and where did it happen. Julie said a couple of months ago, here at our place. Her mother then asked her if she had her periods at the normal time and Julie said yes. Well she said I believe you now I want the both of you to understand this must never leave the room do your parents know about what you two do together. I said - no way. Then she said I wont be telling them then she looked at Julie and said when is your next period due.

Julie said next week.

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Right she said we are off to the doctors to get you onto oral contraception. There is no point in saying you must never have sex together again I know you will go behind my back and do it and I don't want you getting pregnant.

In future if and when you want to have sex together it must be in this house in your room. Nobody must know it is happening I hope you haven't told half the school. Julie didn't answer so she didn't tell a lie. I wont interfere and if either of you have any questions then I am the one to ask nobody else.


If you want to have sex then have it don't let me being home stop you, just close the door. I am glad your father is no longer alive, I think he would kill the both of you.

She looked at me and said now go home after next week when she is has begun oral contraception you can come back. You can continue your lovemaking and nothing before hand.

You can use your hand again for a week. We all stood up as I went to leave and I kissed Julie. And said I am so sorry. I love you. She just looked at me and held my hand. I thought how wonderful she was. After we had kissed her mother came to me and hugged me she said don't regret this I think you teo really like each other.

As she walked me to the door she said to me, 'In a way I am glad I caught you before anything dramatic happened. Accidents do happen and what you were doing is dangerous' she could easily have fallen pregnant. Then she said 'don't worry about being found out it happened to me and I would never want anybody to go through what I did'.

I just said 'thank you'. The day after her mother took her to the doctor. Julie was horrified when the doctor wanted to examine her internally and she said it was horrible. The doctor wanted to make sure everything was normal and there was no infection for some reason.

She said what horrified her most was she had shaved her hair the day before we got caught and the doctor said it looks nicer all clean and tidy. She had worried the doctor would say something about her shaving it, but she seemed to like it like that. She asked if she shaved or used hair removal cream, and said if you are careful the cream is better, but don't get it on the vagina it stings and showed her how to plug her vagina when she did it.

Julie said she was so happy her mother was not in the room when she had the examination as the doctor said she wanted to see her alone. She also asked a few questions about the way we had sex and how often. She also wanted to know about me and my habits, and if I was circumcised and clean and did we wash afterwards.

Julie said she was not concerned she was having sex just that we were doing it right and we were clean. She also asked if we did anal and Julie said she was a bit shocked and said 'No way'. The doctor seemed to be amused and said give it time and nothing more. The week after her periods arrived and I was allowed to go to see her at home. Her mother welcomed me like a long lost friend I was amazed. From then on Julie and I continued to have sex as often as we had done before.

Her mother soon became aware we did it a lot and referred to us as rabbits. After Julie went onto the pill she wanted me to cum inside her every time. Evidently her mother knew from the cum satins in her pants how often we did it, when she did the laundry. Before long I was allowed to sleep over at her place and her mother became more like a friend than her mother.

She never interfered with us even when she knew we were in bed having sex and never asked us what we did after we had done it. She always spoke to both of us in a very open way and was happy to discuss sex with us at any time. One night we even discussed the various ways I copulated with her and it was quite an interesting and humorous discussion.

She even had a copy of a book called Karma Sutra she showed us with different ways do have sex. I was amazed and gave it to Julie to look at. She only once mentioned our oral sex and what happened now that I came inside Julie. I had learned to accept the fact I had cum inside her and was prepared to give her oral sex afterwards, but I said it was hard at first.


Her mothers only comment was 'I wish', and that was the end of it. Our love life lasted three years and I went away to college and neither of us could go that long without sex any more.

I had more opportunities than I could ever imagine and took most of them. Julie found another guy and stayed with him. I will never forget her or her mother.