Gordinha gostosa mostrando a bunda no periscope

Gordinha gostosa mostrando a bunda no periscope
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Aboard The Cruise Ship SS Debauchery. Day 1 Saturday "Oh my…God…Sis, is this really happening?" I gasped as the ship slowly chugged out of Southampton harbour on its way to the Mediterranean. "I know what you mean," My younger sister Sam grinned as I hugged me; "this is going to be the best holiday of our lives!" Sam had won an 'All-inclusive Cruise for two' plus £500 spending money, in a magazine competition.

At 38 she was still unmarried but was the only person that this didn't seem to bother. Her comfortable job as a librarian and a host of hobbies kept her busy and mentally fulfilled most of the time. Me on the other hand; I'm a divorcee who had finally left my drunken husband 18 months earlier and my job in tele-sales just about managed to clothe and feed my and my 15 year old daughter.

Without giving it a second thought Samantha had decided that this would be my 40th birthday gift. As the trip got nearer my friends at work had all joked that this would my opportunity to catch a 'sugar-daddy' and live the rest of my life in the lap of luxury. When the English coast eventually trailed off into the distance we eventually made our way to our cabin to begin getting dressed for dinner in the Ballroom. At the entrance to the Ballroom we were introduced the Captain then shown to our table which we would share with 10 others; by a handsome young waiter.

The rest of the diners were all married couples apart from two Newcastle businessmen called Bob and Terry. It was a fun evening with plenty of wine and a beautiful meal. The men were good company; keeping the table entranced until we finally retired, alone, to our cabin at 10.30. Day 2 Sunday. The following morning I awoke to find my cabin flooded with bright sunshine as the ship sailed down the coast of France.

As usual Samantha was already up and about so after a shower and a slow breakfast I decided to sunbathe alone on the top deck while my younger sister explored the other decks. Quickly realising that I was the youngest woman on the sun deck I sauntered casually along the side of the pool like a glamorous film-star as the older guests stared at me in my sarong and bikini top.

Within seconds of selecting an empty sun-lounger in the corner a waiter in a starched white polo shirt and navy blue shorts asked if I would like a cool drink. Without hesitating I ordered a long Vodka and tonic with lots of ice and made myself comfortable. When the waiter arrived with my drink I was liberally smearing my skin with sunscreen. As the young man placed the tray on the side table I secretly wished that I had the courage to ask him to rub some into my back; but I hadn't.

I eventually settled down to read my book and occasionally sipped the vodka and tonic while sporadically glancing through my large dark sun-glasses to see if anyone under 60 had materialised…we didn't. As I scanned the deck a little Devil took over as I rubbed sunscreen into my stomach and chest. Acting on impulse I decided to take my bikini top off and bathe topless for the first time in my life.

As casually as my trembling fingers would allow I nonchalantly dropped my bra onto the wooden flooring and massaged a handful of cream into my aching breasts making me bite my bottom lip when my fingers brushed against the solid pink nipples. When I was sure that the cream was absorbed I sat back on the lounger and began reading my magazine; but I couldn't concentrate as a dozen pairs of very old male eyes stared at my naked 34b breasts.


When Samantha joined me at 3.30, she was shocked to see her elder sister lying on a sun-lounger exposing her naked breasts to anyone who cared to look. We had a drink together as Sam excitedly told me about all of the things that were available on board including table-tennis, quoits, shuffleboard, bridge and a host of other activities that left me bored witless. As Sam twittered on I sank the last of my drink and suddenly realised that this was going to be a very long voyage.

After an hour's nap we dressed and went for dinner.

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This time we shared a table with 5 couples from Scotland and hardly understood a word that anyone said. Yet again we returned to our cabin at 10.30. I couldn't sleep for tossing and turning with sexual frustration. My fingers kept wandering between my legs and tickled my tingling pussy; but I was afraid that any noises I made would wake Sam in the bed only 4 feet away.

While not regretting coming on holiday with my sister I couldn't help thinking that it might just turn out to be a bit of a nightmare. There were only two years difference in age between us but we had always been like chalk and cheese; Sam being the studious one who had gone to University and me the party-girl who had fallen in love with a series of 'bad boys' until I finally met my match with Jeff who got me pregnant within six weeks of meeting and then making my life Hell for the next 13 years until he eventually hit me too hard one drunken night and I left him with our daughter in one hand and only a bag of clean underwear in the other.

Day 3 When the ship docked on the Monday, Samantha and I made our way into Lisbon to sight-see. After an hour or so of looking at local artefacts I feigned a headache and hid in the shade of a street café to watch the world go by as Sam wandered off with a guide book in her hand.

"Hello," a familiar Geordie voice greeted me just as the waiter began to make my feel that I was outstaying my welcome; "it is Sue; isn't it?" The tubby man in an immaculate white shirt smiled as he waited for me to recognise him.

"Oh! Yes…from Saturday night," I stuttered, "Terry?" "That's Terry over there," he laughed as he pointed towards his travelling companion who was bartering with a market trader, "I'm Bob. Do you mind if we join you?" "No," I smiled; grateful for the company, "not at all." As we made small talk over a glass of beer, Bob was the more outgoing of the two and made the introductions; eventually explaining that he was 67 and had retired 10 years previously when his wife had died.

He'd sold a building business and after sharing the proceeds with his son and daughter, had decided to 'live life to the full'. This usually meant having 3 or 4 golfing holidays a year plus a couple of weeks somewhere hot and exotic. His pal Terry was a three time divorcee and had suggested a nice leisurely cruise as a change this year.

I decided against lying about my humble background and told them a brief synopsis of my life ending with it being my 40th birthday the week before. Bob immediately insisted on buying me and Samantha dinner that night as a birthday treat. The three of us sat outside the Café chatting like long lost friends drinking beer and eating snacks.

When Samantha finally joined us we were already a little bit drunk. Terry demanded that Samantha also had a drink with us; but she made him pout like a naughty schoolboy when my sister told him that another drink would make us late getting back to the ship. As we got dressed for dinner I told Samantha about my afternoon with the men and what we'd talked about; giggling like schoolgirls as we playfully argued about 'which one fancied me the most!' The men were already waiting at the Restaurant bar with a bottle of chilled champagne, when we arrived fashionably late.

"Happy Birthday," Terry laughed as he handed us a glass each and bent forward to kiss me on the cheek. At the end of the meal Samantha thanked the men for their hospitality but said that she would have to leave us as she was very tired.

I kissed my sister goodnight and promised that I wouldn't be too late; but I wanted to carry on the party especially now that the strains of a dance band were filtering in from the Ballroom. I had a great time dancing with Terry and Bob; who was soon ordering cocktails by colour rather than by name; which we all guzzled with gusto. As the night wore on I had to visit the bathroom to pee. When I rejoined the guys Bob spotted a mark on my leg. "You've clicked your tights" he told me.

"Shit!" I grumbled as I surveyed the two inch ladder at my ankle, "and they're not tights…they're stockings," I drunkenly grinned. "Aha! Stockings… and suspenders?" Bob quickly asked.

"Hold-ups actually," I smiled knowing the effect that stockings had on men. "Fantastic," Terry whispered, "I didn't think young women wore nylons anymore." "I like them," I chuckled flattered to be referred to as 'young', "they make me feel special…and…sexy… when I wear them." Terry and Bob both leant forward conspiratorially as they reminisced about their youth when all women and girls wore stockings and suspenders and how sexy they were then and even more so now that it was such a rare occurrence when either of them ever saw a 'real woman' wearing sexy stockings.

I queried what they meant by 'real women'. Because the powerful cocktails were now taking effect Bob openly admitted to surfing the internet for porn and regularly logged onto stocking fetishist sites just to see pictures of women (old and young) wearing nylons. Without knowing it I soon became aroused and squirmed in my seat as the men went on to describe, in some detail, the 100's of different sex sites that catered for all kinds of fetishes and kinks.

Under the influence of yet another 'Purple Passion' cocktail, I eventually confessed to having enjoyed reading naughty magazines with my husband when I had first been married but wouldn't have the nerve to buy one now and had never ever looked at porn on the internet. "I wish I'd kept some," I laughed as I slurped the bright purple concoction with half a rainforest sticking out of it, "I have to rely on my memory these days!" "So how often do you play with yourself?" Terry whispered as he edged closer.

I slowly shook my head and smiled when I realised what I had said. "Thank you…but…I'm drunk and need to…" I hiccupped and winked, "go to bed…alone!" Disappointed but still chivalrous Bob offered to walk me to my cabin as Terry settled the bill. Once outside the door, he stroked my hand and asked for a birthday kiss. I looked into his dark brooding eyes and nodded. The old man brushed my blonde hair from my face and gently touched my soft lips with his.

Unable to resist I let him kiss me more forcefully, pressing his body and stiffening cock against my soft body. I responded by forcing his rough lips apart with my tongue and probed his mouth like a snake searching for prey. We were soon, both shaking with excitement as we kissed as passionately as two teenage lovers. Unable to control him-self, Bob's hand slowly caressed my hip and arse through my thin dress as I ground my crotch against his stiffness.

While our tongues twisted and twirled Bob gradually lifted the hem of my dress, until his large calloused hand touched my nylon covered thigh and worked its way in-between our bodies until he was touching my soft silk panties. "No, no, no!" I gasped as I suddenly broke off our kiss and pulled his hand away, "no Bob…not here…not now…Jesus…I'm drunk…wow." "I'm sorry," he apologised, "I thought…I'm sorry…I didn't mean to…I'm sorry." When I regained my composure I saw the fear on his face and smiled while I stroked his whiskered chin.

"No…that was great, really great just…" I furtively looked around the vacant corridor, "I'm too old for…you know…in public?" Bob wasn't sure what I meant but agreed anyway. With little tug of his chin I kissed him gently on the lips and disappeared alone into the cabin that I shared with my sister; leaving Bob to walk dejectedly back to his own luxury cabin.

After undressing I lay naked and trembling in my bed; still unable to satisfy the sexual tension that was building up in my body just as I had in my teenage years as my sister lay only feet away from me. Day 4 I t was nearly lunchtime when I finally staggered out of bed with a horrendous hangover. Two paracetamol, a slice of toast and a jug of coffee later I made my way up to the top deck. Yet again it was only populated with old couples so I found a quiet corner; discretely took my bikini top off and made myself comfortable.

This time when the waiter took my order it was for freshly squeezed orange juice lots of it. As the afternoon wore on and my headache wore off I fidgeted and wriggled in the sunshine as the memories of Bob's kiss filtered back into my memory banks making me feel very naughty in deed.

At about 3.30 the hot sun and the thought of 9 old men furtively peaking at my naked tits I couldn't put it off any longer and swiftly packed my bag, threw my bikini top on and hurried back to my cabin before my sister returned from a shuffleboard competition. Once inside I immediately whipped my clothes off and lay bare on my bunk with a plastic shampoo bottle in my right hand and my legs spread wide apart. I knew that I would have to be quick but that just added to the anticipation as I fumbled with the bottle at the entrance to my hairy, sweaty quim.

I was soon panting for air as the bottle edged inside my love tunnel with very little resistance. "Ooh…God!" I gasped as 3 then 4 inches of cool plastic satisfied my repressed sexual urges. "Ugh…ugh.ugh" I grunted as the large shampoo bottle completely disappeared inside my body. This wasn't, by far, the first time that I had used something like this but lying on a bed knowing my sister or one of the ships' cleaners could walk through the door at any moment made my giddy with excitement.

I was so wet it only took two fingers to make the makeshift dildo glide in and out like a piston as I fondled and squeezed my aching tits re-living my kiss with Bob the previous night. "Oh my…ugh…ooh…ugh!" I gasped when my fingers brushed against my clitoris which was sticking out like a hard pebble.

My hand was a blur as I rammed the plastic bottle as deep and as hard into my cunt as possible until with a loud squeal I came with such force my fanny began to spasm and the bottle shot out like a rocket!

As I lay sweating I couldn't resist a second play with my clit and furiously rubbed it until I trembled with my second satisfying sweaty orgasm.

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The next I knew was when Samantha noisily entered the cabin. "Mmmm…what have you been up to?" My younger sister giggled when she saw me lying naked and clammy on the bed with a shiny shampoo bottle between my legs. "Oh!" I stammered and blushed, "I was…just…oh shit!" "I'm not sure I want to know the details." Samantha cut me off mid-sentence and laughed as I picked up the shampoo bottle and ran naked into the bathroom to shower before dinner.

At dinner Bob and Terry were on a separate table but joined us just as Samantha was about to return to our room for another early night as the ship was docking in Barcelona the next day and wanted to cram as much into her day as possible. "You've saved my life." I smiled as the men sat down, "I thought that I was going to have to sit on my own or have to go back too." "Oh we couldn't let a gorgeous young woman like you sit alone," Terry smiled as Bob ordered three large pink cocktails.

Samantha looked back over her shoulder; smiled and shook her head as my eyes lit up with delight when the drinks arrived. We drank cocktails and chatted and flirted for an hour or so until Terry suggested going to the Casino.

As he settled the bill Bob stroked my knee and whispered in his soft Geordie accent, "Stockings again?" My stomach fluttered as I replied, "Yes…my last pair." "Oh really," he said as he raised his eyebrows, "you'll have to let me do something about that tomorrow." "I'm sorry?" I replied quizzically.

"In Barcelona… tomorrow", he beamed "if you'll let me I'd really like to buy you some new ones as a belated birthday present." I looked stunned and said, "We'll see.I'm not promising anything." "What's happening?" Terry asked when he joined us in the corridor.

"I've just agreed to buy the delectable Susan some new stockings tomorrow to replace her damaged ones." Bob told his friend.

"Excellent!" Terry smiled and patted me on the behind. "I haven't agreed to anything of the sort!" I chided them with a huge grin on my face. "It's settled then," Bob announced, "A shopping expedition for some sexy lingerie!" I playfully punched him in the arm as we went into the Casino.

After an hour of playing roulette and cards I finally lost the last of the £50 that the guys had given me. Terry suggested taking our drinks onto the Top Deck and taking the night air as Bob was settled into a heavy game of Poker. Arm in arm we slowly made our way upstairs like a couple of star crossed lovers. Once on the Top Deck we sat on a secluded padded seat to watch the moon and stars, chatting about my life and hopes for the future.

I was in my element having someone to listen to me; for a change. As we finished our drinks Terry looked into my sparkling eyes and gently kissed me on the lips just as his friend had done the previous night. Without a second thought I responded and threw my arms around his neck pulling him towards me. I hadn't been with another man since leaving my husband.

Of course I had male friends some at work and some in the pub that I occasionally drank in; but none that I felt that I wanted to 'go any further with'. Somehow; being on a Cruise Ship made my feel like a completely different person to the dowdy single parent that most people knew from home. Maybe I was different…the carefree person, again, that I'd been before I got pregnant. As our tongues intertwined Terry's hand immediately went to my knee and slowly and deliberately slid up my nylon covered leg to the 3 inch lace top, as I ran my fingers through his dark tousled hair.

Realising that I wasn't stopping him he lovingly caressed the lace stocking top and my fleshy thigh until I deviously moved my leg allowing him access to my inner sanctum. My tongue was nearly disappearing down Terry's throat as his fingers flicked across my panty covered pussy. When Terry's fingers eased my silk panties to one side and began tugging at my hairy pubes I suddenly grabbed at his crotch making him break off our kiss. For a split second the Earth stood still as we stared into each others glazed eyes.

My scarlet lips slowly broke into a huge grin as my fingers deftly unbuttoned and unzipped Terry's trousers and released the first cock I'd seen for nearly two years. I was captivated at the sight and size of Terry's stiff 68 year old cock as it twitched in my hand. "Ohhhhh… dear God!" I suddenly gasped and bit my lip as Terry slid his middle finger into my soppy snatch, taking my by surprise, twisting and curling his long digit deep inside my body as our lips locked for a second time.

Wanton with desire I began stroking and rubbing the old man's hardening cock as he jabbed and twirled his finger in my wet pussy. Now past caring I even lifted my foot onto the seat so his finger went even deeper into my snatch until it nearly touched my ovaries as my hand wanked his cock like greased lightening. Breaking our passionate kiss, Terry panted, "Suck me off." As a second finger joined the middle one in my soaking cunt I desperately wanted to say no.

As a young woman I had loved sucking dicks but had stopped getting any pleasure from giving head because my ex-husband's dick always stunk of stale sweat and, just like his 'love making', had always been too rough and over too quick. When Terry gently guided my head down towards his crotch it seemed like the most natural thing in the world as I twisted my body until I was comfortable and eye level with his purple knob. "Good girl." He panted breathlessly, as I poked my tongue out and tentatively licked the velvet tip.

The 68 year old man puffed out his cheeks as I flicked the underside of his helmet, "Take it in your mouth for me and I'll bring you off!" With a deep breath I opened my mouth and slowly covered Terry's knobhead with my lipstick coated mouth.

Surprisingly his cock tasted clean and quite nice. I soon began sucking in earnest not caring that any other guests could stumble on me with an old man's cock stuffed in my mouth. Terry gasped and groaned as I sucked and licked, stroked and tickled, rubbed and squeezed his quivering dick as he fucked my rigid with his fingers on the deck of the cruise ship.

"Ugh…UGH…UGH!" he soon groaned as I flicked my tongue across the tip and felt his balls twitch. I vainly tried to pull my head away when I realised what was happening but he grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock all of the way into my mouth and began thrusting his fingers even harder and faster into my twat; his palm pressing against my tingling clit on each plunge until I felt my own powerful orgasm begin in my toes as Terry threw his head back and gasped for air as stream after stream of warm stringy cum spewed out and filled my throat which made me tip over the edge and climax at exactly the same time.

Shaking with excitement I kept sucking until every last pearl drop was in my mouth and I savoured the taste and texture as it slithered off my tongue and slowly down my throat as Terry pulled his fingers out of my stretched quim with a 'plop'. As I licked the last salty droplets off my lips I looked up at Terry who had a look of supreme contentment on his face; making me smile at the thought of my pig of an ex-husband constantly trying to make my swallow his spunk, but my never giving in; now I couldn't wait for the next load!

When I twisted on the seat to rearrange my dress that was now up around my hips exposing my stocking tops, knickers and bare pussy to the World I froze at the sound of someone close by clapping.

"Bravo!" A recognizable male voice chuckled, "What a fantastic show." Bob chuckled as he emerged from the shadows. "Get your dick out man," Terry advised his friend, "she's a helluva cocksucker; even better than that tart in Vegas!" Without asking he stood in front of me and nonchalantly dropped his trousers revealing a short fat uncircumcised dick poking out from under his chubby hairy belly.

Bob's eyes twinkled as he stroked my shoulder length hair and rubbed the floppy hood of his cock across my face and lips. The birthday girl automatically opened her lips and let him fuck my mouth. "Fuck yes!" Bob wheezed as I ran my spunk covered tongue around his fat dick. Bob held onto my head as I curled my tongue around the shaft and tried to suck the bell end out of its' soft foreskin while I grabbed his huge hairy bollocks scratching and nipping the wrinkled sack making him wince with pain.

As I frantically sucked and licked his fat cock which was filling my mouth on every inward stroke Bob slid the straps of my dress and bra down over my shoulders until he had released my throbbing tits to the cool night air. His chunky hands immediately covered my mounds like a schoolboy on a first date manhandling them groping, grabbing and gripping them like play-dough.

Each pinch hurt I but the pain was offset by the pleasure that I was getting from sucking my second cock of the night. "Ha, ha, ha!" Bob laughed, "It's always the quiet ones that are the dirtiest!" "She's fucking worn me out, man!" Terry good-naturedly moaned, "I'm going to need a Viagra tomorrow night!" "Tomorrow night?" I thought as I listened to our conversation, "Wahay!

We're going to do this again tomorrow!" I was ecstatic as Bob twisted my nipples and began fucking my mouth with such force I was finding it difficult to control my breathing and began to gag when his bell-end touched my tonsils. "That sounds good," Bob grunted as I slurped and slobbered as he powerfully thrust his cock into my mouth, "Is this what you expected when you came on holiday?" I wanted to scream "YES!" But all I could concentrate on was getting another mouthful of an old mans spunk.

I wasn't to be disappointed; right on cue Bob pulled his cock out of my mouth and sprayed thick globules of lumpy cum all over my cheeks, nose and lips. I greedily grabbed his cock and sucked the last bitter drops out of his tube just as I had done with Terry 10 minutes earlier. Satiated I sat back and wiped the sticky cum from my face and sexily licked it off my fingers; much to the men's delight. I didn't know why but the only thought in my head was that the men's spunk tasted completely different from each other and they were both very pleasant…very pleasant indeed!

When I had loosely cleaned the last remnants of spunk off my face I tucked my sore tits back into my bra and tidied my dress into a presentable fashion. Then men both walked me to my room and after a final kiss and fumble with my stockings and knickers under my dress we agreed to meet for breakfast and then a shopping trip in Barcelona.

Day 5 Sam had already left when I woke the next morning. As I lay in bed my tongue tasted awful and dry until I remembered what I had done the night before; the thoughts of which sent my fingers wandering between my legs for a nice lazy early morning finger fuck.

Dressed casually for our shopping trip in a short denim skirt, vest and no bra I met Terry and Bob for breakfast. The men didn't actually mention the fun that we'd had 8 hours previously but the grins on our faces told me that it was probably only the beginning of even more fun and games. Once on shore the three of us slowly made our way around the meandering streets of Los Ramblas checking out any number of Boutiques and stores but none appeared to have 'just what we were looking for'; until just as we were about to stop for lunch Bob spotted an expensive looking lingerie shop tucked away in a tiny piazza.

"Let's try here," he announced and led the way. The attractive middle-aged female proprietor looked up from my newspaper as the friends entered the shop. Realising that we were probably tourists I greeted them, "Hola," smiled and waved that we should look around.

I followed Terry and Bob who had immediately made for a display of stockings and tights at the back of the shop. In a matter of seconds I had selected a nice plain pair of black hold-ups. "No, no, no pet." Bob chastised me, "This is a birthday present from both of us and that means it should be something special…so put them back and let us choose." The men grinned as Terry patted my ample arse.

Unable to stop them; and not really wanting to I laughed as Terry and Bob selected a series of expensive stockings and impractical brightly coloured items of underwear that I wouldn't normally be seen dead in. At one stage Terry picked up a suspender-belt with 6 straps hanging from it, "What's that I giggled, "An octopus??" With an air of authority Bob told me that it was for wearing with fully fashioned seamed stockings as it stopped the nylons moving and kept the seams in a straight line.

After trying on half a dozen bras we finally selected 3 very sexy, very expensive sets of bras, pants and suspender belts, plus 6 pairs of stockings 2 fully fashioned with seams (one black pair and one natural). As she was wrapping the goods the shop keeper smiled knowingly at me as the men excitedly pooled their cash to pay for the underwear.

Over lunch Terry and Bob kept pressing me to tell them which one was my favourite outfit and 'obviously (?) there was absolutely no pressure' to ever wear the frilly things during the cruise as they were a genuine birthday present…but if I was to wear something that night, they would be very grateful!!!!! After a very nice lunch we took a taxi to the Gaudi Cathedral and visited a couple of Art Galleries and a covered market that took my breath away with its' vast array of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

When I was getting dressed for dinner Samantha's jaw nearly hit the floor when she walked out of the bathroom to see me wearing a matching see-thru black bra and thong and was fastening the fifth suspender strap onto my ff seamed stockings.

"You're not going to take any prisoners tonight are you?" Sam laughed. "They were a present from an admirer," I chuckled, "two admirers actually!" "Susan!" Samantha covered her mouth with shock, "You don't mean…Terry AND Bob!" I grinned and nodded the affirmative as I checked that the seams were parallel and straight in the mirror.

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"But…they're so…old…no…you couldn't!" The Librarian was stunned at the thought of two men buying sexy underwear for her sister but when it dawned on her WHY I was actually wearing the lingerie she fell laughing onto my bunk. "It's not that funny!" I smiled as I applied a thick coat of red lipstick to my fulsome lips.

"I'm not getting any younger myself and…I haven't had a bit for nearly two years!" Still shaking her head in amazement Samantha sniggered, "But…BOTH of them?" "I'm making up for lost time." I beamed.

"And they're both going to take a Viagra!" "So I needn't stay up for you tonight then!" Sam giggled as she pulled her tan tights up to her waist.

As I had one last look at myself in the mirror I couldn't help thinking that I looked so hot I sizzled! Arm in arm with my sister I strolled through the restaurant to our table making several male heads turn and smile when the spotted the sexy black seams running up my legs. "Can I say how magnificent you look tonight," Bob whispered in his soft sexy Geordie voice as he inhaled my Chanel perfume and spotted my suspender straps poking through the material of my little black dress; when he held my seat for me.

"You too," Terry quickly praised the younger sister, but all four of us knew that the men only had eyes for one woman.ME! I flirted with the men as we ate dinner, pretending to complain about a mysterious stomach complaint that could mean an 'early night' then laughing at the grim expression on our faces. I didn't want to appear 'too easy' but I was just as anxious as the men for some serious sexual action later in the night! The mood soon relaxed as Sam talked about her day in Barcelona and we compared notes on the Cathedral during the final sweet course.

As soon as I finished my coffee Samantha excused herself with an unsubtle wink and told me to enjoy myself during the rest of the night. Terry and Bob exchanged 'knowing smiles' and suggested that we all move on to the Ballroom for a couple of drinks and a dance. I looked radiant in my low cut black dress which showed 'just enough cleavage', sexy stockings and patent shoes as we took it in turns to 'boogie the night away'. During a slow dance, just after midnight, Bob whispered that he'd love the opportunity to photograph me in my sexy underwear.

"Why?" I murmured naively as I kissed his neck, "What would you want pictures of me for?" "You'll probably leave my life on Saturday and I'd love to have some sexy pictures to remember you by." He confessed.

"Who else would see them?" I laughed nervously; my heart pounding at the prospect of modelling in my sexy underwear for him. "Terry…I suppose," he suggested nervously. "I don't suppose it would do any harm if you promise no one else would see them." I whispered as we walked back to the table hand in hand.

Sensing an uneasy silence when he re-appeared from the toilet, Terry raised his eyebrows quizzically at Bob who slightly shook his head as if to say 'don't ask'.

After taking a long sip of my cocktail I turned to Bob and nervously asked, "When do you want to take them?" He took a deep breath and suggested, "Now?" I silently drained my glass and smiled, "Okay." I stood up at the same time as Bob but Terry remained seated. "Aren't you coming too?" The Birthday Girl asked him. "Coming?" He replied, confused, "Where?" "Sue's going to let me photograph her in her undies!" Bob grinned. "Count me in!" His friend chortled as he gulped his drink.

"Bloody Hell!" I gasped when I entered Bob and Terry's State Room, "How much did this cost?" Slightly embarrassed at the opulence of the room Bob just smiled and shrugged his shoulders. Without thinking I sat on the edge of the sofa and crossed my legs exposing a stocking top and a suspender clasp. Presuming that this was a signal Terry told Bob to get his camera while he poured everyone a drink.

As the slightly older man unpacked his large digital camera Bob handed me a large glass of brandy and sat beside me. Bob quickly began taking photographs I as I sipped my drink, the thick liquid warmly sliding down my throat. "You don't just want pictures of me sitting here, do you?" I asked, taking charge of the situation. "Not really." Bob sighed.

"Tell me what you want then." I asked as I stood up. "Ahem…could you stand over there and…slowly… lift your dress…in stages…please?" Bob stammered. I grinned and crossed the room until I was next to the bedroom wall. "Like this?" I tittered as I lifted the hem of my dress up a couple of inches. "Yes!" he gasped and began clicking away. I lifted the dress an inch at a time then stopped when I was showing the lovely red and black lace; then continued as Terry hummed the Stripper tune.

Grinning and my stomach churning with excitement I finally lifted my dress until the men could see all of my stockings, suspenders and black see-through knickers. Bob's face was flushed red as I dropped the front of my dress back down to my knees. "What now?" I asked him as Terry placed my glass in my trembling hand. "Can you turn around and do that again?" Bob asked in a low husky voice.

"Of course I can!" I giggled with a new found confidence and turned to face the wall as IU took another slug of brandy.

Without asking I gripped the sides of my dress and slowly and deliberately pulled my dress up, stopping again just under my luscious backside then with a tug it was up around my hips.

The atmosphere was electric as the men stared in awe at my awesome stocking clad legs and fleshy arse cheeks that were being cut in two by the thin strip of black lace of my thong.

Terry joined me as I pulled the dress back down to cover my modesty. I virtually melted into his arms as he kissed my neck and ears and turned me around to face Bob and his camera. I closed my eyes and surrendered to him as Terry cupped a breast with one hand, nuzzled my ear and pulled the zip down on my dress with the other.

I shivered with delight as his tongue licked every inch of my neck and shoulders while he delicately removed my dress. "Yes&hellip.yes…yes." I heard Bob murmur as my dress was pulled down over my shoulders. I had to do a little wiggle which made my tits shake as it got stuck on my hips but that just added to the thrill of the moment. Still with my eyes closed I stepped out of the black dress and kicked it to one side. For the next few minutes I floated off into outer space as Terry caressed my tits through my bra and continued kissing and licking my neck and ears until I eventually moved my hands off his waist and tenderly rubbed his throbbing dick through his trousers.

My friend stopped kissing my and deftly unfastened my bra. I brought my hands forward and let it drop to the floor revealing my naked bouncing boobs to their stare. Bob was in his element photographing a 40 year old housewife now only wearing a tiny thong that was so small my luxurious pubic forest poked out of the sides and over the top, a sexy six strap suspender belt and fine black stockings as his best friend teased and stroked my pert tits for his camera.

Bob moved closer as Terry ran his fingers inside my panties gently tugging my pubes until I gasped with joy. I reciprocated by stroking his cock again, through his trousers. I was now letting out a series of low moans every time Terry kissed my neck, tweaked my tits or touched my pussy lips.

"Kneel on the sofa." Bob asked in a low voice. Terry guided me the few yards across the room and I knelt across the chair with my arse facing the men. Without being asked I spread my legs and stroked my pussy through the thin material of the gusset. I sensed that Bob was very close as I could feel his breath on my thighs. "Ooohhh;" I gasped as he kissed the flesh at the top of my stocking tops and ran his wet tongue down the crack of my arse cheeks.

My back stiffened and I pushed my hips into the air as he pulled the cheeks apart and began planting wet kisses all over my backside and between my legs. Bobs hands were very gentle as they stroked my silk stockings and suspender straps but it was his tongue that was driving me crazy as it pressed the soft material deep into my wet crevice.

Then&hellip.then…he did something that I'd never had done before…he pulled my knickers to one side and ran the tip of his tongue across my arse-hole. I thought that I'd died and gone to Heaven! When I sighed and moaned Bob probed my anus with the tip of his tongue, eventually easing the tight ring open.

"You kinky bugger!" Terry laughed as Bob replaced his tongue with his thumb as he moved his face further between my legs and began kissing and licking my dripping pussy. "Fuck off and take some pictures!" Bob hissed without taking his mouth from my cunt. I raised a leg onto the arm of the sofa to give him more room to suck and finger my holes.

At one stage he made my hips bounce up and down as he had four fingers buried deep in my pussy and his thumb stuck inside my arse as his tongue flicked across my clit.

"I can't wait much longer; take her pants down." Terry huskily whispered. They must have got some fantastic pictures as a thick strand of love juice clung to my gusset as Bob dragged the thong over my ample arse and down my legs. As I stood, virtually naked in the middle of the cabin, I was so aroused I couldn't move as Bob knelt between my parted legs to photograph my swollen gash as he pulled my labia apart letting my juices run down the inside of my hot thighs for his lens.

As Bob stood up; it was if Terry could read my mind they way he approached me from behind and roughly fondled my aching breasts as he licked and sucked my neck and earlobes. "Oh…yeesssss." I gasped as he pulled on my nipples and nibbled my left ear lobe and his 67 year old cock poked into my back.

When I eventually opened my eyes Bob too was naked and taking photos of me playing with his friend's firm cock as he shook my tits. Without saying a word; I sank to my knees, turned to face him and began kissing and licking Terry's stiff cock and hairy balls then sucked it until I fed the whole length into my mouth.

"Oh fuck!" Terry gasped when he felt his knob touch my tonsils, "She's fucking deep-throating me! Aaagghhh! She really is a fucking great cocksucker!" Bob quickly moved in close and got a picture of Terry's balls touching my chin as my throat expanded with his cock.

Terry laughed wildly as he held my head in place and began thrusting his hips; wildly fucking my mouth and throat. My nostrils flared and my eyes flashed as I desperately fucked his cock with my mouth as I tried to make him cum for the camera and splash his spunk all over my face. "Did you take one?" Bob asked his friend.

"What? A Viagra?" Terry grunted as his balls bashed against my chin, "of course I did! This fucking thing's going to be stiff for hours!" "Get on the sofa then." Bob chuckled, "so I can fuck her while she's sucking you!" Laughing; Terry held his cock in place and made me shuffle the few yards across the room on my knees until he could sit down.

Knowing what type of picture Bob wanted I arched my back and spread my legs as I slowly moved my head up and down; slobbering on the five inches of fat cock that was in my mouth. It had been so long since I'd had last had sex I'd sometimes worried that my pussy would actually 'heal over' so I was going to enjoy every nano-second of this evening. The older of the two men positioned himself behind me and grasped my hips.

His cock soon slid between my legs and pressed against my throbbing cunt. I had to wriggle my hips before it found its way into my pussy entrance; then with a push backwards a man's cock sank into my vagina for the first time in two years.

The feeling as it opened up my vaginal walls was out of this world. "LET'S GO!" Bob shouted as he playfully spanked my arse and began pummelling my cunt with his 68 year old dick. "OH YESSSSS!" Terry gasped as he grabbed my head and tits and began fucking my mouth. I tried to meet their strokes and pushes with ones of my own as they tried to fuck me rigid at both ends, but it was futile as they soon got out of synch; so I just hung onto Terry and enjoyed the ride!

It didn't take long for Terry to begin grunting and before I could do anything about it he began spurting warm spunk into my mouth. "Ugh…ugh!" I began coughing. Terry let go of my head and let his cock slip out of my mouth; shooting the last drops onto my face.

Bob gripped my hips even tighter and began thrusting even harder into my shuddering hole. His cock felt so good going in so deep I had to throw my head back and straighten my back in appreciation. Terry took advantage by wrapping his sticky cock between my quivering tits and gave himself a cheeky titty-fuck! "Oh&hellip.oh&hellip.OH…OH!" Bob gasped as he thundered his old cock into my cavernous hole one last time and I soon felt my cunt become very warm as he filled it with his gluey white cum and collapsed onto my back.

The three of us lay intertwined gasping for air for two or three minutes until Terry began slowly rubbing his cock between my tits again. "Are you ready to switch ends?" Terry chuckled as he tweaked my stiff nipples. "I didn't think Mel was serious when he sold you those tablets." Bob panted in astonishment as he withdrew his still hard cock from my sticky fanny.

"I can't remember the last time my cock stayed like this after an orgasm." "It's the best bloody £20 I've spent in a long time." Terry grinned as his cock swung in front of my face, "What do you think Pet?" "It looks good to me!" I whispered as I tried to catch my breath.

"Are you ok?" Concerned; Bob asked as he sat in front of me. "Yes," I smiled, "but I can't stay on my knees for much longer. As I painfully stood up Terry passed me my glass and I took a long refreshing slug of brandy.

Bob raised his eyebrows, grinned and slapped his naked thighs, "Well come and sit on my knee then!" "Mmm mmm," I tittered, "that sounds good to me." I stood astride his legs and teased him by straightening my stockings and suspenders only inches from his reddening face. "Jesus&hellip.Sue, you look bloody gorgeous." He whistled as his fingers gently traced their way across my stomach and suspender belt, until he slowly caressed my nylon covered legs; forcing himself not to touch my most intimate place.

"Are you ready?" I whispered seductively. Mesmerised; Bob nodded his head. I slowly lowered myself down until I felt the tip of his dick touch the tiny gap between my holes. Bob was going to speak but I put a finger onto his lips and motioned that he should keep silent, as I fumbled between my legs and took hold of his stiff cock.

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The sensation as his bell-end touched my opening sent shivers up my back. I took a deep breath and softly bit my bottom lip as I guided his pink missile into my love-hangar. I fixed my eyes onto his and grabbed his shoulders as I began rocking backwards and forwards, grinding his cock deep inside my wet hole. As soon as I'd acclimatised to our position I started to slowly fuck him. There was a look of pure submission on his face so I took advantage and began to fuck the living daylights out of him.

Up and down, back and forth, quickly, slowly…I was lost in the moment. My tits ached so much I fed them into his mouth…making him give my nipples some relief as he suckled on them like a big baby. As I humped his friend like a porn star Terry had picked up the camera and was now walking around us taking even more dirty pictures.


After 4 or 5 minutes I felt my clit begin to throb out of control so I really speeded up grinding my love-button against Bob's pubes. "Huh huh huh!" I grunted when I felt my orgasm begin in my toes. I flung an arm around his neck and pulled his head in tighter against my tits as I bounced up and down on his stiff old dick trying to crush my throbbing clitoris against his bones.

I tried everything but my orgasm would climax! Sweat was pouring off my forehead; but I wouldn't …I couldn't give up! I had to cum. I'd never been this horny in my life and I just had to have an orgasm. I HAD TO HAVE AN ORGASM!!! I eventually had to slow down. To catch my breath if for no other reason. Then I felt Terry place his hands on my hips. "Let's see if this helps." He whispered in my ear as he pressed his cock against my arse hole. Shocked at his actions I threw my head around; only to see him wink in the most lecherous manner as his bulbous cockend squeezed into my tiny, greasy anus.

"No, no, no, NO!" I squealed as it slid inside my bum far too easily. "No…Terry…NO!" "Yes, yes, YES!" The old man chuckled as he began thrusting his cock up my arse.

I tried to shake him off me like a bitch with a dog in the street; but it was no good; he had me well and truly speared. The men were laughing and talking as they effortlessly fucked me in both holes at the same time, but my head was now so foggy I couldn't make out what they were saying. I'd never given any real thought to anal sex before tonight.

It had never been an issue with my ex and I don't think that it had even been invented when I first discovered sex. Even now, with Terry's cock easily gliding along my shit-chute I kept expecting it to hurt me; but it didn't.

If it felt of anything it felt uncomfortable deliciously uncomfortable! I soon lost all track of time as Bob began moving his hips in time with Terry's powerful anal thrusts sending me delirious with joy as their shafts kept touching through the thin membrane that separated my vagina from my arsehole.

In next to no time I was pushing all of my weight back to meet each forceful stab from their cocks. As soon as we found a comfortable rhythm I began pressing my throbbing clitoris as hard as possible into Bob's groin as I tried to make myself cum…and cum as loudly as humanly possible!

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SMACK! Laughter. SMACK! I was soon shaken from my sexual ecstasy as Terry began spanking me on each downward stroke.

SMACK…SMACK! My arse cheeks were soon on fire but the extra excitement it gave me was astonishing. "Yes…YES!" I yelped as his hand struck my soft flesh again, "Spank me…spank me…Harder…HARDER!" "You dirty bugger!" Terry snorted as his hand crashed down against my arse at the same time as both men jammed their cocks into my body. My eyes were now tightly closed and I was biting my lip as my head shook from side to side as my orgasm began as a tingling in my toes then without warning roared through my body until I was screaming 'AaaaaaAAAGGGGHHHHHH yyyyeeeeessssss!' at the top of my voice when it finally reached my clit and exploded like a neutron bomb!

My whole body trembled with pleasure and sweat dripped off my brow as I tried to bask in the afterglow of the most intense orgasm of my 40 years; but they weren't finished with me yet. I was like a rag doll and my arse cheeks were on fire from the spanking as they increased the ferocity of their fucking as they both desperately tried to cum inside me but the Viagra and their ages meant that it was probably difficult for them but they keep at it; fucking me until my holes were virtually in tatters.

I was in Heaven. "Huh…huh…Ohhhhh&hellip.yeesssss." Terry groaned as he suddenly stopped fucking my arse and filled it with his old seed. "Yeesssss…take that you dirty fucker!" "Oh yes…oh yes…oh yes!" he sighed as he sagged and fell across my back.

Before I could do anything about his weight Bob quickly speeded up and hammered my cunt from beneath until he too filled an orifice with 60 year old spunk. We lay sandwiched together gasping for oxygen for an eternity until Terry placed his hands onto the small of my back and eased his still stiff cock out of my arse. I was stunned to find myself upset at the sudden feeling of emptiness in my stretched back passage.

After I'd gulped down the last of my brandy I excused myself and went to the toilet. I couldn't believe my eyes when I caught my reflection in the bathroom mirror. I looked and felt amazingly sexy as I admired my body for the first time in my adult life. I had a glow to my face, my hair was a dishevelled mess, my legs appeared slim and sexy in my stockings and my tits looked good…no…they looked bloody fantastic!

The only part of my body that didn't look good was the white triangle that my bikini pants had left as the rest of my body was tanning nicely. When I sat on the toilet to pee the only sensations I could feel was a dull ache in my bum and pussy. When I'd finished I put my hand on the door handle and stopped. For a split second the last couple of hours flashed through my mind and I had no idea what to expect when I re-entered the room.

I took a deep breath and faced Bob and Terry; as I still only wearing my stockings and suspenders I tried to discretely cover my breasts and pubes; which amused Terry. "It's no good being shy now, pet!" He laughed. "Are you still game or are you too tired for any more?" "What have you got in mind?" I enquired as he handed me another large glass of brandy.

"It's up to you, but Bob fancies a go at your arse if you fancy it." He replied bluntly. I shivered with excitement at the thought of having my arse fucked for a second time. I shyly smiled and nodded. "Come to daddy then!" Bob chuckled and tapped his thighs again. I looked at him quizzically, "How do you want me?" "Turn around and face the camera." Bob laughed as he motioned a circle with his hand while beckoning me towards him. Meekly, I stood in front of him as Terry began taking pictures, and lowered myself backwards.

Bob held onto my waist and guided me down until I felt his knob between my bum cheeks. I could feel my eyes glaze over and my pulse began to race as he fumbled with his prick until it was lined up against my stretched sloppy arse hole.

"You ready for this?" Bob whispered as his knob edged past my strained sphincter muscle. I closed my eyes and nodded. Perhaps it was because Terry had taken me by surprise when he had pushed his cock into my arse and this time it was premeditated but it felt a hell of a lot bigger as I slowly sat on Bob's hard fat cock. I whimpered as inch after inch of cock sank deep inside my anus.

"Oh fuck that feels good." Bob panted and laughed as he took all of my weight on his cock. "I never thought that I'd say this; but I'm glad you greased her arse first!" "Glad to be of service." Terry grinned and kept taking pictures of the grimace on my face. "Open your legs for the camera pet." I eased my legs apart and Bob pulled me back until we were virtually lying on the sofa. "I can't really see it going in," Terry complained, "lift your legs up." I tried to comply but by doing so Bob's cock went even deeper into my bum making me groan with the discomfort.

"Lift her legs up mate, so I can get a good shot." Terry told his friend. With my help Bob placed his hands under my knees and we lifted my legs into the air.

"That's better." Terry coldly told us as he knelt about 9 inches away from the cock shoved inside my anus, "Now get stuck in son." Bob took the lead and began slowly fucking my arse. The slight pain and discomfort was fucking delicious as his 6 inches pummelled my tender arse hole.

"Ooh…ooohhh. yeesssss&hellip.oh, oh, oh&hellip.JESUS…Ooh, ooh!" I moaned as he sodomised me in front of a camera lens. I was enjoying myself so much I had to tease and tug at my nipples as I shoved two fingers into my twat as I rubbed my tingling clit with the palm of my hand. Twice? Three times? I lost count of the mini-orgasms I had as I ground my arse onto Bob's thick cock.

What had I been missing all of these years anal sex was fucking awesome…I loved it. "I can't cum like this," Bob panted after about five minutes, "you'll have to get off." "Ooohhh no," I pretended to whine as I twisted my hips; then slowly stood up savouring the last few seconds that his cock was in my arse. "Get on your knees for us," Terry directed me. Still panting and very, very excited I did as I was told. "Put your hands behind your back and open your mouth." Terry continued.

I didn't have to guess to hard to know what they wanted to do. I felt very submissive as I knelt between two men in their 60's with my hands clamped behind my back and my mouth hanging open in preparation for my 'reward'. With one hand holding the camera and the other rubbing furiously on his cock Terry stood about 6 inches from my face; he was quickly joined by Bob who started wanking his cock too.

My pussy and nipples were throbbing as their cocks twitched but I knew that I couldn't play with myself or it would have spoiled the scenario.

"YYYYEEEESSSSS!" Bob moaned as a warm jet of white liquid squirted out of his purple helmet and landed on my cheek. "Huhhhhh!" Terry groaned as his spunk oozed out like toothpaste. As Bob fired another jet onto my face Terry leant forward and wiped his cream across my lips. I had to stick my tongue out and taste him. It was delicious as I ran my tongue around my mouth savouring the spunk of two old men.

I was so turned on my heart was pounding and a small pool of my love juice had formed in the carpet between my knees as both men put their cocks against my lips for me to lick the last of their cum at the same time. Even with the aid of Viagra Bob and Terry were absolutely worn out after nearly an hour of dirty, sweaty sex so without hardly saying a word we all got cleaned up and retired to Bob's bedroom were the three of us shared a double bed until nearly 10 o'clock in the morning.