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Castratrix Orias bastet Domina cbt joi CEI
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A year had passed since we made love for the first time, and let me tell you, our sex life was out of this fucking world! I loved it when we role played! My favorite was when she wanted to pretend to be my baby sister. I don't know why but I fucking loved it. I knew when she wanted to pretend to be my sister when she sent me a text calling me her brother.

Then she would sleep in her room and we were able to go almost a week before I fucked my "little sisters" brains out. There were many more scenarios that we played out, holy damn was it amazing. Oh let's not forget, I had several pairs of handcuffs that we used often. God oh god those were amazing amazing times! But the most important part of everything was that our love for each other had grown so deep that it seemed like it was indestructible. We weren't perfect and we did have our problems, but we always always made sure we were pono before we left the house, or before we went to bed.

Arguments, yeah we had them, but they very rarely every turned into shouting matches. When I say very rarely, I mean that it only got to that point one time. We both hated it and felt amazingly guilty after that. So we haven't had one ever since. We were talking about marriage and everything. She and I went ring shopping just for the hell of it and she had already picked her ring out. She and I started talking about my cousin Lizzy, you know, the one with platinum blonde and dark blue hair.

My Courtney wanted to meet her. I she already told her all about her and how she liked to take photos, porn photos. I showed her the ones of me that she took that day at our family reunion. I had been in contact with my cousin over the last several weeks and she knew I had a girlfriend.

She knew her name, but had no idea what she looked like. She also knew that she was Janines little sister. She was so excited and happy that I had a woman that just brightened my world on so many levels.

She really wanted to meet her so she was planning on heading to our place. One day I was sitting around with my love when we started talking about her. We then started talking about how we were going to have them meet when an idea came to mind. "Hey! I have an idea!" I said. "What's this brilliant idea?" She asked with a grin. "What if I take her to your club and you give her a lap dance.

We won't tell her that it's you until it's all over with." I said. "Actually, that is a brilliant idea." She said. So we started to plan how we were going to do it. It actually started to get exciting. I couldn't wait to see her face once we break it to her that she was my girlfriend. So we started to set things up. We planned on having her stay in the room that my Courtney and I fucked in, the one she stayed in before she moved in with me officially.

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I went an entire month without a day off. I worked so many hours that I was making good money. God I missed my baby, and let me tell you this, she was supportive of me and stood behind me. We both hated the fact that we didn't get to see much of each other, so she started meeting me places to bring me lunch. We would sit and eat together and I did the same for her when she was working.

It didn't matter how much we worked or what we were doing, we made it a point to see each other, and spend as much time together as we possibly could. When I finally had time off I was happy as hell. Courtney and I spent every waking moment together. I was off for the third day and my cousin was coming into town.

I met her at my moms and hung out with her and both of my moms for a little while. She got in kind of late so Courtney was heading to work. Liz and I headed to my truck and started to head home.

"So when do I get to meet this girl that stole your heart?" She asked. "Soon." I said. "Good, hey on the way here, I saw a strip club. We should go." She suggested. "Great idea!" I said. "Would your girl be ok with that?" She asked.

"I really don't think she would have a problem with it." I said. "Are you sure? I don't want to ruin your relationship with her." She said. "Trust me cuz, she will be ok with it." I said. "Ok let's go then." She said.

"Now?" I asked. "Why not?" She asked. "Lets do it then." I said. We pulled up to the club after several long minutes and she noticed the long ass line.

She was shocked at how popular that place was. She looked at me. "Um, should we just came back later?" She asked. "Nope, watch this." I said. We got out of the truck and walked right up to the front of the line.

The door man looked at me and gave me a manly hand shake and hug. "Hey man! It's been a while how the fuck are you?" He asked.

"I'm good man." I said as I leaned closer to him so that my cousin couldn't hear me. "This girl behind me is my cousin, she has no idea that my girl is a dancer here, keep it that way I want to surprise her." I said then backed off. "You're his cousin?" He asked. "Yes I am." She replied. "Nice to meet you, cmon and get in here." He said as he opens the rope. My cousin looked at me shocked at what just happened. "Wait, how does he know you?" She asked. "Let me just say this, you are about to find out, just enjoy yourself." I said as I grinned.

She was surprised even further when quite a few dancers came up to me and hugged me. After a while longer, we were sitting in the VIP area again and we watched my girl come out and dance. She looked at me and I pointed to my cousin. She grinned and kept dancing and acting like she didn't know me. After her set I looked at my cousin and she looked incredibly turned on. "What did you think about her?" I asked. "She is fucking sexy!

She is the hottest girl here, god! I kinda want her." She said. "Do you want a lap dance from her?" I asked. "Oh my god, hell yes!" She said. "Done." I said as I beckoned for one of the dancers. "Hey Adam, whats up?" She asked. "Can she get a lap dance from star?" I asked.

"I'll check, but since it's you, it'll probably happen. Who is she?" She asked. "It's my cousin Lizzy, she is here for a few days." I said. "Hi, your cousin is an awesome man. I'll go get star." She said. "How do all these girls know you?" She asked. "It's a surprise. But trust me, you'll find out." I said. After several minutes my girl came out, just after I handed my cousin a wad of 5s 10s and 20s. She looked so so fucking sexy! She had a tiny little maids outfit on. I couldn't help but drool when I saw her.

She walked right up to my cousin and introduced herself to her. Then the dance began. My cousin was in absolute heaven. She looked so horny that she couldn't see straight. "Good god your so hot!" Lizzy said as my baby danced in her lap and stripped down. After the song was over my baby stayed in her lap and Lizzy looked over at me. "God she should be your girlfriend." She said as my girl continued to grind on my cousin.

"Well honey, that's just it. I'm Courtney, and I am his girlfriend." She said. "What! No fucking way! You never told me that your girl was this fucking hot!" Liz said shocked by the news. "I told you that it was a surprise." I said as I stood up and kissed my baby as she ground into my cousin. "Hi baby." She said after we broke the kiss. "You look so fucking hot." I said.

"So do you, as usual." She said. She came and sat in my lap and watched quite a few dancers give my cousin lap dances. "Is that the cousin that you fucked?" She whispered in my ear. "Yes it is." I said. "Good god baby, no wonder, she is really really sexy." She whispered as she started to give me a lap dance.

"Do you like her?" I asked. "Oh my god yes. She is really hot. I wouldn't mind watching you fuck her." She whispered. "I wouldn't mind watching you eat her pussy." I said. "I will only if you fuck me from behind while I do it." She said seductively. "Deal." I said as she ground on me. She turned around and faced the other direction and started to really grind on me.

She had grabbed my hands and slid them into her perky little tits. I started to massage them as she looked up at me. I leaned down and started to miss her as she reached behind her and grabbed my cock. She started to squeeze and rub me through my pants making my cock get harder and harder.

We moaned into each other's mouth as I pinched her nipples and massaged her tits. She started to grind on me harder as she broke the kiss. I closed my eyes and sighed as my body tensed up. "Hey baby, look at your cousin." She whispered. She and I looked over and my cock twitched. Quite a few of the dancers were all over her and making out with her. They had her shirt hiked up over her tits and her bra pulled down.

A few of them were sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy through her pants. She was sitting right next to me, so close that her shoulder brushed against my arm. She looked at me after breaking the kiss with one of her dancers. Her eye brows were slanted as she looked at me. "Having fun?" I asked. "Fff.fuck yeah. I sh.should have worn, uuuu.worn a skirt." She whispered. "Are they making you wet honey?" Courtney asked.

"Dripping." She replied. Just then one of the dancers pulled her face to her and slid her tongue into my cousins mouth. One of the other dancers looked at me. "Can we keep her?" She asked.

"Yeah, can we just go home with you all?" Another asked. "Is that ok Lizzy?" I asked. "Can they please?" She asked with slanted eye brows. "Yes they can." I said at the exact same time as Courtney did. Just then I felt Courtney let go of my cock and stand up. She started to dance for me she kissed me hard and grabbed my knees and dropped to hers. She slid her face up my legs and gently bit my cock through my pants. "Fuck that's so hot." I heard my cousin whimper.

I looked over at her, and she was watching my Courtney lick and bite me through my pants. The girls we still kissing her body and sucking her tits. She moaned as another girl started to make out with her.

I then watched my Courtney stand up and slide into my lap. I lifted her and started to suck on her tits. I sucked her nipples into my mouth, and flicked them with my tongue. She started to whimper as her hips writhed.

Her covered dripping pussy ground on my stomach wetting my t shirt. As soon as two songs finished we all backed off and tried to calm down. The other girls lifted my cousins bra back on and helped her pull her shirt down as the all made out with her one at a time. That's when I noticed that my cousin had her hands in two of the dancers panties and she was rubbing their pussies.

She pulled her hand out and she got herself composed as much as she could. "God now I'm fucking horny." She said making all of us laugh. "So your serious about letting us come home with you?" One asked.

"Yes honey we are. We are very serious." Courtney said. "Ok good because I want more of your sexy cousin." Another said. "Do you know what would be sexy as fuck?" One asked.

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"What's that?" I asked. "If you two watched us violate your cousin." Another said. "Mmmmmmm, that does sound so hot." Courtney said. "That's if it's ok if my cousin here is ok with it." I said. "Babe, I fucked you remember? I don't think there would ever be a problem with that." Liz said making Courtney moan again. "Oh my fucking god! You fucked him?!" One asked. "It was a very long time ago but yeah I fucked him." She said.

"Oh god, oh my god that's so hot!" They all said. "Did you know about that?" One asked as they looked at Courtney. My cousin got a panicked look in her eyes as she looked over at me. "Yes I did, I wish I could have been there for that." Courtney replied. "You two should kiss." One said. "Hey, my girl is right here." I said making my Courtney laugh. She then leaned in very close to my ear. "It's ok baby, I would love to see that, remember we like to keep things spicy, interesting and fun.

You have no idea how wet that would make me baby." She whispered. "Yeah?" I asked as she backed off and bit her lip.

"The kinkier the better." She hissed as she looked into my eyes. I sat there looking at her in shock, then she looked into my eyes.

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She turned my head in the direction of my cousin as the other girls closed the curtains so no one could see in the vip area. I looked over and saw another dancer whispering in her ear, one lifting her shirt up, and one sliding her hand into my cousins pants. I looked over at Courtney and she looked so turned on that she couldn't see straight. She sat in my lap and slid her hand into her panties.

"Please baby, I wanna see it so bad." She whimpered. "Fuck it." Lizzy said as she grabbed my chin and made me face her. The next thing I knew was that her tongue was in my mouth. We started kissing really hard and passionately. She moaned into my mouth as her body started to roll and spasm. Soon I felt my Courtneys hand pulling me away from my cousin gently. She then started to kiss her hard. They were so close to me that I could feel their breaths on my face.

I started to thrust my hips slowly as Courtney took my hand and put it on my cousins tits. I started to massage it and pinching her nipples. I slid my other hand on Courtneys pussy and started rubbing her, making her moan into my cousins mouth. She broke the kiss with my cousin and all but attacked me. We started kissing so hard that I started to feel light headed. We broke the kiss and she turned me to my cousin. She was being kissed by another dancer. I looked down to see that one of them had pulled her pants down and was licking her clit.

"We gotta get out of here." I hissed. "I know, I need your cock." Courtney hissed. We all broke up and she made me kiss my cousin again. After a while we all calmed down a little. My cousin straightened herself up and all of the girls sat in her lap, and all over her. Just then one of them opened the curtain and we all sat there talking. I felt a hand on my leg. It was rubbing my inner thigh. I then felt a second hand and looked at my girl.

She was watching the other hand. Her eyes were partially closed and her mouth was opened. She looked into my eyes as she motioned for me to look.

I looked down and saw that my cousin was rubbing my leg too. I was rock hard as we all sat there talking. Then this douche came up and injected himself into our conversation. Then he became very disrespectful to me, pissing my girl off bigger than shit.

"You should just date me." He said to my girl. "Whoa, hold on a second." I said. "Baby, I got this." She said with a grin. "Ok."'I said.


"And why is that?" She asked. "Im better than him." He said. "Are you sure about that?" She asked. "Yes, that and I'm sure he's got a small dick." He said making Courtney laugh at him. "I don't know about that. Hey Lizzy, does 10 inches long and 4 inches thick seem small to you?" She asked.

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"Fuck no, that sounds huge!" Lizzy said. "That's sounds enormous!" All of the others said. "And how big is your dick?" She asked. "I don't know, uuuu.I don't know. I don't believe that it's that big." He said stumbling and looking like a jack ass. "Well, I've been fucking him for over a year so I think that if anyone would know it would be me. And trust me, he is really that big." She said. "I didn't know that." He said looking completely defeated. "She has shared him with several of us so we know too.

He really is that big." One of the dancers lied to help us out. "Uuuuummmmmm, yeah. I've never seen a white guy with a cock like that. Feels really good too." Another said lying as well. "I've fucked him too, and I can definitely say that he really is that huge." Lizzy chimed in. "Well I didn't know." He said completely defeated. "Now you do. Maybe you should know facts before you open your mouth. Not only that he has treated me like his queen ever since we started dating." Courtney said.

"Sorry I didn't know, congratulations." He said as he looked at me. "Thanks." I said as he stood up looking completely defeated and dejected. "You didn't have to be a bitch about it." He said.

"I'm going to ask you to not talk to her like that." I said. "Fuck you mother fucker, I'll fuck you up." He said. I stood up and his eyes got really big. He wasn't expecting me to be that big at all. "I'm sorry?" I asked. "Fuck dude, I don't want any trouble man." He said as he started to walk backwards.

"I don't talk to her that way, and I'll be damned if anyone else is going to. Do you understand?" I asked. He just stood there looking at me. "Just give me the north and south." I said.


He finally nodded his head yes. "Sorry man." He said. "Don't apologize to me, you didn't call me a bitch." I said. He apologized to my girl and walked away. We all then started to make out and grope each other again. Only it was just me and my girl and the dancers and my cousin. After a while the club was closing. The girls all walked out and that's when I noticed that my cousin was completely topless, her pants were undone and her face was flushed.

She was also breathing really hard. Her eye brows were slanted and she was biting her lip when she looked at us. Courtney grabbed her and pulled her to us. "Kiss her baby." She said as she pulled me down. I pressed my lips against my cousins and our tongues started to slide and twist together with every kiss. We started to kiss harder and harder. I then broke the kiss and looked at my Courtney and kissed her hard.

She moaned into my mouth just as I stopped kissing her and they started kissing like crazy. I felt a hand grip my cock so I looked down and saw my cousins hand with Courtneys on top of hers. "Oh god." I whispered. Just then the girls broke the kiss and my girl smiled. "I need you to do me a favor." My girl said softly as she looked at my cousin. "Anything." Lizzy replied. "Do what ever it takes to keep my man nice and hard for me." She hissed. "Mmmmmm, what ever it takes?" She asked.

"Yeah, what ever it takes. I really don't care." She hissed. "What if I want to suck his monster cock?" She asked. "Mmmmmmmm god, then do it, as long as he is nice and hard for me.

I want to fuck him." Courtney said. "Can I watch?" She asked. "Hell yes, that's if you can, I have a feeling that you're going to be a little preoccupied." Courtney said with an extremely sexy giggle. "I will do what ever it takes I promise that he will be rock hard and ready for your pussy." My cousin said.

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"Thanks, I'll be home as soon as I can." My girl said. "I love you baby." She said as she looked up at me. "I love you too." I said. She kissed both of us and my cousin and I walked out. She didn't even bother to put her shirt back on, or do her pants up.

We got into the truck and her hand immediately went straight for my cock. "She said what ever it takes." She hissed as she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She started to stroke me as she leaned down and started to rub her pussy.

I could clearly hear how wet she was as she did. I moaned and my hips started to thrust as she slowly and gently stroked my cock. Chills ripped through my body as she did. She swirled her thumb around my cock head making my cock twitch really hard. "Fuck I didn't know this was going to happen tonight, god I'm so horny." She whimpered.

"I didn't either." I said. She sat up right after we entered the complex. She leaned over and took me into her mouth. She started to suck my cock her aggressively, gagging as she did. I moaned and my entire body tensed up and shook. Once we got into my driveway, she popped me out of her mouth and started making herself decent. I had to completely undo my pants in order to tuck my cock back in. We went straight inside where she all but ripped her cloths off.

She walked up to me and undid my belt and started to take my pants off. She pulled my pants and boxer briefs off in one move. She grabbed my cock and took me to the living room. She shoved me into the couch and dropped to her knees, and immediately started to suck my cock.

I moaned and my back arched as chills ripped through me. She popped me out of her mouth and looked up at me. "Fuck I forgot how much I loved this massive thing baby." She hissed. "I forgot how amazing my cousins mouth felt on me." I said as she slowly jerked my cock. We didn't realize that the girls were so close until we watched them all walk in.

Courtney took one look at me and my cock in my cousins hand and started to strip down. The other girls all came up to my cousin and lifted her up and started to kiss her hard.

My girl walked up to me and slid me deep into her throat one time before she released my cock with an audible pop. She then sat next to me, damn near in my lap and kissed me hard. She broke the kiss just as she started to stroke me.

She leaned down and started to suck my cock slowly as we both watched the all girl orgy take place.


My little cousin was the center of all of the attention. She looked up at us as one girl licked her pussy and two others sucked her tits. She bit her lip hard as she watched my Courtney slowly suck my cock. Several of the other girls looked up to watch also. None of them had a clue that I was as big as I was. They all lied at the club to help back Courtney up. "Fuck that is fucking huge!" One said.

"Now you know why she is always so satisfied." My cousin whimpered between gasps. Courtney released my cock with an audible pop and looked at the girls.

"I wasn't lying about his size, he really is this big." She hissed just before she took me into her mouth again. After watching her head bob up and down on me slowly and all of the other girls fuck each other, I was so turned on that I started to pulse in my girls mouth. I reached down and slid my finger inside of her making her moan on me. My hips thrusted paying my cock into her throat several times. We heard all of the other girls moan as they watched us. Even my cousin was loving the show.

After several minutes, I moved her and put her pussy on my face. I began to lick and suck on it slowly as she continued to suck my cock. I kissed her pussy like I did her mouth, sliding my tongue inside of her and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth as I did.

She moaned and started to grind on my face. She moaned and whimpered on my cock as I licked and ate her sweet pussy. After a short period of time, she climbed off of me and stood up. She slid into my lap and faced me. She and I started to kiss hard and passionately.

"Fuck I can't get over how much I love your big beautiful cock baby." She whimpered. "You like it huh?" I asked as she gave me the sexiest grin. "No, I fucking love it." She hissed. She started to grind her drooling pussy on my cock and moaning in my mouth as she continued to grind on my cock. We stared into each other's eyes and all of a sudden we had forgotten that there were a bunch of girls having sex and watching us. She reached down and grabbed my cock as she slid her pussy all the way up to my head.

My entire body tensed up like crazy and I moaned as I slipped inside of her. Her mouth opened and her eyes closed as I went deeper and deeper inside of her. She started to ride me slowly at first. She rode my cock for about a minute when her body tensed up like crazy. She shook and tried like hell to open her eyes but couldn't.

I held her ass up and started to fuck her making her pussy start to spasm like crazy. She started to cum and as she did, I started pounding her harder and harder.

I felt her cum force it's way from around my cock as I continued to fuck my Courtney. I stood up keeping myself buried deep inside of her. She wrapped her arms around me as I slid her up and down on my cock and thrusted at the same time. She cried out as one orgasm ripped through her one right after another.

Her back arched in my arms as I held on to her tightly. I walked to the couch and placed her on her back. As I continued to fuck her hard, her body rolled from one side to the other. She moaned really Los as her body shook. I pulled out of her making her squirt her cum all over the place. She rolled onto her stomach and laid there jerking and shaking. After a few minutes I walked up to her and shoved my cock deep inside of her with one thrust. She cried out and gripped the couch with both of her hands.

I fucked her brains out as I watched her tattoo covered body shake and jerk. I felt her cum dripping all over my legs and balls. I pulled out of her just as my balls tightened and my cock started to really pulse. I grabbed my cock as she laid there jerking. Her ass lifted and fell as she thrusted jerkingly. She started to come to and sat up. She immediately sucked my cock into her mouth and into her throat. She started to deep throat my cock right in front of all of the other girls.

We still felt like we were the only ones in that room. She cupped my balls and licked the entire length of my cock several times.

She turned me and shoved me on the couch and all but attacked me. She climbed into my lap and immediately sat on my cock. She kissed me hard as she bounced up and down on my cock hard and fast. My body started to jerk and shake and my hands were all over her body. Her lips were so close to mine that they touched and she exhaled in my mouth. I started to loose control of my body as absolute pleasure ripped through my body like and arrow. I moaned once I realized that she was cumming again.

Her back arched but he had her arms wrapped around my neck and was holding on for dear life. She didn't stop riding me at all. I felt her pussy tighten as it spasmed and her body shook like crazy.

I watched goose bumps form on her tattoo covered skin and her eyes roll into her head. I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell more. She had to stop bouncing because her orgasm started to really explode. The way her pussy spasmed and sneezed my cock pushed me closer and closer to the edge.

Once she lifted her self up I felt my cum force it's way through my cock. I arched my back and everything went white. I felt light headed and as though I was laying on a bed of fuzz. My entire body tensed up so hard as I listened to my Courtney moan and whimper. Just as she exploded again, my cock erupted deep inside of her. I have no clue as to how long we both sat there coming down from our orgasms.

All I knew was that we heard all of the girls talking about how sexy and hot it was that we both exploded at the exact same time. We came to and kissed as our bodies shook. I looked deeply into her eyes and kissed her over an over again. We sat there together and watched the girls play for several minutes before we ended up fucking again. This time they finished and gathered around us so they could watch us up close and personal. The rest of the time that my little cousin was there, she took a lot of pictures of us having sex.

She never joined us because she knew how much we loved each other. Her and Courtney were very close after that, so much so that we offered to have her move in with us.

On her last full night there, she did a ride along with me and had a hell of a lot of fun. After a while she left and it was just me and my girl.