Elena Koshka riding on top of step bro as fast and as rough

Elena Koshka riding on top of step bro as fast and as rough
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The morning sun was barely filtering through the blinds, not yet casting its glow over Mindy as she peacefully slept by my side. I watched in quiet fascination as the spreading light gradually transformed her hair from monochrome shades of black and white into the lustrous, golden sheen I knew so well.

Touched by the sun, her hair shimmered like liquid gold as it flowed over her shoulders, covering her neck and pooling behind her head. As the room filled with light, I made out a graceful shape under the sheet: her pleasantly rising hip tapering down to slender legs.

She was on her side, back toward me with her arms tucked comfortably in front, hugging a pillow to her breast. I sighed deeply, taking in her beauty and wondering what the hell I'd done. At just eighteen, Mindy was twenty-two years younger than I. She was only a girl, really, and one I certainly had no business taking as my lover. At one time, she was my adoring, young step-daughter. Christ, I could imagine what her mother was going to say. It wasn't like we'd planned this.

I tried to justify taking her the way I did — but a man my age ought to know better. 'Gloria is going to shit kittens when she finds out about this!' But, damn, sex with her was amazing. Even as I lay next to her, I couldn't quite wrap my head around it. One moment I was angry, grabbing her by the arm and spanking her ass, and the next, holy hell.

It was the best sex of my life. I expected her to resist and lash out in anger at the liberties I was taking, but Mindy responded with a need as passionate and powerful as mine. I'd turned her ass bright red and fucked her in every way possible, and she thanked me for doing it! The thought of being a submissive turns me on. That's what she admitted afterward but I barely knew what a submissive was and I certainly never considered myself as the dominant type.

Now, that seemed to be exactly where we were headed. Maybe I should be excited. I was certainly honored she wanted to share this with me, but in truth, I was scared. Yet, the idea turned me on. Simply watching her asleep was heating my blood. Part of me desperately wanted her again.

My erection grew thick and hard as memories of her scent and the sweet taste of her skin flickered through my mind. I reached out to stroke her bare shoulder, but withheld my touch mere inches from her flawless skin. Instead, I resolved not to push her.

I didn't want her to think I expected more. Not, at least, until I found out if this was truly what she wanted. Relaxing back into the bed, I gathered the sheets around me while dawn turned into morning.

It was still very early, and after such an amazing night, we both needed more than a couple hours of sleep. Reluctantly, I rolled over and drifted off. *** The clattering of glass, and the light pressure of her kneeling on the bed, woke me. It seemed only moments since dawn, but as sometimes happens, I felt several hours had passed while I dreamed.

"Hey, Hanky, wake up. I made some breakfast for you," Mindy happily chirped, setting a tray next to me. "Good morning," I replied with a yawn. Rolling over, I was treated to a smiling vision of blond hair and youthful beauty. Mindy was absolutely radiant with nothing more than one of my white tee shirts covering her slim body. The men's shirt fit her like a dress and clung to the rise of her breasts just tightly enough for protruding nipples to make sexy little tents.

My gaze flowed down her body until it came to rest on the bare skin of her legs. God, even with her hair mussed, she looked incredible. Her immaculate face was alight with a welcoming smile. "What's this?" I asked, tilting my head toward the tray. "Breakfast in bed? That's very sweet, but you didn't have to go to all that trouble." "It was no trouble. It's just a bagel with cream cheese, half a grapefruit, and some coffee.

Besides, I wanted to do it for you. You need it after last night." She was adorable and so proud of herself I couldn't resist smiling as I lifted half the bagel and handed it to her. "Thank you, Mindy. That was very thoughtful." Mindy shook her head at the offered tidbit.

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"No, that's for you. Sir." 'Sir?' The word echoed in my thoughts, bringing back the night before in stark detail. After our heated but unexpected coming together, she'd revealed her desire to be a submissive.

Until this moment, I was sure it had been said just in the heat of the moment. Now, with the breakfast in bed and her use of that particular honorific, it seemed she was intent on following through with what we'd so inadvertently started. I wasn't at all sure how to proceed, but regardless of that, I wasn't going to be deterred.

"No, I want you to eat it.

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Consider it a command, if you like." Sheepishly, she sat back on her haunches before tearing a bit off and slipping the tiny morsel into her mouth. Feeling strangely pleased. I watched her chew while I gathered my thoughts. "I think we need to talk about last night," I said, watching her lick a bit of cream cheese from her finger. Mindy actually blushed, but she nodded. "I know, Hanky. This is all really confusing, but I was serious about wanting to be yours." Then her face grew pale.

"You do want me, don't you? I mean, last night you were so." "Mindy," I responded quickly, stopping her in mid-sentence. Cupping her smaller hand in mine, I gazed deeply into her eyes. "Of course I do. God, last night was incredible, but it was dangerous for us. I need to be sure you know exactly what it is you are offering." "But, I do!" she declared with a flourish of her hands, actually bouncing a little on the bed. It was one of those cute things young women do, and I repressed the urge to smile at her insistence.

"Really?" I countered, perhaps more sharply than I intended. "Because I'm not sure I do. Just being intimate with you has rocked me, let alone the idea of being your Dominant. I'm not even sure what that means. How can you be so sure?" Mindy's lip curled in a half smile and she pulled another piece off the bagel before slipping it between my lips. "I understand, Hanky. This is as much a shock to me as it is to you. I didn't plan this any more than you did.

But I did feel this desire long before we ever happened." "With me?" I asked incredulously. Mindy giggled and shook her head with a reassuring playfulness.

"No, of course not with you. I learned all about this at work." "You mean at the Kensington's Fetish Club?" I inquired. "That's some hotel you work for." Mindy had told me about her work as the hostess for Club 13, and how she entertained and encouraged the couples as they engaged in all manner of sexual extravagances with others who shared their tastes.

I was amazed to discover such a place could even exist. Mindy smiled wryly. "It really is, Hanky but, gosh, if you could see the adoration the Doms and subs share. I've never seen such trust and devotion. I've spoken to several of both, and there is something about their relationship that appeals to me on a deeper level. I had it in mind to find a man I could share this with, but now I know I'll never find anyone I could trust enough.

No one besides you." I tore another bit off and fed her as she finished. "Be careful with that thought, Mindy," I warned. "It's too early to be talking about love or long term here. It would be very complicated for us, and I'm so much older than you." "Forty is hardly dead, Hanky," she replied after swallowing. "Besides, I'm not getting all googly-eyed here. I've thought this through, even if I never imagined submitting myself to you." Mindy looked at me with a seriousness I'd not seen before and she squeezed my hand in hers.

"I need to know if this is a lifestyle I really want to live. I'm not suggesting we get married or have kids, but we've been together now. We've had sex, and it was fantastic.

All I'm asking is that we try it. I know I can trust you to treat me the way I want to be treated, even if it hurts at times." Oh, shit.

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Images of things I'd done to her flashed through my mind. "Yeah, about that," I said, "how are you feeling, anyway? I hope I didn't go too far." Mindy bashfully sucked her lip as she rubbed her bottom. "I'm a little achy, but in a good way. I think my ass may be a little bruised from the spanking, and when you, um, you know. wow. That still feels a little sore." Stark memories of having her bent over the couch while I fucked her in the ass sent a hot flush of shame pouring through me.

It all sounded foul, and I suddenly felt as if I'd abused her terribly. "Oh, my God, yeah. I'm so sorry about that. I lost control. You aren't angry?" Mindy's eyes sparkled in sapphire blue and her face turned beetroot red, but her smile never wavered. "No, don't be sorry. I'm not mad. It did hurt, but. how do I explain this? It was something I wanted to feel.

The spanking and having you be so forceful? That was amazing, and I've never had a man in my ass before, but damn, it was incredible." "It was, wasn't it?" I replied with a grin. Mindy laughed but her cheeks kept their rosy-red hue as I held her in my gaze.

Taking her anal virginity stroked my ego more than I wanted to admit, but it also answered the first of my many questions. I understood then she was on a quest of sexual discovery. That meant the sharing of new experiences was going to be critical in our new relationship. To ensure that, I needed time to plan. From what little I knew of such relationships, it would be important for me to keep her off balance and to push her in ways she didn't expect.

She needed to find her limits, limits she couldn't possibly yet know. I needed time to prepare, and that wasn't something I could do with her by my side. I was resolved to join her in this journey, and I eagerly looked forward to enjoying her vibrance and sexuality along the way. "If you truly want this, I need to go out and prepare," I said.

"I will be gone most of the day. In the meantime," I paused, trying to improvise some Dominant-sounding rule for her to follow. Finally, I smiled, idly fingering her nipple through her white cotton tee.

"I don't want you to dress. You are to remain naked and clean the house." Mindy nodded, accepting my command, but the slight rise in her smile gave me pause until I caught my mistake.

"You are also not to touch yourself. If you fail in any way, you will be punished. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir," she responded and her smile turned to a pout.

It was a pout that only deepened as I slipped out of the bed. "But, Hanky, don't you want me before you go?" Holy hammers! Having her offering herself so easily made my cock throb, and although I was sorely tempted, I resisted the urge. This is going to be harder than I expected. The truth was, I wanted her desperately, but somehow I knew it wouldn't be easy to recapture the moment we'd shared.

What Mindy sought was more than just sex, and I was coming to believe we needed something different if we were going to make this work. The problem was, I knew almost nothing of dominating a woman. I needed to learn fast. "I do want you," I admitted, "but I want you to wait. If you are going to be a sub, you need to learn discipline and patience." "Yes, Sir," she said, quietly. Her look of disappointment was absolutely delicious, and knowing it to be true, it almost broke my will.

The game had barely begun, and we were already pulling at our restraints. That I could truly have my way with her — in any way I wanted — sent a thick surge of hot lust racing through me. Knowing I couldn't resist much longer, I sent her out of the room while I showered and dressed. Erotic ideas raced through my mind as I pondered what I would demand of my new and obedient slut.

The opportunities were endless, and my heart was pounding when I met her in the living room. Mindy had dutifully stripped out of my tee and was cleaning the mess we'd made of the room the night before. Being nude while performing such mundane tasks was clearly new to her and she actually blushed when she noticed me watching. For a moment, she froze as if struggling with her modesty while my gaze burned with undisguised attraction.

Then, her lips turned upward in a shy but excited smile. "Do you like what you see?" she quipped, pirouetting.


I took in her beauty. "You know I do. I doubt I'll ever get tired of seeing you like this. You may not get to wear clothes around here very often." It was said half in jest, but God, she was beautiful. Her blond hair was up and off her shoulders, exposing her graceful neck.

Her breasts were firm and high, and her pink nipples were hard, protruding from her rosy areolae. I was fascinated by the arch of her back and how gracefully her thighs flexed as she moved around the room. Seeing her nude in such a natural way made my blood run hot, and my awakened cock was throbbing insistently in my slacks. Moving behind her, I held her close, nuzzling her neck. "I'll be out for a while," I whispered into her ear, "but there is something I need before I go." Mindy's body melted into mine and she purred.

"I will do anything for you, Sir." Sliding my hands up her belly, I cupped her breasts, roughly fondling them. Her boobs were large enough to fill my hands and felt wonderfully heavy in my palms. Firm, pliable and soft, I delighted in digging my fingers deeply into her flesh. Mindy cooed, relaxing into my chest until I pinched her nipples sharply enough to make her gasp. "Watching you has made me hard.

Do you think a proper sub would let her Master leave his home with his cock ready for her touch?" Mindy winced and sucked in a hiss as I pinched her nipples more viciously. Holding her tight against my chest, I bit and kissed her neck as she reached between us, squeezing my cock through my slacks.

"Of course not, Hanky." she purred in response. "I would never want you to leave without taking care of you first. Please, take me back to the bed and fuck me before you go. I've been wanting you inside me all morning." Her continued use of 'Hanky' instead of 'Sir' or 'Master' made me pause, but I quickly decided I preferred her pet name.

She'd called me Hanky as a child, long before we lost touch. It was ours, and it carried far more meaning for us than any type of honorific. Turning her around, I tilted her head up with a single finger under her chin. "You've done well, so far. So well, in fact, that I'm tempted to take you right here and give you the fucking you deserve, but that will have to wait.

What I need now is for you to show me that you really want to serve. Pull out my cock, and show me what kind of slut you can be. Are you willing to do that for me, simply because I told you to do it?" Mindy's eyes flashed, and she seductively wet her lips, nodding in agreement.

"Yes, Sir. I would be happy to suck you off before you go." Her excitement was palpable and her hands trembled on my skin as she glided to her knees. I was sure this was the first time she was truly given a command to submit to a man sexually.

It wasn't a request and it had to be a powerful moment for her. I wanted to be sure I didn't break the mood. "When I get back, I want you on your knees, just as you are now, understand?" "Yes, Sir," Mindy replied, her fingers tracing the growing bulge in my slacks.

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"I like making you hard, Master. It excites me to know I do this to you. Last night, everything happened so quickly I didn't get a chance to really appreciate how nice your cock is. I want to now, if it pleases you?" The question didn't need a response and I sighed as she squeezed me through my pants.

Mindy's hand felt small, but her grip was strong and I became even harder as she stroked me through the cloth. Perhaps a Dom should be more aggressive, but I was happy to allow her all the time she desired if it made her happy.

I was taking in every nuance of her beauty as she knelt before me. Her chest rose with each breath, causing her nipples to protrude through the mass of blond hair falling over them. Her tongue flicked over her lips, wetting them as if she were already anticipating the masculine taste of my cock. I had been hard since I woke, and when she finally opened my slacks, my cock forced its way through the fly of my boxers. Bobbing hard and stiff, the head swayed just inches from her partly opened mouth.

"You have a beautiful cock, Hanky," she whispered as she drew my slacks all the way down my legs. My boxers quickly followed and she carefully pulled both away as I stepped out of them. "That's better." She smiled as she moved them aside. "It wouldn't do for my Master to have cum stains on his pants." The whole situation was as absurd as it was surreal. Here was my eighteen-year-old former step daughter, nude and on her knees, about to suck me off in the foyer. The day before, I would never have even fantasized about such a thing.

As the tantalizing sensation of her fingertips fluttered over my glans, I closed my eyes and considered everything she'd said. All of this was because she wanted to be a submissive. What did that even mean? From the way she was serving me, I could only presume it meant she wanted to be used. In fact, judging by the night before, she seemed to have a strong desire to be roughly taken.

I decided right then that, if I was truly going to be her Master, I needed to make her feel like a slave. Grasping my cock, I gave it a quick stroke before guiding her to it with my other hand. "Staining my pants shouldn't be a problem, not if you are a careful, little slut. Listen to me, none of my load had better escape your lips, or I'll have you over my knee again." Mindy's eyes grew wide at the sudden change in my tone and her cheeks blushed as I gave her the order.

I wondered if she would rebel or take offense, but she nodded and agreed, "Yes, Sir," before taking the turgid head completely into her mouth. Moist heat and gentle suction massaged my dome as I slipped into her embrace.

Moving slowly, her mouth slid up and back until my cock was wet with saliva. I gasped when her tongue flicked over my head, swirling around, before sucking me deep. Just as my toes began to curl, she pulled back, flashing that impish smile. "I'm going to swallow your load when you come, Master. My mouth is yours to use anytime you feel the need.

I promise, I will always take it all." "Good girl," I replied, stifling a groan as Mindy again took my cock between her luscious lips. This time she didn't stop and I soon felt her caressing my entire shaft with the warm wetness of her mouth.

The silky glide of her flesh over my tender skin had my knees trembling. When her hands slid up my bare thighs, I rested mine on her shoulders, guiding her pace. "That's it, Mindy. Be a good little slut and take it all. I want you to take me down your throat." I wondered if she would be able, but Mindy surprised me by opening wide and letting my entire length slide over her tongue. Sucking me hard, she eagerly pushed herself onto my cock, spearing herself on it until her gag reflex overwhelmed her.

Coughing and gasping for air, she pulled back as her chest heaved. Damn, I never would have guessed that Mindy possessed such passion, but I sensed how hot the fire of lust was burning in her blood. Her gaze flashed with heat, focusing with predatory intent on my glistening head as she sucked the spit from her lips.

Inhaling, she took me again, this time swallowing hard until I slipped deeply into her throat. When her lips pressed onto my pubis, I grabbed her head, holding her still while I bathed my cock in her passage. "Yes, that's it. That's a good little bitch. Choke on it, Mindy. You look so sexy with my cock in your throat." I knew she couldn't breathe with me lodged so deeply, but I too was awash in the fog of lust and, in that moment, I didn't care about anything beyond using her body to sate my illicit desires.

Her willingness to be used inflamed me, and I wanted to make her feel like the slut she so clearly desired to be. With her throat constricting on my cock, I thrust harder, desperately needing her gorgeous face to turn crimson while her eyes became wet with strain. Mindy didn't resist at first, but as the seconds ticked by with my cock moving slightly with each thrust of my hips, her need to breathe became desperate.

Finally, I released her and she drew back, coughing and drooling saliva over her incredible tits. My erection stood proud and strong, pointing right at her as she recovered her breath. Covered in spit, it glistened in the light.

Slowly, I stroked up and down my length. Mindy fixated on my cock, watching intently as my skin pulled up in my hand.

She rose to her knees and moved close, opening her mouth as if she were inviting me to come on her face. Seeing her like that, high on her knees and her breasts wet with saliva, made me want to push her back onto the rug and fuck her as hard as I could. I might have done just that, but Mindy whined and came forward, engulfing my cock in her mouth. This time, she seemed intent on draining my balls. Wrapping her fist around the base of my shaft, she sucked me hard, dragging her tongue over the underside of my head and stroking me in unison with her bobbing mouth.

"Ah, fuck!" was all I could offer. Entwining her hair with my fingers, I groaned as my balls began to churn. Giving in to my urge to thrust, I forced my cock deeply into her throat and my knees quaked as I came, threatening to fail while my balls emptied into her mouth. Mindy locked her lips around my shaft, eagerly swallowing my load as quickly as I could feed it to her.

My whole body was aflame and I grunted, clenching my teeth as my cum pulsed deeply into her throat. oo0oo Although I purposely denied Mindy her orgasm, she was exhausted by her efforts to please me. I was sure she was simply overwhelmed by it all, but whatever the cause, she was far too spent to even stand.

Helping her up, I carried her down the hall, feeling pleased and strangely proud of her while she nuzzled my neck. I ran a her hot bath and then sat at the edge of the tub, sponging her off and massaging away all of the aches I'd given her the previous night. It was an amazing time during which we spoke very little. Our communication was deeper than words: our thoughts were conveyed by light touches and gentle sighs.

It was a moment we needed and, by the time I dried her off, my role had changed from that of her protective former step-father to being her devoted Master. Setting her in the bed — our bed — I gave her a loving kiss to make sure she was happy and content. Once satisfied she was at peace, I drove my Lexus into town. Up to then, I'd been playing Dominant by ear.

I had a few impressions of what a Dom was, enough to doubt that Christian Grey was a real example, but that was about all. Mindy certainly had a better understanding of the lifestyle she proposed, and therein lay my problem.

I could not help her grow if she knew more about my role than I did! Her work at the Kensington gave her the advantage, and I needed to catch up fast if I had any hope of maintaining control of our relationship. I needed advice, and the only place I knew where I might find that was Madam Tans on La Cienega.

Madam Tans was a new, upscale boutique recently opened near Sunset Boulevard. I'd seen the lingerie displayed in the windows and noted the slogan advertising 'Lotions and Lace, Kinks and Fetishes' beneath the marquee. It seemed like the perfect place to start. The Asian-fusion decor gave the boutique an ultra-modern feel. Subtle lighting and carefully arranged displays gave me a feeling of seclusion as I perused the mind boggling assortment of sex toys, lubricants, and kinky fetish supplies.

I really had no idea what I was seeking but my wide-eyed amazement at seeing such intimate items openly displayed must have been apparent. Mere moments after walking in, I was approached by one of the most striking women I'd ever seen. "Welcome to Madam Tan's," she offered with a gentle touch on my elbow. "I am May, and this is my shop. This is your first time with us, yes?" "I'm afraid so. I have a new lady in my life, and, well, she has some rather unusual tastes.

It's rather hard to explain." May's almond-shaped eyes were bright as she smiled, highlighting the smooth lines of her distinctive Asian features. Long, silky-black hair fell softly over her shoulders, flowing down the bare skin of her back. She was undeniably beautiful, and the scent of her perfume was absolutely beguiling. With a pleasant laugh, she nodded warmly while resting her delicate hand in the crook of my arm.

"I know these things can be hard to talk about, but please don't be shy. I assure you, I have seen it all. Trust me, if your lady has need of Madam Tan's, you are indeed a fortunate man." Having always been fairly conservative, I felt sure my new lifestyle would be difficult to explain. There was something magnetic about this woman, though, and a calm settled over me as she spoke in her butter-soft tones.

Her touch on my arm was so naturally intimate, that I immediately felt I could tell her anything. "Are you familiar with D/s?" I was surprised at how easily I delivered this tacit admission, and May's reaction was anything but that of shock. She simply smiled more brightly and softly giggled. "Oh yes. Believe me, I've spent plenty of time on my knees for a Dom. I assume she is the sub in your relationship?" "Um, yes, she is. She's also quite a bit younger than me. This is new to us both, so we are kind of feeling our way through it." To this, May became more thoughtful.

"It's good that you and she are exploring your desires, but this lifestyle is full of pitfalls to those who are unprepared. I have some books you should read. But, first, please tell me, how far down the rabbit hole have you gone?

Have you tried bondage or discipline yet?" Ouch! I hadn't been prepared to share details, but May's expression was serious and I took a breath, trying to find a way to explain. "The truth is, not far. Mindy actually knows more about the lifestyle than I.

We weren't even lovers until last night, but something happened and yes, it involved spanking. The truth is, she actually got off on it, so here we are." "It's wonderful you are both willing to learn, but you must be careful.

Right now, she is seeking her limits. The good news is, you've established your Dominance. Now, you must teach her to be obedient. This time, I think with ways that give her more pleasure than pain, yes?" oo0oo By the time I left Madam Tan's it seemed I'd known May forever.

She was incredibly easy to talk with and a fantastic listener. In the short time I'd been there, she opened my eyes to the heady responsibility I was taking on as Mindy's Master. Now, with the things I'd purchased wrapped up and safely on the seat next to me, I hurried home, hoping to catch my new sub unawares. May warned against relying too much on the flog. Dominance and submission usually made little use of punishment or pain in its daily routine, and I had every intention of following that advice.

Still, finding my little slut misbehaving would give me the chance to put her on her heels, and that was fine for what I had in mind. I felt that a little healthy apprehension on her part would only enhance the pleasure — for both of us.

Entering the house quietly, I followed the sound of music playing from the kitchen. There, cutting vegetables, was Mindy. Her sexy back was naked to me, just as I had ordered, and the sight of her firm ass flexing as she danced had me instantly hard again. God, she was gorgeous and, despite my wicked hopes, she appeared to have followed my directions.

For a moment, I was a bit disappointed at this, but once again, seeing the bruises I'd left on her ass reminded me of May's advice. She'd had enough pain from my hand. Tonight would be for her pleasure. Then again, I thought as I tested the weight of the bag, maybe a little pain might not be such a bad thing?

So involved in the preparation of our evening meal, Mindy had no idea of my presence until I slipped my arms around her waist. Only then did she flinch, a startled yelp escaping her lips as mine found her neck.

"Oh! Shit, Hanky, it's you. You scared me half to death." Her initial yelp sent a flush of excitement surging through me and I became hot as her tone mellowed into a soft cooing while my mouth suckled on the nape of her neck. "Did I frighten you?" "Yes, Sir, but. oh, wow, please don't stop. I've been dying to come since this morning. I need you so much." Mindy set down her knife and was melted into me as I whispered into her ear.

"I'm sure you do. Tell me, do you think it right I could sneak up on you? Shouldn't greeting me at the door when I come home be more important than cutting veggies. Or was listening to your music that important to you?" "Oh, gosh. Sorry, Master. I. I… I don't know what to say." She seemed genuinely worried at my displeasure, and when my hand slid over her ass, she pushed back against my palm and leaned over the counter, ready to feel my wrath.

It was delicious, really; and I silently chided myself for enjoying her fear. I'd promised not to cause her pain, but I couldn't resist a single swat. Raising my hand, I brought it back down and it landed with a satisfying slap. "Unh, ouch! I'm sorry, Sir. I'll do better next time." Mindy's happiness at my return quickly became a plaintive whine and I almost lost my resolve until she spread her legs, offering me her unprotected bottom.

Running my hand between her thighs, I parted her puffy lips and dipped my fingers deep into her freshly wet hole. "You are awfully wet for an apologetic slut. I might think you want me to spank you.

Is that what you want?" "No, but. oh, fuck, please don't take your fingers out of me. I've been thinking about you all day, Master. I need you inside me. Please. just fuck me." God, what a sight! Having her naked and bent over the counter was about the hottest thing I'd seen. Until that day, I would have gladly answered her request by pulling out my cock and slamming into that fucking wet hole of hers. But now… I knew I couldn't be so easily tempted.

Swallowing hard, I placed my hand on her back while I composed myself. "You need to come? Is that what you said to me?" "Yes." It was almost a question and Mindy began to squirm as she realized her mistake.

"Really?" I queried. "That's a bold request from a sub. You think I come home and… poof… you get to come? That's expecting an awful lot of your Master, don't you think?" I didn't allow her to reply. "Well, guess what, little girl, subs don't get to make that choice. You'll come only when I decide to let you, if I decide to let you. Understand?" "Uhh hunh.

Please, Hanky, I'm so sorry. I'll do anything for you. I'm just all wet and needy right now. I need your big cock inside me." Fuck me! Hearing her beg had me throbbing, and I ground my bulge into her ass. "Are you gonna be a good girl for me and earn it?" "Yes, I will, baby. I promise to make you happy." Again, I brought my hand down hard on her ass, making her jump and squeal. "That's Sir. You haven't earned the right to call me anything else, certainly not baby.

You clearly need some training and there's no reason to wait." Mindy trembled and tried to rise, but I firmly pushed her back until her breasts were crushed against the cold, granite counter. "You have a safe word; Uncle. Repeat it." "Uncle." "Good. That word will stop everything I'm doing. No other word, not please or no will work.

Nothing else you might say will matter. Do you understand?" "Of course, Hanky, but." "But, nothing," I barked, dropping a heavy black satin bag on the counter next to where her head lay nestled in her arms. "From this moment on, your fantasy of being a sub is real." Mindy's eyes grew wide, fixated on the golden letters spelling out, Madam Tan's, Kinks and Fetishes.

"Hanky, baby, what are. ouch!" "Sir," I snapped, cutting her off with another open hand to her bottom. That one stung, and Mindy wiggled uncomfortably. "Yes, Sir," she gulped. "Please, I'm sorry" "That's better. Now, as for your question." I paused, slowly lifting a pair of leather cuffs from the bag. "These are some things I'll need to keep you under control for your lesson." The cuffs were light, using only Velcro to bind them around her wrists, but the connecting chain was stout enough to keep her arms behind her back.

With her hands shackled, I stood her up and turned her to face me. There was a wild glint in her eyes and a playful smile fought her obvious efforts to suppress it.


Her nipples were hard and thick, protruding in a way that made her arousal undeniable. For a long moment I studied her, burning the image of her naked beauty into my mind. This was a moment I would never forget and my cock pulsed hard in my slacks as I savored it. Briefly, while holding my naked sub against that counter, it occurred to me that I was learning more about myself then I was teaching her.

I'd never suspected I had such a dark streak. It was all new, but I had to admit, stressing her in this way, making her feel the bite of my hand at the slightest provocation, gave me a rush. I questioned how I could enjoy causing her pain - and then I understood. It wasn't her pain that excited me, it was the intensity of her reaction that lit my fire.

It was a feral, darkly masculine thought, but it was her need to feel dominated and used, and how she so eagerly accepted my touch, that made me want to make her squirm. Wetting my finger, I trailed a glistening line down between her breasts and over her abs, inching toward her Venus Delta. "Would you like to come for me, Mindy?" I whispered as my finger slowly neared its goal. Mindy, bound as she was, could only squirm as my touch descended and her breathing grew ragged, her breasts dramatically rising and falling with every breath.

"Yes, Hanky, please let me come." "I don't think you're ready. You still have to earn it." Curling my finger, I plunged into her cunt, easily parting her slick labia and forcing it into her molten hole.

Mindy gasped, her breath escaping in a hiss as I dragged the tip roughly over her clit. "Oh, fuck, you're driving me crazy." Her words drifted into a drawn out moan. Gasping, she writhed, struggling against her restraints. Rolling her hips, she twisted and swayed in a vain effort to bring her clit closer to my finger as I flicked it in and out of her clasping hole. Her eyes became slits, her head lolled back, and her lips forming a strained 'O' at the shameless insistence of my touch.

"Damn," I murmured. "You're fucking soaked. I bet you'd come like a river if I let you." An illicit smile appeared on her lips and her blue eyes become smoky with lust. "Yes, Hanky," she pouted. "Please, let me come for you. I need it so bad." Pulling my finger out, I slipped it into her mouth, making her taste her own, glistening dew.

"Not yet, my little pet. I have more I want to do to you before I let you come." As much as she might have dreamed about being submissive, I doubt any man had denied her like I was now. Whatever the cause, she stamped her feet, glaring at me as if she were consumed with sexual heat. "Oh, come on, Hank. Now you are just being mean. You can't leave me like this. How many times must I say it? I need you to fuck me. You could at least let me suck your cock." She was insolently playful in her desperation and an evil grin washed across my face.

Just the sight of this hundred and five pound, five-foot-nothing, teenage nymph standing like this, bound and naked in front of me, had my cock rock hard. It would be so easy to make her kneel and fuck her throat that I almost gave in to her demand. But that, I realized, would mean she'd won the moment. That I could not allow. Steeling my resolve, I tweaked her nipples hard enough to make her wince. "Do you really think I'm not being fair?" "Ouch, fuck, Hank… Yes, I do." Her impatience rushed out of her in a torrent of need.

Such impertinence was unlike her usual, malleable submission. My brow furrowed as I sensed what she was doing. Mindy clearly knew the rules, and that made her attitude — and the omission of Sir — all the more rebellious. With a predatory grin, I lifted a frighteningly stout paddle from deep inside the bag and turned it over in my grip.

Mindy's eyes widened and I felt her take a sharp intake of breath as I spun her around and again forced her over the counter. "Have you've forgotten your place? Or do you really think being a mouthy little bitch is a proper way for you to address your Master?

Do you remember what happens when a submissive becomes willful, or fails to properly address Him?" I dragged the smooth hardwood over her flanks while I spoke. As I raised it high, Mindy trembled, squirming under my grip.

It was a deliciously erotic moment and I was shocked at how excited I was at the thought of punishing her misbehavior. "Hank? Oh shit, no, please wait." I brought the paddle down sharply on the tender flesh of her ass.

"Ouh, fuck," she yelped as the flat surface smacked into her bum. Her knees failed for an instant and she squealed. I watched the red shape of the paddle became emblazoned on her ass. "Please, Master, oh my God, I'm sorry!" Her pleas trailed off into a plaintive whine and I waited to see if she would tap out. Straining her muscles in anticipation of another blow, she remained silent apart from her gentle sobs. Rubbing my hand over the deepening welt on her ass, my tone became softer, yet it still carried the iron of authority.

"Don't think I won't know when you are testing me. I should not have to remind you of your place, and you will regret it if I am forced to do so again." "Yes, Sir," she replied with a childlike sniffle, but I could see the smile she was trying hard to suppress. I knew then I had passed her test and more firmly established my place as her Dominant. I was changing, growing into my role with an ease I'd never expected. I found that I loved exercising the power she allowed me, and I was shocked at how incredibly aroused I was because of it.

Clenching my teeth, I stood tall over her, relishing my place as her Dominant, and eternally grateful to her for allowing me the honor of being her Master. Mindy was at the point of total surrender, submissively accepting her position over the counter even as her ass must have stung terribly.

She was waiting for me to decide how she would be used and I was determined not to let her mood change again. "Good girl," I told her while taking out two more of my selections from Madam Tans. "Last night you told me I was the first man to have your ass, right? I'm the one who took your anal virginity?" Mindy swallowed hard and sucked on a lip. However subtle, I could feel in her movements how uncomfortable that question made her.

She hesitated for a full breath but then finally nodded. "Yes, Hanky, no one has ever fu. I mean, done that to me before." Caressing her back, I ran my palm over the angry redness caused by the paddle. "I'm glad, baby girl. It makes me happy I was the first. Tell me honestly, did you like it?

My cock may not be huge but the way I fucked you had to hurt." Mindy's hands flexed in the cuffs and she fidgeted over the counter as she struggled to admit the truth. "Yes, Sir, it burned so bad and I was shocked as hell. But, once you were inside me, oh gosh, it felt amazing. I could feel your whole cock sliding in and out me in a way I never expected." "That's good, because I'm going to make a point of fucking your ass as often as I can.

But, for that, you'll need to be trained, so." I eased the nozzle on a bottle of lube through her rose, squirting a wad into her hole. "Oh, wow. That's so cold," Mindy moaned. "You don't like it? I can just as easily do this to you dry, if you prefer." "No! Please, Sir. I'm not saying I didn't like it." "Then, what do you say for my taking the time to lube you so well?" "Thank you?" "Thank you, Sir!" "Oh, shit.

I'm sorry, Master. Thank you. Please don't paddle me again. I'll be a good girl. I promise" I loved the fearful pleading in her voice. I might have felt horrible for being so cruel, but I reminded myself that she had her safe word, and that was the only word that might bring her relief.

Grinning wildly with my new power, I slid a glass butt plug between the cheeks of her ass. "Not to worry, pet, I have other ideas for your tight, little ass tonight." "Oh, shit, Master. Is that what I think it is?" "Well, my little butt-slut, if you think it's an anal plug, then you're right." Mindy sighed, cooing softly as I drew the plug up and down the tight cleft of her ass. Lube covered her rose, clinging to the plug as I massaged her still tightened hole. This was another first for her, I was sure, just as it was for me.

Taking my time, I played with her ass, savoring the moment, teasing her to distraction. Mindy squirmed nervously, and a tone of real apprehension filled her voice. "It feels so big, Master. Are you sure I can take it?" "It is thicker than my cock, but yes, you can take it. Besides, you really don't have much choice, do you?" Pressing the rounded tip into the center of her hole, I could feel her muscles resisting as I rotated it this way and that, slowly urging her open. Mindy sucked in a deep breath and her mouth became slightly slack as she felt the sting.

"Oh, my God, Hanky, go slow, slow; oh shit… It's so fucking thick." Holding her by her shackled wrists, I kept her bent over and steadily worked the plug deeper into her hole.

Gasping and trembling, she quivered helplessly as the widest portion of plug moved father toward her ring. It was an amazing sight, and the clear glass allowed me to see a distorted view of her rose surrendering to the toy.

"Any minute now, baby girl," I whispered as her hole stretched and slid over the slick surface of the glass. Then, in an instant, it passed through and was sucked in as her muscles automatically clenched around the plugs tapered neck. "Shit, Hanky, that fucking stung." Mindy was breathing deeply now but relaxing quickly while she lay over the counter.

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Guiding her up, I steadied her while she turned to face me. "I thought it might," I told her. "Tell me, how does it feel now? Does the plug still hurt?" Closing her eyes, she clenched her ass, rolling her hips slightly as if she were testing how tightly the plug was lodged. "No, it doesn't hurt anymore, although I'm kinda dreading having you take it back out.

I feel full now, and really warm. I certainly wont forget it's in there, that's for sure." "The warmth is from the lube. Now, I want you to walk to our room and stand by the bed. Do not sit down." "Yes, Sir. It's gonna feel really funky walking with this thing in my ass, though." "That's the idea." I smiled, following her to our bedroom. Her blond hair fell wildly over her naked back, reaching almost all the way to her shackled wrists.

The tapered perfection of her waist gave way to the gentle, curve of her hips, framing her ass in a way that made my mouth go dry. The flash of red from the jeweled end of the plug was, to me, the perfect bit of bling needed to complete her astonishing beauty. Mindy moved evenly, not too rushed but certainly without hesitation. I imagined she was consciously controlling her excitement, and I wondered what kind of scene she was expecting us to play out. Stopping by the bed, Mindy paused as if unsure whether she should turn.

My lack of direction on that point had been an accidental omission, but I waited to see how she would react. Seconds passed, and then I saw a slight rise in her shoulders, as if she'd sighed in resignation, awaiting my next command. "Good girl. Now turn to face me." With surprising grace, Mindy turned, keeping her head low, as I assumed was proper, but still that little smile betrayed her excitement. Everything was going perfectly, so much so that I silently cursed my lack of time to properly prepare our space as the playroom it was soon to become.

However, lacking the stout hook in the ceiling that would have made restraining her far easier, I had improvised a solution that I hoped would work. The roll of cord I purchased would undoubtedly prove useful regardless of exactly how it was secured. Ignoring my dutiful little slut, I tied one end of the cord to the knob on the inside of the ensuite door, carefully testing it to ensure it wouldn't give way. That accomplished, I draped a length of it over the door, shutting it, and creating a proper leash from which I was sure she would not be able to escape.

Leading her to the door, I unbound her wrists but only long enough to secure them together again well over head. Stepping back, I admired the sight of my naked little minx standing with her back pressed to the door and her hands shackled tightly over her head.

"Sir," she asked with more trepidation than I had sensed from her before, "What are you. May I ask what you are planning to do to me?" Realizing I finally had her off balance, I took a moment to savor my victory. "No, you may not," I said dismissively and loosened my tie.

She seemed so small now, almost mousey, but still radiantly beautiful. With Mindy trapped, I removed my shirt and unbuckled my belt. This got Mindy's attention, and her gaze followed that leather strap as I coiled it, setting it within arms reach on the dresser. Only when I was comfortable did I turn my attention back to my captive sub. Moving close, I palmed her breasts, rubbing my hand in circles over her already hardened bud.

"So, you were telling me how much you needed to come?" Mindy swallowed hard.

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Her legs were fidgeting slightly and her chest rose and fell with her deep breaths. I was clearly getting into her head, and my cock twitched in anticipation, eager for my game to continue. "I assume you still feel the need?" "Yes, Master. Please, if you will let me." This was much better. Gone was her rebelliousness, and I supposed being tied was proving to be more powerful an experience than she'd expected.

She seemed unsure of what was happening, and perhaps a bit frightened. We were in new territory, and I felt the rush as the game continued. "Well, you will be given the chance, my little pet. In fact, I suspect you may have a hard time resisting." Reaching into my little bag of tricks, I revealed the magic wand May had recommenced. If it worked half as well as I was told, Mindy would be absolutely creaming in no time.

Flicking it on, I immediately sensed the strong vibrations running through its length. Mindy's gaze grew smoky hot, following its bulbous head as I slowly waved it just inches over her breasts. Bringing it to her nipples, I scraped the rubber end over her buds, causing her to hiss in excited frustration. Mindy was testing her bonds by then, tugging with growing effort as I buzzed the wand over her breasts.

Until that moment, I hadn't realized how sensitive her nipples actually were. Watching her writhe on the end of that cord, a devilish desire came over me: I had to see how much torture she could take.

I could see how those powerful vibrations were making her sensitive nipples so tender. Long and hard, her crinkled tips poked upward, rosy-pink and begging to be sucked. She bit on her bottom lip, shifting under my sensual assault on her breasts. "Do you want me to stop?" I asked, holding the wand lightly against the very tip of her nipple. "No, Master, I mean. Oh shit, you're driving me crazy." Putting my mouth to her tit, I wet it with my tongue, blowing over it until goosebumps rose around her areola.

"I'm sure," I replied before sucking the nipple into my mouth and rolling it between my teeth. "Ah, yeah, that's it, Hanky. Bite me like that. It feels so good." She was twisting, pulling on her shackles and trying to bring her arms down to embrace me, yet her wrists remained tightly locked over her head. When she lifted a leg, I hooked it under her knee, drawing it upward and exposing her now puffy and inflamed sex.

With the wand in my other hand, I buzzed it along her inner thigh before rubbing its smooth surface over her glistening mound.

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Mindy gasped and her legs flexed as her clit was suddenly hit by intense vibrations. "Oh, my God," oozed out of her in a plaintive whine, and then her body rippled hard as her long-awaited orgasm erupted. Damn. I was pressing against her when she came, and her entire body became hot and slick with sweat.

I could smell the aroma of her sex and feel the pounding of her heart. I was dying to pull out my cock and slam it into her, but I held back, knowing Mindy's torture had barely begun. Her rapture was fading into a warm afterglow by then. Believing we were done, she tried to pull her leg free of my hold in an effort to protect her purring sex from the still buzzing power of my wand.

"That was amazing, Hanky" she mewled, probably feeling the affects of her hyper-sensitized clit. She began to squirm, whining. "But please stop. That's enough." For a brief moment she seemed to actually believed I'd let her go. But when she raised her eyes to mine and saw my grin, the reality of her plight finally sank in.

Lips curling mischievously, I kept the wand placed firmly over her clit, rubbing it hard into her moistened sex. "Oh, no, Hank. It's too much," she complained. "What are you doing? Ahh, fuck, I can hardly take it, babe. Oooh, shit, let me go." When I didn't respond, her complaints became more fervent.

"I'm serious, Hank. Stop! I can't take any more." "That's not very sub-like, is it?" I admonished, grinding the wand even harder on her clit. By then, her thighs were quivering and a hard shudder ran through her belly in response to her over-stimulated clit. "You can tap, of course," I reminded, pausing long enough to let her decide.

"But, until then, you are at my mercy until I decide to stop." She knew I had her. With her arms tied high above her head and her leg trapped in my arm, all she could do was lean back on the door and accept her torment.

Mindy relaxed at the respite I'd allowed, but her eyes blazed hot and her lips were wet and full. I could see her struggling, but then she nodded, biting her lip as she resolved to let me have my way. "No, Sir," she finally replied, "I am not tapping." "Good girl." Her fate sealed, I flicked the wand to its highest setting and ground it into her sex, rotating it until I was mashing it hard against her clit. Mindy squealed, her body jerking deliciously, and then her head lolled back as a quiet, desperate groan came from her throat.

I knew the force of the vibrations were stressing Mindy to the brink. Whispering to her, I encouraged her, praising her and expressing my love as she passed through her discomfort.


She was moaning, whining, her hips flexing in a useless attempt to escape. Her long legs twitched and jerked in erotic spasms as she passed through her pain. Soon, a new hunger appeared in her eyes and her resistance melted away. Vain attempts to pull away faded to an obvious desire for more of the wand's magical power. Mindy's eyes rolled, and her jaw became slack as a new orgasm gathered in her belly. Blond hair was matted to her face as every muscle in her body suddenly tensed.

Her breath caught, held while her orgasm roared to life.

Unrelenting, I crushed her clit, rubbing fast as she rode the impending storm. A low, guttural moan followed, and then Mindy shuddered in the most incredible orgasm I'd ever witnessed. Spasms rocked her, rolling through her with such force she could no longer stand. Her knees failed and she would have dangled from her shackles had I not held her up. Sliding a hand up her arm, I pulled the Velcro free, letting her fall limply into my arms. She was still trembling when I lay her on the bed.

Sweaty, disheveled, and out of breath as she was, Mindy was also glowing with beauty. I held her close, caressing her, until her eyes refocused, and a smile lit her face. "Holy crap, Hanky, I didn't expect that. It was amazing. I almost begged you to stop, but oh, my God, I don't think I've ever come so hard." Laughing, I slipped my hand over her hip and gently fingered the jeweled plug still lodged in her ass. "You did beg, but you never used your safe word. I'm very proud of you.

Now, I should take this plug out while you're still relaxed." Mindy cooed happily, squeezing the plug in her bottom as if she'd forgotten it was there. "I'm surprised, but it feels really good. I feel so full with it inside me." Kissing me, Mindy's hand circled the bulge of my erection, and a playful glint flashed in her eyes. "Let's wait before pulling it out, okay?

You did all of this to make me feel good, but (you) are my Master. Now, please, allow me to pleasure you." Climbing into my lap, Mindy's kisses became passionate as she unzipped my pants. I cupped her breasts, dragging my fingers over her nipples as she stroked me hard. We fondled each other as our lust built into a roaring fire. I had been aroused for so long I could hardly stand it, and I didn't resist when she took the lead, easing me onto my back and pulling off my slacks.

Mindy curled up next to me, sliding over my thighs as she brought her mouth to my cock. The tickle of her hair and the softness of her body against my skin sent shivers up my spine. She kissed my stomach, trailing down until her lips were brushing through my pubes. "My pussy is so tender, Sir. May I please you by sucking your cock? Then you can take out my plug and fuck me in the ass." I couldn't believe how much Mindy had changed, but my cock stiffened even more at the thought.

"Yes, pet. That's a fantastic idea." It still felt odd to have Mindy address me with such formality, but when she slipped her mouth over my glans, my only thought was how lucky I was to have her. Mindy sucked on my cock, easing the wet warmth of her mouth over me just quickly enough to drive me insane.

She caressed my sack, rolling my balls between her fingers until I was sure I would blow my load down her throat. As tempting as that was, when my hand slipped over her ass and touched the plug, I rolled over on my side and kissed Mindy deeply. "It's time, pet. I can't wait anymore. I need to be inside you." "Yes, Sir. I'm ready too. I can't wait to see how you're going to feel this time." Pausing to give my cock a final, very wet suck, Mindy got on her knees and bent over with her head buried in the nest of her arms.

From that angle, the blood-red jewel on the end of the plug shimmered in the light. Dribbling a line of lube around it, I gave it a tug, turning inside her hole until it moved with surprising ease. "I'm going to pull it out now, babe. Just try to relax." "Don't worry, Master.

I don't care if it hurts. I just want you to fuck me." Placing a palm on the small of her back, I drew on the plug, turning back and forth as I pulled. Mindy cooed, raising her ass as she began to stretch around the plug's thickening bulge.

I was surprised how easily it came out. With a wet pop, it's widest part passed through her ring and her muscles pushed the tapered end completely out. Mindy's hole was open and wet with lube. Her moans of relief made my blood run hot, and when I rose behind her, she gazed back, hissing as I stroked my cock. "Don't fuck around, Hank. I'm ready for you now. Please, just fuck me." Mindy's arousal must have reached a fever pitch, and the defiance in her tone should have earned her a hard slap on her ass.

I let it pass, though. In that moment, my only concern was getting my cock buried inside her. Rising on my knees, I brought my erection to her hole and drove into her all the way to my balls.

"Oh, shit, Mindy. I can't believe how easy that was." Mindy groaned, rocking back as if she couldn't wait for me to fuck her. The plug had really relaxed her ass and I slid my whole length in and out with ease.

Her back arched, and her arms splayed out as she rose, pushing back each time I drove forward. My cock was rock hard and I drilled into her fast, not holding back. Her muscles gripped me, pulling on my shaft each time I withdrew. "Oh hell, yes, Sir. That's it, fuck my ass hard, baby. Make me your little slut." I grabbed her hips, slamming into her hard enough to shake her body.

Her hole was wet and hot, sucking on my shaft, and my balls churned with need. Slamming into her, I grunted, driving her down until I was pressing into her back. With my arms under her chin, I pulled her legs tight with my thighs, growling in her ear as my cock discharged in her ass. I hunched into her, thrusting as far as I could reach, spraying hot cum deep inside her. We were exhausted and slept for hours in a tangle of arms and legs. Our life as Dominant and submissive wasn't perfect.

Often the relationship broke down as her defiance or my will failed to meet the stringent expectations of the lifestyle. But that didn't matter — we were together and, for us, that was enough. Authors note: I owe JWren a huge debt of gratitude for his work at editing my story. As a writer, it is difficult to put my creativity into the hands of another, but I feel no trepidition in placing it in his more than capable hands.

His skill and care bring a fine edge to each line, and yet the spirit and voice remain what it was meant to be. He has my trust and my thanks