Best ass i ever had

Best ass i ever had
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One of my favourite places is the beach. Most of the time it is just a place to hang out and swim in the summer but a few years back it became the spot I spent most of my time sunbathing and swimming with friends. I had a new bikini for my 14th birthday and was proud to be showing it off. A soft pink pastel colour and tied up with strings on the sides.

As a teenager I had a very sexy body and as soon as my boobs began growing I gained a lot of attention from the boys and any men passing by for that matter. I suppose at that age I was skinny, tanned and had nice curvaceous butt and perky tits. My girlfriend Anna and me were soaking up some sun, it was a Saturday when a cute man approached. At first he just asked for the time but we obviously were friendly enough for him to sit with us and talk for a while. His name was Aaron and soon we found out he was a professional photographer for a magazine I can't remember the name of.

He was really friendly and in no time he was saying how cute we were and we should contact him about doing some photography. Anna was not so keen but I really liked the idea of being a model. He gave Anna a business card and left when we decided to pack up and get some lunch. Anna was my best friend and we spent the rest of the afternoon at her place.

Although we didn't agree on everything including whether it was a good idea to be a model for the strange but cute older guy we met on the beach. She seemed to think it was a bad idea and threw his card out but when Anna wasn't looking I pulled it out of her bin.

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I didn't call the mobile phone number on the card all week and was not sure whether to do it until I built up the courage on the following Friday. I had spent the day at school, we had physical education most of the day, which I loved and I was all worn out. On my way home I decided to call the number and Aaron answered sooner than I expected.

Not sure what exactly to say I blurted out I was Carol the brunette girl from the beach that day. He was eager to get my call and persuaded me to come around that afternoon.

I had no time to go home and make it to the address a few blocks away so I just went straight from school in my uniform. I was nervous to have decided so abruptly to meet Aaron and began to doubt whether I was up for it. I knew I had a great body but to model in front of a camera was scary. My boobs had only started growing lately and I was in many ways still a girl and not fully developed and whilst I liked attention this would be more full on.

Anyway I turned up at the studio, from the outside it looked very run down almost abandoned. I took a deep breath to knock on the door adjusting my blouse and my little boobs as I did so.

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Aaron appeared at the door with a smile to die for. I almost gushed at him and quickly went inside. It wasn't much better inside, it was big warehouse but with only a few props and equipment set against a far wall where the light streamed in. I began to wonder if the place was abandoned but Aaron was very polite and reassuring.

We sat and discussed what would happen. It turned out I could pose for some shots that day but I only had one change of clothes and my swimsuit as it was unexpected meeting for the both of us. I agreed to settle for some poses in my own outfit, a tight stretch top and black skirt.

Aaron pulled the clothes out of my bag and showed me to a shabby piece of cotton placed up as a curtain to change behind.

It was really not what I expected but I figured that I had to start somewhere. After a few poses in my skirt he asked why I had a one-piece swimsuit in my bag when I was wearing a bikini at the beach. 'Oh that thing is my school swimsuit. We have to wear it' 'That's okay, it is a nice colour green, I bet it suits you, you have such beautiful eyes' I immediately blushed and admitted I looked good in the suit and it matched my green eyes.

'We should get you into that' "What for pictures' I replied anxiously 'Yes of course' Aaron asserted 'Um well I guess that would be okay' I felt kind of weird putting my old school swimmers on for a model shoot but I didn't have much else so I relented. Aaron loved me in that thing and gave my heaps of praise and took many more photos than before.

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I began to get into the swing of it and even put on some seductive expressions for fun. Aaron was good at directing my positions and some were a bit embarrassing. 'That's awesome Carol, now lay back more and part your legs a bit more' I lay there with my head propped in my arm and my hips arched toward the camera. Aaron clicked away like crazy and every so often asked me to change into a new position, still flicking away as I shifted.


I loved the interest I got from this guy and it was making me feel really sexy and alive, I loved every minute of that shoot. Afterwards, he picked up my panties I had changed out of. 'Next time I will have clothes ready for you to wear and you can choose which ones to wear but I will need you to bring some of your own.

Do you have any more underwear like these?' They were my daggy panties that I had for years and looked very girly and not at all sexy 'Yeah should I bring them?' 'Bring whatever you have and we will decide then' I was surprised but it stood to reason that a model would have photos in all sorts of stuff.

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Our next meeting was scheduled for the very next Sunday. I still hadn't told Anna about my adventure and certainly did not tell my parents that I would be travelling with my new friend Aaron in his car to the beach on Sunday for another session.

I felt totally sexy getting snapped and at times I was getting horny and doted to the lens all mesmerised and erotic. I met Aaron early on Sunday at the studio, I had spent my Saturday with Anna doing each other's nails, hair, we sweat it out in Anna's sauna and lay by her pool afterwards.

I adore Anna's house and spend every other minute there. Instead of the local beach Aaron explained it would better to visit Hastings beach that was much further away but would be uninterrupted and perfect for modelling. There were plenty of clothes in a big bag that Aaron thought might be my size. Finally we reached our destination and I was keen to open up the bag and choose what to wear.

It was a fine and sunny day and the beach was gorgeous and was definitely an ideal backdrop as Aaron had recommended. I opened the bag and started piling the clothes onto car hood. They were mainly bikinis, bright colours, sexy patterns, sheer material and mostly very, very skimpy.

I tried not to freak 'Are you sure these will be okay on me?' I pictured myself in them and felt really hot but also embarrassed about how much skin would be revealed. 'Just put em on and I'm sure you'll look great' We set up in the dunes a few hundred metres up the beach. At this point I realised there would be no change room and that I would have to take all my clothes off to put the bikinis on and all in front of this man I hardly knew.

He was very persistent and said I would just have to change there and he would try not to look. But I couldn't tell if we was and there were so many to change in and out of. I was proud of my body, I play lots of sport that tone my muscles. I have long brown hair and a nice tan but totally nude he would be bound to notice how little my nipples were, which made my tits look miniscule and the most worrying of all the sparse pubic hair around my vagina.

It hardly grew and is barely even visible. I became nervous and hid myself as I changed.

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As we eased into the shoot I eventually gained confidence and felt increasingly sexy in the overtly erotic outfits that adorned me. Aaron had no shirt on during the shoot, seeing his manly chest again made me so hot. By the sixth change I decided not to hide myself instead initiating conversation to sanction him full view of my pert bod. And that got his attention, I could see him trying not to stare at my pussy lips which had somewhat swollen from the excitement. As I pulled up the next pair of briefs it clearly hugged my vagina, my lips parted delicately against the soft blue fabric, defining the pussy mound deficient in pubic hair and now observably aroused.

I slipped off my bikini top being certain to pronounce my chest and demonstrate the fullness of my breasts. In my peripheral vision I cited both the stiffening of my tiny nipples and Aaron's lustful gape. He looked to be struck by a jolt and paused before speaking. 'You are more gorgeous than I imagined' he confessed.

'Hey no looking' I replied cheekily The next shoot became more and more explicit. I pandered to the lens of Aaron's camera, raw lust emerging from my body. Aaron took the initiative of adjusting my outfit to gain closer encounters and bare more of my skin to the camera. His touch made me gush and I truly craved to have him. I now for the first time hungered for a man's cock and Aaron was the sole candidate. Of course I was much younger but more than willing to forego myself with naïve curiosity for his manhood.

Aaron was a professional however, or so I thought, and I dismissed my impulses as fantasy. Although at times he was very forthcoming in telling me how great my arse looked in a G-string or how breathtaking my tits looked without a bikini. The trip home was tiring and a large break in conversation led to my thoughts of how Aaron's cock would look and what I'd like to do with it.

I closed my eyes and fantasised drifting into a half sleep. I reclined the seat and wriggled my bum down in the seat to get more comfortable, my skirt brushing up my legs in the process. I hoped Aaron would notice and continued in my daydream. A few minutes passed and an erotic feeling began up the inside of my leg. At first I thought it was part of the dream but I quickly realised it was his touch.

Aaron though I was asleep, I guess because my breathing was accentuated. Little did he know I was awake and anticipating his every touch. I pretended to shuffle again and he quickly pulled his hand away. This time my legs were spread open and eager for his exploring hand. He went further up my leg and brushed the inside of my panties. I had to concentrate so I didn't quiver or moan as he arrived at my pussy. It was a little damp from the fantasising; he went straight for my clit and pressed firmly stroking down my snatch.

It wasn't enough, I felt a pull at my panties and Aaron's hand entered to thrust upon my bud excited by his forceful stimulation. At the same time I imagined that his cock must have been bursting to be freed but I lay acting oblivious and enjoying the heightening of my pleasure. As we approached the studio I awoke regained my composure and tried not to look weary anything happened but I think he sensed I was pretending.

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We returned to the studio and he offered for me to come back to his apartment and see some of the shots. I reluctantly agreed.

His apartment was comfortable and nicely furnished. Aaron offered 'Why don't you take a shower, there is a fresh towel in the cupboard' I smiled and left for the bathroom without comment. It would seem not many seconds before the room steamed up and the door opened.

I peered at the foggy glass to see a figure approaching. It was Aaron 'Can I join you?' I opened the door and took view of his completely stark naked body.

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His cock was massive and hard. I couldn't believe its girth and whether it would fit in me. I took his took hand as he stepped in and took both of my breasts in hand. Embracing me against the wall he kissed me like a maniac and ran his hands all over my tight body. His cock firmly poking at my belly. The warmth of the water over our bodies made the encounter even hotter and I broke my lips from his kiss 'Fuck me' He picked me up by the legs and thrust me into his hand leaning against the wall.

He was very strong and held my arse as I stretched my legs up his arms. I had never been fucked by older man, let alone against a wall legs agape. 'You are so sexy Carol' As he parted my labia and drove his shaft up me he groaned 'You've been waiting for this haven't you'? He began to penetrate, slowly at first My snatch was full with his hardened member and it did not fit all the way in, it hurt blissfully as he rocked against me. The wall offering no cushioning to his every impact.

'ah ah ahhh ah ahhh ah ahhh.' My tender pussy stretched wide, I took his manhood and echoed my pleasure around the steamy walls. 'You didn't think you could take a big cock huh!?' 'Ah mm ah mm no ah ah' I panted frantically 'I want to suck you' 'Can you suck cock'?

'I want to taste it' I demanded Aaron smiled and ejected his cock from my pulsing snatch. 'I 'd like to taste that little snatch of yours too' We dried hastily and he led me to his bed.


I loved having such an experienced man fuck me, he was so good at it and he lay on the bed and invited me to climb onto his hard twitching cock. I moved up to his feet 'Not like that', 'so I can eat your pussy too' he smirked I climbed over his belly and rest my sweet vagina ever his face and confronted the meal in front of me.

Aaron was a good cunt licker and I knew he was good to get me to orgasm which I had only ever done with my own fingers. I had trouble taking much of his cock in my mouth without gagging so I teased his head with my tongue. He focused on my clit until I succumbed to his intense pleasuring. As I came I convulsed and he turned me over quickly to finish me off by pounding me with his cock hard. I was completely shattered and took my final gasps to his rhythmic heaving.

He was about to come himself, he ejected his cock taking it in the grip of his hands and shuffling closer up to me to cum. The first shot reached my chin whilst the ensuing spurts covered my tits and belly. Aaron groaned his last ejaculation and leant over my face prompting me to lick him off.

It was too inviting to pass up. I continued to be his little fuck friend and continued posing for him on a few occasions. It was our little secret.