Free man and boy gay sex stories Preston Andrews dozes off while

Free man and boy gay sex stories Preston Andrews dozes off while
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PRELIMINARY All characters in this story are currently over the age of 18 Main Characters Richard 'Ric' Anthony Evans Son of a Texas Rancher Marge Evans Texas Housewife, Ric's Mother Carl Evans Texas Rancher Ric's Father Yvette Michelle La Grande French Cousin of Ric Barbara La Grande American born, French Mother of Yvette, Marge's Sister Henri La Grand French Business Magnet, Yvette's Father (Deceased) April Texas Ranch Girl, Yvette's Special Friend ___________________________________ This story is based on a girl I once knew, when we lived in Texas some years ago.

Her love story always touched me. This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It's called 'My Right of Free Speech.' If you do not approve of young people engaged in various sexual acts. . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material. . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else. Agencies or law-enforcement organizations are not to utilize this work product in any way. It is for entertainment purposes. This is not some 4-page fuck/suck story.

This story consists of 41 chapters over 70,000 words! [I just can't seem to write without a lot of detail and back-story] It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor. It's taken a long time to write while raising two precocious teen daughters and a son.

Its been a labor of love. I've spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. [Spell-check isn't perfect] I don't have an editor! My previous work [Special Bond-Long Weekend at the Lake] had over 90,000 reads and a number of nice and constructive comments.

I hope I can do as well with this effort. Just read and enjoy. ===================================================   The French Lesson Chapter 1 Ric was a junior in High School, a Tight End on the varsity football team and like most teen males, thought he was hot-shit because he was tall, a Joc, good looking. at least in so far as half of the girls at school threw themselves at him. And he had a driver's license (if not his own car yet). Ric WAS easy on the eyes alright.

Standing almost 6 foot 1-inch-tall with sandy streaked-blond hair from working in the sun, he was lean and muscular owing to the hard work on the ranch and his athletic endeavors. He also had a broad smile which he flashed regularly, and his laugh was infectious to the other kids. The downside was that he lived with his parents in a very rural setting, quite some ways on the outskirts of town. To say it was a rural setting, would be an understatement.

His dad owned a ranch, 360 acres to be exact, which had been passed down through the generations for a hundred and fifty years. Ric knew that one day he would inherit the ranch, as had his father before him. The trouble was that Ric didn't know if he was cut out to be a rancher. There were bigger and better things in life than working the ranch from sun up to sun down.

Besides his biggest interest these days was trying to figure out how to lose his virginity. Living on the ranch, and being expected to carry his own weight, he was expected to fulfil his routine of daily chores, keep up his school work, and pursue his interest in varsity football and the Martial Arts.

His parents felt that they gave him plenty of freedom, but running a ranch did extract a lot of responsibilities. Ric's other nemesis was that he lacked self-confidence and was what most people considered 'shy'. Perhaps he was just the strong silent type, but he was a wreck around girls when in a one-on-one situation. However, these days it didn't seem like most of his friends had defined dates; Rather, Ric would take his dad's pickup truck into town on Friday nights (now that football season was over) and hang out with his friends at the local Dairy Queen.

There was usually a mob of kids there; some were raised on the surrounding ranches like him, and some were regular city kids whose parents had 'real' jobs, as Rick thought of them. The Mob usually consisted of an equal number of girls and guys, and Ric had no problem socializing with girls in this group environment. The other thing that was odd about Ric was that he excelled in school. There was the remote possibility that he might squeak into the Valedictorian slot, or at least the Salutatorian slot by the time graduation rolled around.

Ric's father felt sure his son could achieve the top honors for his class if he bore down, but Ric refused to give up either football, or particularly he wasn't going to quit Martial Arts when he had just gained his Black Belt after all these years of practice!  Chapter 2 It was March and approaching Spring Break in April. Ric was looking forward to the break from school, and was trying to figure out how to talk his parents into letting him go somewhere with his buddies, instead of staying home on Spring Break to help his dad on the ranch.

It was Saturday afternoon, and he had just climbed off the John Deer tractor and walked into the kitchen for a cool drink, when he overheard his parents having a very animated conversation. The only thing he heard clearly was his mother pleading with his dad, "What do you want me to do.

she's my sister for Christ's sakes!" Rick knew better than to stick his nose in where it didn't belong, he drank his drink and he went back outside, started the John Deer and drove the tractor towards the North end of the ranch to mend a fence the cattle had torn down. That night as dinner concluded Ric asked to be excused, but his mother asked that he remain while she cleared the table, as she and his dad wanted to talk with him about something.

She sat down and cleared her throat. Ric looked at his dad, and could see he didn't look pleased. "Ric," his mother began, "we received a call this morning from my sister, your Aunt Barbara, in France. She's having a hard time of things, personally, right now.

And she's had some 'difficulties' with your cousin Yvette. . " "God damn it Marge" his father spat out interrupting his wife in mid-sentence, "catching your teen-aged daughter in bed with a 22 year old guy, is not a 'little difficulty'!" Ric's mother gave his father a look Ric had not seen often.

"If you don't watch that god damn mouth of yours Carl. YOU are going to learn what 'difficulties' I can make for you mister!" Ric's father threw his napkin down, and left the table in a huff. While Ric's parents didn't fight often, he knew that his mother was in a 'take-no-prisoners' mode, and was a force to be reckoned with.

As Carl left the room, Marge gave him a withering stare. "So Ric, as I was saying, your Aunt Barbara is having a difficult time right now, and she asked if Yvette could come stay at the ranch with us for a while. I told her yes, and it looks like we'll be getting a guest shortly.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up, dear." "For how long. is she staying I mean" was the only thing Ric asked. "We're not sure" his mother replied. "She'll be here at least through the end of summer, then she'll have to get back to school." "Isn't she in school now" Ric wanted to know.

"No apparently her school in France has a different schedule than yours, she's on semester break. Yvette will be here a week from Saturday" his mother explained. 'Shit' Ric thought to himself. Now he'd never be able to talk his parents into letting him go to South Padre Island for Spring Break.

. not with his younger girl cousin hanging around! "Yea. . .whatever" Ric mumbled to his mother while he prepared to go up to his room to hit the books. Ric lay on his bed replaying the scene from the kitchen.

What was this about his cousin being in bed with a 22-year-old guy, he wondered? What was that about? His imagination ran wild. His cousin must be some kind of a slut he thought! Ric tried to recall Yvette's face, but only had a hazy memory. He recalled that her father had died when she was about 8, but he could not remember what his uncle died of. Yvette and his Aunt Barbara came to the US to live after her father's death and lived in their town. Ric remembered Yvette as a bean-pole of a girl, stringy blonde hair and what he remembered most was her being a sullen, whiney little girl.

During the 4 years they lived in the US, all he could conjure of his impression was that his cousin was annoying! When Yvette was 11, she and her mother moved back to France. Marsalis he thought. What was the story? He searched his memory, but at the time he was a kid himself. . he really didn't pay attention to what was going on.

Then it struck him. His Uncle's estate in France had been settled and apparently, he had a company which was ultimately sold. His Aunt Barbara had loved France and when the estate was settled, she and Yvette had moved back there. He couldn't remember exactly what his parents had said some 4 years earlier, but Ric seemed to remember that his Aunt was rich!

"'Great' Ric thought to himself. 'Just what I need, a rich, whiney, cousin hanging around all summer!'   Chapter 3 The drive from the ranch to Dallas - Fort Worth International Airport was long and the day was unusually warm for early April.

Ric had asked his father to let him drive, but his dad had said no, as he felt Ric didn't have enough experience to battle the freeways around DFW airport. He sat in the back of his father's Lincoln Continental Town Car as the miles unfolded outside the window.

He didn't know why his mother had insisted he come with them to pick up his cousin, as he would have just as soon stayed at the ranch and done his chores for the day. Unbeknownst to him, his father secretly felt the same way, as he and Ric's mother, were still disagreeing about taking in 'trouble' as Ric's father referred to Yvette.

With TSA rules, people meeting incoming passengers can't get anywhere near the arrival gates. At DFW the International Arrival waiting area has a long window so that people waiting for loved ones can see their party walking down the hallway.

Ric and his parents had a lengthy wait after the Air France non-stop had arrived, until the Passengers cleared customs. Suddenly the hallway on the other side of the glass became alive with passengers who had been disgorged from the Airbus and were clearing Customs.

Ric's mother scanned each female face expectantly. It seemed that surely the Airplane could not have possibly held that many passengers and Ric's mother began to worry that her niece has somehow missed the plane.

Excitedly Ric's mother abruptly said 'There she is" and squealed. Ric looked first at his mother and then followed her arm which was pointing at the window.

Ric looked at his mother again who was still jumping up and down excitedly, while his dad stood there sulking. Ric followed his mother's outstretched hand pointing through the widow and did a double take. His mother was pointing at a girl with long blond hair down her back walking next to a flight attendant and drawing a roll-away bag, while the blond and the attendant chatted with each other.

But Ric could not believe his eyes. On the other side of the glass was not just a blond with long hair, but a goddess. A goddess who wore the shortest mini skirt Ric had ever seen, wore slight high-heel shoes and had legs that seemed to extend to the stars, up from her shapely ankles.

As Ric took in her form he suddenly noticed that she had on an extremely shear blouse and he could clearly see the lacy bra she wore under it through the material at least from the side. The girl carried a black jacket that matched the mini skirt over her other arm. The gorgeous blond on the other side of the glass appeared to be tall. . maybe 5 ft. 9 or 5 ft.

10 Ric guessed which was exaggerated by her high heel shoes and long legs. As she and the flight attendant walked the long hallway towards the arrival lobby, Ric got the mental image of a runway model 'strutting'. . to him that's how the two young women seemed to be walking. His cousin had a lovely set of breasts, perched high on her chest. Ric was no good at guessing the size of a girl's boobs but he guessed his cousin was maybe a 'B' or possibly a 'C' cup.

As she strutted down the hallway her tits bounced slightly with her gait. There were girls at school who were bigger. . hell there were girls at school who had humongous tits.

. but this long, tall, thin-wasted beauty was assembled much better than any of the girls at school! As the flight attendant and his cousin neared the end of the hallway, Ric got a view of his cousin's ass as it swayed with her strut. Perfectly proportioned with the rest of the package, Ric smiled and felt a familiar stirring in his jeans. As the passengers began to pour out of the hallway into the arrival lobby, family members began the ritual of greeting their relatives and surged towards the entrance of the hallway.

As Ric's mother turned she looked at her teen son for the first time. "Ric, I know she's beautiful" his mother said, "but your mouth is hanging open. . .it's embarrassing. . and for God's sake, please try not to drool on your cousin!" Rick's cousin Yvette rounded the end of the hallway and his mother called to the girl and waved furiously.

Yvette and the Attendant made their way over to Ric's mother and Yvette gave her aunt the typical French greeting of kissing her on each cheek and then the two women fell into a huge hug. "Oh my god. . its so good to see you Yvette. . and you've grown so much" Ric's mother said.

As the two women broke their hug Yvette spoke. "Aunt Marjorie it so good to see you all. . thank you for having me." Yvette then introduced the Flight Attendant to her Aunt. The flight attendant shook Ric's mother's hand and told her what a pleasure it had been to fly with her niece from France and that she hoped everyone would enjoy the visit. As the flight attendant departed Yvette greeted her uncle saying "Uncle Carl.

. nice to see you. . thank you for letting me visit", as she kissed him on his cheeks also. Carl was rigid and just grunted. Ric had been observing all this, and listening to the girl's French accented English left Ric infatuated already. Yvette turned to face Ric. He could not help himself he let his eyes dart from her face, to her chest. Disappointment filled him immediately. The sheer blouse which so clearly displayed her lacy undergarment on the side, had two large pockets on the front, strategically placed over her boobs, making the frontal view of the blouse much more modest.

Yvette was smiling when he returned his gaze to her eyes. She stepped forward and into him, grasping his biceps in each hand. The large muscles, honed from ranch work and athletics, did not escape her notice. She gazed into his eyes remembering all the fun they had together as children.

Yvette leaned in and kissed his right cheek and then slowly moved to his left side. Unlike with his mother, nor certainly his father, Yvette allowed her ample chest to press into Ric's as she prepared to kiss his left cheek. As she made a show of the French greeting on Ric's left cheek, she lingered. . Ric thought just a little too long. . and whispered in his ear; "Boy you have really grown.

. you're quite the specimen" she said in a heavy French accent. He didn't know what made him do it or where he found the courage, but Ric whispered back in her ear "And looks who is talking about changing!" Ric was actually starting to panic as he felt stirrings in his jeans for the second time since seeing his cousin, and was afraid Yvette or his mom.

. or worse his father. . might notice he was springing a boner. As Yvette stepped back she felt Ric trembling as she held his biceps. . a curiosity she thought. Looking at her Aunt, Yvette said "I have some luggage" and the four set off for the baggage carrousel. By the time the baggage chute had disgorged her fourth suitcase, and Yvette had declared "that's all of them" her uncle remarked "Christ, we should have brought a moving van!" His snide remark elicited a stern "CARL!" from Ric's mother, reminding her husband that he was on thin ice with her.

Carl and Ric wrestled the luggage to the waiting Town Car. Yvette could not help but notice the bulging biceps, taught stomach and broad chest Ric displayed under the tight long-sleeve tee shirt he wore. She noted that he was tall. . taller than her 5ft 10 frame, and wore his sun-streaked sandy blond hair neatly cut. When she had leaned in to greet him earlier, she caught a faint scent, but she could not place it.

She only knew that it was a very pleasant smell. She still wondered why he was shaking when she kissed his cheek. The luggage all crammed in the trunk, Ric's father unlocked the doors and began to slide into the driver's seat. Ric's mother began to open her passenger side door, when she realized her son was opening the rear passenger door for Yvette.

Marge chuckled at her son's gentlemanly gesture of opening the door for his cousin. it had been years since Carl held a door for her. Ric held the door for Yvette as she seated herself in the car.

Ric could not help himself. As she began to slip into the car, he watched her knees automatically expecting a show, what with a mini skirt that short! Yvette daintily slid onto the rear seat, keeping her knees glued together and thus precluding any showing of girl-things that should not be shown. She looked up at Ric demurely and said 'thank you' to him, speaking French. The minute Ric heard that he came to the realization that in 15 minutes he'd determined that this girl was both driving him crazy with her mannerisms.

. and scared the hell out of him!   Chapter 4 The drive from DFW back to the ranch was a long one. Yvette and her aunt talked endlessly. Much of the conversation was about Yvette's mother, Marge's sister, who Yvette volunteered was having a very hard time after her long-time boyfriend had suddenly left her for another woman.

Ric's mother told her nice that she hoped everything would be fine, and how much she missed her baby sister. Ric had told himself that he needed to 'get hold of himself'. While he was instantly smitten with Yvette's beauty and charm. . .she WAS his cousin for Christ's sake!' He wondered what was wrong with him anyway!

After Carl and his son had wrestled all of Yvette's luggage into the house Marge had suggested that Rick and Yvette take the bags upstairs and that Ric show Yvette to her room and get her situated. It took two trips for Ric to get everything up the stairs and on the second trip Yvette went up the stairs ahead of him with her roll-away bag.

Ric's eyes were glued to her mini-skirted ass as she sashayed up the stairs. Ric expected to get a glimpse of her panty-clad ass as short as her skirt was. All he saw was legs that seemed to go on forever, but nothing else. Realizing he was acting like a letch not a gentlemen he muttered to himself 'Jesus get a grip!' "I hope you like your room. . mom and I just got done repainting it and cleaning it up for you" Ric stated as they dragged her bags into the room.

Yvette was stunned by the room. It was almost twice the size of her bedroom in France, had a large Queen bed and a desk with writing lamp on the far wall. On the desk was a laptop. "Can I use that laptop" Yvette asked eying the machine. "It's yours" Ric responded. I got a new one and thought you might like to use this one.

I put SKYPE on it, in case you want to talk to your mom" Ric commented. "I'm not sure she wants to talk to me" Yvette said softly. Ric let the subject drop. Yvette set about putting things away in her dresser drawers and hanging things in her walk-in closet. More than once she remarked about how nice the bedroom was and thanked Ric for his efforts.

As she filled drawer after drawer, Ric could not help but notice that a lot of very 'frilly' girl things were going into the drawers. He was not used to seeing slips, half-slips, girl's underwear, bras, sweaters, tube tops and so forth. He had a sock drawer, a underwear drawer and a junk drawer in his room. In the bottom of his junk drawer was where he hid his girly magazines from his mom.

Yvette had finished putting away clothes and hanging things up in the walk-in closet while Ric stood in the middle of the bedroom talking to his cousin. As Yvette exited the large closet and walked to the center of the room she suddenly unzipped the back of the mini skirt and started working the garment down her hips. As the skirt started to descend the French teen's hips Ric caught sight of some black material, registered what was happening, spun around with his back to her and exclaimed "WHAT THE HELL YVETTE?" Behind him, Yvette started laughing uncontrollably.

"Ric. . you don't know much about girls. . and how they dress do you? Turn around for heaven's sake" "Not until you get some clothes on" he said, feeling his face turn red. "I have clothes on" Yvette said. "You can turn around" Ric slowly peered over his shoulder and turned to face his cousin. Yvette stood there in very small, extremely tight black lycra shorts.

The shorts had boy-cut legs and clung to every curve and crevice of her body. They also had the effect of highly emphasizing her round and delectable ass. "You didn't think I'd wear a mini skirt that short without shorts on under them did you? If I did that, I might be showing my girl-bits.

and that wouldn't be very wise. . now would it?" Yvette just grinned at him while Ric looked like he might stroke out at any second. He could not take his eyes off her figure no matter how hard he told himself not to stare. Yvette had a shape to die for and the boy-shorts not only accentuated her long legs, but were displaying a substantial camel toe to her boy cousin.

Yvette spun around and while she did said "See. . "and then something Ric didn't understand in French. Seeing that he didn't understand, Yvette repeated in English "modestly covered." While technically she may have been modestly covered, the outline of her vagina, and the curved bubble-butt when she turned around, were driving Ric to distraction.

Ric starred at her dumbfounded while Yvette just smiled. "Sorry to shock you Ric. I forget that you don't have any sisters, so you're probably not used to being around all this girly stuff. But, given your shock when I dropped my skirt, you may want to excuse me while I take off my blouse and change into something more comfortable?" As she said this she had already unbuttoned the top two buttons of the white garment and was headed for button number 3.

Ric stammered something incoherent and beat a hasty retreat. Outside Ric realized it hurt to walk. . his cock was trying to break its way out of his Levis, and was trapped in an unnatural position down the leg. He went into the Jack-N-Jill bathroom he now shared with his cousin, splashed some cold water in his face, went downstairs without saying a word to anyone, went out the door, climbed on the John Deer and proceeded back to the north pasture to finish his fence mending chore.

All afternoon he worked hard, the sweat pouring from his body and soaking his tee shirt. He tried to force himself not to think about his cousin. She had left the United States at barely11 being irritating. Now she was back as grown teenager and was irritating him again. . but in an entirely different way.

"Christ almighty" he said out loud, "how am I supposed to live 20 feet down the hall from a beauty queen?" The sun was getting low in the sky when the John Deer tractor sputtered its diesel to a stop outside the back door. Ric came stumbling into the house. "Muddy boots" his mother said to him as she stood making dinner. Ric stopped and started struggling to remove his soiled work boots. Yvette had been helping his mom fix dinner and was watching him intently.

Ric's blond hair was all tousled and his long sleeve tee shirt clung to his torso soaked in sweat from the exertion out in the pasture. Yvette took in the site and butterflies took flight in her tummy as she marveled at his pecs, and his biceps, and his washboard abs while he struggled to get his boots off.

Finally freeing himself from the work boots he muttered 'I'm gonna get a shower'. "Don't be long sweetheart, Yvette and I almost have dinner ready. . you must be hungry" his mother said. "Allrightthen" Ric muttered along with something else as he exited the kitchen and went upstairs to shower.

He stood under the steamy water, washed his hair and soaped himself when it struck him that later this evening his beautiful cousin would be naked in this very shower! Thinking of her body, and all that he had seen of her figure, her long blond hair, the dazzling smile and the cute personality got to him and in the blink of an eye his manhood stood at full attention. He tried to put her of his mind.

. he tried to concentrate on something else. but he kept wondering what her tits would look like if he hadn't run out of the room when she was unbuttoning her blouse.

Finally he grabbed his cock with his soapy hand and remembering what she looked like in the lycra shorts with the seam pulled high into her pussy, he stroked furiously. He had visions of her tits and fantasized he was sucking them.

It had only taken a couple of minutes and he blasted a huge load of cum on the shower wall. 'God, I have got to stop this. . she's your cousin for crying out loud!' He dried himself and dressed for dinner. The dinner was delicious, and Ric's mother pointed out that the recipe for the chicken had been Yvette's. The two women talked endlessly about all manner of things.

The two men were mostly quiet. It was after dinner, when the two teens were left to clear the table and wash dishes, that Yvette said to Ric "Maybe you can show me around the ranch tomorrow.

it's really beautiful here." "Yea. . well maybe. . I got a lot of chores to do tomorrow" Ric replied. "Good. . I'll help you with them.



I need to pull my weight around here" Yvette smiled back. Rick just sighed. How was he ever going to avoid her he wondered?   Chapter 5 The next few weeks flew by. When Yvette's school records had been presentedand Marge had her enter the school year, it turned out that while she should have been a year behind Ric, there were makeup classes she needed to take.

Yvette approached Ric about helping her with English (diagramming sentences and English structure) and US History. These were obviously things she hadn't taken in France. In return Ric asked Yvette to teach him how to speak French. To that question, Yvette replied with a mischievous grin that she would be happy to 'give Ric French lessons!' The other thing that happened was that, as he had predicted, Ric's parents had not let him go to South Padre Island for Spring Break, nor was his father going to let him go down there with the guys and leave little 'Miss Trouble" at the ranch with he and Marge.

Yvette started going into town on Friday nights with Ric to hang out at the Dairy Queen with the 'Mob'. Most of the Mob readily accepted her . at least all the male members. Several of the girls were standoffish toward her.

. primarily because she was so much better looking than they were. . and because the girls did not like the 'competition'. It took a while but eventually most of the girls discovered she was absolutely no threat.

The boys would all hit on Yvette, but she either just ignored their advances, and double-untenders, or outright shot them down in flames. On a couple of occasions Ric caught a couple of the guys making rude comments about how they would love to get into Yvette's panties. Ric had told them forcefully not to talk that way about Yvette.

He didn't really know why it bothered him so much to hear other guys talking about sex with Yvette. When Ric put his foot down about the salacious talk regarding his cousin one of the guys had commented that perhaps Ric was 'tapping her himself" and that was the reason he didn't like it.

Ric and the boy almost came to blows until a number of the other guys present separated the two and got Ric calmed down. On the drive back to the ranch Yvette asked Rick what he and the other boy had gotten so riled about. Ric's reply was that "it wasn't anything" and he tried to let the subject drop. However, Yvette looked at him. "I heard some of the nasty stuff that boy said about me, Ric.

But you don't have to stick up for me. I don't want you to get into any trouble because of me. . but I do appreciate you defending my honor." As she finished, Ric was sure he saw her blush.

  Chapter 6 As difficult as it was for Ric to be around his beautiful cousin and not have lascivious thoughts about her, Yvette and he spent a lot of time talking usually after dinner as they sat on the porch and watched the Texas sun setting. One night after a Skype call with her mother Yvette sat on the porch and he could tell she was visibly upset.

Twice he had asked what was bothering her, but had not gotten an answer. Finally, Yvette decided to confide in him. "How much do you know about what happened with me back in France" Yvette asked him. "Not much" Ric replied, "some sort of guy trouble I heard." Yvette started to tear up and said "Yea, it was some kind of trouble alright!" "Wanna tell me about it" Ric ask, trying very hard not to be pushy, but at the same time dying of curiosity.

"Back home Ma'ma wouldn't let me date before my 15th birthday" Yvette started. "There was this guy that worked at this shop where all of us kids hung out. sort of like a French version of your Dairy Queen. Anyway, this guy kept hitting on me and one day he asked me out. He was very charming and a gentleman.

He took me to the movies and out to dinner. I guess you could say we became boyfriend and girlfriend." Yvette took a breath and sniffled her nose. "We got more and more into each other and he started to push me to DO stuff with him." Ric swore he saw Yvette blush a little.

"Anyway, to the point, one day my mom came home early from work, walked into my bedroom and found me dressed only in a pair of panties giving Stephan. . that was his name. . .oral sex. Next, as you Americans say, the shit hit the fan!" Yvette teared up again, remembering the incident. "Well" Ric said after a long pause, "that sucks getting caught by your mama, but lots of girls in these parts are having sex with their boyfriends by your age." Ric was trying to defuse the fact that she was obviously very traumatized over the incident.

He was wrong, as he hadn't yet heard all the story. "My mom threw Stephan out and she and I got in a terrible fight. . and she accused me of being a little whore!" Ric could almost feel her pain. "The irony was" she continued, "that Stephan was pushing me to have sex with him. . but I wouldn't. I'm saving my virginity for. someone special" she said. "The more he pushed me trying to get into my pants, the more I realized I needed to DO something for him.

. or I was gonna loose a boyfriend." "I'm not sure I understand" Ric said. "As I wouldn't let Stephan go all the way with me", Yvette paused to choose her words and her thoughts carefully, "I decided to learn how to give him oral gratification.

At first it was terrible, and I hated it, but then I got used to it and it wasn't so bad. My plan worked though. Once Stephan had his fun with me and had his climax, then he would quit bugging me about going all the way with him.

Somewhere along the line he started insisting that I strip down to my panties while performing oral sex with him. . .which is how my mother caught us." Ric didn't know how to respond and it bothered him a lot, that she was again crying.

"Wow. Bummer" was all he could come up with. "I haven't told you the worse part yet" Yvette cried. "Huh" Ric said as if a dullard. "A couple of days later my mother was in our neighborhood market. Who does my mother see, but Stephan who is in the company of a very pretty little redhead, carrying a baby on her hip and has a bulging tummy with another baby on the way." Yvette paused to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"MY mother walks up to them and all sweetly says 'Oh Stephan, who is this lovely creature I see you with?' I guess Stephan was pale, but the redheaded woman stuck out her hand to my mother and said 'I'm Simone. . Stephan's wife. How do you know my husband?' she inquired. At this point my mother announced loudly, so everyone in the market could hear, 'oh, I caught your husband in bed with my daughter the other day. . my 15-year-old daughter!' And, I better not ever see this piece-of-trash husband of yours again!' And then my mother turned and walked out of the market having just told Stephan's wife, and all of our neighbors who were in the market, I had been sleeping with a married man." "Hoooollllyyyy shit"!

NOW Ric understood why she was so traumatized. "About the same time as the incident with Stephan, mom's boyfriend broke up with her.

She blamed me saying that it was because of the Stephan thing her boyfriend had abandoned her. She seemed to ignore the fact he had another girl on the string" Yvette said, again wiping her eyes.

"Ric, I swear I didn't know Stephan was 22. . and that he was married. with a kid. I was so naive. At least now you understand why your dad think's I'm a little French whore, Ric." "He doesn't think that" Ric lied.

"Ric, I overheard him saying that to your mom one night. so yea. . he does think that!" Ric didn't know how to respond. "Look Yvette, I don't know what to say about my dad. . he's not very. tactful towards people" Ric tried to make an excuse for him. He wanted to comfort her somehow. He put his arm around her and pulled her into his shoulder while they sat on the porch swing. She felt his strength, and warmth, and began to sob again.

Ric heard her mumble. "the little French whore. little virgin French whore." While everyone had trouble trying to talk to Ric's father, the relationship with his mother was the exact opposite for Ric.

Marge and Ric could talk about anything, and often did. She had a good understanding of the strong, fair-minded young man her son was. In the afternoon the next day, Ric managed to get his mom alone. "Mom, I need to talk to you" he began, while his mother stood drying dishes. "Sure, what on your mind, Ric?" "I had a long talk with Yvette last night" he began.

"She's really torn up about the situation between her and her mom" Ric explained. "Mothers and their daughters. " Marge began to expand for her son. "Mom, did you know that Yvette is still a virgin" Ric interrupted his mother in mid-sentence. Marge was taken aback. "No, I assumed from what your aunt told me that Yvette was. sexually active" his mother said matter-of-factly.

"Mom, as a favor to me, will you call your sister and get this straightened out. she's breaking Yvette's heart. . and I'm afraid this is gonna go too far. The only thing Yvette is guilty of is using poor judgement in her choice of a boyfriend!" "OK, I can do that" Marge said to her son.

He turned to walk back out to the waiting tractor. "Thanks mom. oh and one other thing. I really need you to real-in dad on this thing. . .Yvette overheard him talking to you. if dad calls her a little French Whore again, there's going to be BIG trouble between him and me!" As the screen door slammed Marge smiled to herself. 'Yep, strong, fair-minded and always a gentlemen. . .that's my boy!'   Chapter 7 The men were all out working on the ranch when Yvette walked into the kitchen carrying a basket of eggs she had just collected.

Going to the sink she delicately started to wash off each egg before placing it in the carton. Marge walked up to her niece, handed her a towel and said "Yvette, come over here I want to talk to you.

Sit down please." Yvette did as asked and sat, not knowing what this was about. "Yvette, Ric told me you and him had a personal conversation out on the porch the other night. . " "I'm sorry aunt Marge. . I shouldn't have bothered him with my personal problems" Yvette began to apologize thinking she had stepped over the line.

"Shush girl" Marge said. "I think it is wonderful that you and Ric can talk to each other about personal things. I hope that we can do the same, Yvette. You could of told me everything. . anytime." "Did Ric tell you everything we talked about" Yvette asked, getting embarrassed that her aunt may know all the gory details. "He didn't tell me a lot of the details I'm sure. . but he told me a couple of important parts. But I have to ask you just one question, Yvette." "What's that" the French beauty said with trepidation.

"Was everything you told Ric the other night accurate, Yvette? You didn't embellish any of it? Or maybe fib just a little bit?" Yvette blinked at her aunt's question. "No, it was all true, Aunt Marge." "So it's true. . you are a virgin" her aunt again pressed. "Yea. . I am" Yvette said blushing vividly now.

"why would you ask that?" "Oh that's one of the 'important bits' Ric related to me" Marge said to her niece, "and I've got a couple of things I need to get straightened out around here." Now Yvette was more confused. "Why don't you jump on the Gator and go find Ric and give him a hand. . I'll finish the eggs." As the two stood up Yvette's aunt kissed her on the forehead and said "Thanks for confiding in me sweetheart." The next day was Monday, a school day.

As fate would have it Ric had forgotten his Algebra book at home and had decided to run home at lunch time to pick it up. As he walked in through the back porch of the house he heard his mother screaming into the phone in the next room and he froze in his tracks.

"God Damn it Barbara, don't you holler at me in French. you speak English better than I do!" Ric immediately realized his mother was on the phone with her sister in Paris and the fur was flying. "I don't give a shit Barbara, just because your boyfriend decided to run off with some tart that is 10 years younger than you is NOT Yvette's fault. You need to get your life and your priorities in order dear sister." There was a long pause and his aunt Barbara was yelling so loud he could hear her voice in the next room.

"I don't give a fuck Barbara. . listen to me. . you were wrong. If you don't fix this. . and fix it now, you're gonna lose your daughter. . then you won't have fucking anyone!" Ric's mother was giving his aunt hell. "Listen to me. . you twit. your daughter is still a virgin." Then there was a long pause. "Yes Barbara, I'm quite sure. . she's not like. . YOU who was running around fucking all the farm boys in town at age 13!" Voices regained something more approaching normalcy and Ric could not hear much.

The last thing he heard was his mother say "just think about it long and hard. . then call your daughter. . TONIGHT!" Then Ric heard the phone slam in the cradle. He thought quickly, opened the screen door, then slammed it with a hard bang. "Mom, I'm home" he announced. Marge turned the corner, still red in the face from her conversation with her sister.

"what are you doing home Ric?" "Forgot my math book" was his brief reply as he pushed past her, grabbed his book from his room and said "see ya later" as he jumped in the truck and headed back to school. 'Man she was pissed' Ric thought as he shifted through the gears on his way back to school.   Chapter 8 Summer came and school was finally out for the summer. But not for Yvette. She was burdened with taking English and History classes.

Ric felt bad for her and realized that if he had moved to France, he'd have the same problem with language and French History. . so he empathized with Yvette.

What he couldn't figure out was why Yvette was putting herself through this agony, when she'd be going back to France at the end of summer. Her being in Summer School caused Ric to modify his schedule further. Every morning after the two teens hurriedly finished their morning chores at the ranch Ric would drive Yvette to High School. Her classes ran until 12:15 PM so Ric would have to stop what he was doing, drive back, pick Yvette up, and return her to the Ranch. A couple of the guys who were forced to take summer school, because of their 'stellar' academic standing, offered to give Yvette a ride home from school.

However, Ric didn't trust these guys and he insisted on taking his cousin to and from school. Ric's mother just observed all this drama, and the occasional cussin n fussin her teen son spouted about the imposition, with great amusement. As the months Ric had started to get used to having the French beauty in his life. Every time Ric had what he considered an impure thought about his cousin, he mentally kicked himself in the ass telling himself 'dumb-ass.

. she's your cousin. that's incest. . get a grip on yourself!' Yvette had been serious about 'pulling her own weight' around the ranch. She had taken over some of the mundane chores from her Aunt, and from Ric also. Things like collecting eggs from the hen house, and shoveling horse manure from the stalls in the barn, had been taken over by Yvette voluntarily.

She had migrated to a pair of Levis 501's, cowboy boots and a Stetson like she'd been born to it. When Ric would look at her in her 501's and denim work shirt his inner voice would always shout 'damn, no one's ever filled out a pair of jeans like that on this ranch before!' This would then be followed with self-recrimination about his incestuous thoughts. One sunny afternoon the disc-plow Ric was towing behind the John Deer tractor had broken and he was frantically wrestling with it on the ground as Yvette drove up on a Gator with a picnic basket lashed to the back.

Yvette climbed off the Gator and walked over to where Ric was laying on the ground cussing at the plow. "What are you doing" Yvette asked her cousin staring down at him where he lay with his arm up inside the plow mechanism. "The pin has fallen out of the damn hydraulic ram that lifts the plow assembly" he said while grunting trying to do something Yvette did not understand nor could she see. "I'm trying to get this damn pin back in the ram, but this frickin safety cover weighs a ton and I can't hold it up and get my arm in there to put the pin in at the same time!" "Let me help you" Yvette said as she plopped herself on the ground next to where Ric lay.

"I'll hold the safety cover up so you can have both hands free to fix the thingy" she said. However, when she tried to push the cover up, her arms were not long enough to reach over Ric and lift the cover.

she simply did not have the necessary leverage. "Let me get in front of you" Yvette said, "Hopefully your arms will be long enough to reach whatever you are trying to get the pin in." As she said that, she climbed over Ric and scooted in front of him.

With some effort she was able to grab and lift the safety cover high enough to allow access to the dangling hydraulic ram. "OK, see if you can get the pin in" Yvette said. Ric lay on the ground pressed hard up against the French girl's back, started to reach around her in attempt to re-pin the cylinder, when his hand accidentally banged into her right breast.

Ric's hand flew back as though it had been immersed in boiling water. Nothing was said. Ric repositioned the pin between his thumb and forefinger and started to reach into the mechanism. Again, working in the tight quarters, his hand brushed against Yvette's right boob. His hand flew back and he mumbled "I'm so sorry about that, Yvette. . I didn't mean. . " "Jesus Ric. just put the damn pin in.

.it's not like you're tryin to feel me up or something. and this cover is heavy" Yvette said through gritted teeth from the exertion. Ric reached around her yet again, ignored the fact that his bare forearm was laying mashed against the side bulge of her breast, and proceeded to man-handle the broken hydraulic ram. It was more difficult than he envisioned, and he had to jostle against the French teen quite a bit, pressing into Yvette's back for leverage.

By the time he finally got the connecting pin in the ram, and rolled away from Yvette's back telling her to drop the safety cover back in place, both teens were sweating from the summer heat and exertion, and covered in dirt from laying on the ground. Yvette sat up and brushed the dirt off her shirt and the legs of her Levis, while Ric attempted the same. Yvette turned and said 'Brush the dirt off my back, will you?" As Ric took his hand to brush the leaves, twigs and dirt off her back, he could feel the outline of her bra, and the clasp in the back.

For some inexplicable reason, his cock began to fill and stretch his Levis. For the hundredth time today, Ric had to quell his thoughts and mentally tell himself to cool it she's off limits!

Yvette turned and looked him in the eye. "Ric, I don't know why you are so uncomfortable around me." "I'm not" he tried to protest. "Yes, you ARE" Yvette persisted. "But I don't know what your problem is. When we were wrestling with the ram thingy and your hand brushed my boobie, you almost had a fit." Yvette took his hand and laid it on her forearm.

"See Ric, its just me. . flesh and bone. Accidentally touching my tits when we're working close together is no different than you touching my arm." "No it's quite different" Ric tried to argue.

"Look. girls have these bumps in front. . and they are constantly getting in the way. It's a curse! If we're gonna be working together, my tits are gonna bump into you sometimes!

Jesus, I don't know what the hang up is with you American boys and tits" Yvetter exclaimed in frustration. "A gentleman does not touch a girl's breasts" Ric shot back. "I think the problem is you American boys never see them. . so it's some kind of mystery.

In France the boys grow up with seeing girls topless all the time. at the beach, even around the house. It's not a big deal. All you guys over here do is drool all over a girl's tits every time you get the chance. "I don't drool over your tits" Ric protested.

"Uh-huh" Yevete said in mocking him. "Besides. . you are my cousin. I'm not supposed to be interested in your tits!" That didn't come out the way Ric intended. "Oh. . so my tits are good enough for you to look at!" Yevette had him on the defensive.

"You know very well what I meant Yvette. Cousins are not supposed to fool around." "We were NOT fooling around. you hand bumped into my boobies. You weren't trying to feel me up. . at least I didn't thing you were. . " Yvette said with a bemused smile. "It's not like my tits bite. well the right one doesn't. . but the left one has sharp teeth!" Yvette laughed and Ric could not help but follow suit. "Common idiot" Yvette said, "I brought us lunch." While they sat and ate sandwiches on a blanket Yvette had provided, Rick noticed that her denim work shirt had three buttons that were now mysteriously unsnapped.

Ric tried his damnedest not to stare, but a very pretty, very lacy, bra with a pink rose embroidered in the middle of the two cups kept beckoning to him. The two teens said goodbye, in French, as Yvette tried to make Ric speak what little French he had learned to date, as often as possible. While Ric watched his cousin depart across the bumpy pasture on the Gator, he fumbled with the half-hard cock in his blue jeans trying to get comfortable.

What Ric could not see was that Yvette had a broad smile on her face. 'The three buttons open worked' she thought to herself. Yvette had noticed Ric staring at her bra while they ate and chatted. She hoped it would have the desired effect. Ric had not gone a hundred yards on the John Deer when he noted Yvette was now well out of sight. He pulled the tractor to idle and took out his rigid cock. In his mind he could almost picture what Yvette's tits must look like and how enticing the white lacy bra had been.

Ric closed his eyes and imagined what it would be like to fondle Yvette's prize. He had not stroked his ample manhood for more than 30 seconds when he felt the churn begin. He grabbed for his neckerchief and unloaded shot after shot of semen into the cloth.

Once again he cursed himself for thinking these thought about his beautiful young cousin.   Chapter 9 Friday night Ric drove he and Yvette into town to hang out at the Dairy Queen with the rest of the Mob. Normally Yvette stayed pretty close to Ric's side. This was partially due to her inherent shyness and partially so she could avoid the group of girls that were jealous of her, and who harassed her. As Ric and Yvette wound their way through the crowd, Yvette saw her friend April on the other side of the room.

Yvette broke from Ric's side and made her way to April, and they gave each other a kiss on the cheek, French style.

April had been the one girl Yvette had met when she first arrived who immediately gravitated towards Yvette. April had been drawn to the French beauty, and unlike many of the other local girls, April was not intimidated by Yvette's beauty.

Over the last couple of months, Yvette and April had become inseparable. Occasionally they would overnight at each other's house and had a very special relationship. This night, April had to leave early, as she and her parents were leaving for the weekend very early the next morning. Yvette walked April to her car, the two embraced and said goodbye until they would see each other the next week. When Yvette came back inside she gravitated to Ric's side as he was talking to a group of the guys.

As she stood, holding Ric's forearm once more, every boy's eye drifted over to her, eyeing her up and down. "Ric turned towards Yvette and asked her 'Where did your friend April go?" "She had to get on home." Yvette just smiled and tried to be attentive about the discussion the boys were having about carburetors. 30 minutes later, Ric could sense Yvette was bored and he himself was a little tired. As the two teens walked to the truck, Yvette still clutching Ric's forearm, she suddenly asked "Where's Lookout Point?" Ric was startled.

"How do you know about Lookout Point" he wanted to know. "I heard some of the kids talking about going up there. The full moon is supposed to rise late tonight. They were saying that the moon will be spectacular coming up over the lake." "Well it probably will" Ric said, "but it isn't the kind of place I would take you." "Why not" Yvette wanted to know. "what's wrong with me?" "Nothing's wrong with you, Yvette" Ric replied, "Lookout Point is a make-out place where a lot of the kid's go to.

. .well you know." "I want to go and watch the moon rise" Yvette said in earnest. "No. . it isn't a place for you" Ric reiterated. "Why. is it because you're ashamed to be seen with me?" Yvette spat and went into a pout. "Don't be ridiculous, Yvette. I bring you to town with me every Friday, and take you to school and pick you up every day.

so it pretty obvious I'm not ashamed to be seen with you!" Yvette looked like she was going to start to cry and her lower lip began to quiver as she fought the urge to tear up. "Look Yvette" Ric said and then paused, trying not to hurt her feelings. "If I take you up to Lookout Point and the other kids see us. They might get the wrong idea about us" Ric tried to be as tactful as he could. "Everyone at school has seen how stiff you are around me. and how you have no interest in me.

so I seriously doubt ANYONE will get the wrong idea about me and you!" "Yvette you know how tongues wag around here." Yvette swore at him in French. . which he clearly understood. "If we are at Lookout Point, are you going to make out with me. or try to get me in the back seat?" Yvette said forcefully.

"Of course not" Ric replied angrily . . ."and beside, we're in a truck it doesn't even have a back seat! "Just take me up there Ric, I have a plan. no one who sees us will think anything about it!" Inwardly Yvette's heart was breaking. It was so obvious to her that Ric didn't feel the way about her, that she felt about him. Now she was not only hurt, but angry as well.

The drive to Lookout Point took about 20 minutes, and the silence the whole way was deafening. As they turned off the asphalt road onto what appeared to Yvette to be a dirt path she finally spoke. "Park with the bed of the truck facing the lake" was all she said to him. As they entered a wide expanse Ric was prepared to do as Yvette had said which would require him to make a 180 turn so the tailgate faced the lake.

As he swung around his headlights shown across the rear of another parked car, briefly illuminating, and startling, a couple kissing in the back of the car. She didn't recognize the car and Yvette didn't see the couple clearly, but what did catch her attention was a very odd-looking backpack that was on the rear deck inside the window.

As the illuminated couple jumped in surprise at Ric's headlights he said "OH shit", reached down and snapped off his lights, and explained that "courtesy was that you're not supposed to drive with your lights on in here." Completing the 180 degree turn, Ric nosed the truck between two trees and shut down the motor. Yvette reached down and pulled the door handle. Suddenly the cab was illuminated with bright light and Yvette jumped down from the truck and said "You can come sit on the tailgate with me.

. or stay here. I don't care." Ric couldn't figure out what she was pissed about. He'd brought her up here like she wanted, and now she was giving him attitude. He knew now that her plan was to let the other kids see them outside of the truck.

. so there was no question of anything going on. He also knew if he didn't sit on the tailgate with her, there would be hell to pay on the way home. Opening the door once more Ric jumped down and sat beside Yvette on the tailgate. The two teens talked briefly and Yvette said "Look, behind the mountain. . it's starting to get bright. I think the moon will be coming up soon." It didn't happen as quickly as Yvette had anticipated but ever so slowly a huge, bright orange, orb climbed over the mountain and a clear lighted path began to show across the lake.

As Yvette sat in awe at the beautiful moon-rise something caught her eye. It was so subtle; she wasn't sure she had actually seen it. "Ric, is that car moving, or is it my imagination?" Yvette stared at the purple backpack on the rear window deck of the car and again saw the car move slightly on its springs.

"If the car's a rocking. don't come knocking" Ric said in reply. "Hun?" Yvette said. "OH. I get it. you think they're. doing it? Yvette looked at her cousin. "I told you before Yvette, this is not a place I should have brought you" Ric replied "Oh yea, because so many girls have had sex while sitting on a tailgate!" Ric got her point and wisely remained silent. The two teens sat and watched as the moon crept higher and illuminated the shimmering lake. The Bull frogs croaked and Yvette squealed lightly as the fireflies began their dance.

"It's so beautiful almost magical" Yvette whispered. Ric took her hand at his side and interlaced his fingers with hers. Yvette, laid her head on his shoulder. "Ric, aren't you afraid someone will see what we're doing" Yvette wisecracked.

"Naw, they're all too busy screwing to be worried about us" Ric laughed. 15 minutes later they were back in the truck and headed home. Yvette had scooted to the center of the bench seat and used the lap-belt, choosing to sit beside Ric.

Neither teen could have known that tonight was pivotal and things were about to change for them. Chapter 10 Fate is a funny thing sometimes. One could not have planned the sequence of events that would unfold over the next month. Most of the time Ric was ok being around his blond teen cousin.

She was smart, athletic, a hard worker and was enjoyable to talk to. Half the time she was dirty and grimy, working separately, or together with Ric on some chore around the ranch. Every time he would have some sexual thought about his cousin he would go through his self-recrimination routine, reminding himself that incest was wrong.

. and that he couldn't be having these thoughts about his cousin. Those self-recriminations had gotten down to around a hundred times a day now, so he felt he was improving.

Other times it was almost too much to bear. When Yvette cleaned up, did her makeup and wore a nice dress, showing off her figure, her blond hair pulled back and displaying that dynamite smile, his heart would beat so heard he was afraid she'd hear it across the room!

All Ric could do was to keep his lust at bay by 'taking matters into his own hands.' Many days this would amount to him excusing himself and beating-off three or four times a day. And then Fate would step in; North Texas is home to some horrific thunder storms and yearly tornado watches.

Living north of Dallas, Ric had spent more than one night in the storm cellar, because the NWS had tornado warnings out. As they headed into early summer, the annual Thunderstorms had started their relentless march. Growing up in north Texas, a crash of thunder during an approaching storm would not wake Ric. It must have been nearing midnight when the winds rose and the sky started dancing with lightning.

Far away the thunder was but a distant rumble. However, the storm was marching east and their ranch was right on its path. The winds began to howl and the rain started pelting the windows. Suddenly there was a brilliant flash of light and millions of volts found their way to the ground, followed by a crash of thunder that shook the whole house.

Normally the crash of thunder would have maybe caused Ric to stir in his sleep. But the blood-curdling scream that immediately followed the flash of light and clap of thunder brought him to full alert. Suddenly the door to the Jack-and-Jill bathroom he shared with his cousin, flew open so hard it slammed into the wall, followed by Yvette at a dead run.

About the time Yvette cleared the bathroom into Ric's bedroom another flash of light, followed immediately by the thunderous explosion hit and Yvette let out another curdling scream.

She flung back the covers and jumped into Ric's arms, mashing herself to his chest and burying her eyes in the crook of his neck. She physically trembled from head to toe, as Ric instinctively held her for dear life. Rick heard his mother's footfall as she ran up the steps and then he saw the light in Yvette's bedroom flash on through the opened bathroom doors.

Ric saw his mother enter his room through the bathroom and she flipped on the light. Yvette was now not just trembling but was sobbing softly. "Oh good, she's in here with you" Ric's mother said. If he hadn't been so rudely awakened and could figure out what the hell was going on, he might have thought his mother's comment as odd.

Marge began rubbing Yvette's back with a soothing motion and said softly to her "shushhhhs little one. Listen, the thunder is moving away now. The storm is passing by." Yvette shook and sobbed for several more minutes. Ric's mother finally stood up as the girl was regaining her composure and said "why don't you sleep in here with Ric tonight, Yvette?" "Mom!" Ric said not believing his ears.

His mother gave him a stern look and said "take care of her Ric." Marge turned off his bedroom light, walked through the bathroom to Yvette's room, turned out the light and thrust the two teens into darkness.

Yvette trembled and her sobbing had turned to an occasions snivel, as she tried to catch her breath. As the thunder rolled further away and eventually abated, Yvette turned around with her back now to her cousin, she reached back, took his hand in her own, pulled it across her side and placed it on her midriff.

Her bare-skin midriff. In all the confusion Ric had not noted what her sleepwear was. Apparently it consisted of some sort of sleep shorts with ruffles. He knew because he could feel her bare legs against his own, and some sort of ruffles were tickling the front of his thighs. The top was apparently abbreviated below her breasts but well above her waist, as the palm of his hand was pressed against a wide expanse of bare skin.

Yvette had her hand resting on top of his. Her breathing has returned to normal, but Ric was afraid as Yvette pushed back into him even harder, pushed on his hand indicating she wanted to be held tighter and said simply "Hold me please". The two teens were spooning so tightly together that you could not have put a postage stamp between the two. Ric felt stirrings in his loins and was in a panic. If he sprung a full erection now, there was no way in hell his cousin wouldn't feel it.

He literally willed his erection to go away, thinking about what it would feel like to step into a ice-cold shower right now. Within a few minutes of Yvette holding his hand in a death-grip against her midriff her breathing slowed and Ric heard a faint snore.

She had drifted off. It would be hours before Ric could get back to sleep. Then he keyed on the scent of her strawberry body wash, which made it even more impossible to sleep. Ric had never even been to bed with a girl. . not even an ugly girl. . and here he was glued against this stunning blond French girl who, damn it, happened to be his cousin! Then it happened. Ric's will power dissolved and his little head took control, bringing his ample man-tool to full erection, pressed against his cousin's backside.

In her slumber, or perhaps in a dream, Yvette must have felt his member pressed against her. She moved, adjusted and pushed back even harder, causing Ric's cock to slide low on her ass and wedge between her tightly closed thighs. Somewhere fatigue had overtaken his horniness and Ric had slept. Normally the two teens were up at 5 AM ready to take on life at a working ranch. With the events of last night however, neither had stirred. At 5:15 Marge had awakened and not hearing a sound in the house, had decided to check on the two teens.

She entered Ric's bedroom, but snapped on the bathroom light to illuminate the bedroom, without waking the two.

When she did, what she saw both took her breath and brought a smile to her face. The two now lay face-to-face, two toe-headed teens with hair all tousled about. They had their arms wrapped around each other, holding each other closely, and their lips were mere millimeters apart. It gave the appearance of two lovers who would romantically kiss at any second.

. except that both were sound asleep! Marge watched the two sleeping together for several minutes, watching their chests slowly expand into one another, almost in sync. She left the two to sleep and went to the kitchen to make coffee and start the bacon. Several minutes later, it was Yvette whose eyelids fluttered open first. Her eyes slowly focused on her cousin's face, millimeters in front of her own. Her heart quickened. Then she felt this strange pressure against her crotch.

She knew immediately what the pressure was and a broad smile formed on her lips. Ric's penis had escaped the flys of his boxer's and was nestled against the crotch of her sleep pants. Yvette could not pull his torso closer to herself without their faces touching, but she could tilt her pelvis forward, creating more pressure between her crotch and his manhood. She did this and very slowly pusher herself against the throbbing member.

Her breath caught in her throat and she had the conscious thought that if it wasn't for the damn sleep pants, the two of them would now be skin-on-skin! She had to fight the desire to rub her clit back and forth on his cock.

it took all of her willpower not to keep moving. Suddenly she sensed Ric's breathing had just changed. He's waking up she realized. She pretended to be sleeping as Ric slowly came to consciousness. Ric remembered the events of last night as he focused on her sleeping form.

Suddenly realizing he had morning wood, that his cock had escaped the confines of his boxers and where the head of his penis was currently nestled, he suddenly pushed back and said "OH SHIT!" Ric sprang to his feet and dashed for the bathroom to drain his bladder and will his morning wood to subside. Yvette heard his pee splashing in the bowl and continued to feign sleep, as he came into the room, slipped on his levis and went to find his mother.

  Chapter 11 "Good Morning dear" Ric's mother said, as he entered the kitchen, pouring himself black coffee. "Did you sleep well" she asked with a mischievous grin.

"NO. . I didn't sleep well" he spat. "What in the hell was that all about last night" Ric said forcefully. "And what possessed you to tell Yvette she could sleep with me. Have you lost your mind?" Marge poured herself some coffee and sat opposite her son.

"First Ric, I'm sure you were a perfect gentlemen with Yvette. and if her sleeping in your bed caused some. . " Marge paused trying to be delicate, ". . problem for you. . " Marge's eyes darted down to Ric's crotch, "well I'm sure you know how to take care of the problem!" Ric was not awake yet, and definitely NOT amused with his mother. "Ric, you were probably too young to remember you uncle.

Yvette's father. being killed." Ric squinted his eyes, trying to remember his uncle, and his death. "Ric, you were only a little over 9, Yvette 8,when her dad died. They were staying in the south of France on holiday when a terrible storm hit. Lightning struck the cottage they were staying in out in the country and set it on fire.

Yvette, your aunt and uncle all got out of the house and away from the fire. However, Yvette was frantic because her little doggy was still in the burning house. Foolishly, your uncle dashed back into the burning house to rescue Yvette's dog. When the firefighters put out the flames, they found her father, with the little dog clutched in his arms. . .the roof had collapsed on them and they burnt to death! The last thing Yvette saw was her father running into the flames. For years afterward she had nightmares about lightning and thunder storms and is terrified every time she hears thunder!

So last night must have been horrible for her." "Holy shit" Ric said, "I had no idea." Marge looked at her son and his eyes looked like saucers. Inside Ric cursed himself for being so insensitive with his cousin's intrusion the previous night.

About that time Yvette sauntered in. She had put on bedroom slippers but still wore the shorty sleep attire Ric had presumed she had on in bed last night. "Morning" Yvette said, "Sorry I over-slept" she mumbled. "Nonsense" Marge said. She sat a mug of steaming coffee in front of the girl, and slid a plate of bacon in beside it. "You're entitled to sleep in once and a while" Marge opined, "And besides, today is Saturday.

The Chickens and the cow can wait Yvette." Ric eyed his cousin. She had red puffy eyes from crying last night, and her hair looked like she had walked through a tornado. . but to Ric, she looked beautiful. . not fully awake. . but beautiful. Ric finished his coffee, excused himself and went to take a shower.

  CHAPTER 12 After breakfast Yvette showered and dressed. Ric had headed out to find some fence stakes he needed for his chores today. Marge sat Yvette down to talk. Marge wanted to know if Yvette was OK and the young Frenchwoman told her she was embarrassed about last night.

Marge told her never to be embarrassed and that she, and Ric, fully understood how she was feeling. "I'm sure Ric didn't appreciate my antics last night. . and jumping in his bed. He's not very comfortable around me as it is" Yvette told her aunt. "Why do you say that dear?" "He just isn't. I don't think he likes me being around him very much. He acts weird around me most of the time" Yvette told her.

"Oh, I think he acts weird for a reason" Marge said to her niece. "Boys don't know much how to act around pretty young girls. . when they're attracted to them!" "You wouldn't think he's attracted to me, if you saw the way he acts sometimes!" The conversation ended and Yvette went to do her chores. She couldn't get what her aunt said out of her head. By mid-morning she had finished her morning rounds; collecting eggs, milking and feeding the cow, and feeding and brushing the mare called 'Beauty'.

She'd changed into her Levis and boots, donned her Stetson and jumped on the Gator to find Ric. Yvette rumbled over the uneven ground and finally found Ric at the far north property line. He had a pile of metal fence post on a trailer behind the tractor and as Yvette approached she saw him driving a fence post into the ground with a tubular driver. He had his shirt off and his muscular torso was bathed in sweat in the north Texas sun.

Ric had just completed driving in yet another metal fence post when Yvette asked how she could help. "Actually, you can be very helpful he said. Fetch one of those posts off the trailer and bring it over here." Yvette pulled her leather gloves from the back pocket of her Levis and grabbed a post. She noted that Ric had a sting line taught between an existing fence post about 50 feet up the hill and what was obviously the first new post he had set.

Ric had a pre-measured rope with a loop in the end. He hooked it over the post he had just driven, and lay it on the ground. "Put the tip of your post at the end of the line, and hold it vertical while I get it started." Yvette squatted down holding the post low with both hands, and watched as Ric placed the driver over the top of the post.

He adjusted it to be more vertical and told her to hold it there. Grabbing the handles of the post-driver, he cautiously got it started a few inches into the clay soil. "OK Yvette, you can let it go now" he said. As she stepped back, Yvette watched as he slammed the driver down again and again, as the metal post inched its way into the dry soil. Completing that post, Ric commented that "It's a lot easier when you help me get it started." Yvette smiled at him broadly, feeling useful and included by him for a change.

"Let me try one" she said, "you can rest while I drive it in." Ric held the post while Yvette gingerly got the tip of the post started into the ground. Ric stood back and whipped the sweat from his brow as he watched his girl-cousin try to drive her first fence post. Yvette grimaced each time she struck the drive down.

Ric had expected her to give up after a few whacks, but the teen was determined to drive the post in to its stop. In the end it took Yvette twice as long, and double the number of strikes, to set that post as compared to Ric, but she never gave up. Yvette was bathed in sweat, her face red from exertion and the Texas sun and her denim work shirt was wet and clung to her body.

Yvette turned and walked to the Gator, pulling two bottles of water from the picnic cooler. As she walked to the Gator, Ric loved the way her blond pony-tail hung below her hat and swayed as she walked. He also loved the way her ass swayed when she walked!

The two teens drank their water, and shared the remaining workload, both driving two more post each. While they worked, Yvette asked Ric who owned the property on the other side of the fence? "Old man Johnson does" Ric replied. Originally, it belonged to my Grandfather and had been left to him by his dad, my Great Grandfather. The original ranch was 700 acres. When my dad was still pretty young. . about 10 or 12 I think. his father got in some kind of financial trouble and split the ranch, selling half to Johnson." Yvette was watching Ric intently.

"Apparently when Johnson was a younger man he used to work the ranch and ran a lot of cattle and used his half the property to grow feed." Then his wife died, and he became pretty much of a recluse.

He let the ranch go to hell. Now he's just an old, bitter, coot" Rick concluded. "Interesting" was all Yvette said. "No not interesting" Ric corrected, "an outright sin!" "Why is that" Yvette asked. "My grandfather sold the wrong half of the ranch.

The part Johnson bought has all the water you could want, and the soil is much richer. You can grow pretty much whatever you want up there. And that property has a huge house on it. Apparently Grandpa sold Johnson that part, because he could get more money for that piece. This side isn't so lucky and dad has had to work a lot harder at it." "How did this section of fence get down anyway" Yvette asked. "Three of four of the old wood post were rotted away and hanging by the barbwire" Ric said.

"I'd been putting off replacing them and when the storm hit last night I knew it would be on the ground." "Speaking of the storm" Yvette said shyly "I'm really sorry I acted like such a baby last night, Ric." "Don't be silly.

Understandable. You can come to my room any time you're frightened." He gave her a huge smile and she about melted. Next the teens re-strung new barbed wire on the replacement posts. Ric taught Yvette how to splice wire, how to use a stretcher to get the wire taught and how to tie it off to the posts.

At 12:30 they had completed the task and both were again bathed in sweat. "I'm hungry. There is something I want to show you. Get the picnic basket off the Gator and hop up in the tractor" Ric told her. He had climbed up into the John Deer and she handed him the basket which he stowed out of the way, and then she climbed up into the snug cab.

Ric had her sit on the air-ride seat in front of him. He advanced the throttle and said "You drive". The tractor bumped along the fence line of the north property and Yevette asked where they were going. "You'll see" Ric replied. As they went further, the Oak trees started to get thicker along the property line and pretty soon Yvette was steering along a meandering dirt path avoiding the full grown trees.

A quarter mile further the thicket of trees opened and there in front of them was a wide stream with a sandy beach. Ric retarded the throttle and disengaged the drive.

"We're here he said. Ric helped Yvette down from the tall tractor after she handed him the picnic basket. "What is this place" Yvette wanted to know, "it absolutely beautiful." They spread the blanket and set up the picnic basket.

They were dirty and sweaty from the fence repair, but neither teen seemed to care. As they began to eat sandwiches Ric explained. "See where the creek runs under the fence? Although this creek is only 10 feet or so wide, over on Johnson's property the creek is much wider and deeper. Before my grandfather sold that half of the ranch, he built this little diversion creek, and this swimming hole and sandy beach for my dad and his mom, my grandmother.

The spillway from the swimming hole and that part of the creek unfortunately runs back onto Johnson's property before rejoining the main creek. Just the slope of the property" Ric finished explaining. It's beautiful. . and it's COOL here under the trees" Yvette said. "it feels wonderful after being out in the sun all morning." "I used to come out here a lot when I was a kid" Ric said.

. ."not so much anymore." The two finished their lunch and Yvette was staring at Ric. "Why are you looking at me like that Yvette?" "Oh I just think you are an interesting guy is all" "I'm just like any other boy you've ever know." "No, you're not like ANY guy I've ever known" Yvette said. The two fell back into silence. "How deep is this pond ANYWAY" Yvette asked. "3 ft. at the shallowest and about 6 ft.

at the deepest. About 10 meters wide and 20 meters long" Ric answered. "Why" he wanted to know. "Ric, let's go swimming" Yvette said with a wide grin.   CHAPTER 13 Yvette was already taking off her boots when Ric said, "we can't. . we don't have our bathing suits." Yvette had tried to pull the hem of her Levis up as far as she could and was putting her toes in the water. "The water is so cool. . it feels wonderful. Come on, let's go swimming." By the time we go back and get our suits and come all the way back here it will be too late.

Besides, I've got more chores to get to" Ric concluded. "We can swim in our underwear" Yvette offered. "You DID wear underwear didn't you, Ric?" The boy looked at her like she was crazy. "Of course I have on underwear. gross!" he said. "Well underwear is practically the same as a bathing suit" the pretty girl said and she started to unbutton her blouse. "I don't think this is a good idea Yvette" Ric stammered. "Damn it Ric, it's HOT. . and I want to cool off.

. now get those damned clothes off!! Yvette dropped her blouse on the blanket and pulled off her socks, starting to unbutton the 501 Levis. Ric had shucked his shirt, placing it across the picnic basket and was fumbling with the buttons on his own Levis. He was trying not to stare at his gorgeous cousin, and forcing himself to imagine an ice cold shower as Yvette walked to the edge of the pond with her back to him, and started to slowly wade in, wearing nothing but her bra and panties.

Ric was down to his plaid boxers and he shuffled down to the water's edge, following Yvette into the water. "Ooooha, the bottom is squishy in-between my toes" Yvetee complained as she was now waist deep in the water, still with her back to Ric. "Its been a lot of years since Grandpa spread all the sand here.

I imagine the bottoms gotten silted-in along the way" Ric explained. Ric was now just a couple of feet behind Yvette who was now up to her rib cage in the cool water.

Yvette turned to face Ric, and he all but audibly sucked in the air. The delicate white lacy bra Yvette wore may have technically covered her breast as much as a bating suite would, but the sight of the delicate undergarment caused Ric to start to get an erection. "Don't stare" he admonished himself. Ric splashed some water in his face and lay back so the water would engulf his hair. He had to admit the cool creek water felt wonderful against the Texas heat.

He hadn't realized that Yvette had walked past him and was now back at the shore. As he watched her, she strode up to the picnic basket and, reaching behind her back, took off her bra in one swift motion, laying it across the basket. She turned and walked back facing him. Her long blond hair technically fell across her breast and at least obscured her nipples, but not much else.

Ric was in a panic, but he could not remove his eyes. He really was trying to be a gentlemen, and be mature about the situation. Then he went from panic to an 'oh-shit' moment. As Yvette swayed back down to the water, Ric realized the white panties she wore, had become virtually transparent. As the garment clung to her body, it was evident to Ric that he could see virtually.

. well, everything. It was obvious that Yvette had sparse pubic hair, and the wet panties rove up her vaginal crack, displaying a very erotic camel toe. Panic returned when Ric realized his cock was hard as steel and pointing straight out the front of his briefs.

Fortunately, Ric was up to his chest in the water. Yvette waded in the water up to Ric, finally her chest covered by the water. "Stop starting at my boobies, Ric." Ric stammered. "I wasn't" he protested. "You shouldn't have taken off your bra." "Yea, you were staring. I don't know what it is with you American guys and tits!" she laughed. "Ric, you need to come to France one summer. After you see some woman, with six little kids.

. .topless at the beach and her tits hanging down to her waist. . that will probably cure you of your tit fetish!" "Yea, well that's not you, now is it" Ric snapped "No. my boobs are not even big enough to make a hand-full" Yvette said and Ric blushed brightly. Besides, I wasn't going to get my good bra messed up by the pond water!" As the two stood facing each other chest deep in water, suddenly Yvette felt something biting her thigh.

She screamed and threw herself into Ric's arms, mashing her breast against Ric's chest, yelling that something was biting her. She had her arms around his neck and was twisting trying to escape her attacker. "Ric began to laugh broadly. "Yvette. you didn't get bitten. you got tasted. This pond is full of Perch and to them those bright white thighs of yours look like food if you stand perfectly still. The fish just come up and taste you to see if that is food or not!" Yvette hung on his neck, not amused that the fish tried to bite her.

Just keep moving your legs a little and the fish will know it's not a piece of white-bread" Ric was cracking up. Yvette grew silent, still clinging to Ric's neck and looked into his eyes.

"Ric. do you have. . ahha. . .an erection?" Ric arched back trying to get his manhood off of her stomach and stammers 'I M M M M M M. . SO SORRY Yvette". "I should be flattered.

. by I don't understand why. " Yvette trailed off. "Well. . we're half naked. and I'm in here with a beautiful girl. . and I guess I just got carried away. Sorry" Ric stammered. "What?. say that again. . " Yvette said softly. Ric looked scared "I said I was sorry." "No not that" Yvette said brightly, "the other bit. . You think I'm beautiful?" "We'll.

. yea. . you're about the most beautiful girl in these parts" Rick blubbered. "Ric. . I don't think I'm beautiful. I'm just . . well, 'average' where I come from." "Well, if you're just average then I need to see the girls in YOUR school" Ric joked. That earned him a punch in the bicep, which barely phased him. Yvette just hung on his neck, looking in his eyes. There was a long silence between them. "Ric, I know at any second, you're gonna have a stroke" Yvette joked, "So would you like to kiss me before we end this embarrassing moment?" "No.

well yea" Rick whispered. . "if ya want me to?" Yvette moved her lips to his and he closed the gap. The kiss was not spectacular but the two teens held the touch for a protracted minute. Yvette was overcome with emotion and pushed her crotch into Ric's hardened manhood. Ric let go of her and drew back. "We better be getting back" he said and turned to walk to the shore.

Yevette stayed in the water, while Ric wrestled his jeans over his wet underwear. When he was dressed, Yvette walked to the blanket. "Turn your back she said and he did. He heard rustling and a couple of grunts while she fought with her Levis. "Ok, you can turn around" she said "I'm decent".

Ric turned around to find her in her Levis and work shirt, with her bra and soaked panties laying on the picnic basket. He realized while he was in wet underwear, she was going commando.

While the two bumped back in the tractor Ric spoke softly, "Yvette, we can't be doing that. it's like incest" he said. "I don't think kissing a girl in a swimming hole qualifies as incest. pretty sure you need to be making babies for that!". Yvette sat the rest of the way in silence.

This was an impossible situation.   CHAPTER 14 The two teens had been uncharacteristically silent all evening and Ric's mother could sense the electricity between the two. There was no sitting on the porch talking after dinner. Once dishes were done, Yvette went to her room, took a shower and closed her door.

Fate would step in again. Rick sat up in bed reading, He wasn't tired, even though he'd worked hard all day. His mind was awhirl. He heard first the wind picking up, and then the distant rumbling of far-off thunder. He tried to concentrate on his book and didn't realize the thunder was getting nearer.

It was the light pitter of rain on the roof that first broke his concentration and then a much louder boom of thunder. He looked up from his book at the door of the Jack-and-Jill bathroom he shared with his cousin.

She stood there like a statue, not having uttered a sound, fear in her eyes. Ric scooted his butt over in the bed, lifter the covers and said "Common little one." Yvette almost shot to his side. Ric pulled the covers over the two of them, as Yvette snuggled her back into his chest.

Just then another clap of thunder hit. Ric put his arm over her and said "Just relax. . I'll take care of you." Yvette kissed his hand and placed it back on her bare midriff. Rick reached across her and turned out his light.

The two lay there, with Yvette occasionally trembling, listening to the storm rage until if finally moved off to the east. By that time Ric could hear that Yvette's breathing had slowed and she had drifted off to sleep.

Marge had been concerned about Yvette when the storm approached, and went to check on the teen. Marge peered into Yvette's bedroom, just as a clap of thunder hit. Her bed was empty Marge knew exactly where the girl was!

About 4 AM Yvette awoke. At first she was disorientated until she remembered where she was. She realized she had slept like a log. And, she felt a familiar pressure pushing against her butt.

Yvette knew it was Ric's morning wood. She didn't know how well-endowed he was, but he felt big. He certainly felt to be a lot bigger that her 'boyfriend' back in France had been. His manhood barely measured 5 inches. Her tummy felt like butterflies were in there and she was in turmoil.

She wanted to reach around and grab his cock to actually get a feel for its true size. But she dared not. Ric was squirrely enough with her being around. If he woke up and found her fondling his erect cock, Yvette knew that would be a disaster.

She finally worked up the courage and slowly arched her crotch back until she could feel the full press of his engorged manhood through his shorts. She moved her hips again, pushing back even further while desperately pushing his hand into her midriff. The third time she dared push back, Ric moved his hips forward.

Stunned and afraid he was awaking, Yvette flew from his bed, through the Jack-and-Jill bathroom and got in her own bed. As soon as she was settled her hand snaked into her panties only to find they were soaking wet. Yvette lubed like crazy when aroused and she was on fire from the near-presence of Ric's cock pressing against her a minute ago! Yvette ran a finger tentatively around her pussy lips and began to work on the little nub of a pleasure spot.

Occasionally she would dip her finger into her wanton hole, but she knew not to thrust it too deep for fear of breaking her treasure.

She worked her pleasure button furiously and arched her back, whimpering into her pillow, as she experienced an orgasm thinking about what it would be like to test Ric's cock.

Post-orgasm Yvette fell back asleep, her finger barely lodged in her quim, until the alarm sounded at 5 AM. CHAPTER 15 The day flew by, summer school was the usual drag for Yvette. The afternoon was good working in concert with Ric, except that he was unsarcastically quiet. After dinner Ric and Yvette were back to their previous routine. . .they sat on the porch, starred at the stars and talked about nothing. and everything.

To Yvette, Ric seemed somehow at ease with her tonight. Late that night, knowing that Ric was asleep, and a very sound sleeper at that, Yvette tip-toed through the Jack-and-Jill bathroom and slipped under the covers with Ric. Taking his hand, she placed it around her and slid it up her bare midriff directly under her pert breasts. She kept her hand on top of his and in minutes, drifted off to sleep. At 4AM her wrist-watch alarm went off and her eyes shot open. She wanted to go back to sleep, but she dared not.

Ric had his manly bulge pressing against her ass again, and she slowly pressed back. Yvette had worn only silk panties to bed with her cut-off football jersey that barely covered her tits.

As Yvette pressed into his rigid man-meat Ric pressed forward causing his erection to deflect down her butt cheeks to her crotch. Yvette shivered wishing the two of them did not have underwear on. Realizing the risk of getting caught would get greater the closer it came to 5AM, she slithered out of Ric's bed and back to her own. When Ric got up and dressed he found Yvette in the kitchen scrambling eggs. Marge padded in right behind Ric and was also surprised to find Yvette had already made coffee and started breakfast.

"You're up awful early there Yvette" Ric commented to her. "Couldn't you sleep?" "Au Contraire" Yvette laughed, "I actually slept like a log last night!" Today would pass much as yesterday did. After school Yvette had a lot of English homework this day, so she and Ric worked on diagraming sentences, rather than sitting on the porch after dinner.

Bedtime came early on a working ranch, and Yvette lay in her bed. . bidding her time. . until she was sure Ric would be asleep. She had on a long tee shit for sleepwear tonight. She didn't know what made her do it. . maybe just the pure thrill of it all. but she slipped her panties off and threw them on her bed, before she crept into Ric's room and snuggled up against him much in the same manner as the previous nights.

Shortly before 4 AM Yvette awoke thinking she was dreaming. Ric's arm and hand was snaked around her and his hand was clamped on her left breast.

What had awakened her however, was the rhythmic motion of Ric's hips thrusting against her ass cheeks. Yvette, now wide awake, could feel a hard-as-steel erection rubbing against her in a continuous rhythm and she realized her tee shirt had ridden up during sleep and Ric was rubbing his hard-on against her BARE bottom. Yvette panicked for a moment afraid of where this was going. As much as she had dreamed about losing her virginity to her boy cousin for years now, she had always envisioned it as a very special night.

Ric continued thrusting and Yvette realized that had it not been for the fabric of his boxer shorts, and some strong snaps, his naked cock would be thrusting against her girl treasure. Ric mashed her breast, which drove Yvette up the wall, and his thrusting became more urgent. Suddenly he thrust forward as hard as he could, and shook while he pressed his manhood into the crack of her naked ass through his shorts.

Yvette held stock still, imagining what Ric would say at any second. She felt a wetness leaking onto her butt check and the realization stuck her that Ric had just cum. . in his shorts. . while dry-humping her bottom!

Ric lay still, his hand still firmly holding her left breast, when she heard it. A light snoring. He had been humping her ass in his sleep. he was dreaming! Yvette lay there for 10 minutes and her wrist-watch alarm went off. 'Shit' she thought to herself, stabbing at it so it would quiet, for fear of waking her cousin and getting caught in his bed.

Her butt was now getting soaked from Ric's fluids and she slipped from his bed, cleaned up in the bathroom, then slipped back into her own bed until the alarm went off at 5AM. Ric drove her to school after morning chores and was acting a little weird. Several times Yvette thought she caught him starring at her out of the corner of his eye. When he finally spoke he said "How did you sleep last night, Yvette?" "Good". I'm sleeping like the dead these days. Why, didn't you sleep well Ric?" "I'm not sleeping worth a shit" the teen boy said.

I'm having these weird dreams!" "What kind of dreams Ric? Yvette asked cautiously while watching him. "Never mind" he mumbled.

"just weird is all." All day Ric was furious with himself for thinking about his cousin in a sexual way. Not only was she beautiful. . but she was. we'll nice. . 'yes that's it, she's a really decent girl' Ric thought to himself, and you're having dreams about fucking her!

The day was going pretty much like the usual pattern on the ranch. Then FATE decided to step in again. Ric had picked her up from school, everyone ate lunch and Ric had gone out to work the ranch leaving Yvette and her Aunt alone. Now Saturday was laundry-day routine for Marge. But this was Thursday afternoon. Having Yvette here helping with so many of the daily chores, had Marge getting ahead with things. "Yvette, give me a hand stripping the beds will you" Marge had said.

Yvette had grabbed the laundry basket and the two women had pulled the sheets off of her aunt and uncle's bed, plus Yvette's bedding, when they went to Ric's room. Marge and Yvette worked together pulling the sheets and comforter off the bed. Marge had one pillow and Yvette the other and they were starting to remove the pillow case.

As Marge stripped the pillow case off the fluffy innards, something flew out of it, and landed on the floor between the two women. Instinctively both bent down to pick up the cloth item, and both Marge and Yvette came up holding a separate corner between them. Marge and Yvette looked at the garment with astonishment, Yvette letting go and leaving a pair of pink girl's panties hanging on her aunt's forefinger.

"That little shit" Marge said, "if he's been sneaking a girl in here I'm gonna kick his ass!" Yvette said softly "I don't think you'll have to kill him Aunt Marge. I recognize them. . they're my panties." Marge turned to look at her niece incredulously. Yvette could read her mind. "No. . Aunt Marge. . I swear I didn't leave them in here . honest! I don't know how they got here!" Marge began to laugh, took her Niece's hands and said "sit down." Her Aunt had a bemused look on her face as she spoke.

"Look Yvette. . I guess I know how they got in his pillow case. You see, teenaged guys have. 'needs'. and Ric doesn't have a girlfriend or any sexual release. Some guys will take a girls panties and jerk-off in em. the smell turns them on." "I don't smell" Yvette protested. Marge just laughed. "Poor choice of words, dear. It's more like. . .your 'girl scent'.

you know, smells like your pussy!" As her Aunt explained, Yvette felt her face flush. "I'll let you in on another secret Yvette.

when you're uncle and me were kids. younger than you are now. he would beg me to 'loan' him a pair of my panties. Then he'd take them home and jack-off in them, thinking of me. At first I thought it was weird. but then, even years later after we was married, I'd put a pair of my just-worn panties in his lunch-box as a surprise for him!" "You didn't" the girl said in disbelief.

"Oh but I DID" her Aunt said in confirmation, again laughing. "Look Yvette, I'll talk to Ric and tell him not to be swiping your frillies anymore." "No, please don't do that Aunt Marge. I don't want you to embarrass him. . and like you said, its 'normal' for guys to do this." As Yvette pleaded with her Aunt to say nothing, she looked at the panties which lay on her Aunts lap and could see lots of yellowing stains on them.

Apparently Ric had 'used' them a number of times. "Besides, maybe I should be flattered" Yvette said. As soon as she said it, she felt she should not have said that to her Aunt. Marge starred at her niece for a long minute before speaking. "Maybe we should take you down to see the Doc. . and get you on the pill. Have you given any thought to that" the woman asked her niece with a serious look.

Yvette was incredulous. Her own mother could scarcely discuss anything about sex with her daughter. . but here her aunt was showing genuine concern. Yvette stammered. "Ahhh. . I really don't think that will be necessary.

I mean there isn't any possibility of anything like that happening. . " Yvette was having a hard time responding. "I'm just saying" her Aunt looked her in the eye, "Ain't no harm in 'putting out'.

but getting 'knocked-up' is a might more complicated! I just want you to know that if it looks like the 'need' may arise, you best to come talk to me. . preferably before you get knocked-up." Yvette gave her aunt a hug and blubbered "Thanks for caring. . but I don't see any sex on the horizon any time soon." "I kinda thought you had a thing for my boy, Yvette. I've seen the way you look at him." Yvette looked at her aunt and wondered if anything escaped this woman.

"I don't know how you figured that out. . but the thing is, Ric doesn't want anything to do with me. I kissed him once and he went nuts. .said it is incest!" "Must be that Texas redneck shit rubbing off on him" Marge commented. "Its OK" Yvette said casually. "At least he has my panties to jack-off in" she said lightening the mood.

The two hugged, Marge tossed the soiled panties in the laundry basket, and set off for the never-ending list of chores still waiting.   CHAPTER 16 That evening as Marge and Yvette stood in the kitchen preparing dinner, first Ric entered and came up behind them to see what was on the menu.

Then Ric's father burst through the back door. "That god-damned mare of yours, 'Beauty' has gotten out of the corral again. Go and fetch her. . you know where she'll be" he said forcefully to his son.

Ric started to turn to leave and Yvette said "Want some help?" "An extra pair of hands might be good" Ric acknowledged. In minutes Ric had fetched a Bridal and a long rope from the barn.

He had climbed onto the Gator and told Yvette to slide onto the seat behind him. He told her to hang on and he sped off across the range. Yvette had no idea where they were headed. After a fast, very bumpy ride, the Gator approached the north fence and the border with the Johnson Ranch.

As Ric slid the Gator to a halt beside the fence and killed the engine. "Shit" Ric spewed "she's already over there with him." Yvette could see the mare, Beauty, on the other side of the fence with a large black stallion.

Yvette had no idea how many hands tall the Black was, but this was the biggest damn horse she'd ever seen. His black coat had a sheen to it that made the stallion look almost iridescent. "How did she get over there" Yvette asked the logical question. "Damned if we know. We can't even figure out how she gets out of the corral. Yvette watched as Beauty and the Black horse, whose name she knew was Midnight stood facing each other, nuzzling each other's neck and mane.

Suddenly she saw Beauty turn abruptly, and swish her tail in front of the Stallion, only to reverse her direction again and continue to nuzzle Midnight's mane.

"She must jump the fence, but why does she go over there" Yvette asked naively. "Yea, but the weird thing is when I ride her I can't get her to jump over a fallen log! As to why she goes over there we'll that's her boyfriend and right now she's in estrus" Ric replied.

"She's what? Yvette did not know this word in English. "Estrus. . she's in Heat" Ric said, hoping his French cousin KNEW what that meant! "Ooohhhh" Yvette responded and kind of blushed. "Well let's get her back and go home and eat" Yvette said, obviously not understanding the situation. "Not unless you want to get killed. That Black is a mean as hell on a good day.

You get between him and Beauty he'd just as soon stomp you to death. He's already given Beauty two foals, but last year he didn't get to nail her. or we'd have her foal running around the ranch right now. A Mare carries a foal for almost 11 months. There's a gate about 100 yards down, but we're gonna have to wait until they are through." Yvette and Ric watched. "See how she is 'displaying' for him? The tail swishing and the stance.

And see how she flexes her. . er, herself? That's called 'winking'. A Mare only comes into estrus during the Spring and summer. weird part is she comes over here all winter. . in the snow. . to fool around with her boyfriend here! Ric finished his explanation, and looked anxious to get on home. Yvette watched as the stallion snorted and pawed at the ground, and tried to bite the mare's flanks.

Yvette saw a fire in the Mare's eyes as she watched the stallion. When Yvette turned her attention back to the Black giant, she was amazed to see that his penis had pushed from its sheath and stood out what seemed to her a good two, two and a half feet, rock hard. His balls were huge and hung even lower than she had remembered. In the flash of an eye the stallion reared up landing on Beauty's back, while simultaneously ramming the entire length of his rigid cock into the mare's vagina.

Yvette starred in awe. What she saw was both savage and beautiful at the same time. The mare stood braced and whined at the intrusion, snorting heavily. To Yvette it seemed that the stallion only thrust into Beauty a few times while making the strangest animal noise and both the stallion's eyes and nostrils flared and looking even more wild.

She noted that his flanks vibrated and pulsed while he was buried in his mare. The act was over in seconds, the stallion collapsing onto beauty's back. Spent. Midnight slipped off the side of Beauty's back, his now softening penis pulling from her just -attacked vagina.

A gush of seminal fluid ran from the mare's gaping hole, and ran down her legs. Yvette had to stifle a laugh when she saw the Black's softened cock was now arched down in the Texas red dirt making a mud ball out of the helmet of his cock! Ric started to walk towards the gate and Yvette followed. "We ought to be able to retrieve her now" he said.

As Ric and Yvette approached the pair of equine lovebirds the Black stallion reared up and threatened the two teens. Ric held his ground but Yvette took two steps towards the large black beast. She yelled something at him in French which caused the large animal to eye her curiously and paw the ground. The black stallion feinted a run at the girl but just as quickly Yvette let fly the end of the rope she was carrying which snapped the stallion on the rear flank, much as one would snap another's butt in the showers at school with a towel.

The Black took off across the pasture like a shot. Yvette calmly walked over to Beauty and placed the bridal on her, fastening the clip end of the rope and heading towards the gate. "Where in the hell did you lean to handle a horse like that" Ric said to her as she walked past with the Mare in tow. "We have horses in France too you know? I just never watched them have sex before!" Yvette sat on the back of the Gator facing the rear, holding the lead which was attached to Beauty. Yvette told Ric to take it easy as Beauty was 'tired'.

As they departed the fence line Yvette eyed the black Stallion who was watching her, and waived, saying something to the horse in French. When they got to the house, Yvette told Ric she would wash Beauty's flanks, give her some fresh hay and put her in her stall for the night." What she didn't say. . couldn't say. .

Amazing twinks Slave Boy Fed Hard Inches

. . was that watching the large Black beast have his way with Beauty, had Yvette on fire inside. She was creaming her panties and could not think of anything else but what it must feel like to have a cock shoved in you! The French teen had never witnessed such an intense sex act.

As she washed the Mare down she talked to the horse. You have no idea how lucky you are Beauty. at least your guy will make love to you. mine freaks out if I look at him the wrong way." As she sponged the horse, she said "man, how much cum did he put in you girl, its everywhere.

you didn't let him knock you up did you? You certainly got yourself good-and-fucked girl. . but next time you may want to tell the black stallion you could use some foreplay!" The French girl chuckled to herself.   CHAPTER 17 The hot days drug on and summer school session 1 was nearing an end. If Ric was really busy and went back to work as soon as he returned from picking-up Yvatte after school, Yvette would pack a lunch, load it on the back of the gator and drive out to have lunch with him wherever he was working.

The thing was, that Ric would purposely go right back to work on chores, rather than stop for lunch with his mother and father, so he could eat alone with his beautiful cousin. The two teens were so totally at ease with each other now, that they would tell each other everything.

As Yvette found Ric in a pasture, preparing to remove an old tree stump, she asked if they could drive back to the swimming hole and eat in the shade. Once there, the two ate the sandwiches and generally goofed around. Yvette complained that she didn't think she was ready for the Summer School Final English Exam, while Ric assured her she would do just fine. During a lull in the conversation Yvette said "Ric, let's go swimming again." "I don't think that's a good idea" he cautioned.

"Well I think it's a fine idea. . now get out of those clothes and swim with me monsieur." Yvette helped him pull off his boots and he hers. Before he knew it the two were down to their underwear. Yvette could sense his discomfort. "Ric, last time we did this you were uncomfortable and uhhaaah. . we'll I guess you were a little embarrasses because you got a boner when you looked at my tits." "Geeze Yvette.

. shut up, will ya!" "I have a plan to help you. Do you know that girl Baily Young?" "Yea, everyone at school knows 'Big Baily'. . what does she have to do with anything" Ric replied. "Well anytime you accidentally look at my boobies. or your thingy starts to rise. . I want you to think about looking at Baily. . she's like what, 250 pounds. . and flabby as hell. . so just pretend you're swimming with her, and everything will be fine." "Shut the fuck up, Yvette.

That is a mental picture I don't want in my head!" "See its working already" Yvette said and laughed heartily. "Now Ric, turn your back to me while facing the water.

Drop your shorts and walk into the water. I know those wet shorts were uncomfortable last time. When you get in the water, stay facing away from me, while I get in the water. . promise you won't peek (In Yvette's head she was praying he'd peek. . hell she was hoping he'd stare!); Now if we both stay in the water up to our necks, no one will see anything!" Ric didn't like the idea of being naked while swimming, but Yvette was right; wearing wet underwear all afternoon had rubbed him raw! The two did as Yvette had outlined, and Ric was soon in the water.

Yvette undid her bra and dropped it on the blanket then peeled her gossamer panties down and strode down to the water. Ric wanted to turn and see her voluptuous body so bad, but he held on to his moral compass. The two splashed about and swam and occasionally had a splash fight with each other. Everything was going well, as Yvette had predicted they could not see each other's naked form in the murky water.

After a while, the horse-play died down and Yvette stood in front of him. He gave her an odd look. "WHAT?" she said, curious what he was thinking. "Baily. . imagine running into you in this swimming hole" he said with a straight face.

With an equally straight face Yvette said "Well, being in this water kind of makes me lighter. . .you know with all my blubber floating around!" "OH sweet Jesus, Yvette. . that is so gross!" Ric spat out, but now both of them were laughing.

And then FATE struck again. Just as the two were splitting their sides thinking of 'Baily' a Perch nibbled on Yvette's butt. She let out a shriek and thrust herself into Ric's arms mashing her tits into his chest and cursing about 'those god damned cheeky fish!' She held onto Ric while swatting at the water with her other hand. She looked up into his eyes and saw . something. was is 'want'. Their eyes peered into one another and their lips pulled together like two powerful magnets.

The kiss went on and on and Yvette opened her lips slightly which only invited Ric to probe her lips and mouth with his tongue. Why this was called 'French Kissing' neither teen knew but they knew they loved it. Yvette felt Ric's manhood pressing against her crotch which caused her to press her chest even tighter to his and to rub her pubic bone against his. Ric slid his hands up her sides and stopped when they encountered the roundness of the sides of her boobs as she pressed against his chest.

As their two tongues twirled against one another, Ric was on fire wanting to feel her tits. Yvette broke the kiss and pulled back her head, staring into his eyes with a slight smirk on her lips. "Ric, if you want to touch my boobies. feel free. I know how you American boys like to play with a girl's tits!" With that Yvette leaned back further to allow him to see what had been boring holes in his chest.

Ric's mouth dropped open as he looked at the most beautiful, rounded, pair of 'B' cup breasts he'd ever imagined. The reason he stared so long was that Yvette had two pale pink nipples, surrounded by slightly darker areola, and they were standing out a full half inch from her lovely mounds.

"Damn Yvette. just gorgeous. . and your nipples are pointing straight out. I don't think I've ever seen anything more . " Ric could not think of the right word and finally blurted out "Yummy." "Yea, well when a girl gets cold. or aroused. her nipples get erect like that" Yvette said matter-of-factly"I guess the water must be cold!" The thing was, the Texas sun was over 100 and the water in the swimming hole was above 80 degrees!

As she said this she displayed a broad smile. "Are you going to touch them. . or just drool over them all day?" Ric pulled her in for another kiss and his hands found the cones of her breast and began to rhythmically squeeze them gently. Yvette had a fire burning in her loins that was about to consume her. When he started to play with her engorged nipples between his thumb and forefinger she began to mew and literally sucked in Ric's tongue mashing her mouth to his and pulling his head tighter in.

The two started mashing their pubic areas together, Yvette frantically trying to rub her mound against his thigh, his pubic bone, or his, yes Ric had a massive boner that felt like steel against her. As the two continued to kiss and thrash about in the warm water Yvette snaked her free hand down and gently grabbed Ric's erection.

He let out a moan and Yvette let out a gasp. She could not believe what her hand had encountered and what her brain was telling her. She could just barely close her fingers around the girth of his manhood, and based on what she felt, the length was just as impressive. Yvette's mind flashed back to the Black Stallion she had watched mate with Ric's Mare the other day. As the two French kissed madly Yvette ran her hand from the tip of Ric's cock to the base. She wished she could see what she was feeling under the water, as she'd only ever seen one cock in real-life.

that of her asshole married boyfriend back in France. Stephan's cock was barely 5 inches long, if that, and maybe an inch or so in diameter. What she was feeling on Ric made Stephan's cock seem like it must have belonged to a little boy. As the two became more and more aroused Yvette started to rhythmically stroke the engorged member, while Ric grabbed her ass and pulled her pubis hard onto the face of his thigh.

Yvette started stroking his man-meat in earnest, intent on jacking him off. . on giving him the pleasure and release he needed. . just like she had done back home with her boyfriend many times.

Ric was now thrusting his hips each time Yvette stroked inwardly and the rhythm of his hips was that of a man desperately trying to fuck.

. something. . anything. Ric pawed at Yvette's ass-cheeks, spreading them slightly, and allowing his finger to touch her rosebud. This only had the effect of arousing her further, if that was even possible. Yvette had the conscious thought that she should grab Ric around the waste with her thighs while slamming his cock into her. But she was frightened; Frightened that such a bold move would only make things worse. . and also, because that was not at all how she dreamed her first-time with a man would be.

Yvette was now stroking Ric's ample, and totally engorged cock for all she was worth. Suddenly, and out of nowhere, Ric grabber her wrist and said "Yvette, STOP!" She tried to continue stroking his manhood.

. she wanted to give him release. but he pulled her hand from his erection. Ric turned and walked from the water naked towards the blanket. Once there he pulled on his jeans foregoing the underwear and pulled his work shirt back over his head. His erection was folded up against his belly and was extremely uncomfortable. Yvette was furious and practically ran from the swimming hole to the blanket, where Ric stood with his back to her.

She yelled at him, on and on in French, much of which Ric could not understand, particularly at the speed she was speaking. The parts he did understand, were not good! Yvette pulled on her jeans, leaving the panties on the blanket and then pulled on her gingham shirt leaving the bra on the blanket also, and buttoning the shirt. "What is WRONG with you anyway, Ric?" Yvette spat this out, her French accent highly exaggerated when she was upset.

Ric turned to her to try and speak with her, but she started pounding on his chest, again yelling in French. The pounding hardly phased Ric and her fists bounced off his well-developed chest.

Rick gently took Yvette's hands is his own and said gently "Sit down let's talk" The two sat, facing each other, Ric continuing to hold her hands together between his own. "Look Yvette, what we were doing. " She didn't allow him to complete the sentence when she interrupted and spat out "What.

. you didn't like what your 'little French whore' was doing?" In a blur, Ric let go of her hands, and grabbed each of her biceps so hard, it would leave bruises on her skin. Fire, in his eyes and anger in his raised voice he said "Yvette, you are not a French whore. if I ever hear you say that about yourself again, I'll put you over my knee and blister your ass!

As for my Father. . he and I had words about him saying that about you. I told him that if I EVER heard him say those words again, I would kick his ass!!!!" Realizing he was hurting her and seeing tears streaming down her cheeks, he loosened his vice-like grip on her biceps. "Yvette, you are the exact opposite of a 'whore' and I'm sorry but it makes me get very angry to hear you refer to yourself that way.

Out there. " he looked out to the water. "out there, things were getting out of hand. I should not have done those things to you." Yvette wiped her eyes. Anger or not, she still felt like she could talk to Ric about anything. . she had a 'connection' with him. "Ric, a couple of weeks ago, your mom and I were doing laundry. We were stripping all the beds. When your mom pulled off one of your pillow cases, out flew a pair of panties. my panties" "OH SHIT" Ric said turning red.

"Your mom was cool about it. She sat me down and explained that guys sometimes steal girls panties to. get their release on" Yvette said as delicately as possible. "You mom was going to have a talk with you about it. but I asked her not to." "Yvette. I am so sorry you had to see that. and I am so embarrassed." "Don't be Ric. I find it flattering.

. titillating actually. Every day you are masturbating in a pair of my panties. and every day I'm masturbating in my panties to 'prepare' them for you. . " Before she could finish the sentence, Ric interrupted "What do you mean 'prepare' them for me?" Yvette took a deep breath, wiping her eyes again.

"Your mom said guys like the. . 'scent'. . of a girl on her panties. and I guess you guys smell them while you jack off or something." Yvette was actually getting a little embarrassed at this point. "So I figured what the hell. if you like my scent, I'd give you some. So right after your mom and I found them in your pillow case, every day I have been rubbing myself to orgasm. . in my panties. Usually I do it two or three times a day.

Then I put the panties in the top of the hamper for you to find and. enjoy." As she said the word 'enjoy' her voice had dropped to a whisper. The French beauty again took a deep breath. "I thought that if you were doing that. . .well, you must kinda 'like' me or something. I guess I was just dumb. " "Yvette" Ric took a long pause, trying to figure out the right way to say this. "It's WAY complicated. I don't want to do anything to hurt you.

ever. but we're getting way too carried away. This can never work for you. or us. we're cousins, and this is incest. It's just wrong" Ric concluded. Ric had been looking down as he gave this speech. When he looked up he saw tears streaming down Yvette's cheeks. Her lower lip was quivering as she stood. All she said was "I was right. I am just dumb!" Yvette strode over to the Gator and swung her leg over the seat.

She took one last long look at him and said "Ric, Vous're un connard." With that she hit the starter and drove off in a cloud of Texas dust.

Ric had to think about the word. . he knew It, but had to think. Oh yes, she had just told him 'he was an asshole!' Ric packed up the picnic supplies and folded the blanket. He folded the bra and delicate panties she'd left on the blanket and lay them inside the picnic basket.

It was going to be a long hike back to where they'd left the John Deer when they left for lunch, particularly in this 100-degree weather. In his state of distress, it never dawned on Ric that he could have left the cumbersome picnic basket and the blanket there, walked back, and driven the tractor back to pick things up!

Yvette came to a screeching halt on the Gator right behind the back door to the house. She flew through the door and passed through the kitchen in a blur. Marge, hearing the door slam looked up in time to see Yvette fly through the kitchen wordlessly. Marge couldn't be sure, but it looked like the girl may have been crying. And did her eyes deceive her, or had Yvette's shirt been buttoned up all crooked?

"Trouble in Paradise' was Marge's thought. Dinner that night was strange. Ric and his parents sat there quietly as Marge set the food on the table. It was Ric's father, Carl, that spoke first. "Where's the girl?" "She's in her room. I think she is studying for her English final exam day after tomorrow" Marge replied. "Waste of time" Carl said nonchalantly. "She's a smart girl, she'll do fine on the exam" Rick said. "Still, a waste of time" Carl said again. Ric looked at his father; "Elle parle mieux l'anglais que vous parlez français !" "What the hell is that supposed to mean" Carl said looking at his son forcefully.

I said "She speaks better English than you do French, old man" Rick responded making a point to his father, and stretching the French he had learned to date. "ENOUGH! Both of you" Ric's mother put an end to this conversation. Just before bed, Ric knocked lightly on Yvette's bedroom door. He could have gone through the bathroom between their Jack-N-Jill bedrooms, but thought it better to knock on the hall door. "Come in" Yvette said from the other side of the door.

He entered as she turned to see who was there. Ric held out his hands in which was her neatly folded bra and a pair of panties. "You left these out at the swimming hole when you drove off. I thought you might want them." "Just lay them on the dresser.

I'll take care of them later" she responded coolly and turned back around to her desk. "What are you doing" Ric asked, still trying to engage his cousin.

"Studying. Finals." Yvette's answer was cold, and clipped. Ric really was trying to make an effort to get her to talk to him. "So, is there anything I can do to help you with your studies?" "No. I'm good. Just let me concentrate.

Now go, please" she said. Ric closed the bedroom door behind him. 'Man, she is pissed' he thought to himself. But he didn't know how to fix this.   CHAPTER 18 Wednesday was a bright hot day in North Texas. At 10 AM sharp a black Lincoln Towncar entered the driveway at the Johnson Ranch. Another large sedan was already there. The Texas lawyer stood almost 6'2" as he reached into his Towncar to retrieve the Stetson hat that matched the $300 suit he wore.

As he approached the door, it swung open and he was greeted by another attorney. The two lawyers knew each other. "My Johnson, thank you for the meeting on such short notice, my name is Michael Hall and I am here on behalf of a client. I knew John there," he said pointing at his counterpart "was your attorney, so I asked him to set up this meeting. And, it is important that he is here with you." "What in tarnation is this all about" the elderly owner of the Ranch wanted to know.

"Mr. Johnson, as I said I represent a 'client' who has some interests. She has been doing some research with the help of some investigators." "You said she?

This is a woman" the elder Johnson wanted to know. "Yes, a woman" the attorney droned on. "In her research she found that you've had some. health issues. . .in the last few years.

She and I offer our sympathy for you heart problems" the attorney said. "Yea, go on. . why is she investigating me" Johnson wanted to know. "She has asked me to make a presentation of an offer she wishes to extend to you." At hearing this, Johnson's attorney scooted forward in his chair with renewed interest. "I will provide you with a detailed write up of the proposal, which contains all the legal details of her offer.

John can go over the details of the written offer with you, but I'd like to give you a verbal description of the offer." "Go on" the elder rancher said cautiously. "MY client would like to make you an offer for your 360 acre ranch" the tall lawyer announced. "During her investigation she became aware that you have a daughter and two grandchildren who live in Atlanta. The boy Kyle is 12 and the girl Ilene is 6. As far as she was able to discern, you haven't seen your daughter or grandchildren in over three years.

since your. . health issues started. Your daughter works and can't afford to take off to come stay with you in Texas." The tall lawyer took a sip of water and continued. "My client is very family-orientated also." Mr.

Johnson could not figure out what all this had to do with anything. "She knows that the last three years have been tough on you and that most of your ranch-hands had to be let go, the ranch being all but inactive these days." "So let's cut to the chase" the attorney said. "The gist of the offer is this; she wishes to purchase your ranch for $520,000 cash. But the terms of the payment are very interesting, and I think you'll be intrigued; First, she will provide a house for you free and clear in the same suburb of Atlanta where your daughter lives.

She has selected three different properties for you to look at. He handled the elder gentleman realtor packets on the properties. She chose these because they all back up to woods and the top one, not only has a small creek in the backyard but she learned the previous owners regularly fed the deer that wandered down to the creek.

She thought you might like that. Of course, if you don't find any of the three properties suitable, you are free to select another property of an equivalent value - $180, 000 dollars.

"You daughter and son-in-law have an outstanding mortgage on THEIR home of $120,000. That will be retired upon close of escrow on your ranch.

So your daughter will own her home free and clear. allowing her to work less, and spend more time with her children. and you. My client said she would very much like to see the two homes, and other assets, set up in a family trust so that there are no difficulties for your daughter, or grandchildren, when you pass on." The elder Johnson just grunted at the last remark. "Continuing" the attorney said, "She will give you $150,000 cash which, coupled with you Social Security and other retirement incomes, should allow you to live comfortably in a free-and-clear home in Atlanta." "Lastly, Mr.

Johnson, my client has become aware that the taxes on the ranch are in arears. . very understandable, as the ranch hasn't been working of late.

She proposes to pay off the taxes herself, upon closure of escrow." The tall lawyer again took a long sip of water. "So, we're up to $450,000 so far.

Lastly, she proposed to set up an interest bearing trust account for each grandchild, Kyle and Ilene, for college in the amount of $25,000. That interest bearing account would be managed by her own financial consultants. who I might add have done unbelievable things with her investments. I dare say there should be plenty of money for your grandchildren to get through at least undergraduate college." "So, inclusive of the taxes due, that is estimated to be almost $520,000.

The elderly gentlemen blinked his eyes, once, twice, three times. "What's the catch? Is this some kind of a joke?" The lawyer stiffened a bit. "Mr. Johnson I can assure you this is a very sincere offer." "And what does she want with the property? In fact what ALL does she want?" Mr. Johnson may have been old, but he was sharp as a tack. "Good questions Mr.

Johnson" the lawyer said. " I Forgot part of the presentation but it is outlined in the written agreement." Johnson thought, 'oh-oh, here it comes!' "During the investigation it was learned that last year a developer approached you Mr Johnson, and that you threw him off your property telling him that they would build tract houses over your dead body!" Johnson had to smile, as that was accurate. "My client is sensitive to that problem.

. she has stipulated in the offer that the Ranch will not be sold to any Development for a minimum of 10 years, or until your demise, whichever is longer! As to why she wants the Ranch? She told me she finds the place beautiful, wants to make it a working ranch again, and said she thinks it would be a great place to raise a family." "I'll be damned.

. interesting lady" the elder rancher said. "Oh you have no idea how interesting" her attorney replied.

"And if this 'young woman' thing ain't no joke, does she have $520,000 just laying around to pull this off. I don't want to be getting my hopes up for nothing" the elderly rancher said sincerely. The attorney turned and said "Mr Johnson, John, I can assure you.

. you have my word. . she can afford this cash transaction. I have advised my client that her offer is substantially above the current value of property in these parts. . this ranch would sell for $360 to $400K. . but she says the ranch is well worth the offered amount to her." The lawyer paused and watched Mr. Johnson, but could not read him. He turned to Mr Johnson's attorney. "John, my client is looking at another piece of property which is in play.

She'd like to have an answer from Mr. Johnson, so she knows whether to get the other property as well." "Is this some sort of trick to hurry up my decision" Mr. Johnson said caustically. "No trick Mr. Johnson. It's just that the other property is listed and my client feels strongly there would be good synergism between the two properties.

She doesn't want to offer on the other property, unless she knows she 's gonna get the ranch." "I don't know what this 'Synerg-what's-it' is.

. but I'll have my attorney read the proposal and we'll get back to you soon. What else does she want" Mr. Johnson concluded. "Just the Ranch and all structures thereon, as described in the Deed. She'd like you to leave any rolling stock, except for your personal vehicles. . oh, and she had one request I didn't quite understand; You apparently have a personal horse, a stallion named 'Midnight'. She was quite adamant that Midnight be part of the deal. she said you'd find her reason silly.

but she wanted me to assure you he would get the best of care always, and live out his days on the ranch." "That horse is a mean devil. I don't know why in the hell she would want him" Johnson spat, shaking his head. "Say, who the hell is this woman. . some kind of wall street whiz-kid or something? You said she wanted to raise a family here.

. how old is she, like 30?" Johnson was suddenly very inquisitive. "Yea. . she's 'something' like 30" the lawyer lied. I can't tell you more, but she has been very fortunate financially. And she is definitely like no other young woman I've ever met. . very bright!" The thought flashed through the lawyer's mind, that what made her wealthy was just awful. So, do I get to meet this mystery woman.

. ya know, kind of shake hands on the deal" Johnson pressed. "I'm afraid that's not possible at this time. My client did say that she hopes to get to meet you one day, when the time is appropriate, and get to know you. She's heard a lot about you." The tall Texas attorney prepared to leave and shook hands with John, the other attorney, and with Mr.

Johnson. "There really is another piece of property in play that my client wants, IF your client is willing to sell the ranch to her.

Give me a call ANY time. I'll be working very late on a case preparation." He departed and could not help thinking that he had never been involved in anything like this before. It was almost midnight when his office phone rang. Answering the call, and identifying himself, he learned it was Mr.

Johnson's attorney. They had only one counter offer. Old man Johnson wanted less cash, and more money in the Grandchildren's trust. Johnson's only other stipulation was that he wanted the attorney's word, that Johnson would get to meet this mysterious buyer, as soon as possible. "Done and Done" her attorney said to Mr. Johnson's. "I'll let my client know she can move on the other property, and you and I can get together to put all the paperwork in motion." The two attorneys rang off.

Her attorney sat there and thought 'Well I'll be damned. that is one ballsy chick!'   Chapter 19 Thursday morning dawned bright and clear. NOONE COULD HAVE FORESEEN WHAT FATE WOULD HAVE IN STORE FOR THIS DAY!

Yvette had failed to set her alarm and overslept until her Aunt woke her for school. Yvette apologized and said she'd been studying until midnight. Marge gave the girl a long look. "Everything alright with you, Yvette" her aunt asked, raising an eyebrow. 'Yea. . .except I'm late for school. . and I haven't done my chores yet" Yvette replied while pushing past her aunt to the bathroom.

Yvette crashed into the kitchen having just gathered her hair onto a 'scrunchy' and dragging her book-bag. "where's Ric? I need to get to school" Yvette said to her aunt. "When he saw you had slept in this morning, he went out and did your morning chores" her aunt replied. He's collected the eggs and fed the cow and milked it. Last I looked he was filling the horse trough with fresh water. I'm sure he'll be back a minute. Do you want something to eat?" "No time" Yvette replied and just then they heard Ric come in the back door.

The ride to school was brief and neither teen spoke. Yvette was nervous as hell about her English Final exam. As they rolled up to the school in the truck, Yvette popped open her door and Ric said "Good luck on the test." "Thanks Ric. OH, and thanks for doing my chores for me this morning. I owe ya." "It was my pleasure Yvette. Now git!" The first hour of class was a review of the abbreviated summer-school session. There were only nine kids in Yvette's English class. At the conclusion of over an hours-worth of review, the teacher told the students that they would take a 15-minute nature break, and then return to class for the test.

He told them that after the test was over they could go home early as the final day of summer-school was always an abbreviated day. During the 'nature break' Yvette went to pee. She was so nervous about the test that she felt like she wanted to throw-up. But she didn't. She also sent Ric a text message about the abbreviated day at school, and that she would text him when she finished her test, so he's know when to pick her up. Upon returning, the teacher explained to the students how the test would be done, and that he would grade the tests immediately after they were turned in.

If the students wanted to know their grade, and could hang around for a few minutes, he would let them know. The test began, and Yvette caught herself freaking out. 'Come on you can do this' she thought to herself. One-by-one students finished. A couple left, and a couple waited for their grades. There were three students left, including Yvette and all three of them finished almost at the same time. The teacher, Mr. Price, graded the three tests while all three of the kids sat and chatted.

Mr. Price called out "Daniel come and get you test." As he picked it up he pumped his fist, "YES! An 'A'" he said.

As he turned to leave, he bade Mr. Price goodbye. "Mary, your test score is ready" Mr. Price called. Mary went to the head of the class, saw her grade, smiled at the 'B' she'd gotten and told Mr.

Price to have a nice simmer. "Yvette, please come here, I'd like to talk to you for a moment" Mr. Price said. 'OH MY GOD, I flunked the test' Yvette thought, while trying to fight back tears. "Yvette, I want to talk to you about your test." Yvette blinked, sure her eyes were getting moist. "I could tell you were very nervous today, Yvette. Here's the thing, I want you to re-read this question very carefully. You see you answered this question about how to properly conjugate this verb, for the whole class during the review period." Mr.

Price had his finger pointed to question #6. As Yvette looked down for the first time, she saw on the top of her test was a 'C+' written in pencil. Now she was confused. She read question #6, saw that she had chosen the wrong answer, and promptly told Mr. Price what the correct answer was. "You see Yvette, lots of times in life if we get too nervous, we chose the wrong answer. I knew, that you knew the correct answer and had just circled the wrong selection." Mr.

Price erased her incorrectly circled answer, handed her the pencil and asked her to circle her correct answer. After she did so, he took the pencil, erased the 'C+' at the top of the page and wrote a 'B' 'Good JOB' on the top of her test in red ink. "I know how hard you worked on this class,and given that English was not your first language, and how nervous you were, I felt you deserved a break." "Oh thank you Mr.

Price. I really enjoyed it here" Yvette said. "I look forward to seeing you next school year" Mr. Price smiled. "I'm afraid I'll be headed back to France at the end of summer" Yvette said. Well then, we'll miss you. Best of luck and keep up the hard work." Yvette walked across campus as if on a cloud. A 'B' on her English final was more than she hoped for!

The Campus was mostly deserted. She had texted Ric when she finished the test, but then stayed behind to talk with Mr. Price. Most of the other kids had headed home.

Ric will be furious if he'd been sitting in the sun waiting for her. Yvette cut across the athletic field and was walking down a stretch of hand-ball courts. Suddenly a hand reached out and grabbed her arm as she walked by. There were actually three boys and the large one stood over 6'2 and drug her to the back of the hand-ball court while his two cronies looked on.

The large boy reeked of booze and body odor, and his hands and fingernails were greasy, as though he'd been working on a car. "What do you want" Yvette spat out, "let me go!" "What's a cute little piece like you doing walking all alone down here" the boy smiled displaying yellowed teeth. "Let go of me" Yvette cried again which only caused the brute to thrust her back against the concrete court-back with a thud.

He now had one hand on her bicep and one on her wrist. Yvette fought and tried to wrench her wrist up, biting the boy's hand clenching her wrist. With the hand that held her bicep he let go and back-handed her for biting him. He quickly grabbed her second wrist and pushed her arms behind her, pinning now both her wrist with one of his giant claws. Yvette struggled and cried out, her breasts straining against the front of her linen blouse.

"Just relax Frenchie" the monster grinned, "me and the boys here gonna have some fun with ya. . ain't we guys." With his free hand he reached up and pawed her breasts. With one yank he pulled open her blouse. Yvette had worn a very pretty linen blouse her mother had given her, which had raised pearl buttons. As the slob pawed at her breast and pulled at her blouse, he managed to pop off five of the six pearl buttons, falling to the ground. She had on a very lacy bra with a little pink bow in front.

"Sweet little titties" the brazen boy said, trying to palm her tits over the delicate bra. All the while Yvette was alternately yelling or crying. The lug indicated that his two buddies should hold her arms, which they did as Yvette sobbed.

She begged and pleaded and yellow-teeth just laughed. While his two lackeys held Yvette against the concrete of the hand-ball court, old-yellow-teeth tried to run his hand up under her skirt. When Yvette felt the repugnant hand on her thigh, she kicked out and made contact. "Hold that little bitch" he hissed at his friends, "While I get her fucking panties off." Yellow-teeth ran his hand up under her skirt again and Yvette's eyes flew open wide when she felt his greasy paw make contact with the crotch of her panties.

Yvette screamed and twisted against the force of the two boys pining her to the wall. Coincidentally across campus Ric had grown impatient with sitting in the hot sun waiting for his cousin. He started to walk towards her class room when he encountered another girl he knew. "Hey. Have you seen Yvette anywhere?" "Yea I saw her headed for the athletic field. I thought she was taking the short-cut to the parking lot." Ric thanked her and changed direction. As he neared the steps at the bottom of the classroom area, he heard a ruckus and what was clearly a cry from Yvette.

He took off jogging towards the athletic field, trying to source her voice. As he turned the corner and ran down the handball courts the cries were clearly louder. As he turned the corner of the sixth hand-ball court he saw Kurt Jergins trying to reach his hand up his cousin's skirt while she struggled and cried, two of his thugs holding her tight.

"Let her go dip shit" Ric spat at the large boy. Kurt Jergins towered over Ric. But where Ric was lean and fit, Kurt was loose and slovenly. "Fuck off Ric. Just turn and walk away before you get hurt" Jergins threatened. "I SAID, let her go. . now" Ric just repeated to the three thugs as calmly as if his veins ran with ice water.

Kurt Jergins walked towards Ric in a menacing manner. When he got to Ric he again said "Fuck Off." "And I SAID to let her go" Ric repeated calmly. He could see Yvette sobbing against the wall being held by his henchmen. Ric's heart raced and his adrenalin flowed.

"Or what fuck-face" Jergins said to Ric. "Let her go. . NOW" Ric said, ice water in his voice. Jergins took both hands and pushed hard against Ric's chest, forcing him backwards. Ric stumbled back a couple of feet but never lost his balance. "I wouldn't do that if I were you Jergins, now let the girl go" he said again in perfect calm. "Oh yea or what. you gonna pee your pants." Jergins pushed him again.

"I told you not to do that" Ric said. Kurt reached out and grabbed Ric's shirt front with both hands. In the blink of an eye Ric's hands went together and came upward in a pyramid point, forcing Kurt's hands from his shirt. Ric's right palm thrust outward and upward. The forced shattered the beast's nose and drove the bone upwards.

Blood flew everywhere, but Kurt didn't know how lucky he was. Ric actually knew how to kill a man by driving the bone up into his brain. . but had pulled the blow short. Kurt had his hands to his face yelling "You broke my nose.

. you fucker." Ric thought that was the end of it, but to his surprise the ugly giant came at him again. The moment Kurt's hand touched Ric, he simply leaned back and on one large sweep with his legs made contact with Jergins' kneecap. Knees are not meant to bend sideways, and in this case Ric dislocated Jergins' knee while simultaneously fracturing the kneecap. Kurt's scream of pain echoed off the concrete walls but was short lived, for as he fell the back of his head hit the concrete floor of the hand-ball court knocking him unconscious.

Ric had simply sprung back to his feet after the 'sweep move' in time so see one of Jergins' thugs coming towards him. The tall lean boy swung at Ric and he dodged the punch.

. almost. Ric, still slightly off balance, had not ducked fast enough and the boy's fist had clipped his cheek, causing a long scrape. Ric spun and the boy came at him again. This time Ric met him head-on and before the boy knew what happened, Ric had grabbed him and thrown and flipped him over his hip. The second thug hit the concrete with his back, knocking the wind from his lungs.

The boy coughed and jumped up coming at Ric a third time. Yvette could not see as Ric's back was to her. Whatever the move had been, everyone heard a loud snap and the tall, lean, thug fell to the ground with a compound fracture in his right arm. Yvette could see the end of the bone causing a large tent in the skin, not yet having broken through. The boy screamed in agony and yelled at Ric "You broke my fucking arm!" Ric just shrugged. The third ruffian still held on to Yvette's arm while she shivered and sobbed.

Ric turned to the third thug. He motioned to the boy with a come-here motion of his right hand, fingers upward. The thug was white as a sheet his eyes darting between his unconscious ringleader and his friend howling in agony with a broken arm. Ric again motioned to the boy, standing between the thug and freedom.

"Naw man. . we're good" the third member of the team said, "just let me go." "No we aren't 'Good' at all" Ric said coldly "now get your fucking hands off the girl!" The third teen thug let go of Yvette's arm so quickly you would have thought his fingers were on fire.

Yvette shot from the back corner of the hand-ball court and instinctively stood behind Ric, sobbing. Ric walked forward cornering the third thug. "Please man. . just let me go. I didn't do nothing!" Ric was now inches from the third boy's face. "Get on your knees." "What?" the thug asked incredulously, not knowing what was happening. Ric moved even closer.

"I said get on your fucking knees dirt bag!" Ric was so close he was spitting in the boy's face. It was then that Ric and Yvette first smelled, and the saw, the urine running from the boy's pant leg. Ric pushed him to the ground into the puddle of pee. "Now, dip-shit, pick up each of the buttons you guys ripped off Yvette's blouse. And God help you, if one has pee on it you better make sure it's clean before you hand it to me!" The third attacker looked frantically around the court, crawling from button to button.

He had handed four buttons to Ric and was complaining that he couldn't find the fifth one. "Just look harder, unless you want to end up like your friends." Yellow-teeth was still unconscious and the tall lean attacker lay in a fetal ball crying like a baby. Finally, the third boy found the fifth and last button hiding in the corner. Looking up he handed the fifth button to Ric, who stood over him. "here it is sir" he said with a wavering voice and his hand shaking. Ric just smiled down at him, and while he took the last button from his shaking hand he noted the boy's other hand was balled up on the floor.

Ric stepped forward onto his hand and a loud crack could be heard. "Mother fucker" the boy cried out in pain, "you broke my fucking finger." "That will make it harder for you to hold onto girls against their will" he smiled at the thug writhing in pain. "Common Yvette, let's get you home he said lightly.

  CHAPTER 20 They drove in silence for a while. Yvette was in a state of shock. About half way home they saw an ambulance heading in the opposite direction towards the school, red lights and siren blaring.

"Looks like that third dip-shit finally managed to dial 911" Ric said to no one in particular. "Ric" Yvette said very softly, speaking for the first time.

"that first guy. . do you think he was dead. . he laid there for a long time and never moved." "Don't know Ric answered. maybe. but I think he was just knocked out." All of this was just too overwhelming.

The dam burst and Yvette started crying uncontrollably. Ric pulled the truck to the side of the road and scooped her into his arms. Yvette had been holding her blouse closed over her breasts but when Ric held her she let go. He could see her soiled blouse and grease on her lacy bra. There was nothing sexual in his observation, all he felt was rage for what had happened to his beautiful Yvette. Ric finally got her calmed down and told her they needed to get home and get cleaned up. Yvette was worried about what her aunt, and God-forbid Ric's dad, were going to say.

However, Rick informed her that his mom and dad had to make an emergency run to Dallas to pick up parts. They would not return until very late. When they got home Yvette took off her clothes and took the world's longest shower. She tried to clear from her brain what had almost happened to her, but the fright was too great. Ric had grabbed some clothes and went to his parent's bedroom to use their shower.

Ric finished and was dressed when Yvette appeared 45 minutes later. She found Ric in the kitchen peering into the refrigerator. "I'm trying to figure out what to cook I'm starved" he said. "Never mind. . we don't need food poising" Yvette smiled at him. "Let's just microwave a pizza." "Good idea" he said and prepared a frozen pizza to get nuked. When Ric turned around Yvette was directly behind him.

She moved forward into Ric's personal space and spoke very softly. "Ric, thank you so much. You saved my life out there today." "Don't be overly dramatic Yvette, those were just some drunk cowboys." She was now pressed against him. "Ric, right before you got there the big dumb smelly one had his hand up my skirt and told his friends to keep me still while he got may panties off.

He almost succeeded just when you arrived," she was starting to tear-up again. "Ric there is no doubt they were going to rape me. . and afterwards, probably kill me so I couldn't report them.

So yea, you saved my life today, in one way or another." Yvette was now crying at the thought of the ordeal. Ric said nothing but just held her tightly while she sobbed. She began to shiver slightly and he whispered 'Yvette, as long as I'm around no one is ever going to hurt you." Yvette pulled back and looked at him. "Ric, I don't want you to go all crazy on me again, but I'm going to kiss the guy who saved my life today.

Think you can deal with that?" Ric just smiled at her. She pressed her lips to his. Lightly at first, and then she shuddered 'Oh God Ric" and thrust her mouth hard against his.

There was no open-mouth French kissing, no groping, no rubbing of genitals. Only one long hard kiss. When Yvette would shudder and whimper, Ric would break the kiss and whisper 'Hush little one I've got you'. They repeated this process for a long time and when their lips were not touching they just stood there in a tight embrace.

Ultimately the microwave dinged indicating their pizza was ready. The two ate and rested. Yvette said she wanted to lay down and take a nap. The emotional roller coaster had taken its toll. Yvette awakened to the sound of and engine idling outside and the occasional radio burst.

She looked out her bedroom window and saw a sheriff's car, and a sheriff conversing with Ric. Fearing the worst she dashed outside. As she came off the porch, she heard the sheriff say to Ric, "don't give me that shit son, this doesn't sound like the kid I've known all his life." "I'm telling you Sheriff it was just some good-ol boys got in a fight .

. that's all." The Sheriff looked pissed to Yvette. "RIC. . stop lying to the Sheriff" Yvette said forcefully. "He's lying to protect me, Sheriff." "Hello. . and who might you be young lady" the sheriff said turning to face her. "My name is Yvette La Grande and I'm staying here for the summer" she said. "Oh yea, my daughter told me about you. And what is your involvement in all this, young lady?" "Come with us, Sheriff and I'll tell you.

. and show you everything" Yvette said and turned to walk back into the house. "After you Ric" the sheriff said pointing the way to the front door. Yvette took the Sheriff to her room, she sat down on the bed and slowly explained everything. Every detail that she could remember. She concluded with "so you see Sheriff, Ric probably saved my life today." The Sheriff turned to look at Ric. "Yea, that's more like the kid I've known all his life" and he smiled slightly, finally getting at the truth.

When Yvette offered to get her blouse and bra to show the Sheriff he said "NO". The Sheriff returned shortly with evidence bags, and wearing rubber gloves, a pair of wooden tongs in a sterile wrapper.

He told Yvette he didn't want her disturbing anything that they might be able to get trace evidence, like epiphylls. When he asked where the buttons were, Yvette produced the zip-lock bag she had put them in for safe-keeping. He placed the Bra, and then the blouse in the evidence bag touching them only with the tongs.

The Sheriff saw her panties laying on top of her laundry basket. "Miss, I sorry to have to ask. . but did those guys do anything. . more. . .to you, than the groping you as you described? If they. . err. penetrated. you with anything, I need to get you to the hospital for tests." Yvette was holding onto Ric for dear life, and responded "NO.

. they didn't get that far. thanks to Ric intervening." The Sheriff nodded, and smiled slightly, thinking about the two teens laying in the hospital. "Sheriff" Yvette said as he removed his gloves. "The big fat boy is he alive?" "Oh yea young lady. Let's see he had a severely broken nose, a cracked rib, a dislocated knee, a fractured knee cap, a goose egg on the back of his head the size of an apple and a severe concussion.

But yea, he's gonna live to go to trial. I assume you will press charges, Ms. La Grande?" "Sheriff, I'll be back in France and won't be able to come back here" Yvette explained. "So I don't think I can help you." The Sheriff looked dejected as the Jergins kid was trouble and the Sheriff had been trying to put him away for a long time. He went on to tell Yvette that the tall boy had a compound fracture of his right arm and was going to require surgery to pin the bones.

He also got a black eye somehow. The third one had a broken finger. He was complaining about you stepping on it while he was down?" "I'm clumsy sometimes sheriff" Ric smiled. Ms. La Grande there might be another way to handle this. I'd like you and Ric to meet me tomorrow at the high school.

10 AM. Principles office. The Sheriff stood and Yvette could not get over how big this man was. The Sheriff thanked the two for their help and said he'd see them tomorrow.

About 9 PM as anticipated, Ric's parents had not arrived from Dallas. Ric was in bed when Yvette appeared in the bathroom door. "Ric, I can't sleep." Ric turned to look at her framed in the bathroom light. She wore a long football jersey and her hair was full and brushed out.

"Yea, me neither" Ric said. "I can't sleep cause I'm laying here wondering if you are in there sleeping alright!" Ric grinned at her. "Will it upset you if I tell you I want to sleep in your bed tonight" Yvette asked cautiously. Ric picked up his covers and said "Come on. . we'll cuddle and see if we can get some sleep." Everyone overslept in the morning; Ric's parents because they hadn't gotten in until midnight, and Ric and Yvette from exhaustion.

But once Yvette had cuddled up against Ric's chest the night before, the two were asleep in minutes and remained spooned together all night.

By the time Yvette and Marge were awake and dressed, Ric had already awakened early and had dashed through all of Yvette's morning chores. Marge and her niece were in the kitchen preparing breakfast. "When we got home last night I went to check on you kids" Marge said. "O K" Yvette said, not sure why her aunt was mentioning this. "When I didn't see you in your bed, I looked in on Ric and found you two cuddled together in each-other's arms. Is there anything I should know about Yvette?" Yvette chuckled.

"I wish" she laughed again. "Aunt Marge, Ric will never touch me. He has this huge hang-up about me being his cousin. . you know about incest! So no, there's nothing you should know about. Just bad dreams." "I see" her aunt said. "and you two have talked about this cousin.

. incest. . stuff?" "Yea it was a hell of a discussion" Yvette said. "I had no idea he was concerned about such things. Must be that Texas. . Church of Christ. . influence around these parts. But I am glad that you and Ric are able to talk about things openly. That's one of the most important things, Yvette." "What's one of the most important things" Ric said, having just come in the back door. "Nothing dear. Just girl talk. Now sit down and Yvette will feed you if you are good." Marge laughed at her little internal joke.

Just before 10 AM, Ric and Yvette made up a story that they had to go to the school to get something Yvette had forgotten. As they drove, Ric stopped the truck along the road. "Yvette. . are you OK today?" "Yes, much better" she said with a smile. "I had the best sleep last night" "Yea, so did I" Ric volunteered.

I wish we could have slept in longer!" Then he did something unexpected. He leaned over and kissed her lips. "I'm so glad you're doing better".   CHAPTER 21 The sheriff didn't arrive at the Principal's office until 10:15. He had made a detour on campus. First, he went to the hand-ball court, took one look and called for a forensics team to come to the school to process the area.

Next he went to the head of School Security's office. The guy was really just a rental cop, but the Sheriff wanted to get some things from him.

The Sheriff was a huge man. He stood 6'4" tall, had shoulders like a linebacker and while not fat by any stretch of imagination, he was 'substantial'. As if not tall enough, he wore a white Stetson on his head. When you looked at him and his massive hands, you immediately thought of a bear.

He was a force to be reckoned with. At 10:15 he strode into the Principal's office, looked at Yvette sitting in the corner, ashen, and pointing to a chair beside her told the Head of Security to 'SIT". To Yvette when she looked up at the Sheriff it was like the jolly green giant had entered the room. The Principal looked up and said "what's the meaning of this, I'm in a meeting here." "Yea Bob" the Sheriff said to the Principal forcefully, "You're in my meeting.

It was me that told these two kids to be here this morning. Now what was it you were discussing with Ric and Ms. La Grande?" "I was just telling Ric that we have a zero-tolerance policy at this school. As he got in a fight and beat up someone yesterday, I was explaining that he'll not be starting the school year in September.

he'll be on a 1-month suspension. Ms. La Grande is going back to France, so there is nothing to be done with her." The Sheriff chucked and had a little smile on his lips, which confused the Principal. "Suspension huh" the Sheriff mused. "Bob, now listen up and listen carefully. I'm gonna tell you how this is gonna go down." The Principal looked pissed being addressed this way, particularly in front of students.

The Sheriff started talking again ignoring the daggers the Principal was throwing his way. "I started the morning at this dip-wicks office" the sheriff said, pointing at the Head of Security. "There was something I needed to get from him. . yea I wanted this REAL bad. Ya know what I wanted Bob? I wanted evidence. But dip-wick here tells me that he doesn't have it because some of the cameras are down. So I press him, and find that almost half of the 30 cameras on this Campus are inoperative." "We've had some budget cuts and money is tight" the principal interrupted the Sheriff.

"Tight huh? When I drove in this morning I couldn't get my squad car in the lot, because I noticed there is a crew out re-paving the Teachers Parking lot.

Now what did that cost, Bob? 30 grand? 40. . maybe more? Now cut the crap about budgets." "So Bob because you are more concerned about having a nice place to park your Cadillac, and because dip-wick over there doesn't have a clue, yesterday a crime was committed on campus. and I can't pursue the evidence. . because you don't have it!" The Principal sputtered "WHAT crime?" "Well gee Bob, if your Head of Security had roving patrols out when the kids were dismissed.

. or you had some functional CCTV cameras on the site. . you guys might know what crime!" The Sherriff looked at Ric. "So even when the Principal was threatening you, you still kept your mouth shut I see, kid." Turning back to the Principal the Sheriff shot some daggers of his own.

"Yesterday, three thugs attempted to rape Ms. La Grande on your Hand-Ball courts. It seems all the cameras in the Athletic areas are out of commission, as are various other areas of the school. So the evidence of the attempt is not on tape. Ric here happened upon the attempt and intervened. Two of the bad guys are in the hospital as a result." "Why wasn't I informed" the Principal said outraged.

"A better question is why don't you two clowns know what's going on. . or who is coming into your campus." The Sheriff shot back. "Now here's the deal.

You guys have royally screwed up my investigation. A very bad guy who should be in prison is going to go free because of you two clowns. You, dip-wick are going to get all the cameras on this campus functional by a next Friday.

. a week from today" the Sheriff pointed at the Head of Security. "Sheriff I don't think that's humanly possible. . even if the funds were available, and they aren't" the head of Security spoke for the first time.

"And you" the Sheriff said, pointing right in the Principal's face, better make damn sure he has all the funds he needs." Ignoring the Principal's outrage, the sheriff continued his rant. "Now, let me explain what will happen next Friday if I do not see 100 percent of the cameras functional. And that means not even a flicker on any one of them!

If that doesn't happen, first I'm going to arrest the Head of Security (pointing to the man he only referred to as dip-wick) for depraved indifference to the welfare of a child." The color drained from the man's face. "Next Bob, I'm going to personally come out here and slap handcuffs on you for aiding and abetting an attempted rape of a minor." The Principal flew out of his chair and was so red in the face it looked like he'd explode, "Who the hell do you think you are.

. you can't arrest me for something I had no knowledge of!" "Oh I can and I will, Bob" the Sheriff said so calmly, it startled Yvette. "Now Bob, your buddy the DA, may decide not to prosecute you and your Head of Security. . but you know with the news cameras, and all the publicity when I make the arrest.

. Well you know how community feelings can be about the safety of their kids." "To answer your question Bob, about who I think I am. well I am one pissed-off Sheriff. . pissed off at the incompetence on this Campus. In case you guys are thinking about shining me on, and that I can't make the arrest stick. you need to remember my uncle is the President of the School Board. Even if you two skate and don't fix the system, I don't like your odds after I talk to Uncle Harry next Friday night at our weekly poker game." The Sheriff turned to leave and then said "A couple more things; Bob if I even hear you utter the word 'suspension' in regard to these two students, I'll be back with the cuffs and the news crew before next Friday.

You, Security dip-wick; AFTER you fix the camera system, for the next year, you will have a report on my desk every Friday night showing the status of the system. Next week, there will be periodic Deputies vising Campus. If they get here and cannot find roving Security personnel during Summer School hours, I will not wait to arrest you for depraved indifference." The Sheriff turned again to leave and signaled Ric and Yvette to follow him Leaving the Principal and Head of Security to fume.

"See you guys soon" the Sherriff said over his shoulder as he exited the office. The two teens followed the Sheriff to his car. Yvette was so un-nerved by what she had just witnessed that she held Ric's hand tightly.

When they got to the Sheriff's squad car he turned and said "A couple of things, kids. First, I need you to forget everything you saw and heard in there. This is a poker game. Second, I am very sorry Ms.

La Grande. But without the video evidence, and with you heading home to France, it will be practically impossible to put these guys where they belong. I'm really sorry." Ric and Yvette got into his truck. Yvette slid to the middle, buckled her seatbelt and lay her hand on top of Ric's thigh as they exited the school. This was unusual, but Ric decided not to question it.

"Ric, is the Sheriff always like that?" "Yea, he's pretty effective in these parts. He is impressive to deal with." "Ric, one other thing. Where did you learn to do all that stuff that you did when fighting those three guys yesterday?" "I guess I never mentioned it.

. but I have a Black Belt in Taekwondo." "I never knew. Can you teach me" Yvette asked him. Yvette it takes years to get really proficient. . but yea, I can teach you some basic defensive moves."   CHAPTER 22 By the time Ric and Yvette had stopped for lunch, and returned to the Ranch, Ric's mother was waiting for them.

Fortunately, his father was not around. When they entered the kitchen Ric's mother told them both to sit down, that she wanted to talk to them both. "The Sheriff called. Ric you and Yvette are technical both still minors.

. did you really think that he wasn't duty-bound to call your parents about what happened?" Turning to Yvette, Marge said "Jesus honey, are you OK.

. did they hurt you?" "I'm fine Aunt Marge. . thanks to Ric. It was very scary, but I'm OK now." Turning back to face Ric; "Two boys in the hospital. . did it really have to go that far Ric?" "Mom, I only used the force necessary to subdue the situation. If they hadn't kept coming at me, they wouldn't have gotten hurt" Ric tried to explain. "There's gonna be a shit-storm with the parents of those boy's you put in the hospital" Marge offered, "and your dad ain't gonna be too happy about this." "He's just gonna have to deal" Ric said to his mother, "but as long as I'm around, nobody is going to touch Yvette like that!

Like what those assholes were trying to do with her." Marge starred at her son for a long minute. "I really am thankful you were there with her, son" Marge smiled lightly. "Yvette, be a dear and run out to the barn and get us some bottled water out of the cabinets will you? I need to have a word with Ric." Yvette went out the back door as requested, fearing incorrectly that her Aunt was angry with Ric.

Once again, she had screwed everything up. "Ric, let's talk" his mother said. "What's going on between you and Yvette? "Nothing is going on, what are you talking about?" "Look Ric, I know she is ga-ga over you. . but I'm confused about your feelings towards her." What do ya mean" Ric asked his mother.

"You know. . feelings! Half the time you ignore her. . the other half the time you two are inseparable. I see the way you look at her sometimes. . all gooey. and then the next day you treat her like shit. Yvette tells me that 'you would never touch her because she's your cousin. and you have this hang-up about incest!' And then something like yesterday happens . . you put two boys in the hospital and have all the protective armor up in place for her, acting like she is your precious possession.

I think Ric, you need to think long and hard about what is really going on with you." "Mom, it's really complicated. I'm not usually. . .so confused about stuff." 'Marge thought for a second, contemplating the situation. "Ya know Ric, I wouldn't have thought that a teenage girl, and a guy your agewho sleep together almost every night would have all this drama going on!" "What the hell are you talking about.

. we don't sleep together all the time. there was a couple of bad thunderstorms. . and couple of bad nightmares. . where she came in my bed. . and YOU are the one who told me to take care of her in the thunderstorms!" Marge blinked her eyes a couple of time.

It was like a light-bulb came on in her head. Ric was like his father he'd sleep through a tornado. Marge would wake up if she heard a pin drop. "MY God. . you don't know, do you son? " "Know what" Ric said annoyed. "Thunderstorms aside, almost every night I hear Yvette get up, pad through the bathroom, and get in your bed.

Then at 4 AM her wristwatch alarm goes off and she goes back to her bed. I thought she did this so your dad and I wouldn't catch you two. . but I just realized she does it because you are a sound sleeper and she didn't want you to know she's getting in bed with you!" Ric was incredulous. "That explains some of the dreams I've been having" Ric muttered. Ric found Yvette still in the barn.

"Can I talk to you Yvette?" "Your mom is pretty mad about yesterday huh? Are you in trouble? "No, she's ok with that. She upset with me on some other stuff. Come on, let's go up to the hayloft and talk.

. it's a lot cooler there" Ric said and took her hand. Yvette climbed the ladder to the hayloft, and Ric enjoyed the seductive sway of her ass while she did.

At the top the two plopped down on opposite mounds of old hay. "I've always loved it up here" Ric said. "Did you know that your dad and mom used to come up here and fool-around with each other, when they were kids" Yvette grinned at him.

"NO! And that was way too much information" Rick complained. Paused. Thought. "Is there ANYTHING you and my mom don't discuss?" "Nope" was all the beautiful blond girl said. "Oh-my-God. . that is so scary." "I guess I won't tell you the details of what all they used to do up here then. . you're freaked-out enough" Yvette said. "Thank you" Ric replied. "Yvette, mom is upset with me, because I don't always treat you so nice." "You treat me fine, Ric" Yvette interrupted him.

"No. . no she's right. When I think about it, sometimes I don't treat you the way I should. I'm sorry. . I don't know why I get that way with you.

but I'm gonna try and be better about it." "Oh goody" Yvette squealed, "does that mean I get my way more often?" Then she laughed. Ric's caustic response was "Not necessarily!" "Ric, why do get so nervous around me sometimes?" "I don't know Yvette.

just sometimes you do things and I get these funny feelings. . and I don't know, emotions." "Like when I do what things" she wanted to know. "Silly little things. . I don't know" Ric stopped to think for a minute. "like when you twirl your hair around your finger while we talk." "Like this" Yvette said and when Ric looked up, she had a lock of her hair on the side, twisting it around her finger. "Yes" Ric said, "and don't make fun of me." "What else do I do Ric?" Ric could tell she seriously wanted to know.

"Your ponytail" Ric blurted. "The way your ponytail sways across your neck when you walk, that makes me crazy inside. . and you're always wearing your hair in a ponytail!" Yvette considered that last bit.

"How about when you were staring at my ass while I climbed the ladder. . " "How in the heck did you know. " Ric was cut off by Yvette bursting into laughter. "you are way too easy, Ric" Yvette continued laughing. Yvette rolled onto her back on the hay. The action caused her breasts to strain against the fabric of her blouse. The strain on the fabric cause the placard to bulge open and Ric now had a view of a very lacy white Bra. He adverted his eyes, but the feeling in the pit of his stomach began.

"OK, no hair-twirling. . no more ponytails around you. and I guess no going up ladders in front of you anymore. I'll see if I can help you out" Yvette said in a manner that made Ric think she was serious. "But I'm pretty sure I know what your real problem is Ric." Ric had now lay back on the hay also, "And what would my problem be then?" "You're going to have a birthday next month. . and oh-my-God, I'm gonna be 16 next week. I think you are probably like nervous around all girls.

its because you're horny. . all guys your age are horny!" Yvette was chuckling again. Ric turned his face towards her. "But that's the thing Yvette. . most girls I'm around, I don't even think about them being girls. they are just. people I know. But around you. . I don't know. . things are different." Yvette was looking at him, but didn't know how to respond. "Mom said something else, which is what I really wanted to talk to you about" he said "OK. What's that?" "Mom says you have been getting in bed with me almost every night, and getting up to go back to your own bed at 4AM." Yvette sat bolt upright.

"Oh-MY-GOD! How did she know that" she said in a panic. "So it's true then" Ric said. "Apparently mom never mentioned to you that she had 'bat ears'? She wakes up at any strange noise. . like the sound of little-girl-feet walking through the upstairs bathroom at night." Yvette had her face in her hands, "OH Jesus, how embarrassing. Your mom must think I'm a slut!" "No, mom's fine with it.

The point is, why didn't you tell me about it. . or why didn't you ask me? "Ric, you're kidding, right? The other day I kissed you. . and touched you. . and you had a fit, and we had the biggest fight of our lives.

So let's see. . Say I walk into your room at night and say 'Hi, I've decided that I want to sleep with you every night!' How do you think that would have gone?" "I see your point" Ric said thoughtfully.

" So here's a better question, WHY have you been getting in bed with me a lot?" "Honestly" Yvette questioned. "Yes. . always honesty between us, Yvette." The young French girl took a deep breath before beginning. "It started the night of the big thunderstorm Ric. Having you hold me gave me a sense of peace. . and safety. . .that I'd never felt before. . like nothing bad could ever happen if I was in your arms. Also, I like the way you smell. I know, that's weird.

Since my Dad was killed I have never slept well, Ric. Dreams. . tossing and turning. . waking up a hundred times a night. . it's awful, Ric. But I learned that when I am spooned up to you, with your arm around me, I sleep like the dead. . I never wake up at all. . and feel so much more rested in the morning. So, I guess that's about it" the girl concluded. Ric thought for a long time. "For the record, I like the way you smell too!" Both Ric and Yvette laughed.

"Yvette, I've had some strange dreams lately. Have I. .

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. have I ever done anything. ahha. inappropriate when you're in bed with me?" Yvette thought, she hated to lie, but she didn't think telling Ric he had rubbed on her butt a couple of times, and cum on her panties, would be a good idea.

"NO, not really" she lied. "A couple of times I woke up in the morning and found your hand on my boobie. but that's not really 'inappropriate' as we were cuddled together, and we were both asleep!" Ric seemed to accept her logic. Both of them lay in silence for a long time. It was Yvette who finally spoke. "So no hair-twirling, ponytail-wearing, ladder climbing and I guess no sleeping together?" She expected Ric to say something.

. but he lay in silence and lost in thought. "Ric, do you think there is such a thing as a 'platonic kiss'?" "Of course" he responded. "Can I have one. . a platonic kiss" Yvette asked. Ric rolled toward where she was laying in the hay. Slowly their lips met. The kiss was soft and chaste, at least at first. But the rule book says that a 'platonic kiss' does not go on, and on, and on. In due time lips parted and French kissing ensued.

As the two teens thrashed about they became covered in bits of straw. Ric was mostly on top of Yvette and had his outstretched leg between her thighs. Yvette started bucking her pubis against his thigh as the two kissed seemingly without breathing.

Ric's erection was not on top of Yvette but she was sure one must be present, as her belly was on fire and she could feel the moisture and heat in her panties. Ric's hand snaked its way up to her breasts and he began to play with her erect nipple. Yvette went wild and pulled his lips to hers even harder. She wanted the feeling to go on forever. One of them had to regain control, and it damned sure wasn't going to be Yvette. Ric removed his hand, sighed loudly and rolled onto his back.

Yvette's head still was spinning. "I'm sorry Yvette. I got carried away." Ric said very softly. "No apology necessary, please Ric. We're just two horny people!" She laughed. As she stood and brushed the straw off her clothing, trying not to stare at the massive erection in the front of his pants, she said "maybe with more practice, we can work on that 'platonic kiss'?" She offered him a warm smile. "Yvette, I wanted to ask you if you would go to the Future Rancher's meeting and dinner-dance with me next month at Lake Texoma?" This topic came out of nowhere.

"Sure, sounds like fun" she said and smiled again. "I've got chores I have to get to" she said before she hurried down the ladder, leaving Ric to his thoughts.

In truth she knew that Ric's erection must be very painful, and she didn't know if he wanted to masturbate to get some relief. She DID know that she needed to get to her room and rub her pussy to orgasm, preparing a new pair of panties for Ric in the process. That night after getting ready for bed, Yvette sought out her Aunt.

"Aunt Marge, you know that talk we had about birth control the other day? Well, I was thinking, that it might be time for me to get on the pill" Yvette said looking at her aunt in anticipation.

"OH. You're thinking about becoming sexually active then? Or has something already happened?" Marge waited to hear what had brought this on. "Nothing has happened, and I do not expect that it will. But I was thinking about what almost happened at school" Yvette said softly, with a tremor in her voice. "Suppose those three boys had succeeded in raping me, Aunt Marge? And what if I got pregnant as a result?

Aunt Marge. I don't believe in abortion!" Yvette started sobbing uncontrollably. Marge gathered her into her arms and 'shusshed' her. "Yvette, something like that will never happen to you again.

but if you want to go on birth control, I'll make the appointment with Doc. I don't want you thinking like that though. even though you are one of the most logical people I know." Marge paused, "It might be a good idea to get on the pill though, if you're gonna keep climbing into bed with that boy of mine every night!" "Ye, Ric told me you knew about that and talked to him about it.

I kinda wish you hadn't told him though. now I can't do it anymore. And, really. nothing ever happened, Aunt Marge." Marge looked at the French beauty. "You know Yvette, I really like it that you and Ric talk about everything. And I'm sorry I messed up your sleeping arrangements."   CHAPTER 23 Sunday was an odd day. Yvette had disappeared after doing her m¬¬orning chores.

No one knew where she went. About 10 AM a large black Lincoln Towncar rolled up the driveway to the house. Michael Hall, Attorney, uncoiled his long frame from the Towncar, walked to the door and rang the doorbell. Marge answered and the tall Texan removed his hat, introduced himself and asked for 'Richard Anthony Evans'. Ric is my son. He's out in the barn. What's this about . . .that mess at the school" Marge fired questions at Mr.

Hall. "I'm afraid I don't know anything about a 'mess at the school' Mrs. Evans. I have some documents for your son and I must speak to him in private. However, after I talk to him, he'll have to get you and your husband to sign the acceptance of the offer as he is a minor." Marge pointed the Attorney at the barn.

She didn't know what this was all about. . but she damn sure was gonna find out! Almost an hour later, the Towncar departed. However, Ric did not appear for another hour. That night at dinner Ric explained the bizarre conversation he'd had with the Attorney earlier in the day, to his mother, father and Yvette. "I think it's all some elaborate hoax," Ric said. "I've re-read the paperwork three times.

. .but I can't figure out who would play such an elaborate hoax on me. and pay for an attorney to boot." Ric went on to explain the Layer's 'presentation' and what the paperwork said. "Somebody is buying old man Johnson's ranch. The new owner wants to lease me all the property, except 5 acres directly around the big house, to farm and ranch on.

AND, they have agreed to give us all the water we want from their wells and the big creek. Old man Johnson is leaving all his tractors and work trucks, which we get to use. AND I get this for $100 a year lease fee! The contract says it will be in place until I am 25." "Gotta be a joke" Carl said to his son. "Too good to be true" "I agree" Ric said. "But that Hall fellow is supposed to be one of the best lawyers in these parts." Ric said for emphasis.

"Oh, and I forgot the weirdest thing" Ric suddenly remembered, "as part of the deal, we have to agree to keep that damned Black Stallion and keep him in good health and care for him 'for the rest of his days'." "Why do you think it's a hoax Ric" Yvette said, "maybe someone is just trying to do something nice for you guys." "Well for one thing, it's all in my name" Ric said, "now who would want to do something like that for a young guy they've never met?" "There's a lot of people around town that like you Ric.

maybe a secret benefactor," Yvette said. "I gotta get to the bottom of this. .I just don't think this is real." Ric looked perplexed. If Ric was confused as they ate Sunday dinner, he was more so when he returned later from visiting old man Johnson. He had approached Johnson to find out what the hell was going on. He'd found the old man sitting in his living room in a sea of moving boxes.

Johnson told him he was leaving that weekend. During the conversation Johnson had explained to Ric everything the Attorney had told him previously, and expressed his confusion. Ric had shared his own mysterious paperwork with Johnson. The thing that Johnson said that was the most accurate was 'that this was the damnedest thing he'd ever seen!' When he got home, his parents wanted to know what he'd learned.

He explained that Johnson was mostly in the dark about the sale. . disclosed what amount he'd gotten for the Ranch property, and that Johnson was moving to Atlanta to a home the buyer had selected. "the only inkling Johnson had about the buyer, was that it was some young woman with kids that thought this was a good place to raise her family" Ric concluded his response. Do we know any women.

. in her 30's. with kids. . .that could plop down $520K for that ranch" Ric asked his parents. "$520,000" Carl repeated to his son incredulously. Yvette just smiled and excused herself to get ready for bed. A short while later, she heard Ric showering and then the light was turned out and all was quiet. Yvette lay there for a long time, just thinking. She tried to will herself to sleep, all to no avail. She heard the floor in the Jack-N-Jill bathroom creek lightly and then heard a loud whisper.

"Yvette. are you asleep?" Yvette turned over in bed, sat up and turned on her light. "No not yet. What's up Ric?" "I can't sleep. . but your bed is too small. I was wondering if you could come in and sleep with me tonight" Ric said with a wide grin.

"You serious" Yvette asked. "Dead serious. but you have to keep your hands to yourself" he laughed. "OK. . then no grabbing my boobies in the middle of the night. . while you pretend to be asleep!

Yvette and Ric both had to laugh at that one. The two teens lay on their right sides, Ric behind Yvette, spooning. While they dared not move a muscle, Yvette was enjoying the warmth and security of having Ric's arm draped over her. She could tell by his breathing; he was not asleep. "Wanna practice platonic kissing" Yvette said in a loud whisper. "Jesus Yvette, no. I'm nervous enough with us both being awake as it is.

This was so much easier when you were 'sneaking' into my bed after I was asleep." There was a long period of silence. Yvette could tell that Ric was having a difficult time being awake, and in bed with her.

She could now feel his erection poking her in the butt. She wanted to hump back onto his tool so badly, but she did not want to be invited to leave, so she remained immobile. Again in a loud whisper "Ric, can I ask you a question?" "WHAT" Ric said in an agitated whisper.

"I was wondering. how long is your penis and how big around?" "WHAT? Ric sputtered. "I don't know!" "Of course you do" Yvette countered. "All guys measure their penises. Just tell me. . because I've been wondering, ever since I touched it when we were swimming the other day." Ric knew his cousin well enough to know he was not going to get any sleep until she was satisfied.

"OK" he said, "SO it is 9 inches long, and 2 inches in diameter." "Did you measure on the top, or the bottom" she wanted to know. Ric sighed. . "Jesus Yvette. . on the top, ok?" "Wow" and then there was a long pause. "2 inches in diameter. . .that's like over 6 inches around. about the size of a coke can" she mused. "Yvette. go to sleep he whispered." Yvette could feel his erection more prominent now. She wiggled her butt against it and said "You sure you don't want me to take care of that for you?" "YVETTE!" "ok, ok.

goodnight then." The next morning after chores, Ric took Yvette aside out in the barn. "Yvette, about last night. . ."Ric was trying to phrase this correctly. "That was very hard." "Yes, you were" she replied with a grin. "Yvette, be serious" Ric warned. "OK sorry" she said. "Look I really like having you in bed with me, but there isn't going to be any sex. And that includes you offering to 'take care of things for me.' So I was thinking, how about you wait until I'm asleep and then you slide in with me, like you were doing before.

But, you don't have to set your alarm and leave at 4 AM. . .just stay in bed with me until we have to get up regular time." Yvette thought for a long time, trying to figure out a counter-arrangement. "The alternative is we can just forget the whole thing if we're not mature enough to deal with it" Ric said. "OK, deal" the young French girls said. The next night, Yvette did as he asked and slid into Ric's bed as he lay gently snoring.

Thinking about sleeping with him every night got her worked up however, and before slipping into his bedroom, she had spent ample time toying with her clit until she had achieved a monstrous orgasm, and squirted girl-juice in her panties. She then removed them and placed them right in the top of the clothes hamper for him to find. When Ric awoke at 5 AM in the morning the first thing he saw was his cousin, sound asleep, her long blond hair all tousled, her face inches in front of his own.

The second night, after discovering Ric had not retrieved her panties from the previous night, she changed tactics. Yvette, still constantly aroused about sleeping with her dream-man, lay on her bed rubbing her erect clit and alternately pinching first one nipple, then the other.

She thrashed about thinking about what it would feel like to have a penis with a circumference over 6 inches, and 9 inches long, riding in and out of her womanhood. That caused her to cum, not once, but twice in the tricot material of the delicate pink panties she wore.

She knew Ric was awake, as his bedroom light shone under the bathroom door. Yvette knocked lightly on the door, and entered his room carrying a clothes basket. She wore a long tee-shirt with a Dallas Cowboys logo on the front. She approached Ric, who was sitting up in his bed, carrying the clothes basket in front of her tummy. As Ric looked up at her, he saw her hair combed out long, and noticed that her nipples stood erect against the fabric of the tee-shirt.

Ric's cock sprang to life and started to become erect. "I'm going to put a load of laundry in tonight before I go to bed" Yvette said. "Can I please have the panties to wash?" Ric starred at her dumbly and then turned beat red. "Come on Ric, it's no big deal. Just give them to me so I can wash them." Ric, still red as a fire engine, reached into his pillow case and withdrew a pair of pale yellow panties that belonged to Yvette.

With shaking hand, he held them out for Yvette. Yvette set the dirty-clothes basket on the foot of his bed and took the outstretched undergarment between her thumb and forefinger, placing it on top of the dirty-clothes basket. Yvette next did something that floored him. She daintily reached up under the Dallas Cowboys tee-shirt, hooked her fingers in the elastic waistband of her panties and drew them down her legs.

They were bright red, almost matching the shade of Ric's face, and as soon as she had them in her hand Ric caught a whiff of her sex. She then took a zip-lock bag she had secreted in the laundry basket, placed the red panties in the bag and sealed it.

Holding the bag out for Ric she said simply "Here, I'll trade ya." With hand still trembling he took the zip-lock bag from his cousin. She glanced at the stained yellow panties in the basket. "Ya know Ric, there's no need to keep them till they stand-up on their own!" Yvette had a twinkle in her eye.

She bent down, kissed him chastely on the lips and said 'Night lover see you in the morning." True to her word, the first thing Ric saw when he awoke was this vision of loveliness sleeping in front of him.

Then he had flashed back to the night before. Almost the moment the door had clicked shut behind Yvette, he had her red panties out of the zip-lock bag and brought them to his face. It was then that: (A) he realized that the panties were soaked with her girl-juices and (B) they were still warm.

Ric had jacked off so quickly he must have set a world record for not only fastest cum, but farthest reach!   CHAPTER 24 Yvette had enjoyed her very brief break between summer-school sessions. Now it was time to go back to Summer School session 2, the dreaded American History class. She and Ric fell back into the routine of morning chores, drive to school, class, then Ric picking her up at 12:15 sharp. The first thing Yvette noticed upon returning to school, was that there were workers everywhere, some with boom trucks, installing CCTV cameras.

The second thing she noticed was that there were Sheriff's Deputies on campus from time to time, and in the morning and at dismissal time there were school Security Staff in evidence. She had to chuckle. What she didn't know, was that Ric was doing some investigation of his own.

His father's best friend was an officer at their local bank. Ric had obtained a copy of the ranch purchaser's check for $150,000 from old man Johnson before he left for Atlanta, and now had a full court press on the bank manager to trace the routing of that check and find the source of the funds. Ric had to promised Johnson he'd share the information if he had success in finding the buyer.

The second thing he did was contact the County Registrar so see whose name the Johnson Ranch had been placed in. What he found is that it was a blind trust. He asked the Bank Manager to see if he could find where this blind trust was set-up also. In the meantime, Ric still had not returned the signed documents to Attorney Hall and had no intention of doing so until he got to the bottom of this mystery.

For the next week, things on the home front continued status quo. Both teens were perpetually horny, neither teen would disclose that fact to the other. Yvette still waited till Ric was asleep before joining his bed. Both teens were still masturbating multiple times a day, while thinking about each other!

Yvette and her Aunt continued to talk about personal things, and Yvette learned much about her Aunt's, and her Mother's, personal life during their formative years around this part of Texas.

Friday night, Ric took Yvette to town and the Dairy Queen. As they parked the truck and walked to the front door, they were holding hands. It just seemed like the most natural thing in the world. As they entered the Dairy Queen a hush fell over the assembled Mob. The guys all turned toward the couple, everyone stood up and the whole room started applauding. A couple of the guys shouted 'Way to go Evans!' Then a few of the girls ran over to Yvette and all started talking to her at once; 'Oh my God Yvette.

. that was just soooo scary. are you ok Girl?' Like all small towns, there was no such thing as a secret. One of the guys said to Ric 'I can't believe you put Jergens and one of his asshole buddies in the hospital way to go man!' All of a sudden Yvette had girls speaking with her that had never talked to her before. One of these girls remarked to her 'you're just lucky you snagged such a great boyfriend. . who is not only a hunk. but looks after you too!' Yvette was taken aback that these girls, who knew she and Ric were cousins, assumed they were a couple.

About 10 PM the Mob started drifting out. It was going to be a full moon again tonight and a bunch of kids were headed up to Lookout Point. When Yvette and Ric climbed in the truck, Yvette told him she wanted to go to Lookout Point. He didn't even argue with her. When they arrived he did the same thing he'd done weeks before and pulled the truck in a 180 turn with the bed facing the lake. As Ric and Yvette sat on the tailgate she commented that the electric blue sedan was there again, and that the same very distinctive backpack was up on the rear deck.

Ric and Yvette held hands, watched the fireflies dance around the trees and watched the moon-rise. Yvette related that a few of the girls she'd been talking to thought they were a 'couple'.

Ric said he'd received some complaints from a couple of guys that Ric had 'scooped her up' and the other guys never had a chance with the best looking girl in town!' Once home the two started to follow their established routine. That is until Yvette padded through the Jack-N-Jill bathroom wearing a cut-off football jersey and a pair of panties, walked over to the bed and climbed in with Ric facing him.

"Turn out the light Ric, I want to talk." "Ric, why do you think some of the Mob thinks we're a couple? You didn't say anything, did you?" "No, of course not Yvette. I was going to ask you the same thing?" "No, Ric I've never talked to anyone about you" Yvette said softly.

Ric wrapped his arms around Yvette, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. The couple was in a loose embrace their faces only inches from each other. They spoke in hushed tones, as Ric's parents were downstairs asleep. "Ric we have this thing about honesty between each other." "We do" he said. "That's what I want to talk to you about. Ric is it true what you told me before. . that's you've never had sex with a girl?" "Absolutely true" he responded.

"Yea, well that's the problem" Yvette said with a lot of trepidation. "I haven't been totally honest with you." Ric looked into her eyes and feared the worst. "You see Ric, I have!" "You've had sex with another guy" he asked not comprehending how she could lie to him. "No idiot. . I've had sex with another girl.

. two other girls to be exact." Yvette felt both liberated that she'd confessed to him, and fearful of his reaction. There was a long, long, pause while Ric processed what she'd just said. "So you mean like you're. . gay. . or I guess more properly Lesbian?" "Noooo" God this was more difficult than she envisioned. "Ric, I'm Bi-Sexual. I definitely like guys. . but I've also been attracted to a few girls. I had a long-time girlfriend back in France.

. and one girlfriend here." Ric thought for a moment. The only girl Yvette really hung out with here, was; "April" he asked? "April likes girls?" "No, she's like me Ric. She is boy-crazy, but she and I kind of hit it off. And we've been lovers" Yvette said. "Why are you telling me this now Yvette" Ric asked the 64-thousand-dollar question!

"Because of the kids tonight. . the ones that thought we're a couple. Ric, I'd really like us to be a couple.

. but you've made your position real clear on that. Which brings us back to April. Ric she really, really wants to sleep with you!" "What? No. NO-WAY! Why would you think that, I hardly know the girl." "Because, she's told me she wants you to be her first.

like a dozen times. She asked me to set you guys up! Ric I just couldn't keep all this bottled up. It was getting too complicated when I learned that people are assuming we are a couple" Yvette explained. The two remained in silence for a protracted time. Finally Yvette broke the silence. "Ric. so you've never messed around with another guy?" He spit and sputtered, "What the fuck Yvette.

hell NO!" "That's because, like a lot of guys, you're homophobic" Yvette said matter-of-factly. "But, admit it, I bet you've watched some girl-girl porn on the internet?" He didn't answer at first but Yvette said "WELL have you?" "Yea. . ok, I've watched some of that" Ric admitted "And I'll bet you loved it. Let me think" Yvette pondered, "Oh yea, I'll bet your favorite part was where they were running around in panties and rubbing each other through their panties.

getting all wet and stuff." Ric sputtered again and although Yvette could not see his face in the dark, she could almost feel the heat of him turning red again. "It's OK Ric. . most guys enjoy watching two girls together, but wouldn't be caught dead watching two guys go at it. unless you happen to be gay! Are you gay, Ric?" "Jesus Christ Yvette. . of course I'm not gay" Ric responded briskly. "Just checking" Yvette chuckled. "So back to April" Yvette continued, "I told her I'd mention her wanting to fuck you.

but made no promises. I told her maybe you were gay. . I wasn't sure. And I suggested to her that maybe she and I would have to give you a little 'show' to get you in the mood to do it with her." "I think that you are screwing with my head, Yvette, and I really don't appreciate it!" "No.

. honest. just say the word and I can have April here in your bed tomorrow night." "I'd never have sex with a girl I didn't care about. . " Ric began. "That explains a lot" Yvette interrupted. "That isn't fair Yvette. I do care about you. . .but our situation is a lot more complicated" Ric paused. "But I do have a question for you." "Shoot" she said. "So you've only been here a couple of months . . how did you and April manage to.

. ahhha. . get together" Ric managed to ask. "When I first arrived, April was one of the few girls at school who would actually talk to me. As a matter of fact, she came over to me and introduced herself the first time I saw her at school. I know I kid you about American guys and their fascination with tits, Ric.

but the truth is, some of us girls admire a good set of tits. . or a cute little ass. . on another girl too. While you are brain-dead and probably never noticed, April has a great set of tits. . bigger than me for sure. and the cutest little bubble-butt I've ever seen. When she invited me over to her house for a sleep-over the first time, we were running around in our nighties. April commented that she thought I had a great ass. 15 minutes later we were locked in a make-out session. The rest, as they say, is history!" Ric was breathing hard and waited for a long time to respond.

"So, do you guys do. . stuff. a lot? Ric just could not help but ask. "Ric, don't be so childish about it. . use your words" Yvette laughed. "We don't do 'stuff'. . we make love. And yes, we do it every chance we get. . pretty much every time we're together." "So like when she stays over.

. you and her? Here?" Ric was still having trouble talking about this. "Yvette had to laugh out loud. "That's right stud, two girls. . just on the other side of your bathroom door. getting-it-on!" The mental pictures racing through Ric's head were going a mile-a-minute. Yvette was right, Ric never had paid much attention to April, Yvette's friend and apparently her lover, but Ric had vivid mental pictures of Yvette.

His manhood sprung to attention and his cock was as hard as a steel pipe, pushing out the flys of his underwear. He didn't know where he managed to work up the courage, but he managed to ask; "Is it like in the porn movies. you know when two girls are together?" Yvette knew he had asked her a serious question; he was just nervous.

"Well, yes and no" she began. "There is a lot of kissing. . a LOT. Girls like kissing, softly, teasingly. Oh, and if you change your mind about April, she loves to have the side and back of her neck kissed!" Yvette had made a slight detour for Ric's benefit.

"Anyway, girls kiss, and touch and rub around each other. not entirely unlike what you and I were doing the other day. At her house April has a ton of sex toys I can use on her. But she can't use them on me, because I'm trying to keep my cherry intact for. well, I'm just trying to keep it in tact. April managed to lose hers on a vibrator a couple of years ago" Yvette volunteered. "Isn't she afraid of getting caught with all the toys? Ric blurted out. Yvette laughed and said "NO.

Her mother knows about them. . and even gave some of them to April. Apparently her mother had a couple of girlfriends back in college, before she met April's dad. . so she is cool with everything. April's mom even joked with us, that at least this way, neither April or I will end up pregnant! She always makes sure April and I have our privacy" Yvette concluded.

Ric didn't know what to say but his erection was pressing strongly into Yvette's belly as the two still held each other in a loose embrace. The silence went on forever. "Are you disappointed with me Ric" she finally asked, afraid of his answer.

"For what" he said in response. "For lying to you. . about you know. . " Yvette said. Ric thought for a minute. "Technically, you didn't lie to me, Yvette. I never did ask you if you slept with any girls. . we only talked about your experiences with Stephan. . so you didn't lie, you just hadn't gotten to that part of the story yet!" "Are you disgusted that I have sex with girls?

"It's not my place" he said, "your personal life is your own. But for the record, I don't have a problem with girls sleeping together." He grinned, but Yvette could not see that in the dark. "Are you upset about the other thing I said?" "What 'other thing' Yvette" Ric asked confused. "That I wished we were a 'couple', like some of the Mob assumes?" "No, for the record, I wish we were a 'couple' too" Ric whispered.

Ric's manhood was throbbing against Yvette's belly. All this sex talk was definitely getting to him. Yvette slid her hand beneath the blanket and lightly grasped his cock, wrapping her fingers around it. She stroked it slowly. "Yvette. please don't do that" Ric said very softly, grabbing her wrist. "Look Ric. . .there won't be any baby-making. . so no incest. But, please, I really want to do this this for you. . to make you feel better. Besides, if I leave, you're just gonna jack-off on a pair of my panties.

So why not let me jack you off on the ones I'm wearing?" She had finally worn him down and he released her wrist. Yvette took this as a 'yes' and started stroking the monster from tip to base. Each time she would approach its 'helmet' she would tighten her grip and twist her hand on his Glans.

In just a few strokes Ric began to moan and his breathing was becoming ragged. Yvette whispered things in French to him. While he didn't understand her pleadings in French, she was begging him to cum for her. . to flood her panties. Yvette increased both her grip on his cock and her speed. She wished she had some lubricant, but was not about to stop for some now!

The French beauty had not been stroking his cock for more than a couple of minutes when he tried to say something. . a garble of words. . .butt she felt the tension in his back and felt the flare of his cock-head. Ric moaned loudly and she stroked three more times and held the tip of his cock tightly against the thin fabric of her panties. She felt the red-hot gush of liquid on her lower belly and knew he had started his cum.

He moaned and shook and she was having a difficult time holding his cock in place, which allowed some of his white-stuff to spray up onto her midriff. Yvette thought he'd only ejaculate once or twice, but she had felt six separate impulses hit against her, and he continued to tremble and shake, his cock dribbling semen.

When he finally calmed down, Yvette realized that her panties were soaked, she had cum all over her midriff and her shorty top had gotten covered too. She sat up, toying with his cum on her finger.

"Geze Ric. . what, have you been saving up for a while or something?" "Just since this morning" was his reply, leaving Yvette in awe at the amount of cum he had just dumped on her. She got up and padded into the bathroom to clean up and change clothes. When she was sure Ric could not see her, she ran her forefinger through a dollop of his man-seed on her belly, and brought the finger to her mouth.

'Not bad' she thought to herself as she swallowed his deposit. God, she had wanted to give him a blow-job, but was afraid that would have gotten her booted out of his room! Returning to his bed, and slipping under the covers next to him, he spooned her. Yvette said "Feeling better?" "Much" he said. "Can I ask you another question?

Yvette said "Sure". "If April isn't allowed to use any sex toys on you. ahha. . how does she make you feel good?" Yvette was on fire inside. if he'd asked, she'd fuck him right now.

but she needed to cool her jets not to scare Ric off. She snuggled into his arms and responded softly "She eats my pussy. . and sucks on my clit! Good night Ric, see you in the morning." Exhausted, Yvette drifted off to sleep quickly, but Ric lay in turmoil and thought for some time.   CHAPTER 25 The next morning Yvette was up and out doing chores when Ric came to the breakfast table, where his mother fed him breakfast.

When the French teen returned to eat, Marge sensed some electricity between them. She just hoped there wasn't more 'trouble in paradise.' As they drove to school in silence, finally Ric spoke. "Yvette. about last night" he began only to be cut off.

"Ric, don't go getting all weird on me. Last night was fine. . nothing to worry about. I enjoyed it" the lovely blond said. "So did I" Ric said. "That's what I was going to tell you. . that I enjoyed it a lot. But I feel really bad that I didn't do anything for you, Yvette." "It really isn't necessary, Ric.

I got enjoyment from making you feel better." 'But that's my point, isn't it" Ric replied. "I'm sure I would have gotten enjoyment from making you feel better. . but. but I don't know how." Yvette turned and gave him a broad smile. "Don't worry about it Ric. if and when the time is right, it will come naturally to you." He had pulled into the school lot.

Yvette leaned over and gave him a kiss, full on the mouth. "See you at 12:15" she said as she jumped out of the car. As Yvette turned the corner, she stopped dead in her tracks. There sat the electric blue sedan she'd seen at Lookout Point on two occasions. Standing beside the car was a gorgeous Redhead, with dark red hair almost down to her waist, large round breasts and wearing a very brief cheerleading outfit from another school some distance away.

The Boy she was conversing with had very dark hair, but looked exactly like her. Then Yvette noticed that she had the same distinctive backpack Yvette had seen through the rear window of the sedan, slung over her shoulder. As Yvette walked past the two teens, she heard the girl say "look Bobby, mom wants us at aunt Sally's house by 3 PM. I'm stuck here at this regional Cheerleading practice all day. So be a good brother and run back home, pick up some spare clothes for me, a pair of panties and a bra, before you come back to pick me up.

I'll shower here after practice, change and we can drive to Aunt Sally's from here. . ."it will save about 45 minutes." Yvette could not hear the rest of their conversation, as she hurried to class.

She thought about what she'd seen, and heard, all during class. The teacher gave them a pop-quiz and let class out early, before 12 noon. Yvette wandered down to the athletic field where dozens of Cheerleaders, all from various schools around the area were milling about, packing up duffle bags. Yvette approached the Redhead and introduced herself.

She learned the Redhead's name was Amanda. "I wanted to ask you a question" Yvette said to the Redhead. "What's that" Amanda responded. "The beautiful blue car I saw you by.

. is that your brother's car?" "Yes, it belongs to my twin brother, Bobby" the Redhead replied. "Why do you ask" she wanted to know. "Beautiful car" Yvette replied nonchalantly. "I've seen you guys up at Lookout Point a couple of times" Yvette said looking the other girl straight in the eyes. "What makes you think it was me up there in the car" the Redheaded cheerleader said defensively.

"The highly decorated backpack" Yvette said and gestured towards it. "My guess is you did all that yourself. . there isn't another one like it!" The Redhead took Yvette by her elbow and ushered her out of earshot of any of the other girls.

"What do you want" the Redhead hissed at her. "Look I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that I think you and your brother are lovers, and. . " That was as far as Yvette got when the Redhead interrupted her, turned in front of her, red in the face, nostrils flaring and spat "How would you like me to kick your ass right here?" Yvette took a step back from the girl who looked like she was about to punch her.

"Look, if I am wrong then you have my apology. But if you and your brother. . are a 'couple'. I really could use your help" Yvette spoke softly. The Redheaded cheerleader calmed down and the two teen girls went to the bleachers to talk in private. For almost 45 minutes the two spoke animatedly. Yvette got a lot of answers about Amanda and Bobby but the details of the conversation led to this conclusion; "Look Yvette" the attractive redhead said, "I don't know how to help you with your problem.

give it time. for Bobby and me it was easy. We've always been close and done EVERYTHING together. . so it was just a natural progression for us." The two stood and Yvette thanked Amanda for listening. Amanda's parting shot to her new friend was 'In four years, you're the only one, except for our mom, that ever figured out Bobby and I were fooling around.

. .and all because of a backpack!" The two girls hugged and saying goodbye, walked in opposite directions. Amanda turned one last time and called to Yvette; 'Maybe I'll see you at Lookout Point some time?" That afternoon a couple of very unexpected things would happen.

Yvette was in the barn and was brushing Beauty, Ric's horse, when he walked up behind her. He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her to himself. He bent down and his lips brushed her neck. Yvette felt a shiver run through her body and a jolt of electricity emanated from her tummy.

"What was that for" Yvette said while spinning around in his arms. "Oh nothing special" Ric said, "I just saw one beauty, brushing another Beauty, and decided I'd like to kiss your neck." Yvette gave him a very funny look, placed her arms around his neck and pulled his lips to hers.

The kiss lasted a long time and led to tongue's darting between the two. Ric finally broke the embrace saying "What was that for?" "Nothing, I just thought it would be nice to kiss your lips" she smiled. "It's probably not a good idea to be doing that in the barn. My mom or dad could walk in at any moment" Ric said. "Your mom wouldn't care if she saw you kiss me. . but your dad scares the shit out of me" Yvette responded.

Changing the subject Yvette said "So what's the plan for this afternoon? "Let's go swimming, it must be about 100 degrees out Ric said. "If we go skinny-dipping, are you gonna be able to keep your hands off me" Yvette said with a laugh.

"I don't think so, Yvette." "Good" the teen Frenchwoman said, actually blushing. 15 minutes later, having grabbed only a horse blanket from the barn, the two slid the Gator to a stop at the swimming hole. Each threw their hats onto the spread horse blanket, and practically ripped off their clothes. There was no standing back-to-back and modesty getting into the water. Ric could not help but stare at her beautiful, rounded, breasts with the engorged nipples standing straight out.

And then his eyes drifted lower. Yvette could not take her eyes off his cock. It was flaccid at this point, but even as it hung limp, Yvette could not believe its length and girth. Suddenly Ric broke and ran for the water, with Yvette hot on his heels. Both dove shallow into the pond and came up sputtering, Yvette slinging the water from her long blond mane. The two stood and looked at one another. Suddenly their ears picked up on a noise drifting across the pasture.

"That sound like a big tractor" Ric commented, "in fact it sounds like two big tractors. I wonder what is going on?" "Yvette said "Sounds like maybe the guy who bought the Johnson Ranch is doing some kind of work. I wonder what they are up to?" The two horsed around and splashed each other, taking short swims as far as the pond would allow.

During a lull in the conversation Ric said "Can I ask you a question, Yvette?" 'Sure' was her response "When we were undressing, I couldn't help but notice you didn't have any . ahhhaaa. . pubic hair down there?" He let the question hang.

Yvette paused and cleared her throat. "Fair enough. a couple of weeks back your mom and me decided when we changed the sheets, to turn the mattresses. When she and I pulled your mattress up to flip it, this magazine shot out. I think it was called 'Shavers'. She and I looked at it. a girly magazine where all the women had no pubic hair. Your mom said it 'must be genetic' as apparently your dad likes hairless women too, and your mom keeps her's that way.

. she calls it 'the little girl look'. . " "Jesus Yvette, don't tell me that stuff about my mom!" Ric cried. "Anyway, I figured that if you liked the 'little girl look' I'd do it. . you know in case you ever got to see mine. But after I got bare down there, I couldn't believe how good it feels against my panties.

. particularly the silky ones." Ric reached out for her and drew her in, mashing his lips to hers. The two embraced and kissed hard, twisting and turning their mouths. Ric broke and started kissing her neck. Suddenly Yvette pushed back and sternly warned him "Hey! No hickeys! Your dad will see that!" They rejoined and Ric now had his hand on her breast.

Yvette could feel his rock-hard manhood pressing against her crotch and reached under the water and began stroking him, while he kissed and played with her nipples. Involuntarily she humped against his cockhead, electricity shooting through her special girl place.

Suddenly he stopped kissing her, and as though she was a feather, picked her up and walked to the blanket. Ric dropped to his knees, deposited Yvette gently, and continued kissing her. As they kissed and twisted and turned, suddenly Ric was on top of Yvette and she could feel his cock-head pressing against her entrance. She broke the kiss, gaining some sense of control, and whispered "Ric. baby. . .I really don't want to lose my virginity on a smelly horse blanket, in the middle of a cow pasture." Ric smiled.

"You misunderstand. . .there isn't going to be any baby-making today. . THAT would be incest. but I am gonna try and make you feel good!" He leaned down and drew one of her erect nipples between his lips. He alternately sucked and then kissed her aroused girlhood.

Then he would switch to the other breasts, giving her nipple play. Yvette cradled his head and pulled his mouth to her mound harder. Once when he was a little overly aggressive she winced, withdrew his head and said "careful baby. . .I have very sensitive nipples. in fact, April gave me an orgasm once, just from sucking on my tits! Use your teeth on them Ric, but very gently!" He continued playing with her tits, sucking and scraping his teeth along the erected nipples.

His hand drifted down over her tummy and found her, as she called it, her 'little girl pussy'. Her special girl-treasure was tight and looked like a single thin line, except for a large protuberant button at the top. Ric ran his finger along the tight slit and she pressed her womanhood against his hand.

When his finger drifted over the button at the top, she went crazy, grabbing his wrist to keep his finger in place and with her other hand pressing his head tighter on the breast.

Then she cried out in an animalistic way. Her pussy was absolutely running with lube, and Ric spread the slippery fluid around her labia, while she continued to thrash under his touch. As some point, instinct told him to slip his finger into her tight channel.

At first Yvette pushed upward, willing the finger to impale her. Her hips were alternately making circular motions and humping motions. Suddenly she yelped and pushed Ric's hand away so hard his finger slipped from her love hole.

"Sorry baby" she whimpered, 'But your finger got too deep. . and it suddenly hurt. I think you might have touched my Hymen" she apologized. Not missing a beat, Ric slid down and started kissing her vagina and then ran his tongue over her clit.

Yvette went wild, forgot about the momentary discomfort, and bucked her hips up against his tongue. He sucked the engorged device into his mouth and it felt like sucking on a gum drop.

Yvette had her hands on the side of his head and was working her hips in time to his licking and sucking motion on her clit. Where Ric got the idea he did not know, but suddenly he forced his tongue into her love channel, with his nose pressing on her clit, while he reached up and squeezed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, Yvette when nuts.

She moaned, cried and yelled 'OH FUCK' at the top of her lungs. Her whole body began to quiver and a flush came over her chest. Ric was urged on to probe his tongue in and out of her cunt. Suddenly she clamped her thighs against his head, pushed her pelvis up, held on to him for dear life and managed to pant "be. still. sens. . .sensitive!" When her hips finally arched back to the ground, disengaging from his tongue, Yvette was panting like a racehorse that had just run a race.

Ric started to lick at her tight slit again and she pushed his head away saying 'Sorry babe. but I'm way too sensitive for that right now. Jesus. I've never had an orgasm like that before. I thought you said you didn't know what to do?" Ric crawled back up her body and attempted to kiss her. "Eweeee. . you have pussy juice all over your face" Yvette complained.

"It's not the first time you've tasted pussy juice" Ric chided her, and then kissed her in a passionate manner. Yvette could feel his cock was still as hard as ever and made a grab for it, thinking she might be able to get Ric to allow her to give him a blow job. Ric had other ideas though and got up on his knees and moved up Yvette's prone body until his balls were directly over her pubic mound.

At first Ric started stroking the length of his massive cock, while he starred at her beautiful tits. Yvette looked at him concentrating on her tits and said "Move back a little. I want you to look at my little girl pussy, and tell me what you think." He did as she said. She really wanted to stroke his cock to provide release for him, but could not reach it while she lay back on the blanket. Ric now knelt between her spread thighs and saw for the first time the delicate, tight, slit of her pussy was gaping open just a little.

The smooth texture of her pubic mound, the hard little nubbin at the top of her girl-slit, was too much for him. He felt the churn in his balls and the sensation deep up inside of himself. Suddenly stream after stream of white liquid spewed from the end of his cock. The first shot landed right on top of her clit, while the second shot landed upon her parted slit.

The next two pumps landed higher on her belly and tits. As his cock dribbled the last few bits of baby-making-batter, Yvette found she was coated with sperm from pussy to tits. Ric fell back on the blanket, gasping for air. Yvette stood up on wobbly legs, took his hand and said "Come on, we really need to get cleaned up" and they both walked back to the swimming hole to rinse off their copious deposits.

While they stood chest deep in the water, rinsing their bodies, Yvette said "So. . what do you think?" "About?" He said "About my 'little girl look" Yvette said exasperated. "I liked it. . I liked it a LOT" he grinned. "I can see why your mom calls it the 'little girl look'. I don't think I looked like that down there since I was 11 or 12!" Ric was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Oh, and by the way. . I liked your massive cock! But I don't know how you make so much cum" Yvette giggled. The two dressed, all while leering at each other, and slowly went back to the house on the Gator.

Something was bothering Ric and finally he voiced it. "Yvette, how dangerous was it that I shot cum all over your pussy like that?" "Don't worry stud. you can't get a girl preggers that way" Yvette replied.

To herself she thought 'God, please don't let me be pregnant!' It had only been 3 weeks since her Aunt had taken her to the doctor and she'd started birth control pills. She had no idea if she was 'protected' ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ The second odd thing that happened that afternoon, was that later Ric's cell phone rang.

It was his Father's friend, the Bank Manager. Ric listened intently as the Bank Manager told him all the details, including the fact that he failed to find out the actual name of the buyer of the Johnson ranch, nor in whose name the blind trust was set up to benefit. However, almost as an afterthought the Bank Manager told Ric where the routing number on the check old Man Johnson had received, had come from. Ric didn't say a word, but his mouth hung open. He thanked the Banker and hung up the phone.

'I don't believe in co-incidences' Ric thought to himself.   CHAPTER 26 That Friday, Ric had driven Yvette to school. He realized that Summer School would be over in a week and then several weeks later Yvette would head back to France.

He couldn't believe how upset he was! They had spent months together, she's taught him French (well sort of), they had done so much together and now, almost daily, they were giving each other pleasure orally.

She wasn't even gone yet, and Ric could feel the hole in his heart growing. One week from tonight, was the Future Rancher's conference north of Dallas at Lake Texoma. Ric had invited Yvette to go down for the weekend, and she had accepted. They would drive down Friday afternoon and get situated in the hotel.

The presentations and seminars started a 7 AM Saturday morning. Yvette's birthday had been last week, but they hadn't done much for it. just some ice-cream and cake at home. Ric made a mental note he wanted to do something nice for her birthday when they went away next week. The next thing he did was drive back out to old man Johnson's ranch.

. or whatever he should call it now. When he got to the ranch, he could not believe his eyes as to all the workmen that were there. He talked to the guy who identified himself as the Foreman and got an outline of what was going on. Ric saw a D-9 CAT parked and realized it had gorged out a huge pond. . easily three times larger than the one on the other side of the fence.

. on his ranch. And it was a lot deeper. There was air lines and other plumbing he didn't understand in the bottom of the hole, but no water yet. He saw a 6 inch PVC line entering one side and a meandering stream that had been cut, complete with rip-wrap and flowers planted along the banks already, but the diversion gate was closed so it remained dry.

Ric could see a backhoe digging from one side of the house, out across the pasture. When he asked the foreman what that was about, the guy told him they had been directed to install a 4-inch high-pressure water line, down to the fence line 'over there'.

The foreman pointed in the direction of his dad's ranch. Ric was eyeing a mountain of snow-white sand that dump-trucks had piled. The foreman read his mind and told him that the owner had designed a broad swimming beach, and an extravagant play yard, with a large deck and brick barbeque over there.

Again the Foreman pointed. Ric wanted to pose a question. "So, who is this new, and rather wealthy, owner anyway?" The foreman smiled and said "Damned if we know.

All this work was contracted by some attorney in town. . my boss knows his name, but I don't remember." The foreman showed Ric a complete set of blueprints which Ric looked at with interest. Aside from a playground that looked like it should be fun for a whole brood of kids, a lot of cross-fencing to be installed and the elaborate pond, creek with isolation gate and deck, there were two things that caught Ric's attention; The first was a note that said there was a 4-inch water pipe to be jacked under the county road in front of the Ranch to a piece of property across the road.

The second thing was the clouded area that showed three, three-bedroom, two bath, houses to be constructed out beyond the large barn. They were labeled "Future". Ric thanked the foreman, and drove off more confused than ever.

His next stop was in town at Attorney Hall's office. He greeted the attorney and handed him the sealed packet with all the paper-work Ric, and his parents, were supposed to sign and have notarized. "Mr. Hall" Ric addressed him, "I'm afraid I can't accept the proposal you made.

I've given it a lot of thought. . and it is very generous. . but I'm afraid it just can't work." The Attorney took the packet from Ric with a dejected look on his face. "May I ask, Mr. Evans, what was wrong with the proposal. . or why you came to this decision?" Ric was not quite as tall as the attorney, but he looked him square in the eye.

"Well what was proposed is a powerful big undertaking." The Attorney nodded his head. "And I might be able to pull this off, and make it pay for itself, but you see I had this Foreman all lined up to help me run it.

Now this here Foreman was the smartest person I'd ever met. This foreman had a way with horses that I hadn't seen before. This Foreman's work ethic was like something you just can't find any more.

This person never thought of their self first, and always thought of others." Ric paused. "This person could plan. . and think things through, that I couldn't even begin to visualize. Even spoke multiple languages. . which I barely speak good English." Ric chuckled.

'This person will probably go far in this world, but I guess it just won't be with me" Ric concluded. "Perhaps if you explained the situation. . or negotiated. . you might be able to get him to reconsider" Attorney Hall offered.

"Perhaps if I spoke to them on your behalf" the Attorney offered. "Naw. . like I said, nothing happens without a plan and thinking everything through with em'. Pretty sure the plans are laid, and the mind is all made up" Ric said.

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"Hell, I can't even keep my checkbook straight, I'd never keep the books straight on a combined operation like this without the Foreman. Frankly, this proposal scares the tar out of me. . but I'm betting it wouldn't even phase my Foreman!" Ric shook the tall Attorney's hand, and told him "Thank You and please tell the new owner we said thanks." "Are you sure I can't change your mind Mr. Evans" The Attorney asked one more time. "Nope. I'm afraid my Foreman is headed back to France in a few weeks!" Ric turned and left, with Attorney Hall starring after him.

. wondering.   CHAPTER 28 It was Saturday morning, when Yvette found Ric alone and out of earshot of his parents. "Ric, you can stop worrying. . .you're not gonna be a daddy. I just got my period." "You told me a girl can't get knocked-up from being sprayed on the outside.

I was never worried" Ric said. "Uh-huh. . sure you weren't" Yvette laughed at him. Inside her head she thought 'Well I know I'm relieved'. The following week flew by. Ric and Yvette now were like a hand in glove. Totally at ease and comfortable with each other.

Marge was trying to ignore all the gushey looks, the quick embraces, the number of times she'd seen them kiss or holding hands let alone the fact that they openly slept with each other every night.

As soon as Yvette finished her period, they were back to fooling around. In the morning, just before 5 AM, Yvette would pleasure Ric with a blowjob the minute he got up and peed. When they could find a secluded place during the day, Ric would peel down her Levi 501's and eat her pussy until she cried in ecstasy. At bed time, knowing they had to be quiet, Yvette would now sit facing Ric at the foot of his bed and he would sit up at the head of the bed.

The two would be naked, or sometimes Yvette would be in sheer panties to tease Ric, and they would masturbate, while watching each other. Ric had a bit of a 'hair-trigger', but it didn't matter, as both of them were so horny all the time, that both of them would usually orgasm within a minute or two of them watching each other do the act.

On more than one occasion Ric had managed to crawl up on his knees and aim his erupting cock at Yvette's sheer panties. Thursday night they had packed and the plan was that right after Yvette's final exam, they would leave for Lake Texoma and the Conference.

Ric's father had insisted they take the Lincoln Towncar, as he felt the old truck should not go that far. They loaded their bags in the trunk and Ric noted that Yvette hung a garment bag in the rear of the Lincoln. Ric was waiting at the curb on Friday, when Yvette got out of school. She climbed into the car and Ric could tell she was euphoric.

"I got an 'A' in History" she told him the minute she got in. "An 'A', wow" Ric replied. "Yea. . it was all memorization"? Yvette admitted, "but it still helps my GPA. Let's get going." Two hours later they turned into the Lodge at Lake Texoma. Ric registered, got the keys to their suite and followed the Bellhop to their room. The suite was huge, with a central sitting area and breakfast table and one bedroom on each side of the central area. Yvette went to look at her room, and found her bathroom was as large as her whole bedroom back in France, and let out a delightful squeal when she saw the bedroom was full of balloons that said Happy Birthday, there was a bouquet of Yellow Roses and a note from Ric, and a banner over her bed with Teddy Bears and hearts on it.

"Ric, you shouldn't have. . that is so sweet" she rushed up to him and kissed him full on the mouth. "Happy Birthday. . belated. I felt bad that we didn't do anything special for your birthday, back at the Ranch" Ric explained. Just then there was a knock at the door.

Ric opened it and allowed Room Service in. On a rolling table they had two large pieces of cake with lit sparklers in each piece, and two gigantic chocolate Sundays.

Yvette's favorite. The two teens ate their cake and Chocolate Sundays. When they were done Ric said "I think I'm gonna throw up!" "You shouldn't have eaten all of that" Yvette said, "I'd have gladly eaten whatever you couldn't finish" and then gave a hardy laugh. "Ric, we sleep together every night. . so why do we have a suite with two bedrooms?" "Image" he replied. . "to appease the parents. And what if your mother were to ask about the arrangements, Yvette?" "Yea, like that's gonna happen" Yvette mused.

"Hey, let's go exploring and go down to the pool" Ric said. Fifteen minutes later they were down at the beautiful pool and had snagged a cabana keeping them out of the sun. For some reason, each had used the bathroom in their own side, and changed out of view of each other in their respective bedrooms.

They made themselves comfortable and when Yvette removed her modest 'cover-up' Ric's eyes almost popped out of his head. They had now seen each other naked many, many times, but Ric had never seen a string bikini this small.

Technically the top covered her nipples and areola, but most of the rest of her round breasts were exposed. The bottoms were so small they would have been questionable had Yvette not sported her 'little girl look'.

As it was, she displayed a major camel-toe! Ric felt a familiar stirring, and wished he had worn a jockstrap under his board shorts. Out of nowhere, as the two sat sipping a cold drink, Yvette asked "What did you ever decide to do about the proposal from that Lawyer guy" Yvette asked. 'Two can play this game' Ric thought but responded "I gave him the packet back." "So you signed it then" Yvette said fishing.

Ric just starred at her for a long time. Finally, she broke. "You know don't you" she asked? "Yes" he said. "Are we talking about the same thing" she asked? "Yes" he said. "Are you sure" she pressed. "Yes." "Are you angry" she asked? "Yes. . a bit" he answered. There was a long pause, then she said "how did you figure it out?" "There were a lot of clues, it just took me a while to pull it all together." Ric paused before going on, looking at her reaction.

"OK, for starters, not many people know that my Grandfather used to own all the property and split it off to old man Johnson.

Also, I told you about the lack of water on our ranch and that the land was richer and better for growing on Johnson's half. Next, you liked our swimming hole, but thought it should be bigger. Next, you care about people. You moved Johnson to Atlanta to be closer to his daughter and grandkids.

You set the grandkids up for college. . all the work of someone who cares about people. The thing that should have given it away. . but I didn't get it at first; That damned Black Stallion. Yvette, you are the only one who gives a damn about that horse. given the chance, old man Johnson would have sent him to the glue factory! I knew that every morning when you did chores, you'd get over there and make sure he had fresh feed and water. And on several occasions I've seen you from a distance.

feeding that horse apples across the pasture fence. And on a few occasions I've seen you disappear only to reappear covered in dirt, and limping. I think you've been trying to ride the Black Devil!" Ric continued, "At first I couldn't see why you had any interest in the Black Stallion. But I figured it out. . it's because he is Beauty's boyfriend.

. and I know you love Beauty. But even with all the clues, it didn't come crashing together until I was able to find out that the $150,000 check old man Johnson got, was routed from a bank in France. I never could get the owners name of the Trust, but the French Bank thing was the missing piece of the puzzle." Ric's face was blank. Yvette could not read him. "So why are you mad at me then, Ric?" "Yvette, we don't have secrets from each other.

. .remember?" "I do, Ric. But look at it this way; You are like your dad. . .you are both proud men. If a French teenaged girl had come to you with this plan, your dad would have laughed in my face. Your dad may have accused 'the little French whore' of turning tricks to pay for the place! You would have never accepted this kind of a thing from me. Hell Ric, a couple of weeks ago, you wouldn't even kiss me without freaking out!" "Which brings me to the one thing I can't figure out, Yvette.

How DOES a young French girl come up with a half-million dollars to buy a ranch in Texas?" "My dad was brilliant when it came to finances.

And he was smart about life. When he died, he had already set up a trust for me. Half of his life insurance went to my trust.

Every year on the anniversary of his death, the insurance company makes an additional payment to me of $100,000. That started when I was 5 so to date that's a million dollars, plus the life insurance money. My financial advisers have almost doubled that amount over the last 10 years. Plus, when my father's estate was settled and his business was sold, my half of the proceeds was put in my trust. . .but I can't touch that money until I'm 25. . that is another $10 million in today's dollars.

By the time I'm 25 I hope to have invested that wisely also. So as you can see Ric, I can easily afford to do something nice for you and your family." Ric had a hard time catching his breath. "Does your mother know about this, Yvette?" "Well, yes and no" Yvette said. She knows I bought a Ranch. . and she knows that I raided my discretionary Trust Fund. . but she doesn't know the details of why I bought the Ranch, or the 20 acres across the highway." "What, you bought TWO pieces of property" Ric asked incredulously!

"Ric, you know that big creek that flows through Johnson's ranch?" "Yea, why" He responded. "Did you ever stop to wonder where the water for that creek comes from? Well no one else did either" Yvette explained. "But I did, and I studied a lot of maps and geology reports.

That property across the highway came on the market, and it was important to lock it up, if I was going to get the Johnson Ranch. Ric that property has three artesian wells on the property.

. hand dug a hundred years ago. . and they are way deep. Those wells alone could probably support the water needs for your dad's ranch. But the back half of that property is a swamp. But it's not a swamp, it is actually a giant spring. It appears there is an underground river, part of which pushed to the surface on that property, and THAT is where all the water for the creek originates. And now I own the water and mineral rights on that property." Yvette finished and she was smiling broadly.

  CHAPTER 27 The two had walked back to their room, hand-in-hand, even though Ric was still miffed at Yvette. "Yvette, how did you lean to do all this stuff with real estate. . and how do you know WHAT to do?" "My dad died when I was really young.

But in France, there are books written about him. I studied the books for years, on how he built his fortune, and about the rise of his company. . and I talked to a lot of the executives in his company in the last few years.

My dad had a financial advisor. who loved my dad almost as much as I. He's my mom's financial advisor as well as mine now. You asked me if my mom knew about the purchase of the Ranch.

She has no say over how I spend my discretionary trust money, really. But I got the third degree from my financial advisor who questioned, and cross-checked, every bit of research I did. HE was the TOUGH one to convince. And Yes, my mom knows about it. But you see, while I can afford any whim I want, I never buy anything for myself. maybe lipstick or makeup. . and sometimes some clothes. . but I am frugal. I reminded my financial advisor of that, and he realized that this real estate deal was not only a 'good deal', but something very special to me." "So I guess you really can afford to buy a half-million-dollar Ranch then" Ric asked "Yes, Ric" Yvette replied.

"I guess I'm. . rich" the French girl smiled broadly. "would you like to know how much money I have totally, Ric?" "NO" he almost spat out too forcefully. "That's none of my business" Ric said. The two had returned to the suite when Ric turned to her and said "Yvette, I want to take you to a special dinner tonight.

Let's grab a quick nap and a shower then I am gonna take you to a wonderful steak dinner." Yvette went to her room to change out of the damp bikini and she assumed that Ric had wanted her to take a nap with him.

When she returned, she found him already lightly snoring on top of his bed. She cuddled up behind him, and let her eyelids drop also. Yvette woke with a start, not knowing how long she'd been asleep. She slipped from his side, padded to her room, took the cover off her 'little black dress' laid out the rest of her clothes and frillies, and went to take a shower.

Ric had said he wanted them to dress-up for dinner, and Yvette wanted to go all out. It was almost an hour and a half later when she stood in front of the bathroom mirror, wearing a half bra and white sheer panties, making sure every hair was in place and her makeup was perfection.

She had heard the other shower running, so she knew Ric was up and getting ready. Ric was standing in the middle of the sitting room, just pulling on his blue blazer when Yvette stepped from her room. She was fiddling with one earring that would not 'behave' and had a white wrap neatly folded over her arm.

Ric took one look at her and stopped dead in his tracks. He let out a wolf whistle and then said "Oh my God, Yvette. You are breathtaking!" "Je vous remercie sir" she thanked him formally.

"So you like" she smiled broadly. "Oh Oui, Mademoiselle" Ric replied in his best French. She had on a little black dress which came maybe mid-thigh, a neckline the plunged down showing ample cleavage, the back plunged further to her waist. Her long blonde mane cascaded down her naked back, her makeup impeccable and her legs which seemed to climb to the sky, were sheathed in 3-inch patent leather heels.

Ric's eyes were drawn to a sparkle of light reflecting off of her dangling earrings. "Are those real diamonds, Yvette" he asked her.

"Yes, they were my paternal grandmother's. They are quite real. . and I live in mortal fear of losing one. I don't know why this one won't hang correctly" Yvette said still fussing with her right ear. "It has a link that is stuck on the chain" Ric said and fixed in in a second. "Merci Beaucoup" Yvette replied. "I have something special planned for dinner, but we are way early.

Let's do a little exploring. How about we walk over to the Yacht Club and nose around?" As Ric finished he saw Yvette's eyes dancing over him. What he didn't know was how totally handsome she thought he looked. Yvette took his arm and said "Lead the way sir, I'm all yours." The two roamed around the marina looking at all the boats and eventually wound up in the Yacht Club bar. They had Sweet Tea to drink and chatted about everything. . and nothing. . just enjoying each other's company. As the sun was almost ready to set over the west end of the lake, Ric took her hand and led her to the outside deck.

He stood behind her, his arms about her waist, as the two watched the sun dip below the horizon and the stratus clouds over the lake turned a bright red. By the time they returned inside to the bar, a band was beginning to play. "Dance with me Ric" Yvette smiled. "I'm afraid I am the world's worst dancer" Ric replied. She took his hand and dragged him to the dancefloor as the band played a slow melody. The two assumed the position, but Yvette decided to lock her hands around his neck, mashing her ample breast against his broad chest.

She gazed up into his eyes with a mischievous smile. Unbeknownst to her, Ric was consciously fighting the urge to spring an erection based on her tits mashed into his chest! By the time the second slow dance had started, Ric's hands had found their way down from her waist and were lightly draped over her ass.

Yvette had her head buried in the crook of Ric's neck. Ric's hands felt something strange under the thin material of her black evening dress. He'd been so intoxicated with the strawberry scent of her hair, that even he didn't realize his fingers were tracing the outline of.

. something. Yvette felt his finger dancing and exploring. The he discovered something else. His hand traced the object even lower fingering the length of it, trying to figure out what it was.

"You having fun back there, Sailor" Yvette said, without looking up. Ric's hand instinctively flew from the mysterious object back to Yvette's waist.

"Sorry" he mumbled, "but what is that anyway?" "I didn't say you had to stop" Yvette whispered softly. "That is my grater belt.

. and that thing your fingers were tracing is the rear belt and clasp that is affixed to my stocking." Yvette had said all this matter-of-factly without raising her head, as the two continued to dance. "YOU WEAR A GARTER BELT" Ric said almost too loudly! Yvette lifted her head from his shoulder and looked at his surprised face; "Of course.

. I'm French. French women hate pantyhose!" As she said this her hands remained clasped behind his neck as she leaned back away from his chest to see him better. "Ric! Really?" She said with a bemused smile.

"WHAT?" Ric said confused at her meaning. Her smile continued and she pressed her crotch in closer to him. "Ric, you've seen me naked. we've made-out a little. . and I crawl in your bed almost every night. . .with no effect. But TALKING about a garter belt gives you and erection?" Ric blushed bright red and stammered. He actually hadn't realized how hard his cock was trying to become, as it attempted to burst his trousers and wedge itself between Yvette's thighs. He took a half step back from the French beauty and stammered "I'm so embarrassed".

Yvette just placed her lips to his and shared a long kiss with him. This didn't help his incumbent erection any, but it sure made his heart race. "I'm hungry" Ric said changing the subject, and led her from the dance floor.   CHAPTER 29 As the two walked from the bar in the Yacht Club, Yvette turned towards the restaurant section.

"We're not eating here" Ric said as he guided her arm towards the exit, "I have something special planned." The two walked in silence and Ric's cock had deflated to a level where it was no longer uncomfortable to walk. As they entered the corridor where their suite was Yvette was confused, but assumed he needed his car keys. Ric opened the door to the suite and held the door for her to enter.

As she entered the suite she first noted that the lights were dim, piano music was playing softly and in the center of the suite was a table complete with white linen table cloth and candles.

The table had been set for two. "Good evening Mr. Evans, my name is Thomas" a voice spoke from the shadows frightening the hell out of Yvette. "I'm sorry if I frightened you madam" the baritone voice said. "Good evening Thomas" Ric replied, "is everything ready?" As he spoke he held a chair out for Yvette.

As Yvette took her seat she noted that the room smelled wonderful, and as her eyes had now adjusted to the dim lighting she saw rose petals. everywhere! "What's going on Ric" she whispered. "Where dinning in" Ric smiled, "just the two of us. "Dinner is served, sir" The baritone voice said, as he opened the door to the suite.

An assistant, dressed all in white, wheeled in a food trolley, removed the large stainless lid and exposed a large warming-server surrounded by a bed of ice keeping the salads chilled as well as a desert selection.

The assistant disappeared as quickly as he'd come, and Thomas, who was dressed in formal attire, spread the napkins on Yvette and Ric's laps, and produced an ice bucket and wine seemingly out of thin air. Concluding the wine-tasting ritual with Ric, Thomas poured wine for Yvette and Ric, and disappeared. . somewhere. Ric toasted and clinked glasses with his cousin; "To the prettiest girl I know. . Happy Birthday." The two sipped their wine before Yvette spoke; "Thank you but my birthday as last week." "But nothing got done for your birthday" Ric replied, "and I wanted to do something special." "Well thank you, Ric but this was totally unnecessary." "The wine is from France, by the way." "It's wonderful.

. but I'm leaning towards California wines these days" Yvette said with a grin. "Now you tell me" Ric said with a laugh. Thomas reappeared and served salads and appetizers, disappeared again, magically re-appeared to serve the main course of Filet mignon, rice and vegetables then disappeared again until it was time to clear the table and serve dessert.

"If there will be nothing else, sir" Thomas said and half bowed. Ric signed the bill that Thomas had discretely laid on the table, reached in his pocket and handled the server a 100-dollar bill, and responded "Thank you for a lovely meal, Thomas." The server all but clicked his heels and departed. "As the two sat sipping wine and then enjoying their deserts Yvette looked like she had tears in the corner of her eyes.

"Ric. . .thank you so much. . no one has ever done anything like that for me before. . " "It was really nothing Yvette. . " But before he could finish Yvette interrupted him. "NO Ric. . it was quite something. I can't believe you planned this all out for me.

I'll never forget it." Ric saw a tear roll down her cheek. "Can I talk to you about something else Ric?" "Shoot" was all he said. "What was this cryptic message you said to my lawyer, about losing your foreman?

It confused him as to why you declined the offer. . and it confused me too." Ric looked at her for a long time, sensed she was dead serious, and he tried to smile to lighten the mood.

"Yvette, I meant what I said to the lawyer. I can't possibly operate almost 700 acres. . just me and my dad with a couple of Vaqueros.

I need a top notch foreman, Yvette." He took a deep breath. In a few weeks' tops, you'll be heading back to France. . you are my top-notch Foreman. You have more business sense. . more common sense. . than any adult I ever met!" "I really want you to accept" Yvette said. "I know you do. . but my mind is made up. I can't do this without you.

Let's not fight" Ric said. Yvette sighed and wiped a tear from her eye. Changing the subject, she inhaled deeply and said "It smells like a million roses in here." "That's good because that's about how many roses they had to kill to cover all the floors. Let's see the rest of it." Ric held Yvette's chair as she stood.

Once she was up, she realized that the rose petals formed a sort of path across the sitting room, and led down the hall towards her bedroom. When she entered the bedroom and turned on the light, her entire bedroom, floor, dresser, bed. . everything was covered in rose petals. "Oh my God, Ric." Then her eyes locked onto a blue velvet case in the center of the rose petals on the bed. "Ric, what IS that" she asked not taking her eyes off it.

"That's the rest of your birthday present." He picked up the box, turned, opened it and presented it to her, a huge grin on his face. Yvette let out an audible gasp when she saw it.

In the white velvet backing inside the box was a ring. The gold ring had a solitaire diamond in the center, and had two raised, crescent shaped, pieces on either side of the diamond. One crescent was encrusted with her birth stones, the other crescent with his. Yvette had her hand over her mouth, trying not to hyperventilate. He removed the ring from the case and held it out for her, noticing that her hands were trembling uncontrollably. "Ric. what is this. my God it's beautiful. you shouldn't have.

but I love it. . why did you do this" she babbled on. "Yvette, this is a 'Promise Ring'. I really wanted you to have it." He got tongue tied. . .wanted to say more. . but just couldn't manage to say it all. He now held the ring, as well of both of her trembling hands in his own.

Yvette now had tears running down both of her cheeks. "I don't understand" she said. "a 'promise' of what?" "I promise to always have your back. I promise that as long as I'm around nothing can ever hurt you. . not even thunder and lightning. And. . I promise that these feelings I have for you, will never go away." Yvette blinked hard, tried to wipe the tears from her eyes.

Her hands were still trembling like a leaf in the wind. "What 'feelings' Ric?" She whispered so softly, he almost missed the question. He stammered. . .and then he paused before stammering again.

. "Yvette, I don't know how this happened, but I'm in love with you." "What did you say" she whispered again. "I LOVE YOU" he said more forcefully. The blond beauty blinked, blinked again and now she thought she was really going to hyperventilate. "I don't understand" she said. . "Half the time you want to put me in a box and mail me back to France.

. not that long ago you almost had a stroke when we kissed. and I thought you had a real problem with the idea of incest?" "Don't try to analyze it" he said, "I've given up trying to figure it out. I told you I have no idea how this happened. . I just know how I feel" Ric said. "But maybe you don't feel the same way, Yvette?" "Ric, you dumb-ass cowboy!

I've been in love with you since I was 11 or 12 years old!" She was wiping her eyes again and now Ric was afraid she would hyperventilate. "Ric, say it again.

. please" Yvette implored him. He still held her trembling hands in his own; "Yvette Michelle La Grande, I LOVE YOU" he responded with a huge grin. "Now are you gonna accept my ring or not?" "Of course I am you dummy ". . she looked up at him. . "where does one wear a . . 'Promise' ring. . left hand or right hand" she wanted to know. "If it's OK with you, I'd prefer the left hand. It might keep some of those 'froggy boys' from sniffing around you when you get back home!

Yvette held out her left hand and Ric slid the ring on her left ring finger. She grinned ear-to-ear, took one look in his eyes and fell into his arms.

  CHAPTER 30 Yvette and Ric embraced so tightly that it would have been impossible to slip a piece of paper between the two teens. Lips were mashed and mouths opened as the two teens tongue-kissed one another. Ric's hands drifted down and cupped the cheeks of Yvette's ass through the thin material of her dress. The two fell backwards onto the bed, rose petals scattering everywhere.

Yvette had fallen on top of Ric and he raised his knee and leg to press against her vulva. Yvette let out a moan when he did. When the two fell onto the bed, Yvette's dress had ridden well up her thighs. Ric's hand had also made its way up her thigh and was now toying with her garter-belt again. Ric placed a kiss on the nape of her neck and she almost melted in his arms. When he withdrew from the kiss Yvette said in a husky voice "You really like playing with my garter belt.

I like it too." The two then started making out again. Ric had a raging hard-on, which Yvette could feel prominently as she squirmed around on top of him during the make-out session. Ric's hand drifted lower on her butt and he was now cupping her sex from the back side. The gusset of her panties were sodden. He worked the material of her panties back and forth across the entrance to her female treasure, which elicited a moan from Yvette directly into his open mouth.

"You're really wet" he whispered in her ear. "Yea. . .you got me horny as hell" Yvette responded. . and I tend to lubricate a lot when I'm horny. Sorry" "Don't be sorry" Ric said "I find it exciting as hell that you get that way for me." "Yvette reached down and grabbed his hardness through his slacks.

"Looks like I'm not the only one that is horny" Yvette giggled. Ric worked his middle finger on the sodden tricot material of her panty crotch, forcing the material into her girl-crevice.

Yvette suddenly pushed off of him and stood at the side of the bed. "Wanna see the garter-belt set that you seem to like so much? Besides, we're gonna ruin my dress" she said. With that she turned her back to Ric and said "Unzip me please." With a shaking hand Ric worked the zipper downward on the back of her 'little black dress'.

As the zipper passed over the rise of her butt suddenly an expanse of very lacy, white, material appeared.

Yvette shrugged the dress off her shoulders, stepped out of it with her back still to Ric, folded it and laid it over a side-chair. When she turned it was Ric who sucked in his breath. Her bra, panties and garter-belt all matched and had an intricate while lace pattern to them.

The bra, was really only a half bra. . a shelf. . on which two perfectly rounded 'B' cup breasts were perched. Now that her dress was off, her 'scent' permeated the room. When Ric looked at her panties, her treasure, he could see the dark stain of her girl-lube on her panties. She walked seductively up to the bed where he sat up. As she got close enough he reached out and pulled her into him, kissing, and sucking a nipple into his mouth.

Yvette shuddered and then pulled his head closer to her engorged nipple. "You American boys do love your tits" she said with a laugh. "YTH, LIIKE YOUDONT LIKETH HIT" Ric said with his mouth full of her right breast.

He reached down for her sex, and Yvette instinctively spread her legs open more. He played with the gusset of her panties, while alternating between one nipple and the other. While Yvette didn't think she could get any wetter, she continued to secrete more and more girl-lube as Ric massaged her pussy through the material.

As some point Ric accidentally dragged his teeth down the length of her erect nipple. "Aaarrrggge" Yvette moaned as he did. "Sorry" he said, "That was an accident" "No. . I liked it. . do that again" Yvette begged him. And so he did, alternating pulling her distended nipples, first one, and then the other, with his teeth. As for Yvette, she'd never felt anything so naughty.

. she felt that she might orgasm at any second. Ric drew aside the crotch of her panties and began tracing the outline of her precious petals with his finger.

After one circle of her outer lips his fingers were drenched with her lube. He worked his finger from the bottom to the top of her girl-slit. Suddenly his finger pressed on her erect clit and she cried out while simultaneously hunching her hips forward. The action caused his finger to slip off her button and enter her hole slightly. The lube on his fingers made it easy to work his finger in and out of her treasure spot, although he'd never imagined that a girl's pussy could be so hot, so wet and so tight on a guy's finger!

He continued suckling at her breasts and started sawing his finger in and out of her hole, following some ingrained instinct. Suddenly she winced and grabbed his wrist in a panic. "EASY there cowboy," she said. . "I don't want to lose my cherry on your finger!" Ric was chagrinned and removed his hand from her hot box immediately.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you." He paused for a moment of thought. "Yvette, maybe I should go down to the lobby-store and. um. . get. . umm. . some condoms?" "Why on earth would you want to get condoms?" She said "Ahh. . I'm sorry. . I just. . " He was turning red and stammering having overstepped bounds again, or so he thought. 'Ric. . relax lover. .you don't need condoms.

My period just ended a few days ago, so I'm not fertile. And besides, your mom put me on birth-control-pills over a month ago!" "Why would she do that" Ric asked, trying to comprehend the ways of the females in his family. "Never mind. why don't you take your clothes off before we damage them, and join me on the bed" Yvette asked as she dashed into her bathroom and returned with a large bath-towel.

Ric wasted no time in stripping down to his boxers, and he flopped down on the bed beside Yvette.   CHAPTER 31 Yvette had laid out the bath-towel by the time Ric had flopped down next to her. The two teens lay on their side gazing into each other's eyes. Their arms entangled around each other. Ric let his hand slide down her back, across her lower back, and stopped on the rise of her ass. Ric lazily fingered the delicate white lace on the rear of the garter belt, tracing the outline of the lace pattern against her butt.

"You really like my garter-belt hmmmm?" Yvette grinned at him with a sultry look. "That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen. I like your bra too!" Ric was smiling and watching her breasts swell and fall as she breathed. "Of course you like my bra. . it has your two favorite things on full display" Yvette laughed.

Yvette leaned in and the two embraced tighter, this lips mashed together in yet another open-mouth kiss. The kiss turned into a marathon of how long could each hold their breath, and Yvette squirmed around on top of Ric and ground her pelvis into his steel-hard cock, encased within his boxers. Ric slipped his hand lower and began to trace the outline of Yvette's drenched outer pussy-lips through her panties. Panties which were rapidly reaching the point where they could not hold any more girl-lube.

They were absolutely dripping with Yvette's nectar. When Yvette finally broke their kiss and came up for air, she looked intently into his eyes. "Ric. what are we doing here. are we going to do it. . you know. . make love" the French teen asked haltingly? "Yvette, I love you. And I want you something terrible. YES. . I really want you. . to make love to you." "Ric, I want you too. Hell. . I've wanted you to be my first since we were like 12. I love you Ric. . but you're the one with the hang-up about incest with your cousin!" Ric kissed her lightly, all the while running is finger up and down the slit in which her soaked panties were impaled.

"I'm done with the hang-up's. I really don't give a damn what anyone thinks. Hell, half the Mob already thinks we're a couple. . the other half want to get in your panties!" Yvette smiled and looked into his eyes. . into his soul. for a long time. "I want to have sex with you soooo badly. Strangly, I'm a little frightened. . you are so big" Yvette trailed off. "Me too" Ric said. "I don't know what I'm doing, and I'm scared I might not please you." The two kissed yet again and Yvette pushed herself up off Ric's chest.

"Put your butt on the bath-towel, Ric" Yvette said, confusing her cousin. Ric did as she wished, and scooted his backside into the center of the towel. Yvette bent and reached down, tugging his boxers off his hips, down his legs and tossed them on a chair. His giant cock sprung free, reaching for the sky, and caused Yvette to gasp. "Oh my God Ric, your cock is huge!" Yvette could not take her eyes off it.

However, in the blink of an eye, Ric sprang up, grabbed her shoulders and turned her forcing her back to the bed. Yvette let out a little squeal of surprise. He reached behind her and fumbled with the clasp of her bra.

He tried repeatedly to get it unhooked, failed, and elicited a brief chuckle from Yvette. She shrugged out of her bra and let it fall to the bed. Ric could not take his eyes off the two round globes perched high on her chest. The dark areolas were puffed out and in stark contrast to the pale skin of her breasts. Atop each dark circle was a pale pink nipple, fully engorged and standing proudly erect. Ric bent down and latched onto her left nipple, sucking vigorously.

Yvette moaned an 'Oh yes. . suck on me Ric". Ric changed sides pulling the right nipple between his lips and then lightly grasping the nipple, already extended out a good half-inch, between his teeth and pulled it outward, extending the sensitive part a good inch.

"Oh Christ!" Yvette cried, "That hurts sooooo good. do that again, Ric" she pleaded. Ric next grabbed her left nipple with his teeth and pulled on it, trying not to hurt her too much in the process.

"Aaagghhhh" she moaned, arching her pelvis. "Fuck. that hurts so good. it sends electric shocks to my belly." Ric started slowly kissing down her rib cage and belly, leaving her wet nipples to feel the cool air, and become even more erect. As his lips reached the top of her panty waist elastic, Yvette moved involuntarily, raising her pubic mound in anticipation.

Her instinct was to raise her hips so that Ric could remove her soaked panties. But he fooled her moving lower and placing his mouth on her drenched crotch! Yvette whelped when she felt his hot mouth clamp onto her vulva and he started sucking her juices from the drenched garment. "Mmmmm. so good" he mumbled, his face in her spread crotch, and Yvette could barely make out what he said, and his mouth sucked and probed her virgin cunt.

Her panties had already ridden well into her girl-slit and the copious amounts of girl-lube she'd discharged, made her panties translucent. Ric ran his tongue from the lower part of her slit upwards and eventually found her clit which was like a very hard marble perched at the top of her treasure spot. When his tongue landed on her most sensitive girl-spot, she arched her hips high, driving more of her pussy into Ric's mouth and pushing against his tongue with her clit.

Yvette's pelvis was almost vibrating as she tried to ride Ric's tongue. He swiped against her spread lips yet again, forcing more of the panty material up into her. When his tongue again flicked across her clit, she cried out in French.

It sounded like she said 'Oh Mother of God. yes, do it harder' but Ric couldn't be sure. He sucked on her erect clit which caused her to buck higher, and harder, into his mouth. He was lost in bliss with the taste of her. Ric didn't know what instinct made him do it, but while he sucked on her engorged clit, he reached up her torso with both hands, clasp her rounded mounds, massaging her tits. Each nipple slipped between his forefinger and middle-finger, and he squeezed the nipples, simultaneously pulling outward on them, and while squeezing her tits with the palm of his hand.

Yvette went off like a sky-rocket! Her hips bucked wildly against his tongue, and she cried out in French and English, much of it incomprehensible. When she yelled, practicably at the top of her lungs, 'I'm cumming. don't stop. . don't stop" Ric's tongue was in over-drive alternately lapping at her drenched slit, and sucking on her clit.

Yvette had both hands on the back of his head urging him tighter on her vibrating love hole. She shook all over, vibrated and cried, mewed and panted. Ric was lapping at her honey spot as hard as he could when she squeezed her thighs together so hard he thought she would strangle him.

She became rigid and tried to push his head away at the same time. 'St…Ric. . stop. please stop. it's too sensitive' With one last push Yvette was able to disengage his sucking lips from her clit and hold his head at bay. She lay panting like a race horse for a full minute. "Oh-my-God, Ric. I have never had an orgasm like that before.

sooooo intense. I thought my guts were being torn out. When you pulled on my nipples I couldn't stop it. . it was like a freight train running through my pussy." The French teen gushed and grinned at Ric like a Cheshire cat.

Ric had returned from her crotch and placed a passionate kiss on her lips. Yvette had tasted other girls before, but the taste of her own womanhood, of her intense secretions and orgasm, was foreign to her. Yvette pushed Ric off the top of her and as he toppled to the bedsheets, Yvette dived on top of him. She started with his lips, probing and French kissing him like mad. Then she kissed each one of his nipples as she worked her way down to the prize. His manhood was like steel and stood straight up from his loins.

Yvette grasp the 9 inch shaft and looked at it in awe. She placed her lips to the tip, tentatively tasting the precum that was oozing from the tip. Yvette found it slightly salty but not objectionable. With her old boyfriend back in France Yvette had performed oral-sex strictly so he would stop bugging her to allow him to fuck her.

While she liked the idea of having a boyfriend, she wanted to 'save' her virginity for someone special she had in mind. Now however, Yvette WANTED to give Ric the pleasure he deserved.

. and was driven to suck his cock by her love for him and the lust generated by that love. Yvette gently licked around the crown of Ric's cock, causing him to shiver in delight. After giving his manhood a series of little kisses about the head and down the side of the shaft, Yvette started at his member transfixed. The head of the monster was bloated, and turning purplish from the ministrations she was performing, and the strangle-hold she maintained on the tool.

Yvette held the stalk so tightly, one would have though she feared it was about to run away. Yvette had to open her mouth wide just to accommodate the girth of the head of the one-eyed-monster she desired.

Her lips locked around the crown, and it took some seconds for her to get used to having something so big in her mouth. She sucked furiously on the head, while simultaneously she started a two-handed jacking-motion; starting at the root and extending up to the sensitive area just below the glans. Ric let out a long 'Mmmmmm' each time her doubled hands reached the top. Yvette had increased the speed of her slip-n-slide up and down his cock, as if by some unwritten law.

She had a cadence going now and each time her hands approached the Corona under his head, she would increase the sucking pressure on his cock-head. Ric as almost whimpering from the sensation. As he continuously humped in rhythm to her tempo, Ric now had about 3 inches of his cock in her mouth. Once or twice Yvette was afraid he was going to try and jam it down her throat. However, each time Ric drew back, Yvette only sucked harder, drawing his manhood back beyond her lips.

Ric suddenly cried out; "Vetee. baby. . care. " But that was a far as he could croak out the warning. His hip shoved forward, his hips frozen in place. His cock-head pressed against the back of Yvette's throat.

Simultaneously Yvette felt the swell of the glans in her mouth, a pumping sensation on the body of his penis and felt the rush of white hot liquid hit the back of her throat. She fought the urge to gag, and swallowed as first one, and ultimately five blasts of semen hit her throat. It was impossible to suck, pump his cock and drink his cum at the same time.

Yvette though that she had accomplished the impossible, but as the last of the five blasts of white hot liquid flew into her mouth, she gaged and coughed, forcing a mouthful of semen out around his cock-head and dripping onto the bed. Yvette had disengaged, caught her breath and Ric fell onto the bed, exhausted.

"Yvette. . I am so sorry I did that. I tried to warn you. . but I couldn't hold back any longer. . " Yvette put her finger to his lips. "Shush" she said softly, kissing his lips and in the process allowing him to taste what his semen was like.   CHAPTER 32 The two teens cuddled, smiled and rested. Well for a couple of minutes anyway. Yvette rolled back on top of Ric, continued to kiss his face and whispered "Man you make a lot of cum.

Have you been saving up for a week or something?" "No I only saved up from yesterday" was his soft response. Yvette had his naked and flaccid penis trapped between their bellies. It was warm, and certainly all sticky, and all Yvette could think about was how badly she wanted it. . inside her!

Yvette pushed herself up, bracing her hands onto his broad shoulders. She scooted her pelvis upwards, still wearing the sodden panties Ric had just eater her through.

She moved deftly upward until her clit, and the crack of her vagina rested on top of his flaccid member. Ever so slowly she raised and lowered her wet crack, sliding it up and down his meaty cock, savoring the feel of the pressure of his manhood against her. Properly, this should have been called dry-humping.

However, with the amount of girl-lube she had secreted onto her panties, there was nothing 'dry' about it. The slickness of her panties, easily allowed her pussy to slide up and down the length of his semi-flaccid cock.

Almost imperceptibly at first, Ric's manhood began to swell. As it became harder, this urged Yvette to dry-hump faster, and press hard trying to get the hardness of his erection to rub her clit. Suddenly she stopped and pushed herself off her teen cousin. "Ric, lay on the towel please" she whispered, while she peeled the sodden under garment down her legs. "What's with the towel anyway" Ric questioned.

"Girls often bleed the first time. I don't want to ruin the bedding" she said with a sheepish grin. It struck Ric. 'How could I be so dumb' he thought to himself as he adjusted on the towel. Yvette straddled his upper thighs and slowly inched her way back to a point where he pubic bone rubbed against Ric's now rock-hard penis. She leaned forward, bracing herself again and allowed her slick slit to again rub up and down the length of his cock.

Each time she would reach the zenith of his cock, and the tip would brush her clit, she would shudder. Finally, Yvette inched her way up allowing the fat cock-head to lodge at the petal-like opening of her virginity.

Slowly she pushed back and downward, putting pressure on the purple cock-head against her outer pussy lips. She felt the lips spreading open and the pressure against her groin.

She rocked slowly back and forth against his spear. After a few minutes of this motion she stopped remaining very still. In frustration she said "I don't think I can do this" she said, almost in tears. It had taken all the willpower Ric could muster, not to just drive his cock into the beautiful young creature that was attempting to mount him. "I thought you wanted to do this Yvette" he responded, not understanding. "No. . Ric I love you. . and I want to make love.

What I mean is that I don't think I can ever get you inside me. I think it is too big to fit!" Now he understood her frustration. "Yvette, if something as big as a baby can come out. . I'm pretty sure my dick can go in you. But just relax. . if you aren't comfortable today. . no big deal. . we can try again some other time." This took the tension out of Yvette and she fell forward onto Ric, their lips meeting again in what was a never-ending series of kisses. Yvette's precious petals stayed pressed against the bulbous head of Ric's cock however.

As the two caressed and made-out, Yvette continued to squirm, pressing herself downward and emitting even more girl-lube. The two teens dry-humped and the feeling of her pussy lips pressed against his cock was sublime to Ric.

In between kissing the two cousins would stare into each other's eyes, just smiling at the intimate contact. As Yvette bent forward to place yet another kiss on his lips, it happened. All of a sudden the head of Ric's cock popped past the outer elastic ring of Yvette's pussy.

Only the head, and a fraction of an inch had suddenly been allowed entrance into her temple, but Yvette's eyes were as big as saucers with surprise.

The sensation of fullness was something she would never be able to explain to anyone. As the shock of actually, if only technically, having her lover inside her wore off, for some reason she began to laugh.


It was uncomfortable, yes, but the sensation of actually coupling with her cousin, after all these years of waiting, just tickled her. Ric thought she'd lost her mind, but the sudden release of all her tension, caused the effect. As she sat upon the one-eyed pony, and laughed she both relaxed further, and allowed her weight to press downward.

Before she knew it she had about 3 inches of man-meat in her pussy and only the pinch of the invader approaching her maiden-head caused her to realize what had happened. Yvette eased up on Ric's cock until she felt the ridge of his cock, pulling on the inside ring of her pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself back down until the discomfort of pressure on her cherry made her stop.

Yvette repeated this motion several more times, until she realized that her channel was now even more slick, and secondly her pussy had become somewhat acclimated to the intruder.

Yvette raised back up the ridge of his cock as far as possible pulling on her pussy, causing her inner lips to distend outward.

She had her hands on Ric's broad chest and paused, biting her lower lip for a long few seconds. Determination written on her face she suddenly and brutally, pushed herself down onto Ric's manhood as hard as she could.

The flared head of his cock tore through her cherry and she rammed fully six inches into her sodden hole. Searing pain tore through her vagina with a terrible fullness that she swore meant Ric's cock was ripping her apart.

Yvette gripped the top of his shoulders tightly, her fingernails digging into his flesh, causing small rivulets of blood. She remained stock-still impaled on his erection, knuckles white, fighting the pain. Ric saw tears running down both her cheeks and he wished he'd never allowed this to happen. He hated that his lovely cousin was in pain. Except for breathing, neither teen moved a muscle. To Ric it seemed like 5 minutes must have passed.

The tightness of her pussy encasing his cock was like a velvet glove. He surely would have dumped his load already, had Yvette not fellated him so expertly, just a few minutes earlier. Yvette wiped her eyes and got her breathing under control. "I'm so sorry I hurt you Yvette" Ric said, "are you OK?" "You didn't hurt me, silly boy" Yvette smiled.

"I hurt myself. . but believe me. . it's a really good hurt. But God your cock is big Ric!" Yvette flexed her leg muscles and raised up on his cock about an inch or so. Then she let herself back down until the fullness in her cunt would not allow any lower.

Slowly she repeated that several more times. To Ric it was as if his dick was in a vice, but he lay motionless, not wanting to take a chance in causing her any more discomfort. The French beauty kept pistoning more and more of Ric's cock out of and into her wanton hole. Girl-lube and a good amount of blood was running down his cock, dripping off his balls, onto the towel, but Ric was oblivious, locked in the pleasure he was receiving.

As Yvette drew back on his stiffness, seemingly out of nowhere she uttered "So fucking good!" With that she picked up the pace and fought to ram more and more of his manhood into herself.

While the sense of 'fullness' remained, suddenly the pain was gone and was replaced by pure pleasure, fueled with building lust. Her hands were on his chest and her hips were now rocking,` stroking his manhood in and out of her at an accelerated pace. She was panting, crying out and mewing constantly, but made no sense in her utterances.

Her hips were now all but a blur as she fucked herself on Ric's manhood for all she was worth. Ric reached up and played with her tits while she rode him. "YES" she cried. . "Pull on my nipples". Ric did but her only response was " Harder" Ric squeezed the nipples between his thumb and forefinger and she went crazy. If Ric thought she was going fast before, once he struck a nerve with her nipples, she was oscillating in circles and humping so hard that Ric could feel a spongy surface against the end of his dick with each of her thrusts.

Suddenly she yelled 'Oh oh. . OHHHHAAAA. Fuck. . fuck. FUCK. I'm cumming. Pull my nipples. . HARD!" Ric did and she began to vibrate from head to toe. She was pushing down on his cock as hard as she could and had suddenly frozen in mid hump. She babbled incoherently. Ric was so taken by her actions that he had failed to recognize the telltale churning of his balls. As Yvette smashed her cervix onto the end of his cock, he erupted, forcing his white-hot seed into the entrance of her womb.

Yvette yelled "I . . I. . can feel it. . cum in me. . oh yes fill me up" and she mashed her cervix even harder onto the end of his dick. Ric came so hard he saw stars. Wad after wad of his thick baby-batter sprayed her insides.

Yvette felt each and every pulse as his balls unloaded thier issue into the young girl, who continued to shake in continuous orgasm.

Yvette slumped down onto his chest as the two concluded their first mating dance. Whether they passed out or just went to sleep from exhaustion is unclear. However, as Yvette drifted off, laying on Ric's ample chest, his massive cock lay still trapped in her tunnel, holding most of his incestuous seed in her.

That semen and her orgasmic secretions ran out of her over-worked hole, down his ball-sack and onto the towel.   CHAPTER 33 Yvette didn't know if she had been out for 10 minutes or 10 hours as she roused. What she did know was that her lover's cock was still halfway in her. She felt the stickiness of their bellies glued together and sensed the rhythmic breathing of Ric beneath her.

She bore down lightly, utilizing the Kegel squeeze her mother had insisted she learn. She did not want to squeeze so hard that it would dislodge Ric's penis from her vagina, but she did want to tease it, and to give him a little thrill. On the third little squeeze she was rewarded with movement of the cock buried in her.

Rather than being disgorged from her vagina, it was starting to grow and harden. As she applied the next couple of Kegel's Ric moaned in pleasure, and his cock seemed to be filling her pleasure hole as much as before.

Ric opened his eyes and said "God that feels good, Yvette". "I'm glad you like it" Yvette grinned broadly, as she bore down as hard as she could on his boner, causing him to groan out loud. Ric's manhood was now back as hard as ever and he instinctively started sawing it inside his cousin. Yvette hooked her legs behind his calves and asked softly, "Ric, can we please turn over.

. I want you to fuck me this time. . but I don't want you to pull it out when we turn over." Somehow he managed to hold onto her tightly, and she kept her tummy glued to him, so that his cock never pulled out as the two rotated to change positions. Ric was now between her widely open thighs and he was starting to saw the length of his organ in and out of his beautiful French cousin.

As he started to get really into fucking her hard, Yvette winced and kind of pushed up on him saying 'Easy cowboy, I'm not able to take the entire length of your monster yet!" "Sorry" he said, without breaking the rhythm of his breeding.

Having cum twice already, Ric did not think another orgasm was imminent. However, Yvette was becoming more and more aroused by the second. Every time Ric would thrust into her, she would meet his thrust with her own upward pelvic movement. Her clit was taking a ponding from Ric's pubic bone and she knew she was going to get off. As some point she rolled her pelvis upward, instinctively raised her legs and locked her heels behind Ric's back.

The result was an even deeper penetration of her lover's manhood into her depths, and Yvette learned for the first time that the pain of having her cervix pounded at the end of each stroke, also provide a pleasure she had never known. The result of having her clit pounded while Ric attempted to drive the tip of his baby-maker into her cervical opening cause her to fall over the abyss.

Yvette saw shooting stars in her head and she began to shudder once again. As orgasm gripped her, it caused her stomach muscles to contract, as were the spasms in her cunt. She pulled Ric to her with her powerful thighs. Some primal instinct wanted her to absolutely bury this exquisite phallus in her womanhood.

Yvette's convulsions and crying out during orgasm caused Ric to start his own cum-parade, and when he felt Yvette's cunt walls contract and squeeze his cock, he totally lost it. The eruption stared again, allowing Yvette to feel her womb being bather yet again in her cousin's hot, incestuous seed. Ric should have been drained from having cum twice in the last hour, but Yvette felt five distinct eruptions of his baby seed against her innards, while she clung to his loins and continued to cry and tremble in orgasmic bliss.

Finally spent, the two collapsed trying in vain to catch their breath. After sever minutes their breathing returned to normal. "Jesus Yvette, I never dreamed anything could be that wonderful" Ric said softly.

"Yea, me either" Yvette grinned. "I didn't know orgasms could be so. . gut wrenching" she said after searching for the right words. "Ric, can I ask you a question?" "Shoot" he responded "Do all guys make so much stuff. . you know. . ejaculate as you do? It seems like an awful lot?" "I don't know Yvette. We guys don't normally hang around discussing the volume of cum we make.

I hope it didn't gross you out." As Yvette asked the question, a copious amount of his cum was dripping from her over-worked hole and running down her ass. "No, it doesn't gross me out.

I just wasn't aware there could be so much." Yvette carefully avoided saying that with that asshole boyfriend she had in France, Stephan, when he shot he barely dribbled cum and she had no problem swallowing it. The thought flashed through her mind that Ric was a 'super stud', and that brought a wide smile to her face. Yvette didn't know how birth control pills works, but she mumbled under her breath 'I just hope my birth control can fend off all those little sperms trying to get at my eggs!' Yvette stumbled to her feet, she felt barely able to walk and significantly bow-legged.

Her insides ached from the assault it had just taken, but her whole being glowed at the realization that she had lost her virginity. . and to the guy she always wanted to take her cherry!

"Come on, join me in the shower." She looked down at the towel and saw a lot of blood stains, and lots of dried and fresh cum all over the towel. She glanced at her hairless pussy and saw dried blood stains on her thighs, just as another dollop of cum fell from her freshly fucked love-hole to the carpet.

"Christ, this looks like a scene from that TV show. you know the one. . CSI" she laughed. She unhooked the remaining garter-belt and snaps and rolled her hose down her supple legs. She dragged him to the shower and saw that his flaccid penis had dried flecks of blood and crusty ejaculate dried and matted in his pubic hair. As the water cascaded off of them, Ric saw the pink tinge in the water, created by the blood and ejaculate washing off them.

He held her and with a serious look said softly "Yvette, I hope I didn't hurt you too badly." "Ric I love you. I've been waiting for this moment since I was 12. They say you always remember your first. I certainly will remember this as one of the most romantic ways to lose your virginity ever envisioned. You didn't hurt me. . but boy that cock of yours takes some getting used to." She cracked up as she started to soap his body.

Ric soaped her back and reached around to play with her tits, sliding his soapy hands all over her lovely mounds. "Are you going to play with those, every day now Ric?" "Every chance I get" he grinned. As he said that he grasped her perpetually erect nipples between his thumb and forefingers.

"Ouooo. . easy, my nipples are really sensitive. . .you practically pulled them off a while ago!" "So sorry" he said removing his hands and letting the warm water cascade over their bodies. "Ric?" "Hmmm?" "If I'm not too sore in the morning, will you make love to me before you go to your seminar?" "Do I have to wait until tomorrow morning" Ric asked incredulously.

"After three sessions this evening, I don't think I could possibly have sex again" She smiled at him. "I feel like I am walking funny. like my legs are not coming together" she said with a questioning look.

"No, you're walking fine. I'm sure the feeling with subside" Ric chortled. Having finished showering they towel-dried each other and their hair. Both were exhausted. Ric looked at her and said "How about we sleep together tonight in the nude?" "I can't" Yvette said chagrinned.

"I have to wear panties as you dumped all the sperm you've ever made into me tonight. It's still leaking." With that she slipped on a pair of very sexy panties and inserted a 'light days' liner into the crotch, hoping that would do to restrain all Ric's seed, still exiting her pussy.

Ric took her hand, led her to his room ignoring the mess in hers, and the two teens slipped under the covers.

They cuddled and kissed goodnight. In minutes they slipped into dream land each more contented that they ever thought possible.   CHAPTER 34 Sunday was a free day, having attended all the seminars the previous day. Ric took Yvette to Lake Texoma where he rented a pontoon boat. The two motored leisurely up the lake and then out to an island he'd heard about. Circling the island, he found a secluded inlet and drove the pontoon back into it, landing at a sandy beach. Tall dunes and grass hid much of the interior island from their view.

Ric walked up to Yvette who smiled up at him demurely. As the two stood in the middle of the pontoon boat he reached around behind her and pulled the sting on the back of her skimpy white bikini top. As it came lose, Ric pulled it away from her tits and flung it to the boat seat. She just grinned at him while he began toying with her pale pink nipples. Yvette shuddered at his touch and the stimulation of her nipples sent electric shocks to her pussy.

He reached down to her sides and with each hand tugged on the bows tying her bikini bottoms. The two triangles that had formed the bottom of her bathing suit fell to the floor of the boat. The two teens stood grinning at each other. "Aren't you afraid that someone might see your girlfriend nude" Yvette asked him. "If they did they would realize what a lucky guy I am, to have such a beautiful girlfriend" Ric smiled.

Yvette looked down at the tented front of his board shorts. "With that boner, if you were nude, and someone saw us, they would think what a lucky girl I am to have a boyfriend with such a magnificent cock!" With that she worked his board shorts down his hips and his rapidly inflating manhood sprung upwards as it cleared the waistband. She dropped his shorts on top of her bikini bottoms. Ric then asked her a serious question. "How are you feeling today?" She understood his meaning.

"Yesterday, when you fucked me before the seminar, my insides were pretty sore. But last night when we made love in bed, I had no discomfort at all" Yvette responded. She thought is so nice that he was worried about her.

"Why Ric, what did you have in mind" she asked with a mischievous smile. "Oh, I was just thinking about 'having my way' with you.

. that's all" he grinned. There was a long pause before Yvette responded. "Ric, do you remember that name your dad called me?" "Don't remind me" he said sternly. His dad and he had words over that incident. "But here's the point Ric.

When we are in public, I'll be a perfect lady for you. But when we're alone. I want to be that little French whore. . .I want to be YOUR little French whore! So if you ever need a blow job. or a nice piece of ass. all you have to do is ask." She smiled but was sincere. "I just don't want to take advantage of you, Yvette" he said. "You won't and besides, I really don't think you can wear a pussy out from fucking too much! It's hotter than hell, what do you say we go swimming for a bit" she asked.

They did swim off the back of the boat and played and splashed each other. The feeling of being nude in the lake was exhilarating. At some point Ric came up in front of her and started playing with her pussy. In no time Yvette had spread her legs to allow him access and he was now swiftly fingering her tight womanhood below the surface of the water. Becoming more and more randy, she clasped her hands around his neck and put her thighs around his waist.

While the two kissed and tongue-danced, Ric took his erect cock in hand and positioned it at the entrance of her love tunnel. Between her internal lubrication and the lake water, his cock slid into her now receptive vagina with a lot more ease. He grunted as her tight sheath encased his manhood and she let out a little yelp when his cock-head plowed into her cervix.

Having sex in the water, while your girlfriend had her legs around your hips, was more difficult than Ric thought it would be. He was horny as hell for her, and he did his best to maintain his balance and plunder her pussy while not falling over, submerging both of them. They had only been at the deed for a few minutes when he felt the tightness in his balls.

The feeling of ramming his tool in and out of his beautiful cousin had him fully in its grip. Suddenly he sped up and felt the rush of seminal fluid making it journey from source to its ultimate destination, erupting in her and spraying her insides down with the incestuous seed. When he was spent, she loosened her grip around his hips, allowing his deflating cock to slip from her channel. She stood on the lake bottom grinning up at him. "Did you feel good, lover" She questioned.

Ric knew that she had not achieved release and he was upset with his performance. "I felt great, Yvette. . but I didn't do anything for you!" "Don't be silly. I've had so much sex in the last two days. . and many times I've had multiple orgasms. . or one long never-ending orgasm. . so I'm way ahead of you." "No. . it's not right that I cum and you don't" Ric argued. "Jesus Ric, relax" Yvette gestured, "That's the advantage of having your very own 'little French whore'.

you get all the sex you want, on call. and you don't have to worry about her satisfaction" Yvette laughed. "Besides, I think you were just extra horny this morning. But I know you'll want to fuck me again in a while, and you'll probably make me cum like six times. . so stop fretting and just enjoy it!" Yvette kissed him to seal the deal.

I'm not sure I like you referring to yourself as a 'little French Whore' Yvette" Ric said. "Well sorry. . but I kind of like playing the role. and I'm pretty sure you like all the sex you can get. without all the drama some of your buddies go through with their girlfriends. So let's just have fun" she said smugly. Suddenly Yvette let out a loud "Eweeh. . who knew spuudy would float?" She started splashing the water with her hands trying to move the issue away from herself.

"Spuudy" Ric questioned, "what the hell is that?" "That's what some of the girls back home call a boy's stuff. . you know, your cum. You put so damn much in me, it leaks out and now it's floating up to the surface!" Yvette splashed again and moved away.

They had eaten, put up the Bimini top to shield them from the Texas sun, and had jumped in the lake to cool off yet again. Both teens remained naked. A couple of hours had gone by and Yvette could not believe it. She felt that familiar itch starting to emanate from between her legs.

After all the fucking she had gotten in the last couple of days, she was getting horny again! THIS was certainly new. They climbed up onto the boat and halfway back Yvette bent down to pick something up off the floor. Her hairless vulva protruded to the rear between her legs and Ric began to spring an instant boner. He walked up behind her just as she picked up the object.

Placing his hands on her hips he said "Bend over like that again." She did as he requested and Ric reached down cupping her protruding cunt between her legs. The fire that had been smoldering in Yvette's belly ignited as if gasoline had been thrown on it. Ric took his finger and traced the outline of her tight little-girl slit, admiring the hairless form. He knew she had removed all her pubic hair after learning he liked the 'little-girl-look' and it aroused him something fierce.

She was starting to secrete lube, just from the brief touch, and it allowed Ric to insert his middle finger into her pussy. She moaned lightly as the digit penetrated her girl-spot to the hilt and he started to push downward onto the wall of her abdomen. This was a new sensation and Yvette felt him touch some special spot inside her belly.

"Lean down on the seat cushion Yvette" Ric said as he repositioned her hips. "That's it, spread your legs a little." Yvette now had her forearms and head resting on the seat cushion, with her butt in the air, while Ric continued to finger-fuck her and ram her now wet pussy lips. Shortly Yvette was pushing back her hips each time Ric's finger moved further into her.

Ric now had his erection poised against the petals of her womanhood. Ric's finger had worked copious amounts of girl-lube out of her pussy and Ric took the head of his cock and smeared it up and down her slit and all over his cock-head. Pressing forward he managed to get the bulbous monster to pop inside her cunt-ring. Her tight little pussy still felt like a velvet glove on his cock, but it was not as insistent on keeping his cock outside, as it had been two days ago.

When the head of his cock had pushed inside the barrier all she let out was a loud 'Omppphhh'. Ric pushed harder, grabbing her hips and trying to impale her on his rod. In all the sex they had in the last two days, this was their first attempt at doggy-style.

Ric supposed this was 'doggy-style' as he was taking her from the rear, but not on all fours. As he pushed into her tight confines, Yvette pushed her cunt back onto his invader, trying to stuff as much of his cock as she could into herself.

Ric began hammering her and he had managed to get over 6 inches of his monster in her junior-size pussy. With each thrust, Yvette was now grunting in unison. "Yvette, I can't rub your clit in this position" Ric managed to get out. . "Play with your love-button babe" He said to her. Yvette though this was a stellar idea and she snaked a free hand down her belly to find her engorged clit and provide some additional arousal. In positioning herself to allow for some clit-play she had inadvertently widened her stance again.

The effect was that suddenly Ric's monster was able to gain some additional purchase and now was slamming all 9 inches of his man-meat into her tiny hole. Yvette saw stars each time his cock rammed her cervix, forcing the entrance of it open and trying to actually get inside her womb.

Her mouth tasted of metal as the monster within her cunt continued to ravage her tight little hole. Yvette felt the approach of the now familiar abyss and started a humming sound as her body began trembling. Her fingers jammed harder onto her engorged clitty in concert with Ric ramming her as if he wanted to get his cock completely through her body. She saw stars and then colors as she started an immense orgasm while riding back onto his totally seated cock.

Just then, feeling the convulsions of her twat on his dick, Ric took his hands from her hips and bending forward, pulled hard on her nipples. Yvette cried out "OH FUCKING HELL. . yes, fuck me, fuck me. FUCK ME!" as Ric continued to slam her and pull on her nipples. Yvette's vision went black and she thought she was going to pass out from the sensation. Just when she thought an orgasm could not possibly be any more intense, she was proven wrong as she felt white hot liquid being spayed about her cunt and forcibly injected into her womb.

"FUUCCCKKKK" she cried out as the terrifyingly strong contractions started in her belly and cramped her cunt so tightly around Ric's cock that it squeezed out his man-seed. "YESSsss GIVE ME A BABY!" She bucked, cried, mewed and rammed her cunt back onto his erection so hard it hurt badly. But Yvette didn't care. All she wanted was for her lover to get as much of his cum in her as possible and for her orgasm to never end. But end it did. Yvette's legs could no longer support her weight and she fell to her knees.

As she did, Ric's cock made and audible 'pop' as it came free from her overheated pussy seal. As Yvette stayed on her knees, so much ejaculate ran from her over-stretched hole, it began to puddle on the carpet of the boat. Her vision was a blur and her head swam.

"Christ, that was intense" was all she could manage to speak. Ric managed to pull her to her feet wobbly, and suggested they get in the water to cool off and clean themselves up. As he held her with her tits mashed against his chest in the cool lake water he said 'You OK?" "Ummmm-humm" she nodded.

"Who knew?" "Just think, two hours ago you were upset I hadn't cum. Stud, you don't know what you're missing not being a girl. I think you just fucked my brains out!" "What was all that about 'giving you a baby'. scared the hell out of me!" "When you make me cum like that.

. I'm not exactly in a rational mind. But don't worry stud I take my birth-control-pill every day" she smiled warmly at him. What Ric and Yvette would never know was that the entire time they had been there, a young teenage couple, younger than Ric and Yvette, had been laying naked on a blanket in the tall grass atop their favorite dune, not 30 yards in front of the Pontoon Boat.

"God Damn that was hot" the young redheaded girl said to her boyfriend. "we've never seen ANYTHING like that on the internet!" "Just be quiet, and get on your hands and knees" her boyfriend said "I think we should try it the way they did it!".

She did as she was told and in an instant he had his young teen cock buried in her quim for the second time that afternoon, hands on her hips, pumping her for all he could muster. The cry of the redheaded girl's orgasm was lost to Ric and Yvette as they motored the boat out of the cove. Showered and checked out of the resort, Yvette and Ric headed back to the ranch in north Texas.

Yvette sat next to Ric in the front seat of the Lincoln wearing a pleated skirt Ric liked. The two teens talked sporadically, and spent a lot of time in thought. Soon they would be back at the ranch, and back to reality. Things would be different now, and Yvette realized the logistics would be different. Ric mused about how loud she was when they were having sex. and the problem that would create with his father. "Ric?" Hmmmm?" "I didn't wear any panties" Yvette said softly. "and I wanted you to know, was all.

if you want to touch it you can. but if you want to play with it a lot, you'll need to pull off the interstate. I want you to be safe." Then she batted her eyes at him. Ric could not help himself, his hand immediately traveled up her thigh and sure enough, made contact with the warm hairless flesh of her tender pussy.

"You are something else little girl" he said as his finger played with her slit. "I try to be" was all she said. CHAPTER 35 Rick had removed his hand from her crotch and tried hard to concentrate on his driving for another 25 miles. However, his cock couldn't forget that she was without panties. Out of nowhere Yvette suddenly asked a question. "Ric, when we get home, are you still going to be stealing my panties and jacking off in them?" "Uhhh.

. I guess not. I mean if we're gonna be together. . you know." "Yea, I know what you mean" she said softly. "But I'd like you too still do it. . better yet maybe I can jack you off in a pair of my panties sometimes?" That did it.

Ric found the next exit from the interstate and drove down a sparse country road until he found a secluded turn-off. In the blink of an eye he was finger-banging his young cousin under her skirt while they kissed. 5 minutes later they were in the back seat of the Lincoln.

The two overheated teens didn't last long. In less than 10 minutes Ric had been pounding her hairless cunt mercilessly when she had a modest orgasm, followed by him unloading yet another load into her tender depths.

As the two prepared to get back on the road in post-coital bliss, Yvette reached into her purse for a pair of panties, slipped them on and placed a pad in the crotch. "You need to see a doctor, Ric. I don't think you are supposed to pump a pint of cum in me, EVERY time we have sex!" She laughed at the innuendo.

"Another first" she sighed. "What's that mean" Ric questioned. "I've never been fucked in the back seat of a car before!" She presented Ric a huge grin. The two rolled into the ranch before 8 PM and were greeted by Ric's mother as they came through the back door. Ric exchanged a greeting with his mom and continued to hump their suitcases up the stairs. Yvette's aunt stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her French niece come through the door.

Marge grasped the teen by her shoulders. "OH-MY-GOD Girl" Marge said with emphasis, "You are absolutely glowing. I'll bet your old aunt knows what you've been up to!" Yvette blushed crimson at her aunt's comment. "Madamm. . what-ever do you mean. A lady would never admit to such a thing" Yvette said in an emphasized French accent. "It's a good thing you ain't no lady then" he aunt laughed.

She swatted Yvette on the butt and said "Go get cleaned up. Are you kids hungry?" "NO, we ate on the way home" Yvette responded, turning the corner to head up stairs. Marge chortled to herself, remembering when she used to feel the way Yvette was acting, as her niece skipped up the stairs. The two teens showered, together of course, and changed into casual attire. They went down stairs and told Ric's parents about the resort, and Ric relayed what he had learned at the Future Rancher seminars. Ric went on and on about the virtues of a new John Deer he'd seen at the seminar.

"Yea. . but that costs a ton of money" Ric's father lamented. Yvette took note, knowing that in about a week, that exact model of John Deer tractor would mysteriously appear in the 'Johnson Ranch' inventory.

. which of course Ric would be using, if she could just get him to accept her damn offer to lease the ranch property. The two teens begged-off saying that 5 AM would come mighty early, and there were lots of chores to be done. Yvette looked at her aunt and said "Why don't you and uncle Carl sleep-in in the morning?

Ric and I can do all chores. I'm sure you guys can use the rest. . or you can find something to do" Yvette had a twinkle in her eye which Marge caught, taking her niece's meaning. When Ric and Yvette were out of eyesight of the parents, Yvette gently held his hand as they padded upstairs side-by-side.

At the top landing Yvette said "Can I just sleep with you Ric?" "That was the silliest question I've ever heard" Ric replied. In his bedroom, having locked the door behind them, Yvette started to pull off the sweatshirt she was wearing, but paused. "Ric, if we sleep in the nude, do you think we can NOT 'do it'? I'm really beat." "I'm beat too Ric said, as he pulled his top over his head and dropped the PJ bottoms he was wearing. I think we'll be fine, but sometimes 'he'" Ric said glancing down at the flaccid penis, "Sometimes he has a mind of his own!" "Oh I know that only too well" Yvette said laughing.

"Just try and keep him under control." The two teens slipped between the sheets and spooned together. After a long period of silence Yvette said "Your mom knows about us." "Don't be silly, Yvette." "I'm telling you she knows we've been doing it." "It's just your imagination Yvette" Ric replied.

"No she said something to me about it. She knows" Yvette said with emphasis. "How could she know for certain" Ric challenged. "I don't know. . maybe it's because I can't get this shit-eating grin off my face. But she read it on me the minute she saw me." There was long period of silence.

"I don't care who knows. after all I'm sleeping with the most beautiful girl in north Texas" Ric said. As he said this he leaned forward, and kissed her neck. Yvette shuddered and moved back to cuddle closer. In minutes both were asleep dreaming of the adventure they had just had.   CHAPTER 36 Over the next several days things went pretty much normal, the days were even hotter in the late summer Texas panhandle, and Ric and Yvette had settled back into the routine of ranch life.

The two teens managed to have sex multiple times each day. Privately, each of them was amazed at how horny the other one of them seemed to be! The one thing they learned immediately after returning from Lake Texoma, was that Yvette was way too noisy when having sex. On Monday morning they had been in his bed rutting at day break, and Yvette got very worked up, and was becoming boisterous.

Ric had to put his hand over her mouth so that his parents could not hear as her orgasm tore through her. By Wednesday they realized that having to be so quiet when they were around Ric's parents, was taking some of the edge off their lovemaking first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. During the day was not a problem; Yvette would take the Gator out to wherever Ric was working, take a lunch, and the two would spread the picnic blanket and fuck to their hearts content.

When she came, Yvette could howl at the moon if she wanted. . no one could hear. That, and by Wednesday afternoon, Yvette had managed to give Ric a blowjob while upon the John Deer once, and another time she rode his cock, in what he called 'the reverse Cowgirl Position' in the John Deer cab, WHILE he was plowing a field.

Ultimately he had to stop the tractor, while he blasted her with cum, and her teeny-cunt squeezed every drop out of him. Thursday morning sex had been particularly lackluster.

At lunch time Yvette appeared on the Gator and picked Ric up. "Come on, I want to show you something" was all Yvette said. The Gator bumped its way to the fenced area, just below the swimming hole, where a few weeks earlier, Ric and Yvette had retrieved 'Beauty' after her sex-romp with the Black Stallion.

To Ric's amazement a brand new double-width, steel-gate now was inserted into the fence line. Ric jumped off the Gator, opened half the gate and re-secured it after Yvette drove through. A road was now graded on the Johnson-Ranch side of the fence, right up to the double-gate and leveled with crushed rock.

Yvette drove the Gator up the hill on the crushed rock drive to the Johnson-Ranch main house. Ric's mouth dropped open in surprise.

The exterior of the two-story house had been freshly painted, out beside the large barn now stood a large, three-rail corral with the Black Stallion secured inside. Flower beds ran along the prairie-style deck the surrounded the house on two sides. A new double-swing, which Ric swore was as large as a double-bed, hung from the beams of the covered porch. "WOW" was all he could say. Yvette jumped off the Gator and sashayed over to the Corral as Ric followed her.

When she reached the corral railing, the Black was at the far side eyeing her. Putting her fingers to her mouth, Yvette let out a shrill whistle. Ric didn't even know she knew HOW to whistle like that.

The Black Stallion immediately trotted across the corral and up to Yvette who was leaning over the rail. Ric feared the worst from the devil horse. Yvette withdrew two apples from her front pockets and gave one to Midnight. Ric wasn't sure if the Black had actually chewed the apple or just swallowed it.

Yvette reached in her pocket again and withdrew sugar cubes. She held her hand out flat, palm up, and the Stallion drew the cubes from her hand gently with his lips.

Ric would have bet she was about to get her fingers bitten off. The tall Black Stallion held his head over the corral top rail, and Yvette nuzzled and patted the side of his head, saying "That's my good boy". She gave the horse the other apple and said to Ric "Come-on. . I want to show you something else.

He starred at her in disbelief, "How did you ever get that horse to do that? I'd have never trusted him that close to me." "Yea, well he doesn't like you" Yvette laughed.

"Oh, and he told me he'd like us to bring Beauty by his new corral for a sex-date soon" she grinned at him. "He told you that, did he" Ric teased. "Oh, most definitely" Yvette replied, pulling Ric around the rear of the house.

There was a new deck, sun-cover and hot tub there. Standing on the deck, Yvette shielded her eyes and pointed at a new, distant building. "See that brown building over there" she pointed. "Yea, what is that" Ric wanted to know. That is the new high-pressure pump station" Yvette replied. "The wells on the property are all tied together, and the springs across the street are tied in. Ric, I had a water hydraulics specialist do some tests.

there is way more water here that we originally guessed. Beyond that pump-station is a new pipeline that runs up to your dad's ranch, right to the fence." She paused for a long time. "There could be all the water you guys need down there, as well as on this acreage, to do anything you want. if a certain stubborn young cowboy would just accept my offer!" "Let's not get into that fight again, Yvette" was all he said.

She took him inside the house. Everything was freshened up inside. There were lots of areas where Ric could see that she had applied a woman's touch. But there were things about the house that were definitely masculine. "I want to show you something. . we didn't do much in here" she said as she slid two double doors apart on their tracks. The two stepped into a large room. "I wanted to leave this Den as Mr. Johnson had it.

I wasn't sure I liked the deer antlers over the fireplace, but I guess that's a Texas-guy thing? Anyway, this is what I wanted to show you" she said as she walked up to a double-width oak cabinet with glass doors. Ric peered inside the glass doors and could not believe his eyes were seeing the collection of rifles inside. There was a 30-06, some smaller gauge rifles, a .22 caliber semi-automatic and a .22/410 combo rifle/shotgun.

On the far side of the lineup was a 12 gauge and a 10 gauge shotgun pair. all in pristine condition. Yvette reached up, found a hidden key, and unlocked the doors, and a drawer below. Ric cooed at the site of the rifles up close. Yvette slid the drawers open and inside were multiple handguns. Mr. Johnson told me these are the real prize. He said that one there, she pointed, is an antique Smith & Wesson revolver that is over 120 years old, and this one here is a real German luger from the 'big war'.

"I don't understand. . how did you get old man Johnson to leave all this" Ric questioned. "Negotiation" Yvette replied. "He has a daughter only, and her two grandkids. She's not into the country lifestyle. He was gonna sell all these. . so I gave him some money, but told him I really wanted to keep them here in Texas, and pass them on to my son someday" Yvette smiled.

"Your son? Is there something you want to tell me, Yvette" Ric asked with a smile? "Not yet. . but some day I might have a son. I'll let you know" she said coyly. Ric was petting the antique Smith & Wesson with a look of awe.

As near as he could tell, every firearm was in perfect condition. "I thought you'd like these, Ric. But I didn't realize that the guns would make you cum" Yvette said wickedly. They put everything away and as they locked the cabinet Yvette said "I'm not sure I approve of hunting.

. and shooting deer with that big gun. but do you think you could teach me to shoot sometime, Ric?" "Sure" Ric replied, "as soon as we get some ammunition." Yvette bent down and unlocked the two lower drawers and slid them out.

Inside were box upon box of ammunition, in all the gauges that fit the handguns and rifles. "All right then, I guess that should handle it" Ric laughed. Yvette took him through the rest of the house, out the front door and onto the prairie-style porch beside the swing.

She turned and looked him in the eye. "Ric, I love you so much" she said. "I love you too, babe" he smiled back at her. "The workmen are all gone for a while" as she said this she began to unbutton her gingham blouse slowly "and I was thinking", she smiled.

"Its awkward having sex at your house with your parents sleeping downstairs. so maybe we could come up here after they go to bed, sleep together here. . and we could do whatever we want, wherever we want." I don't know" Ric said, trying to figure out what his mom, and particularly his dad, would say about that.

"We could drive up here after they go to bed, and we're up before them anyway. . they would probably not even know we weren't there" she said really trying to sell him. "Oh sure.

. .they wouldn't notice" Ric replied sarcastically. By this time Yvette had her blouse unbuttoned and pulled out of her Levis. "Ric. I'm not wearing a Bra." "I can see that" he said, and with that she shucked the blouse off her shoulders allowing it to drop on the ground. He reached out to fondle her tits, but after a brief touch she pushed him away, unbuttoned the 501's she had on, and started working the skin-tight Levis down her hips.

In no time she stood before him in nothing but diaphanous panties. "Are you horny Ric?" "I'm perpetually horny being around you" he replied.

She unbuckled his belt, but that was as far as she got. Ric had pulled off his boots and was out of his clothes in a flash. His erection stood out in front of him like a pole. "Well maybe we should tryout this new porch-swing then." She looked up at him and batted her eyes. Ric slid the delicate panties down her legs and the two fell back onto the swing.

The two were kissing madly when he rolled on top of her and tried to position his penis at the entrance of her vagina. The minute Yvette felt the pressure pushing inward on her love-hole, she shifted her hips and prevented her from entering her. Ric looked at her askance. "I'm not sure I should let have sex with me. if you're not willing to sleep with me here at night" she said sternly. "Oh so that's the way it's going to be, is it?" "Yep. . it is if you want a piece of ass" she giggled. "Yvette, what if I just said 'OK.

Never mind then'. . I'll just do without" Ric said seriously. Yvette made a very pouty face. "That's not very nice. You are supposed to let me have my way, Ric" "Tell you what, Yvette. You are the one that talks to my mother about EVERY thing. So you ask her if the shit is gonna hit the fan if we sleep together up here" Ric posed a deal. "Goody!" Yvette squealed. "I talked to her this morning about it, and she said she'd take care of your dad.

. if I could talk you into it!" Yvette smile broadly. "You are really something else, missy!" Yvette scooted back under him and spread her thighs widely.

"How about a nice piece of ass as a reward then?" Ric didn't need to be asked twice. He loved the feel of his manhood inside her velvet tunnel. When the act was complete and they were dressing and pulling boots on to get back to work, Yvette said nonchalantly "OH by the way, we're having a house guest Friday night." "WHAT" Ric said. "Who?"   CHAPTER 37 Each day when Ric and Yvette came in from whatever chores each had been working on, they would shower and sit down with Ric's parents for dinner.

Sometimes Yvette would finish early, help her aunt cook and the two women would have dinner waiting when their hungry men returned to the house. Friday, Yvette had begged off with her aunt, telling her that she and Ric were going to have a house guest at the Johnson Ranch. Her aunt simply told her to call if they needed anything. Marge and Carl would be eating alone while Ric and Yvette drove the Gator up the hill to the large ranch-house.

As the two rounded the bend in the driveway they saw smoke coming from the barbecue on the rear deck or the large ranch house, with April standing there cooking. As the two teens approached Yvette's girlfriend she waived.

Yvette strode up to her and kissed her friend full on the lips. "When did you arrive, April" Yvette asked jovially. "Just a little bit ago." April looked at Ric and said "Don't I get a 'hello kiss' from you, Ric?" Ric went stiff, but leaned in and gave Yvette's girlfriend a peck on her cheek. "God, he's as romantic as you said, Yvette" April said mockingly, but with a smile. "The baked potatoes are gonna take a while, and the veggies are cooking well.

What don't you two grab a shower, and I'll put the steaks on when you come down?" The two started to head into the house. Ric actually looked at April for the first time as he held the door open for Yvette. She had on very short Levi shorts and a western shirt that had three or four snaps undone down the front, showing off a very lacy bra and a lot of well-rounded cleavage.

"Don't you two be fooling around in there" April chided, "dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes." True to her word, 15 minutes later when Ric and Yvette reappeared, freshly scrubbed, April had salads sitting on the table under the deck cover, and the steaks were minutes from being done. April looked at her girlfriend, and Ric.

Yvette was in white shorts and a lightweight blouse. It was obvious to April that her girlfriend was not wearing a bra, about three buttons were undone, and hard nipples pressed against the fabric.

When April eyed Ric, she noted that he had on a fresh and ironed pair of Levis, boots and a clean shirt with a sports logo on the front. The shirt was tight, and showed off his well-toned torso. April reached into a cooler, removed three Lone Star Longnecks and popped the bottle caps. As April passed out the beer, Yvette said "Man, you come prepared. . we need to have you over more often, April." The three clinked the longnecks together and April said "To friends." Dinner was delicious, and Ric couldn't remember when he'd had a better barbecued Tri-Tip steak.

Having done an abbreviated wash-up after dinner the three teens returned to the rear deck and when were on their third beer each, when it became dark enough that the fireflies started to appear. Ric, Yvette and April watched the lightning bugs dance over the large man-made pond and throughout the play-yard Yvette had built adjacent.

"God, it is so beautiful here" Aril said, listening to the crickets and frog croak. "Did you import the frogs, or were they here already" April asked. "There were frogs around in the creek, but it seems like since I built the new pond, and the Lilly pads at the far side, the frogs figured I built it for them.

. and moved right in" Yvette mused. April and Ric let out a laugh. Ric was loosening up to Yvette's friend and found her to be rather delightful. Yvette rose and walked to the far side of the deck where a stand-alone gazebo stood. "April, give me a hand, will you?" April joined her friend while Ric looked on. The two girls raised a hinged lid to display a huge hot-tub. Yvette poked a couple of buttons and the lights in the tub came on, as did a waterfall on one side.

"Ohhhha. . cool" April cooed approvingly. By this point Ric had joined the two teen girls, and was mesmerized by the hot-tub. "We haven't used the new hot-tub yet, April. Shall we christen it?" Ric spoke; "Do we have any bathing suits up at this house?" April looked at Ric, then at her friend.

"Is he always this dense, Yvette" April quipped. "Yes. . usually" Yvette just laughed. In less time than it took to answer the question, each girl had undone the remaining buttons of their blouses and shrugged them off their shoulders, standing sans bra.

Yvette worked the zipper of her shorts while April fought with the buttons on her Levi shorts. Both girls skinned the shorts over their hips and down their legs, stepping out of them. April had on modest, plain blue panties and Yvette had on similar white ones. Yvette took April's hand and the two climbed demurely into the bubbling hot-tub, submerging their panty-clad butts into the warm water.

The two girls sat beside each other on the far side of the tub. Ric noted that the height of their bench was such that each of the girl's breasts were at water-level and seemed to be floating on the surface. "OH. . this feels fantastic" April remarked. "Ric, are you going to join us, or just stand out on the deck with your mouth hanging open" Yvette queried. Ric hesitated and sputtered.

"Ric, you have on boxers. . at least I assume you do. . now get on in here with us. The water feels fantastic" Yvette insisted. Ric dropped his Levis after peeling off his boots and socks and eventually joined his lover, and her girlfriend, in the hot-tub, clad in his boxer shorts.

He sat chest-deep in the hot water directly across from the two girls, who continued to sit side-by-side. Everyone sat quietly for several minutes, taking in the luxury of the steamy water. Ric was watching the two girls, not knowing what to say. "April, don't mind Ric. He has a titty fetish. that's why he's staring at your boobies" Yvette laughed loudly as she said this. "I am NOT" Ric said for the first time.

The funny thing was, the more he told himself not to look at April's boobies, the more he had to. April's breasts were at least a cup size larger than Yvette's, and her nipples were much darker. "Yea you were, Ric" Yvette corrected him. "He can't help himself April, your titties are so much bigger than mine.

. Ric likes yours better!" "Oh no babe" April cooed. . ."I love your boobies. . they are just the right size." As April said this she took her hand and cupped the cone-shaped breast of her best friend.

Yvette let out a little groan. "And I love the way your nipps stick out. . .soooo hoooottt" April said rather throaty. Yvette half-turned towards her girlfriend and placed each of her hands over her girlfriends well-endowed breasts. "No, yours are so much better" Yvette said softly, "I hope my tits get big like yours someday." Yvette leaned in and placed her lips against April's, while the two girls continued to play with each other's boobies.

Ric realized he'd been had. However, below the surface of the water his cock was coming to full attention. He's never been literally a few feet away from two girls that were making out. . one of whom was not only his cousin, but his lover as well. He watched as the two kissed and allowed their tongues to swirl against one another. Each girl now had taken one of their hands and had it below the water, rubbing their girlfriend's crotch, while the second hand of each girl continued to paw at her friend's engorged nipples.

Ric was starting to feel a little uncomfortable. . a little like some kind of letch! After a protracted period of pure make-out by the girls, April looked up at Ric. "Ric, are you really OK with Yvette and I doing stuff. . you know. . " Ric hadn't expected any concern from April, nor had he anticipated the question.

"Yea. . yes, April, I know that you and Yvette 'hook-up' sometimes. . and when Yvette told me you were spending the night, I assumed this would be one of those times." "I just don't want you getting mad.

. or hurt. . or anything" April said in earnest. "So I just wanted to make sure you're OK?" "I'm fine April. Yvette and I talked about this before. . we have no secrets. Really. . no worries!" Ric looked OK to April. Yvette stood and grabbed April's hand. Yvette put one foot over the rail and began to step out. As she swung her leg over the tub rail, her crotch was directly facing Ric.

The wet, white, panties were showing through skin-color of her bald beaver and the fabric was ridden well up in her girl-crevice, probably from April playing with Yvette's snatch under water.

As Yvette swung her other leg over the rail onto her feet, still holding April's hand, she said "Come on, lover" to her girlfriend. April stood, followed Yvette's lead and swung one leg over the rail. Again, Ric could see a well-defined camel toe of April's treasure, but April's blue panties did not show the skin-color through them. When April was out of the tub, both girls stood dripping. Yvette bent at the waist and kissed Ric warmly. "Goodnight. I love you, Ric." As Yvette said this she gave him a warm and prolonged kiss.

"I love you too, Yvette" he replied. Yvette took April's hand, and started to walk away, but April held fast. April then bent over, her larger tits hanging in front of Ric, and kissed him. Again, the kiss was prolonged and hard. "Good night Ric." See you in the morning" Yvette's girlfriend said to him. As the two girls headed for the house, hand in hand, Yvette looked at her friend and said, "Did you just French-Kiss my boyfriend?" "Umm-hmmm" April said with a toothy grin.   CHAPTER 38 Ric had eventually willed his erection to go away.

It took quite some time to get soft, as he knew his cousin was upstairs with her girlfriend. doing, well he supposed they were doing everything. He climbed out of the hot-tub, secured it, turned out the lights and went up to bed.

He assumed Yvette and April would be in the Master Suite. However, as he walked down the hallway, the Master Suite door stood open and a light was on. Apparently, Yvette and April had decided to sleep together in April's guest room. He grabbed another quick shower, a cool one this time, and got into bed.

He would have liked to sleep, but his mind kept drifting to what Yvette and April were doing, just down the hallway from him. A couple of times he thought he heard voices, or giggles, but when he strained his ears, he decided it was just his imagination. Unable to sleep, he was propped up in bed reading. He didn't know how long he'd been reading, but he heard a light knock at his door.

"Come in" he said. Yvette stuck her head around the partially open door. "What ya doing" she asked. "Just reading a truck magazine" he replied. Yvette pushed the door further open and walked in holding her hands behind her back. From his vantage point he could not see what his cousin was holding.

What he could see plainly was a very cute, very frilly, very see-through set of shorty pajamas she was wearing. The sleepwear was white and Ric could clearly see Yvette's pointy nipples and areola showing through the top. Because the bottoms were very frilly, he could not see her girly-charms as well down there.

He probably shouldn't have asked, but his mouth outraced his brain. "What's Up Yvette?" "Nothing" she said rather shyly as she took two steps and plopped onto the side of his bed facing him.

She still held her hands such that he could not see them behind her back. "It's just, Ric, that it doesn't seem right that April and I are sleeping together down the hall, and you're left up here to get a bad case of Blue Balls!" "Thanks babe, but we had sex at lunch time. I'm pretty sure I can survive without until morning" Ric replied.

He'd just been in a hot-tub with his cousin and her girlfriend, almost naked, without incident and now seeing her nipples playing peek-a-boo through the thin fabric of her nighty was getting him aroused. Under the covers, Ric had developed about a 'half-chub'. "I know honey" Yvette smiled, "but it just isn't right.

"So, I brought you a present." With that she drew her hands from behind her back and handed Ric a very brief pair of pale-blue bikini panties. Ric smiled, took the panties from her hand and said "I'm fine really." "Well, I know you haven't been jacking off in my panties as much lately. . like you used to, but I thought being as I'm not sleeping with you.

. well you might want to get some relief." "That's very thoughtful, Yvette, but. . " that was as far as he got before being interrupted. "But I prepared them specially for you sweetheart." That caused Ric to pause. "What do you mean 'prepared' them specially" he asked, now curious. "I know how you like the 'little girl look' and these panties are silk.

. .and very smooth against a little-girl smooth slit, Ric. Smell them" she said. "I can smell them from here" he grinned. "Good. . well you should, because I was rubbing the silk material all over the little-girl puss. And the lube was just flowing out. And that caused me to push them up inside and use my finger to smear even more girl-goo all over them." Ric, now intrigued, brought the delicate silk panties to his nose.

He let out a small moan when he inhaled the fresh scent of pussy! "I see you like them" Yvette said. "Things got pretty exciting as I was rubbing them all over the smooth. . little-girl. . bald beaver.

I just couldn't stop rubbing. Before I realized it, an orgasm was taking off. That caused more little-girl-lube to shoot out on the panties." Yvette now had reached under the covers and finding Ric's man-meat at full rigidity, she began to stroke him furiously as she continued story-telling.

"The problem was that once the orgasm took over, then I really couldn't stop. I shoved the panties as far up inside as I could with my finger, and tried to get as much goo on them as possible. Then, with my finger in there, forcing the silk where it had never been before, another orgasm came out of nowhere. I hadn't been expecting that one, but now my fingers took on a life and purpose.

I rubbed the clit as hard as I could. . the silk was drenched, and it was hard to get proper friction on the little-nub, with all that lube. I swirled the slick panty fabric around and around the little pleasure bump. . when I would push inward, the little clit was pushing back. Little-girl pussy sure knows what it likes! Ric, I always thought that female 'squirting' was a myth. . but as I fingered the panties into that hot little hole, all of a sudden it happened.

. the most earth-shattering orgasm ever, and then, like a ton of girl-cum shot onto the panties." Yvette's hand was a blur on Ric's cock, traveling from base to tip, and twisting the Glans for all she was worth. Ric was lost. He drew the sodden blue panties to his nose and inhaled the scent of girl orgasm. . the scent of a little-girls bald cunt. . .that had just left her deposits for him.

The scent of fresh pussy on the blue silk was intoxicating. He stuck out the tip of his tongue and tried to lick the tricot crotch of the garment. "Yes. . you like that baby.

. lick that girl-cum off the panties." Yvette could feel the telltale swell of his manhood. She knew him well now, and knew this meant any second he'd shoot. "Ric, cum on those little-girl panties for me. . shoot your stuff all over the girl-cum on them." Ric didn't have to be told twice.

His hand snatched the panties from his nose and placed them over the tip of his cock, barely in time to catch the first blast. As Yvette continued to stroke, and fight to maintain control of his jetting cock, Ric let out a "AAARRRRAGGGGHHH. Holy FUCK" as his hips helped piston his manhood into the delicate garment. "Cum for me baby. . come-on. cum. . fill those panties with your seed" Yvette egged him on. Ric's head spun, his cock pumped more cum that he realized was in him directly onto the crotch of the delicate panties, and he fell back onto the bed.

Spent! Yvette kissed his lips. "Man, that was a big cum!" She was grinning from ear-to-ear. "Jesus Christ Yvette, I think my nuts just exploded. My cock actually hurts from cuming so hard!" He lay there catching his breath. "I'm glad I was able to make you feel good, lover, before I go to bed" Yvette smiled at him. "I think I died and went to heaven" he replied. The panties were still laying on his now deflating cock. Globs of thick, white, semen were all over the silky garment and Ric lay exhausted.

Yvette got up, kissed him warmly on the lips and said "goodnight lover." As she walked toward his bedroom door she commented "at least you have two sources of panties to jack-off on now." "Ric sat up and said "What did you say? What do you mean?" Yvette just ginned at him. "Ric, I never said those were MY PANTIES. . those are April's. It was her little bald-pussy I was rubbing and fingering, and her that shot all her girl-cum on them. . and that was her scent you were inhaling that caused you to shoot all your jizz on them!" Yvette cleared his bedroom door without closing it, and Ric lay there with his mouth hanging open.

  CHAPTER 39 Ric peeled the cum-soaked panties off of his prick and belly, and standing on wobbly feet deposited the stained garment on the desk. Remnants of his man-seed were all over his belly and he decided he needed yet another wash-up. Ric could not get what just happened off his mind.

Yvette had told him many times over the last many-weeks that April really. . Really. wanted Ric to be the first guy she ever had sex with. However, Ric always thought that was BS and Yvette was just playing some kind of girl-trick on him.

Now after taking yet another cool shower, he was back in bed and really was wide awake. Ric tried to not think about the fact that his girlfriend, his cousin, his lover, had just brought another girl's panties to their bed, and caused him to ejaculate all over them.

. and then told him all the lurid details of what she'd done with her girlfriend, and with her girlfriend's panties, to 'prepare' them for him! Ric tried to sort it out and then tried not to think about it.

But then it flashed through his mind; Yvette had told him that she and April loved to kiss each other, and that the heavy kissing always led them to oral sex. Ric figured that right now the two teen girls were down the hall in bed together, either making-out like crazy, or locked in 69 between each-other's legs. THAT mental picture was one Ric wished he'd not had, as his sore dick, and aching prostate, were starting to react to the mental picture of April and Yvette sandwiched together.

It must have been 45 minutes later, Ric heard a faint knock on his door. "Yvette?" He said. Her blond head peered around the door once more and holding April by the hand, entered Ric's room dragging April at arm's length. Both girls were now in matching. . he didn't know the right name. .

but some kind of see-thru shorty pajama thingy's. He could clearly see his cousin's breast and hard nipples through the thin fabric, and April's larger areola and pointy dark nipples shown through the material like two searchlights.

Bare chested in the hot-tub, the girls aroused him, but in see through nighties, they were absolutely driving him nuts. Both girls had on matching panty-bottoms that were sort of frilly, but Ric could not make out the detail of their girl-treasures.

Ric raised his eyebrow at his cousin, and the meaning was clear, but unspoken. "April was rude, and now she's being mean to me" Yvette pouted. Ric wasn't smart enough to let it go. "How was she rude? And what do you mean 'she's being mean' to you? And what does this have to do with me" he bit. Yvette never let go of April's hand, stuck out her pretty chin and said "She was very rude, because when I brought her panties down here for you, she followed and stood outside your door listening to us!" Ric looked up at his cousin's girlfriend and saw her turn several shades of red.

Yvette continued; "She's being mean to me because she had me eat her pussy when I went back to our room. . until she came. And now she won't do the same for me. She says she won't do it unless we do it in front of you!" To say that Ric was floored, would have been an understatement. Both girls stood before him looking all innocent. "Don't you girls normally take turns or something" he asked.

"Yes. . usually" both girls answered in unison while they stood there holding hands. "Look, why don't you guys go back. . and play nice?" "It's her fault" April volunteered. Exasperated Ric took a deep breath. "You shouldn't be talking to me about this. Why is it Yvette's fault, April?" And they had set the hook. Now to reel him in.

"Cause" April said with a pout. "Yvette says that you eat her out better than I do. So, I told her I wouldn't do it, unless you watched us, and gave me pointers!" Ric turned bright crimson. "I. . I. . ahaahh don't think so girls." Yvette dragged April the last few feet to Ric's bed, pushed on him to move further over in the bed and said 'Don't be a chicken.

. I really need her to do this!" As she pushed Ric aside Yvette plopped onto the bed beside him on her back. She dragged her dark-haired girlfriend on top of her and the two females started kissing like they had never had a disagreement. Ric really felt he should not be there. . that he should flee. . but the sight of two beautiful teen girls making out, in see-through jammies, a mere foot away from him was too much for him to follow good manners.

April worked her way down Yveete's neck, throat, upper chest and finally drew one of his cousin's pointy nipples into her mouth, through the thin fabric of the nighty. In a few seconds, both girls broke their embrace and in the blink of an eye, pulled their respective tops off over their heads. April dove back onto Yvette's tits like a bee to honey. The dark-haired beauty attacked first one, and then the other one, of Yvette's pale pink nipples into her pursed lips.

While Ric watched, he realized that he still had the ache deep between his legs. . his prostate hurt after the massive cum caused by ejaculating into April's panties. As April sucked and swirled her tongue about her friend's engorged nipples, Yvette was panting and moaning, and at one-point Yvette pulled April so hard to her breasts, it was obvious the French teen wanted her girlfriend to suck as much of her tit as possible into her warm mouth.

Ric was propped up on his arm mesmerized. He'd seen girl-girl porn on the internet, but that was nothing like having two hot teen girls 'doing-it' in bed with you. Suddenly Yvette cried out, "OWWWLLL! You little bitch, you bit my titty!" "Shut up. You know you love it!" April smiled and continued sucking on her friend. Yvette continued to squirm and pulse her mons against her best friend's equally hot girl-spot. "Quit teasing. . and fucking around" Yvette pleaded.

"Get down there and eat my cunt you little horny bitch!" Yvette spread her legs as wide as they would go as April was already on the move to get to the French girl's treasure spot. It was at this moment that Ric got yet another surprise. The frilly little panties to the baby-doll PJs Yvette had on were crotchless! He couldn't help it he just blurted out "Christ Vette. . you have on crotchless panties!" "Yea well that helps.

when you're trying to get your pussy eaten!" Just then April licked up the length of the opening in the panties, along the very wet slit of her French girlfriend. "Aaahhhhhgggg" Yvette cried out at feeling the girls tongue move along her very aroused quim and landed on her clit. April ate her girlfriend like a pro. Yvette was going crazy and Ric assumed she would cum at any moment.

Yvette snaked out her hand under the top sheet and grabbed Ric's cock, which was now standing at attention in all of its 9 inch glory. Yvette pushed on her girlfriend's head trying to get a moment to say something.

"Apr. . Gim me. " Yvette could not make an intelligent sentence with her girlfriend's tongue snaking up her wanton slit. "April, give me your hand" Yvette finally blurted out, grabbed her friends hand and snaked it under the sheet placing it on Ric's erect manhood. As Yvette placed April's hand on Ric's cock, she raised her head from Yvette's pussy-licking and uttered "Holly Shit!" Ric squirmed and tried to move away, but Yvette held the base of his cock tightly while April ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft.

"Jesus Yvette, you put this thing in your puss every day?" April said incredulously. "This thing is way bigger than any of my dildos!" ""UMMMMmmm hmmm" Yvette purred, "Now lick my cunt you little bitch!" Both girls continued to feel, and stroke, Ric's cock while April again dove between her outstretched legs driving Yvette toward the sexual abyss.

"Wai. wait, April WAIT" Yvette managed to croak out. April looked up Yvette's belly at her eyes. "Ric. . get behind April . . and let her feel what your cock is like when it rubs on her puss." "I don't think so Vette" Ric protested.

Neither girl had broken the rhythm of jacking his massive tool however. "Ric. . I know April. . she's probably dripping back there. . and she has crotch less-panties too. . feel her, and see if she's wet." Ric hesitantly reached behind his girlfriend's paramour and found that the slit in the frilly panties was indeed gaping open, and as he touched April's bald girlhood she was indeed soaked. April let out a moan as Ric's finger traced the outline of her tightly-shut labia.

April was attempting to reestablish her oral ministrations to the French blonde, but was having difficulty concentrating with Ric tentatively playing with her slit. "Ric kneel behind April and just rub your cock-head up and down her slick puss. . I'll bet she'll love it. . and I know you will!" Yvette's tone was insistent. Ric knew he shouldn't do it, but he was too far gone to think clearly. He moved behind April, Yvette nodded her head at him indicating that he should go ahead, and April licked from the bottom of Yvette's quim, up to her love-button, causing her to moan loudly and squirm.

Ric took hold of his massive organ about half-way down and placed the purple head against Aril's hairless slit. The lube coated his cock-head as he started running the engorged head up and down her tightly-closed pussy slit.

As he slid the tip downward he hit her distended clit and she jerked backwards, putting more pressure on his cock. Ric did this several more times and to his amazement, April continued to pore more lube from her virgin hole. Each time he would swipe his cock downward and hit her clit, she would moan into Yvette's cunt and involuntarily push pack. Neither Ric nor April realized that her labia had become engorged, anticipating what MIGHT happen, and that as a result, her girlhood was peering open.

As Ric continued to swipe his cock-head the length of her gash, the sensation on his glans was becoming stronger and her flower petals opened, allowing him to actually begin penetration. At some point the sensation on Ric's cock caused him to stop his motion. Perhaps it was some primeval understanding. His cock and her pussy were absolutely soaked and the sensation he felt on the head of his cock was elixir.

Unconsciously his cock was being pushed forward as her opening continued to allow the intruder more access. Suddenly and uncontrollably April pushed back hard. The purple head passed through the elastic ring of her vagina, and about 3 inches of his cock wedged in her extremely tight pussy walls. "Oh MY GOD" April uttered. "Is he in you" Yvette asked expectantly. "Yyyesssss" April hissed as Ric held her hips for dear life. "Fuck her. . Ric, fuck her hard. Show her what it's like to have a real man fuck you!" Ric was really ill at ease with his cousin-lover urging him to mount her girlfriend.

But he was horny as hell for some reason, and he could not have withdrawn his manhood from April if someone had thrown ice water on him. He started moving his hips and humped his cock into her tight confines. April was crying out in bliss as he continued to ram more and more of his 9 incher into the young girl. Finally Yvette said sternly "Shut up you little whore.

. lick my clit and make me cum!" In less than two minutes Yvette was humping furiously against April's tongue, moaning with pleasure and chanting 'yes. . yes . . gonna cum'. Ric had all but lost control and was pounding April's slick girl-cave, not able to get all 9 inches into her. April had no idea that letting a guy fuck her could be this hot. She'd been with girls, and been with Yvette sexually a ton of times. . but noting prepared her for what sex with a guy was like!

Yvette lost it and started crying out as she reached orgasm, with April's tongue circling her clit. This in turn caused April to fall into contractions as Ric continued to pound her slick twat.

As April cried out in orgasm, Ric finally could take no more. He pulled April's hips to him and rammed his dick into her with all his might. April cried out as this deep penetration only caused her orgasm to accentuate, and Ric's cock erupted.

After the cum he'd experienced at Yvette's hand when he came in April's silk panties a little over an hour before, you'd have thought he was out of jizz.

But the opposite was true. He pumped jet after jet of his white, hot, sperm, into Yvette's girlfriend. "Holly FUCK. . .YESSSS" April cried. .

"He's cumming in me. . .so fucking hot!" April collapsed beside her French lover, causing Ric's cock to come out of her tight hole with a loud 'plop'. Ric fell to her side and the three teens were trying to catch their breath. Finally, April rasp out 'Holy shit, Yvette. You guys do that like two or three times every day?" "Ummm - hmmm. He's something isn't he? Did you like your first time?" "NO. . I LOVED my first time!" April looked at Ric and said "Thanks for being so nice.

. and such a good lover!" Before Ric could speak, April shouted 'Oh shit!" and she leaped out of bed and dashed for the bathroom. Yvette knew what had just happened. . .that April was feeling the load Ric had deposited in her, start to leak out of her over-worked pussy and run down her ass.

Yvette looked at Ric with a bemused smile. "You really cummed in her didn't you. . .Ric, you need to see a doctor about why you make so much spudy!"   CHAPTER 40 The sky outside was just starting to show signs of the north Texas morning.

Yvette felt spent and really didn't want to wake up yet. As consciousness crept into her head, she felt a rhythmic motion, but thought she must be dreaming. Last night. . yes last night was still fresh on Yvette's mind. last night the three teens had cuddled nude in the big bed, and drifted off to sleep with Ric sandwiched between the two teen beauties.

Yvette became more aware and definitely felt a rhythmic motion in the bed. She rolled to her other side, and forced an eye to open. What she saw both surprised her, and brought a smile to her face. In the grey of the morning light, she saw her girlfriend, April, perched atop Ric's erect manhood. April had her arms outstretched, her hands flat on Ric's chest, as she slowly and deliberately rode her girl-treasure up and down his pussy-lubed pole.

April had a look of concentration on her face as she pushed herself downward on his man-meat. Yvette saw that April had a very wide stance as she straddled over Ric, and that on the down-stroke, she was now able to mash her pubic bone on his, taking all of his impressive 9 inches into her cavern. "April, are you fucking my boyfriend" Yvette said sweetly. "Uaaah. yea. Sorry" April said contritely "No, it's ok" Yvette assured her friend.

"Did you let Ric go pee first. . or are you riding his morning wood?" "Ummm. . .when I woke up his. . thingy. . was standing up. So I just decided to ride it for a while. Why?" April dug her pelvis in even harder as she said this.

"Well, if a guy hasn't gone pee yet. . he won't be able to cum in you" Yvette explained to her friend. "Really?" April asked, grinding her clit against Ric's pubic bone for all she was worth.

"Probably just as well as I'm not on birth control!" "What? What the hell April" Ric cried, trying to pry her off his dick. Just then April ground her cunt really hard on his pole and cried out in ecstasy. "OH. . Ohhhaaah!" As April shook and cried out as she orgasmed on his rigid cock Yvette looked at Ric and said "Relax lover. she just got over her period. . she's safe to fuck." Yvette's explanation did nothing to sooth Ric's worry. As April fell over exhausted yet again, Ric got up and tread his way to the bathroom to empty his bladed.

Just as Yvette had assured her friend, Ric had not ejaculated into April's hot little-girl box this morning. 30 minutes and three very-rushed showers later, the three were rushing to get to their chores. All three were running behind, and April had sworn to her mom she'd be home very early today. The girls had run a hairbrush through their damp hair and pulled it into a pony-tail. No time for elaborate hair-drying this morning. All three were now in Levis and pulling on boots, getting ready for ranch work.

No time for breakfast today, and Yvette would have to remain horny until lunch time. Yvette walked April to her car to say goodbye. April turned to look at her friend with a sincere look. "Yvette, I hope you're not upset about this morning.

. I know you gave permission last night. . but I kind of took advantage this morning. . " "Don't be silly April. You don't need to ask my permission. . just don't go sneaking around with my boyfriend behind my back. . ever! Aside from that, you and I are fine." "I'd never do that to you" April assured her friend and gave her a warm hug. Yvette whispered in Aprils ear.

"I guess we proved one other thing." "What's that Yvette?" "We proved for sure you aren't no fucking lesbian!" Both girls laughed. Yvette and Ric had climbed onto the Gator and were heading back to his parent's ranch house. Ric's mom would probably have breakfast, and they were behind on their morning chores. "Yvette. I'm really sorry about all that" Ric said softly. "About what?" Yvette was lost as to what he was referring to.

"About last night. . and this morning with April. I feel like I cheated on you" Ric replied sincerely. Yvette stood on the brakes, sliding the Gator to a stop in the gravel. Yvette stared at Ric. "How the hell could you be cheating on me" Yvette railed. "You didn't go behind my back. . and it was me who brought April into bed with us!" "I know. . but I should be true to only you" Ric said, "regardless of how April wound up in our bed. I owe you that much." 'God Ric, you really are one of a kind" Yvette smiled.

"Ric I want to ask you a question OK?" "Sure" he replied. "The day before yesterday, did you love me?" "Of course I did. .

Mega sex party in swimming pool

you know that" he said. "Yesterday morning . . did you love me?" "You're being silly Yvette, you know I did!" "So, now you don't love me anymore Ric?" "What the hell are you talking about Yvette. . of course I'm still in love with you!" "So. . nothing has changed. You had sex with my best friend. . twice. . while I watched you two. You and I still love each other. Nothing has changed except you managed to have sex with another girl, and my best friend got to have a sex experience of a lifetime with a really hot stud." "I don't know Yvette.

. it just doesn't feel right. . " Ric trailed off. "Ric, you know I am Bi. We've talked about this. From time to time I'm likely to bring a girl home. . hell I'm sure before I leave, I'll bring April home again. If I bring a girl home, from time to time she might end up in bed with us.

. and if she's willing, I'll expect you to fuck her. Now grow up." Ric looked at Yvette, not sure of what to say. Something else Yvette had said earlier hit home. . .he definitely didn't have any of the 'drama' with his girlfriend that his buddies had with theirs. "Ric. . I love you like crazy" Yvette said looking into his eyes. "I love you too Yvette." The two kissed and Yvette pushed the Gator into gear and headed home.

  CHAPTER 41 Time before her return was growing short. There was a never-ending sting of things for Yvette to take care of, particularly now that Ric had refused to run the combined 700-acre Ranches. Wednesday night Yvette had April over to her ranch house again, the three teens ate and sat together in the hot tub. Yvette took the bull by the horns while the three were soaking and told April about Ric being ill at ease because the three of them had sex the previous weekend.

"Oh Yvette, I'm so sorry" April began to blubber, "I never meant to cause any trouble between. . " "Oh do shut-up April. I'm not upset with you at all! As a matter of fact, I explained to Ric that he has my permission to sleep with any girls I bring home and tell him to." April looked at Ric to see where this was headed.

"Now April, in a couple of minutes I'm going to have you eat my snatch on the side of the hot-tub. Ric, no doubt you'll get horny as hell watching us together. When you get horny enough Ric, you'll fuck April again. . doggy style while she eats me. But this time Ric, don't cum in April. . I don't want you to cum in her again until she gets on birth control. . you April, are to get your ass to the doctor and get on the pill!

When you think you might be getting close to cuming Ric, I want you to let us know and April and I will switch places. . then you'll fuck me doggy, while I eat April and make her cum. That way, no babies this month!" April and Ric couldn't believe she had just told them this, but that was exactly the way it happened.

30 minutes later, the three had all had a magnificent orgasm and were again relaxing, nude in the hot tub. "Now there is something I really want to talk to you guys about. . serious now" Yvette emphasized. April looked on and Ric said, "what's on your mind." Pretty soon my mom will be here, and then I'll need to head back to France.

"Ric, I don't know how I am going to stand being apart." She had a tear in her eye. "There's email, and I know we'll SKYPE every day." Ric nodded. "April. . You used to worry you were a lez. . now that you've had some cock a few times, what are your thoughts?" "I like it" her friend just laughed.

"Duhhha" Yvette said to her friend. "One of two things could happen April; when I leave you get horny and start going out with a bunch of guys and fucking them all. Actually Ric, the same could be said of you. now that you are used to getting pussy every day, you might have to start fucking all those hot little cheerleaders that are always trying to get you into their panties." "I'd never do that Yvette" Ric protested. "Sure 'Mr. Horny-as-hell'. . you don't need sex" Yvette teased him. "But there is another way.

The three of us have only ever had sex with each other. We all know that we are free of any STD's. If you April, and Your Ric, start fucking a lot of people, chances are you are gonna catch something. So the solution is simple. while I am gone I want you guys to promise that you'll only fuck each other!" "WHAT?" Ric spat. "Nothing personal April, but I can't do that with Yvette not here!" "He's right I'm afraid" April replied to her friend. Yvette pause then spoke again.

"I'll be back at Christmas. . and Easter and Spring Break. I can't force you two to fuck. . but if you don't and you two wind up catching something, I am gonna be pissed. . because neither one of you is gonna fuck me then. . and I am gonna be one horny little French girl when I get back here!"   EPILOG So, after 71000 words, probably some of you want to know what happened to our three cow-pokes. Part of this will be ongoing in another Story to come; 'North of Dallas'.

But the near future is contained in the EPILOG. Yvette had a frantic 10 days trying to get everything set-up before she returned to France. Ten days after her speech with her best friend and her cousin/lover, Yvette's mother arrived.

Yvette's mother wasted no time in demanding to see 'this Johnson Ranch thing' her daughter had gotten involved in. "Actually Mama, I though you and I would stay at the ranch, as things are a little tight here with Aunt Marge and Uncle Carl with an extra person. Yvette saw the look of consternation on Ric's face. Actually, Ric had been morose thinking about Yvette leaving for France.

Her mother's curt response had been 'IS this place even habitable?" Knowing the work Yvette had put into the old ranch, Ric was pissed off at his aunt Barbara. 'The Johnson Ranch thing' not only passed muster with Yvette's mother, the elder French woman was actually taken aback when Yvette gave her the grand tour. Obviously, Yvette didn't take her on a tour of all 350 acres, but they did make all the highlights and improvements.

And Yvette made sure to take her to the 20 acres across the street, explaining the water and mineral rights aspect to her. At the conclusion of the tour Yvette's mother said 'When our financial adviser said he'd researched every aspect of this purchase, and that you had done a good job of due-diligence, I thought maybe you had worked your feminine wiles on the poor man.

I owe you an apology Yvette, this is even more magnificent than I remember it being as a little girl here. You have shown a remarkable maturity about all this. . you are your father's daughter!" "Yes, I learned a good deal about you and Aunt marge as little girls in these parts" Yvette just smiled and her mother let it pass.

"There is one more thing I want to show you Mama" Yvette said, and she ushered her mother to the new corral behind the barn. Yvette put her fingers to her mouth and let out a shrill whistle. Yvette's mother looked at the girl askance for her un-ladylike action. From the far side or the corral, a large black horse came running up to the rail and skidded to a stop.

"Mama, this is Midnight. Midnight this is Mama." "What a magnificent creature" Yvette's mother said. Yvette drew an apple from her rear pocket and fed it to the horse. When the stallion finished the apple, Yvette held out two sugar-cubes, palm up. "I'm going to miss him terribly when I'm gone" Yvette opined.

"I was afraid you were going to tell me you were shipping him to France" her mother joked. "No, he can't come. . he has a girlfriend here and he needs to be close to her." Yvette's mother looked at her daughter, seeing she was dead serious. At 5 AM the next morning Ric could wait no longer. Yvette had taken the Gator to the other ranch the night before and Ric was dying to know how Yvette and her mother had gotten along all night. He jumped on the John Deer and headed towards the Johnson Ranch along the well-worn dirt path.

As he approached the north fence with the tractor he suddenly skidded to a stop. "Well I'll be God-damned" he said out loud, not believing his eyes.

Running through a light ground fog across the pasture, down the fence line, was Midnight at full gallop. On his back was a young French girl, her long blond hair flying in the wind, her breasts bouncing g to the horse's gait, her heels digging into the stallion's sides. . urging the Black to run as wild and free as he desired. Ric watched until the girl and her horse were out of sight, starting the John Deer, and headed back saying aloud to no one "THAT, is one hell of a woman!" Ric didn't see Yvette or his aunt Barbara until late in the day.

His aunt wanted to speak to her sister, and Ric's dad, so Yvette and Ric made themselves scarce. They walked out to the barn and Yvette gave Beauty a hug and told the mare that she was going to miss her. "Ric, she's carrying a foal you know." "Yes I figured it out" Ric said, "Midnight strikes again." "I'm afraid so" Yvette agreed.

"Maybe if I'd gotten you pregnant, you wouldn't have to leave" Ric questioned. "That's not the answer Ric.

. . not yet anyway. I'm not 18 you know, so Mama is still in charge," The two hugged and kissed, wishing they could have some real 'alone time'. They all ate dinner together that night. Yvette sensed something electric in the air, but then with Ric's dad, you never knew what might be causing tension.

After dinner, the adults volunteered to do the dishes and Ric and Yvette sat on the front porch gazing at the stars. Ric's mood was especially low. Yvette had so much going on in her head, she didn't know how she was going to get through the next two days. When Ric and Yvette went inside the three adults were having drinks.

. something that Ric's dad rarely did. "It's getting late Mama, we probably should be getting back to the ranch to get some sleep.

I have a lot to do tomorrow. So unless you want to walk back, time to pack it in." Yvette was floored when her mother smiled and said "I'd like to visit with my sister and your uncle some more. Why don't you and Ric sleep at the Ranch tonight, and I'll stay here and sleep in your room, Yvette.

Just bring me some clean clothes when you come down in the morning. Goodnight kids, sleep tight." Ric and Yvette practically raced back to the Johnson Ranch on the Gator and fell into bed together. "I didn't think we get the opportunity to sleep together before I left, Ric." "I know. Do you think your mother knows about us, Yvette?" "Are you kidding Ric, your mother tells her sister EVERYTHING. . of course she knows." "Your mother scares me" Ric said.

Ric didn't see his cousin or his aunt most of the following day after breakfast. Her mother took her to town to visit her lawyer, so that Yvette could finalize some caretaker issues with the Ranch, and ensure funds were in place to care for Midnight in her absence. Yvette could tell her mother was lost in thought. As they left the lawyer's office and were walking down the street who should they bump into but the Sheriff.

"Ms. La Grande, how are you doing Yvette?" The Sheriff spoke jovially. "Fine sheriff. Let me introduce you to my mother, Barbara La Grande." The sheriff smiled at Yvette's mother "You have a fine daughter there Mrs. LeGrand. Nice to have met you" he strode off to another appointment. "Should I even ask how it is you know the sheriff personally" her mother quizzed.

'So, aunt Marge doesn't tell her sister everything after all' Yvette thought. "I know a lot of people around here Mama" Yvette responded. At dinner Sunday night, both Yvette and Ric could tell that both of their mothers were antsy about something.

Ric's dad didn't look happy, but with him you could never tell. They ate dinner together, but the conversation seemed forced. After dinner, desert and dish-washing Ric's aunt Barbara announced that the adults would like to have a chat with the two of them Ric and Yvette. Both Ric and Yvette feared the shit was about to hit the fan. . but neither could figure out what they had done. It was Yvette's mother that took front stage.

"Kids. . this is a difficult conversation to have with you. Carl, my sister and I did a lot of soul-searching on this. But quite frankly the two of you have demonstrated that you are both mature enough to hear this." Now both Ric and Yvette had their interest peaked.

Ric's mother now spoke "We want you two to listen, and then think carefully about what we're going to tell you." Now Ric and Yvette were starting to get spooked. Barbara picked up from there; "Yvette, Ric, my sister tells me that you two have fallen madly in love. At first I thought it was just some teenaged crush. But seeing you two together, working together, interacting together, hell you can barely keep your hands off each other.

I guess this could be a teen crush, but my gut tells me it is so much more. And Yvette, Marge tells me you and Ric are at it in the sack every chance you get. . like 3 to five times a day sex!" "Mama, please, you're embarrassing me" Yvette pleaded. "Nothing to be embarrassed about, we're all adults here.

I can accept that you are having sex Yvette, and I am glad you were responsible enough. . no mature enough, to ask your aunt to help you with birth control." "What is all this about Mama?" Yvette was clearly uncomfortable. "Yvette, when we were younger. .

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your papa and I. . we were so in love. Like you and Ric. We married young. . well I was young. . and we had so much fun together. We wanted a baby so bad. Your Papa and I tried for a long time. . but nothing seemed to work, Yvette. We went to the doctor and had tests run. It turned out that your Papa could not make babies because he had Mumps as a little boy.

We were heart broken." Yvette's mother had tears running down her cheeks. Ric's mother took up, while her sister sniffled. "You see kids, my sister and your dad, Yvette, and Carl and me, we were all close growing up. We were inseparable. So, when your mom and dad hit a rough patch, we stood by their side." Barbara has regained her emotions and continued; "Your mom and dad had just had you Ric, and that only added to our anguish over not being able to get pregnant." Yvette was now paying rapt attention as this seemed to weigh heavily on her mother.

"The four of us, your parents Ric, and Yvette's dad and I, sat down to talk about it and Marge and I hit on this idea. Carl had impregnated my sister with you Ric, so we decided to have him 'help' me get pregnant." Yvette suddenly saw the light turn on in her head.

"You mean you had artificial insemination Mama?" Ric's mother picked up. "Not exactly, Yvette. I told you the four of us were always close.

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Well it was decided that your Uncle Carl would help your mama the 'old fashioned way'. So for a month Carl slept with your mama. . sometimes several times a day. and I slept with your daddy!" Yvette just stared at her aunt, her mouth hanging open. Yvette's mother jumped in; "Yvette, I want you to always remember that your Papa loved you more than life itself. We always assumed that someday when you guys were adults we'd tell you this story.

But when Marge told me you two were head-over-heels in love, well we figured we better tell you two that while you were raised as cousins, you are actually brother and sister. . well, half-brother/sister" Barbara exclaimed. "It seemed like the fair thing to do." The realization hit Yvette like a ton of bricks. She was so engrossed in the story, that the obvious had eluded her until her mother said the words 'half-brother'. The dam burst and tears started flowing down her cheeks.

Yvette embraced her mother and said 'thank you for telling me this story, Mama, and for trusting me." Yvette kissed her mother on the cheek. Turning to her aunt; "and thank you Aunt Marge. . for everything." Next she turned to her uncle.

. well her biological father. . .tears streamed down her cheeks and her makeup was running. "Uncle Carl. thank you for giving me life." Yvette kissed him on the cheek and hugged him fiercely. Yvette stepped back, her shoulders beginning to heave from sobbing and said simply "Excuse me." Before Ric could even react, Yvette had gone out the back door, crying uncontrollably now, climbed on the Gator and roared off into the dusk.

Ric grabbed his hat and was ready to tear out after his cousin, when his mother stopped him saying "Ric. . just give her some time to process everything." Fifteen minutes turned into an hour and Yvette had not returned. Ric could wait no longer and went to the barn, climbed on the John Deer and bumped his way to the Johnson Ranch through the dark, looking for Yvette. He found the Gator but a search of the house failed to revel his cousin anywhere. He went to the back deck, and checked the hot-tub area.

His eyes searched the swimming pond. The full moon had risen now casting an eerie shadow across the pasture. Ric was getting frantic trying to figure out where she was when he heard Midnight in the corral acting spooked. As he approached the corral passing the barn he heard sobbing from inside. Eventually he found his cousin, in the large hayloft. He found Yvette sobbing, sitting in the loose hay, peering through the open loft top-door, starting at the moon rise. He grasped her heaving shoulders from the rear and said "Yvette, why are you crying babe?" "No reason.

except that now you don't want me anymore!" "Yvette. . .why would you say such a thing" Ric asked softly, turning her to face him. "You. you have. . " Yvette's chin quivered as she cried. "You have this huge hang-up about incest, because we're cousins. . but now we find out were not.

. were brother and sister! So I know you don't want me anymore!" "Don't say that. . don't even think that. Look Yvette, I was in love with you day-before-yesterday, and yesterday and this morning.

When the sun comes up tomorrow, I'm still going to be madly in love with you. You're stuck with me!" "You mean it, Ric?" As Yvette said this she was wiping tears from her eyes. "Of course I do, Yvette. I'll always love you. . that's why you got the promise ring!" He just grinned at her. Yvette flung herself into his arms pushing him back onto the loose hay.

"Oh Ric, I love you soooooo much it hurts." He kissed the tears from her eyes. He kissed the nape of her neck and her throat. The two French kissed like there was no tomorrow. Yvette could not contain herself and she tore at his clothes. After all it had been 24 hours since they had sex! Ric could not get Yvette's shirts and bra off fast enough. In minutes the two teens were naked in a hay-loft. All attempts at foreplay were abandoned and Ric positioned himself between Yvette's long legs.

"Are you sure?" Yvette looked into his eyes, still worried. "Never more sure about anything in my life" was his response. "Ric I have a favor to ask" Yvette said.

"What's that?" "When we make love in the future, could you please call me 'Petite Soeur'?" Ric thought for a second, "Tiny. . but I don't know the word 'Soeur'. . what does that mean?" Yvette smiled, "Not 'tiny', 'Petite Soeur'.

it means 'little sister'." "OK. Petit Soeur. I like that. . little sister sex is the best" Ric said looking deep into her eyes.

Yvette grasped his rigid member, lifted her knees to form a vee and held the bulbous head of his prick at her girl-entrance. Ric pushed forward slowly, parting her delicate petals, and whispered 'Oui. . Petit Souer' in her ear. The two awoke at the usual time and rushed about to do morning chores, before joining the rest of the family for breakfast.

Yvette was weepy, because she knew that in 12 hours she and her mother would be on an Air France flight home. Barbra watched from the kitchen window as the two rushed about doing chores in the barn feeding Beauty and the chickens, putting fresh water in the trough, and so on.

Marge was busy cooking breakfast when her sister remarked "you know those two have kissed about a hundred times while doing chores. . it reminds me of Henry and myself when we were kids." "Yea, well that's the way those two are most mornings, Barbara." Yvette's mother smiled. "Marge, how many times do you think those two 'did it' last night" she asked her sister. "Hell Barbara, I don't even know how many times you, Carl and I did it last night!" Yvette's mother was still watching her daughter and nephew through the window and announced, 'They're coming in." As they all ate the breakfast Marge had prepared, Barbara got right to the point.

"So did you two talk things through last night? What did you decide on. . I know Yvette was upset when she left here." Yvette smiled. "Mama, Ric and I did. . " Ric held her hand to interrupt her. "Aunt Barbara, Yvette was concerned over some concerns I had expressed to her earl-on. . about. . well incest. But I'm way beyond that now. I'm madly in love with your daughter. . nothing is ever going to change that.

The next several months are going to be hard. . being apart from each other. But I'll be here when Yvette gets back. And to answer your question, EVERYTHING is fine between Yvette and myself." Barbara was pleased to see her nephew was a very self-assured young man.


Her eye caught a beautiful ring on her daughter's finger, and she raised an eyebrow. "That ring is beautiful Yvette, is it new?" "Yes, Ric gave it to me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago." The French woman just smiled knowingly. "You know Yvette, you aren't the only French woman who can do research." Yvette sighed, not sure where her mother was headed. "You see, I did a little checking with the school district here.

I was curious about the differences between here and France and sent them your transcripts from home before I left. I found that the schools in France are a little ahead of Texas. . it would seem that if you really wanted, you could stay here and actually graduate with Ric. Of course, you will have to work your little French ass off, and take a couple of proficiency tests to prove you are fluent in those subjects.

. and the bad news is that you'd have to go to Summer School again next year to finish your credits. . but you could walk graduation with Ric, theoretically." Yvette was becoming excited. . and confused. "Mama, why are you telling me all of this?" "Well, I was hoping you could help me with a problem." "What problem is that Mama?" "It seems there is only one seat available on Air France. . and I was hoping to use it. So I was just wondering. if you would like to stay here with your Aunt and Uncle, and go to school with Ric?" Yvette leapt into her mother's arms and began kissing her face all over, and babbling incoherently at the same time.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. . but tears of joy this time. Barbara gained control of her daughter and sat her down, while Ric and his mother beamed. "All right Yvette. there are RULES" her mother said sternly. "First, I meant what I said. You are to work your ass off in school. Studies come first young lady." Yes, Mama, of course." You are not here on vacation.

I expect you to help your aunt. And your aunt will be your official guardian, so you must obey her." "Oui, Mama." "Next, I hope you will welcome me to visit on the holidays?" "Of course Mama." "And I expect you to call me every weekend, Yvette. I am going to miss you more than you know." Barbara looked at her daughter long and with concern. "Yvette, I know you have big plans for that Ranch you bought.

. but there is no rush. . I really do want you to concentrate on your studies. . you can fulfil your dreams of being a land baron AFTER you graduate. As to the water supply, and trying to help your uncle with their ranch. . well I'm sure my dear sister will make that happen with her very stubborn husband!" Marge just nodded.

"And for God sakes Yvette, take that damned sign that says 'Johnson Ranch' off the entrance road. . it should say La Grande Ranch!" "Oui, Mama. But maybe it should say 'Rancho La Grande'. . .that sounds more like Texas." "OK, Rancho La Grande it is" Barbara laughed. The mood was light, but Barbara got serious. She pointed at both of the teens. "And another thing. . .I want you, Ric, and you, Yvette, to be very careful and try not to make any babies until after graduation!

Comprenez vous? "Oui, Mama" Yvette responded dutifully. Yvette's mother took a deep breath. "Yvette, I know money is not an issue for you, but have you given any thought to what you will want to do after you graduate?

College perhaps? "I have a job all lined up, Mama." "A job? What Job?" Her mother asked now confused. Yvette looked Ric straight in the eyes, and said with a straight face, I have a job lined up as Ric's Ranch Forman!" La Fin!