Short haired Russian filling her ass with a brutal dildo

Short haired Russian filling her ass with a brutal dildo
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From back when I first started jacking off, I always ate my cum to keep my mother from finding stains in my bed. Getting hell about it once was enough to make me careful, not stop. I tried to catch it all in my hands and then lick them clean. Some times I'd catch it in a cup and then drink it. I've had it in milk, Pepsi, Mt Dew and Dr Pepper among other drinks.


A few times I even jacked off on a bowl of ice cream and then ate it. I've sucked my cum out of all my past girlfriends and they all liked it. I never saw anything wrong with it and still do it. After I caught my most recent girlfriend cheating on me, she left me. We had just got a a black Lab puppy the week before. She didn't want the puppy and left it for me. This story starts when he was about 3 months old and I was watching him furiously fuck his stuffed beagle. We would wrestle with it, he would shake the hell out of it and every once in a while he would hump it.

I thought this was funny as hell as he would mount the beagle from every angle and hump away. He was too young to really do anything serious and didn't show any cock at all.

It had to be instinct kicking in. When he got to about 6 months old he did start to show some red meat while humping but now the beagle was so small that he looked pitiful doing it. The next time I was at the pet store I took pity on him and got him a stuffed dog bigger than him. This one looked like a full sized Rottweiler. When I brought it home I snuck it into my room for an alteration. I cut the seam by the ass to see if he would by chance penetrate it.

I even sewed a plastic bag with a black double nylon lining to it and made sure it was stuffed in straight. The plastic bag was to make it an easier clean up. I used a broom stick to make it go straight into the stuffing.

I even slipped my cock into it to see how it felt before I was going to give it to him. It felt good enough that I had to stop before I greased it for him. I put it in the living room while he was in another room sleeping. When he finally saw it he was spooked and wouldn't go near it.

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He eventually worked himself closer and made friends. He dragged the dog around with a lot of effort and wrestled a lot with it. After about a half hour he started humping it. First he was humping the head and it was funny to watch his cock hitting right in the mouth of the toy. He jumped off and wrestled with it some more before getting behind it and humping from the side of its back end. Suddenly He mounted it correctly and I could tell he found something that felt different.


He really started humping frantically and was whining a good bit. I thought for a second that it might be painful but soon could tell that he was going to mate properly with this stuffed animal. When he stopped moving I could see that he was cumming.

His rear was clenching and he was holding on tight. He finally let go and when he went to get away he was stuck just like he would be in a bitch. I guess I sewed the hole just the right size. I held onto him and petted him so he didn't panic and run crazy with the dog stuck to him.

When he was able to pull out I was surprised to see how big his cock was. It never got that big when he was humping before. He went and laid down to clean himself. I checked out my handy work and found that he had loaded it up with cum. I pulled the liner inside out and wiped it clean.

It didn't smell bad so I tasted a little of it to see what it tasted like. It wasn't bad so I tasted more. I really couldn't tell what it tasted like so I ended up sucking on the liner and was surprised that it really tasted good. Not the strong taste of my own cum. This was a lot milder. I kind of liked it.

After the clean up I put it back in the room and went about my business. Later I saw him fucking it again and watched as he humped it all across the floor. Again I held him until he was ready to withdraw and clean up. This time I did the whole clean up by sucking all the juice out of it. This was much more cum than I got last time so I got a real good taste and decided that I really liked it. The next day I thought I might try to go direct and see if he would let me suck his cock.

He wanted no part of it. I was able to get his cock in my mouth a couple of times but not for long. He would only mount the stuffed animal. I tried for days with no luck. He just would not let me drink from the spigot. I was determined to find a way to do this so I went and bought an identical stuffed dog. This one I split the ass like the other but didn't put a liner in. I split the belly in half and took the stuffing out and put it on my head so if I tilted my head back my face was facing the rear end.

I could stick my tongue out the hole I cut in the ass. I cut the hole bigger because I found I couldn't breathe well. I also sewed in some air channels so I could breathe better. I laid back on my bed with the stuffed dog on my head and a pillow under my upper back just to see how it would work. It seemed to be ok. I could lay there with my mouth right where he would be fucking and was relatively comfortable. I was ready. I hid his other stuffed dog for a week and he looked everywhere for it.

He was really getting in need. I waited for him to be sleeping in the other room before I snuck out the new model and laid on the floor with it in position. I called him and he came in and walked around a little looking at us. I was afraid he wouldn't go for it so I reached out to stroke him a little. He got the message and jumped on. It wasn't like the other so he struggled with the positioning a little but I could see his cock coming closer and closer.

Finally his cock was poking through the opening a little at a time. I got my tongue on it and he quickly thrust it into my mouth.

He went from tentative poking to full on hammering my mouth. Quickly he was fucking my throat and spurting a little cum.

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I was gagging and trying to breathe before finally getting used to it to where I could breathe and start to enjoy it. He all of a sudden jammed it all in and started really cumming down my throat. Before I knew it his knot was swelling up in my mouth. I tried to get it out but he was doing his best to ram it all in. I gave up when it swelled so big that it filled my mouth.

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There was nothing I could do but wait now. The bad part was I couldn't taste his cum. It was going straight into my stomach. I held his legs so he couldn't get off of me until his knot shrunk down enough for me to spit it out. I could feel his cock pulsing the cum into my throat the whole time. My jaw hurt from the stretching he gave me. Finally it shrunk enough for me to let him pull out.

I sucked on it a little more before I let him go. He went to his corner and I put the stuffed dog away. I had to rethink this. The next day I did the same thing and this time he jumped right on. This time though I had my hands inside to give me some space to keep the knot out of my mouth. I held on as his cock slipped in and out of my mouth spurting little spurts the whole time. When he tried to jam it in this time I was ready with my hands and held on to it while he came across my tongue.

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He came a lot and it tasted great. I held on to his knot even after he jumped off and turned around. He was trying to pull away but I wasn't letting go until he was drained. He came a lot before he finally shrunk enough to get away from me.

We repeated this about every other day for weeks with me once in a while letting him get the knot stuck in my mouth. He got to where he would bring the dog to me. I tried again to get him to do it without the stuffed dog and one time he actually did. I hid the stuffed dog for a few days and laid down like I would with it and he came around and did eventually fuck my mouth but it just wasn't the same.

He wouldn't even come near me the next day when I tried. So we went back to using the stuffed dog. He was enthusiastic with the stuffed dog on me. I guess we could both pretend.

One day after too many drinks I brought out the stuffed dog and we were wrestling with it and swinging it around and it landed on my back. He jumped on my back and started humping.

I walked around with him on me like that and he was still trying. In my inebriated state I pulled my pants down and bam, before I knew what hit me he was deep in my virgin ass going to it. It took me a minute to react but it was too late he had his knot up my ass deep and was creaming my shitter. His knot was swelled so big that my cock exploded without touching it. I was cumming all over the floor. My ass was clenching on him and he was still pumping me. He hopped off and turned around to my great pain.

He was trying to rip my insides out. I reached back and held his legs so he couldn't pull away. I could still feel him cumming in me. We stayed in that position for about 10 minutes before I let him attempt to pull out of me. Cum poured out of my ass when he pulled out. I licked up my puddle of cum. It was a lot thicker than his. Mine was like thick pudding. You could almost chew on it compared to his.


Well, I didn't let him fuck my ass again for a long while. I started to get naked when I would get into the stuffed dog while he would fuck my face. I could hold his knot with one hand while jacking off with the other.

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I would cum all over my stomach while he was unloading in my mouth. Sometimes he would lick it up, sometimes I would scoop it up later and lick my hands clean. One time I was in position to suck him and he didn't want to cooperate.

He kept moving around me. With the suit on I couldn't always see where he was. I rolled over to get up and he jumped me. He was on my back and up my ass before I knew what happened. This must be what he wanted. I let him take me hard and fast like he liked it. I positioned myself to give him the best penetration and he rammed me good. He got the knot in me and started cumming hard. He held it in deep while he came. I held his legs to keep him from turning.

I humped my ass back against him and suddenly came hard myself. After I let him pull out I sucked up my cum before cleaning the rest. He went to his corner to clean himself. I went to my bathroom to clean myself. I was starting to think that my cum was different when he fucked my ass. It seemed much thicker. I had eaten my cum so many times in the past that I knew what it's consistency was.

I wasn't sure if it was because of the suddenness of the eruption or something else. I jacked off a few days in a row and tasted it to see and for sure it was more watery when I jacked off. Now when my dog would come to me and whine and paw my leg a little I knew that he wanted something special. He seemed to do it more when I was drinking beer for some reason.

Maybe he knew I was more likely to say ok after a couple of beers. I even fucked his other stuffed dog while he fucked me. That was pretty good feeling. I'd like to try that with a girlfriend some day. Maybe someday I'll find a girl that would like it that way. I didn't want a girlfriend right now in my life. My last girlfriend turned out to be a real cheating bitch. When I do look for a girlfriend, I'll look for one that likes dogs a lot.

I would never do this with another guy. I don't consider myself gay at all. What I do with my dog is man to dog, not man to man. For now we are happy with this arrangement.