Hot and stiff heterosexual dudes having gay porn

Hot and stiff heterosexual dudes having gay porn
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Author's note: The characters in this story do not have an actual age listed. If you want them to be eighteen, then they're eighteen, if you want older or younger, based on your own personal preferences, then feel free to adjust your mental image as you like. When I wrote the story, situated in the time period that I chose, the characters felt between twelve and fifteen years old in my head.

AUTHOR'S NEW NOTE: The full, expanded, version of this story is now available on Smashwords dot com under the title "My Virgin Cousin". There will be a followup story called "My Virgin Cousin's Horny Mother" cumming soon. _________________________________________ Oops, I Fucked My Cousin. Chapter One I didn't mean to cum down her throat, but she had me balls deep and it just felt so goddamn good that I couldn't help myself.

It was the Autumn of 1973 and her parents had to go out of the country for several months, I can honestly say that I have no fucking idea why they left, it was too damn long ago and my memory ain't what it use to be. But I'll never forget that first night, or the many nights after. Jenny and I had always been sort of friendly enemies as we grew up.

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I had issues with my mom and sometimes her mom, my Aunt, would do her best to make me feel included in family things. That was all well and good, but sometimes Jenny would get jealous of the attention that her mom gave me and do her best to get me into trouble.

Most of the time things were good between us though; I was a few years older than she was and I tried to look out for her like I was taught to. When my mom told me that Jenny would be staying with us for a while, I was happy, and pissed at the same time; happy that my little cousin would be around more, but pissed that she had to stay in my room with me when she was. Our house was tiny and there just wasn't any room for her to stay anywhere else.

Puberty had molested me hard a few years before, and since there wasn't any internet back then, it took for-fucking-ever to jack my cock to a satisfying climax while I remembered the photos of topless natives that I'd seen in a few National Geographic magazines.

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Having my cousin in the room each night was going to really curtail my fisting time. At least, that's what I thought until the first night that she was actually there. *** Jenny and I went to the same Junior/Senior High School (it was all mixed together in our small town), but she was bused in from across town while I just had to walk a few blocks to get there.

Because of her long ride each morning, she was used to going to sleep and getting up earlier that I was so she went down before I did that first night. An hour after she she went into the bedroom, I followed and found her out like a light on the new bed that my parents had stuffed into my room.

It was late fall, almost Thanksgiving actually, but our house had a weird heating system that sometimes turned my.our.bedroom into a sauna. That night was one such night and she had fallen asleep on top of her covers wearing a long t-shirt for a nightgown. I had always slept in my underwear and I refused to change that habit just because she was there; we'd grown up together so she'd seen me in my skivvies hundreds of times over the years.

I didn't realize that puberty would make things a whole bunch different, and a 'hole' lot better. Our house was furnished in the classic ugly-seventies style of shag carpet and avocado green appliances; my bedroom was no different.

I stripped down and settled on top of my covers to read a book for a while so I could get sleepy. I hadn't paid any attention to her when I came in and I continued to ignore her until she let loose with a tiny snore and wiggled around for a bit before settling back into a deep sleep.

The sound caused me to glance over at her and I saw that her legs and settled into a wide-open, floppy sort of pose, with one knee cocked up and the other kind of kinked sideways.

I ignored her some more until I got thirsty and went to get a glass of water. As I passed her on my way back in, I saw that her t-shirt was pulled up and I could look right between her legs. For some reason, she wasn't wearing panties that night and the evidence of her own journey into puberty was staring me in the face; I froze and stared. Her pussy was just a slit, with almost no lips to speak of (not that I knew anything about lips or pussies in general back then) but her bush was full and thick.

A furtive peek at a Playboy magazine in our local five-and-dime had told me that girls didn't have a dick like boys did but, as I stood staring at her naked pussy, it suddenly occurred to me that ALL girls had one, even my dorky cousin. It was like the heavens opened up and a chorus of angels began to sing nasty porn music in my ear. The next thing I knew, my cock was in one hand and my glass of water was in the other; I don't even remember fishing it out of my underwear, but it was there nonetheless.

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It took three seconds and three strokes for me to shoot a thick stream of cum across the bedroom. I must have grunted as I squirted millions of air-babies onto the floor, because she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me whacking away next to her bed.

Even through the panic of being caught jerking off, I couldn't stop as the pulses that made my knees weak and the shag carpet wet and sticky. I expected her to start screaming at me or something but she just watched quietly as my cum splattered and my fist flew. When it was over she asked, "What was that?" My cock shrank and I pulled my underwear back up. I'd always done my best to be honest with her about stuff and, as I drank my water and set the empty glass down, I continued those efforts and did my best to explain to her what I was doing that night, even though I barely knew myself.

She took my words in and muddled them around in her head before asking, "So, you cummed because you saw my cookie?" "Yeah," I answered, "I'd never saw one in person, and it made me all horny and stuff, so I jerked it. I hope you don't mind." She thought about it for a bit before she said, "I don't think that I do. Its kind of like a compliment, I think, that this," she pulled up her t-shirt and showed me her pussy again, "Could make you do that." She pointed at the floor.

My cock shot back up, tenting my underwear, as her soft-looking pussy hair sat gleaming in the light from my reading lamp.

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She saw my bulge and asked, "Can I see your thing?" I hesitated and she said, "Its only right, you saw my cookie, so you should show me your thing." Her logic was flawless and I quickly yanked my shorts down, showing her my quivering four inch cock. She reached out and I pulled back, "Uh uh, cuz, only if I can touch yours too." She spread her legs open and said, "Okay, but be careful, that button thing on the top is real sensitive sometimes, if you press on it too hard it hurts." Her clit was standing out small, but proud, at the top of her slit, "What if I touch it slow, would that be okay?" She nodded and said, "Yeah, I do that all the time.

It feels great." I reached out and lightly poked her clit, running my curious finger all around the tiny bump. She hummed and closed her legs on my hand, not stopping me, but not giving me much room to work either. There was enough slack for me to wriggle my finger around, but I couldn't see what I was doing anymore.

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She kind of moaned and a bit of juice suddenly appeared and my finger started to slide around the top of her pussy. She reached for my cock again and this time I let her have it. As her warm fingers closed around the helmet she softly exclaimed, "Oh, its so soft and so hard too. I like it." "Whoa, cuz, be careful with the top. I guess its like your button and its sensitive too." "Okay, sorry." She continued to run her fingers all around he head and up and down the shaft.

I shuddered and said, "Oh, wow, that feels great, cuz, its so much better than when I do it myself." She smiled at the compliment and wrapped her fingers around my shaft, slowly jacking me. I felt myself getting closer to another orgasm and my moans started to become louder. She shushed me and whispered, "Hey, cuz, I passed by my parents room a few weeks ago and I peeked through their keyhole when I heard some weird sounds.

I saw my momma do something to my dad; she stuck her face next to his thing and she used her mouth to suck on it. Do you want me to do that?" I nodded my head quickly and said, "Sure. I think that that would be neat." She leaned over and slipped my head between her lips, sucking gently on it while her legs slowly flopped back open. I ran my fingers up and down her slit for a second before she slapped them closed on my hand again; it was frustrating, but her mouth action distracted me as she began to suck a bit harder.

My hips instinctively began to thrust at her face and she opened her lips to let it go deeper. She was a natural born cock-sucker and she soon had most of me sliding in and out as she jacked me into her mouth.

Her legs slowly opened again as she concentrated of gulping my cock. I was too into what she was doing to pay much attention to her pussy; I mostly rubbed her clit as she kind of hunched against my hand. My free hand found her head and began to pull her against my thrusting groin; she moaned and the vibration caused a small tingle to wash across my asshole. She picked up speed and my cum rose up and exploded out of my cock. She tried to pull backbut I held her face against me as rope after thick rope filled her mouth.

She had no choice but to swallow each pulse. As I moaned and fucked her face, she started humping my hand harder. Her wild gyrations caused my finger to slip between her moist lips and push through her hymen as my thumb raked across her pulsating clit. She screamed in pain as her cherry tore around my finger, but seconds later she was screaming even louder as an orgasm washed over her young body. If my cock hadn't been half way down her throat, she would have woke the whole house up with her noise.

She kept hunching against my thumb as I worked her clit like a kitten on a toy mouse. I didn't know what the fuck I was doing, but whatever it was, she absolutely loved it. Eventually, she spit my cock out and whispered, "Stop, cuz, its too sensitive now. Take you finger out of my cookie, that really hurts." She looked between her legs and said, "Oh, man, you broke my cherry." She saw the confused look on my face and explained what her mother had told her about virginity and hymens and sex.

It was fascinating to get a glimpse into the world of girl stuff and I almost forgot that I had blown a load in her mouth until she smacked her lips and said, "Your cums really tasted weird; all salty and thick and stuff. I liked it. Did you like doing that? Momma said that boys like doing stuff like that." We talked about sex stuff for a while; it turns out that she knew one hell of a lot more than I did about the subject thanks to my Aunt.

Eventually, we both got tired and she kissed me on the cheek and went back to sleep. There was a bit of blood on my finger; I wiped it off with a tissue and passed out for the night. Chapter Two She wouldn't let me touch her pussy for a week because she said that it hurt, and she wouldn't touch my cock if I didn't touch her pussy.

By the Friday after our first sexual play, I was quite frustrated with the situation. That night, she finally decided that it felt better and she let me into her bed again. This time, she opened her legs wide and said, "My momma said that if I suck on a boys thing, then he has to suck on my cookie." I looked between her legs with doubt on my face; that was where girls peed from and I didn't want anything to do with that.

She pointed out that I peed from my cock and she was still willing to put in in her mouth. Once again, her logic overpowered my hesitation and I settled onto her bed and stuck my face between her legs.


"Stick out your tongue, cuz, lick my button like an ice cream cone." The mental image gave me what I needed to give her what she needed. She reached down and pulled her slit open and I touched her clit with my tongue. "Now, lick it all around, cuz, push it inside me." Her instructions were loud and clear and she was soon moaning and running her fingers through my hair as she pushed her pussy against my face.

She jumped in pain as my tongue slipped between her lips, but I quickly slid back up to her pulsing button and she forgot about it; neither of us knew it at the time, but my finger had only pushed through her hymen, it hadn't torn all of it away. My tongue got tired before she could cum; I didn't even know that she was suppose to.

She moaned in disappointment as I pulled away but nodded her head anyway when I asked her to suck on my cock again. She had an inherent instinct for fairness, so when she had me all hard and throbbing in her mouth, she pulled off and said, "I didn't get any cums so you don't either." Again with the logic.

I thought about it for a second and said, "How 'bout we push our stuff together and try to cum at the same time?" She grinned and opened her legs again; I quickly settled between them and looked around to see how things would fit together.


She aimed me at her slit and said, "Push inside, cuz." I did as she asked and she yelped and bit at her lip as my cock tore through the last part of her cherry. She saw my look of concern as I bottomed out inside her and she said, "I guess you didn't get it all with your finger. Rub my button so it don't hurt so much." She pushed me over a bit so I was leaning on one arm, freeing up the other one to give her pleasure. My thumb found her clit and I began to rub her up and down until she started moaning quietly.

"Okay, cuz, that's good, now start pushing it into my cookie, but keep rubbing my button too." It was difficult but not too much so; we soon built up a rhythm that had her head thrashing back and forth as she pulled her pillow over her face and groaned out loud. Having to concentrate on rubbing her while we fucked kept me from cumming right away, but her tight pussy clamping down on my stabbing cock soon brought me right to the edge.

My own need caused me to abandon her clit; I moved so that I was completely on top of her and began to slap my hips against hers. She grunted each time we came together, partly from pleasure but mostly from the impact of my heavier frame on her tiny one.

She moved the pillow out of the way, accidentally shifting her t-shirt sideways so that I could see her tiny breasts for the first time.

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I ogled her little pointy cones, the tips covered with soft pink areola, as I fucked her pussy. She grinned at me, "You can suck on 'em, cuz, momma says that it feels real good when a boy sucks on your titties." Not one to argue with my knowledgeable Aunt, I leaned down and pulled one of her small breasts into my mouth.

She bit the edge of her pillow as her nipple crinkled up in my mouth. It felt weird enough that I pulled back and marveled at the change in the tip of her breast.

She giggled and pulled my face back to her chest. The entire scene became too much for me and I thrust into her one last time and filled her tight, wet pussy with gobs and gobs of thick slimy cum.

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I shuddered and ground my hips against hers as my cock throbbed and spit inside of her; she yelped again and clamped down on my aching member, her own orgasm washing over her young body. We both sucked in great heaving breaths as our pleasure slowly ebbed and fatigue nibbled at the edges of our world. I slid out of her body with a wet sucking sound that made us both giggle. She snuggled against my chest and slid into a light doze. I waited until she was deeply asleep before I slipped out of her bed and stood next to it for a moment, watching her small breast move up and down in time with her shallow breathing.

Eventually, I slipped into my bed and drifted off to sleep. Neither of us understood how big a thing we had just done with each other, nor did we have any idea that she could get pregnant from it.

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We were fortunate that winter; I dumped gallons of cum into her pussy and none of it took; we both had several children later in life, three with her husband and two with my wife. I guess, fortunately for us, her body just wasn't ready back then. When her parents came back from wherever the hell they went that winter, she moved back with them and things went back to the way that they were before.

We never really talked about what we had done, and as we got older and realized just how stupid we'd been, we kind of avoided each other for a few years until we decided that we were being stupid and let it go. So, that's the story Y'all have fun now.