Herrin eva köln

Herrin eva köln
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This a 90% true story We were young, horny and in so much in love. We booked a vacation at a Jamaican resort. It was our honeymoon makeup. You were the hottest looking and smartest woman I had ever met.

You dressed for the trip in a tight white T shirt and I could see your braless nipples pushing out. Your skirt was a very short white cotton.

When you moved I could see your underwear. You dressed to accentuate your sexiness and you loved to flaunt your body. Your skin was flawless and you liked showing a lot of it off. Once we arrived at the airport we were met by a young Jamaican man. His name was Brian and he was dreadlocked and muscular. He drove us to the resort in an old beat up van. He was playing reggae music and looking at you in the rear view mirror. The scenery was beautiful with swaying Palm trees and glimpses of clear blue water and sandy beaches.

As the van bumped along your tits were swaying. He told us that some of the local clubs were hot and he also told us he could get us some weed. Once we arrived at the resort and finished checking in he said "maybe I'll see you later". Our room was fabulous with a huge bed, a balcony and a very large Jacuzzi. Our view was of the nude beach. We had a free in-room bar stocked with all kinds of drinks. We had a glass of wine and got out of our travel clothes.

You put on the skimpiest bikini I had ever see, two small white triangles for your breasts that were see through and a white see through patch for your bottom.

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You added a sarong for a cover up. We headed for the beach. Once there we found a patch of sand and you put the sarong down for us to lay on and promptly took off your suit. I took my suit off and lay beside you. The beach was full of nude people. After a bit I said you needed some suntan lotion. You rolled over on your stomach. I rubbed some lotion on my hands. I started at your feet feeling every toe, then rubbing slowly I moved up to your calves, you were sighing when I got to your thighs.

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Your ass was next. I rubbed the lotion on and put some between your cheeks. I then moved up to your smooth back and shoulders.

I asked you to turn over. Once again I started at your feet and moved slowly up to your calves and your thighs. You blocked your face from the sun with your arm and opened your legs. I reached your cunt and lathered it with lotion, occasionally slipping my finger into it.

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You were very wet and moaning. I moved on to your flat stomach and then I reached your tits. Your nipples were very erect and prominent. I took each one and squeezed and caressed it gently and then circled them with my fingers. I was kneeling over you with my semi hard prick pointing at your tits. I looked around and we had gathered a few watchers, but this kind of behavior was accepted at the resort. By this time we were so hot we needed some relief.

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I asked you if you wanted a drink, there was a beachside bar about 50 yards away. I went off to the bar leaving you naked and gleaming on the sand. At the bar I ordered two cool fruity drinks and chatted a bit with the bartender. As I walked back to you I saw two young Jamaican men kneeling by you and flirting. They wore small black speedo suits with prominent bulges. You were up on your elbows, tits jutting out. When I got there you introduced me to your two new friends.

We drank and talked for a while. Soon we were done and you stood up and one of them brushed some imaginary sand of your bottom. They smiled and said what a lucky man I was. We headed back to our room. Once we got there we pounced on each other and had wild sex while I whispered about you flirting naked with the two young men. We took a nap under the ceiling fan. That night there was a pajama party at the resort nightclub.

I wore a pair of light pajama pants and you wore a short see through nightgown with skimpy underpants and no bra.

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The music was pounding and the dance floor was packed with people in various states of undress. We started dancing to a fast song and your tits were swaying and your hips undulating. When we slow danced I held you tightly and your pressed your body to mine and I ran my hands all over you. Again I asked if you wanted something to drink. I went to the packed bar and had to wait a few minutes to get served.

I got the drinks and headed back to our table. You weren't there. I looked around and saw you dancing with the two young men we had met at the beach. You were in between them looking flushed with erect nipples and they were trying to touch you.

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When you looked around you saw me at the table. You grabbed both of their hands and pulled them over to our table. You said do you remember these boys we met at the beach. We chatted for a few minutes then you said it's too loud and crowded here let's all go to the room for a nightcap. We left the club with you arm in arm with them and leaning into them.

Once we got there I got up and made drinks and then heard you giggling.

I turned around and saw they had gotten out a giant joint. We smoked it and were soon buzzing.


You started flirting with them. Soon we were all dancing with you. You loved all the attention and were rubbing up against everyone. You excused yourself and went into the bathroom. I heard water running and you yelled out who wants to take a bath.

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We walked in and you were naked and getting into the Jacuzzi. We all took our clothes off and were sporting erections. You were lying back with your tits floating. I moved up to your side and started caressing them and kissing you. The two young men were caressing your legs and cunt. Soon there were hands all over you and your nipples were erect and your body flushed with excitement. One of the young men sat with his back to the tub and pulled you to him. You sat on his lap then rose up and put his prick in you.


You were moaning and rising up and down. You made loud sex sounds and were moaning about being fucked. We could see your wetness on him. The other young man was caressing your back and ass. You made loud sex sounds. He pumped into you and soon he was coming in you and you were coming on him. As you extricated yourself from him, the other young man gently turned you over so you were on your hands and knees. He moved toward you his prick pointed at your cunt. You reached behind you and put his prick in you.

As he fucked you we were caressing your tits, back and ass. Soon he was frantically plunging into to you and again your were making sex sounds - Oh, Ah, Fuck Me, come in me. He grunted and came in you and you came on his prick again. We all caught our breath. We all dried you off and I took you into the bedroom. I laid you down and looked in wonderment at your beautiful body.

You looked up at me and said make love to me.


I got between your legs and licked your cum filled pungent cunt. Then I moved up and put my prick into your wetness. The young men were hard again and they stood by your side and stroked their ebony pricks.

You were moaning again and saying fuck me fuck me. I soon lost control and came in your cunt. Meanwhile they stroked their hard black pricks and came on your tits. We were all exhausted and said good night to them. You were lost in a haze of sex. When they were gone we cuddled naked and relived the wonder full night.