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Stepmom and teen babe took turns fucking
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Alan appeared back in the bunker a few moments later amid smirks from the other 4. "You really think it was a good idea that you let her go?" Harman said though he made no move toward Alan. "I don't see why not." Alan replied. "I felt no one there where she was that was in any way strong enough to penetrate our bunker. Besides," Alan started with a smirk, "I felt she was somewhat turned on by you." Harman's face registered shock causing both Angelika and his sister Truda, to break out in a round of giggling.

"Me?" Harman finally managed to get out, an even more severe look of shock on his face. "Yes you brother," Truda said after a moment.

"You are after all ruggedly handsome. If you weren't my brother I might try a go at you my self!" This of course caused Harman to back away and the others to almost fall on the floor laughing.


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I'm serious! I happen to like his looks!" Alan nodded then sat to think, the old man he'd met was the strongest there. The thing is Alan felt that the man was hiding his power. This was a lot like he did when he first started out. Then there was the fact that the man had a familiar feeling to him. It was the strangest thing; Alan could swear he'd met the man before.

Shaking his head he turned back to Harman who was still running from his sister. Laughing a moment Alan still felt that he knew the man nagging at the back of his mind. Shrugging he decided that for now he'd shelf it 'til he got a better handle on it. Alan called Varick aside a few minutes later to discuss with him about future strategy.

"I know that you are the leader of this group and have been for a very long time. The thing is I am used to being on my own; it's hard for me to follow what you say. I'm not saying you are a bad leader it's just that I just cannot always follow like the others do." Varick was nodding the whole time he'd pretty much expected Alan to say this.

Sighing he knew that they needed Alan far too much to let him go out on his own. Then again they were just starting to gain the power to resist the doctor and his assistant now. Without Alan, Varick knew they wouldn't be half as far along as they were now. "I know it is hard Alan, though I cannot give complete leadership over to you, I do wish to share it. I have been doing this for longer than I can remember.

Even a little relief would be a welcome change. I know your mother would accept this, as I am sure Truda would. The problem I see is Harman; with him trust is something he is extremely stingy with. I think the fact that you can do something for his sister that he can't is gnawing at him. He has been her protector for as long as they both can remember. I think he needs to be able to give her something, something that he will feel he has control again with her." Varick said with all frankness.

Alan nodded he might not completely agree with Varick's reasoning but he could see the logic in it. Alan sat in silence for a few minutes contemplating everything that Varick had said. Something that Harman could feel he'd gained control over in his quest to protect his sister.

Hmmm interesting Alan thought though for the moment there was only one thing Alan could think of. The problem was if Harman was willing enough to go that far for his sister? His only family? Alan looked over at Varick with a small grin, "I may have a plan, but getting Harman on board might be difficult even for you. Here's my idea so far." Harman had been watching his sister for an hour now; he felt he'd lost so much with her now.

Sighing he could see that it was a losing proposition with her. It seemed as if nothing he did now was right. Staring intensely he didn't notice Alan or Varick across the room watching him as he watched his sister. Varick nodded to Alan and started to walk across the room to talk to Harman. Finally breaking Harman's focus on his sister, Varick started to question Harman about strategy. Alan who'd withdrawn behind the wall, smiled as he gently reached out for Harman.

It all depended on just how distracted Varick kept Harman. Reaching in Alan started to adjust the areas that he knew would let Harman affect all the effects that would be needed.

A full ten minutes later Alan had felt numerous parts that he moved fall into place. Touching Varick's mind, Alan waited as the man retreated back to him.

"Did you achieve all you set out to?" Varick whispered as he came around the corner where Alan was hiding. "I think so; I did have to move quite a few things around to get him there. I think all we have to do is wait and enjoy any show that may take place." Alan told Varick who was nodding.

Suddenly a thought crossed Varick's mind, "he won't have an effect on Angelika will he?" Chuckling a bit Alan replied, "No, I have him tuned to his sister only. Though maybe one day, by then I am sure that it might not be a good idea. All of you are increasing each day, as I said it might not be a good idea then." Alan looked straight at Varick, "I am sure you remember your sister's anger." Varick nodded and shook a bit, who in the hell could forget? "Do you think he will need a push or a thought toward what you talked about?

She is after all his sister; he might find all this repulsive." Varick asked pensively. Alan thought a moment, "hmmm you might have a thought there. I gave him the ability but that was all. The desire to actually do this though is still up to him." Alan reached out and as gentle as he could trigger a few thoughts that Harman had repressed. Alan concentrated a few moments longer then nodded to Varick who smirked, and then moved back into the common area with Harman.

A few moments later Varick and Harman were talking about their sisters. "Harman are you alright? You have seemed so distracted lately, plus you have been attacking Alan lately." Harman sighed then replied, "I have felt so useless lately Varick. Truda is looking at me so differently. I am at a loss what to do or say. It should have been me that was able to release her from what the doctor and his assistant did to her." Varick nodded as much to Harman as he was to Alan who was trying to get him to keep Harman talking.

"I know Harman but with Alan now, at least we have a chance against the both of them." Varick told the tense man. Sighing Harman nodded, "Yes I know, and believe it or not, I am grateful to him for THAT. I do have something against him though about Truda. She is MY sister the only family I know of that I have left. I am not about to lose her or that!" Varick could hear Alan saying that Harman was almost there, to try and keep him talking about his family.


"So no further memories about the past or family?" Varick asked then suddenly felt something like a lock slip in his mind. "No, only Truda she is all I know I cannot lose her!" Harman suddenly yelled out.

Suddenly Truda appeared a slight look of confusion on her face. "What in the hell is going on?" She asked as she looked around the room.


"Oh my god!" She breathed out as she started to tremble slightly. Falling to the couch in the middle of the room she looked at Varick then stared straight at her brother. "Holy shit! When did you discover this power! I. AAAAAAAA OMG!" Truda screamed out a little louder. "Damn it don't you dare stop. Oh, you son of a bitch! Give it to me ugh!" With that her whole body convulsed then she passed out!

Harman could only stare opened mouth as he watched his sister cry out in pleasure. The same cries that she had issued when Alan had done this to her. Smiling a bit Harman stood up taller and sat next to Truda 'til she awoke. "You tell Alan I said thank you. I don't know what or how he did it but thank you." Harman told Varick. Varick was trying to nod to Harman but something was wrong. A terrible pain was trying to take all of his attention. Finally emitting a small scream Varick grabbed his head and slowly sunk to the floor.

"Nein, nein Bruder tun es nicht! (No, no brother do not do it!)" Alan appeared immediately and delved into Varick's head. Shaking his head he was at the beginning of it all!

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They were all being lead in at gun point when another teen chopped a guard and took off running for the entrance. Several guards opened up with machine guns and dropped the teen. "No brother do not!" He heard Varick say, brother? What in the hell was going on.

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They were all lined up against the wall when Dr. Johann Bauer walked in. Looking at the body in the hall way he told the guards to remove it and toss the body in the scrap heap.

"I'd advise against trying that again unless you all wish to die. No? Good then we understand each other." Alan heard the Doctor say.

As he watched them take the body away Alan could swear that the teen was still alive! Reaching past the memories Alan could see and feel the pain of loss that Varick was feeling. A pain so deep it was crippling Varick's mind and body. Alan did all he could to ease the pain but he needed to find this Varick to try and heal him also. Finally in another deep corner Alan found the youngest version of Varick he'd ever seen yet.

<Hello Varick> Alan said almost startling the teen. <Hello sir, you seem very familiar sir. Have we met before?> the teen visage asked. Alan smiled as he tried to think of a way to explain that might make sense. <We have met but it was a little later in your memories I am.> Alan started. <You are the one who made the dark man go away! I told you I would remember!

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My brother! I was unable to save him, Angelika will be so mad at me; I told both of them that I would protect them. Those dirty Nazi's killed him! I.> the visage of Varick started. <Before you do, may I show you something?> when the teen only nodded Alan continued.

<I am assuming that they took all of you because all of you showed abilities?> the teens eyes went wide and he nodded vigorously. <I also take it that your brother had them also?> Again the silent nod. <Then I am glad to inform you that I think that he survived, here let me show you.> Alan replayed all that they had just been through.

Alan wished he didn't have to show it again as the horror was apparent on the teens face. Then they both watched as the guards picked up the body and carried it out. They both could see that the body was still glowing as it was taken out. A look of joy covered the teen's face. <See I told you,> Alan said to the now joyful teen. <Then he might still be alive!> the younger Varick shouted. Alan nodded then felt a familiar tug, <we need to go, I think that the other you from before might join with you, that ought to make you far stronger.> <Yes sir!

We will all remember, please if you can, please try to find out what happened to our brother!> the younger Varick said. <I will do all I can, let's go,> Alan told him as they both ascended. Alan's eyes snapped open he was on the floor next to Varick. A moment later Varick's eyes flew wide as he sat up. Looking over at Alan he asked, "Are you sure about that?

You really think there is a chance that he survived?" Alan smiled, "You saw for yourself he was alive when they carried him out." Angelika was staring at both the men on the floor with a confused look on her face. "For the sake of those that weren't just in your head, what in the hell are you two talking about?" Varick stood and grabbed his sister hugging her tight.

"I saw him go down but Alan showed me he was still alive when they carried him out of the bunker!" Angelika, Truda, and now even Harman were staring at Varick as if he'd lost his mind. "Ok I'll bite," Harman spoke up, "just who in the hell are we all talking about?" Varick picked his sister up and twirled her about the room singing he's alive.

Putting her hand on his chest causing him to stop, Angelika asked again, "Who Varick." Varick looked deep into Angelika's eyes and said with all sincerity, "our brother!" Angelika could only stare at him like he was a mad man, "Our brother? Varick we don't have a brother, something like that I don't even think the doctor could block out. I." suddenly Angelika's eyes went wide.

"Emory?" She whispered then huge tears started to fall from her eyes. "Please Varick, Alan don't joke about this. We all saw him go down when the guards shot him." Both Harman and Truda also had tears in their eyes as they both nodded and the memories flooded back into their minds.

"I found it hard to believe myself but I tell you Angelika, I saw him. I saw he was still alive when they took him out of the bunker. Alan was there in my mind he showed me what I refused to see back then." An even broader smiling Varick said. Shaking uncontrollably Angelika slowly sunk to the floor. "Emory," she was whispering as even more tears started to flow from her eyes. "Dear brother how could I have forgotten your face?

My god how you must have hated us for not trying to escape with you. I was so terrified when I saw you go down I could barely think let alone move." A haunted look appeared on her face then she hid her face as sobs began to rack her body. Truda had her hands over her mouth as she ran to Angelika. Hugging her friend she started to cry along with her. Varick could only grimace as he watched his sister and her friend hold each other.

It had never been his intention to upset her this badly, neither one of them. Sighing deeply Varick motioned to both Alan and Harman as they stepped around the corner. "I didn't think it would upset them this much." Varick said moments later. Harman turned to Alan explaining, "Emory was a good friend to both me and Truda.

A year younger than Truda, he was also the biggest daredevil of us all. None of us thought that we had a chance to escape except Emory. I remember Varick telling him it was suicide but he just smiled and said to follow his lead." "I.I watched them as they gunned him down. At least 5 of the guards opened fire on him. I swear they all emptied their magazines on him. I can still see the sadistic looks of glee on their faces when they were done." Varick was almost whispering.

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Suddenly he looked up at Alan. "You son of a bitch! You god damned son of a bitch! You were there! Don't you lie to me you sorry piece of shit!

You WERE THERE!" Harman was looking back and forth between both men what in the hell was going on? Completely confused 'til Alan opened his mouth.

His head down he nodded, "I was there in a way." "WHAT!!??" Harman shouted as he swung at and connected with the side of Alan's face and nose, sending him crashing into the far wall. "We should kill you bastard!! You could have stopped all of this! You could have prevented." "No I couldn't! You don't understand! I couldn't stop it; I couldn't kill the doctor though I almost did." Alan said from the floor his nose bleeding.

"Why? It had better be a good reason or I swear I'll do everything I can to kill your ass," Harman growled. "I had actually grabbed the doctor's heart and was going to crush it; suddenly I was seeing a hundred then a thousand possible outcomes. All of them involved the bunker destroyed and all of you being killed.

That plus the fact that I would have never existed was a deterrent to stay my hand." Alan said already starting the healing process on his nose. Growling Harman started to advance upon Alan again when he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

<I suggest if you wish to stay awake for the next few hours you stop right now! I warned you brother the first was justified but no more or it will be me you have to face!> Harman's face had a look of abject horror on it as he slowly backed away from Alan.

<Better, thank you brother.> Harman heard his sister's thoughts. All three men walked to the other room where Truda was staring at Alan with a strange look. "So when did you start to develop my abilities?" She asked a little smirk on her face. "It appears that you were doing more than just 'fixing' my mind weren't you?" "No, this started a few days ago. I was so exhausted when I did the first bunker; as soon as I passed out I was there. I saw all of you being led in. I believe there were ten of you at first nine after Emory tried to escape." Sighing Alan guessed he had to reveal all he'd seen and done.

Thirty minutes later he finished with, "I told the doctor get used to disappointment when I was in his mind back then. When I faced him here I had forgotten about that and had said the same thing to him.

His realization caused him to scream and yell, [No! All these years it was you NO! It can't be! My greatest creation, it couldn't have been you!

That was over 70 years ago! NO!]" Harman had a huge smile on his face as did the rest of them. "You were able to plant things in his mind like he did to us?" Truda asked. Chuckling a moment Alan said, "Actually I did it BEFORE he gained any abilities. I also set a type of failsafe to keep him from undoing them. In all of the possibilities I saw, after you and I met that anything I did to him, in his mind, would make him weaker leading to his defeat.

I believe that we need to talk to those in the village before we go further." They all agreed and decided to take a day off as they all appeared outside the bunker again.

"I know that the walking is good but I am still getting use to the thought moving." Harman said. "He has a point Alan you said that we have to use them to make them stronger." Truda said with a sly smile, throwing his hands up Alan shrugged in defeat. "Alright, alright! Only to the edge of the village.

Remember they have never seen anyone like us with the abilities that we have. We don't want to scare the piss out of them and have another confrontation with the group that we met like last time. I really don't want to hurt any of them, besides," here Alan looked at Harman. "I really think that Madde would be greatly disappointed if we did. I could swear that she has a small vested interest in you Harman." Truda smile hugely as did Angelika when Harman began to blush a deep scarlet color.

"What are you smiling at?" Harman growled at Truda. "I don't see why you are so damn happy!" "Ah brother it is so nice to see you blush! Finally I get to see you act more like a human!" Truda's smile quickly went from a smile to a gasp. "Really brother how erotic! Ummm nice!" "HEY!" Harman shouted at Truda, "You said you would stay out of there!" "As I said before you broadcast it so openly I don't have to go there!" Truda said to him smiling sweetly.

Harman just shook his head and tried to close his thoughts which shocked Truda at first. All five of them appeared near the outskirts of the village.

Walking in they received several wary looks but no one was running or screaming away. Suddenly squealing like little girls both women took off toward a dress store.

All three of the men shook their heads 'til Harman elbowed Varick and they were moving toward a weapons shop. Sighing Alan sat on a nearby bench and waited for the others to finish.

He'd been there possibly 30 minutes when he heard several voices approaching him, along with a few powerful people. Tense a moment he relaxed when he realized that one of them was Madde. "Nothing in the village appeals to you sir?" Alan heard Madde's voice. "Not at the moment, I only came to get them out of the bunker for a while. Well, that and the fact that the ladies would have been hell to live with had I denied them coming back to town." Chuckling a little, Madde nodded to Alan after he finished.

"Father was impressed when you brought me back and wished to talk to you. You are the first that have been here as long as you have and haven't made a move, threatened or attacked. Father wished to ask you what your intentions are and if you would consider joining with us?" Madde said as Alan noticed a much older man behind her, an extremely powerful man.

Alan nodded then the old man moved forward. Alan noticed that the man didn't have the gait of a man his age. "Before I can give you any answers, I need to know who I am dealing with. I will also have to talk to the others." The old man nodded then sat across from Alan seeming to almost be sizing Alan up.

Nodding his head slightly more than half of those with him suddenly relaxed. Alan smiled the man really had no need for the guard that he had.

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Alan looked straight into the older man's eyes and smiled, causing the man's eyes to go wide. Suddenly smiling the man stated. "Sir I would also like to know who I am dealing with. I see that we both are very good at hiding things." Alan nodded and bowed to the man, "My name is Alan, Alan Gance I have just discovered a family I didn't know I had. I spent the first part of my life as an orphan." "I am pleased to meet you Alan Gance. My name is Emory, Emory Verlorenen." Reaching out he shook Alan's hand with a strength that Alan had felt the man possessed so it wasn't a shock.

What was a shock was the fact of the man's name, and age. We'll see Alan thought as he smiled at the man.