Nude men All three dudes were exhausted notably

Nude men All three dudes were exhausted  notably
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Debra I left Donna in the sauna to soak away the exhaustion . I planned to stay at the resort till the weekend. I arrived and had a shower, and dressed for a late dinner.

With an unaccustomed amount of cash in my wallet, I felt I deserved a steak dinner, which I had. I tipped heavily, and made my way to the bar in the next room. The young lady I had met earlier took my order. "I"m Debra -- Wha'cha having ?" " " A double please, Black Jack over ice. I remember you. I'm Dano. We met at the buffet, right?" " Yeah! You're the guy that pissed Stanley off for tipping me." "You work the bar here and the buffet line?" "It's the only way Stanley would hire me.

He tries to make everyone here do two jobs." She turned to make my drink and her long red ponytail hung to her ample buttocks.

She had a heavy "Goth" look in her manner of dress. Black tee with a black leather vest, Black mini skirt and sexy over the calve black boots.

In contrast with her red hair-- in a word -- HOT ! God's sick joke on men was he gave them TWO brain's - with one being in the penis -- and only enough blood to run one of them at a time. After all the sex I"d had today, I could feel my cock thicken up a bit .but still . she was a wet dream waiting to happen. " I'd like to run a tab please." I gave her my best smile.

Just as she set my drink down, in walks Stanley, and scoots in beside me. "Well, Dano, with the Baxter's account settledyou're up to $1250 this week, minus my cut of course." There was a sneer in the way he said it.

"Of course, " I sneered back. That's $400 he would pocket from my hard earned - uh- work. At those rates, it was still costing me a hundred a day to live here.

But not for long. "Can Dano run a tab here?" she asked. "Sure- He's good for it." He looked at me saying "Or I'll take it outta his pay." "I'll settle up when I leave.thank you.

" I told him. "Deb--How bout we close up and ride the lifts tonight with a bottle of wine.?" He was laying it down heavy. He was a tall manat least 6"1" or moreabout 220 lb . Not fat, just big,and with a nerd's face and attitude. Another of God's jokes, I smiled to myself. "Na- I'm worn out tonight. My feet and legs are killing me. I'll have to take a raincheck" He shrugged and walked away leaving us alone at last. " Damn Him ! . I made the mistake of flirting with him to get hired, now he thinks I'm his!

He gives me the creeps." "Well, I can do much better than that. " I smiled. "I bet you can-- I've heard your name dropped around here. You do the massage thing here ,right?" "Guilty --and if you would care to come to my room later, my table and Hot Stones will take all your aches and pains away." "Now that's the best line I've heard all night!" I got a double to go and paid my tab with a fiftytold her to keep the change. It seemed to impress her. I slipped her a plastic key to my room.

Told her I was a night owl and usually was up till 2-3am. I got to my room, turned on my Hot Stones and changed the sheets on my table. By the time I changed into my wife beater tee and camo shorts it was pushing midnight. I lay back to watch the late news and dozed off. I awoke to Debra leaning over to brush my hair away from my face. "I'm here--Mr Night-owl !!" I sat quickly, a little embarrassed that she was able to sneak up on me.

I'm normally a light sleeper, but with the day I"d had, with all the sex and booze,etcI must have needed the power nap. She had brought a handful of clothes with her, and a bottle of wine. " I had to sneak some things outta my room to come. Stanley's looking everywhere for me by now.

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He just won't take no for an answer. Can I take a shower here? I didn't want him to hear mine running." "Sure, go right ahead." I felt sorry that she was being stalked by this pervert. He was old enough to be her ---much older brother. I was only old enough to be her Dad.and I hadn't forced her to come to my room.

Coming out of the shower, she had a bath towel wrapped around most of her. She slid tummy down on my tablebut kept the towel on her. I oiled my hands and began at her feet. "MMnn-- That feels so good!". I popped hers toes and moved to her legs. Her calves and thigh muscles were very well developed, although tight with fatigue and tension. I worked them individuallydividing the muscles and totally relaxing them. By the time I was at her upper thighs, a could feel a slight tremble in them.

I raised the towel and folded it to her buttocks to work the large inner thighs. "OH--Oh yeah--r-right in there!" I gave her my best moves as her thighs continued to spread, revealing more and more of her charms.

I skipped over her buttocks and moved to the neck and shoulders. She cooed and grunted as I found several calcium depositsmostly around the shoulder blades. I checked her spine on both sides, popping her in several places. "You are out of alignment, a little in your lower back." I said as I worked. " Wha'cha gonna charge me for an overhaul "? she grinned. "No charge, for a friend." "When did I become a friend?" " It has been said -- The enemy of my enemy is my friend.-- We have a mutual disgust in Stanley,so that binds us to make his life hard as we can.

" She cracked up, and turned over suddenly, letting the towel slip some and revealed a perfect set of breasts. She was a little shy, so I tried to set her at ease. " Debra, I've seen hundreds of boobs and butts. You have no need to fear me." "It's just that I've never been naked around men much." "Oh really--You a virgin ?

It's been years since I last saw one." I was serious. "No- Well, almost. I've only been with a couple of guyswhen I was in school. " "Almost only counts with horseshoes--- or hand grenades." She laughed at that one, and seemed to relax more. "Let's just say I'm very inexperiencedand leave it there." I stood at her head, and massaged her templesand lay a wet folded rag over her eyes. Moving to her neck and collarbone, I could sense a change in her breathing. She asked if she might have a glass of wine.

" I bought that with the tip you gave me-- It's some 'old' stuff." I checked the bottle and sure enough, it had 1965 on the California seal. She had brought an opener and two long stemmed glasses, so I opened it and poured two . She sat up and we toasted to us- for us meeting--and for our mutual disgust in Stanley. She drained her glass and rolled back to her tummy, and let the towel drop.

I began to lay the Hot Stones down each side of her spine, all the way to her cute ass cheeks. I was still being the consummate professionalbut she was very easy on the eyes to gaze at her beauty.

Her sighs and grunts were more audible now, and the wine had loosened her tongue somewhat. " I'll bet you just have tons of girlfriends Dano. Where do you keep em?" "There's one or two tucked under the bed -- for hard times," I joked. I moved lower, and placed four of my largest stones --two on each cheek of her ass. " OH --Th-That's Hot!" I put my hands on the stones and moved them in circles to spread the penetrating heat more evenly.

"Yeah-- That's feels soo good!" She rolled her hips and one of the stones slipped from my hand, and down between her cheeks to her star shaped anus and crotch area. She jerked as if shot, and I scrambled to retrieve the rock. "Don't st-stop. I need some relief there too. It's been so long." "Debrahow old are you?" "I'm 21barely. Why?" " Cause I need to know before I offer you my "Erotic Massage." " Sounds sexy, is that what it is? Will it include fucking me, cause I need it bad ." " I do alot of them on my 'regulars', but it's hard to describe-- a more 'personal' way to relax you, and I've never had a complaint from any lady who had one.

" "On the subject of fucking you, I would rather we call it " stress relief", with your permission." " O KI've always been attracted to older men, and I trust you." I removed the stones and set her up on the side of the table.

"Let's finish this wine and we'll begin." We toasted Stanley again and drained our glasses. "You should at least kiss me first." She stood and put her arms around my neck, pulling me down to kiss. My hands went around to cup her tight ass cheeks as she sighed into my lips.

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I reluctantly got her back down on her back and placed fresh stones from her collarbone to her pubic mound. She groaned and tried to sneak a hand up my shortsmaking my cock throb in anticipation. I pulled away, and bent over her chest, licking each pert nipplethen swirling my tongue around each, causing her breath to come in gasps.

"Oh--You're so good with that tongue!" I sucked in a nipple greedily,and began to feed. I moved to the other and fed there also. I removed the stones and traced a path with my tongue down her torso to her cute navel. Dipping in and sucking on it took her breath, while my hand began to cup her red-trimmed mound. Damn - I was a lucky ol fart to get ladies this young!

My fingers found her swelled clit already protruding from it's hood. I stroked each side, avoiding direct contact. She raised her hips and my two middle fingers parted her outer labia. Her inner lips were so tight I could only get one finger to enter her wet tunnel. "I- I 'm sorry-- I'm so wet, it's just that -" "Shhh--- It's fine Debra, just relax and enjoy." This wasn't going to be easy.

This girl evidently hadn't had sex in a long while. I got a quarter - sized stone and placed it above her swelled clitoris, and traced a path all round it and her vulva. Dragging it up and down her slit produced squeals of pleasure and when I laid it directly on her clit, she almost cried with joy. Pulling her towards the foot of the table, I leaned in and pushed the stone inside her wet tunnel. The weight and heat helped dilate her somewhat, and I stiffened my tongue and traced my ABC's around and on her clit.

This drove her to new heights, lifting her ass clear of the table. I cupped those lovely tight orbs in each hand to help steady her. She cut little circles in the air, to get maximum please from my tongue . I finally removed the stone and got her back on the edge of the table. Sucking directly on her throbbing clit, she screamed like hell. I worked two of my fingers into her now dilated tunnel, and rotated them to hook her G spot behind her pubic bone.

It set her off instantly, the pressure on her gland caused her to shoot several streams of warm cum to flood my face and chin.

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It ran freely down over her spasming anus and onto the sheet . "Oh --Oh Yes!!! I-I'm Cu-cummmiinnnggg!! Pl-Please don't stop what you're doing!! AAhhhhggghh!!" She moved from the first huge one right into anothereven harder orgasm, still spraying my chin and hand past the wrist.

"Nnnggg ood God!! " I backed off and stood to let her come down a little. I dropped my shorts and peeled away the tee. Looking down at my thick veined cockshe got second thoughts. " Damn Dano-- There's no way that'll fit in me!!" She reached and took it in her hand. She couldn't quite get her hand around the shaft behind the head, and I was a good deal thicker at the base.

I've never considered myself 'hung'. about 7 1/2 in long and 5in around at the point she was holding. I assured her it would fit. I smiled and told her to rub it up and down her soaked lips. As she did, she got bout an inch or two inside and let go. Even her outer lips clung to me as I spread themthe wide head now penetrating her inner lips and hot tunnel.

"Go Easy!! It burns like hell !" Debra was trying to scoot back up the table, but I placed her legs over my shoulders and drove in another few inches.Her breathing really took off then, coming in short rapid gasps. She was slowly accepting the fact that this was gonna hurt some, and was dealing as best she could with it.

I then crossed her legs Indian style on my chest to put the angle of our pubic bones to my advantage. As our pubic bones touched for the first of many times, I said " We are one-- I'm-m all the way in!" " Ungh--I feel so full !! Be still a sec- and lemme get used to this. ! " I gave her just long enough to grip my cock with her vise-like muscles before I withdrew. Half way out I rocked gently back into her, bumping her cervix.

" Oh God Mister. !! FUCK ME !!! FUCK ME FASTER !!! " That's what I was waiting to hear. I began to long stroke her in earnest now, my hips gathering momentum for the coming storm. The walls of her cunt were gripping my shaft so hardit was an effort to push it back inside. Her head flailed from side to side, her climax building rapidly. Mine was close also. With my eyes closed, I could see the white flashes of orgasm approaching, like lightning on the back of my eyelids.

The thunder would soon roar through my ears and mind. " I-I'm cu-cummmiinnggg!!" Her young cunt sucked and spasmed around my thick cock. I pounded her pubic bone with mine. "OOOoohhhh--- Nooo --an- another one's c-cumminnnng!!" She soaked my cock and ballsand triggered my release as well. I felt like my very soul was being pulled into her by her contracting vaginal walls, milking me down to nothing as spurt after spurt was devoured by her cunt.

Of course, it could not contain it long, and as we spasmed out our last drops, it flowed freely to mix with hers on the sheet. I uncrossed her legs and lay forward, putting my head between her heaving breasts. Her heart was racing along with mine, and I couldn't tell whose beats I heard and felt. Debra began to chuckle at our demise. " Yo-You could give a woman a heart attack doing that shit to her! Hell, a couple more inches and you would be dangerous!

" "You complainingyoung lady?" She hugged me so hard I had to wrestle her to get free. " God noDano. That's absolutely the best damn sex I've ever experienced." It was decided that she would sleep here with me, to avoid Stanley.

We curled up and Debra was soon asleep. I lay there thinking-- She was a fireball -- sexually, and I had poured gas on her !! I might just keep her around.

I woke to find Debra gone, but a note was pinned to her pillow.

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"Thanks for relieving my "stress" last night. It was so incredible ! Come to the dining room and I'll buy you breakfast. Also-- Please don't tell Stanley I was with you.


He would be very angry with me, and I need this job. XOXO Debra " I showered and made my way to the dining room. Debra was on the serving line. She waved me over, and took my plate. "What will you have? it's my treat." I chose hot cakes and baconwith coffee.

She served me an extra hot cake and 2 extra strips of bacon. I sat down to eat and she brought my coffee over. " Have you many appointments today?" "That depends on Stanley. I giving him notice today. I've been offered a much better position at a fitness center." No sooner had I said that, than he walked in and right up to my table. He had his clip board with him. " I have four guests for you this morning Dano. Eat well cause you might have to work through lunch." He pulled an envelope from his clipboard and handed it to me.

"This is for you, minus my cutcomes to $ 850. He had taken a cut from my tip also.Today starts next weeks pay period. I said nothing, letting him hang himself. Then he was on Debra.

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" I looked everywhere for you last night. Where did you get to after work?" I saw her eyes drop to the floor, and something made me snap. I looked at him and said-- "She was with me last night." His face turned beet redand raising his finger to her face he began to shake it at her.

" You know the rules! No employees are to date. " Debra's face went pale. I pushed my plate aside and said-- " I'm not an employee hereand if you want to keep that finger-- you better get it out of her face!

In fact, you can just cancel those four guests, because I 'm leaving as soon as I pack. Debra is seeing me nowso quit harrassing her." Debra's eyes widened and she sat down at the table.

Our voices had drawn the attention of the guests that were eating. "You can't just quit on me! How about a weeks notice?" "I don't recall saying I would give you notice, remember I'm not on the payroll here,so your rules don't apply to me." Debra jumped up and almost ran to the kitchen.

Stanley turned to follow, but I was too quickgrabbing him at the wrist . "I won't tell you again to leave her alone. Just let her do her job and find you someone else to stalk. If I have to come back up here--you won't like it." I turned him loose and he stormed off towards the front desk.


I sat back down and finished my meal. A few minutes passed before Debra came back out. " Dano-- Why did you do that? He'll get even worse now that you're leaving." "I hope he don't like it, cause I'm fed up with his shit.

I threatened him, and I meant it. You let me know if he bothers you again." I stood and kissed her, hoping word would get back to him. "I'll be down at the fitness center on the left,about half way down the mountain if you need me." " I know where it's at.

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Just watch your back. He won't leave this alone—he'll do something." I pulled a couple of hundreds from Stanley's envelope and gave it to her. " This does'nt mean we're engaged or anything. I just thought if we were seen together for a while, he would take the hint and bother someone else." " What's the money for?" "I'll be packing and leaving in a while.

I want you to go to my room and get my massage table. Store it in your room till I call for it. The money is for you to get a cell phone with, so we can stay in touch." I gave her my card and said " You call me when you get it. I'm going to speak with Sandra at the fitness center about hiring you ." She hugged me tightly and said " Thank you so much.