Some horny bitches are having fun while

Some horny bitches are having fun while
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High School Lust - Marisa's Discovery: Part 1 This is my first attempt at writing this type of story so any constructive criticism and suggestions would be helpful but please keep it friendly (Please note I am from the UK so some words may vary from the US spelling and/or phrasing). I will use scenes to break this part up into sections to make it easier to navigate for those who wish to read certain scenes.

I am unsure of what the rules are regarding the ages (UK Law is 16 for age of consent) of the characters in stories so if someone could please inform me on the comments, that would be great. My stories won't be extremely long but there will be many Parts which will include new, exciting themes. This is Part 1 of a series of stories, there won't be vaginal or anal sex in this part as I don't want to rush it but there will in the future. Scene Titles: 1 - Jason's Dream Girl (Intro) 2 - Walking home 3 - Make yourself at home 4 - Discovery 5 - See you at school (Conclusion) Jason's Dream Girl There she is, the most beautiful girl in the school, Marisa Alesi.

Her long, brown hair flows down her back, resting just above her waist, you could look into her chocolate brown eyes for hours and never get bored. Her skin has no imperfections, not even a freckle, her olive complexion is just one of the characteristics she has from her Italian ancestors. Jason admires her from across the playing field as she practices her cheerleading in her small black cotton shorts which accentuate her long, slender legs and rounded little bubble butt that he has often fantasised over.

He looks up her legs to her torso, her white sports sport's bra pushing up her firm yet soft looking 32C breasts, creating a lovely cleavage that would make any man -or woman- stare. She is stood at around 5 foot 6" and has a flat stomach and thin waist with medium sized hips which give her amazing curves. He bites his lip as he watches her throwing her arms in the air in routine with the other girls, however, his stare is broken when someone calls his name; "Jason!" and makes him turn his head, the football coming straight for him, he takes a touch with his chest and brings it down to his feet, taking it past his first opponent and then the nearest defender, cutting inside and striking it hard.


The ball flies through the air and rattles the crossbar before bouncing into the net, putting his team ahead but it is only training. Walking Home Jason has had a shower in the changing room and changed into a fresh pair of white shorts and a black t-shirt, he grabs his large gym bag and his school bag, putting them both on and heading out to walk home.

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He exit's the front door, glancing back to see Marisa just behind him, he holds open the door like a gentleman. She smiles at him, her white teeth sparkling at him, he runs his fingers through his dark brown, almost black hair; grooming himself.

"Thank you Jason" Marisa says, her voice sweet, innocent and pure - there is not a single thing bad about her. "You're welcome, how was practice?" He responds, walking to the front gate with her. "It was really good, I'm all sweaty now though and didn't get the chance to shower cause I forgot a towel so excuse me if I smell" She chuckles nervously, clearly a little self conscious about her perspiration. "No, you smell great. Sweating is good for you anyway" Marisa smiles a little, her confidence boosting a bit, "That's nice of you.

You scored a good goal today. Your coach seemed to like it." "You think so? Don't think it was anything special, guess that's what happens when you try to make an impression." He laughs.

"Yeah I do. So that you just heading home now yeah?" "Yeah, unfortunately. Wish I had something else to do apart from just sit in all night myself." He says, trying to hint that he has the house to himself.

She is much shorter than him, he stands at 6 foot which gives him a good height for playing football (soccer). Marisa looks up to him as the go through the front gate, "Oh, that sucks. I'll probably just go home and have a shower then relax… in fact, think I'll go for a bubble bath." She smiles, Jason gets the image of her all soapy in the steamy water, feeling his penis begin standing to attention.

They walk for quite a while, both heading in the same general direction, they make small chat along the way - Jason trying his best to make her laugh and to get to know her better. When it comes to the point they need to part ways, he considers what he should do… he has to say something to prolong this. "Would you like to come to mine?" He asks, looking down at her, their bodies quite close.

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"Umm, I don't know, I should really get home and shower but you can come to mine if you want? You will just have to wait around while shower." Marisa answers, biting her lip, not sure what he will say to that. "Okay, yeah. I would love to." Make Yourself at Home They arrive at Marisa's house, it is similar to Jason's - a typical suburban home. He notices that there are no cars in the garage and she has to unlock the door. "Are your parents home?" He asks her.


"No, did I not mention that?" To which Jason responds with a shrug, actually glad they aren't home. They step inside and he takes off his shoes like she does, she isn't wearing any socks so he can see her cute little red painted toes, smirking a little.

Marisa glances back and places her school bag down, "Just leave your bags here" She says, gently grabbing his arm and pulling him up the stairs after he dumps his stuff. She leads him into her room which is a black and silver theme with a New York mural wall behind her bed, "Nice room" He comments, receiving a giggle in response.

"I'm going to get myself washed up… you make yourself at home, there is food downstairs in the kitchen if you're hungry." She says, getting a towel and heading out and into the bathroom across the hall. Jason looks around her room, the girl of his dreams - the girl in many of his fantasies room… which he has been left in alone to his own devices.

He grins maliciously and walks to her dresser as he hears the shower going on, opening the top drawers which is her panties drawer, 'lucky me' he thinks to himself as he takes out the first pair; a pair of little black thongs with white polka dots and black lace around the edges. He brings them to his nose and inhales, his member instantly becoming hard and begging to be freed, he obliges and pulls down his shorts to the top of his thighs, followed by his boxers. He closes his eyes and takes another deep breath before putting her panties around his eight inch dick and slowly stroking while he imagines her velvet sooth lips around the head, sucking softly before slowly engulfing it inch by inch until she gags, starting over befo.

His fantasy is interrupted when he hears a voice, "Sorry I forgot to get a chan-" Then a gasp. His eyes shoot open and he turns his head to she the girl in his fantasy standing in the doorway, staring down at his throbbing member which is wrapped in her thong. He freezes, not even pulling his shorts up, just standing there while she stares at his privates and he stares back at her face.

"I- I- I'm so sorry." He whispers, finally pulling his hand away and pulling his shorts up. "N-no it's okay…" Marisa whispers, still staring at the tent in his shorts, sub-consciously walking towards him until they are right in front of each other. She finally looks up to his face, "Do you do that at every girls house.?" She asks. "No. I was just-" "Just what? Having a fantasy.?" "M-maybe…" "What about?" Marisa asks, biting her lip, glancing back down, her hand fidgeting around by her side.

"I- you were.

You were like, using your mouth for things." He whispers shamefully, it just slipping out, he looks away now but instantly looks back when she grabs his cock through his shorts. "That so. Well how would you know what that's like if I've never done it to you before?" Marisa purrs into his ear, letting his cock go and sliding his shorts back down with his boxers, wrapping her hand back around it and looking down at his perfect penis which has a slight swing to the left.

Jason lets out a soft, muffled moan at her touch, feeling her pulling back on him a little.

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"I've never seen a cock in person but I must say Jason. Yours is magnificent." She whispers, edging her lips towards him. "Can I. taste it?" She asks, not even waiting for an answer before dropping to her knees. Jason looks down at her and sighs happily, "Yes please." He says to her. The Discovery Jason is stood with Marisa in front of him on her knees, his dream girl who he would have done anything just to merely kiss.

He has also just learned that this smoking hot girl has never even seen a cock in person which means she is a virgin. He takes in a deep breath just before the hot little Italian girl runs her tongue around the head of his dick. He moans as encouragement, which causes her to do it again and then run the tip of her tongue along the slit of his penis, licking off the precum which was drizzling out.

Marisa looks up at him with her heavenly eyes; "Mmm… that tastes great, a little salty but it's nice" She whispers before wrapping her lips around the head and sucking. She slowly begins to bob her head up and down on his mushroom, her tongue twirling around the slit.

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Jason is in complete ecstasy, he has his head cocked back and his eyes shut, glancing down to her now and then though. Marisa begins to slide her mouth down his cock, getting about half way before stopping and repeating, he looks down and moans, encouraging her by taking a fistful of her slightly damp hair - she hasn't showered yet so is still sweaty.

Her pretty little mouth is stuffed with his thick cock, the innocent cheerleader is an absolute natural at cocksucking. She eagerly tries to go further, her throat closing up a little, struggling to fit it all in and gagging, she pulls back a little but then tries again, doing the same thing about three times before eventually learning from her mistakes and taking all eight inches of hard cock down her throat.

Jason groans, "Ughh, fuck Marisa. That's amazing" He whispers, resulting in her deepthroating him again, saliva dripping from her chin and down onto her cleavage. He notices that her other hand is rubbing her crotch through he cotton shorts. "Don't stop. " He groans again, she speeds up, feeling his member twitching in her wet, warm mouth. She sucks and sucks for all she is worth, wanting his cum badly, she lets out a muffled moan as she deepthroats him again - Jason holding her head there a few seconds and gently thrusting his dick back and forth down her throat.

He feels his orgasm building, his balls boiling, she takes her slippery hand off the base of his dick and begins to play with his balls, his cock instantly being buried into her throat deeper, her nose pressed against his shaven pubic bone. "Ughh, fuck!" He groans, shooting two hot loads down her throat, she pulls back a little, keeping the head in her mouth as he shoots the next two onto her tongue, this is so she can taste it.

She pulls off and opens her mouth, showing him his cum on her tongue before happily swallowing and wiping her mouth of saliva. "Oh my god Jason. That was so fucking hot, I love the taste of your cum so much! You've got me so wet… Please lick my virgin cunt?" She pleads, getting up and pulling off her shorts and light blue, frilly panties, practically diving onto the nearby bed. Jason smirks and gets down between her thighs, he takes in a deep breath of her musk, she smells delicious, even with her sweaty body - infact, that makes her smell even better.

He kisses up her inner thigh and across her completely clean shaved pussy, but then kisses her other inner thigh to tease her. "Fuck Jason, just lick my fucking pussy! Please, I need this!" She almost screams, begging him to get her off. He chuckles and buries his face into her wet, warm cunt, his tongue exploring instantly finding her clit and lapping up her juices. He flicks his tongue against her clit, holding her legs open with his hands, she squirms on the bed, she must really be horny as she is moaning within seconds, gripping the bed sheets.

"More!" She demands, his tongue going faster against her, one hand running up her leg to her entrance, sliding a finger inside with a little difficulty, she feels extremely tight - he can tell she is definitely a virgin.

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He begins to suck softly on her clit while his finger slowly pounds in and out, "Faster!" She grunts breathlessly, he obliges and speeds up his finger fucking and sucks a little harder. After about 30 seconds of that he slides his finger out and puts his tongue into and around her entrance while rubbing her clit with his fingers, his tongue runs up and down her pussy, trailing a little further down to her exposed arsehole, licking up a single bead of sweat running down her arsecrack.

He finds her tight little rosebud, his tongue twirling around it, her moans get louder and louder to almost screams of absolute pleasure. His tongue darts around her arsehole, her sweet juices from her tight cunt dripping down onto his tongue along with her delicious sweat.


He finally probes her hole with his tongue once its all wet and slippery, it slides just inside but not much as it is far too tight.

However, the shallow penetration seems to set Marisa off and her back begins to buckle, her pussy convulsing and squirting her fluids all-over Jason's face, he quickly drinks up as much of it as he can before pulling back as her orgasm eventually subsides after about 40 seconds.

She pants heavily, trying to calm down, "Jesus, that was the best. Orgasm I have ever had." She moans breathlessly, sprawled out on the bed vulnerably.

See You at School It has been hour after Marisa and Jason had the greatest sexual experiences of their lives, they showered together but where too tired after the spectacular orgasms to do anything else.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow then Marisa" He winks while standing at the door. She leans in and kisses his lips passionately, staying there for about a minute as their tongues adventure in each others mouths and around each others tongues. "Yeah. Looking forward to it." She winks, closing the door once he walks off. 'This is going to be one hell of a year!' Jason thinks to himself. The story of Marisa and Jason will continue in Part 2 which will be uploaded soon!