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Superlatively good youthful porn tube
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"Are you sure about this sensei?" asked Hinata in fear. She was sitting at the edge on a tub in the corner of the dungeon. Her hands were tied behind her back and she was still dressed in the corset and gloves. Anko was pressing her naked body against her back. In one hand was a razor and in the other was shaving cream.


"What's wrong Hinata-chan?" asked Anko mockingly as she placed some shaving cream on Hinata's pubic hair. "Don't you trust me?" She then placed the razor over the blue patch of hair and her other hand went to the girls pussy. "Now hold still," she said while nibbling on Hinata's ear. Hinata moaned as the cold razor pressed against her skin and slid upwards.

Then she gasped as Anko began to play with her folds. As Anko kept shaving Hinata's lower hair, she played and teased the girl with her hands while licking her neck.

Then… "Anko-sensei, I need to pee," cried Hinata as Anko finished shaving her.

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Anko smirked. "Well then pee right here," she said. "But I…" She cried out as Anko pinched her clit and she couldn't hold it any longer. A golden yellow stream shot out as Hinata began to sob in shame. 'This is so embarrassing,' thought Hinata. She then stopped and gasped as a tongue began to lick her pussy. She looked down and saw Anko. When did she move? "Anko-sensei, that's dirty!" "I know," said Anko as she licked her lips. "But you taste so good even with piss." She then pushed Hinata off the tub and onto the floor.

Anko then straddled her hips so that their pussy's touched. Then Anko slowly began to rub them together. "AHHHH!" cried Hinata. "Why are you doing this?" "Just incase your little Naruto-kun decides to bring over some extra fun," said Anko. She then reached out, grabbed one of Hinata's nipples, and pinched it causing the girl to cry out again. "Like when I come over to join you two.

Remember, it's the job of the hostess to make sure that all the guests have a good time." Hinata could only moan a yes. It had been two days since Anko had turned into Naruto and since then Hinata had learned more than ever. How to eat another girl out. How to play with her ass.

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How to strip for your lover. How to deep throat a guys dick. Anko had even shown her some useful tips with seals, including one that could be used when fighting a Hyuuga.

After about ten more minutes of this, Hinata and Anko came together. Anko lay on the ground for a moment until she felt something lick her pussy. She smiled and looked up to see that Hinata had buried her face in Anko's cunt. "As much as I like this," said Anko as she looked at the time.

"I'm afraid we will have to call it quits for the day." Hinata groaned as she got up. Soon they were standing in front of each other. "I'm proud of you kido. You have come a long way since I took you in and began to train you. Now you will be able to please Naruto so well that you will always be his number one." "I would rather be his one and only," muttered Hinata.

Anko reached out and ruffled Hinata's hair. "I know," she said. "But it's more fun when there are more people!" She then got a serious look. "Ok, before you go up for the third part of the exam, I'm going to help you out with that seal I was showing you earlier. Just incase you have to fight Neji." Hinata nodded. --- Naruto and his teammates walked into the arena where the other teams were waiting. After Naruto fucked Ino, she was able to point out where his team was.

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Of course they did the whole where the fuck were you and called him a dobe. So what? Screw them.

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He spent the last few days screwing every hot girl in the forest! If that made him a dobe then who gives a shit!

When Naruto saw the other teams, he had one thought. 'Oh SHIT!' he thought. 'Every girl I banged is in the same room!' Sweat began to pour out. "Let's go Naruto," yelled Sakura in her whiny voice that made everyone look at them. The guys seemed amused. That is until they noticed their female teammates acting weird. 'Naruto, you asshole,' thought Ino. Apparently, she was denying how good Naruto made her feel and was pissed that Naruto had taken her virginity and not Sasuke.

'When I get my hands on you I'll kill you! I'm going to cut off your balls and…and…that nice big cock that tastes sooo good. Maybe I'll get some of his cum before I kill him. Ya, then I'll fuck Sasuke and prove that he's the best and not Naruto. Even though Naruto is a one man gangbang team!' 'Naruto-sama,' thought Kin while hearts appeared in her eyes.

'I knew you would make it. After this is over, I'm heading for your place so we can do it on your bed. Screw Orochimaru! I'll do anything for that cock again even if it means telling you about the invasion.' She began to feel hot in her lower regions. 'I have some ideas on how I want to be taken. After all, I'm your sex kitten now Naruto-sama. Fuck me anyway you want me. All I need is your cock and your love!' 'Naruto-kun,' thought Temari.

'He made it. Good. Masturbating can only hold a girl out for so long. I hope this time it will be just the two of us. I want to taste that cock this time and not share it.' A blush appeared across her face. 'Maybe after the invasion I'll get to take him home with me.

Then we can fuck everyday for the rest of our lives! All I need to do is convince Gaara not to kill him.' 'Naruto-kun,' thought Tenten.


'Next time that dick is going in my pussy. It felt so good in my ass I bet it will be even better in my pussy.


I just need a good excuse as to why I don't have a hymen. The truth? He might think I'm some horny slut. But, I am a horny slut. Shut up, I'll just tell him it broke during training. Or maybe I'll pretend and he might not know the difference.

After all, how many women could he have been with?' "Naruto-kun!" cried out Hinata as she went right for him. The other girls growled and she hugged him, much to the confusion of the men and Sakura. "Thanks for telling Anko-sensei," she whispered in his ear. "She wants to ask a favor after this is over with. Then we can go on that date." "Hai Hinata-chan," said Naruto as they broke their hug.

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--- Naruto stood on the balcony as he watched Hinata fight Neji. From what he was seeing, it looked like Neji was going to win. He had sealed off all of Hinata's chakra points and he didn't even have a scratch on him.

But Naruto wasn't going to give up on Hinata that easily. He cheered louder. "This is pointless," said Neji as he ignored Naruto. "You are too weak. Your fate was to lose this match as soon as I was declared your opponent." "I'm not going to give up," said Hinata as she wiped some blood away from her mouth with a smirk. She then charged at Neji.

Neji stood there and sighed. He knew that she couldn't mold her chakra. There was nothing she could do. He then pulled back his arm to get ready for a jaken thrust. When Hinata as a second away, she smeared the blood that had been on her face onto a seal that was on her arm.

Unlike other seals, this one had chakra already in it so all you had to do was put some blood on it and it would release what was being stored. Neji's eyes widened in horror as a kunai popped out. The next thing anyone knew was that Hinata stabbed Neji in the side and then pulled it out. His blood leaked out and soon pooled on the floor.

The match was over.

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Neji, the pride of the Hyuuga clan, had lost to Hinata. --- "Very good," said the Hokage once it was all over. Now that you all know who you are fighting in a month's time, please prepare wisely." Naruto nodded. He was going against Dosu in the first match. He was about to leave when he saw Anko wink at him and he remembered that she wanted to see him. He sighed, wondering what she wanted and why Hinata was licking her lips as she followed him.