Kyoko Nakajima perky tits doll fucked and made to swallow

Kyoko Nakajima perky tits doll fucked and made to swallow
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Kitty I enter the room on all fours. I'm wearing a black lace bra and a matching thong, red heels, and as always, my collar. "Come here, Kitty," my Owner calls from the bed where he sits. He is shirtless and the reason for the damp spot between my legs. I crawl over as fast as I can and sit next to him waiting for my next command. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner "Sit on my lap," I command, already feeling my dick start to get hard as I notice the wetness between my kitten's legs.

She obeys my command, sitting sideways in my lap and staring at me, waiting for me to tell her what to do. I lean forward and kiss her on the lips while slipping my hand under her ass and squeezing. As she kisses back, my other hand pets the back of her head. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kitty As my owner starts groping me I can feel my pussy grow hotter and wetter. Then I feel him run his fingers through my hair, which causes me to squirm on his lap.

I feel his bulge press against me, causing me to moan loudly even as we continue to kiss passionately. I try my best to get as close to him as I possibly can without moving away from his hands.

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I feel his fingers ever so gently brush against my pussy. I attempt to thrust against his hand. My owner grabs the back of my collar. I know that I am going to get punished for trying to rush things.

However, as I look in to my owner's piercing blue eyes, I feel more excited than ever at the prospect of my punishment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner When she tries to push against my hand, my penis pulses, and I have to push her away in order to punish her. I stop kissing and groping her, and turn her around to spank her. With each impact of my hand on her ass, she lets out a small gasp, and I eventually stop and turn her back over to start kissing her again.

Her punishment over, my kitten's pussy feels extremely hot on my leg, and each time it moves it leaves a small wet spot where it was. She is more turned on than I've ever seen before. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kitty After my punishment ends he pulls me back over, rubbing my now hot, red ass. This causes me to wriggle against him, his jeans absorbing my flowing pussy juice.

Suddenly he pushes me back on the bed! "DON'T MOVE! It's time for your favorite test," my owner tells me.

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I know what that means! He is going to push me to cum, and I am supposed to see how long I can last (seeing as he is an Expert at this). If I last longer than my last attempt, i will be given a pleasurable surprise. If I fail, well… I'll be given a much less pleasant 'surprise'. As he moves toward my tits, I groan knowing what to expect, craving it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner To start off her test, I rip off her bra and slowly run my tongue in circles around one nipple, while pinching the other with my fingers.

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Her pussy juices are flowing even more now, and her panties are completely soaked, along with a large patch of my jeans. I finish licking circles around her nipple and start teasing it with my teeth. At this, she gasps and arches her back in pleasure. I decide it's time to take off those annoying panties, so I sit back up and order her to strip. She quite willingly obeys, revealing a soft, shaven pussy already completely ready for invasion.

I place my face in front of it and slowly start to eat out her delicious pussy. As the sweet juice fills my mouth, my cock gets even harder than before, wanting to be thrust inside, but not yet. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kitty He runs his tongue ever so teasingly up my pussy slit. I groan so loudly. My owner then carefully but forcefully hits my pussy with his fingers, causing me to jump against his face.

When my pussy hits his mouth he grabs my clit with his teeth. This causes me to shudder and I have to fight hard to not cum right at that moment. He starts sucking hard on my clit still gripping it gently with his teeth. He then ever so teasingly slides his middle finger into me, softly rubbing lightly against the top of my pussy. At this point i am gripping the bed covers, squeezing my eyes shut.

He releases my pussy just long enough command me to look him in eyes. I do so to avoid a reprimand.

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He goes back to his assault on my pussy, looking into my eyes as he does so, and slowly intensifying his efforts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner I continue licking and biting on my Kitty's clit and pussy lips, while moving around my finger inside her drenched pussy.

My tongue seeks out the hot juices and eagerly licks them up. At one point, I have to swallow some of it because she's released so much. I start to slide my finger in and out, wiggling it back and forth inside her pussy in the meantime. She moans so loudly I'm sure the neighbors can hear, but that doesn't matter to us right now. As I'm eating and fingering her pussy, she starts humping, trying to push my finger and tongue even deeper into herself.

I decide it's time to step up the test difficulty a bit since she's lasted almost as long as the last time by now. I slide in a second finger and, to both of our pleasures, she gasps then lets out a loud moan. Her legs start to tense up, trying to hold off the orgasm, trying her hardest to last longer than before. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kitty It feels like it's been an eternity, though it's probably only been 6 minutes.

He's added another finger, making me feel even fuller. My owner takes his mouth off of my clit but still flicks over it side-to-side with his tongue. He adds yet another finger making it three.

Oh god I feel so full now. I know I can't hold much longer but I'm damn sure gonna try. Then he starts moving his fingers in and out faster and faster. My chest starts lifting and I scream his name.

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He knows I'm getting close. He rams his hand in at a blur than stops with them as far in as comfortable and starts sucking on my clit again. That's when it happens. I feel my insides explode and grip his fingers. I arch my body, curving around his head. I shudder against his hand.

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Once I've calmed down, he ever so gently removes his fingers and moves up to kiss me, making me taste myself. He ever so tantalizingly licks my juice from his fingers then kisses me yet again. "Very good my pet," my owner praises, "You lasted 10 minutes this time. You're a very good, sexy kitty. Are you ready for your surprise?" "Yes sir" I literally mew. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner She seems to be ready for her reward, but I'm not quite ready to give it to her.

That part will have to wait for a little while. I tell her she has to do one more thing before she can have her reward, and order her to take off my remaining clothes. She knows what I want, and goes straight for it. My jeans fall forgotten to the side of the bed as her hand grips the base of my rock-hard cock and her mouth slides over the rest of my seven inches.


Her tongue reaches out and licks what her mouth isn't already covering, and she starts to rub and suck on me. I let out a sigh as her tongue flicks just under the head of my dick, which feels amazing. Her hand rubs up and down on my shaft, sliding on the saliva from her mouth. It feels so good I think I'm about to cum for a minute, but then I hold it back. She starts moving her head on and off my dick, which now gets even harder than before, something I thought impossible.

I can feel the head of my penis hitting the back of her throat, and I reach down to move her hand out of the way.

I grab the back of her head and push my huge cock into her throat, making her gag just a little bit. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kitty I gag a little but manage to get my reflexes under control. My owner continues to ease his dick into my throat, than ease it back out.

He continues to do this, slowly picking up the pace. After about 5 minutes of my oral stimulation, he grabs my collar and pulls me off. "I think," my owner starts, "we need some more decorations." He grabs some smooth, soft, but strong rope. "We don't want to rash your skin," he told me when we bought it. He tells me to stay still. He loops the ropes around my wrists and ties them over my head to the head board. Then he takes a slightly skinnier piece and puts it through my collar, tying that to the headboard as well so I can't move my upper body much at all.

"We are simply preparing you for your surprise, my precious kitty." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner Tying up my still-horny kitten, I think about my plan for her special reward.

My penis throbs with anticipation of its first time going into her dripping pussy. I look down at the sexy naked body underneath me and kiss her before spreading her legs and slowly starting to push my solid cock into her waiting pussy. She immediately lets out the loudest moan yet, and shudders in pleasure. I feel the walls of her vagina gripping my dick, begging for more, which I gladly give as I pull out and thrust myself back into her.

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As I do this she screams my name once more, louder this time, and begins humping me as I do the same to her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kitty As my owner slowly builds up speed, I feel my body start to respond. My hips start thrusting upwards, my hands pulling at their restraints, trying to break free. He leans down and bites my neck hard, digging his teeth in, probably leaving a nice mark.

He works his way up my neck, nipping and kissing the whole way.

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As my owner reaches my mouth, he starts delving deeper into the depths of my pussy. "FASTER! HARDER!" I scream, pulling my mouth free of his. He responds to my cries with gusto, reclaiming my mouth with his. I moan and gasp into his mouth, feeling his groans invade my mouth in return, along with his tongue. Thde tip of his cock starts nudging the back of my pussy, making me feel on cloud nine. I manage to wriggle my hands free just before the pleasure overwhelms me.

I scream his name as I start coming. He growls in response as I dig my nails into his hips, holding them to me as my walls grips and massages his cock. As I come down from my orgasmic high, he grabs my wrists in one hand, yanking them above my head as he starts pounding his large dick into my tiny pussy like a rutting animal. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Owner As she cums, I lose control of myself and begin to fuck her roughly without any care for gentleness.

My cock slides quickly in and out of her pussy, ramming into the back with each thrust. She starts whimpering softly each time this happens, turning me on even more, so I start pounding her as hard and as fast as I can.

After a few minutes of this, I can tell that she is about to cum again, and so am I.


I groan as she cums and her pussy contracts around my dick, making me cum as well. When we're both done, our tired bodies fall back onto the bed, and I kiss her gently and remove the rest of her restraints. "I love you, kitty," I say. "I love you too," she purrs in response, and we fall asleep with her in my arms purring into my chest.