The only way to enjoy a cucumber

The only way to enjoy a cucumber
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Chapter 1 It was the middle of summer break. I was babysitting Scout. Our parents had gone out of town together again, and Forrest was at another friends house this time. So for the week, it was just me and Scout. I didn't mind. I was getting paid, and I had someone to play with. I live in the middle of nowhere, and non of my friends live near me, and I am 15, so I cant drive. Scout was nine, and was about a foot shorter than my 5'6". I guess she was good looking, not that I would notice. Aw, who am I kidding.

I had a huge crush on her. I know, I'm way older than she is, but it didn't matter. She was so cute. We would go swimming in my pool and she had this tiny bikini.

When she stepped out of the water, I could see her little nipples sticking out, and the outline of her tiny cunt through her bathing suit. When I saw here lying in the hot sun, drying off after a swim, it was all I could do not to jack off right then. Sometimes, I did, using the hot tub jets or the pool water to conceal my actions. This story starts in the middle of the day, 90 degrees out, and we were going for a swim. Scout twisted in my arms. "Let go!" she laughed. I said OK and threw her over the water.

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We had gotten into a wrestling match in the water. It was the perfect excuse for me to get as close as possible to her beautiful body. Smack! She hit the water on her back and sank down. I saw her orientate her self underwater and shoot back up. She flew a bit out of the water and laughed. I laughed to, and then my heart skipped a beat. During the commotion, her bikini top had come off.

Her perky little tits were pointed strait out from her flat chest.


She noticed a second after I did. She eeped, and crossed her arms over her bare chest. She fished around in the water for her top and pulled her top out. Scout looked at her bikini strap and gasped, "Oh no, it's broken." I laughed and tried to act calm as I said, "Its OK, just go with out it." Really, my heart was pounding as I hopped she would agree.

"I'm not wearing a top." "But I'm a girl," she said. "So, I could tell that from your chest, at least not yet. And, its not like anyone else will see, and I don't care." My heart was beating out of my ribs when I saw her think it over.

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"OK, I guess." She threw her top to the side of the pool." I had a moment of intents joy and triumph. I would finally get to see her bare titties. I restarted our game of wrestling and took every opportunity to rub her body on mine.

I felt her tits run across my legs, chest and face. Inside my swim trunks, my dick was hard as a rock. I was hoping to masturbate before we went inside, but a sudden storm moved in. We ran inside as it started to rain. We went into the bathroom, and as we always did, took a shower to rinse the chlorine off. When Scout was sufficiently rinsed off, and I shampooed her hair, I told her to go change, and that I would be out in a minute.

As soon as she closed the door, I peeled of my swim trunks. And started to masturbate. I leaned against the wall and moved my hand back and forth on my cock as fast as I could. I imagined Scout in the pool, with no top on, her perky titties point out at me.


"Whatcha doin'?" I heard a little girls voice say. I jumped and turned away from the door. As I jacked off she had come back into the bathroom without me hearing.

"Nothing," I said, too quickly. "What do you need?" "My bikini top," she said. "Here it is," I handed it to her. "Now you can go." She put her hands on her hips. "Not until you tell me what you were doing." "Like I said, nothing." "Nuh-uh, it was the same thing you do in the pool.

You put your hand in your pants and move it up and down on your penis. You were, uh.

mastulating." "It's masturbating," I said out of reflex, and then realized my mistake. "So I was right" I sighed. "Fine you were right. How would you know about that anyway?" "People talk about it at school, and sex-ed." She blushed. "Can I see," she whispered bashfully.

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"Uh." I panicked, thinking quickly, "What should I do, what should I do." I made up my mind. "OK, I guess. But you have to promise not to tell anyone. If you do we'll both be in a ton of trouble." "I promise." I slowly turned back toward Scout. She had a look of fascination on her face as she saw my 6.5" cock clearly for the first time. She leaned closer and stepped into the shower with me. "It's so big," she said.

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"Can I touch it?" I thought, "I've gone this far, it cant hurt." "OK," I said. She sent shivers up my spine as her silky smooth hand brushed aginst my shaft. I groaned and grabbed my cock.

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I started to jerk on my dick as she leaned over, and staired, open mouthed, at my cock. I saw her open mouth, her wet body, and her little tits, and it was too much. I held it in as long as a could then groaned. I came. My first squirt shot all the way to Scouts face and made a line on her cheek. She pulled back, and watched as I finished cumming. My cum went from squirts, to a gental pulse, until I stopped and was just standing there, panting.

Scout touched a finger to the cum on the side of her face, the put it in her mouth. "Mmm" she said as she tasted my cum.


"What is it?" "It's called semen, or cum. "Ohh. That's what cum is. Well, it tastes good.:" I laughed. "Maybe later, you can have some more. No go get dressed while I clean up" "OK," she said. As she walked out of the bathroom,I chuckled when I saw her reach up to her face so she could taste the rest of the cum on her face.